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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  August 30, 2019 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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to say that the middle age was age. was exactly the opposite it was a. period . and there was a change of the east. changed. today with the u.k. . and the leadership of a country that. but it's interesting let me focus on this idea. because many historians. believe. it was. more. for. what i hear you saying is that.
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there was a need that. you are essentially driven by the. question is that. has been. the 1st issue that has been. the need to come back to come back. to the. bank in the public space of the debate. was a positive. change and this. has been. taken. exactly what and where i want to take this
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conversation forward because many critics of the e.u. have absolutely no issue with europe's past they recognize the enormous success of the european union. conciliation and peace are its greatest achievements most of the people agree with that they take issue with the ability of the e.u. as a system as a mechanism to move forward to be as efficient as it has to be in present times can you really do the reunion without changing the way the decisions are made. be done . deal and exactly what happens. in these middle age with these 2 elements of innovation. element of innovation because the good the good and creation of the. technology should have been closed in a close region the region of. the society that i believe
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this time was a medicine. for the new world order mystery or you know that it happened many times in history that something that once was a blessing suddenly becomes a curse everybody agrees that it's certain point of time the consensus model that the e.u. has served it well but now it takes china less time to set up a whole industry and for the european union to come up with a coherent policy don't you think that this mechanism of making decisions by consensus in this day and age when everything changes by the minute is a bit outdated to say the least. but if you compete with china if you if it takes you years just to come up with a policy. that democracy is a very critical system. to find. a. conclusion in the seizure killing millions of people this has been the lesson
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that you have because there's been a very difficult is going to also be pretty agile in making decisions they don't have to be a drag on society. you know the people. better to secure from the mental freedom to decide but. to decide to do. what has been promised by the. simple not possible and they know just the very beginning. to. a crucial democratic debate and they achieve nothing because they were. even to do. with the european union especially when it comes to technology and regulation of innovation i are saying the europeans have essentially a choice between either having a democracy or have. a logical society. i
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think that this is a very good question and this is the main challenge of today because the main driver of the. 2 days. and is challenging. is the. reduction in the medium term of the workforce and the 2nd is what is called the human income. they will lucian there could be a summer following that perhaps tomorrow some will be delegated if. we became the executor and then it is much more pretty late in the west that we have to find a new way to maintain the human in command of this technology in. your presidency specified 3 priorities sustainable development peace and culture and all of them strike me as something that europe does better than others it's good at sustainable development better than many other parts of the world it's good that culture is the
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peace if you want to if there. is a moving forward why do you focus on things that you. focus on something that its troubles. i think that the idea to look to the. is 1st of all i don't see that today europe is the one that is. better because for example china has not been a forefront of these ideas sustainability they were not to the situation of climate in beijing just to mention one but today they understood it is the future and they have been investing a lot in this so europe has been the inventor of this concept of being the main event. that has been approved by the. banning goes to the plastic single use the can create. they created enormous business in producing you knew these other country have understood that these called cities working.
