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tv   Interview  RT  November 11, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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after the chance you were at the presidential palace in damascus welcome to a. international world exclusive i'm with the president of syria bashar last it was your president thanks for granting as an interview i but i was just off with why grant an interview now when you haven't done for a year and. you're most welcome the theory of. events in the wood in general in the region and you think you have to the invasion has brought syria front and center. once again this is one reason the 2nd one i think the public opinion would in
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a specially in the waste has been shifting during the last 3 years. they know that . has told them so many lies about what's going on in the region in the middle east in syria in yemen. they know they're there. but they know what the truth so i think it's time to talk about this truth 3rd i mean so many interviews with the media. they don't try to get the information they try to get the scoop. they don't try to object have to do to bring the audience what's happening in the world that's why i stopped doing interviews for for youth well look it will be a journey from damascus to reconstruction but how many civilians how many soldiers have been killed wounded. or displaced from your country and.
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there's 20 level. that you so during the last 24 hours in damascus you see you arrive to to damascus is the result of the sacrifice of more than 100000 syrian soldiers who are martyred whole war and so many lives of course little on the thousands or maybe tens of thousands of civilians or innocence who've been killed by mortars by excused by being. kidnapped and killed later or disappeared we their families still waiting for theirs there was a lot of cycling fight in the faith of those terrorists that's why you see these stability and reconstruction countries that have supported you include iran of course russia. i mean i want to get on in a bit to the british and american defacto backing for ice is. there in your country
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but how would you what would you say to a russian family that had lost a russian soldier who had risked sacrificed their life. for for a dictator for a release dictator what would you say to them as to why. glad to be a putin should be sending in soldiers to help your government you mention very important point even in theory no one would die for a person people would die especially. for cause and this cause the defending of their country think in their existence that their future. little somebody coming from another country could a 4th person whether he's a dictator or whatever you want to call it so this is not realistic this is again delusion that somebody would come from because the president put it in him to die
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for another person or even president put him put to put all the interest of his country. for one person this is against the logic of russia according to what they said i mean president putin level off and the others they are defending their interest in different ways one aspect you defend or if the fight terrorism in another country with a serial any other country in the region that we defend the russian people because terrorism and least i do it is he has no borders they don't see political borders it's one. it's the one hearing. the whole world is one of you know for the terrorism secondly the implement in the door the international law. according to their point of view this international law if it's implemented is
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in correlation with their interests with the national interest so implementing the international law around the wood will help the interest of the theory that the russian people for what they've been doing is in accordance with their national interest with the global therapeutic and with the syrian interest in syria stop it now you know that in media and nato countries this country your government you personally i see a lot of us with chemical weapons that. let's just go back to one in 21st of august 23rd team. in goods did your government drop chemical weapons on the. on that day 21st august 2030 the funny thing about the date of the same date where the 1st delegation that wants to investigate the international dedication that came to syria to investigate the youth it didn't arrive to damascus which is only
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a few kilometers from this place. logically the syrian army if. if we support that he has chemical plant he wants to do that he would into the bed take this for a 2nd. they talk about 200 civilian killed if you use chemical weapons you mean you may kill tens of 1000 in such area with people living very close to each other i mean it's crowded area 3rd that is that it only existed in the mind of the western off the narrative that was that the pretext to attack syria the that's what i mean they didn't offer any tangible evidence to prove that there was such attacks and they are there were many reports that that refute that has refuted that report all those allegations so it was only the
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allegation never ever theon army use chemical weapons before he handed over or he is also an oath to the international committee of course of the decision then to invite the o.p.c. w. him to remove chemical weapons or to actually win when there were such allegations about sitting on your i think if you so you ought to raise it o.p.c. w. wanted you drive 40 m. to go over we invited them to come we did it of we invited them to come because we told them you could come and should investigate because we were sure 100000 through the already geishas but of course the delegation of all with. as you know they are mostly biased well i mean the president o.b. c.w. had for them to arrive as he may have his own problems with whistle blower as. there is no doubt though that. he was the director general of your p c w who boarded. the destruction here he said there were gaps of certainties
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discrepancies in europe b c w wanted to destruction of chemical weapons here in this culture gap in our reports why don't they show it now with been since 2013 we've been hearing the same allegations couldn't be prove it after 6 years and every time they say syria has used chemical weapons is it possible to do to be under this. supervision by the whole western world and we're going to use it again and again this is not rational i mean the whole story we do we don't need it we are advancing i mean every time we talk about using chemical weapons it was when we advise not when we lose i mean even militarily you may use if you want to use such a weapon the mother called the syrian army because we don't have it anymore but really logically you can use it when you are losing ground not when your advancing so you deny the use in job or shake. the area of aleppo.
