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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 9, 2019 10:30am-10:59am EST

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protests we have pictures in the studio of the american flags and british flags being flown by the protesters media here says they are peaceful protesters and in fact british media sense thora g.'s are investigating c g n the chinese international channel for bias the western media coverage on the hong kong events have certainly been highly biased in our view you know there have been a lot of description of the events in hong kong as police brutality whereas actually although the poachers have taken place for over 100 days there have not really been serious injuries and no fatalities compare with the way west than police hendo the los angeles riots in the 970 s. occupy wall street in 2011 and the london riots in 2011 also in 5 days there were 5 deaths several 1000 arrests that whereas at home call we have
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over 200 policemen injured maybe a similar number of members of public also injured but really no serious injuries and no fatalities yes but arguably in london when there were riots the authorities here doubled down and they created austerity where is you know on kong it seems to be one cave in after another to protest as you called off the legislation very legal unity with china back in 2012 you called of education curriculum changes because of protests why is it the hong kong authorities do everything the demonstrators appear to want them to do although some western media would like to portray our government as suppressor of the masses actually as you said our government has come pick children attend several times to mass demonstrations because we are strong protect our rights and freedoms and we got. jealously is our
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reputation you know and there is a lot of external pressure on us if there are any accusations against us so the whole company they're actually much more sinned against than sinning well presumably not going to be laid by giving on going to the back to the british were does it make you feel when you see the british union jack being flown by the protest does and people wanting the british rule well i think they should go to the pit consul a and ask them for british passports for all those who flight because flights or want to exchange their british special no overseas possible for purchase of there's a passports they look at a sallet a resounding no because the pritish have been amending then nationality and immigration legislation in the past decades so as to de bar hong kong people so these people are very naive if they think they can't get help when protection from
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the pictish audio merica it's by flying their flags you probably remember when britain ruled on growing in a defacto dicta into believing that only western values are the universal core values and they have forgotten the need for respect and tolerance for views which are different of their own that's why in the past 100 days or more they had been fights between different groups of citizens would is the class dimension to the protests because i understand that though 1300000 people are trapped in poverty in hong kong and we seldom hear about that of course in the western major nation mainstream media which is the relation between poverty demonstrators perhaps for china and demonstrators pro-west what i have doubts once so about the 1300000 thyca are people living below poverty. the line but but it is true that we have an
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acute land then housing crisis in hong kong you know about 200000 families had to live in a very small abject subdivided queue because at their high red posts and i think a lot of the anger has to do worth the acute housing problems and also the widening wealth gap and it is a fact that our government has not done anything to cure these problems in the past 22 years i think that is really what lies at the root of the anger do other members of the cabinet share say policy concerns over privatization in hong kong i know you are active as regards the link real estate. investment trust and the poor market trade is rents went up by so much but i have no problem with the free market economy but if you look at the hong kong stock markets tour high flyers the 2
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stocks which have done well they are the link reads and the n.p.r. see they've done better than our property developers because basically they and one not police they enjoy more not police and kept it markets handed over by them by our government. because of poor policies you did the in the u.s. congress there's a law currently being examined that me gong like mainland china as regards donald trump's trade war what impact do you think that will have will it actually help the hong kong authorities authority over the people who will go well you're talking about the hong kong human rights and democracy act 2 or 19 which are planes to amend the 992 us hong kong policy acts which gives public all different treatment for mainland china under u.s. law this time the new. though they have tightened up the scrutiny they are
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requiring the secretary of states to make sure to pick a show that there is no violation of human rights freedoms. that sort of thing in hong kong and it is more intimidating because it affects one's sanctions against persons identified by by the administration as undermining white said freedoms and this is sending a very negative signal is about hong kong in fact holocaust has a very good standing of its rule up law so this all top allegations are really unfounded and the debil is intimidating and sending very negative signals about hong kong are you prepared to be assigned national unhappy are you prepared to be sanctioned person i'm not worried about censure i don't see any ground for sentient being but i'm not worried about censure you know what time
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the unhappy about is when the us congress house hearings recently the congressional executive commission on china as well as the senate foreign relations committee they chose to hear only form reddick coves rather than hear form a wider range szabo pinions from hong kong so they have formed very negative bias picture of the states of freedoms and human rights in hong kong. i would do the your colleagues in beijing say about how the hong kong authorities have have handled these protests because usually move the long history of u.k. u.s. destabilization of jonah whether it be the drugging of its population and all sorts of attempts to destroy it want to be in china it's not be handled well has it or the common accusation of the west is china would intervene in hong kong would
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intervene in the heavy metal heavy handed way they would be a repeat of the solid can one events you know. they take has actually been exceedingly restrained in in their approach to walk the events in hong kong they are leaving it to us to resolve our own problems and i think we are resolved to use our own legislative and law enforcement resources to bring the current quizes to a close i think we will get this upon critics who are looking to beijing to intervene in the heavy hand that men so that they can accuse spacing of breaking their promises in the sign up addiction declaration and in the basic law i don't think we were for into that chat but when it comes to bringing people out of poverty when it comes to growth rates why do you think china does so much better than the special administrative region of ungrown we used to be far more efficient and effective before $997.00 i think it's because our democratic development you
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know i'm not that mouth think democratic development but the introduction of democratic popular elections thus mean that we have to allow a lot more time for the baits discussions and the filibustering in our legislature which prevents us from getting things done as effectively as before we saw aren't you just saying that it's better under the british. well we were socially more efficient under the british you know in before 997 although we did not have democracy until we did not have a quick to elections to the legislature until 9091 but we have walked lol so whole call was free even though we do not we did not have western style democratic elections and that system served us well you know whereas we have been going downhill since we changed our political system to
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a mall mall at the sario and i'm ok so will you be the next chief executive of hong kong replace it very well it's not i don't think so you know my policy is to help the chief executive to stop the violence and bring to a common crisis to a close ship. 3 years and i will support the regime to have thank you of the break as merkel backs trump in the persian gulf we speak to senior german doing your m p 7 document about the tragic contradictions of european union foreign policy. but listen swades a board mark for me how on divided cities all the more can we have a budget of going to grow.
