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tv   News  RT  November 12, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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therefore the policy would be to make. the economy scream. in the. opposition leader in. the country's interim president after every fled the country and claimed asylum in mexico. the russian foreign minister answers questions at an international peace forum and given his views on the blame game between world powers. that is pretty much. everything. except. by turkey our guests debate the story. turkey saying you know what that's enough enough is enough i'm not dealing with garbage i'm sending it right to your door whether you like it or not.
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right. thomas glad to have you with us i believe in senator janine has just declared herself the country's interim president as she gave as she made her announcement from the presidential palace clashes broke out on the streets of la paz bolivia has been thrown into turmoil by the resignation of alice who has declared. in mexico that the unrest has been ongoing since the presidential election in october over claims of vote rigging and resign situation has deteriorated even further with scenes of looting and arson in the capital some locals have built barricades to protect their home. and someone.
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we're watching your homes because there's a lot of vandalism that is happening in our area this is last night he began to loot the story to see around us criminals 30 surrounding area. we had to come out to defend it. is that it is since yesterday the looting has begun in the streets police and fire stations were torched along with shops cars buses everything was burned in my district looters began to intimidate us meanwhile supporters of morales have turned out in large numbers both in bolivia and across latin america although his opponents are hailing his resignation as a victory for democracy the resignation yesterday of believe in president ever morales is a significant moment for democracy in the western hemisphere these events send a strong signal to the legitimate regimes in venezuela nicaragua the democracy and the will of the people will always prevail i don't know if it was a breeze in south america or if it was oblivion hurricane of democracy to here
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today i feel a little breeze in venezuela freedom and justice former ecuadorian president rafael correa who hosts a show right here on r.t. believes the people of bolivia have been tricked. what he does for. the opposition is now enjoying its fleeting triumph i hope that this will not lead to even more violence because even more or less has huge support among the population when everything calms down most bolivians and i believe they're good people will realize that they have been manipulated they have something to compare to 1314 years bolivia has experienced the highest level of prosperity in its history there has been stability economic growth the elimination of illiteracy reduction extreme poverty it's almost a question of who won the election isn't worth it everyone knows that even. the only question is the margin by which he won and the right are calling for violence in the most insulin way there are considerable resources and weapons behind them or if there are clashes in the streets when there are no law enforcement agencies when
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the police tape part in riots when the military says it will not go against the people we're not god the embassies the palace of government what is left evo morales to do to avoid bloodshed to avoid more violence furthermore the army commander asked him to resign what could he do to avoid more bloodshed and violence just leave but this is what we call a coup the organization of american states not only allowed this but is also part of this coup the organization of american states has always been a tool in the hands of the us it is time for us latin americans to create something of our own because we cannot continue to resolve disputes in washington or even worse in the organization of american states the power vacuum in bolivia has raised questions over the country's resources and the role of multinational mining companies and bolivia is estimated to have 9000000 tons of lithium the 2nd largest reserves in the world and that isn't just one salt lake if other signs are counted the country could contain up to half of the world's. analysts are predicting that
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the global demand for the metal is expected to triple by 2027 today it is used in electric cars batteries for various portable electronic devices and military hardware chuck kauffman from the alliance for global justice thinks bolivia has been hit by the resource curse. there's no question that washington is behind the coup in bolivia as it's been behind regime change efforts in. every country. particularly that has resources in june of this year a president. that was going to. industrialize saying there are there lithium. it's just export of raw materials but his plan was for bolivia to begin producing batteries refining the lithium ion producing batteries themselves which
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cuts for. transnational corporations for a profit stream. russia's foreign minister is in the french capital attending the paris peace warm it is an event aimed at promoting a better global governance gave his take on the subject of global responsibilities . the west is pretty much playing to be blamed for everything. no no. just mistakes well very strong speech by the russian foreign minister outlining his a vision of what's happening in the at the moment and talking about some of the issues of what he sees as the way that the west is viewed itself in the past and how 'd we views itself in the presence in terms of its global domination he said that the west needs to take responsibility for its actions to understand its