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you presumably deny for the way people do and 70 all of these you deny the use of chemical weapons by the syrian every story worth nothing more than a geisha the one who said there was use of chemical weapons he the one who should prove his story he'd want to should offer evidence is that you speak with the c.w. did. lead britain and the united states and for us to believe. they needed to bomb your country on the basis of they really do believe both. believe is one thing and bringing evidence is another thing so we're talking about evidence what the evidence that they have. to prove their story nothing they have nothing that can be any truth in the room was arguably on your side saying video evidence has been manipulated in that rebels were using chemical
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weapons via the saudi arabian government and chemical weapons were indeed used but by the so-called rebels. on the you tube you can see it i mean the stage play fully with somebody. play the role of the victim in many incidents not only with chemical weapons even with bombardments they. believe that somebody has been the victim then at the end of the shooting his normal person he'll stand up and go home or move to normandy you can see it on you tube it's very clear we can offer you would be evidence for this but there's no other evidence beyond that because the white helmet supported by the british foreign office government recently been given extra funding by the trumpet ministration. they claim their videos are absolutely true and that in fact the people who are making those videos saved 150000 lives in your country which was unity again is very
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simple to see the same faces of those angels. the white helmets the same face of the same one in the white helmet was a fighter with clyde. you can see me very clear the same one who has been behaving. or. cutting hate and one of them with a bean eating the heart of the soldier i mean this is very common to see on the internet the evidence i mean no one in this region believe the stunt the p.r. stunt of the whitehead myth they are offshoot of. well the u.k. state mandated b.b.c. and the international of their religion your government killed 11000 people using so-called barrel bombs from 12 that would be a violation of the un security council resolution you want 3000000 and indeed human
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rights watch is pointing to satellite imagery you're talking about you tube videos saying there are fake videos these are some of the major nations as biggest n.g.o.s and broadcasters no war is a good war this is self-evident truth you always. victims in any war but the talk about an army or state to go in killed 3000000000 and its own people this is not realistic for the simple reason the war in syria was about capturing the hearts. of the people and you cannot capture the heart of the people by bombarding the syrian army was fighting with terrorist. whether there is a. fire that affected from civilian that could have happened and you can have investigations but help with the syrian people support this to eat and their
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president in there or me if they are killing them. was the only way. to regain the east aleppo. the joke i want is for you personally authorized the only way to get rid of al qaeda i said arguably backed by britain and the united states the only way to get rid of them was aerial bombardment we definitely and we succeeded in some area. we captured the area without war we made negotiations with those groups and they left they left that area and then we entered the you've seen the pictures and presumably say those pictures are true of the destruction in east aleppo because that really the only way to defeat. the groups. those groups in eastern alipore used to bombard the civilians on daily basis and kill. hundreds of thousands of people in
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aleppo so the mission of the army and the mission of the heat is to protect the civilians from those terrorists how can we do that without attacking the terrorists that small children media and later nations they are in your defense but what about the use of double tap strikes by the syrian government and the russian air force where you bomb part of east aleppo and then emergency workers go in when you bomb again there are a lot of. negative misleading narrative in there with your to show that the syrian army is intentionally killing this event without no reason and to show that those that they called them. like a white helmets or any other hospital which is paid a quarter for the terrorists the theory that the syrian army is only attacking the humanitarian facilities in order for the civilians to suffer actually what happened you bought those civilians fled both area and came to the government side in every
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place not only just in aleppo. those people now if you go to pull this deal even be in those areas under the supervision of the government why didn't we kill them why didn't they fled to turkey. this is you know if you would the worst and not of but as i said. the head of the british backward helmet spoke on my program and said they are just a humanitarian organization not terrorists at all despite what you and the russian government allege but you but you have pictures you have to do you have proof so it's not there we don't have any other allegations how do we know through their images we can offer you all the evidence we have evidence mr president i'll stop you there more from president bashar al assad of syria after this break.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics or. i'm sure. i'll see that. welcome back you're watching an international exclusive with the president bashar al assad of syria i'm going back a little to the 1st demonstrations in. damascus
