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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  July 10, 2019 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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terry's computing project would store and process of bast amounts of classified data allowing the pentagon to speed up its war planning in fighting capabilities and the defense department had hoped to award the winner take all 10000000000 dollar contract for jet i had to either amazon or microsoft as soon as august but now now things are looking a little tricky it appears there is a bit of a legal challenge by tech company oracle originally was in the running for the contract you see oracle is claiming that the pentagon showed favoritism towards amazon during the bidding process which apparently is a big no no in washington but is it really though i'm looking at you mr cheney and halliburton remember that our good friends at amazon already built and control the high security cloud hovering over cia headquarters in langley virginia and it appears this may have led the pentagon to fashion the contract for july specifically to amazon's capabilities leaving others without the ability do
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legitimately compete for the contract so with amazon already in control of our online consumerism the news in our nation's capital and the cia's clouded intelligence should we now hand them over the keys to our war machine as well let's find out as we start watching the hawks. getting. the. real thing it's what. they want to do. what they like you know that i got. with. this. because i. welcome everybody to watch you not come to have a lot listen joining me from minnesota it is the one the only. one and 3 joining me . one of only and that's the problem with our story this is we start off the one
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and only and should not be. we need the proper bidding war that's what oracle and i.b.m. and a few others are doing i mean there's a there's a real interesting thing to say because you are looking at this and when you usually think of this sort of conservative versus liberal debate and the conservatives are usually the ones pushing for all of this money to go toward. military spending it's interesting to see in this instance a small government open approach is not being used here on top of that it makes one wonder if people in the pentagon have not read anything. in the industry about having just one cloud and single cloud approach actually a very dangerous for private businesses to do that so it's interesting to see them doing it actually and i.b.m. executive sam gordy wrote that that single cloud approach is completely against
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standards and he said would it would quote give bad actors just one target to focus on should they want to undermine the military background and not scary this seems basic don't keep everything in one place don't go with one company don't do those so what do you think. complete i agree with them but it does seem a little ludicrous that you put it all all your eggs in one basket especially when it comes to something as sensitive as what they're trying to build here because i mean when you're talking about a cloud for the pentagon you know they're talking about something that would connect the battlefield soldier all the way back with quote you know with classified information that could be fed to him on the battlefield all the way back to the pentagon and like you know we're talking about the exchanging of top secret materials troop movements all of these things to make this kind of futuristic war zone of shared information real time you know and do make our. our fighting combat
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forces even more even better but putting it under one house is is very dangerous and you know it's interesting because we all know that there's bias in washington at this point but this kind of speaks right to the heart of that i think and that's really what what oracle's are doing is they're you know that it's centered on the tiffany's particularly of the defense department official who essentially like was working on this deal was working on this bidding war was working on jet i and then immediately went over to work for amazon after it was done you know oracle is also claiming that amazon web services made undisclosed employment and bogus offers to at least 2 d. o. d. jet i officials now machel a tab of course as we all know in washington it's admit nothing deny everything and make counter-accusations the pentagon and amazon have both denied these accusations and amazon says oracle is just simply using tabloid sensationalism because the centrally they're going to lose the bid you know it's suspicious it's sour grapes
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on their end so it's a lot of huge you know a lot of one big companies against another big company said meanwhile $10000000.00 at stake which when you look at it in the grand scheme of things as far as military spending it's actually not that much which leaves one to the other question about this is that do we really need amazon do we really need microsoft do we really need these companies to build these things for us if all they're doing is taking the best people from the pentagon and bringing them over why wouldn't we just build it ourselves you know in the house and that of course leads into the idea of amazon just keeps gobbling up institutions are going to gobble up the pentagon again too that way the amazon pentagon various through burn you know what do you think should we allow the mega corporations like amazon to hold contracts with the cia the pentagon the average body and then also owning newspapers and having access to u.s. consumers. is it too big to allow. right. when you
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think about the monster that it is quickly becoming and then like ok we're also going to hand over the keys to the defense department well that's a dangerous creature i mean we have banks that are too big to fail because they own too much of the marketplace. and now we're going to have amazon where ok all of our like you said all of our consumer activities we go through them are our intelligence activities will go through them our military activities we go through them i mean doesn't that put jeff bezos of amazon pretty much in the catbird seat i mean no one would oppose him if he has all these contracts in washington and could pull them at any moment earlies knows all the back doors into all or most sensitive information from both the pentagon and the cia there's a dangerous precedent my mind and you raised a brilliant point in the old days we used to build it ourselves the government would build it it wouldn't subcontract out but then in came dick cheney's in the rumsfeld's of the world who said oh no no no what big business can they can cut the
