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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  November 16, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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career manipulation in the country's elections last month yes exactly the election morale is one what i am just asked mark weiss project director of the center for economic and policy research you can look at any website for any major news organization in the world and no one has yet presented any evidence and that's because there isn't anywhere i think the media has played as you drooled by simply repeating over and over again this allegation which is really nothing at this point more than an unfounded conspiracy theory oh yeah it's one of the unfounded conspiracy theories we were. so that means it's totally true. man able to just fled the country on a boat premise that he rig the elections here in the us hillary clinton has stuck around even after. the d.n.c. admitted in court they rigged through their twenty's 16 primary elections. what
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what what do we have to do to get some of our to flee to mexico. a. and you don't say here even when they're being impeached they dig in like goddamn tax and like parasites like the t.v. show survivor you always think it's going to be gone but it's not. but something else you need to know about the libya it's not alone it's one of many countries that were involved in the pink tide the sweep of left wing anti imperial governments in latin america the poorest people were brought out of poverty the i.m.f. the world bank which just sent countries into debt were being kicked out the oil companies were losing control and our government has needed it how dare people be brought out of poverty listen if half of the population isn't destitute do you have any guy. d.-a how hard it will be to get reservations at nice restaurants.
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not to mention there won't be any tickets to the good broadway shows i mean the reason most people enjoyed learning about the origins of america in the musical hamilton is because it's only for rich people. let's take a look at some of the other leaders of the pink tide and doris mann well as elia in 2009 july was removed by a military coup and then then secretary of state hillary clinton with the obama administration helped to make sure he could regain power then as well as former president hugo chavez he was the victim of a u.s. backed military coup in 2002 and even our beloved u.s. military propaganda outlet the new york times alternately admitted that look who was us back but they said it was on was but we weren't done with venezuela if it 1st you don't succeed keep me in
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a bucket of. chavez's successor nicolas maduro has just recently defeated yet another u.s. backed coup attempt in fact we're getting so sloppy that our own aid agency usa id was recently found to be funding the coup leaders she says christ don't we know how to launder money by now. that. the new guy if you just give it to a guy and tell him to give it to the other guy who sat so hard if that's not going to work then you take the money and you buy a bunch of chickens ok then you give the chickens to the kool eaters and you tell these other jags some very complicated can we get some better goddamn criminals running our empire. but that's not the only way we've tried to bring down the doro we're also waging crushing economic. war against that country and speaking of
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economic sanctions let's move on to daniel ortega nicaragua a u.s. backed coup was attempted there last year but it was defeated how did our congress respond to every single member of congress approved crushing sanctions on the country but how do i know it was a u.s. backed coup in nicaragua well yet again our crappy criminals bragged about it a publication funded by our regime change arm the national endowment for democracy any boasted about spending millions of dollars laying the groundwork for insurrection against or to go guys. how many times do i have to tell you don't brag about how cool it down. here here here here say it with me oh that's odd i am surprised to see a violent uprising in nicaragua. i certainly didn't have anything to do it that. i don't know 2 where that truckload of chickens game broke.
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anyway i think you're starting to get the point if you are a leader of a latin american country that wants to help the poor fight the banks and distribute the resources to everyone as opposed to a tiny tiny number of billionaires then the us will try to destroy you and we haven't even got to have all the late author and historian william blom listed many of the names in one of his columns several years ago and and i'll do my best to translate these names into american english it's just. charity joggin fiddle castro ju. ju one bar salvatore lindy michael mann i go there when michael no more reason to shove then you'll or together. jean bertrand eris.
