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tv   News  RT  November 6, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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stories killed or injured or killed so i think it gets worse as we get it says rajoy. invoking the russian man it's a general election campaign and gets under way in the u.k. boris johnson attempts to smear his main rival jeremy corbyn claiming the labor party spiked with putin over this group power poisoning. a major u.s. network acknowledges it didn't run explosive allegations of sexual abuse by the disgraced financier geoffrey epstein because the story didn't meet its editorial standards. desperation in iraq is protests and violence gripped the country on a scale unseen since the overthrow of saddam hussein.
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a very warm welcome to you watching r.t. international with me aaron and we start with news from the netherlands where passengers and crew have been safely evacuated from an aircraft of saddam's airport after what's been described as a major security scare earlier dutch police that they were investigating a quote suspicious situation on board an aircraft there it's been reported that nice men tried to hijack the plane but it seems that for it is now over the reports of the emergency services how to ride on the scene and there's several departure gates have been on lockdown. if it all now general election campaigning in the u.k. has got off to a bad tempered start this wednesday with boris johnson launching a series of scathing attacks on the opposite. and leader the prime minister
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appealed to the public to vote for his conservative party rather than jeremy corbin's labor which he claimed has failed to take a tough enough line on russia. come with us a government that believes britain should stand in the world good with generally could be in the labor party who sided with putin with russia. on the streets. the prime minister there in the grab that years referring to the script poisoning case back in march 28th seen of course russia did get the blame for this consistently denied all the allegations ever since because the prime minister they're bringing up the scandal to basically discredit jeremy corbyn as part of the campaign going forward and it wasn't the only anti russian the negative russian reference that's been used so far in the campaign the prime minister has also compared jeremy corbyn miss stalin saying that he's attacking the wealth of the landowning classes while in response the labor m.p. emily song has self has raised questions over boris johnson's top advisor dominic
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cummings who spent 3 years in russia after he graduated in the 1990 s. and the prime minister is also being accused of a cover up as number 10 is failing refusing to publish a report by the security and intelligence services about russian insult in british politics and then i saw him break asked why so we are bound to ask what is downing street so worried about why would they not welcome an official report into attempted russian interference in the 2016 referendum where the successful otherwise and i fear it is because they realize that this report will lead to other questions about the links between russia and brics it and with the current leadership of the tory party which risks the rating their election campaign however mr crispin chair responded by saying there's nothing unusual in delaying the publication of the report ahead of the election as it needed to be examined and then. is no proof of collusion of the rich for her to suggest that somehow the
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conservative party and this government is links to russia and this information given the way that her own party leadership is out is the responsibility of her own party leadership and. there is no evidence to suggest. that kremlin has successfully engaged in interference in our electoral processes so with 5 weeks to go until the election the mudslinging has already started with all the parties trying to compromise each other but perhaps the best way to compromise you is to mention or perhaps indicate any allegations or any links whatever to do with russia . we're joined live now by patrick henningsen journalist on global affairs analyst nice to have you with us thanks for coming on patrick how acrimonious do expect this campaign this election campaign to be i mean are you surprised by the tone that's been struck today. not at all not at all actually so it's.
