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tv   News  RT  August 27, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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from crisis talks to military deals the presidents of turkey and russia meets a list sidelines of 29. taking place near moscow with discussions ranging from syria to the purchase of russia. also coming up in oklahoma judge finds the pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson guilty of fueling the u.s. state's opioid epidemic and causing a surge in drug related deaths. accountable
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for thousands of addiction. why the activity. and the triple threat tensions soar in the middle east as israel carries a strike against a really intrude in syria just days after suspected is really drone attacks in lebanon and iraq. from moscow to the world every hour of the day this is our to international and my name's even a little a little. this hour's top story president putin and his turkish counterpart read on have held talks with in the past number of the 29000 show which is taking place not too far from here just outside moscow the 2 discussed a number of issues including cooperation on the syrian crisis on the possible
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purchase of russian fighter jets. our correspondent attended the subsequent media conference could see again what were your takeaways from the meeting today. you did again well we've seen this many times before and we're seeing it here at the as you called airfield once again of the presidents of russia and turkey a lot of talking about the things that their countries are doing together they were listing them and naming them one by one the lights of the turkish stream gas pipeline project in the black sea a nuclear power plant being built in that country as well by the russian scientists also the deployment of the russian made ass 400 air defense system in turkey that's an important one i'm going to come back to that
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a bit later and of the many business projects that. is. here in russia and they only want more and more he's there 5 of the fold increase in a mutual trade that is the kind of goal that the 2 leaders said today here in the moscow region about what we are at an air show right so on thursday i can tell you that it will be even heard of a possibility that turkey and russia you could start building aircraft together this is indeed what the 2 leaders mentioned although for now we didn't hear any specific details on that but the russian and turkish leaders also like talking about ways to they also like finding ways of tricky crisis situation and there is one still ongoing in syria of course and ankara is
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really concerned about what's happening in the province ensure the only remaining opposition clave there we know that moscow and ankara are backing the different sides on the different sides of the. a frontline there and time aired on spoke of how the advancements by the syrian government forces are causing civilian deaths in libya now in turn vladimir putin pointed to the attacks coming from the terrorists remaining in the the in lib zone but the message is clear from both leaders they're ready to continue working together and trying to help each other even though there are differences so they're ready to sort these difficulties out and also they are counting on a renewed talks and geneva by the so-called constitutional committee of syria that is something. that appeared as
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a result of the talks and also the talks in russia's sochi with the involvement of anchor off tehran and moscow but i really want to go back to how we were watching the 2 presidents enjoying the sunshine here on tuesday checking out all the latest advancement all the latest advanced aircraft technology that this country has to offer busy and here's why else it's very important why baird on is in russia and is attending this show i can tell you that america decided to cancel the deliveries the sales of their own military aircraft to turkey as a result of bankrolls decision to deploy the russian made air defense systems the ass 400 that i mentioned before and there you have it what's left for the on to
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do he's rolling out his shopping cart here in moscow and this is what it looked like when he was checking out one of russia's most advanced fighter jets. so that was a lot of our putin and one standing looking at the $57.00 russia's most advanced 5th generation fighter jet but of course apart from big business between the 2 countries and also a difficult talks on syria it's always good to have some fun and enjoy a bit of ice cream and this is exactly what mr putin and mr arden one did while
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there were passing by one of the kiosks here. you. didn't. talk with. copies for me. he said. if. you really want to do. you know. there's plenty of other fascinating stuff at the max 2900 had laid out this week but for now the most senior guests have left and it was great to see him there both of them they're here and your thanks for breaking all of us on a break down as well this hour from our correspondent there 29 day one.
