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i don't want to diminish. the. u.s. leader donald trump canceled a state visit to denmark after playing remarks made by its prime minister nasty she had rejected his offer to buy greenland saying it was absurd. plus anti-war campaigners revealed the extent of the u.k. arms sales to the saudi led coalition since the start of the war in yemen in 2015. also this hour aid organization oxfam lashes out at g 7 countries ahead of their summit this weekend accusing them of driving global and appalled me with their policies. to quote see how the rich increased there's a lot the last year. well the richest billionaires was growing the vote for the
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poor stuff of society had folded. and winging it our correspondent takes to the skies with russia as a leap aerobatics team before the monk's air show. about a bird. but that would be a good thing but. yeah the back. of the head. watching are to international bring you your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program. u.s. president donald trump claims he cancelled his state visit to denmark because the country's prime minister made some quote nasty remarks and offered to buy greenland which is a danish dependent territory but that was quickly rejected. prime minister's
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statement that it was absurd that was that it was that absurd idea was that asked the thought it was inappropriate statement well she had to do is say no we wouldn't be address that issue at this because. it's an absolute discussion and to prime minister of greenland has of course made it clear that greenland is not for sale and that's where the conversation and. don't say what it absurd idea that is because he's not talking to me. he's not to appear to me you don't get to the united states of america you don't go off to the united states that way at least under me. denmark's queen who would have posted trump expressed shock at his abrupt cancellation greenland is the world's largest island and it also has plenty of resources but terms idea to buy it is not entirely a new one as in they are trying to report poor queen of denmark it just happened to be that way you know the way that part of her land is the world's biggest island
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greenland just to the northeast of america and that it's donald trump who's in charge at the white house right now how about the u.s. greenland all of it and i guess we 1st heard of people like he was joking and said can we buy greenland and he was joking and then kept coming back to it the danish prime minister would not sell him greenland calling the idea absurd we must face the truth that our president is raving like a lunatic you can check out some of the trump greenland means if you haven't seen them but now everyone who giggled at donald trump adding the island to his shopping wishlist have realized his being absolutely serious just so you know the president's idea is an old 1150 years old in fact. i have heretofore expressed the opinion that we should purchase iceland and greenland but especially the latter the reasons are political and commercial now the acquisition
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of greenland will flank british america for thousands of miles on the north and west and greatly increase her inducements peacefully and cheerfully to become a part of the american union but the actual proposal didn't come until just after the end of world war 2 that was when the state department officials once again outlined the benefits. the committee indicates that money is plentiful now that greenland is completely worthless to denmark and the control of greenland is indispensable to the safety of the united states and so washington offered denmark $100000000.00 in gold bullion for the island copenhagen's answer was no well we have much to america i do not feel that we have been the whole island of greenland although the us shouldn't really have been disappointed because of what happened next in just a couple of years denmark joined nato plus not only gave up attempts to get rid of the us military on the island it allowed the pentagon to set up america's
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northernmost air base there here where the temperature has dropped to below 0 and winds rose to 150 miles an hour and you were bright sun as a rock blues are created by dense fog of blinding snow american ingenuity and daring have built a new outpost in this country to do them. based on the top of the world that documentary was even nominated for the cademy awards by the way anyway since the pentagon can still pretty much treat greenland as its own backyard there isn't much for the u.s. administration to worry about their radars are out there in a perfect position to track intercontinental ballistic missiles and satellites and low earth orbit before they reach the skies of mainland u.s. or wait china is always something to worry about even if we're talking arctic beijing's already made an attempt to buy a former american base on the island and try to secure a contract to build a new airport there for now the chinese were shown the door but now what the white
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house man read the stirring things up around greenland we could be in force in very odd twists in the story. poor queen of denmark. anti-war activists have shed light on the true extent of british arms contracts with a side led coalition operating in yemen r.t.s. paul thayer has more. well the latest figures from the campaign against arms trade reveal that the u.k. government granted export licenses to the tune of some 6200000000 pounds over a period of 4 years since the saudi led coalition began its strikes in yemen back in march 2015 there is no public darter however over whether or not the license holders exported the goods in their entirety or half or none but essentially what it does show is the is the amount that they were entitled to export the bombing has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and it wouldn't have been
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possible without the complicity and support of downing street these arms sales are immoral and illegal. the campaign against arms trade says that the total amount is likely to be higher because many of the weapons and ammunitions that were used by members of the saudi led coalition in fact were licensed by a separate body for which there is no public darter now back in june of this year the court of appeals ruled that the u.k. government had acted under lawfully when it granted licenses of a u.k. made weapons to members of the saudi led coalition without 1st checking if they usage in the past had led to breaches of international law the government was ordered not to approve new licenses and also to review those that it had already given and it was agreed that the government would not allow new sales of weapons to the 5 participating members of the saudi led coalition in yemen now the british
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government denies this and it has rejected these allegations outright the u.k. operates one of the most robust export control regimes in the world licensing decisions are based on the most up to date information and analysis available at the time including advice from those with diplomatic and military expertise and reports from overseas network and use the saudi bombing in yemen began back in 2015 and has resulted in what the united nations cause the worst humanitarian disaster ever.
