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tv   News  RT  November 19, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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swedish prosecutors dropped a 2010 rape case against it in a song shelter admitting they lacked evidence to charge the wiki leaks founder. in a major policy overhaul the us cause is outraged by declaring that it no longer views israeli settlements in the occupied west bank as illegal. policing international law or the law of the jungle. and in norway an antique muslim demonstration erupts into a street brawl after a copy of the koran is set on fire.
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you're watching r t it's a national armories on the lower court thank you for joining us we start with this prosecutors in sweden say they have dropped a 9 year long rape case against wiki leaks co-founder julian a song as the evidence has weakened over time this is more likely clear the way for the whistle blows extradition from the u.k. to the u.s. where he faces espionage charges earlier neil harvey was too involved by donald quarter with the latest. you know this whole saga started out in it with the rape allegations against us and you've been through a whole mill since then but now we're back to those initial charges that's right neal exactly it was in 2010 that the swedish government filed in international arrest warrant against a songe for 2 charges one of molestation and another of rape but assad has always denied these charges he's even cooperated with the international investigation from abroad and it was the threat of extradition to the united states if you were to
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have been arrested in sweden that forced him to take political asylum within the ecuadorian embassy in london and now it turns out that this case that started it all doesn't even have enough so-called corroborative evidence that the evidence cherry bases is such that the corroborating evidence is not sufficient to in a way that is prescribed by the supreme court deemed that the description of the alleged criminal act can be proven. earlier today the swedish prosecutor explained her reasoning for dropping the charges she said that the witnesses involved were were credible but over the years the case itself had weakened and in the q. and a that followed she also said that the heavy media influence on the witnesses was another important consideration that they took into consideration 1st inspection suppose of joining us i think this is good news but things are rarely that simple do you think it is good news well at 1st glance it certainly seems so but i mean
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the original fear was that if a songe was arrested in sweden he would be extradited to the united states but the fact of the matter is that the situation has changed since then and let's not forget he's been sitting in a u.k. high security prison since april sancia has been i mean the government is set to decide his fate in 2020 and the united states has already filed an official request for his extradition to london so wiki leaks has already said this actually only means that sweden is no. longer going to be competing with the united states for the extradition rights over a song now as for what awaits a song in the united states if he is extradited that while he is probably nothing fair i think a son should be assassinated actually. contract that maybe you should draw or something this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law of the united states the guy ought to be shot i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death i don't want to do
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it illegally shoot the son of a i think the mad as a terrorist act tough and say if we catch you we're going to hang you whatever wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these demons and why has the us been so set on getting its hands on the songs well see for yourself. i'm.
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about to leave you. well douglas mcnabb is an international criminal defense lawyer we asked him how he believes the extradition proceedings will be handled. i think it's absolutely clear politics those coming. election edition proceeding is not designed to be political. politics absolutely positively should not come into why this should be
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treated as you know me. proceeding where the u.s. are seeking to have someone extradited from u.k. or u.k. or seeking out one extradited to the u.s. u.k. but i think it's a privilege for one to assume that the whole world now are coming to why in this particular matter. well my pump air has also provoked outrage by announcing a reversal of a decades old stance on israeli settlements in the west bank he said they do not necessarily violate international law the settlements are on territory occupied by israel since the 6 day war under one of the most contentious issues in the conflict between israel and palestine the u.s. administration has lost its credibility to play any future role in the peace process we regard washington's decision as another step aimed at collapsing the system of international law regulating the middle east and thus further straining
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israeli palestinian ties settlements in occupied palestine are a blatant violation of international law and un security council resolutions they're an illegal action that will kill to say solution jordan's position in condemning them is unwavering we warn against dangerous consequences of the us change of position on settlements on middle east peace plan all settlement activity is illegal under international law and it erodes the viability of the 2 state solution and the prospects for a lasting peace. well for 4 decades the us regarded the settlements as inconsistent with international law and that is still the view of much of the international community science in the 4th geneva convention washington's change of stance contradicts numerous un resolutions and international human rights conventions and is the only latest controversial move by the trumpet ministration concerning israel earlier the white house recognized israeli sovereignty over the golan heights that territory seized from syria in 1967 and formally annexed in $1801.00 and washington