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domination of world affairs has been melting away it said that it needs to accept that the world of the fee change is a centric world in fact he even went as far as accusing the west of preventing this from taking place of course. because for more than $500.00. more than 5 centuries they don't mean that the political economic and cultural civilizational life on this planet. as the subject of. bricks well he also was talking about some of the recent events over the last few weeks he talked about catalonia he talked about things that were happening in the navy of course the resignation of now the former president evo morales and he talked about the fact that the intervention there wasn't at the
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pointed finger being pointed at russia russia hasn't been accused of meddling in any of these countries but he suggested that essentially somebody else was somehow been accused of the coup in bolivia and this is strange so something discrepancy in the minds of those who normally a great job political agenda i believe that it is very unfortunate what we see in iraq it is very unfortunate. stage. you know distress but don't forget that. the people steal. the. american invasion we also saw a little bit of humor from the russian foreign minister he was asked during the questioning session how was russia preparing for the 2020 us election he talked a lot about the u.s. today so i wondered the presidential elections are coming up in 2020 so russia
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getting ready for that. resolve the problems on tour. but the main thoughts of. the paris peace conference was the fact that did to respond to the global demands to global conflicts that countries need to work together and that means that the way forward is a poly centric way forward and not the dominance of the west. bring the troops home has been a frequent pledge from donald trump but finding out exactly how many troops need to be brought home is no easy matter i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home it's time to bring them home. we're no longer the suckers folks or until recently the only way to get accurate data on u.s. troop numbers was from the defense manpower data center which reports directly to the secretary of defense however the d.m. d.c. is no longer releasing figures like it used to. we learned on
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january the 9th 29000 that juta new security going to d.m. d.c. can no longer report currently deployed service members this new guidance places us in jeopardy of not having the information necessary to count those who are deployed overseas of this by trump's promises troop numbers overseas rose steadily after he took office until september 2017 where the troop numbers abruptly stopped the m.t.c. figures for afghanistan iraq syria and several african countries are simply left blank. we will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities we are obliged to learn from overseas reporters from journalists on the scene where the wars are happening how many u.s. troops are there as well as what we've been obliged to learn that same way for years how much bombing is going on by both of those measurements trump increased
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most of the wars he inherited and then stopped reporting the information and in some cases clearly has continued to escalate or maintain levels of troops and bomb strikes well talking about his opposition to war and being reported on in the us media as a so-called opponent of the wars i think you've seen recent poll sware 16 percent of the u.s. public wants these wars to continue so 84 percent of us need to shut up where we're not as likely to shut up if we're told accurate information and so we have all this us so called journalism about trump the opponents of the war are strong the bringer of the troops home. a u.s. national suspected of being an islamic state extremist has been deported by turkey and he is now stranded on the border with greece in this video you can see him
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trying to get back into turkey after the greek border guards refused to let him in this comes after unca announced it would be sending islamic state fighters back to their countries of origin and earlier president ever want to use the e.u. countries are refusing to take back their citizens we've got reaction to the story from use of aram political analyst and tara t. world international news channel and independent journalist who groovy. it's normal that countries don't accept citizens who was. terrorists in this case and from another country so they set someplace and all you stay in turkey mr adams is trying to blackmail europe into getting more into getting more migrants or pay him more money i think is confusing terrorists and refugees now your pledge to $6000000000.00 euros to turkey in 2016 is part of the migrant deal which it only paid $3000000000.00 of those zeros while turkey spent $40000000000.00 out of its
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own pocket now what we're talking about is dying isis terrorists these people are not turkish they're european and they deserve to go home and they deserve the peace justice in their home countries they didn't commit crimes in turkey they're not turkish citizens they committed crimes in syria they're european citizens so where in this equation is it turkey's job to try these people or hold these people turkey's not a hotel like the turkish interior ministry said and it's not a landfill to hold europe's garbage i think turkey has a cheek to say that they are not to tell because they supported isis the son of president of turkey what's the trafficker what the people of isis going to export to the oil that they extract in syria. and all the places to chip off turkey should be in jail i think the only way to talk to turkey is to be tough that's the only way with mr at the u.n.
