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a mob of hong kong government. justice minister in london pushing to research into the ground leaving her. head 2 teenagers are. following a high school shooting in los angeles it occurred on the very morning the suspect turned 16. and child abuse in the u.k. including witchcraft is on the rise but many saying correctness is becoming a bari or to protecting vulnerable foreign children.
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around the clock across the world this is our team international her warm welcome to the program my name's union o'neil. following months of protests fallout from the on rest in hong kong is now being felt much further afield for the 1st time since government demonstrations began chinese territory activists but the hong kong official who was visiting london. was. was very well the video that we just saw shows hong kong's justice secretary to resign chang who was actually at the time in the u.k. giving a speech about successful dispute resolution how she was targeted by dozens of protesters who pretty much mobbed her as she left the car now the activists were
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yelling murderer and as they also chase her down the street to put it show of the incidents the one that we just saw shows a chain being swamped and screamed ad and at some point she was even pushed to the ground and she injured her arm and she was taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment now an interesting detail is that hong kong's justice secretary kerry's the chain is actually quite a key figure in the drafting of now with drone acts tradition bill that sparked all the protests and the 1st place now china has of course already commented on this incident with hong kong justice secretary the violent and more was perpetrated organized on one communication committed the fragrance assault on the senior official of the poem called special administrative region it has once again proved that the rule intention is to destabilize hong kong now but taking such violence
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abroad and into the u.k. the action deserves to be condemned not always by the entire chinese people including the hong kong compatriots but also by the british public and the international community unanimously there was a very formal response to this violent incidents from the u.k. police woman was taken to hospital by london ambulance service suffering an injury to her arm inquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances that has been norris at this stage one of a constant. you know we've seen since the protests broke out in hong kong the protesters themselves the clearing strenuously that their protests are peaceful but we've been seeing them. lots of blockades can we bring in the kind of difference what's happening there well they do not seem to be asked species will as they claim to be called has been crippled by protests since march but practically
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all over the place the media continues to call them peaceful however they have been seen to be quite familiar with medieval style weaponry they're even building watchtowers and even using catapults to found off police for instance the daily mail put and it's had lined the story of how protesters are using swimming pools to tast patra bombs so it does seem that the mainstream media in general is not really criticizing the methods that they're using but more somehow sort of romantic their struggle while the protesters transform hong kong university is into a weapons factories and armed themselves with the patch will bombs the media is still impressed but what they call novel methods of taking on riot police so it does seem that the coverage is focusing so far very little on the danger posed to
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those caught in the crossfire. the. other night. we heard from. shanghai based professor of benjamin chao who believes there is a clear bias in the coverage of the protests. outside on call i don't worry too much about prolong as collation violence and the violence there that matches the local violence of some form of protest the hopelessness to constrain expression because the protesters they met as creative violence to this position of power the more i was such a point to hunger police along it's really hard to con think of bothered but i know
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not to point out the general public is hugely unsatisfied with the protesters right now there is no effective way to your night polish to fight against the protesters yet you see what the some of this bastard media covering the story i think it gets and the post and also some best and media not only china needs one called the whole world i think the call because. the minds of hong kong would be one example of how one high the civil rights and peace process they could turn into hell opened my eyes i was type forces. shooting at a high school in suburban los angeles and have 2 teenagers dead and 3 others injured the gunfire began at a run 7 30 am on thursday local time the suspect who shot himself in the head on is not expected to survive his injuries is under police custody in all spittle he just turned 16 on the morning of the incident.