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there was a famous again we see state mandated british media program in which they interviewed of all people well the druze in beirut who said you authorized the killing of the teen year old. is that true and that they didn't interviewed a succession of people seeing the mistakes you made led to what happened it wasn't the british and american backing of al-qaeda and i says the issue in your country at the very beginning. during the. during the 1st few days we lost 5 policemen by shooting by bullets how could we talk about peaceful demonstrations while you have. listening kid i would have continued to raise the killing of a 13 year old here i'm just starting from very good from for the very beginning i mean the word peaceful demonstrations wasn't correct there was hooting and you
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cannot there who is hooting at the police and who bored with hooting at the civilians because in most of the incidents the police didn't have even machine gun or except this child was tortured no that's not true he's not we never had a cigarette burn there was a body he was killed no no he was killed here with kid and the other legation but he was tortured he wasn't tortured he was killed and was taken to the hospital and i met with his parents they have been all the read story this is all really in the with in the west and in the within media outlets this is not the story syria so that's why i'm so proud of all those the 3 that are completely disconnected from our reality he's somebody who died how did he die who shot but you know it was killed when you have a chaotic demonstrations. could be infiltrated by demonstration and start shooting in different directions and killed police in order to retaliate. or vice versa
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to have you heard of. been arrested in germany the germans alleging something called broadchurch 2511 of your torture units to torture demonstrators we don't have torture unit we don't have poor torture policy in syria what why do you use the torture for that the question why is this a call if you could situation you just want to torture people of this kind of them what to torture you need information f.b.i. or the information the measured it all the ceiling people supported their government 1st why we've been here for 9 years in spite of all of this aggression by the west and by the petrodollar in the region that's why disability and so why do you put to the people but the question is not what is it if you talk about
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individual it is it is this is only individual incident that could happen by anyone for an event for any other reason that could happen anywhere and board but we don't have such policy we never believed in that torture could make your situation better as a state very simple so we don't we don't you know what did you make of it when the british government sent the royal navy to intercept in the rain universal. they said the iranian government said it was with heating oil. for syria and the sanctions from the european union going to hit the poorest people of syria this winter. exactly 1st for this is piracy. this is biography by the united kingdom and this is the core meaning of the word regime called regime in the scene gangs of youth something similar. yes they wanted to effect the people in
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syria why because those people expected to rule with against their government during the different stages of the war but they didn't they were supposed to be supporting the terrorists the moderate rebels with the angels of white helmet but the people didn't this would with their government so they have to suffer they have to pay the price 1st for they have to learn the lesson that you should to do with their agenda 2nd this is maybe the last ditch attempt in order to push them to be against the government but they tried it last winter to try to before and they didn't work because the people knew the whole story and they know where their interests lie. people in the global south you and your government ministers may think it's natural to accuse major government of supporting al qaeda bases but view is watching this interview in those major countries may think this
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is ridiculous why would the british government say or the obama government because i suppose don't trump arguably has suddenly realized what may have been going on why do you think they wanted to support al qaeda and why because of the fact this started with the fact that the american officers before anyone else said verb are you with that on like john kerry like hillary clinton and many others when they talked about their role in supporting of clyde in afghanistan in order to be a tool against the soviet union that they said this is their modus operandi is not something we. vented their loss on $911.00 why would they make the same mistake again. american policy in general. depends on trial and they invaded of against they got nothing to invade iraq because nothing and they started to invade other countries but in different way they change the way the