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is also broken with international consensus by formally recognized in jerusalem as israel's capital both decisions were widely condemned including by the un. when the us announced the embassy relocation violent protests erupted with israeli forces killing dozens of palestinians we'll split school commentator i mean or and what the implication of this decision will be. this is of course a very. discriminating way of conducting diplomacy and the united states has chosen to act unilaterally disregarding the united nations security council even its allies and the western allies do not see eye to eye with washington on this topic so obviously it will not be a precedent and the united states will probably be isolated obviously this is
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going to please the right wing news row it is not going to change anything if at all it is going to give more strength to those extremists in the palestinian community who say that diplomacy is no garage for statehood and that they must act violently and therefore israelis should be against this policy announcement and not for it. oh u.s. secretary of state mike crapo justified the decision saying it provides the space to find a political solution between the 2 science however the us has issued a travel warning at the same time we asked people on the ground what they think. the usa zionist position is against ethics this is our homeland and our families so we'll resist as our religion says if you die fighting for your lands you are a martyr and will continue on in the difficult path against any decision which can
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steal our right to decide and our freedom and our dignity it is only as a cover up the israeli crimes and propaganda against anyone opposing the building of settlements. in our own or the decision of trying to consider the israeli zionist settlements on the union lands illegal and legitimate is totally against international law to take any occupied lands and give them to the occupying force today lost its role as a mediator in the peace process in the eyes of the palestinians by declaring in a direct way that the settlements are legal and legitimate. israeli defense forces say they have carried out a series of air strikes on syrian and iranian military targets in damascus unconfirmed reports from the syrian capital say that a family was killed in the attacks we're seeing here images of one of the explosions that rocked the ancient city according to syrian state media many of the missiles were intercepted by the country's defense systems and the incident comes a day after israel claimed 4 rockets have been fired from syria into the occupied
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golan heights political analyst alice entrepreneur give us his assessment of the increasingly volatile situation. we've heard a week. or the missile exchanges but it was a few days ago that israel killed the. member in the massacres and his son. but more importantly i think the timing of these attacks. today coincide with the riots in iran and in fact the even the israelis are saying that the rockets were fired from iranian areas or from a very militias based in damascus on the iranian side there are television is going to be more difficult to carry out because it will give fodder. at least the way i see it to the protesters in iran in. iran is an extremely delicate position
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right now it has a few options with regard to removing the american sanctions nobody in europe is helping them out perhaps china can step in but they are in the middle of the trade negotiations with the united states and so everything is at a very delicate context and to force iran to i mean they have the rockets it's not that's not the issue they could easily fire back but for every rocket they fire back israel can fire for and do it with more impunity given the pressure that's on their masters right now especially as. syria is finally getting. the country is. 90 percent or 80 percent under the masses control after years of horrible war i don't even want to call it civil war. and it's
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a very delicate time. to retaliate is easy what you do afterwards is not so nobody wants syria does not want a prolonged conflict with israel right now which any one extra rocket could cause. dutch authorities say they found 25 people in a refrigerated container on board a cargo ferry bound for the u.k. the discovery was made after the ship had left the city of larding and on tuesday evening it returned to port and to the stow ways were taken to hospital one the others are being held in police custody and it comes less than a month after the bodies of $39.00 vietnamese nationals were found in a lorry in the south east of england. a demonstration by a group called stop islamization of norway ended in a brawl when it was confronted by a muslim counter-protest tensions flared when 2 copies of the koran were thrown in
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a rubbish bin and another one was set on fire by the organizations leader. was. a local media reports say the demonstrators also compared islam with fascism describing it as a religion of violence and insulting the prophet muhammad several arrests were made as police moved in. a local muslim union leader described the whole incident as a hate crime he promised to take legal action against the organization itself and its leader who burn the koran the instant provoked an international reaction with turkey expressing its condemnation. we are deeply concerned about the recent rise of discrimination against muslims hatred against islam and attacks on mosques in western european countries these attacks are not only aimed at muslims but also pose a threat to all humanity or the head of dialogue for the islamic cultural center
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ass and for rude and believes that the rhetorical some norwegian politicians is even more dangerous than this kind of incident as it happens far more often. sometimes you get sucker blood in this sucker was just it was a politician's they were against muslims. as a sin of the woods in society but is that the more dangerous that a couple of crazy people in christian so i think the most important thing to come when it comes you know how do you hate speech is to talk to each other and create good examples are all muslims that are muslims and look when we talk in our way this is we or us as muslims we don't talk about. that not muslims or the asian talk about us which is and they will slips we talk about is just as. everybody's part that they were us. while in neighboring sweden the country's ruling party of last ounce in popularity to anti establishment opposition to the findings of