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it was one and then 2 quicklime and then then. it was almost as if it were to happen at like brunch or lines but there was less people not like people were just waiting for that class. i just heard a lot of kids crying we were scared we're never really thought this would happen in our school. she burst out crying like crazy but i felt better because i knew the danger was
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gone i just pointed the whole time until i heard from him again and she was ok. students and follies they're dealing with the aftermath a wide ranging report by u.s. intelligence is that many school shootings during the last decade could have been prevented recommendations in the document will be used in training sessions for schools across the country however u.s. democrats oppose the idea of drills saying they could traumatize children. my son's school is holding 4 active shooter drills this year the only clear impact of these drills is stress anxiety and confusion on the part of children and families i would end the drills or make them optional that our kids learn the right things active shooter drills are traumatizing a generation of american children you are not expressing the urgency of ending trauma that our kids are exposed to every single day as
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they go through these drills in every single school in this country is the sterling to me. more than $4000000.00 students underwent a lockdown or drill after school in the 201718 school year included more than a 1000000 aged between $4.11 while thousands of even younger children also had the same experience when the number of school shootings in the united states has been overwhelmingly high more than 250 since the infamous columbine high school massacre in 1909 in which 13 people died not truly eyeopening figures here recent research suggests the majority of american students teenagers 57 percent extraordinary really they're worried about the possibility of a shooting. that's what is going through their minds here's what people in new york think about gun attack training for school children it does take sight the little
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ones and then they can't focus and concentrate and they're just too nervous just living so you know it's something that we share with them at home you know sort of make them aware but don't just drive i'm not sensible unfortunately it's necessary my girlfriend didn't seem to be truck traumatized by it i think there should. be remembered atom bomb drills we don't do those and it's the same thing i think it's the reality we're facing today and fortunately i grew up doing 2 little drools and my kids are growing up doing lots of sugar drills i think life could be traumatic for kids you know but without a doubt i think that's why parents and teachers and psychologists psychologist to be involved in doing this. will we go further reaction to this from iraqi war veteran sergio. psychology expert jean allowed. i don't think there's anything wrong with doing periodic drills i think the danger is when you have children who are away from their parents maybe for the 1st time in their lives young children
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who are impressionable some of whom have maybe been through some sort of traumatic experience in their life and you put them through an active shooter situation that's where the danger comes in especially to a particularly young child who is particularly vulnerable to such a traumatic suggestion when you get up into the high school age in the college age i think you have a less impressionable brain someone who is mentally perhaps a little more prepared to distinguish you know reality from something that we're rehearsing are preparing for but with younger children i think it's particularly dangerous it's totally insane actually see you do that kind of stuff and they might if it's got a it's got to say during the cold war they should of dropped bombs or they should've exploded ammunitions next to schools to make sure that kids get underneath the tables to get ready for a nuclear fallout or it's creating
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a culture of fear where you basically indoctrinating kids to be afraid of everything creates a normalization of these behaviors which is stressed which is nervousness which is exactly it is. the number of children in the u.k. known to have suffered abuse linked to witchcraft is rising according to local government figures but since most of those who practice have come from abroad the british government is being accused of turning a blind eye over fears it could face accusations of racism ortiz show the edwards story. hidden under the guise of religion faith and belief witchcraft is an ever increasing threat in child abuse cases in britain the number of such and. students has risen by more than a 3rd in just 2 years as local council say they are housing the equivalent of 38 cases every single week the shocking research released by the u.k.'s local
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government association also highlights f.p.m. or female genital mutilation it puts numbers at a record high with 1000 children having already been abused or at risk of it in the last year while it's more common incessant african communities the u.k. did have its 1st conviction for f.d.m. back in february. despite that life threatening and dangerous practices like f.d.m. put as many as 60000 girls at risk every year there's a misconception that the ancient custom of s.g.m. is a religious one even though it originated some 2500 years ago meaning it predates both
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islam and christianity and is not mentioned in any holy scriptures nor endorsed by religious leaders but the cultural often described as a barbaric tradition mainly occurring in africa isn't being fought as it perhaps should be as experts say there's a fear of being called racist i'm so good by these figures for so long the political power that black people have his being dismissed people are scared to talk of witchcraft is this scared of being accused of racism but it's racist to ignore it it's more races to look away it really hurts that we still have to tell people the black kids need protecting following the fast f g m conviction earlier this year more measures have been put in place to help put an end to the epidemic of abuse including extra guidance for prosecutors and police down to. total practices it's down to only all ages and he's damned political correctness i want to know when a feminist song on this issue there is not enough we mean speak up about this and
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he's because when women like may speak out we are told we are racist and he has to stop that's what you have to political correctness has got to go at it when it reaches like a cancer and he stops people from breaking the silence we need more words we need strong words we need government and politicians and prime ministers to stand up and say that anybody anybody who is involved in this practice if there was even a remotely suspicion children need to be looked at medically but not doesn't happen either for so long or pieces like after you have been hidden doused and stick where and to but it seems like cornea talha what is maybe the only way to protect vulnerable children the news keeps rolling this friday in 90 seconds time.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you.