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welcome to max keiser financial survival guide. looking forward to the year that's become. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain you don't just. watch kaiser report. imagine. 635 ever but career and increase involves using your i phone. and in your computer and things like that being in an office. perhaps you sort of getting is going to expose their kids to have to stop doing all of this i mean this is. my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up learning it and appox. very strong magnetic field. in my head. it's like a real hard pressure on my skin burns and that wireless access point out there it's
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just continuous all day with our students in the school it's. just continually bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electoral small and it's getting worse. to my hardest to our dashboards to care but if it's. just good. sound. and suddenly one thing my mother.
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had to neighbors who. said. it's. a long hope you can move the whole thing. but this is. such. yes so you don't hear near the only their. welcome back today saudi arabia concludes this year's u.n. general assembly in new york this after donald trump said he wants to send hundreds
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of his soldiers to protect the kingdom that beheads and crucifies another country not only hosting u.s. troops but the u.s. is largest overseas bases germany which agrees with britain and the usa that iran was behind asymmetric attacks on saudi arabia that cause record breaking spikes in oil prices well we went to the use of about just speak to a member of the bundestag the link deputy chair of foreign policy in arms exports 7 doug dillon on the site of where the berlin wall once stood i have to start with iran and in your capacity as the left group deputy chair foreign policy and arms exports and disarmament do you agree with people in the angela merkel see the use say there is a moral duty to be there in the straits of hormuz to protect shipping from iran and i think we're there's a moral duty to deescalate in the region at the present persian gulf because at the
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moment a station as very explosive and we have to. we have to make more pressure that all the military ships will go out of the region why do you think britain was so quick to offer support to the united states and donald trump over iran while it's not a secret that great britain. even in the past is very often. very unconditionally on the side of the u.s. . regarding war policies in the region and for middle east for example war against iraq and so we have a saying in germany as well that tony blair the former prime minister in great britain was the portal of george w.
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bush in us and it seems that johnson as the new pool of u.s. president donald trump do you think your views a shared obviously by dealing the group of the link your buddies but is it shared by other elements of. the political system here in germany well the majority of the people in germany is against the war against iran they are totally against it and they are in favor of deescalation and diplomacy rather than to. send troops or warships to the region we have to prevent and do everything to prevent a war against iran because we. assume that it will be worse than the war against iraq if it will start against iran she having prime minister johnson would say he doesn't want a war either and here we are in berlin germany has the largest overseas
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united states army base in the world there are tens of thousands of american soldiers germany is germany you know approval well i never said it's not but we had a no decision of the parliament and the government regarding the war against iraq we didn't follow the u.s. like a great britain did i think. after the withdrawal of french troops of russian troops and the british troops in germany they snow logical reason why 37000 u.s. soldiers are on german soil can't you understand why people in britain want to leave the european union if not only do they know the germany is filled with tens of thousands of soldiers from the united states the european union does
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things like recognize u.s. backed president in venezuela congealing to see why the people of britain want to leave this european union i mean of course there is criticize critics. about the european union the treaty of the european union the lisbon treaty and the policy it's very. unsocial it's a military state and it's near liberal policies but i think the decision on bret's it is a decision of the british people and i am really. preferring to stay back to advise or to say to british people what they should do or what they don't see jeremy corbin the leader of western europe's largest socialist movement half a 1000000 members in britain. he's the favorite to win the next to become the next
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prime minister d. link has been wiped out in germany while the policy is delinquent or popular here but certainly the policy is a shared with corbin many of them where the policy is doing better maybe in britain well i mean i would be very glad if we called him would be the next prime minister in great britain but we will all see but when you see all the opinion polls in germany the positions of the party the link is very popular you know we are against military interventions brought against us nuclear war in germany we want that the us take them back for example we are against the unsocial policies of the medical government for example and so we do have a lot of common with the majority of the people in germany even for taxing the billionaires
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and the millionaires and but the problem is not only to have you know these popular positions so we have to get voters at the elections and this is a different question. do you think the media is channeling in the media in germany is channeling opposition to the c.d.u. straight to the a.f.p. is that what's going on because it's the far right that is winning here while the far right is winning in some areas of the european union it's not just in germany you can see why the european parliament elections so that's not new and it's not only india really badly sacks of the brandenburg yes i agree i know when we do have we do have. reasons for that so we are still in discussions within the link
