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tv   News  RT  November 5, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EST

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headline stories this hour a u.s. military convoy. in syria from turkish militants the group wants fiercely promoted. against company rules mcdonald's fires one of its most successful c.e.o.'s ever for a consensual relationship with only. the subject of so named an appropriate. c.e.o. i don't know how much time this guy had on his hands to me but do you know the world we live in this is an arrow right now of our. i do know that
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for him. is another advance in its controversial nuclear program saying it can only be reversed if u.s. sanctions are lifted. or international news center here in moscow this is r.t. hello and welcome to the program i'm you know neal. a u.s. military convoy in syria has been attacked by turkish militants and it came under artillery fire from the group known as the syrian national army near the town of told to me here in the north east of the country the pentagon confirmed the attack took place saying that the patrol was on armed and it comes amid a partial withdrawal of american troops from the north of the country relocation forces to near bring iraq. 1st confrontation either between the u.s.
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and the militants over the past number of weeks washington's envoy to syria claims the group which was once called the free syrian army committed war crimes during turkey's offensive in northern syria turkish supported. opposition opposition forces who are under general turkish command in at least one instance did carry out a crime and we have reached out to turkey to demand an explanation well turkey has pledged to investigate the allegations it is worth noting the relations between washington and the militants in syria have not always been strained some where armed and promoted by america during their fight against the syrian government artie's kill up and looks now at how groups once fiercely backed by the us of a volved into wealthy or not. the free syrian army american media and politicians told of glorious freedom fighters picking up a gun for democracy and human rights and the usa wasn't afraid to show its support
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the united states has been one of the biggest supporters whether it's politically whether it's financially in a range of manners of the moderate opposition including the freestream our syrian army the administration is staking its efforts in syria on the free syrian army aid and assistance that we're going to give to the free syrian army is used to advance the cause against guys will watch the transformation of the free syrian army as well early on have they gotten more quickly better or is it just me well guess what forces fighting under the f s a's latest incarnation are now attacking the united states as part of the de confliction exchange information has been received from the u.s. side to that on 3rd november a convoy of american servicemen was fired upon from the territory controlled by the pro turkish syrian national army so how did this happen i was a group go from being worthy of u.s.
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support weapons and training to being terrorists to attack america as well let's review the process of the f s a's evolution as the syrian conflict escalated they were presented as a soft force to counter the quote brutal regime of bashar al assad western journalist even visited them they are former syrian soldiers they say they refused orders to fire on their own countrymen a few months alongside to take up arms against the assad regime there are pretty gnarly bunch for a soft force but who pays attention to these details western media fell in love with them and their commander solemn interest even got a surprise visit from john mccain the u.s. senator slipped across syria's borders so he could meet with america's dream team fighting against the syrian government and sense then solemn even appeared on major to. networks in the united states i spoke with general salim idriss just moments ago he's head of the free syrian army i spoke earlier today to rebel leader general
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salim he connected with us via skype from inside syria egypt spoke to state department correspondent margaret brennan in turkey in 2014 the pentagon splurged $500000000.00 on syrian opposition groups to the now infamous train and equip program the goal was pretty glorious $5000.00 soldiers a year for the following 3 years however at the end of the day the mathematical calculations ended up with a pretty big margin of error it's a small number. ones that are in the fight. is is we're talking 445 the overall goal is to make sure that we have enough. to be able to get work done on the ground a lot of the weapons and money spent and it up in the hands of terrorist groups like i still or the al nasra front fine use of u.s. taxpayers money and sense than the u.s. trained fighting force seems to have almost disappeared but now they're back we've
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got the syrian national army this is a totally new organization with dozens of different factions $80000.00 total fighters approximately and guess who the minister of defense is well you guessed it it's major solomon idris but he's got a completely new script now he is no longer a big fan of the stars and stripes as the syrian conflict twists and turns you have to ask yourself who is the united states going to end up supporting next and how long until they turn against the united states again this incident at the very least. destabilizing the presence of american speed and also the support for these groups like the so-called syrian national omi which consists or do people who quite aggressive jihad to use and so it's been ones convenience and now it's become inconvenient. for that how do this who have seen that yes the americans have abandoned the kurds who they disliked but of course they fear that they too will be controlled but they didn't really think about who their friends were who they were
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helping who they were arming and funding. to moving on to another story now a big shake up is making waves in the world of fast food mcdonald's has fired its c.e.o. steve easterbrook for engaging in a consensual relationship with an employee which is against the company policy there was an outpouring of support for easterbrook online. mcdonald's c.e.o. fired after having an affair with a nun ploy get your head out of sand she's not a victim steve shouldn't have been sacked by mike don't the need to movement is picking low hanging fruit if they are claiming steve scalp the difference today in the era of the mitsu movement is growing public pressure on organizations including corporations and religious institutions to hold powerful people accountable for sexual abuse harassment and other bad behavior. make doll's rules for
