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tv   News  RT  August 31, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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spiritual traditions are being. used to teach the studio actually the person of the room or should stop them spilling. the headlines this hour leading pharmaceutical companies and kings to fueling america's demick by aggressively pushing its painkillers and downplaying their risks the accusations of you didn't you know you released court documents also to come thousands of people of color marching through hong kong in defiance of a process ban to look at how a figurehead of the opposition and his protesting skills abroad and leaked emails reveal how agro chemical giant monsanto you conspired to discredit the action group homes across america which has been campaigning against its products.
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good morning it's just going to 11 o'clock here in moscow the watching international court documents reveal a little big pharma company conspired to aggressively push these opioid painkillers this is led to allegations that he pharma cost america's biggest drug epidemic the company's also accused of damn playing the risks of addiction and this is led to doctors prescribing it supposed to patients even with only minor pain. as. the usa is in the midst of an ongoing opioid epidemic. with the. in response to the opioid epidemic 48 different us states have taken action against
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produce pharma a drug manufacturer owned by the sackler family now even the company itself admits that those affected should get help as soon as possible while purdie farmer is prepared to defend itself vigorously in the opioids a geisha the company has made clear that it sees little good coming from here so it's a geisha and the pills that people and communities affected by the opiate crisis need help now now it's certainly commendable the focus on helping victims rather than simply avoiding blame what's a 1000000 emails that have just been released show the sackler family and produce pharmaceuticals in a rather negative light richard sackler then the president oversaw the creation of some public health advocacy groups it's implied that the american pain society and the now defunct american pain foundation operated almost as front groups then president richard sackler explained his motives our goal is to buying these organizations more closely to us than here to for but also to align them with our
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expanded mission and to see that the fate of our products are next to it could we pound up with the trajectory of the pain movement that these organizations works to convince the us public that pain related issues were not being properly addressed however that's not all the e-mails have shown dr kathleen foley a neurologist who was also a paid speaker for produce pharma urged richard sackler to expand and to collaborate with other drug companies who stood to make a profit from an expansion of pain awareness. i'm thinking of an alternative strategy of bringing together all the members of the pharmaceutical industry who have drugs out there and trying to come together as a sort of he's if recognizing that your particular drug has been recently identified in the newspapers as a drug issue the pain awareness campaign may have resulted in giving some people a temporary buzz but the pain felt by us society in the aftermath of the resulting
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opioid epidemic is far greater interior is clear that purview pharma and other manufacturers from very early on were interested in one thing and that was their bottom line they were really indifferent to the wellbeing of patients who would actually be taking the opioids that they were peddling in their wanted gender was to make money so pilate manufactures played a major role in the current american hope you would have to demick they were not the sole and to do responsible for the epidemic but without their fall man i highly doubt this epidemic would have come to pass it was there misrepresentation of the risks and benefits pain killers that led 1st and foremost to an epidemic of overprescribing pain killers for minor and chronic pain conditions which ultimately gave way to the curb. the current to epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose
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death we asked podi pharma to comment on this story although so far we haven't received a response not just heard it has been the keys to prioritizing profits over people's health later on in our program we'll look at how the agro chemical giant monsanto's been trying to discredit its critics. thousands of people are currently marching through home komen defines the authorities there which banned an anti-government rally that was planned for today the official reason for the ban is the. islands that's been seeing previous demonstrations in the past weeks and months where police are warning that those taking part in the march may face prosecution although there are no reports of arrests so far on friday 2 more protest leaders were arrested on suspicion of organizing unauthorized rallies but were released on bail one of them rose to prominence 5 years ago during the umbrella movement protests.
