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future of the rules on the internet international regulatory attorney myles edwards lends us a hand to surf through all the new ways of the web plus with the rise of new tech new media has grown to about the size in the entertainment industry and today we break down some of the rising digital media trends with holland books host of the big picture right here on r t america and then later faisal's blast the retail competition over wages just months after boosting his company's own and the retail front well there could soon be horror on the horizon for the historic sectors of simpler trading helps us to understand concerns for consumers and retail responses in the stock market all of that directly ahead but first a few headlines in fact let's begin right here with news from across the pond that the european union has agreed to grant britain an extension for the ever more complicated briggs it negotiations following late night deliberations in brussels leaders in the e.u. decided to a lot even more time to an increasingly exhausted to resell me the deadline has now
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been extended until oct thirty first a breath of fresh air for the business community after the previous deadline would have been this friday the collective sigh of relief from british industry was reflected in the index today in fact as the index opened thursday morning with that much needed spike it jumped up more than fifty points in early trading before cooling off just a little bit as the day moved on with his long extension of the regs that deadline the u.k. will now have to fill candidates for the european parliament elections which begin on may twenty third assuming that they have still not reached a conclusion by then probably won't prime minister may took to twitter to stress the importance of the new deadline he also expressed the severity of the nation's fate of brags that the reaction back in the u.k. has been a little bit mixed with some members of the labor party expressing cautious optimism on the deal however some members of ms may's conservative party had been much more critical of the decision even facing calls to resign. from at least one tory m.p.
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does my nose my nose my godchildren friends. appreciate the anger the terror attacks over the last nights as generations across the country having broken hundreds times promises a hundred times not to extend the time she knows that i'm saying she's she's done does she said this was true or grievance undermines all democracy the constitution states has overruled the other lose the right to govern the symbols contribute little's and undermines on national interest she resigns with us by the temporary reprieve for mrs may break that talks still face an uphill battle in parliament depending on how these negotiations go over thirty first could be a trick or treat for the united kingdom see what we did there are the debate over how to handle user generated content on the internet rages on the internet archive you know what that is a nonprofit which saves old versions of web pages and other digital information
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appears to be the latest into tea in the crosshairs of european authorities and the thursday post on archive dot org the organization explained that they had received get this more than five hundred fifty takedown notices from the euro poles european union internet referral unit the site accuse the e.u. i r u of falsely and then a fine hundreds of u r l's on the archive dot org as terrorist propaganda the takedown notices reference some of the most popular pages on the site some of which contain millions of items including television clips government reports and links to scientific research one of the major issues with these types of notices is that they call for the pages to be taken down within just one hour but as the internet archive points out they are a small team and the notices were sent overnight there was also no investigation or opportunity to appeal the decision. well the european union is currently drafting legislation that could penalize sites like the one in question with fines up to four percent of their gold so the move to crackdown on archive dot org content from
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the e.u. it's just one of a number of sweeping regulation proposals being mauled by governments across the globe from europe to down under in australia the move to regulate extremist internet content it's been met with claims from critics that could that this could actually stifle free speech joining me now to break it all down is international regulatory attorney miles edwards miles thanks for being here well thank you for inviting me so the u.k. is a mole in this new bill that would heavily censored content on social media websites and online social pages making tech executives punishable for content on their sites if it's not immediately removed facebook a lot of this is kind of a knee jerk reaction in some ways to that what is your take on the proposal and the concerns about stifling free speech is that justified. to a degree what happened was around three days ago the united kingdom published what they called the y. paper which was one hundred and two page paper on how to make the internet
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a safe place and what they mean by a safe place is three things one they want to remove any terrorists content to they want to remove anything that could be implied as being sexual exploitation and three which i find to be the most distressing is during the elections they only want content from authoritative sources so they feel that not only is the content bad in some respects but they also want to go the additional step in regulating political news and content and the question comes up is this is extraordinarily subjective who is an authoritative source and it would absolutely stifle one's ability to get basically news that would provide all the information necessary to make a decision during an election well and when you talk about politics that's especially troubling right because the concept that the authoritative source has to be
