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tv   Boom Bust  RT  August 31, 2019 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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after the mergers there would be a total of 12 public sector banks now as many as $27.00 public sector banks and 2017 and the sector has been dramatically undermined in recent years by a rising tide of bad loans on lost confidence in the wake of scandalous collapse of punjab national bank after revelations of fraud in 2018. turning to another flood economy argentina's move to renegotiate $101000000000.00 in debt was briefly labeled as a selective default by the movies rating agency in a statement moody's cited the macro administration's failure to sell bonds to finance approaching debt repayment payment deadlines and said quote following the continued inability to play short term paper with private sector market participants argentine government unilaterally extended the maturity of all short term paper on august 28th this constitutes default under our criteria moody's took down the alert within hours explaining the change but pointed to what they said were new terms on short term bonds but that did not take place before the new seem
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to knock the argentine peso down by about 2 percent against the dollar falling to $59.00 against dollars. in the trade war continues to rage on as we've reported in the scuffle and spread to the auto sector now there's a new moves in the auto sector to report and pulling up to catch us up on all busy this and all things automotive is the cars coach lauren fix so lauren 1st let's get right into the tesla news this week china a ministry of industry and information technology said on friday that the cars all 16 models sold in china will now be exempted from a 10 percent sales tax in the ministry did not give a reason for this favorite treat men although the founder either musk has been noticeably praised in china and seems to be very committed to selling and investing in that market so is this enough to offset all of those other troubles or at least keep them afloat for a while. while i think it's going to help china you have to remember that he didn't 1st announce that he's going to raise prices on all. all the models is somewhere
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around $12000.00 on each vehicle and he was increasing those amounts at the price point in order to compensate for that 10 percent tariff now that he's got the tariff break and he's exempt from it he has not lowered the prices so that's going to be more profit which is what they need i know he's producing as many vehicles as he can as possible shipping them into china as quickly as possible however electric vehicle sales are just not there at the demand for them wasn't what it was and the incentive from the chinese government is no longer in place so let's hope that he can sell some of those vehicles and they don't just sit there and lauren following up on we talk about some of their sort of failures to execute with specific plans but looking at the core marketing strategy for the brand they have sold their cars as kind of luxury purchases cars a statement purchase by going to a coolness factor on top of the basic you know display of wealth but on that point how do you are as compared to comparable models in the same price range from other
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luxury car makers and have they made a fundamental mistake by taking their eyes off of the fundamentals here so their cars have a theme song when you roll up the window or some easter egg but in the meantime they're cooking on fire. right i mean i think the whole thing with electric vehicles the people that are buying them and those people that can afford them and so that means that you're looking at. it was strictly those people that believed in not just green energy but also the fact that they had enough money and they were getting that $7500.00 tax credit which is now gone on tesla vehicles and then of course your state credits if you can afford to buy a new car most people can't so it's those wealthy people and if you look at the average buyer of a tesla they make about a quarter 1000000 dollars now that you've got other cars in that marketplace the jaguar i pace the audi eat try and see these has a car you're looking at b.m.w. all the premium brands are bringing in plug in electrics as well as all electric vehicles and they are taking a piece of his market share. it's who comes to market 1st choose the 1st one to
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show up at the country club saying i've got to bring you out it goes farther than your tesla so it's a different marketplace it doesn't hit the masses and it won't meet the masses as long as the prices are high and the time to charge is way too long and the distance between charges needs to be twice what it is now in order for the masses to be interested and. burned down on the for just a moment those competing models that you mentioned do they really compete does tesla really compete directly with them on features per se or is it really just about having a car compared to these other ones i think they do compete in features and look at audi they've got a virtual cockpit it's probably the best navigation system i've ever seen jaguar has a beautiful car it doesn't look dated they've done a wonderful job designing it making it unique but still the one thing that the other brands have that tesla doesn't is a dealer network if you've got a problem you go to your favorite jaguar dealer your local audi dealer mercedes b.m.w. they give you a loaner car they take care of the vehicle and call you when it's done when it
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comes to tesla you have to call in wait for them to get the parts there are people waiting for 1012 weeks for a windshield that's unacceptable and it causes consumers to be frustrated that there's no dealer network to support them that's an obvious case for concern there's also some more out of the news from africa this week as toyota signed an agreement on thursday to build an assembly line and i read coast so this was announced at the japan africa development conference in yokohama and it said to refer reflect a desire to break into an untapped market especially when sales are tapering off in a more established markets such as africa the next niche for growth in the global auto sector. actually it's interesting africa is the only untapped market for new cars as of today and i think every manufacturer starting to realize that words whether it's peugeot or ford or toyota they know that if they don't build in that country it's going to be harder to get those vehicles there and they know that as these countries start to turn around you see that with south africa you see. and