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a big romantic relationship between managers both direct and indirect employees easterbrook took over as chief executive in 2015 after working his way up through the company he's been widely credited with revitalizing the fast food chains restaurants its menu as well in a message to stuff he apologized and admitted his the smiths and was the right decision we got the opinions of births of legal analyst on t.v. and radio host current or. the fact that the best c.e.o. that they've had in a long time is now going to be out of a job because of a personal issue is really sad i mean it's just the state of how we look at things today in america and this was a consensual relationship there was really nothing a listen that he did it's the way it is i did today's era of me too and the like not to mention their own the history of problems here and there what are they going
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to do it's their law he knew what he was executive he violated and that's it you know it's hard to meet people these days that i'm sure it's hard to be single i'm married by you know as a single person in america you know being a c.e.o. i don't know how much time this guy had on his hands to meet people you know what his golden parachutes going to be today oh my god this poor guy we're very good immediately bloody match dot com we see each is too busy for that and it's funny how we read into it while it was consensual nobody's saying it was a rape nobody's a kludge it was a violent physical attack of course it was consensual but do you know the rule that we live in this is an era right now of matt lauer and me too i do i do know the rules out all over him you can see the era of over it all over it. over it good how do you do it i mean as wide in america you are getting there are a bunch of judging people i'm tired of us judging you know everybody is going to relationship no i'm not and you know why if i was if i was in charge i think the
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world might be a better place because we're going to sirt some logic into this minutia that has become so consuming in today's journalism and in today's america perhaps the company could have some sort of agreement where you know we allow consensual relationships with some sort of agreement between the parties before. and you know and gauge in sexual conversation would you please sign this here to which would you signal that yes we are entitled to one people do it every day the outside world we live in and you have staff. who signs contracts for sexuality like what are you talking about who does it might you might have to you might have to you might have to have a contract to protect yourself. the u.s. government is reportedly investigating social media platform to talk one of the most done loaded video sharing out over national security concerns the company
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which is chinese own exploded in popularity in america especially with teens on this one of the few to challenge the monopoly of tech behemoths like facebook and google. these. men and. i'll be honest with you up until last week i had no idea this thing even exist it take tock tick tock for me simply the sound i associate with the clock well if you feel the same i'll have to tell you either you're getting old like me or it's just that your online habits need an urgent update take talk a platform to share short videos is now the most downloaded app the king of all
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apps and twitter and co you've been dethroned just so you know ever heard the song. if it wasn't for his app store majesty the song wouldn't have become a hit you can hear on the radio anywhere in the world but here's something that may surprise old school folks like me even more the king belongs to an asian dynasty tick tock is that chinese app. so that's why the top democrat senator in his late sixty's is more up to speed than me 110000000 americans who have information with and the chinese government could be grabbing every one of them guess what the u.s. government is already up to reports say they've launched a national security probe into tick talk and the worries are the chinese government
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could spy through take talk influence through take talk and censor what's on tape talk good god how come the rest of the world hasn't given up american born facebook speaking of the man who introduced the blue f to us all it's only natural he is keen to have a go at his competitors or services like what's up are used by protesters and activists everywhere due to strong encryption privacy protections on tick tock the chinese are quickly around the world mentions of these same protests. censored now just let me show you what the people behind tick-tock have to say about all that our data centers are located entirely outside of china and none of our data is subject to chinese law we're not influenced by any foreign government including the chinese government to talk does not operate in china nor do we have any intention of doing so in the future oh someone here is either being really does honest or
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outright paranoid or a bit of both it's time to stick in a hash tag us china trade wars i'll tell you what this year has shown these has still ities could easily spill over into modern tech slash online territory remember how america once went after i phone killer one of the wall way if i want to be still the right word washington even sought jail time for one of wall ways top executives and held google to the wall over android updates anyway for now clocks in teen minds and quite a few older ones even in america will be taking the chinese take talk way mr schumer do you have the guts to keep up with the times and join the royle after party. still ahead for you this be the pakistani prime minister's last day in office we
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look at the huge protest movement he is facing for the short break. the people who are printing the money don't rely on taxes to get wealthy they're not part of the real economy that's a that's the same thing as saying that rulers of saudi arabia rely on the way. ages of the people living in saudi arabia to get rich they they don't they just print more or pump more oil in the america the princes that run our economy just print more money they don't need the workers they don't need their taxes that's why they don't have wage growth that's why there's been that this aeration has their own need. the world is driven by shaped.