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determined by someone typically by government typically by people in government who themselves are in politics so there is in terms of the conflict of interest here enormous conflict of interest it would seem in any kind of governmental authority deciding what political content is allowed to exist anywhere not. absolutely and there's a philosophical difference between the way the internet is regulated in the united states versus lizzie and under the trump administration now we have a situation where we do not have net neutrality there was a bill just two days ago to restore neutrality and you have a situation where representative walden of oregon said no we don't want net neutrality that's another play in the democrats' social agenda and it would mean government control over the internet and so that's going to be languishing in the united states the situation is is that individuals can petition what they call the
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d.m.c.a. takedown notices to have content removed in europe it's absolutely fundamentally three hundred sixty degree difference in the fact that a facebook or twitter has an affirmative obligation to police themselves and to make sure that content never appears which means that they're going to be very broad in what they consider to be content not eligible to be posted yeah that's interesting so let's talk about that for a minute because european parliament recently passed this copyright directive i think you're referring to would have been oh you know the impact on big tech companies content platforms for viewers who don't understand this like facebook google and you tube and twitter they would be required to sign licensing agreements with musicians and with authors the noose publishers before posting their content failure to do so would make them legally responsible for copyright infringements by the users in the united states we obviously have laws that are supposed to create
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separation and protection for the publisher because they are the platform not the actual publisher themselves right but hasn't mark zuckerberg gone a long way to making facebook no longer just the platform but now the publisher wouldn't this now apply here in the u.s. as well. yes and that's true in the united states is a little bit again different than united kingdom we have what's called fair use and this copyright law goes back basically in two nine hundred fifty s. what fair use means is that if you're posting content and you using it for noncommercial purposes say a college student doing research it's ok in the european union it's somewhat different but as we see now there was a hotly contested debate both in the united kingdom and united states over copyrights and fees and licensing and so again well we're going to see is we're going to see more of a restriction there's also a debate on whether social media is a platform or
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a publisher and i would say that to me it's a platform because what's happening is you have individuals who are posting content on facebook or twitter or you do not have facebook or twitter posting content themselves and that's really an important difference and if it is a platform then some would say it should not be regulated because it is a platform for free speech and you don't want to infringe upon free speech on any type of platform whether it be someone outside your building giving a political debate or somebody who is just posting content or perhaps or just a fuse and opinions so we're short on time but i want to get to this because what you just said about the platform of social media being a platform it seems like what's happening in europe right now in the e.u. and also in australia and the u.k. specifically there's a push to say no it's not good enough to just be the platform you as tech
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executives are personally legally liable for what goes on those sites would that be the death if those laws are passed with that be the death of social media in those countries. i don't think it would be the death of social media and about two years ago germany imposed a sixty million dollar fine for just that it would not be the death but what it would be it would be emasculated what you're going to find is you're going to find content that is not political content that is extraordinarily non-controversial and the question is can social media survive without having that other content to support it because it also becomes incredibly does interesting to a lot of people international regulatory authority miles edwards thank you so much for your time on this well thank you. well digital streaming is back in the headlines again discovery incorporated stock rose six percent on wednesday following the news of multi-year distribution deals
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now made with you tube t.v. it's the latest in a series of moves by google streaming platform as they attempt to bring high quality programming to their service on wednesday you tube t.v. started streaming eight of discovery's most popular networks the networks added to the platform include discovery channel t.v. food network t.l.c. investigation discovery animal planet travel channel and motor trend none of which i watch but even so you t.v. is still going to charge me more because the network will also provide on demand content available to those is the scribe of the service and they're raising their price by ten dollars a month to forty nine ninety nine starting to look more like cable you tube all the discovery stock with a big gain on wednesday today it topped out just over thirty one dollars but has since leveled off as. as consumers we have more media options than ever including you tube t.v. so many choices that it's becoming a challenge to kind of knit together our media menu r.t.