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and hug. all latin american leaders of the past half century all progressive all condemned to suffer the torments of hell for their beliefs by the unrelenting animosity of the united states oh and by the way if you're wondering who it was that the us worked with to help create the so far successful coup it was always for nando a camacho a far right multimillionaire who rose from fascist movements in the santa cruz region even if you wanted to believe that the us had nothing to do with this would . you find it odd that our media and government always seems to be talking finely about paramilitary fascists while calling the left wingers or the socialists or the indigenous evil dictators does that seem interesting in the least. know what well how about this little tidbit the top of the libyan coupe were trained by the us
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military is notorious school of the americas and served as adults chasing f.b.i. police programs still not intriguing. what about one more reason why the us would help create a violent right now in bolivia you see we need rare earth minerals because china has a stranglehold on a lot of them it turns out bolivia has one of the largest reserves of lithium on the planet bloomberg news last year called it the bolivia's lithium dream that's right olivia is sitting on top of our lithium. and without lithium batteries we can't make our phones go i knew i knew that one day we would be at war because of instagram i do it i do it my battery died and now i can look at the experience i took of my practice well i guess we should just
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invade bolivia then. to put a number on it by 2025 it's estimated that lithium ion batteries will become a $94000000000.00 global market well guess what that means our corrupt politicians have $94000000000.00 reasons to be interested in bolivia they didn't seem to care so much when it was just snazzy it's not allowed to snatch the hack who's going down but this is not over morality of supporters are mobilizing as we speak the indigenous are fighting back and let's not forget the people of venezuela overturned a u.s. backed coup in 2002 so it's not unheard of maybe this whole story will be a lot different. by next week stay tune company watches a day to. take
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the news from behind a giant face the billionaire michael bloomberg is threatening to enter the democratic race and basically he's worried that someone might get elected who might decrease his fortune by about $7.00 and and that will mean he can no longer afford his $50000000000.00 and $7.00 giant monument that can be saved from outer space. and he fears if he doesn't build that his father will never love him and he will evaporate into a cloud of sadness. yes bloomberg running is a great idea considering the candidate drawing the largest crowds and bringing in the most individual donations is talking a lot about ending the role as are the rule of billionaires over our political
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system i'm sure what voters are really looking for is a billionaire you know. it's kind of like if you have a cockroach infestation and you're about to hire this great exterminator who says he'll get rid of them and then you think or maybe. i should hire a cockroach. maybe help fix things. moving on a secret air force space plane landed after more than 2 years in orbit why does n.p.r. seem fine with that. crew you have p.r. i'm tired of your pleasurable musical interludes between state department propaganda into our spliced with news that should make us all ourselves. why are we weaponize in space when we've made it quite clear we are not capable of handling weapons on the surface of the planet well let's look on the bright side maybe some
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futuristic peace loving allianz that were coming to help us will see the warships orbiting the planet and it'll serve as a sign that they should turn around and save themselves. you know just fail and feeling for them. because being peace loving on this planet especially in america is not good for your health just ask medea benjamin she's the co-founder of the anti-war group code pink you know them as the as the men and women constantly protesting war dancing around in colors that cause mild seizures among spectators. media i support your cause but why does peace have to be so goddamn bright i mean i'm hung over usually i just can't i can't handle that level of neon so early in the morning out any way this week d.c. police without warning came to medea's brightly colored house and tried to arrest her on false charges they claim geo salted against this debbie wassermann schultz
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anyway this attempted arrest came on the heels of the arrest of journalist max blumenthal also by d.c. police also after a false charges of assault also at his house without warning but i think it's clear what max and medea have in ca. ahman they have both been on my show the police already think that he was was was yes was yes he was here. before warren shailene woodley larry king and judah freightliner your jets are numbered. can i was still pan no actually the reason with the and mags are being targeted is because they've helped reveal the crimes of our empire whether it be through max's reporting on the do yes. cornier corney of boston posters the truth is it's a threat to our ruling corrupt officials and those officials are doing everything
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they can to shut down the truth but while our media was busy ignoring that they do have time for good old poverty. poverty porn is when they act all excited that people being destroyed by our unfettered capitalism were given a gift by someone who's doing slightly better than them yet. there's a reason has lived a loyal customer gives mcdonald's employee a free car after hearing about her struggles so this woman's car broke down she can't afford to fix it she has no way to get to work so a customer gave her a used car isn't it incredible isn't it amazing that people can work full time at mcdonalds and earn practically nothing isn't that jaw dropping and somewhere at c.b.s. news they were like should we mentioned. should we mention that mcdonald's corporation has gotten away with rampant wage theft for years now have should we
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perhaps get into the fact that charity has become so unusual in our culture that giving someone something to help them survive is considered out there as it used to be years ago that eating a cheeseburger made from a cal from utah a tomato from india a pickle from china and cheese from some sort of chemical wasteland. that used to be unusual yet helping people out used to be commonplace commonplace now it's the reverse helping someone out crazy eating the united nations a planet killing food every day normal. to remember that in the article no. god i doubt why would you oh let's just act like someone giving a car to a beaten down. an exhausted fast food employee who has 3 jobs and still can't cover her kids health care like jack like that's a quality system where c.b.s.
