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tv   Politicking  RT  August 30, 2019 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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the ability to determine whether or not they can pay their rent but also just access to the news in the 1st place at this point whether you're on the left or the right or wherever you pretty much have to use these platforms and that's not necessarily best for american journalism but he also identifies large corporations and wealthy individuals who are buying up media outlets around the country owning more and more. you know they've changed the rules in terms of how many different outlets you can own in a particular area and all of this is happening at the same time that more and more communities are losing their small newspapers or more independent local news as well something like 1400 communities in the past 2 years of lost a newspaper thousands of journalists have lost tens of thousands in the past couple of decades some like 3800 journalists lost their jobs in the last year and you can't lose 3800 journalists without losing something else something probably important to democracy and so i'm glad that he has a solution that he has set of solutions and also i think it's savvy because you know whether you're a natural bernie sanders supporter or a hard core maga head you have issues with the media and you should have issues
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with the media because the media has a lot of issues so let's get into some of the details i was really surprised to hear you just say that you're actually in favor of breaking up these big companies i assume you're talking about facebook google i'm talking about big tech generally ok roles so much of the flow of information and i think they're playing unfairly they want to have their cake and eat it too we've seen this senator cruz has brought this up a lot the distinction between being a tech platform and a publisher of content which curates the content won't let certain people publish certain things and there are certain legal protections if you're only going to be a tech platform and you're there certain liabilities if you're to be a publisher like any of us big tech wants to have their cake and eat it too they should not be allowed to do that they are gaming the system and we need to stop that so how do we stop it if we're not going to appoint some sort of law enforcement or independent agency to break them up who breaks them up will that work we couldn't force the law we couldn't force the communications decency act we could and we can look into it obviously some other conservatives and left wingers have brought up the. of looking to them as
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a monopoly i don't know the legal details of that but that's certainly worth looking into when it went of legal and facebook control 60 percent of the ad revenue share of all the media organizations that are delivering journalism i mean that's that's an insane amount i mean i think the to the layperson they know look facebook is the place where most people get their news right now in the country that's a monopoly of course and there's no there's no competition nobody is going to come up with the next you tube nobody's going to come up with the next facebook they've just solidified their role but the problem is what h.l. mencken identified which is that democracy is the theory that the people know what they want and they deserve to get it good and hard i agree i wish we had more local news i enjoy local newspapers but people don't want that they are tuned into national news national news has become entertainment this is a cause of the era of trump this is a symptom of the era of trump but it's the era that we're living in and so i don't think that some heavy handed federal program to try to resuscitate the dead local
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newspapers is going to work i don't by definition it wouldn't be local newspapers they would be funded at the federal level and i think they could pose more damage than they're trying to fix john do you agree with that well i mean one component of his plan would have allowed if it had been around for all those newspapers for instance of or and focus on that when they close down to give employees the possibility of banding together and purchasing it beforehand giving them sort of the 1st right to purchase before it's sold off to some billionaire who doesn't live anywhere near there i think that's an interesting idea ties into the larger theme of empowering workers just about a week or 2 ago he released his plan to strengthen unions and massively increase union membership across the country i think that that is going to be an increasing part of the democratic primary it's not talked about much yet but i think that a lot of his support both historically and currently is due to his support for workers even contrasts and with other progressives in the race like elizabeth warren but she doesn't stress workers' rights and support strikes so the extent that he does and so i. think that that's an important part of it and also all of
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what we're identifying in the media i think is huge problems i think that we are coming at it from the perspective of people who post content like they control our money they control whether like i like to play a game every day were employed on my videos and then decide which ones are going to be monetized and which are and that's always fun but from the point of view of people there's a lot of problems that the media that this can solve that we're not necessarily focusing on like gate keeping lack of ideological diversity the need to constantly maintain their access to politicians and that is a google problem to some extent but it's also a cable news problem so look to the extent that we can diversify the forms of media i think that that is going to have a lot of ripple effects that are explicitly laid out in bernie sanders plan but i think that he does acknowledge do you think that the government has the capacity anywhere to be able to break up these giants or implement some of these rules when so many of them are clearly far behind the curve of even understanding what the internet is i find the concept that google or facebook will be broken up almost