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big picture host and veteran media consultant helen koch joins us now to explain how and good to see you ben there is so much stuff on netflix that i'll confess i choke i can't decide what to watch and because i'm also amazon prime there's another whole menu and now without paying a dime any of us can watch over one hundred free channels on the super cool pluto t.v. app where we are number one three two by the way you go and now it delights thirteenth annual digital media trends survey says i'm not the only one who feels overwhelmed by choice we're seeing a tipping point for the first time since deloitte began issuing this annual report more americans scope scribed to streaming video service such as netflix. sling then subscribe to traditional cable or satellite t.v. but it's not an either or forty three percent of households have both an internet delivery isn't just a video thing radio broadcast stations are listening over their shoulders at
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streaming audio services like pandora forty one percent of us stream music and that's up fifty eight percent in just a year and as with most tech adoptions the younger the more so and sixty percent of millennialism generations zs stream their music they're also big gamers and with the emerging trend is competing online with other gamers take to stock has been very active lately and they may be having their most profitable year ever with games like red dead redemption two so popular one more number illustrates what a juggling act all this is delight says we subscribe to an average of three paid streaming video services so as you suggested a minute ago adam all up and the total may approach the cable bill the cord cutters are escaping so this is less about price sensitivity than taking control rather than accepting corporate media's menu and new smart t.v. apps help us crunch all these sources on the one menu now you said you have netflix
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and you have amazon prime have you ever played red dead redemption is an odd number there one or two i'm still proud of the netflix plays them tight so you mentioned the streaming music services and now without question right the younger generation millennial are rarely even listening to f.m. radio anymore obviously it's a generational thing but we've also been watching in broadcast news and where i've spent most of my career. we've watched the decline of viewership to local t.v. stations how are local stations being affected and are they being affected in the same way that f.m. radio stations are being affected well when you say local yet you've said the magic word t.v. stations that invest in local news will. to new to offer what streaming services cannot exclusive content and cord cutters will go there as they revert to t.v. antennas a vestige of baby boomers childhood i just hooked one up and i'm getting dozens of digital side channels from local stations and theatrical movies now come on to ties
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to across various streaming video services exclusive content is the ballgame there too with netflix paying a reported thirteen million per episode for the crown they're hungry for more more more subscribers and they're moving aggressively in india and elsewhere because there are only so many cord cutters here in the usa and you know it's really interesting to watch the development of all these things all these choices that are out there i guess holland one of the things that we have to look at also is how much of this is overlapping so netflix amazon prime there's a big overlap there in terms with new players stepping in disney and apple and all these other companies now jumping into this space as well or going to get better quality content or is it going to become lower quality because there are just so many options i astounded watching that ben affleck thing and i kind of tuned out two thirds of the way through he was there but i don't know it just wasn't like a theatrical movie so i think the bar is going to rise for quality and this is
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a great time to be an actor a writer or a producer this is the golden age of television work on thing creators no doubt about it holland host of the big picture thanks so much for your time. and now we want to take a look around the world at some of the global markets and today specifically we want to look across the pacific and check in on the hang thing index in hong kong and see its moves i want you to check this out this is how things look today the beginning of the train this morning was not pretty for investors as we opened the day things looked like they would be ok and then all of a sudden this massive drop here was about thirty thousand one hundred points i was out for a drop it did rebound just slightly as you can see later on in the day but according to reuters business much of the drop in today's trading it actually stems from
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trade worries over the united states and that new threat from president trump talking about that again if you're an investor waking up and watching this happen it's never a good day take your pepto don't go far because we have much more when we come back jeff bezos is blasting the retail competition over the wages jeff bezos is doing this well it's just months after boosting his company's own and when it comes to read daniel shea of simpler trading cards us through all the concerns for consumers and retail responses in the stock market and as we go to break here are the numbers at the closing bell.
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because it relies on competition competition means that. ideas are winning companies you survive if you don't yell survive best survival of the fittest is competition but if you have a corrupt subtle bank. finance dodgy deals then crowds out the good company the end up with a lot of bad companies and it crowds out competition and you end up with a cliff with a crony capital. most people have this picture of the. change rather remote part of the world probably the part of the planet where we have political terms.
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in shine to. the more. transformative. picture. much more than most of. the post. and welcome back there was another step forward in the u.s. china trade talks today china and the united states have agreed to set up in foresman offices to monitor implements on its policies by u.s. officials would be an infringement of sovereignty so is a big step for china to concede but at the same time there's agreement also allows china to monitor u.s. behavior according to treasury secretary steve when it is all said and done the
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accord is expected to be about one hundred fifty pages long and also says there is still no clear timeline for when that u.s. china trade deal might be finished. and turning now to the retail sector amazon's jeff bezos. as fired get another shot in the ever growing wage wars by calling out his competitors to raise their wages he says in an annual letter to shareholders seemingly excitedly claim this quote today i challenge our top retail competitors you know who you are to match our employee benefits and our fifteen dollar minimum wage do it better yet go to sixteen dollars and throw the gauntlet back at us it's a kind of competition that will benefit everyone. following amazon's decision to raise their minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour other retailers have been racing to boost their minimum wages as well currently amazon and costco both pay their workers a minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour target currently sits at thirteen dollars an hour but is said to boost pay to fifteen an hour by the end of two thousand and