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problem the left is now the b.b. fighters survival war from their point of view they are losing losing their hegemony so they want to divide the russian but you're a me and the theory and whoever said no even they are alive this ignore like that with some government they will fight with them they need do would they notice that in iraq it didn't work by sending the army they'd asked a lot and they paid the price even when inside the united states so it's much easier for them to send a proxy so al qaeda is a proxy again the syrian government again the russian government and the iranian government best buy they've been using this but you have evidence the ice is how did i says rise suddenly in 2014 out of nowhere after nothing. in iraq and syria at the same time with american armament. the be theoretically how could they
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smuggle millions of barrels of oil to turkey under the supervision of the american aircraft how could an american wanted to use them against the syrian army so it's more thumping with it the american said that and the fact that the same story. but while all this is been going on you have been talking with it to the actual bodies and different into the locators what do you make of the un on voice stephan de mistura saying in quotations in the birth of your days having really fought against what happened in aleppo libyan dariya i could not be the. one that is shaking and and saying my ledge these are the people you were talking to as neutral observers looking back on it were any of these people neutral he cannot be in that position if is neutral because the united states would only
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accept popular they said their behavior but you did shake hands with him via a heavy heathcliff to meet with me and i said no but so he wanted to shake my hand if you want to do he was biased that's why he feels he was implementing the american agenda maybe in a little bit smarter way but it didn't work because he wasn't he was biased that's why and what is this geneva process there have been some reports that the syrian delegation was backed by your government but not representing the syrian government what exactly is the geneva process post conflict i'm not even sure it's called that it's the american. lawyer it's about gaining in politics what you couldn't get. through the demonstration 1st and through the terrorist leader so you can get it through president politically processed that's way in it didn't have as
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well as you need for fear because it was stop and it was about operating the government through interim. interim body doesn't matter what is it. then change the government peacefully and control syria like they did in many other. countries persuasion of afraid and that's why he went to sochi with the russian that's why he's working we had this delegation last month and they started last week negotiating the constitution so when donald trump announces well you asked me about this you never really read this geneva to talk about this really avert this you know if it's only the venue the place to get a few but i mean the political process is it's thought you both matter where we we convene or where we thought the negotiation is such but of course the mainstream western media and media age relations are geneva north so if you will and do you
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believe that this. curious story that the russians are saying that the u.s. is stealing $30000000.00 of oil a month from northern syria is this a trump budgeting chip in the geneva talks why would net oil export or like the usa be interested in $30000000.00 of oil a month no things i says the started spiking syrian oil and oil in 2014 they had to partner with her. and his coterie and the american with the cia or others so what trump did is just announced that he had the truth he didn't do it he didn't he's not talking about something new even when some of the kurds thought of looting the syrian oil the american with their partner so it's about money in this pot over it and that what trump said recently but is not in yet
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or is not related to to the talks at all. but arguably way not more angry because obviously that would be a violation of the 4th geneva convention on pillaging of countries resources of course we are in queue everything in is the angry definitely this is looting but there is no international order i should and there is no international law. but this is nothing new to be frank not only during the war the american always try to loot other countries in in different ways in different ways regarding peer not only always or money or financial resources they do their rights. their rights political rights every every other right the historical role at least after world war 2 so it's not something new it's not strange. or disconnected from their previous support if you put it from time to time it takes to friendship and this
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cheap good thing about all this talk asst. way of american policy looting the rights of other people was a big part of the war fossil fuel pipeline access to europe from the middle east that would cut rusher biplane access to the european union this is very realistic but some say that the ask the president to open this here for a pipeline itself north and he said no for the ocean actually that didn't happen this is not true but there was the pipeline that's coming east west from you know through your dark theater to the mediterranean if this one was the reason it could be if the war is about the oil as