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impossible to imagine because they've been so adept at warding off or you know pairing almost any challenge to what they do they'll be brought in they'll do a little meeting mark zuckerberg will look like a robot and then nothing will actually change that's what happens every couple of years but there is a long history in america of both democrats and republicans getting behind breaking up corrosive monopolies i think ideologically there's inroads for all sides of the spectrum to get behind this i don't necessarily think it'll happen but i don't think it's the worst possible thing that could happen one of the things that bernie sanders mentions in that op ed is something like 4 and a half $1000000000.00 was it of pharmaceutical advertising that is going to the mainstream so-called liberal networks and so that's why they you know to bernie's mind they don't do coverage of medicare for all i mean do you agree that there is a kind of a corporate bias and i'm wondering for both of you guys why wouldn't a corporate bias if trump is the leader of the conservative party kind of the corporate. those who sing the praises of the free market and so forth why wouldn't
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these networks be more pro trump well i think you've identified the flaw in this argument i mean i don't think conservatives have any great love of corporate america let's not forget corporate america leads the culture to the left the people who are instituting a what we would call a leftist culture on issues of gender on issues of sex on issues of the popular culture is corporate america and you see it also the universal house so can you define what you mean by that because exxon mobil is certainly not moving the country to the left i don't think but i'd bet you they have gender neutral bathrooms and i bet you that virtually every workplace in corporate america forces you to go through gender identity sensitivity training which is really a sort of reeducation or indoctrination every corporation in america requires that employees which is a way to mold their thoughts according to whatever the politically correct fad is of the day that is not something that conservatives are particularly eager for we
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kind of want people to be able to think for themselves and not have their employers impose those thoughts on them the i do agree that the corporate media is a major problem that is why at least until big tech really clamped down on some of our other voices new media in the internet gave us and new platforms to get ideas that were being censored by the gate keepers of the mainstream media if those ideas are still not finding a platform i do wonder if there's just something of a market issue we'll look at one of my frustrations when i watch c.n.n. or m a c b c you pointed out that they have massive advertising from health care companies they also have tons of ads for b.p. and things like that literally products that you can't buy a regular person sitting at home watching t.v. sees an ad for some there's nothing you can't buy a barrel of oil they give that money on amazon no not on amazon i don't think so anyway i'm canceling my price maybe they don't want to competing services e bay they do that advertising to get in with the host and i'm not saying that they are writing memos and. directive from the top don't talk about single payer health
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care but i don't think they'd be giving the money and the support if they didn't believe that that was likely to continue i think that the biggest problem with bias is not a problem not a bias towards the left biased towards the right it's a bias towards keeping things the way they are economically in terms of the politicians that are in power they have access to those politicians they're doing quite well economically the system works for these cable companies and so the pro status meant pro corporate bias that is the big bias and it is every bit as bad for regular americans as being either hardcore biased towards the right or the left so what happens now we've got this tweet from donald trump where he's broken up with what i think you guys would call trump t.v. with fox news he's very upset with them they they had a representative of the democratic national committee on apparently and they didn't challenge this so-called allegations that were made so what happens now to to try
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and they are going to get their news a few points one i would highly encourage president trump and his base to tune into the michael no show on the daily wire a big fan of that but i actually will push back on the idea that fox is just trump t.v. i think there's actually something to trump's criticism which is that a lot of hosts at fox and a lot of the reporters at fox don't like trump at all i think that's perfectly fine even on the opinion programming you will regularly see really pro trump guy and a democrat who comes on who really hates trump whereas on the other cable news networks m s n b c and c n n you don't see a lot of pro trump voices the republicans that they bring on tend to be anti trump republicans were never trump republicans the critics of the president so i you see the point he's making and then guy benson who's an editor over at fox sent out the tweet and said well we don't work for you mr president so i'm glad that you don't think that we're only giving you flattering coverage where is he going to go i think trump is engaging in a little bit of the art of the deal here because if he wants to watch cable news there just aren't that many options for people who are center right all the way to
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conservative so i think he might be just trying to pressure them a little bit to give him better news coverage since they've moved in a more centrist direction don't want to give you a chance to respond to guys stay right there we're going to be right back with more politicking after the break. aeroflot russian and lights. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time
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for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. and. terror of russian and lights.
