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and i've. never seen any contact with. any crewman back to where they were back here again 15 feet apart at this point. is gone even. a constitutional outrage the british prime minister suspends parliament until mid october and what critics say is an attempt to force through a no deal breck's it. also in the headlines this morning italy looks for a new coalition government as an attempt to seize power by the country's anti migrant interior minister backfires. developmental activists protest nestle's plans to draw over 3 and a half 1000000 liters of water each and every day from florida's santa fe river saying it would threaten its health and biodiversity.
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good morning live from russia this thursday warning of what she thought international will be kevin owen who is the latest 30 minute world news running just past 9 in the morning and so 1st the protests have broken out in cities across the u.k. after the country's prime minister boris johnson shut down parliament until the 14th of october that's going to mean lawmakers reconvene just 17 days before the brics it deadline and would have little time or practically no time to vent no deal departure from the e.u. with the latest this morning r.t. saskia taylor for you. boris johnson is being well boris he's being bold as brass and he wants breakfast come what may rather. what you do when parliament won't play ball you suspend it he needed her majesty's permission to do that which he thought we don't get a week into october the 31st before getting on with our plans to take this country
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forward we are going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it on october the 14th and we've got to move ahead with a new program but why don't the lawmakers a quick refresher if you've been avoiding the news because you just can't take the b. word anymore for a number 1010 and to resume a husqvarna getting away from it all hiking in the swiss alps spent 3 years trying to deliver correct said after the referendum something we are definitely clear on bricks it means bricks it bricks it needs frex it wrecks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it but parliament had other ideas perpetually shouting had out even what have her key points had her reaching for her water then she found that brussels wasn't very happy about how to bit adhere to old blighty and wouldn't budge on key points like the irish backstop to maintain a seamless border on the emerald isle they managed to thrash out
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a deal though and may tried 3 times to push it through parliament no luck so she shared a tear and left i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. and to boris johnson ardent breaks a tear and leave comes figurehead johnson promised to take the u.k. out of the european union by how do we deal oh no deal and that's really riled. boris johnson's attempt to suspend parliament to avoid scrutiny of his plans for reckless no deal breaks it is an outrage and a threat to our democracy. the program polman by boris johnson for 5 weeks 65 days before breaks a deadline reminds me of a child putting their fingers in their ears shaking their head saying lola not listening not listening not listening not listening the age of the politician is
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over we just need people who get things done it's why america has trump it's why we have porous brigs it is going to happen so spurned in parliament smacks of dictatorship the country must be asked for his view and brock's it so where are we now well just 2 months from b. day and with parliament due to be suspended before it's even got going and p.s. will only have 2 weeks to try to block a no deal brett said everyone's crying foul saying it's a constitutional crisis others though have just had enough he's gone on for so long now we just need to get on with it because it's just causing more trouble whole process is discussed in. parliament has been bypassed that is. not democratic it's a catastrophe so anybody who tried to bring it in would be called to disaster anyway we should care what the people voted for i think it's still a constitutional outrage he wants to think he's in you know winston churchill. yes
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yes yes self-important little man will blame any problems on others and he will be patted on the back for delivering bricks and win an election that's what he says over and boris johnson should do everything he can economy to get back to work if you can't get it through then he's out although where is cynics point out that what's really on democratic ah m.p.'s in westminster spending 3 years and piles of taxpayers' money by dithering over delaying breck said ok perhaps it was a little rogue to disrupt the queen's summer holiday in scotland and maybe suspending parliament was quite drastic for what's supposed to be a parliamentary democracy that's apparently taking. control but then this is boris johnson who's never been one for a convention and it has been 3 years already just about every other new explored every negotiation tactic used every amendment consider it so maybe just maybe it's
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going to get his way and bulldoze britain away from brussels. r.t. london british political commentator john gaunt told us he believes the paralysis over bricks it forced boris johnson to take the radical step of suspending parliament i think you are left with no choice i think he sidestepped around the according now has given him permission suspend parliament and they keep talking about 4 weeks exactly for number one through the course of a 1000000 people marched on a petition 17400000 people democratically voted in the largest democratic exercise this country's ever known to leave so let's put the petition to one side yes i believe boris johnson was delivered whether it be the 4 bucks or the greg seems like me want. to know terms i don't know but it certainly looks as if there are trees amazed dead in the water and boris johnson is for once as a politician trying to deliver what he promised i think we should be saluting the.