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but there's agenda of change. for finance for enterprise for me. how's that going to drive it because one of the reasons why china is such a leader in all those areas that you mention is because it has streamlined decision making europe again cannot compete with. i keep going to the same question can you deliver that win win without changing the way the decisions are made in the european union and the way they're implemented i think that. we can. see to some longer but the mechanism and when we've seen that we can bypass in europe. judge because also someone a stall to the center moment it was the night of the. market in china with the
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change the system of china and finally we discover the market economy that is winning the world is another called very efficient as well in the raising standards for its people lifting millions out of poverty. in europe we never work and also in some part of the of the west europe when they were because of. the prize the individual looked to the collectivity in their work in chinese working from 1000 is a concept that seems the foundation of china but. is there any middle ground i mean we are talking not a major infringements on human rights or putting people into concentration. camps we are simply talking about streamlining policy on technical issues. with china is not going to sit around and. look for example to the agreement to
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worldwide today you are. of trade agreement to right the united states. members they negotiate to. be to delegate to negotiate to today you are. in front of. the want to negotiate with the european union and the single county example the 2nd example europe has been a. unique case in the story. and the. security to these used by many and even the chinese. just. example of enormous success. example for you because just a few days ago your own country signed
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a memorandum of understanding with china to become an official. at the time. even agreed formally on its new policy. looks like your own country doesn't have much patience. clearly. someone can criticize this. is very difficult. that does not being counseled between a european. national. playing is no different from the case of. the the big. to china is a by law to make. because there is definitely concern within the e.u. circles that. is striking out on its own here because it's. not the 1st country
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to sign that agreement but it's the largest one of the most important within the e.u. community. this is a challenge. that the. government is open to. these. laws. and laws. and the european going to china. there was these delegations if i didn't it was china camming to europe. and we have to remember there was a lot of debate. at the time. but i mean that can be accused to be an anti utopian as you would know for sure that the play they continued to play when there was in the past does is to open an agreement. does he to cheney's i seem to test to be managed and understood you know european framework and sound. have to be
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criticised. for my government has done because i'm not so being put into the bed with the parliament that is not open to document such a debate and debate but in any case in the agreement the. deal framework with. the relation with china is very open these that he is that he also is an ongoing debate. that we have to find a way to cooperate with china. we have to take. you know world of big. and conspiracies it's time. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell. we need to
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be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. she stressed to. this or that the british presence at the bill of bullshit out that it will cost her. job was to you she's a statistic it is easy. to which you don't know what you read in the us to get your current limit or to share. what you thought of the source of your might your bonus for c.b.s.
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leave. it to mr ellsworth supporters are still a little spittle there is this interview for you bill to take it's a studio actually a. person a person or group of people or should. just let them speak. don't come back to worlds apart with lookers where you're at the president of the european economy and social committee mr i heard you say that those who are opposed to the european project often do that without offering anything concrete and yet if we look at the euro skeptics in your own country italy they seem to be very raza loued about what they want the what they don't want they put. the supremacy
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on the national legislation they want to strengthen the tally and culture the italian national identity they don't want more immigration or more isn't that concrete enough i would look at the days also flew to them for the us saying that they eat to live without being part european union and that passed through the 2 measure cries this economic and financial one of the last at the other one the was when they were. the big financial speculation looked like in 92 again. and they gave the pounce and the list of why exactly thanks to you if there was as you are this time that we doubt belonging to a perspective to go even more unification of more buy in the glacial to monetary italy will stand that that's also a matter of debate because there are some who would tell you the. italian gains of membership have been much smaller than among other member states because if i'm not mistaken the average g.d.p.
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growth in italy since 2001 was only a quarter of one percent compared to the 1.7 e.u. average can you really blame the italians for trying to look at the alternatives for example called trading with china. i think that when you speak about. to make from the mental distinction the. fundamental argument for. relations on talking about the current government who has the support and the monday from the population i mean. it depends how you were to theo and the demand of people proposal. as of course diligent because they were voted in the other were the opposition. as in many european because there is there is a big transition as i was telling there is a problem of the media classify lost. so that he is. blaming it on globalization
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isn't that also part of the problem isn't the e.u. the wage structure the way it's guided their way defines its priorities isn't that also part of the conversation. for the rise. across europe. to take. people off neoliberal economic perspective have been in power for quite some time everyone has to take responsibility in this very challenging time and of course there is a demand in our society due to the be good the normal that we are leaving and the fact that the gist of the deepest economic and financial crisis yes we. are going much more coming back on the show at least 6 in the. but we came out that we dealt a measure of these 2 options in any case when he was saying that the many of them only say no and. the magic example and the message
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they can buy all the property the so for example. they say no for 3 they do not succeed. and you see that from one e r. or the. police and the. right wing parties are still despite. in power in italy in hungary in austria in poland there. in france it is expected that there are going to consolidate their presence in. the may elections. what is it in the policies of the. driving the support. i am asking you to be critical. because you are ultimately in charge of.
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analyzing those trends and you have to take a. not only people also people you associate yourself with. the question that was very clear a few years ago. keep keeping. all these not simply. for. the speeches they see that the finally. is not working is not even supported. by the voters and this is mainly important describing that they have. to make. the. most of the raising so much.
