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i'm. invoking the russian menace as general election campaign gets underway in the u.k. boris johnson attempts to commit his main rival jeremy corbyn claiming the labor party started with looted over the script power poisonings. a major us network acknowledges it didn't run explosive allegations of sexual abuse by the disgraced financier geoffrey epstein because the story didn't meet its editorial standards. and desperation in a graph because protests and violence gripped the country on a scale unseen since the overthrow of saddam hussein.
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a very warm welcome to you you're watching arsing international with me nick allen it's great to have you with us our top story this hour general election campaigning in the u.k. has got off to a bad tempered start this wednesday with boris johnson launching a series of scathing attacks on the opposition leader the prime minister appealed to the public to vote for his conservative party rather than jeremy corbin's labor which he claimed has failed to take a tough enough line on russia. come with us a government that believes britain should stand in the world good with generally good being in the labor party who sided with putin when russia poisonings the streets. prime minister there in the grab that years referring to the script poisoning case back in march 28th seen of course russia did get the blame for this consistently denied all the allegations ever since because the prime minister they're bringing up the scandal to basically discredit jeremy corbyn as part of the
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campaign going forward and it wasn't the only anti russian the negative russian reference that's been used so far in the campaign the prime minister has also compared jeremy corbyn with stalin saying that he's attacking the wealth of the land owning class is what response the labor m.p. emily song has self is raised questions over boris johnson's top advisor dominic cummings who spent 3 years in russia after he graduated in the 1990 s. and the prime minister is also being accused of a cover up as number 10 is failing refusing to publish a report by the security and intelligence services about russian insults in british politics and then i saw him break asked why so we are bound to ask what is downing street so worried about why would they not welcome an official report into attempted russian interference in the 2016 referendum where the successful otherwise and i fear it is because they realize that this report will lead to other questions about the links between russia and brics it and with the current
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leadership of the tory party which risks the rating their election campaign however mr crispin share responded by saying there's nothing unusual in delaying the publication of the export ahead of the election as it needed to be examined and there was no proof of collusion it drove the rich for her suggest that somehow the conservative party and this government is linked to russia and this information. given the way that our own party leadership is out is the responsibility of party leadership. there is no evidence to suggest. the kremlin has successfully engaged in interference in our electoral processes so with 5 weeks to go until the election the mudslinging has already started with all the parties trying to compromise each other but perhaps the best way to compromise you is to mention indicate any allegations or any links whatever to do with russia. or talks
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the talk radio host think almost on going told is that cheap political point scoring is deflecting attention from crucial domestic challenges. when we vote you used. to get broke that it was really just about the reserve play god is all there for both of their houses this is exactly the kind you grow up in who are afraid of is just complete. i think the british a letter of fed up of this. garbage let's talk about policy is let's talk about what you're going to do to the country and let us have our democratic rights and about this through a change when we do vote for whoever we vote for and whoever wins what year in parliament actually implement the what we the people tell you to do. like you should have done over the e.u. referendum result 3 years ago we have at your office the ottoman texting our lawyer
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even sure after this election it said whether or go any less russia militias rumpel serious let's have their debate let's not have strange wraps was all he said she said and did you know these quotes and to each edition 2015. let's get the politics why. a leaked video appears to cast doubt on the impartiality of america's a.b.c. news channel et a network anchor claims the station cost her explosive interview with an accuser of disgraced tycoon geoffrey epstein back in 2015 who allegedly detailed the convicted paedophiles predatory behavior the following is part of the video obtained by transparency clear project writers. with everything. i have i tried for 3 years to get on to no avail and now it's all coming out and i think well of revelations that i personally have all of it i was so proud that every day i get more and more because i missed like 5 weeks it was all what we had it was
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unreal now this came to us from an insider within the network an insider who currently works at a.b.c. news leaked us this tape and that person is still on the inside so that we expect more to come here it's quite telling that this insider leaked this tape to project their it's us and not the washington post the new york times c.b.s. or c.n.n. because they seem to want to protect the people that were working with jeffrey epstein again amy robach saying that f. epstein was blackmailing people there's a lot of powerful people on those airplanes that amy is 100 percent certain he did not commit suicide i don't know why she won't say that publicly but there she is in the leaked tape on the set of the program saying these things when nobody is looking reminded of how this story developed 66 year olds multimillionaire jeffrey epstein was convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor in 2008 and was then registered as a sex offender in july this year he was arrested again and was about to face trial