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and now east not for isis anymore a change disposition but in 201415 turkey supported isis clearly and made the war against isis last longer syria and iraq have capital punishment many of the countries where these isis fighters are held the e.u. the e.u. is against capital punishment by. leaving these people stateless and stripping their nationality what is that supposed to do wash the hands of the e.u.'s hands and say ok that's it we have no responsibility and now by remaining silent all this time turkey saying you know what that's enough enough is enough i'm not dealing with your garbage i'm sending it right to your door whether you like it or not and now europe has lost the chance to act they're going to have to live with the terms that turkey is dictating to them and they're going to have to deal they're going to look in the mirror and look at the monster they created with these isis terrorists and they're going to find a way to bring justice to these people european countries have been told to label
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imports coming from the israeli settlements are much more after a short break this is international. without the president constant draft. of the free money. we would have a day of reckoning and prices would revert back to reflect supply and demand. and there would be a catastrophic trapdoor opening underneath the u.s. economy because the u.s. want to infer that south china will do it for the in the form of announcing as a surprise $20000.00 tons of gold and the introduction of a gold backed crypto currency this will kill the u.s. dollar better than a doornail. deal or or
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specter of socialism 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall socialism is now remarkably popular what explains this how to explain why so many successful and even privileged people look to socialism to solve social problems maybe it's because liberalism itself is failing. to welcome back this is our team international life from moscow now with a u.k. general election less than a month away the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn has been branded a stalinist the attack comes though not from a rival party but from an interfaith charity one that is receiving funds from the home office to combat extremism usually has. the u.k. government is generous in granting money to various charities and organizations and that's undoubtedly good when those organizations are against islamophobia $97.00
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says of building a more friendly society take for example faith matters a charity organization norge to help faith communities working on integration dealing with hate crime and countering extremism they've also been recipients of u.k. government funding through the home offices county extremism program but with elections looming and campaigns kicking off faith matters it seems also has another agenda as they've been accused of launching a major attack on the country's main opposition labor party and its leader jeremy corbyn describing the party as being a stalinist cult of korban this country needs an effective opposition for a healthy democracy labor is now regressing into a stalinist cult of call bit. as a left wing muslim i cannot vote for carbons labor the truth of course is that he has backed armed conflict dozens of times he just hasn't backed by u.k.
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forces faith matters has been accused of tweeting about labor and mr corbyn more than 200 times since it was listed by the home office as a recipient of it support that's 5 times more than about the conservatives boris johnson or to reason may it's hard not to notice is that the organization is targeting corba not only for alleged anti semitism but also a ray of issues including sympathy to the syrian president bashar al assad for example faith matters denies the allegations of focusing their attacks on the labor party so they also criticize the ruling conservatives who have been plagued by repeated accusations of racism and islamophobia faith matters has been and will continue to be critical of the poor way in which anti-semitism has been tackled within the labor party correspondingly we have consistently been critical of the conservative party and their lack of transparency in action around stamping out anti muslim bigotry within parts of their membership base now it's not the 1st time
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organizations financed by the u.k. government have been caught to funding anti corben campaigns the integrity initiative a subsidiary of the institute for statecraft which has received more than $2000000.00 pounds of foreign office money spread defamatory content about jeremy corbyn on their twitter account later the integrity initiative was forced to apologize. that was a mistake and we wrote letters of apology to jeremy corbyn where as abol a tickle as we could be on the foreign office or that investigation into the matter if there is any kind of organization for which we are paying which is involved in domestic politics in that way i would totally condemn it but it seems the questions will continue to rise as to the extent of the u.k. government's funding for groups in gauging in such political attacks especially just before an election that could decide the u.k.'s future for many decades to come there's a body of people particularly who take an interest in his national security policy
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and or who are overwhelmingly critical and i'm skeptical about the scorpion's policies and his past involvement and whereas it seems to be far enough for somebody to criticize those without hiding behind as it were charity label just saying this is my view any organization that's funded by the taxpayer and says it's a charity should take a party political parties and viewpoint and i think that's a great mistake and just actually wrong in law. the european court of justice has ruled that all members must label products originating from what it calls israeli settlements and move has it been slammed by the israeli foreign ministry. israel strongly rejects the recent ruling of the european court of justice which serves as a tool in the political campaign against israel the rulings entire objective is to single out and apply a double standard against israel. on the move has been hailed by human rights