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a factor yes this is. likely to be but this is not the only factor don't forget the war between the united states and the rest of the war do you have know you were talking about 2015 earthquakes because the word order after world war 2. has been expired especially after the collapse of the soviet union and one polar would doesn't work anymore so you have rising powers like russia and china and india and other countries the u.s. sees doesn't accept any partner in leading the war even uki even from even other. the country i wouldn't call them quote this is another meaning to create any more. they don't except. this why the fighting now so the war in syria is the. cause of the wood war lists here world war 3. with. through proxies
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you have different fuck to the oil it's one fucked over or not because of the war i don't think i don't believe just because i'll stop you there for a moment president more from president bashar al assad of syria after this short break. the president cost and. the. free money. we would have a day of reckoning. and prices would revert back to. supply and demand.
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and there would be. a catastrophic trap door opening underneath the u.s. economy because the u.s. won't do it for itself china will do it for the in the form of announcing as a surprise $20000.00 tons of gold and the introduction of a gold backed cryptocurrency this will kill the u.s. dollar better than a. welcome back you're watching an international exclusive with president bashar al assad of syria. of course one might say that syria historically your father and yourself have always supported the palestinians and the un resolutions governing the birth jillian's do you see israel which after all many believe to be a nuclear weapons of mass destruction. as influencing policy in the european
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commission in the state department in the pentagon definitely israeli the or enemy that they occupy our land. evident intuitive to be part of any thing that could happen against syria any plan. is to gauge. through with their victory through their relation with the terrorists and. visiting the terrorists who are being treated in the hospitals you believe those which are the true of the israeli government was directly not supporting al-qaeda linked and isis day shooting militants trying to destroy your government these really publish these photos formally as a news it wasn't our educations 2nd they support in every time or every time the syrian army advanced again both. in the south these are aid used to bombard
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our troops and whenever we are diverse somewhere else in syria the airplane started committing airstrikes against our army but what and so the link is very clear there was correlation between the. israeli operations and the terrorist operations so that 1st through the terrorists thinking through the americans through the europeans they have won. and won interest and before the war not only do during the war so it's very normal in the expected in likely that the user id should be part of all of the. of course well britain the united states european powers may have stop trying to. aerially bombard your country to destroy your government the big news in the major nation media was the baghdad the assassination by the 75th ranger regiment leader province is it your understanding going on from
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what you just said that al baghdadi is essentially jane by the united states under torture in abu ghraib prison in iraq. he was in their prisons under this a provision and the americans were the ones who were released by the ed so they wouldn't release him without any at all and suddenly but it only became the fall of the muslims. in the world as he. himself. he was prepared by the americans to plea. and we don't believe the. recent story of maybe he's killed but there's not a bottle of the mention the whole thought he was about white washing. and from being an drove of the terrorists during the last not only few years but during the last decade this is like in the fiction movies when the memory they want to do with
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the memory of the of the. public opinion that we were over there were in direct link with those terrorists plied with. when obama sr was captured visually him. when he was executed they showed the event of exclusion when his children killed they showed their body the theme would of god why didn't they show us the body of bin laden why didn't they show with the body of. a dead. just a fake story about being against terrorists in this very sophisticated operation maybe he's killed because his has expired as a person being it is somebody years and maybe they wanted to change the whole name of isis into another name to bring isis as
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a moderate organization to be used again. in the market you know a little governor i get out of the media will react that the drumbeat ministration your government when it came to the nation of we are not that hard we're not part of any operation you're not in love with it all is in order to between in your situation in syria and in the institution from norway the representatives at these recent geneva talks i want it or no one at all we don't have in addition with most of the with some countries who play a direct road against c i know you're antagonistic with nato nation turkey but with dirty and arguably yourself must be aware that western policy is liable for blowback into the european union what have you made of a european union government's response to the possible. outflow of british i says
