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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  November 14, 2019 7:30am-8:01am EST

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elected under the tories section 702 of the foreign intelligence surveillance act ars technica reports that the united states foreign intelligence surveillance court actually ruled back in october of 2018 that the f.b.i. misused surveillance data to look into american residence including other f.b.i. employees and other family members making large scale queries that did not distinguish between u.s. persons and foreign intelligence targets and that the f.b.i. has actions were a major violation of the 4th amendment to our constitution that protects the decisions from on reasonable search and seizure these revelations even caught the eye of n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden who tweeted wow the f.b.i. is running a warrantless internet surveillance program so flag really unconstitutional that even the secret rubber stamp court that approved 99.967 percent of the surveillance requests over 33 years felt they couldn't turn a blind eye. my friends when your surveillance scandal runs so deep that you can get a while from edward snowden then you know you've reached
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a pretty obscene new low which is why we must always be watching the hawks. were already. very good at playing like real with this one. as it were to pull out of it to see. what they like you but i got. was that we. would. be. pretty. well the one watching the robot on top of the wall and. wow. wow as a sort of gone through the f.b.i. was searching for information involving large number numbers of americans with no individualized basis for suspicion of any wrongdoing. meaning they were
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looking at large groups of people and not looking at them in any way specifically because they did anything wrong they kept no records. about how often agents were searching for information about u.s. citizens until last year when congress made them do it and then court rulings also so that several searches and february of 20. apparently involved f.b.i. efforts to identify americans whom it could try to develop and to potential confidential source of their mission while. waiting game there by the f.b.i. about a devastating for the absolutely devastating you know some type it didn't even stop with them searching like you know. you know all these americans searching for sources 1 march 2017 search actually more than 70000 identifiers linked to surprise surprise the f.b.i.'s all in the workforce identifies with things like e-mail address and things like that in one case and that will use the database to
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search for information on himself his relatives and other f.b.i. personnel it's like they're using this database like you'd use google. i mean this just absolutely blows my mind it was kind of interesting because their reaction to the story u.s. representative. said this is as a 72 and 28 and i led the charge against the establishment to stop this program president attacked my efforts and signed it into law with the support of ryan palosi mccarthy. it's an outrageous violation of our constitution and are. really all comes down to. constantly. we cannot rely times on congress to actually protect our rights on any given but just look the other way around or we can go after the f.b.i. we can't go after the surveillance community the intelligence community and all that kind of thing and when we do they just seem to go around in this case i mean that's i mean we've we've heard about this forever about 10 years of listening to
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they're looking at that they're searching anything they want they're searching themselves they're searching their friends or searching their axes they're abusing the system that they have access to and when you think about the fact that you have you know a 1000000 people with security clearances that can do that and have access to these databases that it becomes a little scary because a very large number of people and you can't prove it on the other side if you're in the middle of a divorce and you're actually using resources like these databases and are going to find information on you there's no way for you to prove or even request information to prove. that's an interesting angle i never even thought about that when you're sitting there like you know when they're when they're using it for personal reasons not even like they're suppose aboveboard thing that's right it's like oh man and then it just goes deep but it just shows the lack of regard for the sanctity of our rights. because i don't i mean think about it right now right now the supreme court is deciding whether certain groups of people because of the clothes they wear or
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who they say they have sex with we're deciding whether those people have the same rights as the rest of us. and you wonder why you have entire swathes of of us citizens who sit and don't even think about it you wonder why the f.b.i. the n.s.a. the cia the u.s. government everybody else the femina homeland security as everything all of them they all their whole job is digging into our stuff to try to catch us in something before we do it because it's easier to catch things before they happen than deal with the actual problem or do what you're supposed to do which is investigate the crime once it's happened it's a brilliant point that is a very brilliant point and it's really at this point in time i really do think that we need to take a realistic step back and really look at how these agencies are operated what is put in place to prevent this from happening again and also look at the
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repercussions of the fact that no one ever seems to go to jail whenever they're caught for these things no one's ever really punished at the end of the base so that's what allows people say well hey we get a slap on the wrist and a few bad lines will be ok the next time we want to do it. like dominoes falling in a game nobody wants to play turkish warplanes began bombing areas in north eastern syria this was the predicted fall of after u.s. president on the trump order the removal of u.s. troops from the border between turkey and syria are to america's saya tavenner the latest. turkey's military has begun its operation in northern syria as part of an offensive to move u.s. backed kurdish forces away from its borders now already hundreds of civilians in northern syria have fled areas on the border with turkey just within the last few hours and turkey's are already using heavy artillery and conducted air strikes in syria now after turkey's offensive began today there were signs of panic on this
