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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 7, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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excess who and wealthiest individuals who contribute significantly both directly and indirectly to the british economy lots of high net worth individuals are worried about having to pay much higher taxes some their wealth and have already prepared for the possibility of a korban government transfers of wealth are already arranged in many cases all that is missing is a signature on the contract to recall but is seen as a threat by the u.k.'s so-called elite and wealthy here's why back in 2017 the opposition leader had planned to impose a stricter tax system on high earners with 45 percent on those earning above 80000 pounds i'm 50 percent for more than 123000 pounds right now the 45 percent rate is only applied to income of more than 150000 the u.k.'s prime minister says corbin's reforms will destroy the economy that is. the problem with bolivarian revolution recession ism as practiced by generally called it in the
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labor party in the labor body always runs out of other people's money that's why. it will happen again if germany corben is the most pressing concern for some right now the u.k.'s exit from the european union is still lurking around the corner it struck fear into the e.u. is worth wealthy and major companies unsure of the economic impact back in 2060 the brics it referendum was dubbed a once in a lifetime opportunity then and now the labor party seems to be offering something similar. this election is a once in a generation chance to transform our country to take on the vested interests holding people back and ensure that no community is left behind. i don't see a commentator charlie boyle claims corbin's policies would pose a threat to the british economy. lawyers and you know people that have businesses that are fairly well off not quite millionaires those are the people that pay the most tax but they've also got large amounts of debt the reason why we're able to
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service these debts is by low interest rates and a certain amount of tax breaks and regardless of what you think of that that's all going to be cancelled out by a lot of jeremy corbin's policies and by the way even if he never gets around to doing any of them just the thought of him winning the election all winning it even if practicality sets in is going to be enough to topple the u.k. economy and possibly the world. thanks for joining us here on r.t. international we're back in 30 minutes with the latest. kaiser this is the times report you know a bit coy is a true. if you're predisposed to being crazy crazy or if you
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predisposed being honest likes to more honest. and in the case of some politicians in washington who are predisposed to being crazy after war who. more so space well of course and i did say says the government by and for the people a lot of our officials especially in congress don't believe that the people are smart enough to know what's best for them so we have brad sherman be an imbecile again in the past week and a half and the thing that i think is quite important for this is the process of de dollar is a sham that is going on and a lot of the stuff you see the turmoil in the repo markets the turmoil in the gold markets the turmoil in certainly political and geo political realities is revolving around this de dollar is ation we saw china for example in the past week and a half announce that in fact the president himself president xi announced that
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they're going long and block chain and in particular a bit queen so that is a proper part of de dollars ation and end run around sanctions and weaponization of the dollar financial grid and of course ross nafta as we covered the largest gas and oil company in russia is now doing all their contracts in euro's they don't the dollar and brad sherman from california well congressman warns big point is a threat to the u.s. dollar cryptocurrency either doesn't work in which case investors lose a lot of money or it doesn't achieve its objectives perhaps and displaces the u.s. dollar or interferes with the us dollar being virtually the sole reserve currency in the world said brad sherman sherman covered multiple benefits of the us dollars dominance over other currencies for americans such as the profits generated by the federal reserve for the us treasury the senior and the ability to influence other
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country's policies and actions through the use of economic sanctions so weaponization of the dollar the dollar as a weapon and sanctions are an act of war other countries feel that. they are tired of being aggressed upon by the highly aggressive american weaponized us dollar empire and there are figuring out that they can secede be a bit coin which is easier to use than gold if the objective is to do it and run around america's empire of debt and now brad sherman. this is smart enough to understand his days are numbered which is more than most people most people in congress don't even understand that much and he is sounding the alarm but much much too late much too late at game's over bitcoin wins
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well he's articulating the truth as kaiser report here we warned that this would happen our guest jim rickards back in 2009 or 10 war maybe it was actually 2011 or 12 warned that. barack obama weaponized thing swift remember when he cut around off from the financial grid that they weren't allowed to use the banking system around the world well he said well that was a great thing you're powerful you show them who's boss but be warned you might not like the consequences as other nations think well right today it's iran tomorrow will it be china or russia or germany you know like is so people i think are correct when they equate bitcoin to gunpowder gunpowder was introduced in a changed global geopolitics forever and you can't on invent gunpowder a big point has changed now the whole notion of what money is and you cannot on invent it there's no turning back with gunpowder there is no no going back so brad
