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tv   News  RT  August 22, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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worlds one step away from an arms race that can't be controlled that's the stark warning coming from russia at the u.n. security council following the recent u.s. cruise missile tests and the collapse of the landmark truth. council's a state visit to denmark after calling remarks by its prime minister the nasty she rejected his offer to buy greenland adding the proposal was absurd. aid organization oxfam lashes out at the d.c. 7 countries ahead of the summit this weekend but accuses the policies of driving global inequality. the quality how to bridge the increased over the last year and the wealth of the richest billionaires was growing the wealth the poorest half
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of society had full. thanks for joining us on r.t. international tonight welcome to the program russia and china have called for global action to prevent a new arms race following the collapse of a key arms control agreement moscow and beijing called the un security council meeting after the u.s. tested a cruise missile previously owned by the i.m.f. treaty rival powers blamed each other for the ongoing escalation. on the whole do you realize that because of the us is geo political ambitions we are all one step from an arms race that cannot be controlled or regulated in any way the united states will not remain a party to a treaty that is deliberately violated by russia and if this depended only on us
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then we certainly wouldn't have reached the dangerous situation that we're in today the united states is taking the necessary steps to address the threat posed by intermediate range missile forces being deployed in ever larger numbers by russia and china what about you are you going to try and evade your share of the responsibility for what's happening and also down to an allegedly russian and chinese threat will the future generations forgive us the russian federation because the sole responsibility for the reason demise of the treaty was illegal and do you really not understand that in what you've done with the americans step by step you were returning to a historical situation when when the missiles were targeting european cities from different sides well jim calls upon russia and the united states to engage in a productive dialogue in order to draw up initiatives with a view to strengthening the strategic stability and to resume resolutely reduce
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their nuclear arsenals including all kinds of weapons systems live now i think a lot more pain caleb thanks for coming across the story of war of words on the u.n. security council what more do we know. well it was an immediate emergency meeting of the u.n. security council called by russia and at the meeting russia expressed very grave concerns about the united states' recent decision on august 2nd to withdraw from the intermediate nuclear forces treaty and furthermore it emphasized that russia had fully complied with the trading now when the united states addressed the meeting they repeated their allegation that russia was indeed the one responsible for the demise of the treaty because they had violated it and they dismissed russia's concerns regarding the m.k. for one launcher this is the representative of the united states blaming russia for the demise of the i.n.f. treaty. here today because the russian federation preferred
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a world in which the united states continued to fulfill its i.n.f. treaty obligations while the russian federation did not we've heard a narrative today that the united states had itself been in violation of the i.n.f. treaty because of our recent flight which use the m k 41 launcher that is also found in our aegis of sure missile defense system this is categorically false thank you madam president now russia when they responded to the united states they reiterated their concerns over regarding the m.k. for one launcher and they furthermore said that they had asked for dialogue with the united states when the united states accused russia of having violated the i.n.f. treaty they talked about the possibility of inspectors coming to russia to confirm whether or not this accusation from the united states was true this is what the russian representative said to the 15 member security council. the united states
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the countries that are subject to it despite the facts and common sense. of of good everything the wrong way round going to cruising russia of all of these cardinal sins. there's nothing new or surprising in this we proposed to the americans. but we could have a closed meeting where that where we could look at the the missiles with this index and thereby we they could they could be exhaustive information about that missile in order to convince them that this treaty this missile didn't contravene the treaty but once again there was a refusal to this as well. therefore we don't really understand the arguments from our american colleagues. but we wanted to provide information to protest save the n.t. the treaty. in trying to reach a joint to destroy the treaty you are going away from this information now the united states also accused china of boosting its military potential and the
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representatives of china responded saying that the behavior of the united states withdrawing from the treaty and blaming china and russia was simply unacceptable this was the representative of china speaking to the security council. treaty is great because it's not only to the united states and to russian federation but also to international into regional peace and security china has made clear its position many occasions. it is unacceptable to use china as an excuse for leaving the treaty. that rejects that baseless accusations of 99 he states. now the intermediate range nuclear forces agreement was signed in 1987 and this was a pivotal moment in the deescalation eventual end eventual end of the cold war now that treaty was in effect and it on some level regulated the potential for
