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states of europe and finally jamie says i think you should get my situation for your case where to me i quite like if you got any suggestions for new chairs please do said the major now since our last consultation of the commentators political drama in the u.k. has finally reached the surreal stage this is the woman of the moment to join a charity i say the supreme court on tuesday is advice given to her majesty the queen was on lawful his position is untenable and he should have the guts for wants to do the decent thing and resign the government attempted a poor going against parliament and ended up facing a parliament she could against the government with the commons once again seizing control of legislation to rule out a no do you break that boris johnson dominic cummings latests not pulling up for the opposition who probably refused to walk into it leaving the prime minister high i'm dry when parliament resumed earlier this month he had a bare majority now after a purge of a year to files it is in
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a minority of over 40 now johnson has become the 1st ever u.k. prime ministers to lead her majesty the queen herself into illegality his position as prime minister now heinz by a trade however as this week's conference is made clear the opposition labor party is also still full of the wool bricks it in contrast levels of the s.n.p. should have a spring in their step but can they really stop breaks at the thought of the seams the pull to be done except for the prime minister to buckle down and actually try and pull off for you to deal if intends to meet the hard how low we did like it is either do a deal or die in the last ditch even for the high wire politician like boris johnson this would hardly seem the moment to risk defying the courts by ignoring parliamentary legislation survival itself will be difficult enough without jumping headlong into the fort all these little parties technics resulted probably resuming unexpectedly yes. with the m.p.
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who kicked off the court proceedings leading the debate answered by the attorney general whose legal advice to boris johnson landed the prime minister in this supremely court suit if anyone could tell us what happens next it is our commentators alex is joined by peter oborne and lembit opec. i'm joined by our top political pundits ball again great city and labor opec a born again remain of peter obama. guys lestrange or you did not forecast that the supreme court of the united kingdom and the unanimous decision was going to declare the prime minister under queen's actions unlawful whenever you think you'll be over were could've predicted probably the most momentous day in modern political legal history something since something like the $688.00 revolution it's something which will be studied for centuries to come it'll be in every legal textbook it will be every poster to tional work and have to say
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personally watching it i was so emotionally affected in the way of only once been affected in that way before was the lord hutton inquiry when the what happened stood up and cleared john scarlett the j.i.c. guy tony blair from anything wrong in david kelly and the iraq war. was fought on the ground there and i almost on the ground here while i agree it's as the mentors design it's a different reasons i think this is as big a travesty as what happened in the iraq review you're right maybe i am a born again breasted here but this is about politics where being told by the courts that the prime minister hasn't got the right to decide when to paroch government even leaving aside the bricks of the building of government force that limits are eroding parliament and that's the key because the courts of surely up held parliamentary so ok you're right but really i just think they've upheld a new precedent one which says that just as we are meant to have fixed term
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parliaments not those that really mean anything at all so we're also the prime minister has to go cap in hand to parliament to ask permission to probe 3rd to me this is a terrible week for democracy and after. that you can ask what else needs to go to court before the prime minister or the government can act you are so wrong as a liberal democrat you should feel ashamed of yourself for saying that making that kind of statement if you i followed every word of that suit the supreme court debate as it were discussion and what it was was a discussion about what comes 1st parliamentary democracy all the executive legitimately or all the executive and britain it was very clear you read if you listen to the panics brilliant constitutional muster class we are a parliamentary democracy and the legislature is in charge and the executive does what it's told what we can't see this at the moment we'll look back at this time
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and observe that this was the time when the executive began to lose power i don't know whether stands up but it doesn't end up in a more democratic system because i intervene as the referee i would know your divisions reflect the divisions in the country perhaps who are the winners and the looser speaking about who is a maelstrom these court judgments as big winners and who is looking like total losers the biggest loser is is the prime minister boris johnson who advised the queen to perogue parliament and she did what she was asked queen victoria was not amused but queen elizabeth the circuit will be absolutely furious and then we come on to the matter of mr mr johnson's cabinet jacob riis mark is an honorable man he went out more as a privy councillor to tell the queen to do this is he going or it's astonishing to
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me that he's had the audacity not to resign 66 years on the throne and queen elizabeth queen of scots could was with the 2nd of the united kingdom and no one has a prime minister who's led into unlawfulness you can't really say the forest. and deliberately missed that the queen the supreme court in scotland said exactly that the supreme court of the united kingdom said the didn't need to go into the because the judgment stood in italy ok i don't think he did it on purpose but that's a moot point the fundamental issue for me is that there's almost no way out for bars to escape the promise he made that we would leave on the 31st of october he has to try to do that and if you plays clever here i think you could line him self up with what is definitely a junk bond risky strategy for a general election but a strategy that could actually propel him into majority and that's because this only works against boris johnson if the country is against him my feeling is this
