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ok ok. so. the 1st funerals were held for an american family brutally slaughtered in mexico by a drug cartel as it's revealed they were killed with weapons that originated in the u.s. we look at how the illegal arms trade is fueling violence. while wait squeezes u.s. rival apple out of the lucrative chinese market with a surge in global profits despite washington's bid to discredit the tech giant and . brazil's ex-president and leftist icon lula da silva is released from prison as he appeals his corruption case he was
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greeted by cheering supporters who believe the charges against the law are politically motivated. i know you're watching r.t. international i'm rosanna lockwood thank you for joining us. now hundreds have gathered in northern mexico for the 1st funerals of an american family brutally slaughtered by a drug cartel earlier this week it's since been revealed they were killed by weapons that originated in the u.s. and as caleb maupin now reports there's little to restrict the flow of alms over the border. 9 americans dead 3 women and 6 children hit by mexican drug lords a 13 year old boy who walked 23 miles to get help for the others and now us politicians are willing to run through walls to serve up justice it seems this is the time for
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mexico with the help of the united states to wage war on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth we merely await a call from your great new president the mexican government can't protect americans inside of mexico but america may have to take matters into our own hands this is only 50 miles away from our southern border we can certainly defend american citizens inside of mexico we have mexico and mexico was not willing or able to do so is the senator suggesting that the united states send authorities or perhaps even troops into sovereign mexico now the perpetrators of this heinous crime may be subject to a high profile murder trial but are we overlooking something this was a mormon family slaughtered with 223 remington rifles made in america over 200000 firearms are smuggled from the usa to mexico every year this comes at horrific cost to society south of the border and $28000.00 alone the mexican police opened $33000.00 different homicide investigations at
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a higher rate of homicide than conflict at syria mexican law makes it near impossible for civilians to legally purchase guns in fact there is only one store in mexico that actually sells firearms but yet the mexican drug cartels continue to get their hands on high tech weaponry because this isn't the weapons that are right in the united states of america because they are in the united states and. ordering them to mexico are the lowest though that that's very low or is there if the united states. or or they want to order it would be put in in lima. the absence of arms or place some the structure on the snow arm and also on the session or harm in concert or prick no or who who are going to be by it's a hypocrisy in that sense the office of government accountability in the united
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states has documented that 70 percent of the weapons seized by the mexican police originated in the united states mexican leaders have long urged the usa to crack down on the flow of weapons into their country however attempts to do so so far have failed for decades here's the thing mexico is certainly dangerous or at least that's the message that donald trump rang out pretty loudly on the campaign trail in 2016 nearly 180000 illegal immigrants with criminal records ordered deported from our country are tonight roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens when mexico sends his people to not sending their best to sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs to bring in crime drugs like heroin and cocaine are flowing over the mexican border into the united states however the gangs that are
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executing people resisting law enforcement and transporting those drugs are armed with guns that originally flowed in the opposite direction the united states has to deal with its diction problem with this problem of consumption not just like being on the supply side of the things but also on that man and treating besides the public health issue would be a good idea to start with these also the sales of arms not just like benefiting those businesses that also benefit the economy of the united states and cup orating with next providing. information to do financially halogens in a more proper that way and really participating. strads. staying with latin america brazil's leftist icon and former president lula da silva has walked free from prison earlier today a crowd of supporters greeted him waving his party's flag.
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he was convicted of corruption and money laundering but today his supporters chanted a loser is innocent his release was possible after a new court ruling announced on thursday that allows convicted criminals to avoid prison if they have not exhausted their appeals to silva was brazilian president from trip 2003 to 2010 then in 2017 he was convicted of corruption and sentenced to 12 years in prison then in summer 2019 there was a twist in lou this case as a leaked conversation showed the prosecutor and the judge were privately discussing the case hasn't it been a long time without an operation you cannot make that kind of mistake now think hard with the that's good idea what do you think of these crazy statements from the workers' party national board should with fishel rebut or r.t. spoke to lula da silva while he was still imprisoned and he told us that brazil should defend its of rennet c.m.
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resist political meddling from outside. fear no no one has to accept foreign interference in the affairs of a sovereign state i do not support american brazilian colombian or any other interference their attempts to control another country by promoting their own candidates by creating a fake figurehead like one guy doe i'm totally against this there are situations that a democratic country has to deal with on its own. you brazil is a very big country it can be fully sovereign it could become one of the main actors on international policy i admire the role that president putin plays in the modern world it shows that the world cannot be held hostage to u.s.