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potatoes and they can handle mass they can handle this and i was essentially the 2nd iraq war where it became basically a contractor war. is the government just spilled money right and that's in the world of blackwater and mercenaries and it's a world that most people realize was an incredible waste of money was morally questionable that we shouldn't be doing so now to say we're going to use this i think it's really scary as are talking about this for a. artificial intelligence of our drones could be run off of amazon that i got to tell you the other day i ordered one thing from amazon. so i don't know if i'm quite ready for them to me running around like. well i got a group did. you know what affair of the film series it reeks of whale and you tawny to me very mythical corporation in the aliens that was like you know running the marine corps of the future in that series that's like to be it's like
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really we shouldn't have i mean lockheed martin great then we already have a problem with big business in the military industrial complex and now we're going to bring in amazon like it's absolutely nuts to me that we're going to allow this to happen that our politicians are standing up saying whoa whoa whoa whoa this is you know we have to stop this yeah it's a dystopian future and none of us are you know you want to thank you so much for joining me today and talking us through this story from madison my co-host tyra winter. thank you. diplomatic drama was the centerpiece of u.k. com politics this week as leaks cables show the united kingdom's and bastard to the united states was describing u.s. president trump the administration as clumsy and inept among other things following a media and social media firestorm derek resigned from his post earlier we asked r.t. contributor and former member of u.k. parliament george galloway if industry derek actually did something wrong here says
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answer. yes he did a lot wrong if you're going to send missives but to london which are really a string of ad hominem vulgar abuse that you better make sure they don't end up on the front page of the newspapers everyone agrees with the a tone no of what he said but then when all the mud just is on buses to washington we are required to meet different tests and number of dora's should not be in writing in those terms or if he was going to you should have made sure his communications were secure. with all this drama many wonder what effect the leak cables and the ambassador's resignation can have on the future of ambassador is and the u.s. relationship with the u.k.
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george galloway had best to say about that. well i very much will that britain will name as his replacement and ambasador of the old school you should know that we don't have the kind of on buses doors you do political appointees we're supposed to have an impartial civil service through which these doors emerge over years decades actually in the case of an ambassadorship as important as the one in washington so. ken doll was a tornado. political activist that was the reason he go on in the civil service because he was ready to be a brute for blair and he was a brute in the european union and this being a brute in washington albeit for a different prime minister that's not what we need we need someone who looks sounds our back it's as if he was
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a member of the royal family i reckon that's the way to donald trump's heart. as we've got to get to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook you tube and twitter and be sure to check out watching the hot the podcast now available on spotify apple music and everywhere you listen to kathy are full shows at r.a.t dot com coming up conservative commentator and veterans' affairs expert were really topping joins me to discuss the treatment of better and when politics gets in the way a tune from washington. this is a story about what happens on astra stray bullets kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family daughters i'm sorry now
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that my other daughter is buried in a cemetery it really messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police need is a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court be. shocked shocked smart officer we feel. we do. you know she'll just for the call. and do this for we. still love. children. this is a pretty you will come with not only. in your circles modesty. you
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know all the much for the little girl with your mates in the in. the morning good sort of produce your order for you seems to know your limits seems to treat. cities. that. join me every thursday on the alex simon shore and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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there are some issues that show it in a decent society be a political free from partisan bickering or ideological grandstanding issues that despite our differences should bring us together one of those issues as the treatment of our veterans after they've returned from war because no matter why they went to war or who is in charge it is our collective responsibility to care for them especially when comes to the harm they endured during their service. sometimes politics is put aside like in the case of the blue water navy vietnam veteran doctor 2019 that stipulates that a person is assumed to have been exposed to the toxic herbicide agent orange and becomes eligible for through treatment through the v.a. if during active military naval or air service they served offshore of the republic of vietnam during the period between january 9th $162.00 and ending on may 7th 175 this means possibly tens of thousands of veterans who have been denied their
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benefits will soon get the treatment they need and we can find better ways to rectify the damage of agent orange on the other hand there are times when ideology runs right into the hands of partisan politics and leaves those who need the most getting nothing a federal program that funds fertility treatments for veterans is again seeing pushback in congress by anti-abortion activists who see in vitro fertilization and surrogacy as ethically questionable due to the fact that the resulting child would not have been conceived through natural means and that genetic material should such as unfertilized eggs would end up being destroyed so this politics identity politics and party politics need to be kicked to the curb when it comes to the needs of our veterans of war joining me now to discuss this is conservative commentator worry rarely toughing thank you so much for joining me today thanks for having me so every taking care of veterans veterans should be something that congress should be able to do overnight you know this shouldn't there should be even be a question about it or argument so what has made it so difficult to secure treatment