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we will continue our fight no matter how democrat. or joshua one who we just saw there is one of the leaders of the current protests but apparently he cut his teeth protesting not just of the demonstrations 5 years ago is any prank or explains. he's only $22.00 but he's already backed himself at least
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a few lines in the history books joshua wong has already served several prison sentences he's a leader of a political party he's followed 530-0000 users on twitter is invited to speak on the most prominent international news channel clearly your message to anyone who has demonstrated previously is disregards to come out and demonstrate again. yeah that's. doing us now on the phone is pro-democracy activist from hong kong joshua wa he was an independent inquiry into police abuse you've been very critical of police tactics he has just got out of prison at 3 and a half hours ago just so how does it feel to be free to issue a warning is frank he'd love a bit of western support i hope u.s. politician they should take a more active to support hong kong democrat high station to ensure the interests of
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you asked citizens in hong kong. and prolific go and economic freedom in hong kong can still be guaranteed in the future and apparently he's highly admired by many in america joshua wall went to washington in 2015 to get an award from freedom house and n.g.o.s which power gets most of its funding from u.s. government grants and a couple of years american lawmakers nominated the young man and his associates for the noble peace prize this month it was revealed his in touch with american diplomats in hong kong after he was photographed meeting the political unit chief of the local u.s. consul general the activist said he thought there's no big deal about it but even went to washington several times so what's so special about mit in the u.s. consul chinese authorities though have been making it clear they are firmly against other countries getting involved. in the hong kong situation. we are strongly
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dissatisfied and firmly opposed to the carping remarks in the g 7 leaders statement acting as the backseat driver on hong kong affairs we have time and again emphasized that hong kong affairs are purely the internal affairs of china and no foreign government organization or individual has the right to intervene however some of the protests skills joshua wong and his fellow activists have up their sleeves were picked up from abroad in the build up to the 24 to hong kong uprising the folks from the so-called freedom forum share their protest expertise with joe show wall and co today he's calm for the democratic political reforms are the only way forward for hong kong and he says he won't shy away from challenging the most senior officials at home and in beijing or president donald trump has commented on the current tensions between hong kong and china saying the beijing protests should
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be handled in a humane fashion. i think if it weren't for the trade. hong kong would be in much bigger trouble i think it would have been much more violent i really believe john wants to make a deal and they know it puts us in a very bad position. there's not a humane way of handling the problems and i'd let them know that. handle it at a humane fashion well the chinese industry of foreign affairs has expressed its discontent with the white house for showing empathy with what it calls radicalized protestors we spoke to china specialist and you learn he says the unrest in hong kong is being stirred up by external act it's. been reports of some of these voters those militants have been trained in the or slow freedom forum. which of course is involved in a lot of these there's a world trade in whole trading overs there's ready on tactics of some of.
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the establishment tactics the so-called civil disobedience act it's so i think that there's also the funds. supported by international organizations including the national endowment for democracy of the united states of course you know as this is a democratic country and this organization has an n.c.o. support they bought the seas around the world but on the other hand is to link the rectally. this kind of impotence but only had there was no doubt that the militants are highly trained to look at the way that their formation and the bonin and also policy in those of the ministers so on. a group of military experts is calling on congress to force the disclosure of the number of u.s. bases overseas and the letter they describe the information currently provided by the pentagon is limited and frequently incomplete. the pentagon's annual
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a base structure report provides some information about the number and size of base sites overseas however it fails to report on dozens of well known installations in countries worldwide and frequently provides incomplete or inaccurate data many suspect the pentagon does not know the true number of installations abroad early my colleague checking begin to speak with a retired u.s. army colonel and signatory to the letter and right she says that u.s. citizens are often surprised to learn of the location of american military bases. so we're seeing this letter requiring asking the pentagon to be more transparent about its u.s. overseas bases why did you choose to sign that leathered well i'm a u.s. army colonel i spent 29 years in the us military and i think it's very important that american citizens know how many bases we have where they are and how much it costs to run them most americans don't realize we have over 800 bases now and
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that we have new bases that are being established particularly in africa do you think that this is a problem that's specific to the u.s. do you think other countries are more transparent about the amount of bases they have well there are very few countries have bases outside their own countries i mean the u.k. has the french have some russia has a few mini china has a few not many but it's primarily the united states overwhelmingly has the overseas bases or bases in other people's countries in that letter it says that there are some $800.00 insulation throughout the world and those roughly cost u.s. taxpayers about $20000000000.00 per year but you're implying in this letter that that's not an accurate number how much bigger do you think is the actual amount of money that is used from u.s. taxpayers well we think it may be double that up to $15000000000.00 that are being spent by the u.s.
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government to. equip train have military operations for. men and women in our military and also department of defense affiliates that are assigned to these bases you know we have large numbers of bases still in germany and japan and south korea but most people don't realize that we now have some in eastern europe right on the border of russia and in fact the military exercises that the united states has been having both in eastern europe and in scandinavia is one of the concerns that we who signed that letter. have do you think that disclosing such information as the number of military entities abroad will enhance u.s. national security or could it be a risk is that why it's not necessarily about transparent well that's probably what the pentagon will be saying but we would say as citizens we need to know where our military we are surprised sometimes when young men and women are killed in places no one even knew that we had a military installation there officials say some $800.00 u.s.