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i think what you're seeing here is you're seeing a complete debasement of politics you're seeing the intellectual collapse but also the moral collapse of the sort of body politic but also of the mainstream media as well who are kind of acting as a facilitator for this kind of really ridiculous kind vapid debate that's going on right now where each party is basically trying to accuse the other party of being somehow in collusion or in league with the kremlin but then also you have the tories and half of the labor party pointing the anti semitism finger at germany corben as well so it is coming from all directions i think it's very sad actually. if i don't sell it into the script poisonings that it wasn't a lot wrong with coping response to that incident was that. no what boris johnson's
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using the establishment line on script which is basically to be skeptical or to wait for evidence is equal to siding with the kremlin so that's a line that teresa mayes government took at the time in 2018 and boris johnson is basically recycling at the fact the recycling is 2 year old price spinner smear really shows you that there is absolutely the chamber's absolutely empty in terms of original ideas and both these both of these governments parties don't want to argue about real policy issues so that's that's what we're seeing from this exchange right now as they're avoiding talking about really substantial of issues and so that instead it's become kind of a joke all right that that's was just about to say that you know best labor the conservatives are they offering a positive vision for the future defined on their own terms so to simply attempting
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to frighten the electorate into no voting for the other side. we what the what the conservative what the conservatives are attempting to do is front page of the telegraph today boris johnson pointing the. labor of stalinist stalinist tactics finger pointing and meanwhile the tories and the blairites have been doing the exact same thing to germany corbett with regards to charges of anti-semitism in the labor party which that's being ramped up again is well in parallel to the these russian smears that are going in both directions but what's interesting about the russian smear on this case is the accusations from the labor side are that boris johnson suppressing this report about russian involvement in the bracks it vote in the bracks that referendum and what what's interesting is i don't think the media wants this report really to come out and be scrutinized
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because one of the star witnesses of this report was christopher steele so this raises the question is what do they bring in christopher steele in such an important report after he had already been thoroughly discredited for basically pushing fantasy fiction in the trump dossier in december of 2016 or january 2017 and immediately people knew that that was a fraud the trump dossier but so was chris who are still brought into this inquiry knowing that he had authored one of the biggest forgeries or fake bits of fake news in history with with the trump dossier so that's a question that nobody really wants to answer of course there's there is very little substance in the accusations that russia had anything to do with the bracks or the you know turning the referendum in any particular direction sowing discord using these terms or coming up again sowing discord or. causing chaos and it's
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exciting so i don't think they. i want that report to come out because there's nothing in there and that pretty much kills the whole russia conspiracy theory on the spot so argue about it both parties don't really want to see that because it's you probably huge embarrassment patrick henningsen journalist and global affairs analyst thank you for your time thank you. well as he is in case you missed it it has also been exploring the attempts by british politicians to discredit one another by highlighting their opponents is dubious times to russia you can find the full version on your trip here's a snippet. britain's labor party has expressed concerns that this man dominic cummings the prime minister boris johnson's most senior aide has be. with britain great by election it's a bad time to have your name in the same sentence as in russia and a good way to smear your opponent.
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can result in blog says that he spent 94 to 97 being trained up to undermine the west at some indistinct point decades into the future just kidding actually the flow just says this i worked in russia 1994 to 7 on various projects. and last but not least prime minister boris johnson how could he possibly be a russian agent you are one he's called. but true he said to me i found all the russian roubles and the most incriminating parts of all 3 he wants yours truly true story and that's only it takes.
