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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  November 19, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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greetings and sal you tasted us last friday on a cold november evening here in washington d.c. we were witness to a grand display of magic hawk watchers when united states president donald trump took out his magical pen with and with a few quick flicks of his wrist disappeared the sins of 3 u.s. soldiers accused of committing various types of war crimes including one criminal conviction the servicemen were army major matthew l. goldstein who was facing a murder charge over the controversial killing of an unarmed man in afghanistan he claimed was a taliban bomb maker was also a former army for me army 1st lieutenant clint lawrence who was convicted of 2nd
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degree murder back in 2013 for ordering his soldiers to open fire on 3 on armed afghanistan villagers and then according to the new york times called in false reports over the radio to cover up what had happened he was a mediately turned in by his own men and finally trump reinstated the rank of chief petty officer edward gallagher the controversial navy seal who was recently acquitted of murdering an islamic state detainees but but ended up being convicted of the crime of posing for pictures with a corpse yes with a corpse in selfies with an enemy corpse what a lovely trilogy of people in response to trump's pardons heena shams the director of the a.c.l.u.'s national security project tweeted with this use of his powers trump has sent a clear message of disrespect for law morality the middle. terry justice system and
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those in the military who abide by the laws of war i would include the victims of these crimes but i have no illusions he trump cares for them. and while many have a right to be upset by the president's choice of pardoning these 3 we should not be shocked because when it comes to war crimes in the us government the real magic trick is our great red white and blue disappearance of accountability i mean hey if you're responsible for invading a sovereign nation and killing thousands maybe millions you get to go to football games with ellen if you're really really really bad and orchestrated all of that invasion you get a brand new heart. aurora pier defend torture and spy on congress you get a job at m.s.n. b.c. now let's start watching the honks. that's. really it's like. part of.
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what they like you know what i got. was that we. were all going to watching the hawks i am tired bro. all right earlier i was joined by journalist blogger and author of a new book peace all my back david swanson to discuss the controversy surrounding trump pardons and the united states hypocrisy on all things war crimes take a listen. well he said he wants to give soldiers going forward a sense of confidence parrot lee confidence that they can shoot civilians that they can kill prisoners and these are the these are the crimes killing civilians without the use of a drone right if you if you're a president and you kill a bunch of civilians with a missile from a drone there's no prosecution but if you do it with
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a gun then very occasionally there is a prosecution and i think trump is stating quite clearly that's an acceptable parts of the war and in fact i would point out that it's the majority of what these wars consist of civilians are the vast majority of the victims so that the problem is on the one hand that the higher ups and the vast majority of participants in these wars are not being prosecuted. but when a few people are trump is saying we won't have that we will have confidence that you can commit these sorts of atrocities within. unity and that that truly is what hit me the you know one of the things that hit me the most because i was looking at this thinking like really like can we just like one person is convicted the other person is getting ready to face of let the courts decide the other guy get demoted in rank clearly the system is working as best as they can because as you mentioned
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we don't really have a good system when it comes to actually holding people accountable for crimes committed during wars that we start you know interestingly mr axis of evil and sell david frum the former george w. bush speech writer wrote in the atlantic in regard to trump's pardons and apparently there are popularity within the military that quote war is horrible enough when honorably to join dishonor to horror is no victory for any american cause. how much of the is on display when neo cons like from the neo liberals criticize trump for pardoning those convicted or punished for war crimes given their long history of championing leaders that commit them left and right here in this country. well you got to pick your poison here do you want the people who pretend that wars can be fought honorably that there is some good humane way in which to slaughter men women children and infants or do you want people like trump who openly say it's to steal the oil we want to kill them it's ok to kill prisoners
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it's ok to shoot civilians if you know the only poll tensional silver lining of that outrageous they would be pushback from the public or from the congress or from the international criminal court which by the way has dropped the ball on prosecuting u.s. crimes in afghanistan as well. you know but trump has been sent the clear message from the u.s. congress that this is ok remember he pardoned a sheriff down in arizona who put electric fencing around latino prisoners created what he called a concentration camp which by the way had a high death rate that was unexplained and he said that's ok i'll go ahead and pardon him he's pardoned you see very similar war crimes in the past he's he's told border patrol go ahead and break laws to build this wall on the mexican border and all pardon you it'll be fine and he hasn't been impeached and he hasn't been removed from office and now we have impeachment in the news and all these bizarre