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twenty bringing up the rear is wal-mart whose current minimum wage is only eleven dollars an hour with very low unemployment numbers employers are now more pressed to attract and to keep workers at their companies here to help us sort through the retail rumble is danielle shea director of options it's simpler trading danielle good to see you about wal-mart although their minimum wage still sits at the bottom of the totem pole and pretty remarkably behind everyone else they are making some investments to lure people from online shopping most notably amazon their biggest competitor their remodelling their brick and mortar stores according to the financial times the company is investing tons of money into their remodels including two hundred sixty five million in investments for texas stores one hundred seventy three million for florida stores and one hundred forty five million for california locations among others do you think that these remodels were actually help wal-mart to expand their traditional brick and mortar operations and get people back inside. i think that wal-mart needs to actually try i don't know if
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it's going to help it because i mean when you look at the comparison between wal-mart and target what you really have are two slightly different experiences and when people go to target you know you go there for that experience it's a little bit nicer products last a little bit longer wal-mart haas to try and compete with that at this moment in time so if it'll work we'll find out but i think they need to at least try you know one thing wal-mart maybe should consider doing also is actually having cashiers because you go into a wal-mart and there's no cashiers anywhere in the store so it's it seems like a awful lot of work to kind of revitalize the building and not have employees in there right. and that's exactly and you hit the nail on the head here. because i mean who wants to go shop at wal-mart you're walking around the huge story probably got kids that are screaming and then you have to stand in a huge line nobody likes that you go to target there are employees everywhere there ready to help you checkout lines self checkout is a very quick and easy and it's a great experience and totally be into the shopping on amazon let's take a look at
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a wal-mart stock right now it's been steadily climbing for the past five days jumping from just over ninety eight dollars a share last friday to today with the price has been hovering just around that one hundred dollar mark what's your take on wal-mart stock is it a buy you are so right now. so look at all mart stock i like to think of it as a good buy and hold stock on a short term basis i typically don't like to trade it too much unless it's around earnings because wal-mart has had a history of some positive earnings surprises and we can't ignore that but on a long term basis you know it's slow slow and steady but short term i just forget about it and stick with the bigger movers like amazon or let's talk about target you mentioned them a few minutes ago another major retailer in the u.s. here we announced that the minneapolis based giant did raise its wages to thirteen dollars an hour with sights on hitting that fifteen hour mark by the end of next year let's take a look at their stock it's been steadily climbing for much of the past month although it has taken a little bit of
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a tumble in the past few days what's your outlook for target stock price and retail performance. i love target stock price in the long term and the short term as well i think that target's doing an excellent job and they're saying ahead of the game as far as appealing to younger generation and millennium goals you look at the rest of the retail space particularly the big chain stores and those are all dying but you know what millennial is love millennial is love target and they're going to keep spending money there and that stock price is going to continue climbing ok so let's talk about the present picture for retailers it seems to be fairly decent right now what recent report from u.b.s. claims that around seventy five thousand more stores. we forced a close across the country by two thousand and twenty six primarily because of e-commerce primarily because of amazon right so what does that mean for the future of brick and mortar retail and for the stocks of those retailers because let's face it it's just a lot easier to buy online. it's absolutely easier to buy online and it
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brick and mortar stores that want to continue to stay in the game they're going to have to up their online shopping game because i mean really that is the way of the future and you know companies like wal-mart in particular i mean they're really trying to make a go and target as well with their online shopping games so you're going to see a lot of heroes in zero the ones that cannot figure out how to speak to the younger generation to get their online shopping together are going to be out in the ones that can do that are going to continue to thrive you know that just seems like there's nothing more irritating than going into a store and not being able to find the thing that you were looking for you know even if you want to protest amazon or don't want to be a part of the amazon machine you go into a store they don't have what you need and so it just feels like a lot of these brick and mortars are putting themselves out of business or making themselves antiquated because they're not reaching the needs of customers i give you the last word here. they're definitely making themselves antiquated because why
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would i spend two hours you know walking through sears and a giant store you know holding my kid's hand when i can just log online and buy the dress that i wanted in twenty minutes and i'll come straight to my door in the perfect size exactly what you're looking for then you know she's a director of options of simply trading thing tomorrow. it is finally how often julian assange was arrested within the ecuadorian embassy in london is widely expected he will be extradited to the united states to stand trial for the expected charges are espionage this is truly a dark day for journalists and journals.
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this is. the first one to. do. something useful to do a good. thing it was national. i thought. it was supposed to post. these critics one of the few. because the. machine into life for the smear. job is. to post someone.
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posts telling you. to. where did you work before you came here when you live. in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor of the death penalty there are some people because of what they did given up the right to live among us some even proven innocent years on death row but how many more years is it going to take before we as a society realize. this is not working and we actually do something about. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than
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ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. almost seventy years confined to the ecuadorian embassy in london in the u.k. police drag we can be excited said judy in a songs from his once safe haven and place him in custody. not
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above the law no hero while the british prime minister and officials praise acquittal for ending a song just asylum whistleblowing community brands it's a dog day for journalism. it's precent mainstay many journalists.


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