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tv   News  RT  November 10, 2019 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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had you with any roberts it was unbelievable what we had. everything. major us t.v. network claims that the station explosive interview linking powerful people to convicted paedophiles. and spoken to the founder of the investigative group which obtained the footage. the only conclusion i can draw a lot of these network executives are very close to the people they were hanging out with jeffrey epstein her. and other stories of the week whistleblowers become the front line in the political battle being waged in washington to protect the identities block to the u.s. . so space. is polls in the country's
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general election predict continued. as one of his most successful chief executives he admits to having a consensual relationship with the. debate something so named inappropriate in the workplace. you know c.e.o. i don't know how much time this guy had on his hands to meet people but do you know the world we live in this is an arrow right now of matt lauer with me tonight i do know it will sound all over. it is midnight here in moscow thanks for joining us for the weekly. video appears to show that america's a.b.c. news channel shelved a story on the disc 1000000000. 3 years ago and that it was recorded ranting about
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the station quashing heard explosive interview with an accuser of the convicted paedophile and it's a number of powerful figures are implicated in his alleged crimes. had the story of 3 years i've had to say if you would for any roberts the palace found out that we have her whole allegations are false and true and threatened us a 1000000 different ways she told me everything she had pictures everything she said hiding for 12 years making history how do we convince her to talk to us it was unbelievable what we had cleared with everything. i tried for 3 years to get on to no avail and now it's all coming out and thinking is new well of revelations and i personally had a i was so pissed right now all the videos of time by the transparency group project veritas its founder james o'keefe shared his thoughts on the footage. i have to wonder why did they not air these stories why why were that why was the
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shelled now this came to us from an insider within the network an insider who currently works at a.b.c. news leaked us this tape she says there seems to be some type of network of people that you know that that is covering up for this and she says she has a she thought all of it quite telling that this insider leaked this tape to project their it's us and not the washington post the new york times c.b.s. or c.n.n. because they seem to want to protect the people that we're working with jeffrey epstein again amy robach saying that f. epstein was blackmailing people there's a lot of powerful people on those airplanes that amy is 100 percent certain he did not commit suicide i don't know why she won't say that publicly but there she is in the leaked tape on the set of the program saying these things when nobody is looking. a.b.c. news has defended its decision not to broadcast the story stating it didn't meet editorial standards the anchor amy roebuck agreed explaining her comments were made in a private moment of frustration is
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a reminder of how the story developed 66 year old multimillionaire jeffrey epstein was convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor back in 2008 he was then registered as a sex offender then in july of this year he was again arrested and was to face trial over the alleged creation of a sex trafficking network he repeatedly denied those charges but a month later was found dead in his cell in an apparent suicide the founder of project veritas james o'keefe again says despite a.b.c. saying allegations were uncorroborated that i won't doesn't shy away from other high profile claims you can see how frustrated amy robock when you listen when you watch this tape it directly contradicts what a.b.c. news is saying publicly now about not having enough corroboration there they're fine airing the allegations against maybe brett kavanaugh for or trump or anybody else but when it comes to bill clinton and some of these folks 'd that are mentioned by amy in this hot mike tape they say they just didn't have enough
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corroboration i'm not sure how a.b.c. news defines a corroboration when it comes to credible witnesses talking about sexual assault but the only conclusion i can draw is that a lot of these network executives are very close to the people that were hanging out with jeffrey epstein per amy amy roebuck. democrats in united states have failed to push through a bill to keep the identity of whistleblowers secret comes as the president's son jean you tweeted the alleged name of the whistleblower who triggered the impeachment inquiry so he taylor reports on the fate of those who have to speak out in the u.s. . for the democrats impeachment must now seem tantalizingly close all they need is the final piece of damning evidence to seal the deal and to senate minority leader chuck schumer he has come out arguing for the protection of whistleblowers only rather of one intelligence officer whose insider info could
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make or break the impeachment dream the calls to make public the whistleblowers identity are despicable whistleblowers should be protected period period that's quite the radical departure from his previous comments on those exposing government of uses and each day that snowden is allowed to room 3 is another twist to the merits snowden is a one of the few picked up by the media he chose the path of raising his voice and going. unlike the hundreds of others who chose the path of least resistance you see they quietly lodged official complaints hoping for the system to reform but they were out of luck because as a damning report from an intelligence watchdog shows the cia and n.s.a. when 189 out of 190 cases of whistleblower complaints by had to
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send you the link but the report was shot down i wonder if mr schumer praised or even remembers all those whistleblowers who ruled against what the name for example rich barlow bring about now living in a trailer in remote montana with his hunting dogs back in the late eighty's boller worked for the cia now he found himself in a patriotic dye lamma when he uncovered what he said amounted to the u.s. helping pakistan become a nuclear power including by selling band technology and though he followed protocol he became the victim of a smear come. disgraced and discredited barely able to scrape together a living i was disgustingly patriotic and i thought the government is allowing pakistan to develop and spread nuclear weapons and i got destroyed for trying to stop it what about a former u.s. marine affronts gayo he thought he'd found a way of reducing the number of u.s.