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theories of why you should be impeached why you shouldn't this is why you should impeach because when you don't the president continues the same outrages understanding it's acceptable and so does the next person and future people in that same office you know you talk about the i like they're brought up to con ability aspect of it and you know and moving forward and people being held accountable as we see you know next president and next person when no one's being held accountable it just keeps moving forward but one thing i want to ask you is about our history of you know what has been the united states history in general when it comes to holding its own soldiers or leaderboard leaders accountable for crimes committed during the wars that we're fighting or the wars that we're starting you know it seems like recently there hasn't been any accountability was there ever a. time that we actually tried to hold soldiers leaders accountable for committing crimes in the field of battle. will never sufficiently and never without hypocrisy awards themselves are crimes under the united nations charter and under the kellogg
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briana act the initiators of the wars are committing the supremes international crime in the words of the us prosecutor at nuremberg then the wars consist of numerous crimes and it's been hit or miss there have been occasional prosecutions and people held accountable through a through a bizarrely broken justice system that face prison terms on the answer to everything but by and large there has been immunity you know in famous cases like the me line massacre you know that people were not held accountable people were let off easy because there was support for the war and you know there's there's a certain honesty there if you're going to support mass murder some point mass murder if you're gonna if you're gonna support torture support killing too but for for those who thought he was still suffer under this notion that you can have an honorable war and you can have a war without atrocities this is outrageous but it's nothing new that is
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a really good point of view made is that idea of it like somehow we've convinced ourselves of war or is this like wonderful thing that you know happens on a saturday afternoon in the good guys where in the bad guys lose and everybody gets a medal and there's you know everyone comes home to parades when that's never the case with war i mean you and i have both seen that over and over again and i love the fact that you pointed out that this is a criminal enterprise by its very nature war is a crime what is the importance of holding our leaders and servicemen and women accountable for their actions especially when they are deemed criminal what the end of the day. well it's deterrence it's prevention of repetition and were there any. a national criminal court for non africans you know a court that didn't prosecute $44.00 people and all $44.00 of them from africa but also held powerful western nations accountable it would make a tremendous difference to the world you wouldn't see the same wars launched next
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year that you've seen over the past 2 decades because they would be prosecutable you know this is this is the idea behind it your national justice behind this was some pose at least the the idea that if a critical ever since at nuremberg that that everybody's going to be held accountable. we're not only gonna address war crimes but we're going to address the fact that war is a crime that up till now it hasn't happened it needs to happen it's the only way we're going to survive there but i want to say thank you so much for the great work that you're doing out there keep definitely everyone definitely keep track of your work it's you're one of the few good voices out there calling for peace in a time when we desperately need it thank you so much sir. thank you same to you. after years of the united states choking the economic freedoms of iran through the draconian draconian sanctions imposed by u.s. president donald trump the iranian government has reportedly raised gasoline prices
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by 50 percent this is sparked massive protests within the country and even force the government to cut internet access with the within the middle eastern nation r.t. america saya tom injure has more. on friday now and spent by the iranian government that fuel prices will be high by as much as 50 percent have sparked protests across the country that have already claimed the lives of at least $36.00 people with that number growing by the hour now though apparently driven by the price hike the on ramp seems to be also driven by white bread this may or the ailing state of iran's economy and with jobs and crease and when the scars and savings i vapid writing about inflation a more than 40. percent so now large number of protesters are taking to the streets in urban centers across the countries and videos posted online show motorists in the capital tehran stopping traffic on the highway and chanting for the police to support them but contrary to the videos we're seeing come from inside of iran the