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as not being to work out. so the bin imagine you stay because it. has been in the deepest prizes for you because most of the quest is the important part by europe's own decision joint forces of the united states. been a decision taken. together. and the consequences will be a member is that fair when you are not partaking. partaking in the decision but yet you all have to suffer the consequences is it fair.
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that's not a question of. opening such as this year. and the clear strategy to build up. any mandate from the international law. and international law. to prevent this. is not been the case in the last 25 with many of the. great many to be very resigned to international conflicts. saying that we need. to invest very clearly together. as a key to prevent the peace and also to. measure. the
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. ready national. that they're making the 3 skip let me since our time is running out i still want to ask a question about value because the european union has long position. al hughes based on to about a decade ago many central asian countries for example kazakhstan uzbekistan even russia to some extent wanted to deal. with the european union but they were told that you know we care a lot about values you have to build their democracies 1st then the economic cooperation will depend they all turn to china helping china rise helping themselves certainly do you think it was a smart decision putting values of economic opportunities because china clearly have seized on those economic opportunities something some would say at the expense of the european union. the one cannot cannot
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leave that is exactly what. the europe was accused. conditionality to the aid that europe has looked at because of the economic cooperation we to. say there is no countries being cut off the investment of the. first european union members that most of them. has not been a mistake because they need more money we don't conditionality they look china as an opportunity but today. the media along. not. but they want to build up a new hat of corporation would you open the your puter will be savvy enough to understand that these new challenge to build up a new. i seem to some mistake to be very honest has been done in a certain point not only for the economic issue and values but for the
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international geopolitics that has come back a very strong international space between europe and russia not only with the euro with europe and. europe and the united states. in this case is much more the responsibility of united states i think if i can say they'd been leader she would decide. that europe is becoming the worst set in before you know the states. can't ask you one more question about values because it's very interesting to me you've been very supportive of president micron's call to build a new european raney. would say that you have to kind of put your own house in order before embarking on such grandiose plans when it comes to values what do you make off handling of the discontent was it in keeping with the value.
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in the middle class from my point of view big mistake of managing a measured decision about the taxation i'm specifically asking about street action because when you have people that are breaking out destroying everything on the other hand also have the use of explosive grenades and. mains and kills people we are not seeing that even in authoritarian societies these. are not seen in the. at least 10 fatalities and several 1000 injured. and people losing eyes people losing their limbs. you know. but they've got to defend that it's fake news i mean.
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those protestors have been have a hand that they can defend. such a violent explosion. that they are very proud of the police as many. as not been the case. 20 years ago where the south thing is up and i want to just exactly do to praise the italian police force i'm asking about the french police force because it's a very important question when you're debating values whenever something some street action happens in other countries authoritarian countries. there's always a very harsh criticism on any use of the police but here we are not hearing that forthright. as we have different sorts of information. not. because. of course there are also people who enjoy them. but they're not so you're not a little concerned about how.
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that is. as we had in the past for example you need or ready at the european level. decision that we had over the rules and not the least but i think. that we have to say that. that it should be overweight aided to prevent. the security forces to work a little more difficult. some lesson from the. value. there it's been a pleasure talking to you thank you very. well what i encourage our viewers to keep this conversation going on our social media pray and hope to see you again same place same time here on worlds apart.
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from. officer. joe had to get up off the ground sir began to hear him down. on the sounds of an mit grown man mislead essentially. john. twisted away from the officer. of his group. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on 3 swung as i didn't hit him i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here there again 15 feet apart at
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this point and that's when the officer is gonna need to turn 3. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand the news business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answer. questions.
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the headlines in our take an exchange of prisoners between moscow and kiev reportedly has got underway just a few hours ago. declassified documents reveal that 20 years ago the u.s. knew indians you would use terror to try and stop east timor from becoming independent but failed to act and a frenchman is to the pale of court decision that overturns a pesticide ban in his town week using the french government of double standards we are slow calls because they think. i think the government isn't doing its job they're the 1st to see that there should be no pesticides that they do nothing we breed the in the past the site.


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