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troops dying in iraq as a result of improvised explosive devices all that was needed was a simple swap of patrol vehicles and given that were responsible for over 60 percent of all american losses in the country between 20032008 surely the pentagon would have been interested the response was more of. an automated response he's not obeying our instructions he's he's gone off the reservation as we often say. and we've got to stop him from doing that and just as it took 7 years to restore his reputation it took just a few months to discredit peter van buren raising 24 years of loyal diplomatic service from pure and found himself on the wrong side of the table when he shed light on state department mismanagement i'm waste in iraq. what happens when you're
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thrown out of the government and blacklisted that use your security clearance and it's very difficult to find a grown up job in washington you have to step down a few levels to find a place where they don't care enough about your background to even look into why you washed up there the list of nameless faceless and unrecognized whistleblowers goes on and who to blame them for choosing to do to free fall their complaints because if you follow and manning will snowden's footsteps sure you might end up with your name on a packet and become the face of the fight for transparency but you might also find yourself behind bars and while you're sitting in prison think about how your brothers in arms only have a how to one and 190 chance of success whistleblowing protection should actually exist in all countries because it helps the country to have people
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tell the truth about corrupt officials united states pretends to have allies that protect whistleblowers but they often either don't work or they are deliberately sordid and certainly the government officials do not want anyone ever telling about things they do illegally the governments are basically wanting to control saying who's in control public opinion they put john kiriakou in prison for telling that for instance is that the cia was torturing so they normally absolutely do not want to protect whistleblowers and they actually hate anyone who tells the truth about their illegal activities schumer about him alongside the washington elite needs to clarify his position on whistleblowers if you are a whistleblower you need to accept that harassment prison self-imposed exile just being consigned to the forgotten pages of history are all on the cards are less of
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course you happen to be that rab breed of whistle blower who finds himself in the right place at the right time with just the right exposé. spain appears no closer to finding a solution to months of political deadlock counting is now underway in its 2nd general election this year and the 4th in as many years the no party is predicted to win an overall majority of the dubin ski joined me earlier from barcelona. i said that you're not going to get cocky if you can get your words he told her that he would be in his 2nd election based here other suggestions for me exit polls coming out. to around 24 percent of the vote speaking counted that the socialist party looked like they could end up with around a 120 seats that fall short of that 176 seat majority that's
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needed to form a partnership or to form a government on its own without a coalition other results coming in suggesting that other parties like the populist party vaux have done very well gaining a number of seats and looking like they could have around $46.00 seats but what is clear is that for anybody to form a government this will have to be a coalition government i know pitching she to reach out to other parties to work together something that spain hasn't been able to do in the last few years i just want to talk about what's been happening in the background in the lead up to this particular election particularly here in catalonia where in barcelona way in the last few weeks there has been a number of clashes and protests that the tensions have been rising on the streets again that was. pro independence leaders would give sentences some of up to. for sedition for their role in the pro independence referendum back in
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2017 that's going to sense now all those tensions that we've seen in catalonia over the last few weeks. as a result of those tensions there has been a heavy police presence in catalonia not just of the most of the squatter which is the local police force but also the spanish police that has been in here some of estimated some 324000 spanish police here to try and make sure that the election on sunday went through smoothly so far it appears to have done that but what we
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have heard is given the fact that this was the 2nd election this year on the 4th in 4 years many voters were feeling rather apathetic towards another election the suggestions were at 6 o'clock local time on sunday that actually the number of people who'd headed to the polls was down a number of points compared to in the post the vote earlier this year let's have a listen to what some of the voters have been saying just in a book and we are a bit charred but i hope that they understand that there is no other option but to take us quite a millions into account there is no way out if they think that with the repression they will achieve something we are stronger than ever well i think the parties to reach an agreement so that we don't have to vote again and that the situation in spain and kind of see some progress repeating everything too much and with very tight i think i'm not the only one this reputation well my do not move with the