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post g 7 what is the lay of the land calls for unity and demonstrate the opposite also iran is again in the spotlight just what is trumps foreign policy in this volatile. seemed wrong. roll call. to get to shape out of disdain and become agitated and engagement because of the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. live.
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lead. the 4. legged. lead. live. live live. live . live. live. oh. please. live.
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live claim. and very well continue watching on since last. welcome back to politicking i'm matthew cook sitting in for larry king let's talk some politics now with my guests john had a role award winning host of the young turks and the damage report on t. y. t. and michael knowles host of the michael knowles show at the daily wire they are both with me in studio guys welcome back let's talk about this trump tweet he's breaking up with fox news what does this mean for his base i think that it's pretty transparent what he's trying to do he wants to support him more than they do and
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always more than they do there is no amount of support we may disagree about how much they do now but there will never be a point where he'll be like you guys have been good in fact you can relax a little bit that's never going to have a little harder on me i mean there are differences between programs shep smith is calls him out and all of that but i mean sean he talks about the phone before he goes to sleep every night and there's a revolving door between the white house and fox news personnel current and past the moving into politics a new quinnipiac university poll released wednesday and bad news for donald trump perhaps most significantly on his handling of the economy while 6 in 10 registered voters still regard the economy as excellent or good for the 1st time since june 2016 more americans say the economy is getting worse they say it's getting better. the reason i'm skeptical of these polls is not because i don't think president trump has vulnerabilities he does but it's because they think that totally nothing
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candidates are going to be done and there was a poll that came out a couple months ago said that cory booker head to head would be donald trump if there's one thing i know if there's only one thing i know for certain cory booker it's not going to be the president after 2020 that's the only thing you know that's that is not pretty much the only thing i'm willing to stake my obviously it's very early on at this point i think certain polls can be used to push people i am skeptical of even polling methodology is now because people don't have landline phones for instance they use cell phones a lot of people don't even answer the phone on cell phones and people are afraid in this culture to voice support for president because it's politically incorrect or we're simply not allowed to do it or their candidates who could beat him absolutely could the economy take a hit absolutely is it a dangerous game he's playing with this trade war on china you bet it is for his political life i think it's actually an important fight i think it's patriotic of him to do it but it could kill his chances in 2020 but am i worried about people who judge beating president trump at this point in time not so much john when you
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think about it and i will agree it's very early it's incredibly early it's been a big fat on twitter recently to show where we were at in the polling in the last like 6 presidential cycles and it didn't look anything like it ended up looking. if i were donald trump i would want to be above 50 percent obviously i would i saw the poll recently where his overall approval rating is going down all the battleground states i wouldn't want that to be true if i was donald trump but it's also a year and a half out who knows what's going to happening with the economy we could be in a war at that point it looks like we're moving in that direction and so it's just so early that who knows i think i'm coming from the side of i'm mostly paying attention what's happening inside the democratic party right now i want us to have the best candidate possible and i think that any concerns about current polls that show one candidate beating him by 6 another candidate beating him by 5 the idea that we should choose the 6 or. when the 5 without considering anything else seems absurd to me let's talk about the economy before we get into the democratic candidates what do you guys think a little analysis on where we're at are we looking at a downturn is there
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a recession on the horizon i don't think in the long run we're all dead to quote john maynard keynes the economist so eventually the 2nd thing you know the so i know those 2 things will do that too and cory booker is it could be president. it could happen and obviously the trade war threats or big determining factor of that however i agree with chuck schumer talk about that for bipartisan support i think it is so important to go after china this has been a problem 18 years in the making since we foolishly let them into the world trade organization under the terms that we did this is been terribly corrosive they have violated the law they violated those deals for so so long just their illegal actions have cost us millions of jobs not merely the regular flow of trade it's a really good for president trying to take this on even if it does hurt the economy or if it shakes markets in the meantime i think it's important for him to to show that he's not like other politicians of both parties to actually fulfill a major campaign promise so far everyone told us the economy was going to tank of