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thinks. we dare to ask. hello again with yet another technique of rum has taken a step further from the hard brokered 2015 year career deal the announcement was made by president hassan rouhani he says iran will wind the program done again if sanctions are lifted. in asia out to my ordered the department of energy to begin
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the working on the centrifuges starting from tomorrow. just like the previous ones out is reversible our work will be conducted under the supervision of the international atomic energy agency. that on monday iranian officials also announce the they had double the number of advanced centrifuges the country holds it all comes as a round suffers under us such as iran so it's also losing patience and a longer wait for europe to come to its a straight germany's foreign minister sees the whole agreement is now in jeopardy. we said this is unacceptable so ultimately iran is doing nothing less than putting the entire nuclear agreements at risk and that is why we expect iran to return to full compliance with its obligations. and just some background to remind you the iran nuclear deal was signed back in 2015 it took 9 years of painstaking talks to
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secure russia china the u.k. germany france the us all signatories to it now under its terms sanctions by the international community were to be lifted in exchange for tehran freezing its nuclear program it was hailed as a landmark agreement ending more than a decade of strife with iran but in may last year the u.s. you know lost 3 pulled out of the agreement despite criticism from european allies donald trump describe the deal as florida and subsequently impose sanctions on iran since then the other signed up nations to it have been struggling to keep the spirit of the deal alive but professor of politics side 100 marandi told us that european countries should be doing a lot more. well the problem is not just the united states is the europeans because contrary to what the german official said it is the iranians who have been abiding by the nuclear deal for over a year and
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a half now whereas the europeans have been in complete violation americans toward the agreement and trump has been putting pressure on the europeans europeans so they are effectively pursuing the same policy as the united states unless the europeans grow a backbone and unless they abide by their obligations the iranians have no other option but to gradually exit the agreement and so far we don't see the europeans growing a backbone and it's not good for them internationally because the international community sees the europeans as. ineffective and basically subordinate to the united states. pressure is being ramped on pakistani prime minister in iran can. only to demand his resignation they say he only came to power because last year's election was rigged and accused him of flawed economic policies the leader of the protest movement is set to meet government officials this tuesday the
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demonstrations began in the southern city of karachi there on 10 days ago progress towards the capital a slum about those protesting or pushing for another election to be done for the army tremaine of the process initially the prime minister was given until sunday to quit an additional 24 hour extension of. reportedly expired meantime protest leaders say about the movement will continue until their demands are met. continue this protest and to throw these illegal rulers out of power they must realize their rule is over your mandate and government has no more mandate now. but for some insight into the events unfolding in pakistan we're joined by geo political expert java gorani who is in islamabad good to see you. what triggered this protest movement from religious leaders what was the main aspect of it.
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or. what triggered what we're seeing the protests what was the main aspect of it job it. what i can or gather from your question is it seems they do just bark do you bitch is. or from the big dog protest. or. that's what they want and that these are the election goes down really well. we're live. on. present and the 2nd that you are you hot. mama some scum good friend that is probably because of. all the armor i remember back all of which heard a very negative or do your thing it's long the problem is solved or there's been biased it's inspired by a sorry. house but girly human. mom which means it's.