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they just back into the european union how dangerous is it to be in london today or paris or berlin. actually the relation between. the e.u. is always they hate him but they want him. they don't debate him don't know that he is fanatic islamist they know this and they're the bin or that is going to send them both. extremist or maybe terrorists he took in many refugees from your country many of them from syria and some of them know they're coming from different areas in the world not only syria actually but the majority of syria not all of them are extremist not the measure 2 of them are actually muscled the turkey they'd have to because all the terrorism in syria because of the bombardment of the terrorists and so on. so they don't want him but the same time the fear him but from the other
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side let's hear that. thin being those. syrian and other. is danger with the most dangerous on europe is to support the terrorists in syria this is the most dangerous part so this is hypocrisy how can you fear those few 1000000 is the majority of them are moderates and they have while you do you support those theories there to clean 100 in tens of thousands at least and maybe hundreds of thousands in syria and you don't fear that they're going to go back to to a country where the british government takes away the citizenship of british i just as a arguably ok but then presently the fighting in the ad lib russian warplanes in action there how far away are we from reintegrating it live will it be an amnesty for these people that have tried to overthrow you through your government
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militarily it will not take long if we start to liberate it but actually what what we do is to give chance for the civilians to leave and that's what's happening but they've been actually not preventing freely toward the government they've been smuggled they've been coming they click each few for a few families every every weekly 30 because they could be killed if they want to leave southwards or westward towards no doubt or toward the government. all sort. this very important for us to give chance for those who need to even older not to be hard the air strikes backed by russia and your military forces reports in the past few days of civilians.
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know how easy it is it looks great to be reintegrated those air strikes again the terrorists facilities. very simply but in the west area an organization exactly in the me in with the narrative in the western media then auditive during the 9 years of the war that every. syrian or lithium russian air strike should be again the civilian and humanitarian facility unfortunately according to them. and boards they can only kill civilians they don't kill militants all with as you see so no this is again part of the with. the of and i think just discussing this not even just with with. again this is against our interest or into this lies in killing the terrorists in order to protect the civilians not leaving those 3000000000 innocents under the supervision of the terrorist and being
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killed by the ok but then what is the nature of your agreement with the syrian defense forces there are so many different names of organizations in your country many of them are the white had good guys in nature a nation media what is their power sharing going on who are the syrian differences is the if you know it's about. regaining the control full control of the territory whatever the syrian army moved in to bring with it the visit of the government so it has sought for sovereignty on both territories but this agreement is both though the bit is the if they're withdrawing 30 kilometers south would in order to. do remove the pretext of the turkish or the turks to invade syria so it's we are in transition period called they are going to give the army now but we
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invited them to join the syrian army. some of the them said no the last few days some of them said yes we are ready to join the army so we don't know what's going to happen yet but we invited them to go in the army in order to to have normal situation as it used to be before the before the war when when did all prevail in the state prevail nobody else and as for the girlish forces are they just tired after so many years i mean your understanding is they took money from. the united states the cia i know you're welcoming them back you're worth 1st of all there is the if is not only could it's mix of code that rove and others think and when we talk about that is the of because in to prevent. the measured it was because they had good relation of the government and the measured it all because support that support the government but this which is called the people id is the one who is being supported by the americans publicly they armament their money they
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smuggled oil together. they are american. agents to be with most of them i wouldn't i wouldn't 30 all of them i don't know all of them but they're probably policy doing the last few years is to invite the american interest to be angry when the american wants to leave and to say we don't want to join the syrian army simply had you saying exactly what mr herder one would be a d.s.d. of all of them actually they are going has his own agenda which is to part his own agenda as muslim brotherhood and the american agenda as a puppet so it's to pot but they work intended to us into. but at the same time though those group. oh dear why did i give him the excuse and the reason to invite syria that doesn't mean invasion is legal is the illegal