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about this and to have a strategy to form a strategy how should we get the voters back we lost and how we can get more votes is my point of view the left in the past especially in the past 10 years they did a lot of identity policy but not the policy for the majority of the people. class politics exactly well we have a lack of that we began by talking about iran german weapon parts are exported to saudi arabia of course trump says the iran situation is about the attack in saudi arabia iran denies it. well they have no to that moment there is no proof that iran did attack the drone attack on the all fields in saudi arabia ok but there is proof that german weapons have been used on yemen as part of the saudi
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coalition. as someone who is the left disarmament deputy chair what is going on because britain has now been banned at least until an appeal goes through from exporting weapons to saudi arabia we do have a german stop arms exports to save the arabia but unfortunately not. the arms exports stop to saudi arabia with the common arms with a great britain and france for example they unified has all the tornadoes we have to stop them as well of course because the saudis they are still bombing and making massacre us on the civil society are on yemen and i think it's a contradiction to the to the foreign policy of the german government always always is calling they say we have a foreign policy on the. on moral. values but
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i think it's it's not of value to say weapons to saudi arabia and they use it against the society in yemen well we invite the side you're unable ambassador to london on the show to respond to that syrian douglas thank you . while in berlin we also caught up with berlin based musician and artist mark foley have always supported suede played with david bowie's final lead guitarist gerry limited and i started by asking him about his new single divided cities well it's it's quite a simple song about bricks that. you know that's not all the k. . borders and everything beginning would be basically so keep it simple for myself together with the berlin bit cities everyone knows this was famously divided what's it like living here in moving from england it's it's
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a great place to be an artist because it's very very affordable compared to london or most capital cities do you think it is divided still this is a good question i mean it's i guess everyone is divided in about 20 different ways these days so why is the brics a context in the i mean the song divided city is about divisions politically and divisions geographically the berlin wall and obviously how people are very kind of divided ideologically you know to one side of the other side berlin is of obviously got used to the divided if he's history do you think it's because you're from outside you can still notice that context much more in a much more alive way than maybe someone who was born here just after the war came to poland ziva quite it's even really liberal of your opposite it goes from one extreme to the other poland which makes it quite inspiring because it's lived through well there is that other the rise of the far right yeah ok where you were supported swayed here in london very here in berlin and you're going to be
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supporting them again i believe so yeah every time they play ball and i've supported them over the last few tours so that's like 3 tours that they played they've asked me to support the single the singapore under 7 so it's very nice what do you like their work abroad and he's a really good yeah. yeah just a super nice guy and super inspiring guy as well and again quite international he also escaped from a small town so there's lots of parallels i think you know and similar themes similar influences i guess so i mean stuff like bowie and all these kind of bands from that era kind of sing about being outsiders you know so i think it's the same thing growing up. school and getting bullied and stuff and then you kind of find your own identity by moving away and became in an alien somewhere else you know so i think feel more at home here as an outsider in a strange way than i do in living in england you know even if it's not so great
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things about england microwaved meals about in england for example of of my quick meals here a disaster and no one believes in ghosts and believe or so that's a very. wheels are better in britain so when you touring back in england i guess that depends on bricks it really so if you don't want me back then it's probably a good idea to like forget that idea about bricks. well for any of this be us a rope these studios in berlin is single divided cities is out now that's over the show will be back on wednesday when you add to the day over the brutal assassination of the washington post jamal khashoggi allegedly by saudi agents assisted by israeli spy where until then people talked about social media don't forget to subscribe to our you tube channel. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and
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the decision a little sheltered lives every song came to a complete. the day that i was right to be instructed you know told to shut up what they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and he grabbed my arm and he write me with his birthing area if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing thing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished than the offender and almost 10 year career which i was very invested in and i gave a sex offender who was not even going to justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue of tower and violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's men or women.
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sex guys or financial survival. when customers go by the reduced price. in elf well reduces our. that's undercutting but what's good for market it's not good for the global economy. time of the time corporations repeat the same bad. sustainability very important it's accelerating the transition to sustainable tries board sustainability stay number man at a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hama's followed this need to. look. into this number. of companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is looking now at this point any minute i need money. since i moved in this new me doing 20 min and i'm stymied seem to be based on that
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one does.


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