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let's turn attention to the u.s. where a judge in oklahoma has ruled out the drug maker johnson and johnson is responsible for driving the state's opioid crisis and ordered it to pay a 572000000 dollars fine he said the pharmaceutical giant had run a false dangerous marketing campaign which downplayed the risk of addiction and directly contributed to dance johnson and johnson has said it will appeal the decision. got a landmark ruling today in oklahoma the drug manufacturer johnson and johnson a giant big pharmaceutical company in the united states has been found guilty and has been ordered to pay $572000000.00 to the state of oklahoma in order to deal with the ongoing opioid epidemic in the united states this is the 1st time that a big pharmaceutical manufacturers corporation has gone to trial in
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a case alleging responsibility regarding the opioid crisis this is the prosecutor in the case stating what the judge ruled today judge bachmann has affirmed or position that johnson and johnson motivated by greed and avarice is responsible for the ok would have prevented interstate. johnson and johnson will finally be held accountable for thousands of deaths and addiction caused by their activities now at the trial the prosecution argued that johnson and johnson and its subsidiaries had overstated the effectiveness of their opioid drugs in treating ongoing chronic pain and understated the risk of addiction posed by their products previously the way big pharmaceutical companies have avoided going to trial is by settling out of court and paying out hundreds of millions of dollars are due pharmaceuticals managed to withdraw themselves from the case by paying
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a $270000000.00 settlement furthermore tell the pharmaceutical industries they withdrew from the case in may by paying an $85000000.00 settlement so johnson and johnson was the only defendant in the case they were found guilty now they do expect to appeal the decision the defense argues that this will not hold up in a court of appeal they think that they will be exempt and that the the conviction will be overturned however this is a landmark moment because this is the 1st time that a big pharmaceutical company has been found at trial to be responsible for the opioid epidemic killam up and rates of opioid addiction have increased dramatically in the u.s. over the past 2 decades culminating in a nationwide epidemic in the late 1990 s. prescriptions for painkillers were made readily available as pharmaceutical companies assured doctors that their patients would not become addicted but it quickly became clear that many people were becoming dependent with deaths from
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opioid overdoses reaching a record high of 4202016 the following year the government declared a public health emergency well currently an estimated 130 americans die every day as a result of opioid medicine abuse. the health crisis is also placing a huge strain on the u.s. economy reportedly encouraging higher rates of her in use addiction specialist told us that both the pharmaceutical industry undoctored have failed in their duties to customers and patients. well doctors certainly there are some responsibility for the opioid epidemic but i think to really understand how this happened in the united states it's necessary to realize that a whole generation of physicians was educated to believe that opioids are not addictive as long as you're giving them to a patient in pain and this was
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a message that was eagerly adopted by produced by johnson and johnson by chance and by t.v. or by many other opiate manufacturers why because it helped their bottom line to sell more opioids so certainly doctors have to be reeducated as they are now they have to withhold opioids they have to stop prescribing opioids for ankle sprains for chronic pain conditions we would not want the pendulum to swing in the opposite direction and for people who really need opioids not to be able to get them so finding some kind of middle ground is going to be essential. living on the u.n. is calling for mark simone restraint between israel and its adversaries figures of a new conflict in the middle east grow the police comes after israeli forces carried out in a strike against a really intrudes in syria on saturday in what it said was an effort to thwart a plan through an attack lebanon and iraq also accused israel of conducting aerial
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attacks against shiite militia groups on their territory over the weekend. continued instability in the middle east and the alleged culprit is not the west's usual fall boy the israeli strikes were similar to a declaration of war and our country has a right to defend itself a series of attacks syria lebanon and iraq and people are pointing the finger at israel. at least they owned up to that last attack and usually accusations that israel's attacked another sovereign nation are met with silence from tel aviv but this time benjamin netanyahu justified the attack claiming iran was targeting his country
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with explosive drones according to him the situation was kill or be killed but it's good we'll go if someone rises to kill you rise up and kill him 1st in a complicated operation by our security forces we determine that iran's quds force dispatched a special unit of militants into syria to kill israelis on the golan heights with explosive drums i would like to emphasize that this was a mission if the wrong under the command of iran at the behest of iran. netanyahu often harps on about the supposed dangers of iran but when it comes to the facts the islamic republic is often on the receiving end of military violence about a year ago israel struck nearly all of iran's military structures inside syria it was the country's biggest assault since the beginning of the civil war back then netanyahu played the very same preemptive strike card whenever he wants we will hit back sevenfold whoever prepares to strike at us we will act to strike at them