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for veterans exposed to specifically age in origin what was it that held up the blue water navy vietnam veterans act for so long. so veterans affairs in general were largely seen as one of the last bipartisan areas in congress and unfortunately over the last few years we've seen that the extreme partisanship that we see in so many other issues has trickled down into that or and issues as well and your point that you made earlier i think that when it comes to veterans and taking care of those that have served our country absolutely this is an area we where we should be able to put partisan politics aside so on the one hand it's disappointing that we're not seeing that on the other hand when we talk about blue water navy veterans there's a really complicated history when it comes to this and so it starts with before there was a divide between that are and who had served boots on the ground in vietnam and those who had served in territorial seas there was
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a push back from congress in general to recognize any benefits related to agent orange and this goes back to the 1st benefits were related to the agent orange act of 1901 and i think at the time people on both sides of the aisle were just unsure using chemical warfare it was a new new thing that they just weren't used to dealing with so they wanted to commission these studies and then the fight over the distinction between veterans on land and veterans who served in the navy actually boils down to a comma if you can believe that that's bureaucracy at its finest so the v.a. had 2 different regulations where they talked about who was eligible for benefits under the agent orange act of 1901 and they had interpreted it based on how the v.a. had written their regulation which the v.a. said was that it only applied to veterans with boots on the ground and they issued supplemental agency guidance that said this is how we choose to interpret our regulation and then there was another regulation where advocates have argued that
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you could interpret it different ways that it applied to both blue water navy veterans and boots on the ground veterans so this was actually litigated several times through the courts. and 1st we had a case that's called hospital nicholson and the u.s. court of appeals for veterans claims that all that are and could be eligible for benefits well if they had the vietnam service medal and veterans who served in the navy can also be eligible for the vietnam service medal so where you served whether on land or in sea is not a distinguishing factor there and then the appeals court the u.s. court of appeals for the federal circuit overturned that case and said no we're going to defer to the v.a.'s interpretation of its regulation so that was where things sat for a long time but then advocates continued to change to to challenge that ruling as well as to lobby congress because they basically sought to pass forward congress could pass a law like they just did saying that blue water navy veterans are eligible or the
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court could overturn its decision so we saw an interesting coming together where we had a court decision from the same court u.s. court of appeals for the federal circuit called procopio where they overruled the earlier decision and haas and so it was a little bit disappointing that congress chose not to act on the blue water navy act basically until a percoco decision came out and told them that they had to do this anyway so for cobia as the law of the land v.a. was going to have to provide these veterans benefits and congress didn't pass this basically it was just for them to say look at us we did something the court decision was already in effect so them hassling the blue water navy act isn't as much of an achievement they could have passed this act years ago and made a bigger difference in the lives of some of these veterans particularly ones who are suffering from exposure you know agent orange causes different types of cancer and other disabilities and not you know that it was just kind of a i just was fairly listening to what we you know when you look at the issues of
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agent orange over the years and having to get it into a consciousness where and we can get to this point of actually getting these bills through do you think that the burn pits of iraq that we're hearing more and more about our answer talking about do you think it will have the same difficult path that agent orange did or did we learn some things of how to bypass the partisanship that happens. i think unfortunately we are going to see the same thing in that people who work on veterans issues a talking point that you hear frequently is that burn pits are going to be this generation's agent orange i absolutely wish that the answer was different and that the answer was that we've learned some things from agent orange i think maybe there's a few takeaways for example the v.a. is doing a registry and trying to keep better track of veterans who've been exposed through burn pits that was one of the challenges with agent orange is they had once they were approved to give veterans benefits they had no records of who had served where the v.a. and don't always do
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a good job of sharing information with each other which is a separate issue but one that complicates things like this with toxic exposure and then you also see the 2 agencies playing the blame game with each other v.a. will say well the exposure is the result of d.o.d. it's their fault and d.o.d. will say well not on active duty they're veterans you deal with it and so you know getting the v.a. it's not just a partisan thing it's an interagency thing getting the v.a. and the d.o.d. to work better with each other is another thing that i think that would go a long way in helping people who are legitimately suffering from different diseases that are related to these toxic exposures that they have during their service it's interesting to have about a minute left and i wanted to ask you you know do you think like i said from my own experience i'm about as anti-war liberal as you can get but when it comes to veterans it's like this isn't an issue that you get to argue about do you think that the veterans coming home now are being treated better than the men and women who came home from vietnam who saw so much at home and not