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a nuclear arms race many voices around the world expressed deep concern about the fact that the treaty is no longer intact and many were hoping that today's meeting would be the opening of dialogue between countries about resolving this dispute and somehow restoring some kind of agreement regarding intermediate range nuclear forces however today's meeting involved lots of accusations but not much consensus among the countries represented at the security council is not always the case in the recent meetings of the security council all of these caleb moore thanks for bringing us the latest we can bring in journalist you've now for more days thanks for joining us the program's thought was the from russia the u.n. security council of brink of a new arms race do you think it's just saber rattling or is the risk actually real . no i think this is very very dangerous time now you know this takes us back to as you're one of your reporters mentioned pretty 9871 of the important things
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that's not being mentioned here is that there's a grotesque imbalance in terms of the importance of intermediate range missiles there are no russian intermediate range missiles based around the united states and there aren't any chinese intermediate range missiles based around the united states the united states however wants to return to a situation like 3987 when the u.s. said pershing missiles highly accurate 300300 kilogram ton were head missiles all over europe aimed at russia and the danger of these missiles is that they can strike their targets within minutes so it forces countries like russia or china to put their i.c.b.m.'s on hair trigger response because they have to worry that these missiles could be launched from europe and hit soviet russian targets you know within less than 10 minutes so it's
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a frightening situation and it it's a growing to lead to an enormous arms race the u.s. representatives all from ca and said they all have treaty not only are exists because of russia and the u.s. is merely responding to the threat posed by russia and shot of the russians have said you know. the confrontation as always here where do you think the truth lies probably somewhere in the middle. no i don't think it's in the middle i think it's very one sided and i would i would quote michael korda from the federation of american scientists who is an american and you know hardly a apologist for for russia or china or anybody else they're saying that the u.s. was preparing to do this. that the fact that they launched this tomahawk missile from a mark 41 launcher proves what russia had been complaining about when the u.s. put these agents missile systems near the russian border russian western border and
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said oh these are to guard against iranian missiles which of course don't even exist. or are nuclear bombs from iran and russia said that those missile launchers could be used for been to intermediate range missiles the u.s. has now moved within days of saying that it is. not. following the i.n.f. treaty and is going ahead in launch missiles that are beyond under the i.n.f. treaty so proving really what curtis says is they're proving that russia's concerns about the mark $41.00 are correct that it's a multiple use launch site of course the u.s. and russia don't know the countries concerned europe a are of course a sort of step with iraq an odd place but seems electric on both sides in the present that if you actually cool the european countries they help diffuse the situation do you see any signs of that happening i mean how concerned should the
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euro be about this. i think that there were you know one of the reasons that the i.n.f. treaty was signed was because there was massive protests throughout europe against the pershing missiles and the basing of time hot missiles and similar missiles in europe because of the fact that they make europe targets were russian missiles and the and there were millions of people demonstrating in different countries in europe because of the basing of u.s. nuclear missiles short you know and intermediate range missiles in europe and i think it's almost guaranteed that we're going to see that movement spring up again in europe because people aren't going to want to have missiles pointed at them again and they aren't going to be wanting to have us in a position of launching missiles from their countries so yeah i think i think we're going to go back right back to the cold war era 3987 with massive protests in
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europe against the basing of u.s. missiles and so on you know something does seem like one step forward 2 steps back right now doesn't it john if they've lyndall thanks for joining us here at international good to have you on thank you for having me. donald trump claims he canceled a state visit to done law suits through what he described as nasty remarks from the country's prime minister you know it's the by greenland which is a danish one of us territory the offer though was quickly dismissed. prime minister just a bit that it was absurd that was that it was that absurd idea was that the i thought it was inappropriate statement which he had to do is say no we wouldn't be address that you're not sure. it's an absolute discussion and to prime minister of greenland has of course made it clear that greenland is not for sale and that's where the conversation and. don't say what it absurd idea that is because he's not talking to me. he's not to appear to me you don't get to the united states of
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america you don't go up to the united states that way at least i didn't meet. the queen of denmark who would have posted trump expressed shock at his abrupt cancellation greenland is the world's largest island that's got plenty of resources as well from saudia to but those little tiny new. reports poor queen of denmark it just happened to be that way you know the way that part of her land is the world's biggest island greenland just to the northeast of america and that it's donald trump who's in charge at the white house right now how about the u.s. greenland all of it and i guess we 1st as a people thought he was joking and said can we buy greenland and he was joking and then kept coming back to the danish prime minister would not sell him greenland calling the idea absurd we must face the truth that our president is raving like a lunatic you can check out some of the trump greenland means if you haven't seen