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beforehand this is what we have done and this is what we will continue to do the never ending demonize ation of iran might have made israel its share of enemies in the middle east but in the west it's reeled in some powerful allies this is 40 years 40 years of malign behavior so whether it was seizing a british tanker that was in international waters or shooting down an american u.a.b. that was also in international airspace for assassination campaigns in europe were trying to kill an ambassador here in the united states has this long history of blind behavior iran had its tankers detained its airspace violated by drones its military installations outright bombed all by the us and israel what other aggressive provocations does iran have up its sleeve we've got assessment of the situation from iranian under israeli analysts iran is trying to envelope israel from all of this through his ball which is affectively iran through syria through
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iraq and even through gaza it's like a big octopus sending its arms in order to strangle israel the problem you have israel is like this oil out of the world. and because no one no one calls it to account it's allowed to get away with essentially minute. it's talking to and hit 3 separate sovereign countries in the past few days israel has no issue with iran if iran would focus in word on its own people and stop trying to destroy israel as it explicitly says it'll do and if i meant to tear around the world we would have no issue with iran however iran has decided to attack israel to build forces and to strangle israel but we're not going to wait with defense systems you don't win by playing defense you have to preempt and that's what we will do i see
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no one questioning why israel is doing something white israel is provoking this situation at the end of the day israel needs to understand that iran has said this time and time again that look you're playing with fire you don't do this don't be silly behave yourself iran has been a real interest in stopping the war and iran will not stop people i telephone when i said it categorically. what iran will do its if it is attacked or its allies within the resistance axis are directly attacked they will retaliate and rightly so because in this case the aggressive the one who's instigating problems who's lying and making up fairy stories because it's control and influence within the mainstream media is israel and everyone knows israelis are ropes that it's a country that is close to $400.00 nuclear weapons talking to multiple countries and yet no n.p.t. and no questioning no no discussion about to get iran which has a nuclear program energy program it constantly gets accused of making nuclear
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weapons and all this stuff which is slightly from the supreme leader's own discrete to schools is forbidden the news keeps rolling here in r.t. and 90 seconds on. seemed wrong. wrong just don't call. me. to say proud just being educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected
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. so when you want to be president injury. or something want to. have to go right to be cross that's what before 3 of them can't be good. interested always in the water. hello again feet french presidents among you will mccrone has hailed in his words an extremely productive g. 7 summit after 3 days of talks wrapped up on monday and be a read but despite the group of attending world leaders voicing optimism for the future of this year's meeting which is very few concrete commitments here's our senior correspondent steve. it was nice nice stuff the weather was
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decent lots of people nice people good conversation and good stuff guys wouldn't you. first of all i would like to thank president trump and all the. heads of state and government present his extremely productive work and very productive discussions we've had since saturday evening together i want to thank you very much mr president for the credible job you did this is a truly successful ju 7 there was tremendous unity it was great unity as i said nice not exactly wonderful or amazing but yeah pretty nice i mean could have been better they could have agreed on something significant the cheveley little more argued the little less and the fee there was a lot of nervousness at the outset a lot of expectation a lot of tension and we had
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a lot of conflict just look at the bright side there's always next year to get something done it's not nice to be fair there was a lot of stuff on the agenda in the trade war with china the brazilian president's rudeness breck's of shenanigans whether to invite the largest country in the world with iran for the millionth time. we all know what trump thinks about iran much as a bit of a cold war between the 2 most of the rest of the world actually wants to go back to the nuclear agreement trump ripped up what a conundrum huh so macron invites the foreign minister of iran hoping to break the ice and surprisingly things became a little all could also unsurprisingly trumpet would heed his own tide before admitting it it was coming in and i respected the fact that it was coming in he met