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the growth that they're getting it is the next untapped market and it's a very smart place to be especially if you're building vehicles and the cost of building them is a lot less than in other countries and lauren in other foreign direct investment news in the auto sector is investing big in the state of so paulo in brazil they're reportedly infusing $577000000.00 of capital into their plant there offsetting the loss of auto jobs from sao paulo to other states in recent years and this move seems to have been facilitated by some new tax credits from the governor of paulo so where is the sample autumn making such a headache and what is the national outlook for brazilian autos. well there's been a shrinkage in sales pollo and because of that they want to reinvest in that area because of jobs obviously so when volkswagen said we're going to come there we're going to build they build trucks they build cars they build diesel vehicles which still sell there and that is a popular vehicle so when you get a popular very large corporation like volkswagen they're going to come in they're talking about bringing that 1000 jobs they're offsetting that with
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a 25 percent tax break from the brazilian government so they're looking to rebuild their auto industry they've got new leadership in their government and they're hoping that if they give people jobs they're going to take that money put it back into the economy and purchase new vehicles and volkswagen wants to be the one there they're offering electric vehicles as well and i think this is something that it's very smart move whatever company gets in there 1st is going to be the one that's going to have the biggest success that's in a day lauren fix the car coach thank you so much for being here. thank you. markets around the world rose as optimism and hope renewed when china and us showed a willingness to resolve their long running trade dispute agas has been. staying lower and the dollar rising ever more higher let's see how the equities markets did over in moscow the roads led by commodities and energy know that attack russia 2nd
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largest natural gas extractor has been given a 5 $197000000.00 tax break to help it build the arctic port as putin is prioritizing tax incentives to encourage companies to develop the arctic region over in asia the shanghai shares finished higher for the week adding about one percent but investors started to book profits ahead of the weekend as they remain very skeptical about any real progress being made over the trade dispute beijing and washington appear to adopt a softer tone on trade which sparked a rally on wednesday and thursday but quickly sold out that on friday as traders have heard the same rhetoric before only to have the deal fall apart at the 11th hour over and hong kong shares lagged on friday as news broke of the arrest of a protest leader friday morning as well as the cancellation of saturday's march however it still ended the week up 1.4 percent for the month of august though the hang seng drops 7.4 percent amid the protests and riots the worst performing major and next in the world mainland has constantly had to buy support for the market for
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$31.00 days in a row now pumping in a total of $8900000000.00 over in japan the nikkei surged 2.5 percent for the week on renewed expectations for progress between china and the u.s. it also got a boost as japan and the u.s. appeared to agree in principle to core elements on a trade deal that they hope to sign in new york next month the final agreement would cool a trade dispute between the 2 allies and open up the japanese markets to u.s. goods over in india. hopes of fresh stimulus by the government boosted the centex to finish the week up after a disappointing g.d.p. print a number of measures were announced to revive economic growth and shore up market confidence including rolling back recent tax hike on investors and an easing of foreign direct investments the megamergers of public sector banks spearheaded by india finance minister would also help to boost the quality and reserves and increase their risk appetite to be more competitive on a global scale down in australia the a.s.x.
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search high on friday and the up 2.5 percent in its 2nd consecutive weekly gain sentiments still remain cautious at best as the rally was led mainly by safety assets and the fences and finally the all shares all round south africa close weaker on friday and a positive for the week as local market participants are still cautious on the back of disappointing growth and stars are now increasingly becoming skeptical to take big bets on the stocks as fitch recently revised their growth outlook on south africa's long term rating it from stable to negative now again on down you know what that is and the rest of the americas thanks kristie starting with the cac in paris we get our very 1st green arrow of a very week after g 7 leaders gather in beer it's france and set in motion the market moving events of this week the dax in germany also post a green arrow this week as well as a foot see in london all 3 of those showing significant gains on friday orbiting within the range of one percent moving to the americas and starting with the call
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capping go on be another green arrow begins on monday and wednesday and holding through friday turning to brazil the index of the b 3 logging steady gains throughout the week despite the global bad publicity over president will soon earl's version of diplomacy and environmental stewardship that led to some fears that brazil could face sanctions including denial of entry into the o.e.c.d. the organization for economic cooperation and development meanwhile pressure seems to be building also in the corporate sector for more action backed by heavily implied threat a boycott. brazilian products in the home stretch of north busy america and why you see the as and p. 500 and nasdaq all up for this week and closing out the month ahead of the labor day holiday weekend on monday in the united states all 3 exchanges posting gains at least 2.5 percent on the week with the nasdaq setting that lowest bar the s. and p. gaining gaining 2.8 percent on the week on the dow advancing 3 point one percent at the same time although we are now set to record august as the 2nd down month of
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2019 and finally the ts x. in toronto is up for the week and posted again every single day of this week also closed strong on friday after g.d.p. figures showed 3.7 percent growth in the 2nd quarter beating expectations from the bank of canada and this has been your weekly global stock market wrap. time now for a quick break but hang here because while we are tearing up the currency is exploding in popularity and with it well more market changes are popping up. on the black found us like them to take out the future of tag and as we get a break here the numbers.