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in every things all the world but they give him the prettiest cause he's been announcing for year that he wanted to invade the northern part of syria and he wanted to clean that area from the terrorists and he mean the people waited because it gave him the. excuse but what happened that's why they were to blame but erdogan has invaded ok but don't you see el nato some people in major powers may think the one thing we do not want is peace between and and damascus wealth. and you are participating in that divide and rule system that will have been designed in western capitals you no chance of any meetings with mr herder one . with him it's not free standing to to to meet with him and i don't think while somebody walk by your land would be the preferred one through to meet with we had
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some. meeting you negotiate with your enemies what your friends here we are but not with me or with him no it's on the security level it happened through the russians i mean it was a tripod. meeting it happened 2 or 3 times and it didn't include you know it so we're not against the principle to negotiate with. especially when we don't consider the enemy the turks people our own neighbors and we have a common history because you cannot make them any the enemy is the other guy in his policy and his coterie. so. the to be against those 3 groups. in turkey and in syria doesn't mean that we see eye to eye in other. picked up especially after he invaded publicly and foreman mr president more from president bashar al assad of syria after this break.
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to my hardest to a dash or sticker but it. is the name of the bin. laden are we keep.
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the same country because to my son telling the cia to make us tell. son and clung to my mother 100 neighbors who. sent. a monkey to move the whole thing as opposed to final thing with the quote this is you got to send them some. things. you know so you don't know many of the young they have. deiced so much smoke the soup. is still so not to sing on the. soup and such.
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welcome back you're watching an international exclusive with president bashar al assad off syria you see countries that have taken policy just. like syria and i mention the brothers did they mention. historic support for what is seen as liberation movements in the global south. they tend not to take up near liberal economics last time i was here all the talk in damascus amongst your ministers in damascus they were talking about privatization they were talking about elites in syrian society educated in business schools in harvard in the west. is that not the start of the syrian conflict when you started to implement
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near liberal privatization plans destroying the fabric of this is. actually there was a debate about privatization and the government and the state in going to refuse that even the unions in syria the measure that if you had been your liberal policies because you know that is going to destroy the poor that was before everyone was talking about it here you know where we are we moved with 50 or liberation but we still have public sector to this moment actually who protected the economy theobald with the 3rd visit is the public sector without the public sector wouldn't have survived this war the role of the public sector because we are all socialist government anyway so we have an a no actually we still have public sector and with a poor the poor with you'd have thought cities of braid or fall of schools if they merely merely free education is free in syria so we haven't changed that policy but
8:51 pm
we opened the door with more for the private sector so you cannot call it liberally vision you cannot call it through a coincidence the conflict hit that just after you were opening up opening up the markets no it was arguably corruption more corruption no there was. there was. this is not the this is not couric the explanation just theoretical in reality the problem started when the money of came to syria and we had contact with many of the neighbors and told them why don't you come to your workshop and this is in one . we take as we take in one week it was very simple if you paid them $50.00 at the very beginning then later $100.00 a week which has enough for him to leave without work so it was much easier for him to join the demonstration after that it was much easier for them to do them toward
8:52 pm
. having a moment in and before that we had very important the governor would deny lation of words easy in tunisia. that is connected to this conflict the arab spring or is that of course there is there is interaction in this region of the north the same culture the same background the system the same circumstances somehow not not not completely. some of the demonstration and the very beginning were peaceful to refight not every demonstration were infiltrated by militants in some areas it is some some people who wanted to go because they want the to improve their situation some people they have their own ideas about improving the political system more freedom or different flow growth. be used in those demonstrations so that was made by the influence of what happened in other countries like in your
