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tv   News  RT  November 5, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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it's unbelievable we have. everything leaked video shows an a.b.c. news anchor revealing the network's out on explosive interviews from 3 years ago detailing the predatory behavior of disgraced u.s. billionaire. others involved in. the latest twist in the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president trump the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. revised earlier testimony saying he told ukrainian officials that u.s. military aid was a link to investigating a company linked to the son of a former u.s. vice president joe biden. u.s.
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military convoy comes under fire in syria from turkish backed militants according to russia's defense ministry we look at how the grouping including factions once fiercely promoted by america has now turned on washington. national and sean thomas certainly glad to have with us. all right in yet another twist in the saga of deceased financier jeffrey epstein that leaked video shows a.b.c. news presenter amy robock off air claiming the network had explosive interviews on the convicted pedophiles predatory behavior more than 3 years ago but it chose not to run the content it also implicated high profile figures including britain's prince andrew and bill clinton here's a look at the footage obtained by transparency group project. unbelievable what we
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have we have everything. i tried for 3 years to get it on. and now it's coming out. of revelations and i'm freezing. every day i get more and more pissed because i'm just like. it was what it was on real. served as a 13 month sentence in 2008 for prostitution related charges involving a minor later he faced dozens of other cases involving sexual solved and trafficking before his arrest in july 2019 on august 10th epstein was found dead in his cell and weeks later the cases against him were closed if ortiz ruled his death a suicide. a.b.c. news has defended its decision not to broadcast the story stating it did not meet editorial standards at the time well and agreed explaining her comments were made
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in a private moment of frustration earlier my colleague nicky aaron spoke with the founder of project very journalist james o'keefe. well i think it's a huge concern and that the statement that you just read there was seemingly written by corporate lawyers for a.b.c. it directly contradicts what amy robach says on the set and this leaked hot mike tape i think comes across quite well and if i were her i'd be upset at these executives for squashing the story as well but the tape is if you watch the full 3 minute tape you'll see that she's she's very upset that these interviews with the accusers were not aired she says she's 100 percent confident that epstein was was killed and this is a pretty prominent american a.b.c. news journalist making these statements and i have to wonder why did they not air these stories why why were they why was the sheld i think that a lot of these people are can are not trusting the media anymore in this country
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because the media does not cover the news i mean this is a big story this is a a huge story and you can see the anger you can see how frustrated amy robock when you listen when you watch this tape it directly contradicts what a.b.c. news is saying publicly now about not having enough corroboration there they're fine airing the allegations against maybe brett kavanaugh for or trump or anybody else but when it comes to bill clinton and some of these folks 'd that are mentioned by amy in this hot mike tape they say they just didn't have enough corroboration i'm not sure how a.b.c. news defines a corroboration when it comes to credible witnesses talking about sexual assault. in newly revised testimony u.s. ambassador to the e.u. gordon sohn linda says he told the ukrainian government that there would be a quid pro quo on the issue of military aid being held up by the white house something he had previously denied any knowledge of. also i now do recall
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a conversation on september 1st 2019 in warsaw with you mr your mac this brief conversation followed a larger meeting involving vice president pence and president lenski in which president selenski had raised the issue of suspension of u.s. aid to ukraine directly with vice president pence after that large meeting i now recall speaking individually with mr your mac rest said that resumption of u.s. aid would likely not occur until ukraine provided the public anti-corruption statement that we have been discussing for many weeks it comes as u.s. house democrats continue an impeachment investigation into u.s. president donald trump they allege he tried to force ukrainian president vladimir is a lansky to start a corruption investigation against small holdings where hunter biden the son of the former vice president joe biden was a board member it is claimed that trump withheld nearly $400000000.00 in military aid to ukraine in an effort to pressure kiev to launch such a probe
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a former cia officer arabian government thinks the democrats have miscalculated over impeachment sandlin is just aware that they're probably his messages have been compromised or that he's been monitored he's just trying to correct the record it's a big mistake this is all a political game here in washington it's a big mistake for the democrats to circumscribe their their inquiry their pietschmann a story to the you create a problem what effect does that have well. joe biden is out of the running as far as i'm concerned there's so much dirt on joe biden i just wonder what more dirt president truck was trying to dig out so as the state's become reveal it's going to be also revealed that the people talking to the democrats here have been in touch with these other people like the whistleblowers so-called and they interested in