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the campaign against arms trade is highly critical of the role that the u.k. has played and once a to review its future participation. in africa live to anders the media coordinator of the campaign against arms trade what evidence is your statement on the value of u.k. study arms contacts and based on. well the numbers which we are citing of numbers we are quoting come directly from government itself and since this terrible war began in 2015 the u.k. government has licensed 6300000000 pounds worth of weaponry to regimes who are taking part in the brutal bombardment the misses created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today tens of thousands of people have been killed and yet the arms sales have continued it raises a question of how much worse the situation would have to get the u.k. government finally peach human rights ahead of arms company profits were you able to gather any information about how the saudis had been using these british weapons
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. the u.k. government doesn't store information on that because being a government doesn't really want to know how those weapons are being used to this weapons are being used in a way that violates international humanitarian law and of course it would have to act and that would have to stop was sales however we do know from a huge body of evidence from united nations expert powells monist international from all the most respectable n.g.o.s in the world of people on the ground in yemen they have all it used to say led coalition will retain violations of international humanitarian law and that means destruction of schools of means destruction of hospitals of music destruction of homes this is a terrible humanitarian crisis is only possible because of the complicity in support of arms exporting governments such as be. given all of what you just said the severity of the situation in yemen why is the u.k. so reluctant to stop selling arms to the saudis. and that's because there's been a long term policy of supporting the say he is reaching regardless of the
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consequences but has been the case for decades it's been the case under conservative governments it's been the case under labor governments it's been the case under coalition governments these arms sales are firmly opposed by the vast majority of people across all of cooling suicide consistently more safeguards are against it and yet it's something all the political parties have done and i expect a large part of it is because of the huge influence which the arms industry has managed to get for itself recorders i expect a number of factors be huge influence the society regime as managed to gain in the corridors of power and has been is kind of relationships which need to be ended because they're having such a devastating impact on people and save you arabia you have had to live under one of the most repressive dictatorships in the world but also in a free people in yemen now you say the real value of the contract is actually probably higher than your statement suggests why is that and how much higher might it be. i expect it could be a great deal higher because
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a lot of farms that are licensed go under what's known as an open license and i don't know why since means that you don't have to publish the quantity which is transparent you don't have to publish the value that was transparent either and we know that very expensive equipment has gone over under can license these including bombs and missiles and including parts of the fighter jets so they can be many times higher there but what we need to see is more transparency in any case even if we use the 6300000000 planes worth of weapons as an 80. 8 base still a very considerable amount of weaponry that can do a considerable amount of damage an old lady has it's time to end the arms deals and stop young critical support this lady raising. the u.n. cause they emanate so a war at the worst manmade humanitarian crisis in the world with 80 percent of its population and dire need of aid why is the west doing nothing because it's important to remember that the u.k. is not the only one selling arms to the saudis. and the u.k.