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trees of. one of the towns under attack with residential areas close to the border now throwing more confusion on the situation. in syria president trump put out a statement that the u.s. does not endorse his attack and has made it clear to turkey that this operation is a bad idea now president trump has also said that he's monitoring the situation to make sure and necessary casualties would not occur and now with no u.s. troops in that region it's very how unclear just how the u.s. would even monitor the turkish defense now the security general of nato has urged turkey to not further destabilize the region through its military action. on turkey to act with restraint. and sure that action may know that should go disproportionate michoud. we must not jeopardize the games we
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have made together against over common enemy isis because this continues to pose a great threat to the media just not so for its own. nations nato secretary general stall and berg is expected to discuss this issue further with president are they not and as stumble on friday now the united nations security council is also planning to meet privately tomorrow morning to discuss the situation in syria now 5 european countries including france germany and the united kingdom have requested this meeting so here is the gist of it turkey is saying that they want to create a safe zone cleared of kurdish terrorists which also house some in turkey is 3600000 syrian refugees who've fled worn torn syria but those same kurds who are they gon is calling terrorists were key u.s. allies in defeating the jihadist group islamic state in syria in fact the kurds are currently guarding thousands of isis fighters in prison and camps an area under
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their control so it's really unclear whether the isis fighters will continue to be safely detained as many fear that the turkish incursion might lead to their resurgence of the extremists now already isis launching 3 suicide bombing against kurdish positions in northeast syria just this morning now even a pentagon and state department officials held meetings today to try to persuade turkey to abandon its expected invasion which seems of course too late now and this has caused so much criticism that even senator lindsey graham the top republican and ally or president is once again cautioned the president's decision to pull back u.s. troops from northern syria. this is this is a great because it's like i just today with the president with president trump about like you know why you know what about protecting the kurds they were our
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allies things like that he said literally well they didn't really protect us in world war 2. and they weren't there at the invasion of normandy but we've still got people essentially. the just blows my mind at the end of the day that we're allowing yourself and i'm happy to see troops leave but u.s. troops leave we shouldn't be there in the 1st place but there's better ways to you know protect allies things like that but allowing turkey to describe a border and start bombing the way right one of the things i think that's interesting is that we don't know at all the scale of this operation. and it marks the 3rd. military operation that turkey has taken in syria and northern syria in 3 years so they keep going on there and as you said you know one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter i mean. this is very specifically like turkey is calling them terrorists but saying they're going
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after isis saying they're going after about terrorists and if you didn't know that's who they were talking about you haven't been paying attention you know this is this whole thing of whose definition of was which is one of the reasons why we shouldn't be involved in these things and the way that we are because you have you know the p.k. you have you know the kurds you have all of these different factions of different groups and depending on what side of the border you're working on what side of the border you're you were born on these things mean very very different situations to everyone involved that's really very very room and thing is to this late it's crazy because like you know you have so there's here in the u.s. we're pushing back saying that they're going to sanction turkey for their actions which is i'm going to put them a direct i mean we all know sanction in your country has done so it does so much i mean look at they've obviously like crumbled to america the 3040 years that they have been. good for our.
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troops don't forget to let us know when you begin to top. it's been covered on our social media be sure to check out watch ignore the odd is now available on the spot apply apple music and everywhere you listen to your favorite podcast coming up legal and medial media analysts lion-el the bellman of the 10th anniversary of the balloon boy hoax that started the viral news and sanity we're inundated with today stay tuned to watch. and we're going to fulfill the repeated promises ok politics to the people i promise you know we it's all pots to. be. pretty.
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pretty good. now you want to 1st correct that. you know. cut. the last ice. age to become my. point it's not going to be good and then you'll see a lot happened since the last. of the so called individual base of poisoning is not
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really. a strong b.b. . society and the freedom of the individual. to my hardest to wear a dash or sticker but it's. dollars i think is among. the design team of the bin. laden or ricky. system and that's. the same kind of issue because he must tell if a salesman make us tell us your face or body has suddenly become one thing my mother did a 100 neighbors who. saw
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. him on the hook you can move the whole thing as you bozo ha funny thing with the quote this is you just said come see. it all just so you don't get off your man who's young is there. i see so much smoke the soup gets used still so not to sing on. the soup and such.
