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actually. it was. on the trunk causes meeting with kim jong un in north korea great on our but is accused back home of squandering american influence. hong kong police used tear gas as protesters ends that occupation of parliament it comes with the territory marks the 22nd anniversary of its handover from were sent to china. the commission is in deadlock as his chief song called young delays the bloc summit with member states need is divided over who should get the e.u. top jobs. in germany 3 men are charged in connection with the sexual abuse of more than 40 children with 2 pleading guilty a lawyer for one of the victims tells us off dorothy's fails the children. if you
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simply unacceptable for a department to react in this manner and then try to cover up a certain negligence. a very warm welcome to you you're watching r.t. international with mina care and. making history donald trump asked become the 1st sitting u.s. president to enter north korea and the north korean media and trump himself dubs the meeting an amazing event the reaction back home was far more muted if not outright critical. vague talk about talks while kim continues to develop nuclear warheads and missiles seems like this gigantic p.r. stunt in trenches unembellished his authoritarian rule without any real meaningful strategy for denuclearization out president shouldn't be squandering american influence on photo ops and exchanging love letters with a ruthless dictator instead we should be dealing with north korea through
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a principle diplomacy that promotes u.s. security defense how allies and uphold human rights i have no problem with him sitting down with kim june in north korea or anyplace else but what's going to happen tomorrow and the next day if we're going to bring peace to this world we need to move forward diplomatically and not just a photo opportunities after crossing the demarcation line between the 2 koreas with his counterpart kim jong il and translator a lot of progress had been made during their talks but functions against pyongyang remain in place our senior correspondent well our galaxy of explains whether they symbolic meeting could affect the almost total economic blockade of north korea. prove the buzz hype and coverage denuclearization was going nowhere it had stalled again despite all the summits and all the handshakes perhaps what it needed was something crazy something radical.
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the 1st sitting u.s. president to visit north korea who would have thought the world's most militarized border to boot they shook hands again and talked german and trump trying to revive denuclearization efforts the. clinically dead made some progress so we had to start small form teams to find common ground little things that could lead to bigger ones and pointing everything as is tradition now of those sanctions they're saying on them are some point look i'm looking forward to taking them off i don't like sanctions bring on his country i'm looking forward but the sanctions remain useful but at some point during the negotiation things going to happen and that's what
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we'll be talking about promises promises it was sanctions the torpedoed the last summit and the state says trump until this verified denuclearization progress however long that takes and that's what bugs north korea how can 2 sides have meaningful honest discussions when one of them is on its knees being strangled by the this is a manifestation of the most extreme hostile acts by the united states all these speak clearly to the fact that the world dream of the united states to bring us to our knees. by means of sanctions and pressure has not changed at all but grows even more undisguised now factor in those thousands of u.s. troops stationed in south korea with guns trained in the north and you'll understand why trust is well it isn't their young young knows it's history
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too many nations that have gone through denuclearization with then invaded or bombed by the us i doubt kim jong un wants to join that club america fears north korea is just needing the month to get out from under those sanctions decades of talks and the kims have stuck by their nukes we don't expect germany to tell us the truth that's why we're going to verify any denuclearization that takes place that's why we will ensure that we see actual on the ground on the ground outcomes we're not going to take anyone's word for it it's not all doom and gloom though this is an ancient conflict by modern standards and this is never going to be solved overnight they need to talk and that's what they're doing and they seem to get it now that you start small and build up the big and hopefully sometime soon the world's most militarized dangerous border will well i better become any less tense
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but at least they'll be no nuclear standoff to worry about i think it's like if they're healthy if you can show that at least superficially he is trying to denuclearize the world unless he's actually serious even if the superficial aspects we we think are going on that there are also a lot of people who support something the state department people i'm not talking about of this world i think you probably need those missiles and you surely will be controlled people like that sometimes in the middle actually times right in the middle there i do think. however theatrical if you. but if you see a story i mean stepping over that you know if you 6 out of those. 6 and so i have to say. chaotic scenes in hong kong riot police are fine tear gas as protesters ended their occupation and vandalism at the central chamber of parliament rioters got into the building after smashing a glass door with
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a trolley despite being pepper sprayed by officers. who. was it was. the. this monday marks 22 years since hong kong's handover from britain to china but the anniversary has been overshadowed by weeks of demonstrations against a new extradition bill and brutal police response to the rallies if passed the bill would allow beijing to seek the extradition of those convicted for serious crimes from hong kong to mainland china supporters of the bill say it will stop the territory from becoming a refuge for criminals however many fear it will lead to political persecution from beijing and undermine the area's autonomy britain's foreign secretary has waded in
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with an anniversary statement warning china to respect hong kong's autonomy but beijing reminded him to stop meddling junk food food when they don't want cards china since no foreign country has the right to that of the we're urged britain to know its place and to stop interfering in any way in hong kong matters and to focus on its risperidone stability rather than the opposite we shared their thoughts on the u.k.'s reaction. what jimmy hunder stealing of course east because the election is the prime minister e's preaching and then he need to show you steve falters and the british public that he's doing the right thing here and he's trying to be the i join to creation and on hong kong with china so this is basically i believe has to do with the mystical decks in the u.k.
