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i mean it's part of the you know what i. think. is the cause of the cold. is no no no so that we can say you know the cause. is. that. kilo. we. believe a. little. they were what it was.
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to get a. big thank you. it's why we're going to go look. look i. took you. we. are. going to talk with. your connection to workers and to. ok we start off with a cry and then we'll move on. through. go live became an actor sensitive in. i think it was 2010 we didn't figure that out and you know what was ailing parent till 2012 or so so there was 2 or 3 years of just really
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intense of a health crisis ongoing yeah in 2010 she you know started became very dizzy and nauseous and went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a possible virus but the dizziness actually never left she was basic continually dizzy till about 2012 along with a lot of other really unpleasant symptoms overnight. it's it started around 10 o'clock at night it was just to them everything everything felt here in my solar plexus my stomach is if everything just got stuck and stopped and at the time i had no idea what that was but it's the same sensation i get now when i'm in really strong wife i which is almost everywhere now in the world so it's the same feeling you feel pins and needles in your head if that metallic bar in the forehead and it's a kind of knowledge that you can't describe when i'm around wireless i feel
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prickly all over my skin all the simple sentiments are packed painful when i'm around it a very strong magnetic field i feel in my head. it's like it's like a real hard pressure. when i'm around to see my skin burned it's like this burning it's like it's being cooked it really feels like a burning. the room is spinning and response to live everything around you spending all the time. i don't even know how she did it for so many years you know we were out. on time my brother is getting his eagle scout award and so he went out and someone is sitting texting her texting someone behind behind her and she knew exactly what was happening based on where it was well there are a variety of studies have been done and this was sort of looking back to them during the cold war days when radar was just beginning to be you there were
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a number of reports that have been published were military people involved. in radar work got in the in the radar beam and got in excess of exposure. and there are some 10 or 12 reports of individuals perfectly healthy before that sudden exposure after that exposure suffered from constant headaches from photophobia they couldn't stand to be in the presence of light they felt their brain wasn't working right it's classic collector hyper sensitivity some people say some people are genetically predisposed to be more sensitive to toxins other people say no the people just get hit really hard with it and overexposure either suddenly or cumulatively over time so they get sick so i guess the verdict is still out on that one but a lot of the people that do have this have a certain gene it means they're slow detox of fires so they don't. detoxify things
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as quickly as other people. electromagnetic fields are natural part of the environment we've all grown and evolved with in the earth's natural protective cradle of electromagnetic fields 10 hertz frequency pulsations emanate from the core of the earth constantly that's right where human conscious thought occurs we're in tremendous harmony as are all species with background electromagnetic fields what we've done with technology is introduce signalling characteristics that don't exist in nature power density exposures that do not exist naturally at the at the surface of the earth there is no corollary in biology that understands how to interpret this word just to those. see they used to think that non-ionizing radiation is safe so that's why some of our safety standards are based only on
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thermal heating but there's so much science now it's something over 2000 studies by now showing that non-ionizing radiation it has bio effects on plants animals people the science just pointed out does have harmful health effects in the u.s. government study they recently put out the. n.t.p. project or program showed that an author bratz the bets that were exposed to the cell phone levels of what we're looking at suppose to now had way higher rates of cancer and the rats that were unexposed didn't even get cancer and of course you know the white house had said it was a class to be carcinogen back in 2011 meaning like lead in the best us but alas scientists are showing that it's actually a much more serious cancer risk than even with of world health organization says when he was michael whole staying on the business manager for the green bank observatory here in green bay quest for genuine in 1958 the federal government created the national radio choir the only one like it in the world to protect us
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against fixed based license transmitters things like radio towers or t.v. towers or radar installations that the broadcast and of course in the fifty's when they were created there wasn't a lot out there but in the last 1520 years you know wireless technology is just simply explode and so the quiet zones also protect against. interference from cell phones so in this area you don't have cell service people don't have a lot of the technologies that exist elsewhere and for their reason people with electromagnetic i present to vittie have found that green bay because sort of become a focal point for their their lives. over here and this is my spot this is where i come. to recoup sometimes i can for 48
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hours straight and i when i'm here. i feel the same like someone has to fill in the seventy's and eighty's i feel completely normal everything every single symptom is completely gone. but you'd be surprised how many forests are now no longer refuge and it is affecting the trees that there's a lot of documentation on that and when i'm walking in those forests there's absolutely no relief at all if it's worse than parts of new york city trees and i went to a beautiful beautiful state park in florida i was just dying so i as i was leaving i asked the ranger i said you by any chance have wife i hear in she said no no no we haven't be wireless system you know for tracking everything possible thank you but was still so good i can't put into words was just feels like yes it was was she was in my god i was just how she was was and she
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was this is a r f meter this will pick up radio frequency microwave so i want to show you that the background level here is 3.6. millivolts per meter just to give you an example most air suburban areas probably have a background level of about $400.00 maybe in certain heights but you could be several 1000 the background level is certain kiosks that are going up in manhattan there's 7500 wireless kiosks that are being positioned throughout the 5 boroughs and the background level right now is 20000 make or.