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morning it looks set for a new government 1st day after the ruling 5 star movement struck a last minute deal with the democratic party to prevent fresh elections 2 weeks ago the country's anti migrant interior ministry withdrew from the coalition hoping to trigger a vote in the seize power or at no material sylvania strongly condemned the agreement describing it as undemocratic. the real truth is that 60000000 italians are being held hostage by the 100 m.p.'s that are afraid of losing. this is the real truth there are just 100 m.p.'s clinging to their seats you can call that a democracy but then don't be surprised if people say why do i need to vote. more political turmoil there is nothing new there is it going to from. this one morning to you know what's this deal going to mean for italian politics is coming here we go again. well italian politics can be
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a bit of a minefield just some of described this latest crisis is being the worst that the country has seen in recent years and what we've seen though from this crisis is one of the most unlikely partnerships to come out of it once bitter enemies they will now walk hand in hand together to form the next italian government that the democratic party and 5 star movement. we're told the president we have reached a deal with the democratic party that would allow her to be the next premier and try to form a long lasting government. but we have expressed to the president of the republic how much support for the attempt to create a new government with a new political majority. so how do these 2 parties differ well let's have a look at the democratic party this is a pro european party this is
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a party or perhaps big business wants to invest in large infrastructure projects to try and. the government only other side of the coin is the 5 star movement these are the anti establishment. support and they still go back. for opinions on their policies and they're also the party who recently oppose. high speed rail link between italy and france one of the reasons he said he pulled the plug on my government so why have these 2 parties joined forces with as i said material the need the head of the the former coalition partners a 5 star movement recently pulled the plug on the government after a year to 14 months of that being formed many people say was because he was void by the fact that his party the league was just doing so well in the polls jumping to
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some 3839 percent in terms of support and at the same time his coalition partners who once had been the major partnership in that coalition was seeing their polls diminish the support diminished so vinnie said i'm going to pull down the government i want me snap elections and he was hoping perhaps to head a new government on his own with the polls however it was a big political gamble and it didn't seem to be paying off so much so actually offered an olive branch to 5 star movement and said hey perhaps we could do this again but to my and 5 star rejected that now. says he has no regrets says that the voters one day will get their chance to have their say on what he described as being a government loses. millions of italians are probably wondering why vote if those who are kicked out by elections really
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enter via a back door just for political gain. well the crisis really is fall from over the government will have to now negotiate quite a tricky budget that will have to be within the rules of brussels this high debt that this puts too much 0 growth in italy and of course the country is dealing with this. on going my good influx so how is this new government going to navigate those tricky waters well the 1st order. of call was to install just set the conti as the new prime minister here of course you may remember had been the prime minister over the last year or so he was the one that donald trump said the g 7 in pierrots just last weekend he's the one i want to lead italy so will a man pretty much anointed by donald trump at that summit be the person who can hold these 2 parties together to be the glue between these 2 parties or is he going
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to be pulled in 2 separate directions by 2 very different ideologies and i tell you sell vignette hope for a snap election that doesn't look like it's going to happen right now but there is still a chance that this new partnership between the democratic party between 5 star movement could come unstuck and italians could still be heading towards the polls before those scheduled elections in 2023 and you're never a dull moment little egos the target is that china dubinsky the parents the small in red rather the update their. environmental activism reacted with anger after the merge that nestle is seeking permission to extract millions of liters of water a day from natural springs in florida's santa fe river it's part of a push by the food and beverage company to increases bottled water production and this river runs through the north of the state and it is rich in biodiversity among the animal species that live there for instance 15 breeds and turtles its
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ecosystems are already considered to be at risk because of years of overpumping we are the keeper john quarterman what he thinks of nestle's latest plan. many of us are sitting comments to this money river water management district which is the agency that can approve or deny this permit. and the district so under water management district says they have noticed all these comments the district has even decided last i saw that the application was incomplete and if nestle wants this they'll have to resubmit at some point yet since you need to let people who are actually it looks. as if i don't want to see the real us low i can't argue what or politics but i can say without naming any names that we need people who elected office. indigenous communities in canada there are votes been complaining about nestle's activity saying they've been losing access to their
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clean water they've launched a petition calling on their government to stop permitting the exploitation of local rivers can say we asked nicely for some comment then got back to us yet however the company has always maintained that it had he is to all relevant regulatory standards and seeks to ensure quote the protection of preservation of the rivers he draws water from junk order but again that doesn't agree with that. i think that senator the river already has problems but too little water last thing it is nestle drawing more water out and selling it back to us and plastic bottles that people will then have to clean up on the rivers and in springs and have it right near this nestle bottle of water. water now. our springs really hard to read but it serves on their reduced rate madison county that's on the with the coach the river which is in our basin they paid if i recall
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correctly the grandson of the 120 $8.00 a few decades ago that's all that. they get a huge amount of water and good in bottles like this which people are already on the river so in addition to that pollution it's also causing the oxer local to go right now just because we need that water or drinking for agriculture or industry we don't really need it to be making profit you or the swiss company for something that nobody actually needs. so this is all it's international the global broadcasting from russia morning 915 moscow time now ahead this story a number of us democratic parties leading lights of being accused of hypocrisy off to criticizing donald trump's record on that stricken puerto rico just one of the stories for you right after this break.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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hi good morning the daily caller new site has revealed that a number of us democrat presidential hopefuls have been taking donations from hedge fund managers with a stake in puerto rico soaring debt that's despite the fact those very same candidates have been making repeated attacks on donald trump for failing to address the island territories desperate economic situation.