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over the alleged creation of a sex trafficking network charges he repeatedly denied a month later epstein was found dead in his cell in an apparent suicide that brings us more. live t.v. one o one check your mike then check it again project veritas has published bombshell footage of an a.p.c. and recorded in late august shortly after the disgraced billionaire was found dead in his new york jail cell amy roebuck said over 3 years ago she had exclusive material relating to peter following material which had direct testimony from one of the victim's photos as well as other evidence of his dealings which implicated high profile figures like bill clinton prince andrew she told me everything she sure is changing everything she was fighting for 12 years making history come out we can is here to talk to us it was unbelievable what we have been clear with
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everything robot claims the story was stopped from going to 2015 because according to the people as no one knew who was funny that because just a few years before they've been happily sipping champagne on his manhattan townhouse you see back in 20 media heavyweights gathered out to dinner and on of the u.k.'s prince andrew a dinner which was arranged on hosted by you guessed it south and among those who wouldn't know who epstein was were both a.b.c. and c.b.s. phosphor 2015 managed to entice virginia robots to free one of the victims out of hiding produces few her and her family out to the a.b.c. h.q. in new york and hosted them and one of the big apple's most luxurious hotels what they got was the scoop of a lifetime to free through wind open the door on the marquee world of apps tide and
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his entourage as they flew around the walls on his private jet dubbed the least express powers found out that we have whole allegations of our prince andrew and threatened us a 1000000 different ways i viewed b.b.c. interview. as a potential game changer appearing on a.b.c. with its wide viewership would have been the 1st time for me to speak out against the government for basically looking the other way and to describe the anger and betrayal victims felt i was defeated once again by the very people i spoke out against and once again my voice was silenced i could not believe that a formidable network like a.b.c. had backed down and given while this exposition was saucy more salacious than mother reports on that side it wasn't the fust time his morals have been called into question stories piecing together a tangled web involving bill clinton and prince andrew had sophos before images of
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the finance his little black book with hundreds of victims names a mug alongside testimony from a 14 year old go claiming to have had sexual relations with a 1000000000 manhattanites gossipped about how new york city was being ferried around on his private plane to his private island along with the coterie of very young women but all those revelations just like roebuck's were put back in the troll at the time not all are reporting that are standards to air but we have never stopped investigating this story ever since we've had a team on this investigation and substantial resources dedicated to it that work has led to a 2 hour documentary and 6 point podcast that will air in the new year you'd be forgiven if that rings a bell because a.b.c.'s response is uncommon the similar to n.b.c.'s comment about its coverage or lack of of media mogul harvey weinstein in the end b.c. killed the story because they said you did not have enough facts that didn't reach
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their level of journalism yes we had multiple named women in every draft of the story we had audio of harvey weinstein admitting to a crime but more pertinently they ordered us to stop and it seems a.b.c. was not the only one to fall into the trap of maybe. to a state true media scrutiny but it's vanity fair and the new york times had several allegations of his inappropriate sexual behavior but chose to stick to safe stories on things like the origins of his wealth and was sought in the castle to avoid reporting some of the more suspicious details surrounding his death are a lot of men in those planes a lot of men who visited that island a lot of powerful man who came into our and so do i think he was killed 100 percent yes and maybe a.b.c. was right no one knew who abstain was or maybe it didn't want to get on the wrong side of some very powerful people people who if you believe the room was might just
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now have blood on their hands epstein's lawyer contacted the a.b.c. network at the time saying the allegations being made by the accuser interviewed by the channel could not be trusted well the anchor has backtracked slightly since the video was leaked. and he wrote back explained to her comments were made in a private moment of frustration but founder of project virus house again james o'keefe say's a.b.c. doesn't shy away from other high profile cases you can see how frustrated amy robock when you listen when you watch this tape it directly contradicts what a.b.c. news is saying publicly now about not having enough corroboration there they're fine airing the allegations against maybe brett kavanaugh for or trump or anybody else but when it comes to bill clinton and some of these folks that are mentioned by amy in this hot mike tape they say they just didn't have enough corroboration i'm not sure how a.b.c.