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them but now everyone who giggled at donald trump adding the island to his shopping wishlist have realized his being absolutely serious just so you know the president's idea is an old 1150 years old in fact. i have heretofore expressed the opinion that we should purchase iceland and greenland but especially the latter the reasons are political and commercial now the acquisition of greenland will flank british america for thousands of miles on the north and west and greatly increase her inducements peacefully and cheerfully to become a part of the american union but the actual proposal didn't calm until just after the end of world war 2 that was when the state department officials once again outlined the benefits. the committee indicates that money is plentiful now that greenland is completely worthless to denmark and the control of greenland is indispensable to the safety of the united states and so washington offered denmark
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$100000000.00 in gold bullion for the island copenhagen's answer was no well we have much to america i do not feel that we have been the whole island of greenland although the us shouldn't really have been disappointed because of what happened next in just a couple of years denmark joined nato plus not only it gave up attempts to get rid of the us military on the island it allowed the pentagon to set up america's northernmost air base there here where the temperature has dropped to below 0 and winds rise to 150 miles an hour give you force a bright sun as a rough blizzard created by dense fog or blinding snow american ingenuity and daring have built a new post in this country to do them. based on the top of the world that documentary was even nominated for the cademy awards by the way anyway since the pentagon can still pretty much treat greenland as its own backyard there isn't much
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for the u.s. administration to worry about their radars are out there in a perfect position to track intercontinental ballistic missiles and satellites and low earth orbit before they reach the skies of mainland u.s. or wait china is always something to worry about even if we're talking arctic beijing's already made an attempt to buy a former american base on the island and try to secure a contract to build a new airport there for now the chinese were shown the door but now what the white house man read the stirring things up around greenland we could be in force in very odd twists in the story. poor queen of denmark. meanwhile in nearby iceland the country's leaders social skills a visit of the u.s. vice president mike pence next month saying she's got proclamations to speak at a trade even conference in sweden the fact is i was long ago i asked to give the keynote speech at the annual conference of nordic trade unions back his visit which
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was organized by the minister of foreign affairs has been rescheduled many times so it's been hard to organize oneself around it she made a point though of saying it had nothing to do with trump's cancellation of a state visit to denmark and it was not about slamming the white house mike pence is expected to discuss science the strategic position in the arctic and increased nato operations in the region the u.s. plans to invest $57000000.00 in a military naval base there next year in a call bergman who's a professor of politics at bifrost university in iceland thinks the prime minister isn't so upset about missing the meeting. current prime minister of iceland. opposite end of the political spectrum to trump's ministration my heel or not i'm happy. with their current of class but it seems to be occurring there's clearly a difference of opinion between the party your card to get up so to get in
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iceland's old group both plans military operations. preserve in the arctic. what it's an administration so clearly there are there are a right it's your speech in that are to use a proposed ban on the kosher slaughter is causing controversy in belzer more on that after this short break.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. welcome back to the program restaurants shops and other businesses are closing
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their doors near the french resort of beer it's ahead of the g. 7 summit more than 13000 police officers have been deployed to the area the organizers say this year's event will be run on a much tighter budget than previously. do you not read the times you know parliament voted for a budget of 36400000 a year for the organization of the g. 7 summit and this figure is much lower than we have seen for previous summits whether in canada or evil and. meanwhile g 7 countries have been blamed for aggravating inequality around the world by oxfam. spoke to john dates he's the head of government relations for the international aid organization but was the oxfam report on the g 7 summits based on. so 7 leaders including my new mccrone who's hosting the summit decided to make inequality a key focus of this year's g 7 and we think this is really important because the world bank and about and others have recognized that tackling inequality is absolutely essential in order to beat extreme poverty. report looked at the record
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of g 7 countries in tackling inequality and we found actually in a number of areas countries are fueling rather than reducing inequality for instance by not implementing progressive tax systems by fueling the climate crisis and also by promoting a shareholder 1st business model that that doesn't suit the needs of workers and many people in developing countries on a low income or oxfam's report highlights wealth inequality across g 7 countries in the us for example the poorest half of the population own just one percent of the country's wealth so on dates again what's the g 7 to take action. why do you think the g. 7 don't work properly what are the main problems more widespread as well. so we think one of the kind of major barriers is how wealth is distributed between people across the world and in g 7 countries so that the 7 biggest economies in the
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g 7 hold nearly half the world's wealth and actually if g 7 leaders implemented a new tax a new wealth tax where they to tax the top one percent of richest people in g 7 countries an additional not point 5 percent on their wealth then it could raise over $200000000000.00 pounds a year now that's a huge sum of money that's enough to educate the $262000000.00 children across the world who are currently not in school and also you to have enough money left over to put money into health care and to fund. enough health care to save the lives of 2000000 people oxfam accuses the g 7 of having tax systems that favor the rich says the wealthy drive government policy charity as the g. 7 care more about shareholders than workers and was the group of nations is was that in the climate crisis. do you think of an has existed for quite a long time are these problems that the report has highlighted something new or