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government spokesman is saying that protests in iran are expected to come to an end and then next few days mall. today the situation was called are more than 80 percent calmer yesterday and there hasn't been any problem if you only some minor problems remaining by tomorrow on the day after the enjoy may no riots. and so internet access has been largely cut off across iran in an effort to control protests with monitoring service website and net blogs saying that there is a near total shutdown in the country but even with the end internet down we're still seeing video spreading online that show clashes between security forces and protesters and banks burning in several cities out some pictures appear to show police stations aflame in the southern city of shiraz with reports of at least $100.00 banks and dozens of buildings and cars being torched there's even
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a video of appearing on twitter like this one which shows a female protester pulling down a down with you as a poster now meanwhile the powerful revolutionary guards demand an end to the on rats which in recent years protests against the set of a condom we have been met with a heavy handed reaction by security forces so add their moment these protesters are bringing renewed pressure on iran's government as it struggles to overcome the u.s. sanctions strangling the country after president trump unilaterally withdraw america from terror rounds a nuclear deal with world powers and washington asya tavenner r.t. . as we're going to record waters don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on our social media be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast now available on spotify up music and everywhere you listen to your favorite or not so favorite coming of the united states and what a ball apparently have a new solution for the migrant crisis which would better work in the numbers of
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migrant children detained by the united states is now skyrocketing immigration tribunal or delicious scott state to watch. tough and on the flipside is the mcconnell way or both the suv. ballot itself mukti it on. closing this way got to dog it's hard not to think of the other dismissive of the work of a coward and i don't mr latona if. this is the only thing that we do is
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music because everybody fights is losing weight. on. the floor you can feel the feet found his will for this would be a call the ability to put a hold on the. but i think is this is the funds that is a constant. seems wrong. but old quotes just don't call. to me to get to shape our disdain to come to educate and indeed from it because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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there is a new twist in the ongoing war between the us government the trump administration and asylum seekers coming up from latin and south america according to the washington post as part of the new migration accord between the trumpet ministration and the central american nation of guatemala asylum seekers rejected by the united states could be transported to a remote airport in the low land jungles of guatemala the plan would have u.s. immigration authorities deliver migrants to the. airport which is used primarily by tourists visiting the mayan ruins at the college because who doesn't want to go to an ancient tourist attraction while trying to escape persecution rape and murder this news comes on the heels of a truly shocking statistic recently revealed by the associated press and frontline
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and a frontline report that found the u.s. held a record 69550 migrant children in detention facilities in just 2019 leading to major psychological and physical harm and lasting trauma. that's up 42 percent from the year before that number i wonder do you think if these do you think these traumatized kids will be excited to see the ancient mayan ruins when half of them get shipped off to the lowland jungles of guatemala if everything goes as planned right now. joining me now to discuss these new plans and the record number of migrant children being detained in separated from their families is immigration attorney alan order thank you alan always a pleasure having you on so i'm sorry is this guatemalan agreement. it seems a tad kind of for lack of a better word half cocked it is the area they want to ship these asylum seekers even capable of sustaining you know the large amount of people in any kind of
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realistic way you know apparently there are a small refugee area there that has 60 beds so that's not enough for the capacity in addition there's currently no direct flight so that's something the u.s. also is going to work out so the u.s. and in addition to that the whole lay of this is that this is an agreement with the current administration there's a new president who will be coming to power in january who may in fact not agree to this even with the sanctions from the united states because it's basically telling the people they're going to be relocating people here and we're not sure what we're going to do with them wow wow you know and it's interesting why is the guatemalan tour of ministry so good new administration coming in general but why is this minister and the they're going to pushing this plan so hard in washington because the way that the story's all read it's like he's the one kind of pushing this i mean even the washington post notes that u.s. research officials have responded to begin his proposal with an ease which shocks me in this administration because baton lacks the facilities as you said and the personnel to handle we're tourney's who may need to resettle why otherwise
