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tv   News  RT  November 20, 2019 3:00am-3:31am EST

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you. know. we're not animals for them to kill us like that. the death toll in bolivia's antique you protest rises to $27.00 as the country self-proclaimed leader gives the armed forces impunity when it comes to dealing with the rest also to come this out . in norway and muslim demonstration erupts into a street brawl after its leader sets a copy of the koran on fire the head of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons signs an open letter. to give to whistleblowers a platform at its next conference they allege evidence relating to a probe into a syrian top sick attack was suppress.
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and i welcome just going to let me talk in the morning here in moscow you're watching r.t. international the protests in bolivia showing no sign of dying down with demonstrators denouncing what they call a coup against the country's former leader even as he resigned 2 weeks ago on the advice of the country's military has granted asylum in mexico clashes with the police have left 27 dead and hundreds injured supporters of this say the armed forces are being heavy handed. we want justice from this president how is she sending military police to kill us like animals if we're human beings we're not animals for them to kill us like that .
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yes i would like publicly to denounce the killings that the military police are carrying out this self declared president and her killer cabinet ministers and criminals this is what the country's getting. was that we are unhappy with you need 9 years because she's issuing decrees authorizing the military and police to killers without there being any justice the conservative senator proclaim to self interim president of bolivia although she is not recognized by politicians loyal to morale as on thursday she issued a controversial decree protecting the military from criminal prosecution while maintaining public order but even security forces have sent helicopters and armored vehicles meanwhile to disrupt a weeklong blockade by protesters at a major fuel plant is led to fuel food shortages during the operation one person is
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being killed an 18 good human rights groups are urging that bolivia repeal its new police immunity law. the current social political and human rights crisis and believe runs the risk of deteriorating is authorities continue to respond in a violent manner to criticism protests media scrutiny and violence by 3rd parties the u.s. extra state commented on several protests taking place across the globe but not on those in bolivia although he did praise and a full expelling hundreds of cuban officials and doctors from the country on quarter looks at washington stance on world protests from latin america to the middle east. lebanon's countrywide protests are rupp did over a month ago. i
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the united states will continue to stand alongside the lebanese people the protesters are accusing government officials of widespread corruption and hold them to blame for failing to put the brakes on a deepening economic crisis washington's made it clear it thinks those are injustices worth fighting against not too different from its stance on hong kong i the chinese communist party must honor its promises to the hong kong people who only want the freedoms and liberties that they have been promised in the sun a british joint declaration insurrection began in june against a law that would have allowed extradition of hong kong's criminals to the mainland over the past several months there have been thousands of injuries and arrests it's been a big challenge for beijing but for washington an opportunity the u.s.
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state department says the protesters are fighting for freedom and democracy just like the ones in iran i read the islamic republic must cease violence against its own people the world watching iranians flooded on to the streets on friday after a massive price hike for petrol the government announced those rioting and the people in washington who contributed to the crisis with crippling sanctions it might seem like the u.s. just loves to support chaos wherever it may be but sometimes the government accused of injustice is a friend take chile. i . monday marks one month since the beginning
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of nationwide protests against rampant economic inequality thousands of chileans rallied across the country to commemorate that day so far 2 dozen people have been killed and thousands are arrested washington's reaction to travel warning bolivia is a pretty similar situation the country's been gripped by protests in support of its recently ousted socialist president abel morales. the state department hasn't had anything to say about that they instead backed the new regimes claim that cuba is somehow to blame for bolivia's problems live in a joint brazil in ecuador in recognizing the cuban threat to freedom bravo to libya and one protests were taking place against morales washington had something else to say the united states applauds the bolivian people for demanding freedom around the
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world protests continue to rage for the u.s. it's a great time to fuel the fire of popular anger if it's for the right reasons of course the united states can hold go good or in other parts of the world like the middle east we should just live to the united states is very much supportive of any put on his things those who called upon to reach out and trying to destabilize the google and that is the they will do this course it believe it they've got extreme support to overthrow. so. it will what it will want to and there will be good to go. now of bolivia well united states total is switchers. begins to support the government.