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puerto rico is just like the rest of the united states except it isn't and if their votes don't count in the final election why should presidential candidates care. to candidates 5 moderators 2 debates and only one mention of puerto rico in democratic debate that took place in florida home wolf want point to me when puerto rican and these are the progressive what comes to going after donald trump anything goes even
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the all but forgotten puerto rico democrats certainly did speak out when trying to snub puerto rico didn't sign a disaster relief bill at 1st. it's shameful the way we're treated puerto rico in the islands i'm not even sure people in the president's administration you poor 3 kinds are all citizens if we're talking about territories let's make sure the people of d.c. actually get senators let's make sure the people of puerto rico are actually treated like fellow u.s. citizens that they are and let's make sure that we have some handle on the financial future of this country very honorable of them but what is not honorable is cashing in on puerto rico's difficulties and. a hedge fund managers have been lending lots of money to puerto rico money the government cannot pay back and those very same hedge funds are now funding the democrats joe biden has gotten roughly $25000.00 from hedge funds like oak tree capital black rock and to comic capital
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and he's not alone a coalition of puerto rican activists is calling for the democrats to give that money back these hedge funds have pushed a program over him privatization in order to secure debt payments in that in many cases could not be paid by the puerto rican government the lives of countless puerto ricans have been destroyed as a result create a ricans will be denied a better future if hedge funds are allowed to continue to profit from austerity and privatisations on the island you can either stand with the people of puerto rico over the hedge funds that have harmed puerto rico you can't do both but so far only bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have returned their donations these democrats did not pay any attention to puerto rican issues it till they had an opportunity to criticize the president and isn't that ironic isn't that so hypocritical that it wasn't until they had an opportunity to find a criticism with president trump that they found puerto rico even an issue for them
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they should have been addressing this the entire time if this was important to them the only reason it's important now is because they found a way to criticize donald trump these hedge fund donations are the core of hypocritical the fact that these democrats can sit back take these donations where people are profiting off of the economic problems in puerto rico and met at the same time say that they're concerned about this country is one of the worst things that i have seen i think when these democrats accept donations they don't check and i think they check only when it's convenient for them and they want to look at donald trump's campaign donations but they don't want to look at themselves and they don't want to look at. the fact that they're taking donations off of the very thing that they say that they were aghast so far hedge funds making money off of puerto rico's debt crisis have donated roughly 230900 dollars to democrats who are
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running in the 2020 alexion imagine what that kind of money could do for the people of puerto rico caleb mopp and r.t. new york. ny says want to return to think the tech industry has been at the forefront of tomorrow's world and also leading the way in equality and diversity among stuff but it seems one european web developers conference in germany then get that memo despite promising a rich and diverse lineup it's canceled october's event after a number of delegates objected that no women speakers were taking part in this year's conference seems to have gone with the white males only conference lineup shame is 2019 we can do better there were numerous speakers with 2 sessions myself included workshop in the search but no women at all i'm not comfortable that it wasn't an easy decision to make because i do enjoy sharing my coding passion but having advocated for diversity at p.h.p. developer conferences for the last several years i have to follow my beliefs the
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diversity should be a cornerstone of the p.h.p. developer community diversity matters more to me than speaking. well as for the organizers they say that out of $250.00 applicants to speak of the conference only one was female critics though say well if that was the case organization or reached out more to women we asked our guests for their thoughts on it. the fact is that women are still half the population i think we're just marginally over the half and the people organizing it seem to be a group of men it was their duty. requirement to ensure that they had a wide range of people to speak about the issues that they wanted a debate when you want to be diverse you know on some occasions will be more willing speakers on some occasions we don't more bad speakers but it is also the also the child to say if you're going to have people in and effectively racially or sexually profiled i just say we're not interested what your speech is get