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more people more foreign secretary more presidents more prime ministers in the world should actually express their concern about what is happening in hong kong about what we're trying now is trying to do through the paper hong kong because charnel is technically trying to impose a system of governance that devol that they impose on the chinese people people in hong kong are very rightly opposing up. a new commission chief junko younker has again suspended a block summit as the leaders of member states squabble over who should get the used top jobs but talks in brussels we're into that 20 half hour the europe correspondent piece all of a house will. well a number of big jobs in the european institutions need to be decided in the rist future really but the biggest job among them in the one that's causing the most consternation when it comes to putting forward
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a candidate is european commission president it's who will take over from sean claude younker and what we understand is that that is not happening at the moment because of a split within the conservative bloc in the european council of the european council's made up of the heads of government of the 28 e.u. member states they decide on who they want to nominate the candidate that candidates then put forward to the european parliament who vote on it they can get past the nomination stage at the moment young himself part of the process of searching for his replacement wasn't giving much away to the press. leadership someone to say. well certainly wasn't holding back the french president was well visibly angry at times when he spoke to the press he said it was embarrassing that they couldn't come up with a solution in the e.u.
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2028 in the european council and he said that if they were in this position perhaps the whole system needed to be changed it will be said to me today has ended in failure because we were unable to reach any agreement something i think reflects very badly on the council and well when it comes to who is causing the problems who is causing the problems with getting this deal across it's really a group that's being led by poland and by italy well i had initially. for the job of european commission president she then switched her allegiance when she realized that wasn't going to happen and had backed the timmermans plan however she said its progress was being made but this it was a very difficult road ahead still to be delayed. things are going to the talks will be easier and that's a pretty mildly was even parliament which is to be captioned is fixated on the principle of tolls paid today and yet the biggest force the european peoples party
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has no majority and so donal to say will have a difficult task today the group will try to be constructive so the european council the heads of government of the $28.00 member states of the european union will recall of even brussels on tuesday 11 am as they try to work out who should be the next president of the european commission plenty still to go yet when it comes to who will take over from john claude younger still anybody's guess right now. in germany 3 men have been charged in connection with the sexual abuse of more than 40 children aged between 3 and 42 at the 1st bags have pleaded guilty reportedly took place over a number of years as a campsite in a small german town of loopt or between them the men are accused of some $450.00 cases of child abuse local authorities are being blamed for failing to act earlier .
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you. know most of the abuse was by a single suspect identified only as andreas v. he's accused of almost 306 crimes against 23 children the offense is a believed to have been committed in 1998 and then between 2008 and last year. the police are accused of inaction despite evidence of abuse for years on the authorities also blamed for letting evidence disappear back in february they admitted losing almost a terabyte of evidence meanwhile one of the children's representatives ses the victims were questioned in an inappropriate way for their age 20 or 30 themselves acknowledge there was a police failure calling the situation a debacle the region's interior minister says this was worse than negligence and should never happen again we spoke to one of the victims lawyers about the mistakes
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made. if you look we have seen numerous flaws the most terrifying is the disappearance of $155.00 c.d.'s from a secure police station we're talking about the c.d.'s which were found at the campsite in the main suspects trailer it turned out that the people with prior convictions for possession of child pornography were working at that police station and still are as for the interrogation of the children they were questioned at the police station but this is not what should have happened there are specific ways in which children can be questioned and it involves support from social services and the establishment of a trusting relationship it should not happen as an interview at a police station that my opinion matters are allowed to escalate because of the careless approach to information on child pornography and paedophilia and the department's employees lack of awareness it is simply unacceptable for a department to react in this manner and then try to cover up its own negligence. the un has condemned a terror attack in the afghan capital that had scores of school children
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a taliban militants there tonight in an explosives laden lorry on monday morning in a civilian area before opening fire on security forces 16 people are reportedly confirmed dead and more than $100.00 injured the taliban says it was targeting a defense ministry building an attack comes 2 days after the taliban and u.s. resumed peace talks in qatar. were saying with afghanistan a u.s. army captain says his book exposing alleged mis practice by the pentagon there was heavily redacted watching hill served in afghanistan from 2 1008 8 to 2009 he says he uncovered taliban infiltrators on his base but commanders refused to question them concerned about an imminent taliban attack he interrogated them himself firing shots into the ground to scare them into talking the army then launched an internal investigation before discharging him from the military. captain hill joins me live
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now i meant catching hell great to have you with us you also the author of the book a dog company and what worries you most about commanders initial refusal to question those taliban in full traces. or they're not taking the word of the ground commanders that are on the front lines fighting a new start to. deny their intelligence their perspective i think the whole idea of fighting in and we're trying to accomplish over there falls apart. and how commonplace do you think such failures are in the u.s. military. i think they're fairly commonplace of course our footprint both in iraq and afghanistan has been reducing nif achille over the last 10 years however with the footprint that we do have there is a sizeable relatively sizable insider threat to the ground forces on the ground for