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is not the only country which is selling weapons to sadie's big u.s. is a major arms exporter of it as well. and this war could not be fought with a u.s. and u.k. made weapons because they are fighter jets which are flying over yemen there are bombs that are being dropped to the sky there are missiles that should be fired but wherever you find warfare you will always find major arms exports are looking to cash in on that we've seen the exact same in syria where you've seen russia arming once a u.s. army offers nears the huge amounts of weapons flowing in there and onto planes has been devastating because ultimately the arms industry does not care where it sells weapons does not care if it were weapons and used to be used to be used against all the arms companies you know they profit and all across the world in many governments appear in arms industry profits ahead of human waves. anderson myth media coordinator of the campaign against arms trade thank you for your time and your comments today thank you very much. restaurants shops and
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businesses are closing their doors near the french resort of berets ahead of the g. 7 summit over $13000.00 police officers have been deployed to the area although organizers say this year's event will be run on a much tighter budget than previous ones group album of which you know of the parliament voted for a budget of 36400000 euros for the organization of the g. 7 summit and this figure is much lower than we have seen for previous summits whether in canada or italy. meanwhile g 7 countries have been blamed for aggravating inequality around the world by the international aid organization oxfam earlier i spoke to john date he's the head of government relations for oxfam. but was the oxfam report on the g 7 summits based on. so 7 leaders including my new mccrone who's hosting the summit decided to make inequality a key focus of this year's g 7 and we think this is really important because the
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world bank and about another's have recognized that tackling inequality is absolutely essential in order to beat extreme poverty. report looked at the record of g 7 countries in tackling inequality and we found that actually in a number of areas countries are fueling rather than reducing inequality for instance by not implementing progressive tax systems by fueling the climate crisis and also by promoting a shareholder 1st business model with that doesn't suit the needs of workers and many people in developing countries on a low income. oxfam's report highlights wealth inequality across g 7 countries and you asked for example the poorest 50 percent of the population own just one percent of the country's wealth don't date again once the g 7 to take action. why do you think the g. 7 don't work properly what are the main problems more widespread as well.
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so we think one of the kind of major barriers is how wealth is distributed between people across the world and in g 7 countries so that the 7 biggest economies in the g 7 hold nearly half the world's wealth and actually if g 7 leaders implemented a new tax a new wealth tax where they to tax the top one percent of richest people in g 7 countries an additional no point 5 percent on their wealth then it could raise $200000000000.00 pounds a year now that's a huge sum of money that's enough to educate the $262000000.00 children across the world who are currently not in school and also you to have enough money left over to put money into health care and to fund. enough health care to save the lives of 2000000 people. oxfam accuses the g 7 of having tax systems that favor the rich and says the wealthy are the ones that drive government policy to charity also says the
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g 7 care more about shareholders than workers and accuses them of worsening the climate crisis. they do 7 has existed for quite a long time are these problems that the report has highlighted something new or were they there from the beginning we know that inequality has existed for for a number of years but actually under a lot of measures inequality is increasing. so oxfam's own research found. that inequality hard rich increased over the last year and actually the wealth of the richest billionaires was growing while the wealth of the poorest half of society had fallen do you think that this oxfam report will have any impact on this upcoming g. 7 summit we hope that the g 7 leaders will take it seriously as you know it was a menu mccrone himself and g 7 leaders who decided to make inequality a focus of the g 7 so what we're doing is providing some ideas to how they might
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tackle in a quality and help reduce poverty through tackling inequality. a major air show gets underway near moscow next week marks 2019 how about r.t.s. donald quarter did get the chance to take to the skies with one of the aerobatic teams. the russian team is preparing for an international aviation and space this is a major air show that's going to take place at the end of august and there's going to be there tech and pilots from countries all over the globe the pilots are going to be showing up their bets for this is bad and we were lucky enough to get invited
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to a plane to join one of those pilots so i hope you're not afraid of. them . but. after we returned in one piece our pilot constantine told us all about the
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international aviation and space so long. i have been training for more than 10 years and i've been in the pilot for 4 years the air show include the featuring aerobatics performances and the standard maneuvers that championships rolls and loops etc the international tournament features competitors from. many european countries and known european countries including the us the air show is not a contest the contest happens at the championship with the aerobatics and other events so when the air show each group shows its skills and this big daters decide for themselves what they like of course we will show what we do best and what's new . here may reveal that it's been hundreds of millions of euros on u.s. army bases but it's still being pressured by washington to up its defense spending that story in fall later in the program.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy from day shouldn't let it be an arms race is on all sides very dramatic development the only
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relief i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. welcome back the number of lives claimed by saturday suicide bomb attack in the capital of afghanistan has now risen to 80 that's according to the country's interior ministry the victims were gassed on a wedding party that was attended by hundreds of people some 200 are still being treated in hospitals terror group as islamic state says it was behind the attack the country's deadliest since january of last year. commenting on the reemergence of iceland the war torn country and donald trump said that afghanistan and its neighbors had to do more to combat terrorism. russia.