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on october. 15th 2009 across our very young social media feeds came word of a 6 year old child trapped in a weather balloon 7000 feet in the air he family had told police and the media that their child and been seen climbing into the basket of their experimental weather balloon that consisted of a not getting plastic tarps covered in aluminum foil held together with duct tape and string and as a floated over a mile in the skies for hour and a half traveling 50 miles the world watched and i mean over the world it took over cable t.v. especially c.n.n. for our workers and as i work from home at the time even i was writing on facebook it turns out that i was completely engrossed by this balloon thing completely moments later i just waited this balloon thing is ripping my heart out please please please let it be ok. and me and the boy falcon heene it was ok
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because he had never been in the balloon at all the child had been hiding in the attic of his own home the entire time and it wasn't until wolf blitzer famously asked falcon live on air if he could hear his family calling for him. when he was hiding in the attic that the truth was revealed and to hear you scream you know a fellow if you're vulgar. justin fargas did you hear us calling your name at any time you did you did and why did you come out of. this. league different show. did it for the show a mere month later in november of 2009 richard heene pled guilty to the charge of attempting to influence a public servant for lying to them about the answer that he was sentenced to attempting to influence
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a public servant sorry $190.00 days in jail 100 hours of community service and was ordered to pay $3036000.00 in restitution however the news business that salivated over the possible tragedy has not spent one single day reflecting on their part in making the hoax a national sensation they've paid no restitution for the lack of basic journalism instead they've taken the industry down a very dark path and here to discuss the 10th anniversary of balloon boy and how it predicted the wreckage we've seen now across the news web hip is lawyer and media analyst lionel of leno media. i love this story. more and then i talked to friends of mine i said you were balloon boy. whatever happened to the throw some feeling because you used to tend to be historians war of the worlds in the mercury theater clifford irving rosie we are all of these. full
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stories professional wrestling the work kayfabe all of this. this was some type of us psychosocial test it wasn't just a bad story and i think we learned a lot from this and you know what i mean the old e.b.'s he had this been a national emergency you would have been this was a test to see whether we could actually captivate everybody's attention and the answer is yes we can be that we gave this stupid story away and the contraption that couldn't lift anything and this kid is saying repeatedly it was it was a lie. so i think we learned something. if this if we really put our minds to it we all can be connected if. i want to it's interesting in front of me. clearly of elle magazine wrote in his piece balloon boy
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predicted the entire trash fired world we're currently living in a great title for an article. that basically you could see it was it was as the start of an ongoing operating failure to react skeptically and proportionally to what turns up on our personal screens it was big news before we have the brain as a literal object lesson the calm during a by burroughs by unchecked in influence i have to ask you do you right away do you remember where you were when when this story broke and do you agree with the premise that this was truly our bonjour of things the cause of this was a sign of what we deal with today on a day when there wasn't like the gary cd kennedy. but it was a series of hours and i and i was walking out into the street with cars honking and i was saying but i don't think he could actually float from fort collins to but here's my question for you chicken or the egg is it the media is it their fault
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did the media create this did we feed it back to the media who was responsible i mean are we clapping the stones or the stones playing for us do we encourage it i don't know but notice how these people now say well we're looking back at this had mr whose it's been there at the time he would have been a part and parcel but there was something to use the old crowd theory this is the good stuff you know this this idea that we were all like memory issues of starlings in schools of fish we were psychically connected and by virtue of you going back into that thread happen there we lived it and there you were and you not even embarrassed that a woman of your mental acumen your degree of mentation bing naggin and him a new intellect fell forward book you've let me. know that you saw that i was like . wow i have to put that on television because i fell 400 percent at least for
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a little bit and then you see me like an hour later i'm going to tell you something i want to learn to put it missing the point i think it tells you it's ok it's a false alarm but but deep within the recesses in the of the bowels of this event there's something good we cared we were communal you know it was true story it was harmless but if we want to pay attention we all could do it it can be done because i mean that was a you know when you heard you know shepard smith sang and i think they're all child i want to point out this though is that would have been around the same time within a few months actually of the very famous kanye. man the video music awards taylor swift which became like sort of the beginning some say of our modern like me moment something happens and we repeat it we use it to put on fags. is is this sort of like going after this there's a tragedy there's a plane missing mare's whatever about these moments when the media seems to just become we all seem to just become engrossed and we can't stop is this just sort of our newest version of if it bleeds it leads from like the poster and her it stays