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news defines a corroboration when it comes to credible witnesses talking about sexual assault if not the only conclusion i can draw is that a lot of these network executives are very close to the people they were hanging out with jeffrey epstein per amy amy roebuck. political commentator and new york observer columnist andre walk a gave us his thoughts on a.b.c.'s decision not to air the incident why is it that there appears to be one rule for one group of people and the rule for another group of people i don't have a problem whatsoever with not broadcasting allegations against people that are on cooperated but that is precisely what happened to pratt cavanagh and time and time again we see it with anybody on the rights whether that be donald trump right the way through to local representatives in britain and america and so i just think there's a there's a great degree of hypocrisy here bought here is the thing that i really want to know and i don't care about trial by media i'm much more interested in the police
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looking into this and the proper judicial process why does time and time again the clinton cope all of this we are out there that just seems to be deeply disturbing and deeply distasteful you know time and time again we're expected to ignore suggested indiscretions by bill clinton said in a way that we would not do for the people of why design exists now hey look i'm not a conspiracy theorist but it is on dial surely true that there is one rule for one group of people are the real for bill clinton and hillary. israel's top court has upheld the government's decision to deport the regional had a human rights watch and not a kid who was a u.s. citizen cannot be removed under a law which prohibits public calls for a boycott of israel but the organization has warned it will set a dangerous precedent the supreme court has effectively declared that free expression in israel does not include completely mainstream advocacy for palestinian rights if the government now the poor human rights watch is researcher
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for asking businesses to respect rights as we do across the world there's no telling who move throughout next. the european union has spoken out in support of human rights watch calling on israel not to deport chicken or the un to has said that israel must allow rights defenders to carry out their work without threats or intimidation the court based its decision on a door introduced back in 2017 which can deny entry to israel if any individual or company calls for a boycott of the country over its actions all settlements in the west bank while we're now joined live by the director of human rights watch for israel and palestine himself i muchly care welcome to the program it's great to have you with us now the supreme court emphasized that essentially it has no real issue with human rights watch has said 8 but while the we view as an individual did you get that impression during the case though do you feel the decision constitutes an attack against rights organizations as a whole that claim is disingenuous the 3 year process to block human
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rights watch from operating in israel in the occupied palestinian territory began with the denial of her quest by human rights watch to have a foreign employee a request that was not specific to me a general claim when that failed in the organization got a work permit and i received a visa under that only then did the government move to the argument of boycotts and in court the government itself made very clear that it considers human rights watch as work itself to be support for boycott in the supreme court's interpretation of the law makes quite clear that human rights based advocacy to call on businesses to respect rights is ground for denial of entry and deportation what the government is really trying to do here is to say that the free expression is real today does not include basic advocacy for palestinian rights and the court has now put its stamp on the government's clampdown
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a systematic clampdown on rights advocates if you do indeed get deported do you expect more deportations of foreign observers and research just to follow. absolutely i mean look this decision is coming in the context of many other measures that have been taken against human rights defenders just the last couple of months last week we saw palestinian staff member of amnesty international issued a travel ban for unspecified security reasons clearly a punitive measure given to embassies work we've seen a campaign that incitement against groups like palestinian groups like al hakim is really groups like that said we saw a raid of the offices of palestinian prisoner rights group of the year that just in september what what's happening here is a systematic pattern but now that the court has rubber stamped and said this has the nearest legality under israeli law it really sends a chilling message and threatens to embolden the government to take further steps today it might be deportation denials tomorrow is that criminalizing the same kind
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of speech today it's boycotts tomorrow is that calling settlements illegal or the west bank occupied it's an incredibly dangerous precedent now understand that you have never called for a boycott of israel in the end you are theft and you apply the same standards as any other country and could you clarify your position in the standard so you look to apply. absolute look let me be crystal clear neither human rights watch nor i as representatives have called for boycotts we do not call for a consumer boycott we do not call for a boycott of israel proper what we do do as we do throughout the world is call on businesses to respect rights and in the context of the west bank years of research has led us to determine that any company that operates illegal settlements inherently contributes to rights abuses so we've called on companies to uphold the rights and stop those activities but we've never called for
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a boycott of those companies much less israel proper but really it's always when it's the talk of b.d.s. has generally been a catchphrase used to silence legitimate advocacy for palestinian rights and of course agree or disagree with boycotts the reality is it's a completely normal form of nonviolent civil expression so the idea that a country that professes to be a democracy would deport a rights defender over a peaceful expression should give you a sign of what kind of country israel is among the israel and palestine director of human rights watch thank you for your time. iraq you authorities are holding talks on constitutional amendments and they don't go in violence and the country around $260.00 people are believed to have been killed there since anti-government demonstrations started a month ago protesters are demanding a major overhaul of the political system which was established after the u.s. led invasion back in 2003 ati's daniel hawkins it's been delving deeper. iraq is
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no stranger to turmoil the country's seen little piece and even less the billet since the us led invasion of 2003 mass protests and violence of regulating gulf the state of these though are the worst since the overthrow of saddam hussein 16 years ago 'd. hundreds killed dozens in just one week by live ammunition many thousands injured amid a heavy crackdown by security forces or the government's deployed special forces imposed curfews and an internet blackout across the whole country but that's just angered crowds even more roads and bridges have been blocked by demonstrators who