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news your go to channel for a hot of poverty porn action. we have to go to a short break but if you ever miss an episode you get it by texting the word redacted to 444999 it'll get you signed up to our e-mail list for a quick oh i will be right down law bar. and we're going to fulfill that promise is possible to the people. you know we've all pots the juice really. really really.
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pretty good. now you want to 1st correct that. no. the. coming coming coming time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport sustainability stadium and a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hominis. it's a complex number. companies want us to feel good about buying products while the damage is being done far away this is something else just let's keep going to an
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even and i mean let's just keep things to some moves if you listen we didn't even and i'm stunned seemed to be pessimistic on just. to clinton. there is a new housing and urban development or hud role that would make it harder for marginalized communities to prove if a mortgage lender or landlords policies just scream unaided against them based on race sex disability and more these policies include the use of biased algorithm tools to deny people housing here now to discuss is our senior housing lender now him again oh. just about housing lender leave this is america and anything is possible. except homeownership. but now we're already seeing algorithms on fairly trapped minorities in the
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criminal justice system we've covered them on the show so hundreds faith in a lindor landlord to use that same technology it seems foolish now it's not foolish it makes sense given algorithms are part of our daily lives and that was better than some of our closest friends and family why else would my amazon dot com preorder of nikki haley's new book come with a message you might also like garbage. ok got that one right but the fact that it knows patterns is what makes it problematic this technology relies on data based on our history of residential zoning deeply rooted in decades of discrimination and racism leave these algorithms are run by 3rd party vendors as a housing lender i can't be held responsible for the results even if the one i use just happened to deny loans to all the applicants who call themselves influencers i mean influencer is not
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a job it's everyone's income came from endorsing products than top ramen would have paid off every college student loan debt years ago. that may be true but what happens if you're denied a loan because you live in a zip code that does have is remotely black or puerto rican what what hoops will these people make you jump through just don't hope sir no hoops if someone really thinks they were discriminated against and hugs a new rule makes it easy to file a complaint all they have to do is one prove that a policy is arbitrary artificial and unnecessary to achieve a valid interest to demonstrate a robust causal link between the practice in the disparate impact 3 show that the policy negatively affects members of a protected class based on race color religion sex family status or national origin ok granted but then i'm not done for indicate that the impact is significant and 5 proved. the complaining parties alleged injury is directly caused by the practice in question that's one who was there for who to march right it's
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a lot of folks don't mind it will meet that burden of proof i'd least not without access to the data these algorithms use you don't know no way only that's proprietary info and everyone knew it be bad for vendors business it's the same reason why only you and i know how many seconds of sean hannity you can play before viewers consider self harm. or which animals ear and you gargle to maintain your vocal cords after 5 years of rants. no one heard that that was stricken from the record so let me get this straight an algorithm using data from unfair housing practices like redlining can deny you a home loan or an apartment you need a crazy burden of proof and the companies who make these algorithms 0 incentive to make them fail or do you do you know what type of message this new hud rule says yes yes that if you're doing something that could get you sued just pass
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a law that makes it harder for people to sue you. it's not brain surgery if it were the former brain surgeon ben carson when such his job. was in seattle the city council is gearing up to make another attempt at levying a head tax on large businesses but amazon isn't taking this lying down for more here's our intelligence failure redacted correspondent anders away. the seattle speeds built by the amazon corporation these glass dome serve as a work space truck company employees affectionately referred to as. a family attraction and marred by tourists and seattle residents alike the. last testicles may very well serve as a survivable bio chamber for the amazon c.e.o.