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a leaked video appears to cast doubt on the impartiality of america's a.b.c. news channel it is a network anchor claims the station quote her explosive interview with an accuser of disgraced tycoon geoffrey epstein back in 2015 who allegedly detailed the convicted paedophiles predatory behavior the following is part of the video obtained by transparency group project for us. with everything. i have i tried for 3 years to get on to no avail and now it's all coming out and thinking well of revelations that i presume had a lot of it i was so right now that every day i get more and more because i'm just like. we it was what we had it was unreal now this came to us from an insider within the network an insider who currently works at a.b.c. news leaked us this tape and that person is still on the inside so we expect more to come here it's quite telling that this insider leaked this tape to project their
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it's us and not the washington post the new york times c.b.s. or c.n.n. because they seem to want to protect the people that were working with jeffrey epstein again amy robach saying that epstein was blackmailing people there's a lot of powerful people on those airplanes that amy is 100 percent certain that he did not commit suicide i don't know why she won't say that publicly but there she is in the leaked tape on the set of the program saying these things when nobody is looking reminded of how this story developed 66 year old multimillionaire jeffrey epstein was convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor in 2008 and was then registered as a sex offender in july this year he was arrested again and was about to face trial over the alleged creation of a sex trafficking network charges he repeatedly denied a month later epstein was found dead in his cell in an apparent suicide is that saskia taylor brings us more. live t.v. one o one check your mike than check it again project for our task has published bombshell
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footage of an a.p. recorded in late august shortly after the disgraced billionaire was found dead in his new york jail cell anyway boxset over 3 years ago she had exclusive material relating to paedophile ring material which had direct testimony from one of the victim's photos as well as. the evidence of his 2 u.b.s. dealings which implicated high profile figures like bill clinton prince andrew she told me everything she did everything she was paying for 12 years making history come out we can talk to us it was unbelievable what we have cleared with everything robot claims the story was stopped from going to 2015 because according to the people up stuff as no one knew who was funny that because just a few years before they'd been happily sipping champagne at his manhattan townhouse
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you see back in 20 media heavy weights gathered out to dinner and on of the u.k.'s prince andrew a dinner which was arranged on hosted by you guessed it stein south and among those who wouldn't know who epstein was what both a.b.c. and c.b.s. phosphor 2015 had managed to entice virginia roberts to frey one of the victims out of hiding produces for you her and her family out to the a.b.c. h.q. in new york and hosted them and one of the big apple's most luxurious hotels what they got was the scoop of a lifetime to phrase through wind opened the door in the muck to world of apps tide and his entourage as they flew around the wall down his private jet dubbed the express palace found out that we. are all allegations are false andrew and threatened us a 1000000 different ways i viewed the b.b.c. interview as a potential game changer appearing on a.b.c.
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with its wide viewership would have been the 1st time for me to speak out against the government for basically looking the other way and to describe the anger and betrayal victims felt i was defeated once again by the very people i spoke out against and once again my voice was silenced i could not believe that affirmative bull network like a.b.c. had backed down and given while this exposition was. the more salacious than mother reports on that side it wasn't the fos time his morals have been called into question stories piecing together a tangled web involving bill clinton and prince andrew had sophos before images of the finance his little black book with hundreds of victims names and mugged alongside testimony from a 14 year old go claiming to have had sexual relations with a billionaire manhattanites sipped about how new york city lete was being ferried around on his private plane to his private island along with the coterie of very
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young women but all those revelations just like group box were put back in the troll at the time not all are reporting that our standards to air but we have never stopped investigating the story ever since we've had a team on this investigation and substantial resources dedicated to it that work has led to a 2 hour documentary and 6 point podcast that will air in the new year you'd be forgiven if that rings a bell because a.b.c. is responses uncannily similar to n.b.c.'s comment about its coverage. of of media mogul harvey weinstein in the end b.c. killed the story because they said you did not have enough facts it didn't reach their level of journalism yes we had multiple named women in every draft of the story we had audio of harvey weinstein admitting to a crime but more pertinently they ordered us to stop and it seems a.b.c. was not the only one to fall into the trap of enabling him to evade true media