8:53 pm
train but that's not what they continue this way the same people that i'm talking about this stop participating in the demonstration where the shooting started and the extremists are to infiltrating special divorce from both of which started leading to demonstrate why with a lower quality and using religious slogans in order to give this religious. and sometimes sectarian. mantle to give it to to to work put this matter on that it was racial thing like that could be happening in lebanon. sectarian country all of that because that they have. a. constitution in syria would not securing its constitution so it didn't work but i mean the outside influences that should. of course the one we believe spontaneous demonstration to be spontaneous but where will it go that depends on the awareness of the people. i'm going to ask you a reconstruction some people saying you're going to be too dependent on dry and want
8:54 pm
to run the estimate is what 230000000000 dollars i don't know how they calculate these things. you expect now the desperate to rich and there's going to be massive reconstruction is that what's going to. not face here because you know there's embargo in syria and the american tried hard during the last 2 years to not any individual not only companies who wants to invest in syria they said to you on the embargo right away so many capitals fear coming to syria because of their team in bargo but this is not the biggest problem for the humor of forces we have enough to be told come through we don't need any amount of sources we can build it gradually so i wouldn't worry about the symbolical but definitely friendly countries like china russia and we have a priority in this rebuilding not european union every country who's against syria
8:55 pm
would not have chance to be part of this is akin to a british british raid you'll definitely. do you think actually and he has been raised that the return of. terrorists as you call them. mass immigration good to after the libya war after the syria war they affected breaks it. because of immediate immigration to europe. of course the far right have been influenced by this to his own interests of course talk about the far right the most important thing. not the political aspect of it the the change in the society how much europe is ready or cain or able to integrate those immigrants in this society even before that immigration during the last 10 years to europe they had a problem in the integrating the immigrants in this society now you have this
8:56 pm
problem and you have the terrorism that inflicted france and u.k. and other countries. there would be affected because part of those immigrants are the extremists and the terrorists and the people who doesn't want to integrate they want to go there just because they want to leave this the region for different reasons security economy and also we know security collaboration to help these countries. there's no way through no government no we're not ready and we said. very clearly that we're not going to help any country and security while they work against syria and every aspect economy security and in their politics the boss of m i 6 on his opening speech alex younger call it peace the human tragedy is heartbreaking any british official. is not but in no position to talk about the humanitarian aspect anywhere in the wood they've been part of the invasion in iraq
8:57 pm
they've been in killing more than 100 in a half 1000000 iraqis. they've been a partner in attacking syria with them we thought and the embargo in syria and killing hundreds of thousands of syrians. and have been they are american puppet they are not independent we feel so they in no position to talk. the humanitarian issues anywhere in the world let alone the history in the past forget about that could only help here i'm not talking about their current and modern history they're not in a position well just finally then what about the election here is there going to be a general election in 2021 in syria in italy and will there be more than one person on the ballot last time we were 3 and this time of course we're going to have as much as they want to nominate they're going to be. nominees mr president thank you thank thanks for you.
8:58 pm
big tank in the political left tonight the age of the gag order is underway and is boris johnson said to win in win big in the general election briggs it would seem has changed everything. time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important it's accelerating the transition to sustainable transport sustainability stay number man at a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim that production is completely harmless. because.
8:59 pm
companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is something this we don't even and i mean look. this is the moves of news that we didn't. understand so when. donald trump welcomes the resignation of the bolivian president who quit apparently under pressure from the military following weeks of street violence at the same time several countries denounce events in the latin american country as a coup. disturbing images from hong kong where protesters set
9:00 pm
a man on fire apparently for being pro chinese. and syrian president bashar al assad shares his thoughts in an exclusive interview with ulti it's the 1st time he's spoken to an international channel in more than india. always try to do other countries. and different in different ways regarding to not going to avoid all money.


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