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results would be the same as in the past the last vote in any way hopefully there will be no more elections what is clear is that the vote on sunday is leading to yet another fragmented political landscape and it looks like that no one party will be able to command a majority in the government meaning a coalition government will be the way forward and the chances are that spain will be without a government until at least 2020. independent journalist martin roberts joins me on the line are going to martin you've got a chance to have a look at the predicted results did things go the way you would have thought. pretty much as much as the 2 leading parties of more or less you know they've they've managed to hold steady. and again the far right party vox risen considerably book the i think the main thing looking forward is that both the
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socialists you know who the acting government and the more natural partners then most between them they've actually paid the price for not reaching an agreement in the past 6 months because their seat tally has actually fallen. that leaves them even far short of the you know the magical majority of them than they were you know just 6 months ago so i mean the big question again looking forward is whether they're going to be able to settle their differences with each other not only the us is whether they're going to be able to reach out and. get a lot of the regional nationalist parties on site at least to form some sort of a pact overwise we have yet more deadlock events in the vox party there what do you make of that rise and how will that impact upon spanish politics. well it's very hard at the moment to tell you know which party is vox focuses of switched from but one thing we can say for certain is that their poll ratings began
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to show. up a couple of weeks ago just after the riots in cannes a loony. indeed they appear to have made a lot of electoral capital out of accusing acting prime minister pedro sanchez of being too soft in the words of catalonia what they're calling for is not only a suspension of a couple of years or ptolemy indeed what they want to do is do away with all levels of regional governments in spain whatsoever which they say is a complete waste of money and that's impoverished impoverishing they have responded also. i think the tone is the same that we've seen from right wing policies elsewhere so far right policies elsewhere in the world in. see immigrants they're also very anti feminist you know it's a worldwide tendency were as they don't have a majority if they were to join forces with the army leading center right
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opposition the people's party well that could have these have an influence but again even that combination. is far short of the overall majority of the socialists would have with their natural left wing partners so it's very hard to tell what will happen but certainly i think what has happened is the we're hearing things in the political discourse in spain that we never heard a year ago. until then we could have said that was not an anti immigrant policy spain did appear. until us a year ago to be inoculated against the way it was in a phobia that we've seen elsewhere in europe and indeed north america a year ago vox had no representation in regional governments and now they're the 3rd largest party in the national parliament so yes things have changed considerably in the last year and i mean just the public but presumably it's almost impossible to know what approach any new government will take towards catalan independence which is long been a thorn in the side of madrid. well indeed i mean that's one of the
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was one of the sticking points in forming a coalition and as recently as friday morning. you know just over 48 hours ago the acting prime minister on national radio that he did not like the way that the most votes. party which is to the left of the leader public places have been talking about a referendum i've been talking about what he called political prisoners in couple lonia the problem with the referendum. as you know commentators have said repeatedly and i said on this program is. it would take a change of the constitution i mean even if the parliament were to vote for a referendum anybody could guess an injunction from the constitutional court very quickly to actually overturn this again changing the constitution is very hard because parliament would have to be dissolved and then fresh elections called to a referendum to ratify that change so in a sense you know about is
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a very big sticking point again talking about political prisoners rather than politicians who happen to be in prison well again the have been calls for such if 2 part of them he said he can't do that because that would undermine the independence of the courts completely again on the other hand and we've talked about the. if you like the fact that i think a lot of people on the left are scared of the voice of the far right in the shape of fox and maybe sanchez could turn round. putting most of the regional leaders and so it will look it's either me or it's the far right and when you consider this in spain memories are still very fresh indeed of the 40 year long dictatorship or from the school franco. could have some sway. many thanks martin great to speak to you my guest independent journalist martin roberts. now the c.e.o. of mcdonald's was fired this week for having an affair with an employee we'll