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a lot of support do you think they're getting at least may come up with their people fighting for them now. i think so and i think if you ask vietnam veterans especially they will say people have seemed to be better able with this conflict to separate the service of individual veterans from the cause that they're fighting for and in vietnam we didn't have that type of the separation so on the one hand that's good but on the other as you're talking about with both the legislation and blue water navy even though that earns are being received better we still have a long way to go before we're fully embracing veterans coming home particularly when it comes to the disability that they're suffering as a result of their service thank you so much for talking them out of a saturday and i look forward to having you back on for a number of issues but specifically on the obviously very important to both of us thank you so much for joining me today for a rally type thing. thank you. rap music has been accused of turning sweet white children into criminal masterminds
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since the days of tipper gore however one incident near a zone over the holiday weekend shows that it might not be the rap music that's the problem but those like tipper gore who fear it r t america's actually banks has more. that surrenders attack happened on independence day imperia arizona the town is located northwest of phoenix just 2 weeks shy of his 18th birthday a high school senior. was fatally stabbed 27 year old michael paul adams inside a convenience store and was reportedly lunch at alameda while the teen stood by a soda machine stabbing him in the back and slitting his throat the teen managed to run out of the store and collapse in the parking lot paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after and rushed him to a nearby hospital where he later died that night adams was charged with 1st degree murder adams would later tell police the rap music i mean was playing in his car made him feel and see if he went on to say he believes people who listen to rap music are a threat to him and the community adams informed police he had been attacked
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previously by people who listen to music and identify them as a black latino and they live american meanwhile other means family members are heartbroken and still trying to make sense of it all. he was out there living his wife going to were going to school making sure he was doing everything taking care if he didn't. and they were trying to get a 3rd job as a part time job he was on it he won the world doing his own thing and you know this is all business and things like. he had a dream. to the arizona department of corrections adams had been released from prison 2 days prior to the july 4th attack he served a sentence where he was charged with aggravated assault of a correctional officer assault with a weapon and that his lawyer says he was set up for failure because he did not have access to mental health resources over the arizona department of corrections claim adams was not deemed to be seriously mentally ill means family says adams and his lawyer are trying to hide behind mental illness many of their supporters agree and
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are expressing their frustrations on twitter one twitter user said michael adams stabs 17 year old alijah to death because he didn't like his rap music playing now they are trying to say he was mentally ill another set of black men killed a 17 year old white boy for listening to country music they want to say the black man is mentally ill stop using mental illness as an excuse for racism and you're painting an awful picture for people who actually have mental illnesses out of this is due in court on july 15th and prosecutors could seek the death penalty reporting in the newsroom actually banks are too he. was a weather battlefield on the italian coast this week beachgoers torture a job each in toronto fled when a freak storm barrel down upon them the wind sent umbrello inflatable toes and sand to the skies well just 42 miles south of the beach orange sized hole pummeled the city of injuring at least 18 people and not to be outdone the city of venice was
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hit at the same time by a severe super cell storm that flooded canals and sent over 750 vacation doors out into the sea for evacuation but not to be outdone the city of mulatto mary. had a tornado that damaged a number of centuries old trees the storms come after weeks of record high tempered temperatures and just goes to show you might not believe in climate change but mother nature sure does that's our show for you today and remember everyone as my co-host ira bent for always says in this world are not fall in love they're not tell you all i love on top of the wall keep on watching the clock that have a great day and night every day.
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will not obey the voice of the lord your god will be careful to do all these commandments and the statutes which i command you this day in all these curses shall come upon you and over thank you for lent. and then the white people just don't profit and definite must pretend to black people. they get rid of whites only problems will go away. the final to do with and the communal as president of the flick of the little. white farmers in south africa o.b. a day every single day. people being tortured to death expression the elderly people in a. mania somebody be anathema to. make in the base white horse will find themselves affected by crime and we saw fit to point to what effect means in greens oh it's all sweats and a lot of. what are you going to have for dinner should they be doing anything i'm
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asking for a nice meat bad cold flu civil war in south africa is even if it's. good profit from one who was there and each own not be in the top of your hand to gain. when it comes to not. saying great clarity that the position of the couldn't some drug among the government is crystal clear that it is a business project it is not the political approach as we understand that the americans would like to sell their natural gas instead but it is among the government of the federal republic of germany crystal clear that we stick
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to the plans to let the drome and european industry go ahead with this approach. a u.s. federal judge condemns the justice department's unsubstantiated claims that a russian father indicted for election was bankrolled by the kremlin saying they could sway a jury. a u.s. official to fund the use of the much sense of power was to sell precision guided missiles to saudi arabia putting up part of the for the effort to expose human rights in. the u.k. .


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