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with president mcbroom in iran is a very difficult situation. in the position not a very good position from the standpoint of economics and that's ok because we concluded a very quickly even said he's open to meeting iran's president when the time is right perhaps after another few rounds of sanctions once they find something in iran they haven't sanctioned yet speaking of sanctions that trade war is still raging. one man's sanctions are another man's tariffs and the united states likes both so much so trump says he regretted not imposing more tariffs on chinese made goods because as trump making companies and consumers the average american pay more for ordinary stuff is great for everyone which didn't go down well with the rest of the summit squad just to
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think. of of you treating. to be honest it wasn't trump's greatest performance there they were having a nice dinner all in cincy is smiles and forced laughs and use and brings up the boogie man. trying joining your michel in star red chuen a stew prepared mommy tackled style while trump talks about inviting russia back apparently he wouldn't shut up about it i think if you're working. with a number of people who would like to see russia back i think it would be in that it would be advantageous to. many things in the world or das it's worse some of those present agreed why on earth would you want to invite
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a country that's a key player in almost every major global issue. well it would make sense but not off the crimea g. 7 is for friends and friends pretend to be there for each other everyone knows that and putin it seems has better things to do with. a little g 8 doesn't exist anymore how can i return to an organization which doesn't exist today it's the g 7 regarding a potential format with 8 member states we never reject any proposals some time ago it was russia's turn to hold a g. 8 meeting but our partners didn't come up short there are other international organizations which play a significant role in international affairs take the g 20. all in all as i said nice great as g 7080 total catastrophe but this year trump
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even side in this single page unlike last year when he simply stormed out. that removed wasn't nice. switching gears now going on a world tour can sometimes be a lonely business so while the russian traveler decided to take a bit of his beloved home with him his very own russia manufactured plastic ball which in russian means a loaf of bread and it's seen quite a slice of the globe so far. i've decided to do something extraordinary to make the journey in a typical russian bend the russian behind kevin to be precise.
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one african man who saw ru a.z. cried and explained to us that he took part in a war in this van as a driver he said in the end that thanks to bands like this one we won the war. our trip is not finished yet we want to cross every time zone that's why would have a route from light of all stock to moscow for the moment with 80000 kilometers i think we will have done 95 by the time we're finished. water adventure well all the latest news and views can be fined 247 on our new south available for download state coast for more great program starting here in the.
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county. or if only i knew she needed to hear that yeah. you could
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feel that he had to keep. going i need to move. the ball. around them or 14th 2006 i was substituting for a 5th grade class all of sudden it's kids come bursting in a library really agitated one of the boys to the health and on the way he collapsed the next morning syngenta was denied denied not we were not spraying anything but the teachers had actually gone out and taken pictures when all this chaos was going on the school and students were being and they were spraying right in the feels right adjacent to. a follow up study was done on that $32.00 page study the last 4 pages are the chemicals that they have found. we have shown
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an association between organophosphates exposure as measured by those metabolites in the mother's urine during pregnancy and shorten just station abnormal neonatal reflexes decreased mental development in the children at 2 years of age decreased i.q. at age 7 and 10 years of age pervasive developmental disorder which is like or to some symptoms. attention problems in schooling poor executive functioning in pre-adolescent and we have also shown that there are some populations of people that might be more affected than others i have virtue of their genetics. protecting our kids from chemicals is a common sense thing that everybody can get behind leave points to examples in recent years of students getting sick from pesticides used by farmers near schools
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this is really great and several incidents in 2008 in why man koichi where dozens of students got sick after a pesticide was applied on a nearby seed corn plot we've seen example after example where we've had to rush children from a public school to an e.r. like the ones i work in across the state for severe area long problems we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that a chemical company workers themselves be geared up and suited up what happened with why i'm a middle school was particularly egregious the state of hawaii department of agriculture does not do its job with respect to investigating complaints about pesticide drift and for years this is been the case it doesn't monitor the air it doesn't monitor the water it doesn't monitor the soil to make sure that pesticides are not leaving
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the fields and going into work.


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