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like we haven't really of all that much since. i mean there's an entire channel devoted to murder so i mean listen why the knives. are watching oh i want to scout oh yes i got oh yes somebody this is what this is what i think we love to analyze things i call of the back iranian cheese effect meaning that we just like mad when he is why i don't know we just do this was an event and people said well it was interesting but you talk about it i talk about it and the worst thing is i don't want to be let out let out of the loop and i also would be the 1st person to post on my facebook because i would say i posted it 1st because i claimed it i wrote this story i was there 1st it's like to me i'm still trying to get over the notion of janet jackson's wardrobe malfunction you had to have the the the visual acuity of a fighter pilot to even notice and people who are going back into the left so i
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remember that my whole life when i look back is going to be one stringed event of nothing what is to hire for yet another i turn to add allies of the point of exhaustion and and discuss here's what's interesting too about all of this talk about the rise of the kind of a pussy thing is that the enemy family had appeared on that show wife swap like twice before this whole event and according to stick around it according to the police and court records the bloomberg has perpetrated in order to get that he did family some publicity on their own you know and then get their own reality show and they're good and they're heavy metal group because they deserve yes right don't forget that yes yes and they don't and that also in 2007 was the kim kardashian sex tape that the real that was real but then she got a reality show out of it you know it's real life script to grab eyes and sanitize for our enjoyment can we turn this around of these people kind of just like i'm going to concoct a story or i'm going to do something outlandish just so i can suddenly how can you show because somewhere along the line we went from editorial to news and we we
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obscure to remove that barrier fame and infamy are. exactly there's 2 sides of the same coin the whole paradigm is gone it doesn't matter they were the old expression as long as they spell my name right well as long as they just let me do this. stormy daniels of a not a p.p. people who basically do nothing and kim carr dashon who dare i say is kind of like you know they always say the defendant or the seinfeld was a show about nothing well dick van dyke was really the 1st and she was as well but what i'm saying is that we're learning more about us and you get to the point where you get scared you know when you say we're really not well we're mapping the genome we're traveling around the universe we've got particle physics is dream theory but yet something as stupid as this not only but 10 years later we bring it back to. analyze it and i love it and you rule my day is that it sticks yes thank you so
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that is not about impeachment all right thank you thank you so much for coming on a lot of discussion about the news media and all of our foibles that you so much for thank you. the real meat the fake me the freeze dried meat and spaceship they at the bio printed me on the space station that's right the very 1st lab grown meat developed by a left farms was successfully created in the russian section of the international space station this september without gravity the process which is a suspicious specially designed 3 d. printer is actually easier and faster allowing yours to print from all sides all at once it works by recreating the process of muscle tissue regeneration that happens naturally and gals this could be crucial to a long term space travel which would have making which would make having protein sources like meat possible without thousands of gallons of water and a cargo hold full of couse of course this new creation event draws 1st spacefaring
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folks but could provide increasingly help on earth as climates and taste. change i say where do i sign up for a state printer. that would be good with the state is there a gas version of the state here. i wonder how it's very professional. and what was fascinating to the fact that it made it made this may be easier in space because of the 0 g. is that when that one really captivated me when i talk about this article yes it was like whoa wait a minute because it's like the gravity here of the cells can't light combine incredible stuff yeah and i do want to thank you for god is that there is having a protein source for a long term space travel or a long term travel even in the arctic and other places where we are as humans is is something we have to think about and like you said it's it's it's fun when it's in a side by show that there is a cargo hole full of cows but in real life that's much harder and if we could figure out ways to do this in
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a way that doesn't use up all that water all of. the damage to the environment like you know in the cattle industry brings to things like being able to kind of move away from that as i think the futurists take printers like this all right that is our show for today remember everyone in this world we are not told that we are loved enough so it's all you all love i have a tight rope and i'm tough a flawless keep on watching all those folks out there are great doing. what i suggest is a call the reverse hunger games then reverse on the day i randomly pick 10 to 16 billionaires every year and strip them of everything that 0 and course them out there and make it into the world of commerce and see if they can build it up scratch again introduce risk back into the american capital system once you have
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a certain amount of money there's no more risk you're just clipping coupons for finity and you have no stake in the game whatsoever. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. very dramatic development only mostly. i don't see how. you sit down and talk.
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a college student goes on a shooting rampage in russia's far east killing wallman 'd injuring 3 others before turning. himself also ahead in the program. supporters of bolivia's. governmental livan bring the. a.b.c. news is under pressure to explain convincingly why hold on explosive story. instead it appears the broadcaster is hunting for the whistleblower that.


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