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guatemala pushing for this all money equals power and the trumpet ministration has said we will cut you off if you don't fix this problem for us so what we want you to make sure that you're processing the people who come to your country 1st so even if they make it to our port of entry have a valid claim we're going to threaten them back to you even. you have the capabilities your country doesn't have the infrastructure because the reasons why they're not returning them to the main city is because the drugs in the problem there in those areas and these wouldn't be just folks who are these the folks would have to travel through guatemalan the 1st place to get there so now there was some talk about whichever country they travelled through than they do by the way that i land so that's an interesting thing that once again this is a social class issue and it's only addressing people who are poor enough to have to walk or travel by train through south central america up to north america so anyone else if you were to fly in and get a ticket on otherwise we're going to send you back here and hopefully you'll be able to work it out in this remote area i don't even know what the physical infrastructure there is they're playing to sort of build up a town or 2 i don't know
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a pleasant hill or something to sort of construct something where these people can sort of reintegrate themselves but these also are not people from that culture and the ones again you're going to be clashing people together who are in very dire straits in saying here's a limited amount of resources fight it out so maybe it's more like hunger games. what are there any other countries that are kind of you mentioned you know money equals powers are there any other countries in latin america or south america are saying like we'll make this deal all of them are all everybody sort of stepping to really that's part of the concern that we have with mexico sort of thing this agreement that we have the mexico is actually a better situation most mexicans are going back because the conditions there are better the economy is going better many u.s. companies are opening up there and going abroad which it's been the issue right if you could make things here we should but this whole close out of both that we have on tariffs and that we have on workers sort of keep us from being able to produce things in this country and that's the problem in this. it really hurt me when i saw
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that headline the just shy of 70000 migrant children were detained in the u.s. and that's just 2990 when finished with 2000. why is that number so high just be alarming to anyone if we consider the amount of numbers that they have people who are actually appearing at the border every day. right so when we say detained that doesn't mean that they're now currently i mean they just went through the system so basically either the trumpet ministration is just a cycle of grieving you metering you and then sending you back to wait for 2 to 3 months for your hearing or if you're already here earlier on they were separating people and there are some people that are still here in those different separation situations or there are people who are naturally been resettled were in these resettlement camps were waiting to sort of get their right sort of established but at the same time those things are going on in the backdrop to hear oh my god the number of children which should be alarming and the fact that there are children because even if it were one that would be too many at the concept as a human construct and i think today what you heard was this report from the u.n. that sort of came out on top of this news sort of saying there were 100000 kids in
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detention in immigration related issues so we don't know exactly how they got to that number but we do in bag know that there are still people who have not been reunited with their families accord people over 2 years that have been reunited with their family there were people who were really you reunited to their country but not to their families and in situations where we think they are fine and we basically said well we got him a ticket home and then we're done with that we sort of cleans are in that situation and then there are people who are here who are waiting and being metered every day outside of the country who are not being able to avail themselves of our asylum system and at the same time the top administration just last week said you know what we want to do we want to end work authorization for people who are seeking asylum so why you wait here for 2 years you won't be able to work at all of these things or to speak to being a deterrent not sort of thinking of the whole economic system and saying if people can't work and they're here then what are they going to do what are they going to do it also sounds to me like it's another backdoor always you're not working so we can throw you out you know and it's kind of that and we talked about this before in addition to the public charge which says if you get any aid from the federal
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government you also are going to find yourself on the way out right now. so it sort of working tangent to basically say immigrants of a social class aren't welcome period. do we see this changing let's say a flash forward it's now. one in 20 let's say the trump ministration is no longer the trump administrating let's say he loses to whatever democrat or whatever does the policy change when you remove the president or is this to baked into our system at this point so the fact that people never pick our word in the streets about this about children is problematic in the 1st place so they already tell you it's not a rallying issue people are able to rally about other things right they're rallying about it's a peach but they're rallying about you know chick fil a. so those things are sort of a struggle to get people there even on the bottom ministration we have problems with family unification and attention family to teach it became family separation the problem is congress they don't want to address the issue it becomes