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policy to trump's craziness the craziness of a u.s. president who believes that he can invade any country kill any president somebody has to stop him and brazil conclude that. my colleague neil harvey spoke in a studio with brando elton his chief editor a brazilian news site op or a monday. now with out of jail decide to ation i have a very very important challenge because it's going to be deleted off the opposition leader is going to be walking on the streets talking to the people i mean officially he's powerless new from participation in politics he took but he's much bigger than that he's able to do that with this decision of the supreme court he's totally free to do what he wants to do including any kind of political action is part of the decision so in theory they look at still end up in
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prison but in the meantime he can be politically active to put pressure on both a lot of who i mean he does not lula has not received back his electoral rights because he has a can the nation's 2nd degree by brazilian law if someone has become the nation's 2nd degree this bill does perth men or women is not able anymore to compete in electoral process in this month and the supreme court is going to judge and now the appeal from lula. arguing that the process was a fraud and that his process shall be extend if there is a sex so in this appeal then he is going to have his electoral rights back and then he would be able for instance to be in the competition for
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the next presidential election brazil in 2002. the chinese tech giant huawei has seen a surge in global profits while also continuing to squeeze us rival apple out of the lucrative chinese market and that's despite the u.s. government's efforts will ban the company it alleges has close ties with the beijing government and intelligence agencies who we see remains confident about the company's future even without the u.s. . a war you don't care about the china us trade negotiations we won't be used as a bargaining chip we can survive very well without the us we don't control the equipment so we have no idea how they operate i don't even know who's monitoring my phone i don't know which country maybe america's easy dropping all my phone calls well back in may washington added huawei to a commerce department entity list meaning that the world's number 2 smartphone maker will not be able to deal with american companies and this limited hallways
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ability to source key parts also the daughter of huawei founder remains under house arrest in canada she fights extradition to the u.s. as washington accuses the company of violating sanctions on iran the u.s. also urged countries around the world to boycott the 1st ever 5 g. network development by what way or the company's profits rose by 25 percent to a record 8800000000 dollars last year it also shipped $206000000.00 small phones in 2018 with sales up 45 percent this year huawei has already passed the $200000000.00 phones mark 2 months earlier than in 2080 and with the expected rollout of the super fast 5 g. network in china in the coming months who always position is expected to grow further more than 30 countries have already signed 5 g. deals with the company or just below all of the london capital group believes as of now washington steps have been to war ways advantage. the revenues that we're
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seeing reported now from while way were actually pre the u.s. ban in may so even though that ban was actually delayed until november all those products are result of the whole ways free ability to deal with u.s. companies since then it's been more problematic for example always soon to release a phone that doesn't even have the official license android version so that is going to limit sales moving forward so what we could be looking at here is a is a peak moment in overseas shipments of its smart phones there's been a bit of a nationalistic spirit in china to. buy you a way products and more specifically not to buy u.s. products and apple has taken the brunt of that and we know that actually according to recent reports apple's market share has actually dropped significantly in and apple is looking at some of its worst couple of quarters in a row here of sales in china that experience to date. clearly not.