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installations are located in the 80 countries around the world but as we heard the signatories of the lead to say that that number could be hugely understated they insist a special report should be included in the 2020 national defense authorization act is meant to increase transparency and avoid excessive military spending we spoke to investigative journalist david swanson about this he thinks it's normal for taxpayers to want to know where the money's going. the u.s. does something very strange because it both brags about its reach and its extent of its dominance of the world and tries to hide it and cover it up so if you watch a sports event on t.v. in the united states they thank the troops for watching for 175 countries and there's lots of celebration of that but if you ask in washington d.c. exactly where are the bases and what are they costing and what purpose are they there for it's very hard to get answers if this is not only radical claim
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a proposal that the u.s. public ought to know where it's paying for what and how much it's a you know what the purpose of those things is if you're going to wage all these wars and extend all these bases in the name of democracy why not have a little bit of democracy around the issue. now the u.s. democratic presidential hopeful joe biden has been making his case as to why he should get his party's nomination but some of the stories he's been telling while campaigning about when he was in afghanistan have turned that to be not entirely true and not for the 1st time. young navy captain up on the mountain the color of ground in afghanistan one of his buddies got shot fell down a ravine of the sky climb down or
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a green card this guy up on his back under fire general want to me to pin the silver star on us. i love this place i would look what's not to like about from long term the beauty of country want to leave town to . watch what awfulness can support can come up to seem the last post present that was the news that in some some you covered. international leaders spoke about you had people like margaret thatcher huskily you had the big people like the pitch i know every one of these leaders except i don't know the new prime minister of a of of england he looks like don't show up i don't know. 4 kids who just as brady just says tallis white kids plan on saying time for a new series of frames he's been my friend.
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he watching on t.v. now off to the break we'll have details on the high school shooting in alabama and also the latest on the war in yemen those stories to come and a company. with gold make its manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the running clubs. project themselves. with the flaming. lips. we can all middle of the room.
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globalists are actually goes back or occupation we started that really before occupy wall street before the revolution in cairo before obviously this year in france or the protests and they're all connected all these protests are connected they're all connected to a rebellion against free up money and banks are all global and treasury is bankrupt . welcome back now i knew he really steamed reveal how angry chemical giant monsanto attempted to discredit an action group campaigning against its weed killer ones across america had raised the alarm over the use of one of the company's leading
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products called round up. that's your enemy out of them and put them on the defensive and you won't have this problem i have been arguing for a week to beat the shit out of them and i have clearly lost we don't want to be seen as beating up on mothers nobody will listen to it anyway it has to be done by 3rd parties. well in 2013 the action group sent an open letter to the 2 monsanto's top management calling on them to stop selling g.m.a. seeds and spraying crops of life phosphate and other pesticides moms across america's director told us why the organization promotes organic farming all we need to do is to take matters into our own hands and to make sure that their food supply is safe and that our families are not exposed to toxic chemicals and what we've done is created a moms across america gold standard and so this is a new seal of approval that brands can get to show that they're not only organic.