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sherman you know he can rail against it all he wants but he's either going to have to start accumulating pickling right now to save himself his family his country or get out a way of dollar. can only be sustained through force as paul krugman said so force is not that easy to apply you have to do it with intelligence and you have to be smart because at a certain point and we've seen this throughout history many dictators you can see in egypt for example mubarak he he he controlled the population for 30 years and then gone once that once the people once the system rejects you and they change their their thinking it's over it's over it was over for the kings of france when the people rose up and here is the same and what you're in said this is a weird statement but he said we stand to lose all that because crypto currency is
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the currency of the crypto patriot right now and it took the patriots and i think a flag i mean an army which we don't really need a peace an army of peace it is true that big coin is the revolution of peace it is the ultimate passive resistance it's jesus martin luther king and gandhi all rolled up into one beautiful all parties in the only elegant algorithm that's blowing the roof off all these 10 pot dictators like brad sherman and others around the world and as a sharing in a whole era of peace prosperity and love if we can make it past us ecological devastation will survive if not because it will be at $100000.00 but humans themselves will become extinct and our reminder of what brad sherman had said in may because remember i said he's at it again we cover this back in may and it was quite important the 1st time ever uttered these words in congress in this modern post 1971 off the out world and he had said an awful lot of our international power
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comes from the fact that the dollar is the standard unit of international finance and transactions clearing through the new york fed is critical for me ger oil transactions now remember a lot of people do get that wrong. say oh like because ross nafta is pricing in euro this will end the dollar but with the most important is clearing through the new york fed where it settles where the final transaction settlement happens and if you can start doing this and bitcoin which is the final transaction settlement layer then that's a final settlement layer that is where that is the power of what big coin and as china is calling it the block chain is happening and i think that's what china is doing with their announcement and that's in fact what mark zuckerberg in these testimonies where this latest brad sherman stuff happened about libra well mark zuckerberg said if you don't if we can to leave then you you do realize that china is going to do this 1st i think this is the main one of the main differentiating
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aspects of big coins versus money paper money and gold so with both paper money and gold you you have deferred or delayed settlement with paper money goes to the banking system it takes the time to settle these trades and there's a process called settlement it's a well understood concept in banking finance and economics around the world you send money around the world it arrives at s.p. subtly verified and settled in gold and also you can send gold all around but it's not has to be adjudicate has to be verified there's a late there's a delay there's a process behind it it's takes a lot of effort to move it except her at that that's all friction lot of friction both in paper and in gold because uniquely is self subtly the transaction is the settlement. when the transaction hits it settles right there's no settlement layer
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there's no there's no delay when you when that big quake hits your account it's done. that makes it remarkably more efficient and makes it it makes a revolution that is just now being understood by some of these politicians who are now fighting a rear guard action you know brad sherman is is like going to a gunfight with a knife he has failed to take on board exactly what exactly what the dimension of this battle is going to be a dozen or stand that he's already lost also i believe the fact that he is speaking an absolute truth that this is something that could be like the which triggered the french revolution when the population of peasants saw all the books of the king it not only made him ordinary but it also shocked them about how much he actually had in the family in the royal and the risk to craft stuff to someone you know should tell brad to quiet down because he's giving the recipe book to foreign powers how
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to destroy the dollar and other parts of any country in the world wants to undermine the dollar today they would add because into their strategic reserve a low oh you want to be a slave sorry well obviously china is not obviously russia is not obviously bella ruth is mining big there is mustering them because i said to do it for them to do this 10 years ago you know 8 years ago get the slave shackles off ok be free your country will love you. do it again domestic population if they're being warned this is their last warning i believe before the whole rampage starts 1st i want to mention because we didn't mention this and it was big news that the u.s. budget deficit has $984000000000.00 in fiscal $21205000000000.00 in one year that was a 26.4 percent increase so the bucket when covering it yeah i got i'm going to
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cover off debt is money we owe it to ourselves that of charles all that this is backed by my editorials. yeah of course so here's the annual us treasury budget deficit this is during the financial crisis the spike there and of course that was the most since world war 2 when we were in a global war then we were at basically the same we were battling deflation we were battling all the toxic debts washing up on our shores in 2008 in 2009 and that resulted in this huge money printing this is this is we're in kind of the stock market rise during the whole time as we keep on just throwing more money at that situation but here's another story another tweet this past week that you and i noted quite a few months ago and that was the fact that the stock markets are signaling boom times where the bond market is signaling armageddon right well here's a guy from he was a former economist at the i.m.f.