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quite what the u.s. intended there and certainly what apple would have liked but certainly seems to have been so far a benefit for a while. gemini has been facing widespread demonstrations from its farmers as they disrupt transport routes using tractors to block traffic and it's all comes as the industry feels it's being unfairly blamed for climate change while having to bend to burn its push towards carbon neutrality evangelise cips us has more on this story. german farmers are furious but this is not a united front 2 camps are taking aim to the government over its environmental rules for very different reasons although one corner thousands of farmers causing gridlock in several major cities over environmental measures which they say are crippling their life the biggest one in bonn hold to the german argue cultural ministry were a 10 kilometer convoy brought the city to a halt. a
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looming ban on the controversial weed killer glaive and tighter controls on slurry and fertilizer are just some of the measures that farmers say will force them out of business germany's lost 16 percent of its farms between the years of 2007 and 2017 a trend that the germans farmers association says is reflected across western europe farmers see the had enough of being labelled as the bad guys in the growing climate change movement we are not satisfied with the agricultural policy which is being shaped it's a policy that is not based on facts new requirements are being issued all the time at a rate we simply cannot keep up with we have no chance to adjust our farms in time
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if the wish list from different n.g.o.s is getting longer and we are getting fed up with the fact that we've being made responsible for every dead insects and so on up she didn't come we are fed up with this pharma bashing campaign. we simply want to show that we're fed up with being scapegoated for everything is negative we are to blame for climate change for air water pollution you can't go on like this but on the other corner are the german farmers are choosing the government all fail. the environment and putting them out of business if you want the federal government to rethink its climate goals rather than take further action to reduce c o 2 emissions instead of roadblocks they try taking the legal route the 1st time the government had been taken to court for failing to protect the environment. it has become clear that climate protection is prosecutable we can end up in coolant that is how i see i believe that we should move forward with a positive attitude and i think more action must be taken now germany's plan was to
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cut 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and compared with those in 1990 but it has fallen short it only reduced 31 percent but a court in berlin found that the targets were not legally binding undeterred the farmers are digging in on both sides we want to be perceived as people who produce healthy products in harmony with nature and not as the biggest destroyer of nature in germany more needs to be done so the government recognizes that it must act now they may be opposites over the impact and solutions of climate change but there's one thing that they do agree on that bird lynn is failing them both eventual success for our team. the u.n. general assembly has cooled overwhelmingly for the u.s. to naif to its economic embargo on cuba we'll have that story and more coming your
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way after this short break.
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30 years ago the verlyn wall fell the cold war had essentially come to an end the fall of this cold war symbol was heralded as a new spring of nations and the end of communism decades on what is the legacy of this historic event the promises of $989.00 been fulfilled. welcome back now despite a history of animosity between north and south korea people in the south would side with north korea in the event of a conflict with japan that's the result of a survey by think tank in seoul almost half of those all said they would buy pyongyang even though there was an option to stay neutral only 15 percent said they would side with tokyo and that's despite continuous warnings by western allies of the threat posed by north korea. north korea's 6 test of
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a nuclear device and its missile launches are a threat not only to the people of south korea but to the people all across our globe it has never been more important to be working closely together given the shared threat of north korea north korea has conducted 10 missile tests this year 2 of them involved solid fuel missiles which the north can launch with less morning we saw soldiers preparing patriot missiles to shoot down incoming ballistic missiles from north korea the most immediate threat tonight from north korea is far more conventional they could fire on south korea well the survey also comes as relations between south korea and japan are seeing another low with this dispute resurfacing of a longstanding controversies back in 1910 japan turned korea into its colony and fought hard against the independence movement back then japan controlled almost every aspect of life on the peninsula during the 2nd world war japan drew heavily
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on korea hundreds of thousands of koreans were forced to work in japan where conditions were so bad it's estimated more than 60000 died as a result women from korea were also used to sex slaves by japanese soldiers and many koreans believe the treaty signed between the 2 countries in 1965 didn't amend the wrongs that were done meanwhile human rights attorney eric believes both japan and the u.s. often paint a dark picture of north-south relations to fit their own political agenda. these outside influences japan in the united states for their own political purposes i think they exaggerate the desire of the north koreans to somehow attack south korea and i think that this will begin to bear out when these types of surveys and discussions take place and when the mood in ministration finally i hope has the ability and the the guts frankly to do what they say
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they want to do and that is engaging and peace and settle the korean war with the grids and so i think that parent will continue to fan these flames until the south koreans really put into it by formalizing relations and taking further serious steps toward peace. and other news this hour the united nations general assembly has voted overwhelmingly to end america's economic a bug cuba now lost and for nearly 30 is the u.s. together with brazil and israel have voted no. the president of trans government has begun escalating his aggression against cuba by applying unconventional measures in order to prevent disappoint fuel to our country its goal beyond disrupting the economy is to damage a cuban family standards of living. but it is time for the quell the vast majority
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to be heard it unilateral demands in the media to definitive to the end the chronic and inhuman good case against cuba it is time to put an end to double standards in international relations. like all nations we get to choose which countries we trade with this is our sovereign right so it is worrying that the international community in the name of protecting sovereignty continues to challenge this right well the route resolution is not legally binding but it does follow a trend of u.s. isolation from the international community here's a look at just this month alone on november 1st the general assembly again overwhelmingly approved a draft resolution calling for a middle east free of nuclear weapons the u.s. and israel voted against a couple of days later the organization voted on a draft resolution aimed at preventing an arms race in outer space the u.s.