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working for the deep state brennan and others and so you know the thing's going to full court they should be shown right quick but not on these flimsy charges of quid pro quo. russia says a u.s. military convoy has come under fire from turkish backed fighters near the town of tell tom or in northeastern syria pentagon officials say the patrols suffered no casualties but gave few details of the attack comes as u.s. troops resume positions in areas of the region they had withdrawn from last month at president comes command ahead of a turkish offensive it is the 2nd time the militants fighting for the syrian national army have targeted american forces in recent weeks washington's envoy to syria also claims the s.n.a. which has its roots in the free syrian army committed war crimes during operation against kurdish forces in northern in northern syria. turkish supported. opposition opposition forces who are under general turkish
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command in at least one instance did carry out a walk crime and we have reached out to turkey to demand an explanation turkey has promised to investigate the claims against its syrian allies it is worth noting that some of the groups under the force now accused of war crimes were previously supported and armed by washington parties came up and has more. the free syrian army american media and politicians told of glorious freedom fighters picking up a gun for democracy and human rights and the usa wasn't afraid to show its support the united states has been one of the biggest supporters whether it's politically whether it's financially in a range of manners of the moderate opposition including the freestream our syrian army the administration is staking its efforts in syria on the free syrian army aid and assistance that we're going to give to the free syrian army is used to advance the cause against guys will watch the transformation of the free syrian army as
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well early on have they gotten more quickly better or is it just me well guess what forces fighting under the f s a's latest incarnation are now attacking the united states as part of the de confliction exchange information has been received from the u.s. side that on 3rd november a convoy of american servicemen was fired upon from the territory controlled by the pro turkish syrian national army so how did this happen i was a group go from being worthy of u.s. support weapons and training to being terrorists to attack america as well let's review the process of the f s a's evolution as the syrian conflict escalated they were presented as a soft force to counter the quote brutal regime of bashar al assad western journalist even visited them they are former syrian soldiers they say they refused orders to fire on their own countrymen
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a few months alongside to take up arms against the assad regime there are pretty gnarly bunch for a soft force but who pays attention to these details western media fell in love with them and their commander solemn interest even got a surprise visit from john mccain the u.s. senator slipped across syria's borders so he could meet with america's dream team fighting against the syrian government and sense then solemn even appeared on major to. the networks in the united states i spoke with general salim idriss just moments ago he's head of the free syrian army i spoke earlier today to rebel leader general salim he connected with us via skype from inside syria egypt spoke to state department correspondent margaret brennan in turkey and 2014 the pentagon splurged $500000000.00 on syrian opposition groups to the now infamous train and equip program the goal was pretty glorious $5000.00 soldiers a year for the following 3 years however at the end of the day the mathematical
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calculations ended up with a pretty big margin of error it's a small number. ones that are in the fight. is is we're talking 445 the overall goal is to make sure that we have enough mess to be able to get work done on the ground a lot of the weapons and money spent and it up in the hands of terrorist groups like i still or the al nasra front fine use of u.s. taxpayers money and sense than the u.s. trained fighting force seems to have almost disappeared but now they're back we've got the syrian national army this is a totally new organization with dozens of different factions $80000.00 total fighters approximately and guess who the minister of defense is well you guessed it it's major solomon idris but he's got a completely new script now he is no longer a big fan of the stars and stripes as the syrian conflict twists and turns you have to ask yourself who is the united states going to end up supporting next and how
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long until they turn against the united states again this incident at the very least. destabilizing the presence of american speed and also the support for these groups like the so-called syrian national omi which consists of people who quite aggressive jihad to use and so it's been once convenience and now it's becoming convenient fool that to how do these who have seen us the americans have abandoned the code's who they disliked but of course they feel that they to be controlled but they didn't really think about who the friends were who they were hoping who they were funding. france is doubling down on its mission in mali after the country lost dozens of troops and. stories after a break stay with us. join