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a new opinion poll for the 1st time in more than 100 years the social democrats are no longer the country's most popular party the figures show the anti immigrant sweden democrats would have the support of 24 percent of voters if an election was held today compared to 22.2 percent for the ruling party other parties trailed well behind the margin between the 2 leaders has been narrowing ever since 2010 when the sweden democrats gained enough votes went to parliament for the 1st time a major reason cited for the trend is rising crime in the country which it seems which is citizen swing in favor of more right wing and nationalist groups so even democrats favor tough immigration controls and increase security along with traditional family set ups and they claim sweden has become something of a hub for international crime according to a separate survey swedish citizens have increasingly experienced lawlessness violence and vandalism and a certain numbers are among the highest in europe the ruling party can see this bearing the brunt of public anger. it's
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a damn tough situation right now so i'm not surprised when he consider what we've got against us we gang murders shootings and explosions it's us as a ruling party who has to pay the price can't from the sweden democrats party believes a hard line against crime is something his country has been lacking. we need to raise taxes to pay for all this immigration and of course affects ordinary people because they have to pay more taxes but it's also a matter of a cultural phenomenon will swedish people don't feel at home anymore in their own city or in their own country they walk outside and they think where did the big debate. is on this increasing gang violence that is almost exclusively immigrant related regular order of people can't even walk in. without fear or the risk of getting raped getting assaulted getting robbed that's the real risk to
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freedom and now we have a situation we need to address and one of those things is to be tough on crime which none of the other 7 parties have been or have been interested in. being. the u.s. secretary of state has announced that washington will impose sanctions on iran's fertile nuclear facility he also repeated his support for the ongoing protests in the country to iran hit back by accusing the u.s. of stirring up on the west. united states will terminate the sanctions were related to the nuclear facility at fordo iran people enjoy a better future when their government begins to respect basic human rights abandon its revolutionary. posture and its destabilizing foreign policy in the region and behave simply like a normal nation but. it is strange the united states and its officials who have committed the greatest of crimes by imposing much more pressure and the tougher sanctions on iran communicating to the iranian people that they support these
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protests we don't expect anything else from mr palmer who discreetly defends the much more pressure regime and the position of sanctions on iran will be on the rest broke out after a surprise 50 percent hike in feel prices announced on friday mass anger bowled over in at least a dozen cities with buildings vandalized and pictures of iran's supreme leader and tear on said the revenues would be used to help the less well off and it all comes with the country in the grip of a deep economic crisis aggravated by tough u.s. sanctions. and has more on that. the trumpet ministration seems jubilant about the recent protests in iran as i said to the people of iran almost a year and a half ago the united states is with you now the protests are being driven by the economic situation g.d.p. growth projections are down by 9.5 percent inflation is it 40 percent and unemployment is at 16 percent and rising but it was
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a 15 percent increase in the price of fuel that sparked the recent turmoil. now an echo. he is like that is bound to get people upset but why is iran in such poor shape well donald trump has a lot to do with it in 2015 the international community agreed to lift decades old sanctions in response to an agreement that was reached about iran's peaceful nuclear energy program but then along came donald trump he decided to pull out of the nuclear agreement he says that iran broke the spirit of the deal however international observers say that iran fully complied as of today i can state that
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iran is implementing its. commitments after pulling out of the deal the trump administration began imposing sanctions on iran intended to wreck their economy accusing iran of quote destabilizing activities around the region the usa even threaten to impose sanctions on other countries that dared to buy iranian oil anyone doing business with iran will not be doing business with the united states i'm asking for world peace nothing less. weare ready to impose sanctions on any activity subject there's directions after the iran nuclear deal in 2015 iran was exporting roughly $2500000.00 barrels of oil per day now that number is down to roughly 200000 in a country where the economy is centered around state run oil exports that's a pretty big financial loss and it has been detrimental cuts in fuel subsidies and
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other benefits for the population had to be made so i don't know top arena fishers have sat down and made a decision for the country based on expert assessments and this decision must be executed. but according to donald trump working to economically ruin iran makes him the best friend of the iranian people nothing says i love you like bleeding someone dry as cool nations to support iran's people as they struggle to reclaim. their religious and rights is just today i want to deliver a message to the long suffering people of iran. the people of america stand with you will be arrayed in people return to the nations proud roots as a center of civilization culture and wealth where their people can be happy and prosperous once again the united states throughout the reigning in history has
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always been against democracy i mean the united states was the country together with britain that instigated the 1000 the rule against democratically elected mohamed side there right now it's no different i mean the united states has imposed a very severe sanctions on iran which is a lot of ordinary people so coming out and saying that they support these people is hypocritical in the sense that if you do support these people then you wouldn't sanction them so hard that you know they are having difficulty. with their. davey of normal lives well that's your update for now i'm resigned a lot could not be back here with a roundup of the latest headlines in 30 minutes time see them.