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that are out. i. i. i i. the globalists are actually goes back or occupation the start of that. before i could buy wall street before the revolution in cairo before obviously there's either all in france or the protests and they're all connected all these protests are connected they're all connected to the rebellion against money and banks they're all global and treasury and bank right.
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during the great depression which you must remember that it was most of the family . there wasn't it was big you know much worse objectively. but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hope. there isn't today today's america where shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo do no engineer election manufacture consent another principle according to. one set of rules for the rich. that's what when you put her into the. will switch which is dedicated to encouraging virtue of just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization the
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america. more than a decade after they split altria and philip morris international are considering a marriage made in tobacco have been in 2008. but out the mars international in an attempt to grow. their international business and avoid regulation and lawsuits in the united states if the drug companies are able to merge they would be a $200000000000.00 giant in the industry with their next closest competitor british american tobacco worth roughly only $80000000000.00 people familiar with the negotiations say that the 2 companies would hope to develop new products in the ever changing smoking landscape if the 2 do strike a deal it was still have to face approval by the company's board and shareholders and regulators cigarette sales have been on the decline throughout the world as if
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cigarettes become more prevalent and health officials warn of the negative effects of long term smoking philip morris has managed to weather the storm through strong sales of i.q. us heated tobacco device and now with this merger also have access to all trace growth segments which includes jewel and kona. and the federal trade commission has opened an investigation into whether east cigarette manufacturers jewel labs marketed their victim products to minors the investigation is the latest blow to a company that has already faced criticism for their alleged role in the rise in vaporing among us young people on thursday july announced a 100000000 dollar investment in a system meant to stop retail sales of its product to anyone under age according to people familiar with the situation the investigation began prior to the f.t.c. is entirely trust probably december deal with altria which invested $12800000000.00 for a 35 percent stake in jewel meanwhile the center for disease control and prevention
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said friday that they had receivers sports 215 possible cases of long illness in the united states due to vaporing the cd the c.d.c. has warned that no one under the age of 18 should use of a ping products adding that they should not be used by those who do not currently use tobacco. continues to stay steady flirting 2 around the $10000.00 mark while. market share rose above 70 percent for the 1st time since march of 2017 c.m.e. futures expired today sparking a volatility as 50 percent of positions are expected to rollover while the price has not moved much we see clear accumulation buys from institutional as now as investors trying to hedge against the macro trade turmoil the correlation between physical gold has doubled in the past 3 months and now here to give us the latest managing partner of. so let's start off with finance the number having me back on
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the show absolutely we love having you so let's jump into that by now and the number one trading platform in the world in terms of volume they are now kicking out u.s. customers due to regulators and they're now joining the a bit max. and it connects all of the top exchanges who now refuse to do business with us due to unreasonable and outdated regulations and restrictions regarding crypto currency so what are we supposed to do now and where are we supposed to go this is tremendously unfair not to mention that the u.s. now risk falling behind as it fails to embrace and adopt crypto. absolutely in many countries will likely follow this stance the united states but you're also seeing a divergence many countries such as. singapore switzerland and even portugal have made positive strides on their trip to regulation most recently portugal's tax authority and now it's no tax on crypto earnings.