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to live in after earth is ravaged by catastrophic climate change. until the emerald city is swallowed up by the sea jeff bezos has a lot of cleaning up to do of seattle's political environment as the riches human being on the planet he wants to make his hometown more hospitable to the kind of unsure printer real innovative and fleshy spirit his body that's why it was on spears pumped more than a $1000000.00 of flowing liquid capital into seattle's local elections last week the top target was socialist city council member because chavez so want it was ben seattle's biggest kick and bezos has got hold as during her 6 years in office since your 1st election in 2013 still want has been a vocal advocate of rent control a $15.00 minimum wage and most offensive a bizarre levying a head tax on large companies to reinvest in public housing that hasn't exactly made her a favorite of seattle's elite who have recruited candidates like local small
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businessmen and even orion so one hi my name is ian ryan and i candidate for seattle city council and district 3 seattle is one of the most innovative places on earth but we can't take our tech advances and innovation for granted we have to continually push forward together there is so much we can do so join me and let's get started. as seattle i know the emerald city has always been a tech pioneer birthplace of both starbucks coffee and the modern umbrella seattle is now experimented with amazon boeing to interface technology that will one day allow me to write a smart scooter as i'm watching frasier on my smartphone. with the future of high competition lite wage job creation its stake groups like the seattle chamber of congress did everything. they could to make sure that pro-business came in it's like a good orion scooted past the finish line investment in this campaign was so heavy
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that it broke this decades previous record for per vote election spending when all spending money going to ryan's behalf is taken into account more than $50.00 was spent for every vote o'ryan received that's roughly $450000.00 for so wants you to loan or to use an analogy seattle's business elite might understand 32 bamboo milk frappuccino even with all that money ryan last official muscle want by 4 points after learning of his defeat orion told local outlets he wished amazon had stayed out of it in my race it was completely unnecessary he said we had a record fund raising perhaps the people of seattle just felt like amazon was being too frivolous come on you don't need to spend a 1000000 bucks on our roads what are we san francisco seattle is a generous place however 100 years ago the city's workers and generously decided to take over for government officials and property owners by running the town
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themselves for 5 days in what's known as the seattle general strike of 1919 wow how helpful and 80 years after that thousands of seattle activists offered to take over again during the world trade organizations ministerial conference of 1909 fortunately though the police were in very appreciative. now and 2019 the people of seattle had moved to reassert power over their own elections in their own city by reelecting an open socialist they've sent a message to jeff bezos that he can keep his money is going to need it after all for one tax season comes around reporting from the other washington anderson lee with redacted. there are your headlines from the future as you know believe he and senator has declared herself interim president despite not being elected to that position tomorrow in the new york times you'll read. people of bolivia finally freed from
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the tyranny of voting. and in doing show learn u.s. air force secretly filling outer space with a trillion dollar malfunctioning of $35.00 fighter jets. and in 3 days joe biden pulls strings to get a hunter biden on board of california electric company p.g. and. that's our job i need to do something real quick we are being suppressed online more than ever before if you have subscribe to our you tube channel i need you to go back to you tube dot com says your doctor and i make sure you subscribe and also cook the button to the bell like on next to it so that they'll actually like you know click the all on the bell icon otherwise you tube will not tell you about our videos until next time goodnight ok finding.
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in a world of big part of new things. and conspiracy it's time to wait to dig deeper to hit the stories that make the stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. but politicians to. put themselves on the line they did accept or reject. so when you want to be president. some want to be preached. to the right person it's like the. 3 of the people. i'm interested in the war.
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i shouldn't. say to my harvester or dash or sticker but at the. darshan i think is among. other things are you meant to be. good. as a letter laden or ricky is long since. they say country because he my son teufel say i can make us whole clothes if they ship on the move has suddenly become one thing my mother had to get a 100 neighbors who. should.
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listen. to. them on the hook if only the whole thing was a bozo ha ha funny thing about the quote is it is you guys who said come for some. people just so you don't get off your mayor who's young is there. i said i smoked the soup i'm good suze still so not to sing on. such and such.
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yellow vests activists bring tub oil to the streets of tyrants says the anti-government movement marks its 1st anniversary also. at least 9 supporters of bolivia's ousted president and killed in a standoff with police amid widespread anger against the new leadership. and a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine testifies in the trump impeachment hearings and says there's no evidence the president engaged in criminal activity in the country. those are the headlines will be back here in another hour wind.


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