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and the chief the head of foreign exchange at goldman sachs one puzzle is that the stock market is telling a very different story about the economy than bonds i've been putting more weight on stocks given that a decade of q.e. forward guidance operation twist one into meaning that the yield curve in term premium are heavily contaminated so these are the bond yields on the 10 year treasury and that's the stock market well the issue at the stock market is that with c a legal activity it formally illegal activity of stock buybacks and that picture of stock market perform. is completely false i mean you have to adjust for the accounting for jamie diamonds from the money printing fraud and it would be 5060 percent lower than it is today at some point like enron it'll just evaporate you know you wake up one day it'll be like oh it out jones us down down 101520000 points hoops is no longer price signal you know that the fed is in charge of maintaining prices of maintaining the value of the dollar but what this guy who is
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the former head of foreign exchange for goldman sachs the f.x. market is the biggest market in the world 6 and a half trillion dollars a day and here he's telling you that because of the intervention by the fed by by the u.s. authorities by these other 30 s. like brad sherman who is worried about the u.s. dollar well here this guy who is the head of goldman sachs the biggest foreign exchange desk and probably the world and they're saying that they can't tell anything because of that the fed has basically put blinders over them they have no idea what is there on like say corn or gold where we know what the reserves are we know how much is coming online we know that there is settlement we know there's no counterparty risk and we know what's there so this is part of what brad sherman signaling they're worried about big crypto patriot. right on to it don't go away much more coming your way stay right there.
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you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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welcome back to take has a report imax kaiser this selena gomez financial news why am i the selena gomez of financial news because we're shooting this on an i phone of course wow times are changing all right time now to go to the one the only josh gala of all toro joshua welcome how are you max it's a wonderful to be back on the show actually it already well things have been developing on your end tell us about paul taro who is voluntary hit it well you know we started in 2015 to trade some go to against big question because well what we realized was everyone was trading in this filthy filthy and and you know we all got into big going to get out of this is when mel brooks was happening and with a what are we doing in mt gox collapsed we thought brought it all to liquidate is
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a chewing through my money right now all my feet out because of course you as you know max belongs to the banks and they just promise to pay you back and and all the exchange so it's on the exchange of balance books of course liquidate is a still chewing story that. funny money and so we thought well let's have a counter asset based on allocated physical bullying that's in the client's name as their physical property and and of course if anything ever happened to it doesn't matter liquid i just cannot touch our client's assets because it's in sitting in high security swiftboating facilities a chunk of metal sitting in their name is their property and that that was the goal and tolson have pure transparency that really is the goal of the tour rights out of something good coming out of the mt gox disaster 2014 of course mt gox exploded and cause all kinds of problems and a lot of people lost a calling at that time and of all tower playing into this theme of gold is
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because bitcoin is gold is a lot of different services a lot of different conversations a lot of there's a lot of big debate about this with pundits and influencers alike trying to decide which is way and what's more important imagine transparency there of course that's a huge issue you've got something called the glass books protocol what is that joshua yes so we you know as mt gox collapse we really thought 'd how do we make it so that everybody can audit the system of course we looked at what peter taught and gregory max what we're doing with transparency and it was still too hot for grandma to figure out what's going on really want crack smoking grandma to look at it and go yep understand it and so we we basically built a system where everybody gets an anonymous id and then they can log out of the system so we don't know that which they're checking and we publish every anonymous