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on falling behind in regards to the exchanges you've seen existing exchanges and new and upcoming exchanges such as after taxes derivatives exchange or big dotcoms exchange which is launching with negative trading fees choosing to skirt or leave the u.s. or not enter the u.s. and so this is definitely a problem where many companies are not focused on the u.s. now and it is a big. the risk for the united states to fall behind and always sticking with finance they are coming out with project venus which is a stable coin project that will be primarily geared toward non western countries it's intended to compete with facebook's libra with a focus on partnering with governments and companies in order to curry favor with regulators what do you make of this initiative and how do you see it playing out in full competition with libra. absolutely there's definitely
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a lack of details right now or on on finances project venus in terms of the roll up plans and how it will really work however finance has done a phenomenal job in the cryptocurrency industry on educating the masses and driving accessibility in emerging markets and so we can hope that by nance will continue to do that and they've said that they're going to work with regulators and governments to avoid the problems that libra is facing on the side they have actually planned a lot of the items that were in their white paper and so this is where a lot of the issues with regulators have come where there has been a clear lock of process in terms of ensuring that they meet the demands of regulators one of the big challenges here though is neither of these projects have really identified how they're going to solve the access to finance issue related to
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k y c for 1100000000 on banks and identified are not identity individuals and so this is a big problem where these individuals will likely still not be served and they're likely facing issues of stacked fees in emerging markets as well where money service businesses already have long term an exclusive contract sign and so likely in emerging markets they're going to continue to be underserved as. not be able to really bring down the future with these sorts of solutions that's why they're designed to roll out in the non western countries because they have much looser k y c regulations so now we have a lot of stable points flooding the market now as we just mentioned li rather is also true u.s.d. u.s.d. quine makers dow haven so despite all of these that are coming out the oldies stable point the u.s.d. t. is still the main one being used with over 60 percent of all exchange transactions are through u.s.d. t.
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so this is still the case despite all the scandals that came out last year that they didn't have the reserves that they have a collusion with and so how was it tether able to maintain its dominance last year when everyone was saying that there is dead. yes so there has had a very strong network throughout the crypto world through all of the exchanges and a lot of the different companies across the ecosystem so given that and their 1st mover advantage they've been able to hold our on to their the and still maintain their dominance but what i think is that this story is yet to be fully written and you know over the course of the next year i think a lot of these problems will continue to unravel and we'll see whether or not there remains and is able to maintain their dominant position. and now seeing them today it was just announced as a marriage between switzerland and singapore is banking they said that they achieve
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a status as the world's 1st digital asset bank so how are they actually any different from crypto capital which sort of finance or silver gate in san diego which serves base. absolutely and so i mean it is interesting to see how this actually plays out and how they're able to serve these different organizations and actually bring in mary. crypto world with the traditional world and be able to increase access to products and even banking for different the. changes are other services and so it will be interesting to see how this continues to roll out in the future and whether or not it actually makes a big dent across the industry. an all time revenue for bitcoin miners has just topped $14000000000.00 and the net networks hatchery is continuing to grow new all time highs just posted today at $83.00 looking ahead we have a 2020 having in may will block rewards. lower block rewards into teen turnout work
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participants do you see them at least declining next year. yeah the having is going to be very interesting and i think if you take today's price which is you know just under 10000 if the price were to stay between 10020000 or lower the having of the block award would of course mean that miners would be worse off in the future and if the point what you might see is that moving over to other protocols and mining. areas that are more lucrative but given that even in that case it is still the most stable for miners in the most consistent and so likely that outflow of power leaving would be very minor however given the recent turmoil across the world with the trade war and the economic instability we could likely see the price of bitcoin doubling between now and the having and so at
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a price of $20000.00 miners would actually still be better off even in that scenario and i think that's a very realistic scenario that we can look forward to given all of the instability around the world absolutely we all saw big quine digital call being one of the best head to head is that we've seen across multiple as a cause as in the face of the global economic backdrop right now. thank you so much for being here. thank you. and that's it for this time you could catch boom bust on direct t.v. channel through 21 dish network channel. 247 on pluto t.v. for free t.v. channel 279 are as always you can catch up on youtube dot com our take the next time.
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and that's when the officer is gone and he did it on 3. she said she stressed to make sure that the british at the bill of books had out that you know to. stop question was to you she didn't taste it these changes she's which quite a long. time and now look what you've seen the member states get your girly man for sure. you shoot with your heart your bones for should be. dismissed as a word supporter. with a spirit of worth 36 of you or you both used to think it's a studio actually the person to be vocal or should stop them spinning.
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the headlines this hour leading pharmaceutical companies and keys to fueling america's i think demi grassley pushing its painkillers and downplaying their risks the accusations of you didn't you know you released court documents also to come thousands of people are currently marching through hong kong and defines the process back to look at how to think ahead of the opposition and his party testing skills. and leaked emails and they will have had great chemical giant one son so you can spy to discredit the action group homes across america which has been campaigning against its products.


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