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president got elected what happened it took off you can try to credit barack obama for that you can try to credit whoever but that's what happened unemployment dropped to record lows you had very high consumer confidence very high manufacturing confidence i'm not worried about the prognostications of people who got the economy wrong for 2 and a half years if the economy does tank he's probably in trouble but so far i think he's charted a good course and we think i don't you know if the economy tanks i don't even know that it necessarily hurts him in the end it's going to depend on do his supporters believe that he is responsible and he as president throughout his life has been very good at putting the blame on other people and he's already attempting to do that that's what all this talk about the wealthy the middle of the recession which is one thing to say the media caused the recession is a different thing to say the idea that you could will an economy in. failing is perhaps a leap but i don't know that if placement ticks up or if the deficit skyrocketing they don't seem to care about that i don't know that it's actually capable of
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hurting him in his base so if he's trying to get independent voters then perhaps i don't know and there's almost no one less qualified to say where the economy's going to be next year than me so i'm going to claim to do that and again i'll just say i know we're going to talk with our party soon i'm more interested in just choosing the right candidate regardless of where things might be i honestly don't know i would say that if i were trump i would probably lay off of the tariff section of this because it seems to be needlessly shooting himself in the foot i don't know why he's so devoted to that they could you know bite him on the but later on we'll see in terms of being able to predict i have no idea so let's just speak to one of the things that michael just talked about trump is often claiming credit for the greatest economy in world history perhaps global history or even in the galaxy record unemployment rates across the board they've hit record lows do you agree with that assessment of the economy we are at record lows of unemployment what does that mean again if you could have lower or higher unemployment i'll choose the lower but i think that one of the one of the reasons that pundits on
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both fox c.n.n. emissary see all of them are really bad at predicting where the economy is going to be and also predicting how people are going to respond to it is that there is the economy and the economy and there are only familiar with the former and that is how the stock market is doing you know what's the unemployment rate these big numbers that appear to simplify something incredibly complex remember these host generally are not economists they don't have any expertise in this they need it to be simplified and so they look to things like you know where's the dow at now did it just go down not even caring about the trend if it goes down then goes back up honestly for a regular person one of the care unemployment going down is great but if you've been stuck in a job you're underemployed for literally years and your student loan debt is ticking up over time then is it really that much better to have a job than the i don't know let's that's part of my question and i'd love for you speak to this as well michel as the. i think got slammed recently for saying that 42 percent of american american citizens are at the poverty level but i think the
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accurate number is 42 percent of american citizens are either low income or at the poverty level and the unemployment rate which has been going down for a while steadily i think it's slowed slightly under trump i don't know whether trump's to blame for that or not it doesn't get credit for that or credit is not does not include the underemployed so there are people who are just dropping out of the workforce completely and not being counted any more so when we know that nearly half the country has having just a problem meeting ends meet can we really say that we have a great economy you can though i agree to the point you can't just pick out one economic indicator and say see g.d.p. is ticked up good the economy is perfect that is myopic and that is foolish but we have so many economic indicators that i think it's totally fair to credit president trump for instance we have a very low unemployment rate we have millions and millions of jobs that need to be filled that are not filled which seems to suggest that the problem of underemployment is not as bad as it's been in recent years g.d.p. that's a wonderful measure of stock market that's a wonderful measure but how about wages wages have not ticked up in