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there was an imaginary goes then an enemy out there called russia during the russia gate hoax meanwhile huawei the other 5 technologies coming out of china and other technology of china time is actually leapfrogging ahead of the us economically and now here's the the way the currency war so now that period of focusing on russia it would be is just a waste of time which had been focusing on the actual rival americas very dominant in the us now with the kind of. true descriptions. even for the owners so how to choose pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us and what's necessarily good for the pet. food may not be the best people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto
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immune disorders allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets streets a larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. reading. while the mainstream cable news media is salivating over the circus that was the house impeachment proceedings against the president donald trump the business of government. and the business as usual rumble has been felt by. most in the u.s. war in afghanistan usa today is now reporting that despite the supposed to drawing
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down of u.s. ground forces in the country the 8600 troops that president drano trump announced back in august the u.s. and allied warplanes are dropping bombs and firing missiles at insurgent targets at a record pace in the 18 year long war and what are the numbers behind that record pace well from january 1st to october u.s. led forces have dropped over 6200 missiles and bombs on of ghana stan that number has already far exceeded 2008 team's record of 5992 bombs dropped over that same period of time while we might not be good at health care or cost of living we here in the us are very very very good when it comes to bombing foreign lands and more people said jones it depends analyst at the center for strategic and international studies and former advisor to the special operations commander in afghanistan said the strategy behind this surge in bombing is that the taliban may be more likely to agree to a peace deal acceptable to the united states and the afghan government if the
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taliban believes they can win the war in afghanistan. right because up until now what we've only been lightly involved in the longest war in u.s. history we've just kind of bad of them around like a kiddie so that really jones went on to point out that despite the recent surge in bombing the taliban does not appear to be coerced and still believes it can win on the battlefield. so let's kick things off today with a look at the latest efforts by the u.s. government to keep on pouring money and missiles into the war that never read as we start watching the hawks. that's. what it's like you know that i got.
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well there are going to watching the hawks i haven't tyrrel but for joining me today today to discuss the latest record breaking numbers in afghanistan is former secretary former senior security policy analyst in the office of the secretary of defense the one and only mr michael maloof michael always a pleasure having you on thanks for having me so why are we seeing this dramatic uptick in airstrikes in afghanistan over the last few years especially since donald trump took office 2017 why why are we putting now more bombs and more strikes and breaking these records well in the midst of peace negotiations that are going on between the united states and taliban and cossar. off and on i might add i think each side is trying to establish leverage. strength and no matter what what will be how afghanistan will be divided them and how the afghan government if it survives
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will have its portion taliban will have its portion but taliban is just waiting this out they know they know we're not going to hang around forever and that and that trump has already announced we're moving out all they have to do is wait us out and they've already begun their own constitutional committee of what they want in a success in a succeeding government and it does not include the existing government that yeah i got a lot of that i know they want to talk to them for the most part you know it's interesting because when i look at this strategy that they're kind of employing you know words like ok we're drawing troops we're going to just bomb the living hell out of this country. does that actually work i mean has that ever worked in the theater of war where you just you bomb them to the negotiating table specially in afghanistan i just don't see the targets and i don't see the military advantage there. no it was an effort in afghanistan in particular it's very very difficult because because
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it's mountainous it's a rugged. flat land sure it's not it's not poland we're trying we're tanks would roll right across you don't have that in afghanistan it's a it's a different world there and we're seen insurgents hanging out there isis is just waiting this out. al qaeda is waiting this out and taliban are still linked up together and al qaeda is actually stronger and isis is actually. going into provinces. surrounding kabul and that borders the mountains and it borders pakistan in the in the section where a lot of their. other militants are hanging out and michael this raises me the other question if we know that that kind of military strategy in this suppose of drawdown or bringing the peace table doesn't really work in the.


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