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me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to us on the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. the people who are printing the money don't rely on taxes to get wealthy they're not part of the real economy that's a does the same thing as saying the rulers of saudi arabia rely on the wages of the people living in saudi arabia to get rich they they don't they just print more or pump more oil in the america the princes that run our economy just print more money they don't need the workers they don't need their taxes that's why they don't have wage growth that's why there's been this aeration because they're unneeded. the good news if you like and use the term deep state you were no longer deemed a conspiracy theorist the bad news the deep sea is very real and powerful and
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a danger to the democratic process the deep state as the 4th branch of government as it comes. back this is our team international now the u.s. government is reportedly investigating social media platform to talk one of the most downloaded video sharing apps over national security concerns the company which is chinese own exploded in popularity in america especially with teens and is one of the few to challenge the monopoly of tech behemoths like facebook and google oh no. i don't do the phone now you know a good name. i'll
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be honest with you up until last week i had no idea this thing even exist it take tock tick tock for me simply the sound i associate with the clock well if you feel the same i'll have to tell you either you're getting old like me or it's just that your online habits need an urgent update take talk a platform to share short videos is now the most downloaded app the king of all apps and instagram twitter and co you've been dethroned just so you know ever heard the song. if it wasn't for his app store majesty the song wouldn't have become a hit you can hear on the radio anywhere in the world but here's something that may surprise old school folks like me even more the king belongs to an asian
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dynasty tick tock is that chinese app. so that's why the top democrat senator in his late sixty's is more up to speed than me 110000000 americans who have information with and the chinese government could be grabbing every one of them guess what the u.s. government is already up to reports say they've launched a national security probe into tick talk and the worries are the chinese government could spy through take talk influence through take talk and censor what's on tape talk good god how come the rest of the world hasn't given up american born facebook speaking of the man who introduced the blue f to us all it's only natural he is keen to have a go at his competitors or services like what's up are used by protesters and activists everywhere due to strong encryption privacy protections on tick tock the chinese are quickly around the world mentions of these same protests. censored now
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just let me show you what the people behind tick-tock have to say about all that our data centers are located entirely outside of china and none of our data is subject to chinese law we're not influenced by any foreign government including the chinese government to talk does not operate in china nor do we have any intention of doing so in the future oh someone here is either being really does honest or outright paranoid or a bit of both it's time to stick in a hash tag us china trade wars i'll tell you what this year has shown these has still it could easily spill over into modern tech slash online territory remember how america once went after i phone killer one of the wall way if you want to be still the right word washington even sought jail time for one of wall ways top executives and held google to the wall over android updates anyway for now clocks
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in teen minds and quite a few older ones even in america will be picking the chinese take talk way mr schumer do you have the guts to keep up with the times and join the royle after party. now look at. the french defense minister has stressed heard ministrations commitment to fighting the spread of islamist extremism in africa's. region florence of parleys comment come just days after insurgents killed $49.00 mali and its soldiers stationed at a remote outpost in the country's east it was the most devastating attack on the fragile obama go governments of forces in recent years with more his arteries. 7 years of bloodshed and violence isn't just continuing in mali some say it's
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worsening in recent weeks attacks have been increasing with this state claiming responsibility. with. another casualty of the mounting violence is france french troops have been stationed in mali a former colony for years. from now on will account for 50 percent of our budget for international security and cooperation because this is where the security of the african continent and more generally security of
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a good part of our planet europe included is being threatened. france has been leading the charge of the mali was split in 2 in 2012 by islamists who declared shari'a law in the north of the country it deployed troops to the region in 2013 but despite initial promise jihad ists have regrouped and they've spread violence has spilled over into neighboring countries bikini affair so and nisha now despite repeated commitments from president mccone to shore up the fragile region he's just not been able to stabilize the mali in government and the number of attacks has a doubled since 2016 despite that france is intent on staying in this. our commitment to the sahara is and remains a priority for france will take time to defeat those groups who thrive from the social and economic difficulties of the sahara region as the violence spreads