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id with how much gold they've got and how much because and then we publish the ordering certificates is the insurance certificate and the other paperwork from the voting facility but then also the the code will addresses from the crypt so that people can independently own what and if we meddle with the numbers. they'll know that something is up because we publish everyone's and they can sum up everybody's holding and see that's how much should be there and i think this is the future of exchanges of course centralize exchanges need to happen because they quick fuck let's face it there are some things and people used to holding our coin bases so popular because it's a kind of sucks bit but people really like having their keys looked off to them which in one way is terrible but in another way it is what it is the market has that so what is the option the option is to make the whole place transparent so people can verify this stuff oh ok i get it sound it is a centralized service but you're going from maximum transparent say so that folks
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going to say what's going on there or something of course you don't have a coin base or anywhere else as far as i understand it and this idea of individual sovereignty that people talk about with mccoy and i talk about it with gold and as you point out it's a key concept when we're talking about mt gox mt gox as you point out it's an issue in part of the history when the feds when when the law came in there was a lot of fear at around that fear was easy to see and but in your protocol your service to their vaults horo that is not the case and are really heading it would appear and i think this is very important into a phase of individual sovereignty for anyone around the world who wants to opt out of a state system a commercial system and this is extraordinarily important as we see problems develop both the banking level and the state level around the world tell us about
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the hash tag drop. we see barry silbert talking about drop gold but i really don't see that gold and crypto a big point of fighting against each other we should really have a common enemy and that is the direction or is a system that basically prints money out of nowhere and charges you interest the. doesn't exist in the system so we have this constant on the guise of people scrambling for money that doesn't exist we we want to find money that that is found into existence like gold is found into existence spend big question is a red number it's found into existence and spent and by it by bringing those 2 together we can we can really have an alternative to the banking system and you know gold being so loaded it how it definitely has a place to play in the future and i think we should be talking about drop out not drop go right good point i would agree with that sal finest and vaults are out the
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primary service they're sneaking up back and forth between. between pick point and vault and maintain all the attributes of both and without losing anything and the let me get your thoughts on this joshua china announcing that they will be rolling out their own trip to currency or block chain is this good for the industry bad for the industry was it are inevitable as nation states start to drop at the price of pick coin was around $7500.00 it skyrocketed up to 9500 close 210001 is this is a big trana spend perk you've been in the business for a while it's been percolating for a while now the sovereign level the state level getting into crept out in particular with china joshua what do you think it means you know look you know a lot of people say oh you're a big korean maximalist but really i'm a competition maximalist and if this nation state wants to come out with a book china said 1st of all it's going to be
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a fee out as if china review releases $1.00 it's still going to be under under feel . that that these tokens have gained its value and so i think it's really sad that we don't allow that facebook isn't allowed to compete in private money we should you know i would know. the use facebook point i think it's a revolting thing to even touch but i will fight tooth and nail to allow them to compete for good money fair enough and i think this is they the shame really when you have brad sherman as a congressman and d.c. grilling mark zuckerberg and appearing to be living in a different century having no knowledge or awareness whatsoever of what's happening in china and elsewhere and the push toward this new tripped out currency and environment lot of people like a nest say the sputnik moment remember when. put up a satellite into space shuttle a america was galvanized to act and we landed
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a man on the moon do it do you think that's too far an exaggeration arw is it would you make a comparison like that joshua no i think you've missed it the nail exactly on the head of facebook released their white paper that was already remus and of course china jumped on this straightaway we see the same pay is now everywhere over in europe and australia i'm seeing it popping up in america you know if america doesn't allow the private sector to innovate in this space will he have china eating the lunch of everybody and i've only done only think america should do this i think other countries or tops in other countries should be allowed to do this this is why we are also working on the gold which was you know an allocated gold token so instead of you buying gold and having a p.d.f. you take all that information on the p.d.f. which would be the to syria and the voting facility the insurance and the order to and you take all the information and put it into