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hello again speaking from mexico bolivia's usted president evo morales sais he wants to return to his homeland as soon as possible pacify the nation that's while the country reels in political chaos with morale is supporters protesting what they are calling a coup spanish correspondent francisco quatre is covering events in la. well it depends on us if thousands of people are protesting against what they believe is a coup they gathered here in the center of the past but they came here from one of the best chance of ever more alice brought the stars do not recognize the self-proclaimed acting president and yes 2nd they want to restore constitutional
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order and finally they want to gain respect for indigenous symbols on tuesday send the jeannine and yes announcer self interim president that on wednesday appointed her ministers and military commanders the interim government said that the country's problem was in the rigging of election results on october 20th and then ever resign thereby creating a very difficult situation which they took advantage of that evo morales fled to mexico along with many of his party members he was forced to step down on monday after weeks of violence triggered by claims that last month's election victory was rigged by looting and vandalism soon followed and some of his supporters say they fear for their lives rallies himself ses bolivia needs help from abroad to restore peace. i have plenty of confidence in the united nations we have had extensive talks with u.n. secretary general antonio good turners and he has a lot of social conscience plenty of commitment to the poor he should be the
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mediator not just the facilitator in the institution perhaps accompanied by the catholic church and of pope francis is needed we should add him to. go so far the bolivian assembly hasn't approved or rejected my resignation they haven't approved or rejected it i can say that i'm still the president the moment they approve my resignation then i am no longer president. because. we must recover democracy with a lot of patience and peaceful fights we must pass if i believe and then if i'm useful in anything but can bring peace to believe you we will do it but without bullets. a philosophy lecturer in the united states stirred anger after calling americans who live in rural areas people who deserve uncomfortable lives. i unironically embrace the bashing of rural
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americans they as a group are bad people who have made bad life decisions some i assume are good people but this nostalgia for some imagined pastoral way of life is stupid and we should shame people who aren't pro city hate sex and kernahan stereotyping is a weak way to make a point you know some sense about rural people elitism cruel you know everything people think is wrong with higher education but you do not speak for all professors try feeding yourself without a farmer body. jackson kearney and later apologize for the tone of what he wrote but not for the ideas his twitter account has not been deleted in turn berkeley university where he has given lectures stressed that it doesn't have an elitist approach towards any social group while hulu would have era of reaction times dot com say that the gap between coastal and heartland america is widening. it's one of those things where you know you don't want to obstruct people's freedom of speech
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but at the same time you have to be careful who see what because these are actually the people who are in charge of shaping the minds of the elite sectors of academia and of politics you know the so-called ruling class these people think they're so much better than just regular old heartland americans think they're heartland americans or less intelligent academically inferior and just you know negative in a lot of different ways and i think it's really un-american there's a lot of social changes that are you know being enacted right now in american than they were progressivism but is that really progressing the country is actually causing a regress and a lot of people are having problems you're having all sorts of new mental health diagnosis is and you know graduation rates are still horrible in the inner cities you know these places that continually elect these liberals who are actually performing worse meanwhile over on the east coast of the us
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a former new york university professor has launched a campaign of his own he started an online crusade against what he calls collective histeria surrounding russia related stories after earning his thoughts he claims he faced stock you say sions of being a russian spy and the nazi like a lot wrecked and walt initially created an anonymous twitter page which he used to criticize political correctness he lashed out against numerous liberal ideas on movements but after his identity was discovered the professor claims his life on campus was made bearable that forced him to quit we spoke to him earlier. the university has turned into this is broadly speaking an indoctrination center for so-called social justice which is anything but just i got back to campus after being put on an a paid leave of absence immediately being denounced by a committee calling themselves the diversity equity and inclusion group which i call the conformity inequity an exclusion group they were attempting to make the