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a decade finally within the past 2 years wages started to tick up for americans people told us it wouldn't happen and yet it did that i think really matters to people and it also gives some credibility to what president trump is talking about when he says we're going to renegotiate trade deals we're going to reap jigger our immigration system which because of millions of millions of people coming here illegally we're depressing wages another thing that bernie sanders actually has gotten right as well when you look at manufacturing confidence at all time highs when you look at consumer confidence going way up i think all of that together paints a very good economic picture that it's hard to dispute do you agree with that before we move on to the democratic candidate i agree that in general he's probably pretty happy about how the economy looks i think that for regular peony thought of that analysis is accurate far left. and i'm not going to say the whole thing is accurate i'm going to say that in general if i were trump i'd be pretty happy with how things look i think as a regular worker stock market going up means literally nothing because almost none
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of these regular workers actually own stock i think one of the reasons that bernie sanders is doing very well in the primaries that he acknowledges that income inequality and even if wages are starting to tick up under both democrat and republican presidents they virtually move not at all in 50 years and that's a massive problem that needs to be solved salut lee so let's talk about the democratic candidates i know you'd love to start with cory booker but who are your let's start with you who are your who are your favorites and let's talk about it not just from an electability standpoint i know that's important but also the policies that you're hearing that you think make a lot of sense my number one is bernie sanders i think that he has done a great job of putting out details policies especially in the past month or so we had his his view on workers' rights unions big plan on dealing with climate change we just were talking about his plan for the future of journalism and strength and getting it back to where it needs to be i think that he's always been a good communicator a good a good organizer he's good at pitching him self and putting himself as the head of a movement and now i think he's buttressing it not just with the right positions
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but with detailed policy proposals of how we would get to where he says we need to be going to what do you think about bernie sanders who well you know if i you're asking me to pick cyanide or a cynical one of these things i like any of this what i mean that's what we're asking you but bernie might be my favorite of the candidates in part because he's honest he's honest about how far left he is the guy honeymooned in the soviet union and he makes no bones about it he's very entertaining which is largely why i'm here watching these democratic debates is to be entertained and he gets a couple of issues right in a moderate way you know he's much better on guns than other democratic candidates he's much better on immigration than other democratic candidates so i think he's looking at things with more of a nuanced view than some of the other people on stage who are running aggressively to the left i mean even joe biden who for much of his career positioned himself as a moderate is running to the left. now saying that taxpayers should fund abortions you know have bedo o'rorke saying that he endorses abortion up until the day before birth this is not where the american people are i mean 94 percent of americans
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according to recent polls support some restrictions on abortion so to endorse the bedo ralph northam in the cuomo view of abortion is a losing proposition and i think it's a mistake for candidates like tom lehrer's and joe biden who have typically position themselves as a more moderate type of candidate to run all the way to the left i think it's disingenuous it's not going to fool anybody and it would devastate them in the general well guys you heard it here of ringing endorsement from both the left and the right for bernie sanders bernie so that's why he's already got 3 sanders in the sweet meteor of death to be his vice presidential candidate guys thank you so much for being on the program today i really appreciate it and thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking and also thank you so much larry for letting me sit in your chair today remember we love hearing from you join the conversation on larry's facebook page and as always you can share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting at king's things and using the politicking hash tag i also invite you to join me and argue away on facebook at matthew cook official and that's all for this
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edition of politicking. aeroflot russian and lights. you know world of big partisan lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for
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watching closely watching the hawks. aeroflot russian and lights. them leave toyota to get up off the ground to serve begins again if. your game face on the sounds of an mit. mislead essentially.
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u.s. presidential hopeful tell think outward fail to make it through to the next round of democratic debates despite becoming the most searched candidate alive she's not questioning the d.n.c. selection process. off of the french mare to appeal after losing his battle to protect the people of his village from harmful pesticides we get reaction from locals. i think the government isn't doing its job there the 1st to see that there should be no pesticides but they do nothing with the past societies we did during testing the amount of best sex with found was alarmingly high. and the cost.


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