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a token that you can send because of course next icon send you a p.d.f. you don't know if i double spend that p.d.f. or what so 'd by having a token i can send it to you you can spend elsewhere and that information gets tracked around the block chain which is a really handy tool and it brings gold into the 21st century right i mean i was surprised recently that the news came out that. oh my goodness the cops busted a ring of. predatory us on the internet because they're using bitcoin instead of understanding that it's easier to pass predators on the internet because of bitcoin because of the transparent say they went the other way and were trying to focus on the fact that somehow that because it enabled the predators on the internet so again there's a huge disconnect with reality and what crypto currency is all about so the company is softball tara. i mean it's a growing enterprise how is it growing what's the customer base i know i can't disclose too much information but because it's a private company but like how sick are all ing where is it where are your
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customers what tell us about the company tell us about the business a little bit yeah i think we launched in 2015 we've traded at 100000000 euros worth of gold and because and this is been a single payer we've just include a dash as a pair and another crypto has to come so it'll it'll be really interesting to see these written numbers and assets trading together we've got over 25000 customers from 0 to 93 countries and of course we are also just raising an equity round at the moment through into the future so that that will help us develop this further and really go if that's actually what's happening now as people are starting to understand what we're doing i mean we launched before there was such a thing as a stable coin before tether it even existed and that was our own why why but now people are really starting to understand is why would i want to hold an unallocated asset you know these coins i don't want to pick on tether alone but these these field based coins they have they're sitting there for the massive amounts of value $2800000000.00 sitting in 2 bank accounts 1st you know sitting in different bank
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accounts they're not insured that not all of the banks openly and legally speculating with the underlying so you didn't know what's going on there you don't know what's going on this it's a very very risky thing for the whole industry and i think this is what is wonderful about. oh it can be really well ordered to i mean it's chunks of metal sitting in a bowl and they'll be a may have really good standards a long time but how to count this stuff how to check the stuff out of verify the stuff and it's it's not speculated with on the other side and it's allocated to the uses so this is this is a really. big move forward for the industry to start embrace in the stuff and we're definitely seeing that in the numbers you know on kaiser a par we've always tried to feature entrepreneurs in the corn in the cryptocurrency space our friends over a back to the future have been helpful in raising a seed capital for a lot of these companies and some money for these companies to get going so you
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guys are on back to the future you're doing a fundraiser and people should check that out and do their own research and but overall we've been tracking it for a while it's really fantastic that abby on the kaiser part joshua i will hopefully next time we talk you know you'll have double triple quadruple your business thanks so much for being on the show thanks for having me all right well that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser par with may max keiser and stacy herbert like to thank our guest joshua she galah of all toro if you want to reach us on twitter sky's reports next time. in my iphone i have
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a 1000 times the capability of the of the computers that we had on board the space for that time i mean it's ridiculous that in my back pocket i have much much more capability than we had to do the entire apollo program. who's in the next to the u.s. charges to form a twitter start with beings without the spies accusing them of gathering data on thousands of users critical brianna. whistleblowers become the new front line in the political battle being waged in washington as a bill to protect their identities is a blow to the u.s. senate. and tackling hate in hospitals and health trust in england's plans to root time and racism by threatening to withhold treatment for people who abuse start. a mess each day there's 0 tolerance towards it would lead to a level of self control the n.h.s. is there to treat people it should treat people.


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