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university into a kind of. surveillance system where everyone was basically surveilling on each other and each other this secret biased reporting hotline where these bias teams would adjudicate cases behind closed doors with no transparency and nobody told you what bias was what what a biased infraction was and yet this was announced all over the university they were promoting it widely they tried to get me to put it on my syllabus i refused they did not like the fact that i was criticizing the dominant ideology and that was not tolerated they basically tried to isolate me to exclude me to basically say that anybody had a view that differed with this dominant ideology which is social justice as they call it. must be silence that effectively marginalized basically treated like
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a pariah and utterly completely shocked and and shut out that's what they tried to do so we have a university system where you supposedly different views different perspectives alternative ways of thinking are supposedly engaged in instead the university is becoming a single stream social justice indoctrination center. disney's new streaming service has proved hugely popular since its rocky launch. that was when a technical glitch calls it to briefly crush meaning it was all available to some appliance it's also run into trouble from viewers warnings 2 plus a cartoon such as dumbo the jungle book fantasia because they contain allegedly racially charged elements.
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just like. all of. the i don't want you to. be. political correctness isn't top stupidity. ruining for cultural depictions and classic animated movies. how did we get by all these decades without warnings. disney is making disclaimers about the d.p. since november do people really get heard that easy.
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why are we explain jim crow laws to a child the child sees a car true it doesn't understand that but when you tell somebody you see what this is this is racism what racism this is racism why are they were racist because people hate people because of color why you actually can do more harm so it's. it's a good idea but it's you know it's the wrong message so what have you done have you made me smarter or have you shown me the diversity and the perhaps even the splendor of of racial symbolism sometimes we just explain too much sometimes it's best just to shut up play that movie and let kids watch it after all it's just a movie schist a cartoon that simple perhaps the world's most famous working artist is today's guest on sophie and co visionaries it's a fascinating chat and it's next stay close.
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those who consume corporate media will believe the bolivian army rightfully overthrew the democratically elected president of bolivia the word coup is not mentioned but this is exactly what happened the tried and tested color revolution playbook was on display for anyone paying attention. is in retreat. of the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has
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been faced only implement from the inside venezuela things look different we're going to announce sanctions against. venezuela so as you. have a son of the moment those who flew. the coop. the moment the focus of the whose story isn't new nixon called henry kissinger to tell him not be tolerated in latin america an alternative. and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. economy scream so wants to make the economy of venezuela screed.
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welcome to sophie cove visionary. contemporary art can be a very powerful social commentary with no further adieu my guest today legendary way way. way way it's really great to have you on our program today welcome thank you. so now that i have you here there are so many things that i want to ask you for instance your art mainly. commentary on certain events is a reflection on things situations and that's understandable because you speak from your whole experience your whole life experience is behind that art but. i just want to know your perception in terms of is it just important to have a reflection on your own experience or do you expect this to actually change
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people's lives as well. well as you said in my. experience. and the struggle our people struggle it changed my life and also i believe benefits me would benefit people but do you do you feel like it's your mission to change other people's life with your art or this is not something that. it's not something i'm looking for you know i'm not. certain you know my art for certain public people go but i don't believe you really mean. being. this intentional change and that it's always there so i'm very happy to be part of it so when we talk about contemporary art and here we are because i.


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