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and israel are also said no on that as well as on a draft resolution calling for prevention of militarization in space political analyst and former u.n. officer francisco cologne told us what makes washington act this way. they're desperate the usa i mean but we know what they call it faith prime of i mean they have failed because they haven't built a new world order i mean they have all of the space of power politics on their own . reality on their own and decision making but what they have done was conflict disorder i mean not only the trunk i mean but it will come up there was no new world order so you know after the for you nuclear labs they said no one quarter i mean does that leave a book a main responsibility lives on the use. by u.s.
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policy of reaffirm a constant their privacy. russia says it is ready for further talks on nuclear disarmament but it is waiting for the us to respond to its suggestions foreign minister sergey lavrov made those comments are to key for more nonproliferation in moscow more than 4 to 40 countries have been taking part although not america despite having been invited artie's maria phenomena reports seems that all the participants all the speakers i heard a good we on the importance of a sincere and productive dialogue between the states in order to find common ground but they all confirmed there is a lack of such discussion hand they disagree on who is to blame for that russia points at america saying that after we joined from the i.n.f. treaty after rejecting weidman putin's offer to suspend deployment of missiles in europe with the new start treaty that expire is next february now in danger and
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following numerous violations of nonproliferation treaty america's behavior threatens global security here is set a goal of russia's foreign minister speaking about that. the problem surrounding the nonproliferation is weapons of mass destruction require special dialogue and we are ready for it however when the main partner here the united states doesn't give us a comprehensible reaction to anything we suggest it's hard to try and act alone we constantly remind the us of our numerous suggestions and they know it already as well as other countries some have been complaining that today's discussion is not quite balanced since official american representatives are not here although they have been invited and basically they have rejected this invitation so i talked about america's role with u.n. high representative happy or not you have to take it for granted when they tell me that they still share the global objective of you know the world free of nuclear
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weapons but i have to take it for granted i think it's all the. very important. you know. with the united states like very much like. a kilo contact with the rest of the piece to china diplomat attests also taking part in today's hot debates and he was almost attacked with accusations that an important player when we speak about global security especially given that one of the biggest threats is coming from south asia rejects the dialogue with the us china has never let me review china's never rejected the so-called meaningful dialogue with anybody in the u.s. has made this so much noise about having the strength natural negotiations but let me make it clear so far and known the u.s. has never told us what exactly they want to talk about in the strand that today's
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gathering here in moscow is a very good chance for participants to prepare for next year is meeting to make it more productive and more effective. well that's your update for now i'm rosana locoed now will be back with more news from around the world in about 30 minutes time see if. oh. yes i'll look at all that stuff i've. done. in my iphone i
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have a 1000 times the capability of the of the computers we had on board the spacecraft at that time i mean it's ridiculous that in my back pocket i have much much more capability than we had in the one in the entire apollo program. today and there are good tennis and bad debt is the bad news in yemen the united states deems to be a threat the looked at those one in syria the cia and the us military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up the right way militaries mentos funding an army of death squads there's no any more because there's always a small team for really good that's. a profit.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle 30 years ago the berlin wall fell the cold war had essentially come to an end the fall of this cold war symbol was heralded as a new spring of nations and the end of communism decades on what is the legacy of this historic event the promises of 1909 been fulfilled. in the fall of the berlin wall i'm joined by my guest john laughlin in paris he is a political scientist and historian in washington we have harold james he's a professor of history and international affairs at princeton university as well as
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author and editor of a number of books including when the wall came down reactions to german unification and in cork we cross to geoffrey roberts he is emeritus professor of history at university college cork and a member of the royal irish academy all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated let me go to john and paris 1st i mean 30 it's been 30 years now believe it or not because i remember it so vividly when it happened a few months before i had been living in poland for a number of years and an avid student of eastern european communist affairs at the time john 30 years on what is its meaning because i look at cursory reviews of you know that in commenting on it it is the people's power the rise of the spring of nations in eastern europe but that's a kind of a narrative that is very western i suppose but i lived there it was i don't have that same kind of feel for it to.


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