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scrutiny but it's vanity fair and the new york times had several allegations of his inappropriate sexual behavior but chose to stick to safe stories on things like the origins of his wealth and was sought careful to avoid reporting some of the more suspicious details surrounding his death are a lot of men in those planes a lot of men visited that island the powerful man who came into. and so do i think he was killed 100 percent yes and maybe a.b.c. was right no one knew who was or maybe it didn't want to get on the wrong side of some very powerful people people who with you believe the rumors might just now have blood on their hands of scenes lawyer contacted the a.b.c. network at the time saying the allegations being made by the accuser interviewed by the channel could not be trusted while the anchor has backtracked slightly since the video was leaked. and we were back explains that comments
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were made in a private moment of frustration but founder of project veritas again james o'keefe stays a.b.c. doesn't shy away from other high profile cases. you can see how frustrated amy robock when you listen when you watch this tape it directly contradicts what a.b.c. news is saying publicly now about not having enough corroboration there they're fine airing the allegations against maybe brett kavanaugh for or trump or anybody else but when it comes to bill clinton and some of these folks 'd that are mentioned by amy in this hot mike tape they say they just didn't have enough corroboration i'm not sure how a.b.c. news defines a corroboration when it comes to credible witnesses talking about sexual assault if the only conclusion i can draw is that a lot of these network executives are very close to the people that we're hanging out with jeffrey epstein per amy amy roebuck political commentator and new york
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observer columnist andre will could gave us his thoughts on a.b.c.'s decision not to add the n.c. . why you see there appears to be one roof a woman group of people on the move the rule for another group of people i don't have a problem whatsoever with not broadcasting allegations against people that own cooperated but that is precisely what happened to pratt kavanagh and time and time again we see it with anybody on the rights whether that be donald trump right the way through to local representatives in britain america and so i just think there's a great degree of hypocrisy have bought him is the thing that i really want to know and i don't care about trial by media i'm much more interested in the police looking into this and the crop the judicial process why do so time and time again the clinton told how this way around the just seems to be a deeply disturbing and deeply distasteful you know time and time again we're expected to ignore suggested indiscretions by bill clinton said in
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a way that we would not do for the people of why does not exist now hey look i'm not a conspiracy theorist but is will die instantly true that there is one rule for one group of people are the real for bill clinton and hillary. iraqi authorities are holding talks on constitutional amendments that made ongoing violence in the country and around $260.00 people are believed to have been killed there since saudi government demonstrators demonstrations started a month ago protesters are demanding a major overhaul of the political system which was established after the u.s. led invasion back in 2003 artie's daniel hawkins has been delving deeper. iraq is no stranger to turmoil the country's seen little peace and even less stability since the u.s. led invasion of 2003 mass protests and violence of regulating gulf the state of these though are the worst since the overthrow of saddam hussein 16 years ago
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'd. hundreds killed dozens in just one week by live ammunition many thousands injured amid a heavy crackdown by security forces other governments to provide special forces imposed curfews and an internet blackout across the whole country but that's just anger crowds even more roads and bridges have been blocked by demonstrators who have also tried to take over buildings both in the capital baghdad and across other cities why is this happening with these protests address years of grievances corruption unemployment poor public service is there a source of anger across many countries but in iraq things should be different iraq should be thriving the country's oil revenue has exceeded 850000000000 in the post
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saddam years with production nearly doubling despite the internal strife with iraq estimated to hold almost 10 percent of the globe's. reserves its prospects should be growing a report by the international energy agency predicts revenue to hit nearly 5 trillion dollars in just over 15 years time and optimistic estimates set back by years of conflict but you get the picture just months ago any joy in sex on a b.p. were fighting for the right to build a pipeline in the country with tens of billions of dollars at stake and yet the reality for most of the rockies is bleak last year iraq was ranked $168.00 found under an 80 by corruption index but for people surviving on a day to day basis that's one of the smallest concerns the world food program reveals more than half of iraqis are at risk of food insecurity with unicef figures last year showing one in 4 children living in poverty so what happened former u.s.