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deployed. for u.n. finds the u.s. and our allies in afghanistan responsible for more civilian deaths in the 1st 3 months of this year than the taliban and isis together so it isn't your call to further relax pence a good rules against enemy combatants highly irresponsible. i think the underlying premise that you're getting at may be. too narrow in scope. i think the idea the ideal behind why we're overseas in iraq and afghanistan is what needs to be questioned i think a lot of times we get fixated on individual instances of civilian casualties and persecuting military service members for the collateral that's created however the type of fight that we've been forced to engage in there is a large possibility or risk for inevitable collateral to include civilian
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casualties so my overall idea or message is if you're going to send military service members overseas to fight in these sorts of conflicts one of the rules of engagements are outdated and when i say rules of engagement i mean the law of war the law of armed conflict don't necessarily account for an enemy force that doesn't reciprocate them and the other part of that is you have an enemy that's hidden behind civilians so there's going to be inevitable collateral so you can't place an undue burden on the service members on the ground when that collateral is created and if you do then the people that you need to bring alongside them when you do prosecute them needs to be the politicians in the senior military that sent them over there to begin with. you mentioned at the pentagon is overly concerned about protecting the enemy how does that put u.s. troops that race. it sounds like a pretty obvious answer for such an obvious question if we give the enemy more
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rights than they're due in a combat zone in other words if ringback as i just said the geneva conventions concerning how we fight and in how we conduct ourselves in warfare are written under the idea that the enemy we're super kate how we fight and how we conduct ourselves in combat and the enemy does in fact reciprocate and find that's that's one thing all together but however we're fighting in a in a situation that's unprecedented for example with isis and the enemy. does not fight according to those conventions and so we're trying to force an undue burden on our military service members to conduct themselves when there is such a deficit or disparity between how they fight and the the enemy's forces are fighting one interesting thing that you do say is that the u.s. shouldn't apply. rules when feinstein was in countries like afghanistan and now
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many like coal that incredibly race things and reminiscent of colonial art to choose what would you say so that. yeah so i'm just a simple or fighter in future mean if you will and the 2 terms that you just used racism in colonialism. or a loss for me i don't see how those apply at all but maybe in a more academic discussion i could be convinced otherwise the simple fact is that when you're on the ground fighting a war and. the you are dealing with a combat situation you can apply the same. rule of law the standard that you have in a western country like the united states or name a country in europe that's very progressed and developed you can apply those principles in that framework in a warzone especially when you're dealing with a 4th 5th or 6th world country it just doesn't make sense because there is no
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framework that exist to allow for that rule of law to be executed by human life it makes sense when life isn't and no matter whether there are enough 1st world country or 3rd world country. i don't disagree with that yeah you've talked about a minute remain with you you talked about the case of navy seal eddie gallagher he was jailed for shootings in iraq so you believe the rank and file on made scapegoats for military leaders. i do believe that i think. as i just mentioned earlier we are often placed in untenable situations in wars that have no end just look at afghanistan right now we've been there for nearly 20 years and isis for example in the edit gallagher case just to be clear i think at the gallery is a hero not just to the united states and united states military but to the world because he's over there fighting isis which is an enemy that very few countries are
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willing to put forth troops and resources to can to fight themselves so he basically is being charged with premeditated murder for an isis fighter in my mind and i'm just a simple man here but that sounds like an oxymoron that you would send a navy seal to go fight isis which is a cancer upon humanity yes there are humans but they've made themselves to be monsters and so they should be treated as such and so when you say that you're going to charge someone with premeditated murder of isis in a combat zone little own a navy seal i just think that's completely contradictory doesn't make any sense the charges themselves don't make sense was there ever an investigation into need as he refused to request to actually question those suspected taliban spies. no that was basically just sidestepped and the command. of their form may issue with the things that i did but never looked internally to the things that
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they did wrong and that's not uncommon i think that's true in any doubt at the gallagher's case as well as my own i you said how you'll book you don't company it was redacted i can you tell us how and why. yes so the pentagon has an office a security review. and they claim on their website that they can turn a manuscript around in 2 months and that is to review it for sensitive material and then get back to the authors with their recommendations on what material should be removed or changed they kept dark company for a year and the content that they redacted 95 percent of it according to experts that we hired. 3rd party experts that we hired to review the manuscript outside of the pentagon stated that 95 percent of content that was asked to be redacted or removed was actually on federally sponsored websites that's us going to government
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federally sponsored websites. ok captain logic hello thought of the book dog company thank you for joining us on r.t. international. the man expected to become britain's next prime minister has taken issue with remarks made by vladimir putin boris johnson has vowed to show that the president was wrong to know that liberalism is now obsolete the favorite in the u.k.'s conservative party leadership contest insists that brags it will prove his point has artie's party boyko from london with more details. ever since that demand putin declared that liberalism is obsolete in that interview ahead of the g 20 summit in japan there's been plenty of discussion about what liberalism actually means there are plenty of those that are keen to counter the russian president's hypothesis one such figure is boris johnson the favorite to be the u.k.'s next prime minister he's written a lengthy article in the telegraph where he's defended liberalism in the u.k.