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is causing the rage amongst the bracks it community which is far more motivating then the comfortable smugness of the remaining people but when you've been a member was a fierce critic of policy johnson but unusually you've always believed that he actually wants to do a deal would dispute the impetus if he can't get an election let's say that the only thing left is to do a deal with the johnson story of free choices at the moment to a parliament as returns he will kill a baby the orders of parliament and go on the 19th of october and then ordered by parliament he will then deliver this request for an extension that would be the ultimate humiliation he can't do that politically or he can refuse that request in which case he would quit his prime minister. all he will go all out for a deal my view that he will go all out for
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a deal all the more so because now he's in number 10 he's seeing the warnings from the civil service about the calamity of no deal it's an absolute nightmare mr bob johnson those that i've had reports i've spoken to senior civil servants i mean go his goes why. with fear now they know that if they go for no deal it's going to cause utter chaos so your floor is good all that sort of deal but you think you go all out for an election but how does it get an election when the opposition has them dying going on a highway. paid it he could get a deal and that deal isn't defined well the parliament has to approve it of course he could make a very simple a one page deal theoretically fulfills that condition the election point i think is the big gambit here and i feel that the opposition parties have got themselves into a mess here the lib dems who are riding high to the extent almost double pegging with the labor party because there's so clearly remain they say they want an
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election they want a not so cain but boris needs to clear the air. is actually a much stronger position than is being implied if you at the breakfast party vote to the conservative party but it's in the forty's even touching just of the 50 percent now this is difficult and unpalatable for many people in the conservatives but faraz has made clear that he would do sub deal with boras if he doesn't do a big deal with the european union so actually if we are delayed after 31st of october he can appeal to the country and can jeremy couldn't really walk away from the next opportunity for a general election how damaging it could be for labor i don't think he can well lively so far joins us after the break for some more fireworks from our political pundits.
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bolton's appointment sent tremors around washington to the least among those who are out of government and many of those. and you're right because it is a long track record of being very strong polemical bursary a man who understands how to make the government were very much polarization. and various times arguing for invading iran for invading north korea etc and this was very much not what the president wanted to go so why do you point to me as a bit of this. but if she warned you posted by you can i do. to shoot at the balls more than those
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g.'s new speech and see me we see you. as and about that when it dies you yes will be home and in the news i mean that is without inference involved. a lot of you will see sawing during fuzzy fights about 2 kids each other both sides. as in the adults to me as if. the. last. hearing chickie folks that cabinet 5 days doing it. in english they be a thing people who simply do so in the old sumit include in total. penury since crosstown started as 10 years i think it's time to shake things up maybe change the branding maybe the format here is what i've been thinking about
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next season related episodes filmed on an island 10 experts fight about for a trophy what do you think ok a more affordable option 25 packs for. one red rose another suggestion for your political jeopardy parody no political cookout where we will literally wrote the elite. late night show it's a rare format piece face and it's all you need is an old microphone in a printed banner but leave me with my guess i can do this candle after politics gone wild like music. ok crosstalk is not about hype it's about meaning 10 years of talk and still going strong. peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the dotel i know that
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is too much. welcome back let's get back into this discussion guys the admission of a phrase to be greatly to bleep. bleep in the situation as dominic cummings the number one villain of the piece mr cummings is one of the most unappetizing figures ever to play any role in the 10 downing street it was a great mistake by boris johnson to point this out of control bully who has behaved in an appalling way and it does obviously given dreadful advice to the prime minister surely you can't believe me that vies fall for the actions of the prime minister mean george not just appointed them he followed as if i think exactly said the person who made the decision people who were calling for the. cummings to go of basically use him as an air raid shelter is a way of not calling for his relationship to go medieval courts you didn't call for the removal of the model you settled get released but it yes you could dominate
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behavior as well. mr cummings and i got me to have a happier face as far as i'm concerned for this bad it was waged singlehanded war everything as decent people said one of the defenseless against i want one of the fence to signal to its behalf 2 words short memories we had peter mandelson we had alastair campbell we had andy cools and i think he went to present the piece written about the mole yes and you know very well cummings hasn't actually committed a criminal offense he may behave in a question here where but this seems to characterize senior advisers in the prime minister's office and here's the other danger you're making assumptions about how this plays out but if i'm right and boris johnson gets in the electoral bounce because the country on balance thinks this isn't fair then actually coming to come out so i want to use it well i should say that the holy these dreadful special advisers they aren't here to defend themselves in my view of the world estimable people and of course come on this program any time to have their say that i want to