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across mali the failure of the french and u.n. troops to keep a lid on it is touring other tensions mali and military families have complained that the army is not being given sufficient resources to fight the insurgency said to protest not just to denounce terrorism but also the presence of foreign troops patients for military progress is wearing thin some groups are calling for change of tack advocating opening up dialogue with the chartists that something front has previously ruled out so to have mollies top officials but with the current impasse a new solution is needed or the death toll is likely to only. r.t. paris. journalist and africa expert johnson believes france's presence in the region may venture would become counterproductive. becomes
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a time when people say that they those that have come from the outside and that people should only europeans and the french specifically so the times when people say they overstayed their welcome there's a time when they've crossed a line and feel that the local support that they once were receiving might be declining i think we're coming close to that point because at some point in time we're coming close to 7 years that they've been close to 10 years if not law ringback and that's what some point the money government has got to realize that they're not making the relevant gains that they once were and more so. if things become counterproductive over time the settlers always been a difficult one again we are seeing for the 1st time if not in many most recent times where i asked and al-qaeda us into working together and we've seen them active your prating on the same territory mallees clearly one of those trees so it can be very difficult to dislodge them and it's going to be very difficult for the
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cells become free of terrorism and free of jihadist. political correctness has been propelled to center stage at theatres in london's west end they say and they are phasing out phrases like the ladies and gentleman and seeking gender neutral expressions to replace them. with story. ladies and gentlemen the show is about to stop please make your way to you'll see us the usual queue for punches of the westons famously it says here in london but it's a saying that might be making a hasty exit they could see the actors and entertainers trade union is released guidelines encouraging theater is. ladies and gentleman and use gender neutral terminology for collective calls both front of house and back stage so avoid alienating people who identify as non-binary so neither male nor female some venues
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at the apollo have already dropped the phrase opting instead for good evening or welcome stressing that they want everyone to feel welcome while london's transport network has already made the change from ladies and gentlemen to phrases such as good evening everyone but want to see it's a go is think about these changes if they didn't announce what they were doing it probably wouldn't notice so suppose it's fair enough although i quite like that is a gentleman to be honest should be on nothing give a take before you call the receipt so i. suffer through the. think maybe older generations might you know think it's a bit controversial but you know what i mean maybe upset because they're used to the tradition i mean if people that tended by that time right thing isn't. either a lady or a gentleman either or and to me that's. the ticket price to see both sides up and if it does change then i feel like it wouldn't be bad but at the same time if it doesn't change i think you'd have to respect that people should say ladies and
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gentlemen you can't list all all the gender has exactly it's only a meeting and its national the guidance released by equity follows on from a motion passed by student union representatives last month at oxford university the motion encourages the phasing out of capping to be replaced by a more side of the polls. it's a move to a more inclusive but critics are calling this political correctness. the changes be met with. about $34.00.
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such. utter. leaflet. flu. shots. i'm going to fulfill the repeated promises apologise to the people i promise to be you know it's all bots i am going to. basically you read it for a. pretty
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good bertha now you want to 1st read that. you. know. all the cut. you know world a big part of the model and conspiracy it's time to wake up to do. deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops
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the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision a little sheltered lives every song came to a complete. the day that i was raised to be instructed here you know told to shut up or they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life many screamed at me and he made me come in the gram my arm and he raped me with his birthing area if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished than the offender and almost 10 year career
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which i was very invested in and i gave that up to report a sex offender who was not even going to justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue of our and violent male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or one. time of the time called her ration to repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important to excel or a transition to sustainable prized board sustainability space where men are more equitable and sustainable. they claim their production is completely harmless. it does not the companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away this is something else this must be going to look . at news limited time stunt seem to be the best understood.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the good news if you like can use the term deep state you are no longer deemed a conspiracy theorist the bad news the deep state is very real and powerful and a danger to the democratic process but deep state as the 4th branch of government is a dangerous concept. crosstalk .


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