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saying that it's made the country a fair a prosperous and a meritocratic society and he contrasts that with the way that he views the kremlin and in one part of the article he really lays into the russian political system but the conclusion of boris's defense of liberalism is that the u.k. has to leave the e.u. by the 31st of october otherwise the u.k. risks looking like an illiberal and undemocratic country one of the problems with the e.u. as it has developed over the past 45 years of our membership is that it has begun seriously to undermine the fundamental characteristic of a liberal democracy that the people should have the power at elections to remove those who make the laws the e.u. system makes this impossible if we want to uphold liberal values we must leave by october the 31st and we will see from boris's perspective the u.k.
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is a liberal democracy and to prove that it's got to leave the e.u. by that how low we deadline now the european union doesn't consider itself any less of a liberal democracy than the u.k. i have to say that i strongly disagree with the main argument. that liberalism is obsolete. we are here. also too. really when you vocally defend and promote liberal democracy donald tasks already complained that the u.k. is wasting all the extra time it was granted in april for that brags that extension and i suspect he might not agree with boris johnson's idea that the u.k. should leave the e.u. a.s.a.p. in order to prove that it's a liberal democracy and what it's exposed is that everyone's definition of the
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concept of liberalism and has to be different and that may be due to their personal political objectives to scarpe work welcoming immigration and over the country forward but since the last couple of years since a referendum the cameron is going down so i'm here for to 70 and i believe seen this on. so a lot of things but we don't have the right person coming out and you actually kind contradicts what we're doing of our word and what we say and when it came to and it came to the whole opinion on what's going on it was for the flies and fake promises so when it comes to liberalism is there really were. i don't think it's going to prove anything i think if anything it's going to prove how incompetent a lot of the people sitting in the top are. palestinians have reacted furiously as top u.s. diplomats took part in the opening of a tourist site dug under palestinian homes in east jerusalem u.s.
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ambassador to israel david friedman and donald trump's peace envoy jason green blotch were filmed enthusiastically hammering the wall leading to the pilgrimage roadside as part of the opening ceremony the tunnel was opened without the permission of palestinian residents some of whom reportedly had to leave their house is due to the excavations. this is not a u.s. ambassador it is an extremist israel was with green worked also the digging underneath so one palestinian town these radio is trying to legalize colonial practices in jerusalem by using a religious cover friedman and greenblatt already to freak history for this colonial purpose. the u.s. middle east peace envoy has responded that palestine should recognize history and stop pretending it isn't true gideon levy columnist at israel's haaretz newspaper say such behavior by american officials is dangerous current american is
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in its relation. to put an end to the long policy of the united states in the middle east to totally ignore the international law to talk to league nor all kind of resilience of international institutions supporting the settlements upholding go to patients and once they decided to go on this slide you're old the sky's the limit now they're digging in the world they will build settlements by the . euro it's really goes to very dark places this kind of policy it pushes israel to do to become even more violent and brutal told the palestinians instead of restraining. sweden's liberal party has elected a new leader billed as a rising political star who could change the party's fortunes now kosta boonie has however shocked many with her views artie's donald quarter explains for some young
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course of who might have seemed perfect to lead sweden's liberal party she's black she's an immigrant but actually she's pretty inconvenient at least for a number of her colleagues who are leaving in protest. now that i thought it toler i'm leaving the liberal stuff to 52 years as a member i've always been a social liberal and will remain so but with a new direction there is no place for me it is with great sadness that the fundamental social liberal values that have been so important to me in my political career for many years and now it's risk of being eroded in favor of a credit down invest e.g. policy criminal care and perhaps even in social policy areas it's all because suburban is just a little too far to the right sure she's been to gay pride parades even service sweden's minister for gender equality but when it comes to multiculturalism she said she wants to quote bury it in 2006 the swedish m.p. proposed.


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