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look at the state of the past is in this remarkable interrupted card for the season but let's just have a word 1st whatever our views on the matter of these 2 remarkable women from north and so for the border john kerry the m.p. q.c. for the s. and p. and of course the miller who both brought successful court cases before them of no pulled off again what about them procedurally they have played a blinder whether i'd like what they've done or not they saw an opportunity particularly up there north of the border before it even became obvious to us and played the cards perfectly and i didn't ever followed that up i'm still surprised by what happened but i've got to credit the fact that she knew how it worked but it's got there's only did i say more the more be much more generous than you i think joe nocera and gina miller have no. earn themselves a footnote each of them in british history looking back over the whole sweep because they say they've made a massive important pat on the constitutional legal political world we live in that
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admirable women that heroes and i'd say the same or so i think lady justice holmes they did one of the point here what we've seen of the last 2 days is a blizzard of hatred aimed at the supreme court judges that remain as that out of touch that metropolitan they know that lets me say jacob riis mog eats an arab comes boris johnson eats an arrogant lady states educated a woman elderly a northerner now this is a real person with real experience in life unlike these arrogant old etonians and ruling this out i was once on my offer and came on real communication skills i want to go through 'd very clearly is very clearly very suspect that no you must agree that leave the heels of males as the head away of the put to start talking about the state or grammar or private school background simply illustrates how divided
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and distracted the whole debate is peter who is really appalling and remain a here loves what happened because he loves the outcome i'm not so keen because i don't like the outcome but objectively speaking is not what we think that matters it's what the country thinks and i think pete is in for a rude awakening that all the lead but you weren't you are one sort of mean as well as so let's hope your old lot when you were mean when you work part of the liberal democrat firmament i mean they must be walking on air no we're not i was a remain a but i'm also a democrat not hasn't changed my frustration is as a river referendum nobody said oh well best of 3 and we're heading down that path lib dems in fairness totally consistent have been for 3 years they've actually become more militant and they remain they want to now say if joe sensor becomes prime minister she probably won't have. the dead they wouldn't even have a referendum they simply junk remain so there's somewhere for remain as to go but i just don't think that fits comfortably with those of us who thought we had one
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referendum and democrats and liberals would respect the outcome last the guys who had a great record as a panel over the summer didn't predict the supreme court but then who did but just about everything else you predict as i want to shorts freeze weather breaks. yes to breck said probably delayed leading to a general election which boris johnson can win as long as he does a deal with nigel farage peter i think that mr johnson will strike a deal with europe and i think he will probably take britain on a deal which looks almost identical or is almost identical to the one he trashed i.e. mrs may's deal bitter over when but thank you so much for that we turn to the north for the bottle and we talked to ruth long outstanding columnist and broadcaster the she think that scotland will emerge as the big political story the sort of. rufe
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welcome to the alex salmond chill thank you tell us about the boat john of charities imagine someone that this is the the 2nd major court victory that she has won off of the u.k. government in the most dramatic terms what is behind the imagines of this formidable woman well of course she's in her own re a formidable lawyer even though when she's sitting in the house of commons as a scottish m.p. . mean ever used to call her rate on are born learned friend as is the custom but she is in fact a very learned friend and and she said it and absolutely cracking job she's a very good performer she's very articulate she's very determined and you take only your peril i was very interested where she came out of the supreme court on tuesday immediately moved the spot way on to bottles johnson's continuation as prime minister or not as the case may be moving from the legal side to the political but
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no intervening step whatsoever that was pretty impressive it was and it was and it's also very pertinent because here in scotland there are a part of boris johnson a number 10 has meant that the case for independence has gathered some momentum and indeed the s.n.p. pulling is gathered some momentum and it was generally thought that he was going to be a very unpopular figure and that of course has proved to be civil but the events of choose to have magnified that greatly and i'll be very interested to knew if boris johnson is still a factor the next election because i remain unconvinced that he can he can stay on i suppose you could argue that her majesty after 66 years of her distinguished reign as no bin laden to ella gallatin by her prime minister the that is a unexpected claim of events. it is and it's something of a world 1st but let's remember that all this is happening against a backdrop of preview window for previous prime ministers say david cameron having
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let slip that to him he. her majesty the queen to give some indication of her views on independence in the last scottish independence referendum 5 years ago so she's been dragged into politics by not by one prime minister or a conservative prime minister but in fact by 2 though of course boris johnson's behavior is much more egregious as i think i may have had a better part of that last last story if i think you did but i think we really did it's not an argument from some people that in a way that's great court victoria by joanna chad a rather contradicts the s.n.p. aren't with doesn't that indicate the scottish institutions in this case the court of session the supreme court of scotland as actually been respected by the supreme court of the united kingdom part scotland should be a bit more comfortable in the united kingdom well i don't i don't take that from a cold i mean let's let's remember the supreme court of course has judges on it sitting on it from scotland and there is an argument i think for there being