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defense secretary robert gates stated on a visit to baghdad that a new era was just around the corner more than ever i believe the goal of a secure and stable and democratic iraq is within reach almost 12 years on things couldn't be further from the truth to make sense of post intervention iraq and where exactly is grievances lawyer let's speak to nicholas j. davis author of blood on our hands the american invasion and destruction of iraq mr davis thanks so much for joining us today good to have you with us now these protests they've been going on since mid october they show no sign of slowing down indeed there's been a government crackdown condemned by many organizations where do these grievances that lie that are spinning out with such violence all over the country the people of iraq you know i still you know have really been ignored and all this there's still suffering from the absolute destruction and economic
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devastation of iraq by the u.s. invasion and occupation by statistics iraq having 10 percent nearly 10 percent of the. all reserves this should be a wealthy state yet we're seeing something quite different here how much of this is about that inequality about the wealth which is not trickling down with shoes being lost going down the drain to a corrupt system there were large state owned companies that that was the very basis of the iraqi economy and they supported this you know mixed mixed economy beyond that that was all completely destroyed unemployment under the u.s. occupation at one point breached at least 60 percent essential leave the sort of. you know pyramid of of power in you know occupied in
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post occupation iraq where you know this tiny group of u.s. and iranian backed exiles has you know with u.s. and iranian support created a monopoly on power that the vast majority of the disenfranchised alienated people of iraq have never supported the u.s. who really has completely discredited itself from start to finish it has done nothing that has helped the people of iraq at all you know either before or after the invasion. and staying in iraq the dutch defense ministry has admitted to the 1st time that as strikes they conducted there in 2015 that 2 civilian casualties. we have announced the location date and time of 2 bombings by dutch sixteen's in iraq the dutch government established civilians were certainly very probably killed
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let's take a look at the 2 hour strikes in question the 1st took place in june 25th teen that's when i saw a bomb factory was targeted they cause secondary explosions that killed over 70 people including civilians i think months later in mosul a civilian house was wrongly identified as a terrorist h.q. strike left 4 people dead these tragic incidents make up just a minute fraction of cases where civilians have been caught up in deadly aerial operations in iraq over the 1st 3 years of the campaign the u.s. led coalition is accused of killing nearly $3700.00 civilians in airstrikes about according to the nongovernmental group iraq body counts the coalition it was comprised of $59.00 members not all of which though took part in direct combat their stated goal was to destroy the islamic state caliphate antiwar activists kathy kelly told as western countries should be held accountable for their roles in the war. it's a time when and and. i would say people of conscience everywhere how
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to buckle down and work very very hard to call attention to crimes against humanity war crimes responsibility for torture and the consequence of our weapon peddlers it isn't that i want to see anybody go to prison but i do believe that military leaders and military systems have to be held accountable and we have to i hope all around the world people are trying. to. reparations to the people in the countries where western countries have made war against them for years and years. of the suffering crime. this is what the civilized country to do. a prominent pro probating politician has been stabbed while on his election campaign trail in hong kong after the nice man
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pretended to be his supporter they were far it is that the suspects continued to shout junior's ho after stopping him calling him quote human scum the man was arrested at the scene is and is believed to be a supporter of hong kong's protest movement against the government politician home has become a controversial figure in the semi autonomous city state for his criticism of the anti beijing protests which have lasted for months his injuries are believed to be relatively minor with the instance strongly condemned by a hong kong chief executive. how can protest is carrying out violent acts claimed. democracy and peaceful demonstrations that every move challenges the freedom and violates the rights of the majority of hong kong people. it comes to days after another knife attack left 5 people were dead and we also saw a local politician from the democratic party have part of it is a bit off the demonstrations and subsequent and arrest it began back in march of
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originally against a proposed extradition bill for suspects of crimes to be sent to mainland china the sense that they are going to run into much wider grievances with thing to including at personal independence a senior lecturer at bath university dr patrick long one described the attacks as electoral violence. hong kong local election is fast approaching this month and i would categorize these to test against specific politician off opposing caroms electoral violence if these types of violence continue to escalate to the extend that the election and we will unfortunately be suspended or console i believe to beijing or for. very serious the how to intervene the situation more in the kind of tough men are and. more going to be called for people because they want to election to be conducted beat also giving
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democrats and the democratic party are very sticky situation which do you need 2 people for a do people see sion and trying to war us. and at the same time not to and taken as this violent protest in order to get at their walls right now we still need to see the electoral result of these elections because if you show us to what they stand for the democratic parties and the other democracy are actually winning dollars from the majority of hong kong. greece could prove an olive branch for a new russia relations that's after athens a moscow have agreed on a form of co-operation over international issues including the european union and nato that was announced after greece's top diplomats held talks in the russian capital the as you know greece is one of the oldest members of both the e.u. and nato.


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