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a date we're not interested your level of talent we're not interested in the relevancy all were interesting is the color of your skin or your gender that is a joke the point is not about qualifications the point is about a culture which i'm sorry to say you seem to represent which is which is about accusing women of daring to be in your workplaces that would be a further comment if the women had applied local who got pushed out what it would apply there was basically no one did this now how old earth is that the fault of men it's very unlikely in the real world. that somebody would just not want somebody to speak on the grounds of their gender i don't think that's very realistic i don't think that's something that's really going to happen i don't just don't think it's it's factually accurate it does happen i'm sorry to say i don't i'm sorry to say it does happen i'm glad to say it's not absolutely widespread but
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you may be in your little. haven in which everything is right and rosy but for lots of women the lots of ways in which women are excluded however competent they are i'm sorry that still happening i wish it wasn't but unless it's get spoken about i don't think much will change. about 4 this is up to 25 past the hour follow up on facebook and twitter most of this thursday morning it's covered on some things watching this program. the other 7 show on air in your part of the world after this break.
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seemed wrong but. just don't all. get to shape out. educate and gain equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. choose to look for common ground. to get up off the ground after began to. hurt them face on the sounds of an mit grown man mislead essentially. twisted away from the officer. of his group. the obviously did a kind of lunge for the web in one smith's and then when it happened on she swung at constitutions didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the 2 any kind went
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back to where they were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer saw his gun and he bids on 3. we are in a depression in america populations all over america there's poverty and more than half the population lives at or below the poverty line so that already is a bit of a ghost a pressure going on which has developed into a full blown depression because neither of policies work from the central bank so maybe the problem is the subtle.
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welcome to the alex salmond show where we anticipate the return of the house of commons from the summer basis that promises to be far except plain to cross the green bay trees since a new prime minister estimates of the chances are they know what he will breaks it have moved from in 1000000 to 1 june that he said 20 leadership election to touch a go at the g. 7 summit of last weekend's. in the shadow of the palace of westminster alex turns to 2 of the u.k.'s most respected political commentators to forecast the moves and countermoves of the back to cheers and the remainders as the battle is joined for the final titanic struggle in the blue corner we have peter oborne nobody knows more than this man about the mass of nations of the conservative party we live i don't need to remind you or mr richards in a representative democracy parliamentary democracy mr johnson is currently proposing to abolish that i would also trying to steve richards who estimate the
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chances of the importance of a hard break that finally mobilizing the parliamentary majority and knocking king boris off his throne there has been considerable focus over what the various opponents of no deal disagree about and there are many things they disagree about but they agree by definition that they want to stop no deal but 1st your messages tweets and e-mails in relation to i sure last week on the politics of protest. so tired last says inhalation to a deficit interview for my aberdeen my friend well done to her for getting the message out there the dream shall never die dave says glad to see cave and not scared from independence live i'm the guy getting some well deserved recognition for all their hard work day and day out dedication to the cause my angel says the time and energy to protest are luxuries that often only the wealthy or those with nothing left to lose can afford dean says into camp the people's vigil to scottish
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independence a great demonstration the longest consecutive days and nights demo for scotland's independence just a reminder from dean about their work to see this is i'm afraid that the focus on the number of marchers stages on the program are the ones quoted by all under one banner the march organizers please be aware that video evidence is out there disproving those over inflated figures 12789 counted marching in edinburgh not 100000 called in the plight i was in the crowd to edge and right he says and also many of these marches and i can definitely confirm with utmost confidence that the fed this edges are well above 100 and finally lynn says thanks alex it's about time we got some coverage now that it's never been a more anticipated problem and she session where anything and everything is being speculated upon from boots of confidence to cross party problematic use against the government to government coups against the parliament to the thought that mr speaker bercow him.


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