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a supreme school court in scotland without having any recourse to a supreme court in the u.k. but that's something that would have to wait for eddie if and when scott becomes an independent nation there was a distinction between the 2 judgements of course that the court of session and of chambers said that and the prime minister's more troops were under suspicion whereas the supreme court in the u.k. and the estimable leader here will say that the only matter what the prime minister's mortals were taught what was that the cat from the a difference of emphasis between the the courts of scotland and south of the border well there was a slate difference in that regard but nevertheless i mean in some ways the supreme court judgment of shoes he was even more robust than anything that was said by the 3 judges at the court of session some came before her because she made it quite clear early to he was. not only was johnson's action not only with the unlawful but in fact him parliament wasn't proved to toll and please hurry back to work folks
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and that was i think a step further than even the scottish court went so i think the other thing to bear in mind is that it was the high court in london which said as you rightly see the high court london said it wasn't a matter for the courts the court of session in scotland and indeed lead to healing the supreme court of the u.k. big to differ and i think this is what has triggered in anybody's language a serious constitutional crisis so i'm going to protect what have no for brett and will not be for the united kingdom moving into 2 us month of the deadline of halloween looming where's blacks are going to be and where scotland going to be well to take these in the order that you've posed them makes the situation in westminster as i understand it is that the legislation that was passed by parliament when it took control of the agenda in the u.k. the legislation that was passed was specifically passed to outlaw any suggestion that the 31st of deadline could stay in place if no deal had been made in other
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words new do you had to be off the team but i expect in the next few days and the next week or so that you harden up and i expect boris johnson to be fleeced if he's still there to be faced with the prospect of either getting i do you can get through parliament all going back for an extension or throwing in the towel reporter you're one of the most experienced journalists and scotland in your estimation as the going to be a bracks or others are going to be scholars on the panel well i have i don't know whether there's going to be a break so i really don't i think probably the smart money no is and boris pulling some kind of deal of the hat some kind of deal that will be dressed up to look different from today's amuse me as do you but will probably be much the same with some fiddling around the irish backstop i think that's what might happen he might get with it so far isn't. pendants is concerned i happen to think that the stones have been laying to you got briggs it which is very important in scotland it will take 62 percent to remain you've got boris johnson who is very unpopular in
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scotland and you've got the go up in the pools between the 2 for years a boon for new consistently narrowing so you won't tell the 1st flush of use but i would expect to be living in an independent country before all 4 of my pitch for glasgow thank you very much indeed thank you in the drama of the last month it's been easy to lose sight of an underlying trained the prime minister has lost every battle lost his parliamentary majority lost in the supreme court to scotland to another the u.k. but still leads in every opinion poll hence his previous anxiety for an early election however an election on his timing and on his terms no longer appears within history which therefore in order to cling to office this seems the full choice but to buckle down and try to resurrect reason is once despised to deal with a few cosmetic changes to the irish back story even then the prime minister's short
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term survival cannot be assured for the problem it is thought to provoke now rampant the only other options asking for an extension to the how the mean deadline or resigning as prime minister forthwith are even less palatable and what's more we tested the very limit his remaining poor straight however we are now moving through the conference season that into the month of the bracks it failed to do more former u.k. prime minister howard wolfson once said that a week was a long time and politics in a bedsit drama this coming month will be an eternity. next week we turn from the houses of parliament to those who have no house a tall home the still stalks the land we talk to some of the people in the capital city of london who are offering practical help but for now from alex and me and all the show is goodbye and we hope to see you all next.
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bolton's appointment sent tremors around washington to the least among those who are out of government and many of those in government because it is a long track record of being very strong polemical a very savvy man who understands how to make the government work but very much
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polarization it was. serious times arguing for invading iran for invading north korea etc and this was very much not what i heard the president wanted to go so why he pointed to some bit of. welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your president. thinks this is what happens to pensions in britain delegates average you watch time . report.
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the complaint which sparked impeachment proceedings against president trump is released but the whistleblower admits not being a direct witness to most of the men described. democrats out of blood taking to their guns. we were presented with the most graphic evidence yet. that the president the united states has betrayed his oath of office. betrayed to defend our national security and betrayed his oath to defend our constitution. reiterate says this offer to you have to investigate the alleged corrupt activities of former u.s. vice president joe biden and his son we.


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