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when the trains go by i'm guessing some of it. the tram the train and also every season from there's a white science all service and all stations now put in the sun so it jumps up to $600000.00 keeps jumping around on. the subway. and we're going to fulfill the repeated promises a possible to the people on time i should be you know we've all butts the interest . rate pretty well right.
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now you want to 1st correct that. no. balls being cut cut. you know world of big partisan movies mock ups and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the
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middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision. every song came to a complete. the day that i was raped. you know told to shut up they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and he grabbed my arm and he raped me with his birthing area if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished from the offender and almost 10 year career
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or chose very invested in and i gave a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue of tower and violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's men or women. this is my cabin i built this party leader i did all of this myself and then i this other one i had killed a few years before i got a little help on that and i feel chewed on the skids so i can move it i've already moved it. twice. 2 and this is. the stove and the. what's your profession would you do before you were an architect and
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registered architect so i worked in i worked all over the world i worked many years in nepal and i was i was working in hawaii for 7 years. before i got sick. this man is a little sensitive he made his own cord phone. doesn't it yvonne's like even the car doesn't work for me even when the phone goes on in some of these areas. i remember it was laura's birthday. yes and then perhaps come over to your house when when is a good time this is measuring the phone. this connect to the phone so you can see any of copper wire this would be a wire inside. the same phone line that was already on poles comes into the house
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it's an analog landline phone but it still is still too hard for someone with sense to me we have to make modifications here you get the magnetic field now on this side. steps. why is it because there's no wire in here this is an air tube all it is is a tube the reason i have a pen attached is because i was holding. i was holding this and i was going my fingers would start to tingle. i get numb because of that magnetic field so i just happened to use a plastic pen and then here's the air to and i have no magnetic field and this is a microphone and i speak into the microphone sometimes i hold this and sometimes i don't. and i can spend quite a long time on the phone this way but i do have to hold this away another is because begin to know there are many other issues the one that is. that i've been
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very much involved in has been electro hypersensitivity in children which is reflected primarily by headaches. but a sense of having brain fog of not being able to learn well i'm presently involved in a legal case and message 2 sets of a 9 year old child who school refused to provide him with a room that was free of of wife or when he's present for several hours in rooms that have. multiple routers. multiple wireless laptops he develops severe headaches and often will develop nausea and even vomiting. sell when folks try to figure out what wife eye looks like it's the most schools
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now have wireless access points that are connected to their routers and they're put in either every classroom some classrooms have more than one some do in the hallways. but they continually emit a microwave radiation signal broadcasting their address whether there's even anybody in the classroom it continues all day all night and so. in this classroom even though we have the sign hanging in our while we have not turned off the wireless access points and so we see that the acoustic meters are we going . the levels where we happen absence of studies all over the world showing biological effects and that wireless access point out there just continues all day with our students in the schools i couldn't go to school in the state i really don't feel well just being in the building i don't feel well in a lot of places but in particular i can really feel myself reacting here and just
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getting wiped out i just saw a sign on one of the classrooms that said not allergies of unknown senate seat sort of like this is just issue has the potential to become very similar right right back we can create white sounds we can create clear spaces where people who are sensitive don't get exposed but we should really as our world experts advice is to do try and turn it off because even if you don't feel it today 19000000 of effect on our system over the years can help you to develop things like alzheimer's and autism coming on to the spectrum later in life it could lead to heart problems that could lead to brain cancers these don't happen overnight but on a continual deterioration of our system these are notes from my wife she's in green bike estrogen and these are a valentine of notes just just notes that she sends me in the mail i love it when i
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pull up you of course there's a picture of her kids this is a picture of her kids were younger. and i like to look at them every day. it just helps keep me connected to her even though we're 8 hours away. i only go once in 2 weeks every 2 weeks i drive down and i stay for either a short weekend or for longer depending on the work i have to pay responsibilities here in new york i still cannot just leave it in the. car to work i do have to work. in the region tires. so these are all the signatures that you can see they go on and on and on. from the international a scientist feel to the un statement that the scientific evidence shows that all of
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the safety standards of most of the agencies in the world are inadequate basically the appeal states that numerous scientific publications have shown that e.m.f. affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines effects include increased cancer is cellular stress increase in harmful free radicals genetic damages structure and function changes of the reproduction sits just a reproductive system learning in memory deficits during logical disorders and negative impacts on general beings in humans damage goes well beyond the human race as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to birth animals and plant life in and it goes on one of the things that was a little disconcerting for me on this journey was to find out how high the limits were in the united states compared to other countries rights though like right here athol for allows 0 point one microwatts percent a meter squared so basically on