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afghanistan and a red iraq. they're going to have to fight their battles to ok we wiped out the caliphate 100 percent i did record time but at a certain point all of these other countries where isis is around they've been decimated by the way badly decimated but all of these countries are going to have to fight up because do we want to say they're for another 19 years i don't think so we heard from hackman to me deputy director at the afghan center for conflict and peace studies he told us trump is being unrealistic. the americans for very long time since the trumpet in stray sion came into power. was trying to encourage other countries particularly countries like india to to do more in afghanistan but none of these countries in the region that one can expect. the influence of that capability to come in in do more in afghanistan so i think it's very
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unrealistic to expect these countries to. be left by by the americans if you look at isis in afghanistan it is increasing significantly we have foreign fighters that are that are returning either from the middle east and we have new arrivals from countries in central asia we are headed to a situation where it would be cut dystrophic and i think if the americans are thinking that they can leave afghanistan right now just like what happened in iraq in 2011 and once of the situation is getting even worse than right now they can return i think that would be double make their job even difficult. us president is currently unhappy with germany for not spending enough on defense washington is putting pressure on berlin to meet the nato target of 2 percent of g.d.p. that's despite your money revealing it spends millions more than previously thought
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on u.s. troops within its borders germany's current expenditure is budgeted at 1.4 percent that's about $47000000000.00 euros in comparison greece does meet the 2 percent target but for athens that amounts to just 4000000000 euros bitter over takes a closer look. it's been a refrain of u.s. politicians for quite a while now germany must spend more on its military under president trump that referring has turned into a crescendo now struck about germany i mean germany honestly is not paying their fair share do you think germany is doing enough to meet the 2 percent target know. what should germany do they should meet the goals that they agreed to we have 52000 troops in germany. and germany is not living up to what they're supposed to be doing with respect to later on the thing is though opposition politicians have
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requested from the finance ministry documents that show that actually germany has been spending more than was thought for the privilege of having u.s. troops in the country over the last 7 years germany's contributed 243000000 euros directly to the us armed forces for things like pension contributions and building maintenance there's also being a previously unheard figure of 480000000 euros that's actually germany's contribution to the nato construction budget however the documents that were requested by the left party show this money went almost exclusively to u.s. projects the m.p. who made the request is far from happy about what's being revealed germany is a half of global u.s. small flamm it's subsidized by the german taxpayer must be stopped at last a recent poll of german citizens found that 3 quarters of those asked didn't think they'd be any risk to their safety if u.s. troops pulled out of the country altogether germany's a morgan opp
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a $1000000000.00 for the privilege of having a u.s. soldier on its soil and not only u.s. soldiers but also nuclear weapons of mass destruction that the united states brought here it can ask the will of the german population we want both weapons out of here fossils possible who are both. the whole adds up to well no small chunk of change $723000000.00 euros that's gone almost exclusively for the united states to put that in a bit of context well that's more than the agriculture ministry requested to fight climate change with a reforestation programme it's about the same as the 10 year refurbishment plan for the natural history museum and it's almost as much as the annual budget of the german space program earlier this month the u.s. ambassador in suggested the u.s.
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troops could pull out and relocate to poland but the some here at the moment that seems more like a hope than a threat. that's a global news for now but i'll be back at the top the hour with the latest thanks for tuning in. this community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see the kids. and as a parent. i can come up with arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the cost of the conflict i would say a. close one on each other. each other there's good business the state of california makes 6000000000 dollars
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a year of prison complexes you get some when you live where. you don't care and nobody cares about your so you don't care about anything. going back to medieval days you had the church which is like the monetarist present day 21st century where they would discuss how many angels can dance on the head of a pin and they were in power and they enclosed this little model and now we've got neo feudalism where you've got central bankers discussing how many derivatives can be stuffed into a worthless pension fund and we've got folks in san francisco in newark new jersey dying from medieval diseases.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the globe uncovering the world of business and finance and impact upon salt and in your burrito and here is a look at what's on deck today with china's trade borderlines on with its new twists seemingly every day what to pump up looks like from within asia are 2 correspondents among those open gives a look inside from asia and from leeds about the rich the books oceans then later as the lists of recession fears wimped off the company the solution is pushing positivity in calling customers to coverage part of a conspiracy professor richard wolfe is on hand to give us his latest take on the transpacific trade fight and the near true future of the us economy and finally nation's corporate titans are squaring off in court and tell us what is.


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