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were they there from the beginning we know that inequality has existed for for a number of years but actually under a lot of measures inequality is increasing. so oxfam's own research found. that inequality had increased over the last year and actually the wealth of the richest billionaires was growing while the wealth of the poorest half of society had fallen do you think that this oxfam report will have any impact on this upcoming g. 7 summit we hope that the g 7 leaders will take it seriously as you know it was a menu mccrone himself and g 7 leaders who decided to make inequality a focus of the g 7 so what we're doing is providing some ideas to how they might tackle inequality and help reduce poverty through tackling inequality. and belgian regions proposed by kosher slaughter is set to come into force next month
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the move the test the tight balance in the e.u. legislation between animal welfare and religious freedom. requires animals to be alive and healthy they're killed through having their necks cut pretty stunning is not widely used which is one of the reasons why the practice is by and in several e.u. countries the new law in a region of belgium though has 3rd controversy among the country's jewish and muslim communities to have the government interfere in this we is damaging to the reputation of the jewish people as a community it implies that we as a group are responsible with the welfare of animals and need government supervision which is of course a very negative view of us and we spoke with slovenian philosopher who shared his thoughts on the upcoming ban in belgium. i don't think it is necessarily less because they see. we should never forget that dead heat in your arm. that
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the fruit of. let's call it right we think ecology but they find a candidate think just the fact that both sides gate is a good side and the masculine side effect that i claim but look the qatari summerfest links and you know. if you don't become muslim fundamentalists you see them immediately it's never just let defend cutlass exist. explode when they think exist in the same country when bait him back then examine shows i don't know i just a few moments timers and a lot could be with you in 30 minutes to bring you the night school level headlines .
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you put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to go to beatrice as it was before 3 of them or can't be good get. interested in the waters at the college. there should be. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with logical arguments and there's
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a lot of conflicts within the games between the teams most of the conflicts i would say over balls around there most of them is made. close one on each of those he knows each other is good because the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complex just to get some 20 a life where. you don't care and cares about your so you don't care about anything . thank you. i am to. welcome to the alex salmond sure we continue our series on the politics of protest in previous programs we've looked
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at the evolution of protest in the u.k. over the last century from working class glasgow taking to the streets in 1919 to the uk against racism movement to taking to the stage in the 1970 s. to middle class life and defending their green spaces against environmental destruction of h.s.t. and this show we continue our theme against a background of a hot summer of mass demonstrations and one cent on the climate's emergency. and must go over the collections in paris for the healy shown and not in the way of a protest in hong kong. we asked peter tatchell the most famous human rights campaigner in the u.k. of the last generation to deflect on his most effective campaigns and where the single issue and single minded protest can still move the needle of political to beat for me protest is the lifeblood of walk receive all the rights and freedom we have all the result of protest that's how it began protest and then eventually parliamentary change we ask medea benjamin the celebrated american political
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activist what exactly is going on today are we seeing an international wave of discontent with established political structure is akin to the 1960 s. or is this impression just a feature of the modern social media world with a banner held aloft in hong kong goes viral before you can see a presidential tweet i think social media can be. to mobilizing like we see in hong kong but i also think that before social media we had enormous protests we had mass protests around civil rights issues in the united states when there was no bar no twitter no instagram but 1st let us take a look at your reaction to our a series on motor programs which collectively registered over $800000.00 viewers on alex's facebook page alone but it's more than the entire population of q-tips smallest member state clearly the tiger economy of this tiny island is attracting
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a great deal of interest internationally for us to hear from kill he says find our french holiday apartment unpacked turned on the t.v. happy to find alex i'm unsure but felt sad for us but little malta has what we could have had very interesting kept hearing our voices heard good on them and hope we join them soon if you want to says great show one to watch explores the good and that not so good about malta but at least the independent to cite that for themselves cathay is more to has no not true resources and yet. they cost people as their most valuable resource create we see these could through a booster says alex i love your motor c.d.'s no pretentiousness no doesn't pump your high horse narrative your document as a lovely string of honest and mature respectful encounters thank you so much linda says christopher and i went there in 1965 but the boy lester regiment loved it had been back many times finally.


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