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all. over its or which is supporting. which was thrown into the united states. a demonstration by a group called stop islam isolation of norway ended in a brawl when it was confronted by a muslim counter protest engines flared when 2 copies of the koran were thrown into a bin and another was set on fire by the organizations leader. was the local media reports say the demonstrators also compared islam to fascism describing it as a religion of violence several arrests were made as police moved in the incident also provoked an international reaction with turkey condemning it a local muslim union leader described what happened as a hate crime he promised to take legal action against the organization and its leader he would lead she burned the core. we want to take these stop islamization
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of norway group to the courts we want once and for all to stop the group and others who create divisions and rivalries we spoke to the head of dialogue from the islamic cultural center about this he believes that the rhetoric of some norwegian politicians is also a serious threat. sometimes we get stuck in blood in this artwork was it more dangerous it was a politician's they were against muslims. islam is a sin of the reasons the society that is at least more dangerous than a couple of crazy people in christensen i think the most important thing to count when it comes you know how do you hate speech is to talk to each other and create good examples are all muslims that are muslims and look when we talk in our way and this is very important to us as muslims we don't talk about muslims and they're not muslims or addition to the reasons and they muslims what we talk about is just society everybody's part that they are us. the head of the
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organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons assigned an open letter urging his own watchdog to give to whistleblowers a platform at its next conference by claiming a.b.c. w. suppressed evidence when conducting a probe into an alleged chemical attack on the syrian city of duma in april of 2018 but against the now reports. 7th of april 2018 terrible images flood the internet the news people civilians suffocating with symptoms of nerve agent poisoning the alleged aftermath of a chemical attack in syria with it week cruise missiles flying at syria. generally when you launch missiles at someone you know they did something wrong what made these 3 incidents so remarkable is that everything happened in reverse
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1st they launched the missiles and then investigated who it was that they should have targeted it took a year for the u.p.c. w. to compile a report where they said that they found traces of chlorine with strong indications that the gas containers were dropped from the air done and done today's o.p.c. w. final report on the 7th of april 2018 attack in duma confirms chemical weapons used demonstrating the vital importance of the o.p.c. w.'s work this confirms chlorine attack was only the latest example of the assad regime's chemical warfare attacks on its own population except it isn't done its own raveling to whistleblowers involved in the investigation and now come forward alleging irregularities and suppression cherry picking of actual findings the 1st
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contest that the u.p.c. ws acetate and that the gas canisters would dropped rather than placed at the scene observations at the scene of the 2 locations suggest that there is a higher probability that both cylinders were manually placed at those 2 locations rather than being delivered from aircraft the 1st whistle blower was allegedly an al. side contracted the u.p.c. w. said it took into account all findings not just here is the problem is according to the 2nd whistleblower a member of the team which was on the ground collecting samples is that the u.p.c. w. took into account some findings more than they did others most of the duty and focus he reports on the instant interim report and the final report was scientifically impoverished procedurally irregular and possibly fraudulent the whistleblower who is identities being kept secret for his safety featured at
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a high profile conference in brussels and his testimony appears to be much more damning than the 1st whistle blowers professor richard foulke was there at the conference where the whistleblower spoke professor what pushed him to come forward what was the gist of it well essentially he presented evidence testimonials to the thing. the room for a new group or it could not be justified in the form that it was submitted and that it had been tampered with in such a way to create a set of conclusions that corresponded with what. the u.s. . britain france it would be the outcome of an investigation but the evidence didn't support remember the rebel videos we talked about with
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victims showing symptoms of nerve agent poisoning it was most likely staged no nerve agent was found by the u.p.c. w. what they found traces of chlorine the symptoms of chlorine poisoning are different traces of chlorine if the finding of these chemicals at the alleged site is to be used as an. case that chlorine gas was present in the atmosphere be sure least be shown to be present at a level significantly higher than what is present in environments already they weren't all that the u.p.c. w. said that that it is chlorinated organic chemicals which are everywhere all around us in our drinking water the difference is in the event of a chemical attack they would be in a much higher concentration and for whatever reason new p.c. w. didn't say what that concentration was not it was the public not even to their own inspectors but when the analysis of these key levels came back from the