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but they've gone the extra mile and gotten some pesticide testing done their packaging might even be bio degradable so your trade is used to namely raised animal products is used and they support the transition from g.m.o. chemical farming to regenerative organic farming and so as a mother and mothers by 85 percent of the food we believe that they are listening to us and that it does make a difference and we ask all the consumers ringback out there to continue speaking up and to go to moms across america dot org and find out more about our gold standard that will be launching next month well it's not just moms across america that have been targeted by monsanto documents to reveal to the company also operated a so-called intelligence fusion center is say was to monitor and to discredit critics who claimed the life the site the main ingredient in monsanto's weed killer is extremely dangerous to human health most life a site is a herbicide and a crop drying agent and after it is sprayed on the crops it can end up in food air
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and also tap water in several lawsuits monsanto's glyphosate based products was ruled to have caused cancer however the company states that its product is safe to use and does not cause cancer i'm simply would against those verdicts moms across america's director again told us this shows the company's disregard for public health. this is an example of the type of mentality that g.m.o. companies have and that shows a complete disregard for public health and this is very disturbing considering that our government would like to now put into the hands of regulation into the hands of these companies they are they are proposing to allow g.m.o. companies to dish so determine whether or not their products are safe or not and so as a mother just as it makes any sense to me at all that the mentality of these texts were people will have control over whether or not our supply is safe that's
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extremely disturbing to me and must not happen at all our government must regulate g.m.o. those and they must be able to determine whether or not they're safe or not and these e-mails are a very good example exactly why that must happen ok let's look at some world news in brief and starting in yemen $100.00 stop to the streets that protest against the presence of u.s. forces in the country the rally comes as yemen's civil war terms of a fraction of the country's government accusing us of bombing its troops darby denies the claim though saying it was acting in self defense. was these pictures they're with from the u.s. state of alabama and the gunfight at the high school football game that left 10 teenagers injured 5 of them critically police say the victims were aged between 15
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and 182 people are in custody. on the norwegian capital saw hundreds of people raise their fists in the country's parliament as part of a protest against climate change. to be on politicians minds ahead of local elections next month. and from pictures to look at in catalonia people enjoy the spectacle of a human tower going up and down at a traditional festival the aim of the competition is to build. your tower with forwarding the possum along the way the 1st. sentry apparently has you know s.k. . for this hour back again in 35.
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so we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for him to let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. things.
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ready ready ready ready ready i'm sure there's need to stop it from continuing to grow. i just never felt very good about the idea of bringing children into the world because i didn't feel like things were in very good shape that a life was just going to be a lot of software program. that. there's no reason the more. you take things that are to me the nose on the move something else that needs to everybody's scared to talk that is certifiable it is truly dependent on us addressing this issue and if we can even talk about it if we can even have
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a conversation about it then. we're in trouble. and you're watching going underground while we're away we're going to be showing some of your favorite episodes of this season coming up in this show but i know liberalism 24 hours after the 2nd anniversary of the tower fire we speak to award winning author and physician dr gabble martin about the minds and bodies that lie in the wake of capitalist culture and donald trump never did it but icelanders
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former interior minister did we talk to the politician who threw out a plane load of probable as investigators when he suspected the f.b.i. of a conspiracy all of them all going up in today's going underground the 1st revolutionary road would have turned $91.00 yesterday of u.s. authorities had not conspired to kill him the iconic portrayed of him taken amidst the cuban revolution continues to fly and flags around the world where there are those who fight imperialism the leader of britain's labor party jeremy corbyn was inspired by both of our and his comrade in arms fidel castro castro has been such a huge figure in our lives i remember the news 959 the day that he marched into. marshall the earth and sarah maestro in the war there to bring about the cuban revolution i remember the cuban missile crisis and all the fear that was going on there but it is all from forging a new crisis because while britain and the e.u. have relations with cuba the u.s. appears to continue to be afraid of 60 years of cuban independence jump administration is imposing new restrictions on u.s.
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travel to cuba in a statement the treasury department says that the u.s. would no longer allow group educational and cultural trips known as people to people travel the u.s. government will also deny permission for private and corporate travelers to enter the country but unlike cuba washington's de facto proxy latin and central american nations are known all around the world for drug. notably cocaine now featuring probably amidst the u.k.'s conservative contest to be britain's next prime minister joining me now is physicians an award winning author of in the realm of hungry ghosts close encounters with addiction doctor thanks so much carol for coming on the show so i don't go in london for the 2 year anniversary of this catastrophe grand failure speaking here and there's a mosque today downing street how how could a catastrophe like granville affect generations of people you know would have been in ground and all the other has been discovered about the government neglect the ignoring of warning signs just
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a sheer agony sheer disregard for the lives of ordinary people and that's compared to say the government reaction to a terrorist attack which is a bigger threat to the population when you look at what happens in britain an example like gun fall or say the number of people have died because of austerity over 130000 people a last number of years according to recent report and then you look at the mobilization of outrage and resource and energy against the threat like there is them which is not even in the infant this him up a cent the age of the actual threat to people's lives and conditions right here that are causing that's like happening around from then you can see how traumatic that is for people who are affected by it because they perceive themselves as not being cared about and as being not seen as valid human beings and that's the most painful experience is not to be seen and not to be validated and not to be supported and so it wasn't just
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a disaster in its own terms which was bad enough it was.


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