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who i am and i think ok because of their knowledge do option on all of. our earth or last. line is on the grand isle jazz really and i ask another question just dies i'm going to be 80 yet for our next. job but let me just try another question we'll just listen to what you say and continue with your if we can hear you run is reportedly ready to agree on all the movements the accept his resignation do you think the protestors are willing to negotiate. i think that he cleared about the question with those look a modest but but what i can tell you that the oppositions dubon a lot of broken into but it just that is likely to happen that is going to be
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a starting point between 2 parties but when it comes to the do you want to be all opposition party forcing firms to resign that is unlikely it is because of the fact that the army is a sporting private about and also because of the 5 of the opposition parties did go to enjoy that kind of public support whereby they can force by mr resign there is a possibility that the opposition it will flush some sort of strike all over pockets on incoming business but that is unlikely to attract any public sympathies given got 5 people are more concerned about good did affairs and this particular board just has not evolved last year of public reaction did odd what did 100000 people. which represented one particular religious party. i did only really got to grow up so liberal as an a from different backgrounds did not enjoy that going to war where they can load people of what actually is did one lone fool applause any. of the audibly which is
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backing the military and the military is back in government and. if you try one of these come. and that is that reason they have come and go towards the resignation of the prime minister opposition leader's job and we just a little bit of time they say that they want to move pakistan of isolation how isolated is pakistan and from the pictures we're seeing of the people protesting what moves could they make to change things already i have not been. ok let's just leave there because there is a connection issue with the. un force no we just get a clear connection we've been speaking to geo political expert. in.
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ok moving on better social services on an end to economic inequality those are the months which brought fresh clashes with police in the chilean capital where thousands rallied once more. i. the latest demonstrations come after a short pause in weeks of demonstrations at least 20 people have been killed during the. arson of also lead to major international gatherings being intuiting the u.n. climate summit government claims that 6 police officers have been injured including . far by molotov cocktails thrown by protesters. all right going way beyond the financial headlines next we're crossing to the ports . in moments that make sense of all things business and markets as they looks.
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join me every thursday on the excitement and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics. i'm sure i'll see of that. dimension again 635 did you ever what a career and a career involves using your i saw in your computer things like that in an office and perhaps you sort of killings and it says are kids. going to have to stop doing all this in this kind of you lou they're here to be free my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up living it in a box. or out of
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a very strong magnetic field on a card in my head. think of it like a real hard pressure my skin burns and that wireless access point out there just continues all day with our students in the schools. we are just continually bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in their country's military and their decision little shattered lives every thing came to a complete. the day that i was raped to be instructed you know told to shut up what they kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and he grabbed my arm and he write me with his birth thinking if you take
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into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen. from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished don't be offended and almost 10 year career which shows very invested in and i gave a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue of our in violent male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's men or women. seem wrong. just don't hold. any. yet to shape out these days become educated and in gains from it equals betrayal.
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when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. there max kaiser this is the kaiser a party of all or that expression of you find yourself in a hole stop digging sounds logical right not for who particular industry. basic. thing indeed in fact there are 2 industries and we've talked about them often that's the tech industry we have the tech bubble $2.00 with we were left peloton all of those sort of companies and we have the fracking one and that's important for this 1st headline for wall street dot com because he looks at all
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these bubbles going on what he says is here's what i'm worried about with the everything bubble how cash burn machines power the real economy and what happens to the economy when investors refuse to have more of their cash burned so he calls it the cash burn machines these are investors willing to just keep throwing money into ever losing operations we work. of course they were losing money for 10 years or less in the case of we work but they keep on throwing money and they're willing because there's always somebody to flip to they all share $2.00 things in common one they're fabulous lee efficient finely tuned and endlessly perfected cash burn machines and to investors in these companies count a new cash from new investors to bail out and removing the rate the existing investors otherwise known as a ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme this is a socially was driving the economy is.


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