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groups oxfam said that consumers have a right to know the impact of these purchases have on people's lives and the luxembourg based court claims of the decision will help consumers to make informed choices areas covered by the ruling include the west bank east jerusalem and the golan heights back in 2015 the e.u. issued special guidelines covering the same tough topic however only a few countries implemented them jason perlman a communications strategist and a professor from the palestine solidarity campaign shared their views on the case. you have to look at what's behind this the people behind this not really looking to . improve the consumer's ability to understand what they're buying they're really looking to target israeli businesses and they're really looking to target israeli businesses in judea and samaria they're trying to put facts on the ground before there is a solution the area is a disputed best you know and even if they are politically disputed i would argue
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that many of these factories and companies are actually based in areas that will become israel if there was such a 2 state solution if that were to ever happen. but you know at the end of the day people have to live today people have to work and feed their families today tomorrow next week waiting around for politicians to come up with a solution is simply going to leave a lot of people having to feed their families on thin air so rather than target israeli companies that do work into dense mariya rather than target international companies that invest in import and export and do business with them why don't they support those efforts why don't they help people and then we might actually have a much better future for the people of this region the european court of justice has recognized the fact that by not labeling goods from the settlements as coming from an illegal settlements. the european consumer is
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basically being fooled into thinking that products made in israel of the not correctly label or if they carry the label made in israel when they actually come from illegal settlement now it's down to the various countries the members of the european union to implement that if they have any principles when they call the israeli settlements illegal then they should be immediately. introducing labeling and enforcing it and that's really important and let's face it if you are drinking wine from the israeli settlements then you are saying cheers or whatever the equivalent is in your language to an illegal occupation and to breach of international law i'm nobody should be doing that really. does it for me i'll be back with more news of the top of the hour this is art international.
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they say country. has suddenly been my model but it has been a bus who. says. it's. the one who can move the whole thing as opposed to think what the cut is in. the us so we don't know where the young need they have. to lie smoke the soup he choose to sing the. soup to sleep. time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability.
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sustainable transport sustainability. a more equitable and sustainable world. they claim their production is completely hama's. companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is a this. is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism. has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implement from the inside venezuela things are different we're going to
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announce sanctions against. venezuela socio. political moment to. get out of that. battle to stay on the path and. the moment focus on the who story isn't new makes him cold in henry kissinger to tell him that not be tolerated in latin america. an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the economy scream so wants now making the economy of venezuela screed.
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this is a boom bust broadcasting around the world in covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century and i'm washington has a lock out what's on that today as consumers around the united states and the globe continue to cite health care as a major concern of their daily lives tech giants have now set their sights on the sector dr john dombrowski of the washington pain center lenses a hand in studio to break down google's 4 way into health care and the privacy concerns that surround the move as the search engine now has access to the physical data of millions plus there is a whole life we are playing and our whole life. they've worked so hard to get it. wildfires continue to blanket california devastated millions for many the fight for their home insurance has just begun our t. correspondent takes us on the ground in los angeles to bring us up to speed on how major electric utility is facing and what recent moves mean for the victims of the
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raging blazes and later the new york federal reserve has just accepted a major repo bid good again but does that bode well for the economy overall steve kean author of can we avoid another financial crisis joins us today from amsterdam to delve into the details of the injections and what waves it could have for global markets so many stories to get to in so little time so let's go. we begin with major news on the health care front google has reportedly partnered up with one of the largest health care providers in the nation to access health information belonging to possibly as many as 15000000 americans across 21 states the wall street journal reports that google has one access to health related information through its partnership with ascension which that is the largest 2nd largest to the 2nd largest health care system in the u.s. through a collaboration code named project nightingale so what kind of information will google have access to how about lab results doctor diagnoses.


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