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explain all after the break. good politicians do. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. have to be right to be crooks that's what before 3 of them or can't be good. interested always in the water as it. should. seem wrong. just don't call. me. to say proud to stay active. and engaged in. the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. she stood up for common ground. this week for a major shake up in the fast food world with mcdonald's c.e.o. being fired having a relationship with an employee something strictly against company policy the company forbids romantic links between managers and both direct and in direct employees steve easterbrook took over as chief executive in 2015 after working his way up through the company he's been widely credited with revitalizing the fast food chains restaurants a menu and a mess of stuff he apologized and admitted his dismissal was the right decision we
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got opinion from legal analysts line on t.v. and radio host karen took. the fact that the best c.e.o. that they've had in a long time is now going to be out of a job because of a personal issue is really sad i mean it's just the state of how we look at things today in america and this was a consensual relationship there was really nothing a licit that he did it's the way it is and in today's era of me too and the like not to mention their own the history of the problems here and there what are they going to do it's their law he knew what he was executive he violated and that's it you know it's hard to meet people these days i'm sure it's hard to be single i'm married but you know as a single person in america you know being a c.e.o. i don't know how much time this guy had on his hands to meet people you know what his golden parachutes going to be today oh my god this poor guy we're very good to
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me to the body matched on commies east is too busy for that and it's funny how we read into it while it was consensual nobody's saying it was rape nobody's a kludge it was a violent physical attack of course it was consensual but do you know the rule that we live in this is an era right now of matt lauer and me too i do i do know the rules out all over i mean see the era of over it all over it. over it. i mean as a woman in america you are not in charge of us judging people i'm tired of us judging you everybody is wrong in a relationship no i'm not and you know why if i was if i was in charge i think the world might be a better place because we're going to sirt some logic into this minutia that has become so consuming in today's journalism and in today's america perhaps the company could have some sort of agreement where you know we allow consensual relationships with some sort of agreement between the parties before our eyes and you gauge in sexual conversation would you please sign.
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to it would you signal that yes we are entitled to one people do it every day though it's a world we live in and europe. who signs contracts for sexuality what are you talking about who does it might you might have to you might have to you might have to have a contract to protect yourself. from a baby in colombia has been so you from plunging down the flying to buy a quick thinking family member although perhaps not the one you think you know. that is the cast has been a member of the family almost since it was born we started to take care of her when
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she was just a month old and she knows my children really well. catwoman performed a heroic act to read by law she thought of me when she saved my little brother. about with updates for you and often i was stunned. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy one from day shouldn't let it be an arms race is all off and spearing dramatic bad to follow the only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be
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successful very critical time to sit down and talk. without the ever present and constant dread. of the free money. we would have a day of reckoning and prices would revert back to reflect supply and demand. and there would be a catastrophic trap door opening underneath the u.s. economy because the u.s. won't do it for itself china will do it for the in the form of announcing as a surprise $20000.00 tons of gold and the introduction of a gold backed crypto currency just will kill the u.s. dollar better than a doornail. a little. jews believe i was using to truly hope he. will
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lose his he's not. ringback 'd
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today the latest weapon coupled with the fighting skill of the american soldier stand ready on the alert all over the world to defend this country the american people against aggression this is the big picture now to show you part of the big picture here is sergeant stuart wait. the privilege of serving the united states and uniform is no longer limited to amount.
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that you please by the women's on the koran taking this grooming and feminine grease is one of the 1st lessons learned by the recruits. there were demands that we require of her perfect physical health system. i'm sure you've all heard the saying there's a right way a wrong way and the army way. a. i'm i'm an army veteran i need it thanks. richard.


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