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have also tried to take over buildings both in the capital baghdad and across other cities why is this happening with these protests address years of grievances corruption unemployment poor public service is there a source of anger across many countries but in iraq things should be different the rock should be thriving the country's oil revenue has exceeded 850000000000 in the post saddam years with production nearly doubling despite the internal strife with iraq estimated to hold almost 10 percent of the globe's proven reserves its prospects should be growing a report by the international energy agency predicts revenue to hit nearly 5 trillion dollars in just over 15 years time and optimistic estimates set back by years of conflict but you get the picture just months ago any joy in sex on a b.p. we're fighting for the right to build
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a pipeline in the country with tens of billions. dollars at stake and yet reality for most of the rockies is bleak last year iraq was ranked 168000 of under an 80 by a corruption index but for people surviving on a day to day basis that's one of the smallest concerns the world food program reveals more than half of iraqis are at risk of food insecurity with unicef figures last year showing one in 4 children living in poverty so what happened former u.s. defense secretary robert gates stated on a visit to baghdad that a new era was just around the corner more than ever i believe the goal of a secure and stable and democratic iraq is within reach almost 12 years on things couldn't be further from the truth to make sense of post intervention in iraq and where exactly the grievances lawyer let's speak to nicholas j. davis author of blood on our hands the american invasion and destruction of iraq mr davis thanks so much for joining us today good to have you with us now these
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protests they've been going on since mid october they show no sign of slowing down indeed there's been a government crackdown condemned by many organizations where do these grievances that law i that are spinning out with such violence all over the country the people of iraq you know i still you know have really been ignored and all this there is still suffering from the absolute destruction and economic devastation of iraq by the u.s. invasion and occupation by statistics iraq having 10 percent nearly 10 percent of the world's oil reserves this should be a wealthy state yet we're seeing something quite different here how much of this is about that inequality about that the wealth which is not trickling down which is being lost going down the drain to a corrupt system there were large state owned companies that that was the
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very basis of the iraqi a cause. to me and they supported this you know mixed mixed economy beyond that that was all completely destroyed unemployment under the u.s. occupation at one point breached at least 60 percent essential leave the sort of. you know pyramid of of power in you know occupied in post occupation iraq where you know this tiny group of u.s. and iranian backed exiles has you know with u.s. and iranian support created a monopoly on power that the vast majority of the disenfranchised alienated people of iraq have never supported the u.s. who really has completely discredited itself from start to finish it has done nothing that has helped the people of iraq at all you know either before or after
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the invasion and staying in iraq the dutch defense ministry has admitted for the 1st time that as strikes that conducted there in 2015 led to civilian casualties. we have announced the location date and time of 2 bombings by dutch sixteen's in iraq the dutch government established civilians was certainly very probably killed let's take a look at the 2 air strikes in question the 1st took place in june 2015 when an ice the bomb factory was targeted it caused secondary explosions that killed over 70 people including civilians now 3 months later in mosul a civilian house was wrongly identified as a terrorist h.q. about strike left 4 people dead these tragic incidents make up just a minute minute fraction of cases where civilians have been caught up in deadly aerial operations in iraq over the 1st 3 years of the campaign the u.s. led coalition is accused of killing nearly $3700.00 civilians in as strikes with us
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according to the non-governmental group iraq body count the coalition was comprised of $59.00 members though not all of which though took part in direct combat their stated goal that was to destroy the islamic state caliphate antiwar activist kathy kelly told us western countries should be held accountable for their roles in the war. it's a time when and and. i would say people of conscience everywhere are how to buckle down and work very very hard to call attention to crimes against humanity war crimes responsibility for torture and the consequences of our weapon peddlers it isn't that i want to see anybody go to prison but i do believe that military leaders and military systems have to be held accountable and we have taken i hope that all around the world people will try some truth
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and they represent us to the people in the countries where rest countries have made war against them for years and years pay reparations for the suffering cause this is what a civilized country did you. show your post the day stories by following us on social media leaving your comments that we're back at the top of the hour with the latest for you that. i. think. was i.
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i. think. the good news if you like to use the term deep state you are no longer deemed a conspiracy theorist the bad news the deep sea is very real and powerful and a danger to the democratic process the deep state as the ford. branch of government as it comes. time after time called parishioners repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport sustainability. a more equitable and sustainable world. they claim their production is completely. us. companies want us to feel good about products while the damage is
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being done far away this is this. greetings and salutations redemption or atoning for one's mistakes is one of the most important parts of the human experience the opportunity to not only apologize to those you hurt or offended but to redeem yourself in your own eyes however in today's world of what many are calling cancel culture redemption is not part of the narrative partly because so many who have been called out for what's deemed bad behavior don't feel they've done anything worthy of apology or change as a call to wrote the wall street journal opinion piece this week cancel culture
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doesn't understand redemption there is no hope for the cancelled but to avoid further cancellation which requires capitulation to the cancelling fury's and the hopelessness of the cancelled is on full display this week as the story of carson king and the reporter who covered a story and some temper of this year and i one man carson can went viral it was seen on e.s.p.n. college gameday holding a sign. asking for donations to a local children's hospital that's when local des moines register reporter erin collison went about writing a feel good piece on king calvin at the behest of his editor did a background check of carson and found off color racist tweets from when king was 16 years old but before the story even came out carson king held a press conference about the tweets and to apologize the p.c. mob then went after the only person left to blame and his piece for the columbia journalism review tie.


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