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a little you know ram of tissue here how much radiation is ok they're working off of the biological levels so they're working out where our science is telling us there's biological effects. switzerland's it afore china's it is 6 russian italy or 10 where it 580 so we allow 580 microwatts for centimeter squared radiation when we know the biological harm is way down here at point 01. people in the f.c.c. has not changed their guidelines those guidelines are 20 years old they were set in 1906 based on exposure from one device so we don't even have any standards at all these are just guidelines and we certainly don't have anything that represents how we use technology today one device is what our standards are guidelines represent how does that compare to a classroom of 30 students who are all 30 students have
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a cell phone and all 30 students are using some sort of a tablet or and a laptop and then you've got access points up on the ceiling you might have a cell tower outside your school you might have smart meters on the wall we don't have any regulation around that and we are just continually bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation right now we're outside the f.c.c. building in washington d.c. . and the reason we're here is that they're about to have an open meeting about 5 g. and. basically they're kind of deliberating about how to make it as easy and painless as possible for the telecom industry to install hundreds of thousands of mini cell towers one for every other house everywhere with no restrictions about where they can seriously turning like what is already a health crisis into just like a health nightmare we want to acknowledge and we just want to say. there are too many people that can no longer continue with their profession because they're just
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still unfortunately there is no known treatment the guaranteed to work there is also very limited evidence for a blood test that would give you diagnosis of all that represents a 2. but the our federal government as totally shut down all funding for this kind of research and that's been the case for what 20 years why there is no funding for a variety of reasons. we have a very aggressive telecommunications industry they don't want research on this area our political system is so dependent on raising money for being elected if you're in congress we are coherent electrical systems one coherent system when when biological systems are exposed to these intensities we don't really know what it is that that is going to result from that so we don't basically comes to we don't know the giant experiment it's a gamble in favor of allowing the safety margin to fall in the camp of the
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industries that are bringing us the technology there is no precautionary approach to this at least not in america and it's there's so many people that are dealing with this right now we're coming throwing speaking about it for every person a speech comes forward to speak is going to be like 500 people that don't mention it off that don't say anything even young people who can manage and being a safe 35 and you have a career and your career involves using your i phone in your computer things like that being in an office and perhaps you circuiting headaches are getting fatigued but would you want to believe that you're going to have to stop doing all this i mean that's how you live it must be frightening and what we fight with it or even if you're right my daughter sits mistress mom what do you think i'm going to visit you know pack up and move to west virginia and it just stopped me my tracks and i was like no absolutely not to get health and
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a safe environment this is yes it's here. we. the no. i have loved. you know you used to. will. go. if you want me to. do so will learn for. your song. be. seeing you soon. you. know make it easy to. be near you. i thought i was being electrocuted
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in new york look only i really felt like my body was completely wired we lived in your car always over shooting in the food. that's another thing according to the rat study they expose the rats in 3 generations there was total sterility so some scientists like oil hansen say if it's even exposing ourselves to these levels there could be total sterility in humans in 5 generations so if that's true we can just all go out like.
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today there are good terrorists and bad that is the bad news in yemen the united states. the looked at those war in syria the cia and the u.s. military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right away military imposed funding an army just was there's no. more because there's always a small. really good this is a profit. thousands
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of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision. every song came to a complete. the day that i was right. you know hold the shot they kill me and i see how destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and you graham my arm and he write me. if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the u.s. military is a very very traumatizing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished them the offender and almost 10 year career or chose very invested in and i gave a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the registry this is
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simply an hour and violent male sexual predators for the large part of charge of whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or when. i met guys or what more of my guy could. financial survival this is on a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these are not accountable and we're just adding more and more to the. global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for its geysers. as. we. move.
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the british prime minister is accused of being a reports on russian influence in the brakes and referendum with only a day to publish before parliament dissolves for the election. coming up on the program a us court rules on a homeowner whose. police search for a thief any compensation from the authorities. they proceeded to destroy the whole house until finally they ended up because it was really nothing left of the house. mixed messages from facebook. to be facilitating people.


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