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a political ball the issue now is that democrats don't have a message to the general society of saying anything other than open borders is that's what people here is open borders or amnesty which may not be the right answer and the only thing that republicans say is in force been enforced in force that lock them up find them that'll stop them from coming which the last 2 years have shown them in the numbers that you just reveal prue's of them that's not really going to be a property turn either so there's a middle ground here that no one sort of talking to and communicating about regardless of how we fix immigration system the damage that has happened the last 2 years will exist forever these people will not forget what happened in this country and around the world they will always be able to say we're showing our face and we saw today where the great where the white hat no you were in the white hat in this case you wear the black hat right i mean that's what you see over and over again and that's the thing that i worry about the most is the fact that this is now our reputation that's been so or really damaged because it seems like neither party like you something putting it on the backs of congress is really stupid because that's the ones who can change this policy has there been any real push back in
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your in your opinion from. you know is there any sectors i mean you mentioned like you know people protest chick fil a the protest is there any i mean i know that the pentagon was just recently revealed to be spying on protesters down around the detention centers and things like that but is there any real pushback coming from any official places beyond just protests and things within the united states we recently you know the dock of course happened last week there are companies that are behind aka internet class of individuals in the crimes and their concept right now with regard to people at our southern border is that they're invading us and is not met with the american policy and the constitution that we meet used to agree with with saying this is who we are we represent freedom you prove these things and we'll deal with you we'll sort you maybe there are a few bad apples in there and we will sort them out but women and children even if you don't get to stay we will treat you who mainly and run you through our system we have tons of money for missiles we have tons of money to kill people constantly
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we hear about it planes we can go to mars but for people right here in our hemisphere which are also part of our social group and economic setting we have nothing for them and i got to say thank you so much it's always a pleasure having you on something to keep up the great work. all right as we enter the gift giving season bouncing from one family get together to the next there is a lot. you know there's a lot of spokes were not visually impaired or blind take for granted imagine not being able to see the dazzle of the twinkling christmas lights the beauty of a holiday snowfall or the hours of fun you have crushing your favorite relatives on your favorite board games because as we know most board games are not really friendly to the visually impaired well thankfully mattel is looking to change all that this holiday season with the 1st ever no braille edition yes the good books of a television design the famous you know game of cards and rules to be accessible for our visually impaired brothers and sisters which means that finally finally
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they can properly taste in the glory that comes with dropping no on the one annoying cousin who claims to know somebody who knows somebody who went to school with policy and she's totally end of them yes now you can beat them up who know with brylin of this is really cool and i'm really really excited for this and i think we need to see more of this we cannot forget about our brothers and sisters with disabilities out there and you know they're part of this family the same way the migrant children are part of our family same way all of us are part of one big family so keep up the good work out there that my friends are show for you today and remember everyone in this world we are not told that we love them enough so i tell you all. i am tyrol been for keep on watching those hawks out there and have a great day and night.
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is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been the only. insight in this way that things are different we're going to sanctions against the truly is to venezuela. have a sound of a moment to. get out of that. data to see on the. moment that the whose story isn't new makes him cold in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america. an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so wants and making the economy of venezuela screed.
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there was an imaginary. enemy out there. during the russia gate hoax meanwhile. technologies coming out of china and other technology of china china's actually leapfrogging ahead of the us economically and now the currency war so now. focusing on russia it would be is just a waste of time we should be focusing on the. americas very dominant in the us now is the time.
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declaring that they no longer views israeli settlements in the occupied west bank. norway and the muslim demonstration erupts into a street. fight.


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