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laboratories the results were cancer sammy barrick at unison who was the doom of fact finding missions leader against normal expectations they were not passed on to the inspector who was drafting the a.b.c. w.'s interim report on duma the inspectors tested the victims the whistleblower said their blood their hair and they found nothing no nerve agent no chlorine in levels that would indicate a chemical attack nothing which raises an important question professor didn't the whistleblower come across as political perhaps with a bias none that i could detect and he seemed very much like. international civil servant a technocrat but i think this central underlying difficulty was that the evidence of the. gases that were alleged to be used didn't seem to
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be to occur with what the inspectors found and that there was a discrepancy between. the information that was contained in that report about these 2 projects that supposedly had evidence of chlorine being used and the indication. traced there for. the means that the report describes apparently the management ignored not only the inspectors findings but also their concerns in fact whistleblower claims the inspectors were made to sit through speeches by unidentified american agents who insisted that asaad was guilty that the asaad should be blamed the inspectors left fair weathers office feeling that the invitation to the americans to address them was unacceptable pressure and
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a violation of the declared principles of independence and impartiality 2 days later the interim report was released a senior colleague told us 1st floor management says the very p.c. credibility we have to have a smoking gun and look how that turned out u.p.c. w is coming apart at the seams but let's hold off jumping to conclusions unlike united states and powers are rather wait for our answers and the truth before launching anything at the u.p.c. w. . what a reporting still ahead for you the swedish prosecutor's investigation against wiki leaks. supporters say will make his extradition to the us more likely we'll have a look at this in detail in a couple of. efforts
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to win peach and remove donald trump from the presidency have clearly divided the country this should not surprise anyone trump is probably the most divisive public
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figure of our time however all this division over a single person is changing in even damaging institutions is impeachment being normal. welcome back museum himi us has announced that next year it will only acquire works by female artists the move is meant to mark the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote in the u.s. and the museum's director says it will also shift the institution's identity you don't just purchased one painting by a female artist of color and hang it on the wall the next a painting by mark rothko to rectify centuries of imbalance you have to do something radical baltimore museum of art will also feature works exclusively by women in 19 of its $22.00 exhibitions and also include at least one transgender artist we discuss the issue with the leader of british political party justice for
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men and boys and also with the women's rights activist. deneuve museum is actually to affirmative action to to write a historical wrong which has been. excluding basically women from from the arts world and i fully support their their choice and all too often in recent years i've seen some bizarre works and they are painfully poor and you know very often it must be by a woman because it's been put in there to satisfy some gender quotes but you know the public knows good fine arts from poor arts i think my counterpart is not really understanding the argument the argument is the fact that. we men have never big given are not very well arts and it's important to give access to art to all genera to all genders in general like all races etc but did not say women cannot be good
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artists what i'm saying is that for you that i let most of the work coming out of the humanities where art please please maria let me finish let please let me finish what i was saying at the top of the virtually i think of every 3 year old. excellence can be measured objectively not subjectively with me in almost represented at the top level i think this is quite a number of reasons behind the one of them it's simple work and work done with me that we know for but 2000 study published in 2000 in the u.k. but world 4 and 7 british men works only one in 7 british women is work said men and women are different in order to play the meritocracy card you have to have an equal playing field right now society is not an equal playing field as a lot of studies have shown a statistics prove so you cannot put played in my talk or sit card like we have this is an important move and it's an affirmative action to prove to write
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a historical wrong and you need to give access to people for. for sin order for people to prove their capital it is this is all about forcing institutions to buy poor arts from poor female artists. swedish prosecutors have dropped a 2010 rape investigation against weaken leaks founder julian the sun citing a lack of evidence although his supporters knife is zeeshan will clear the way for the whistleblowers extradition from the u.k. to the u.s. where he faces charges of espionage and sanjay is currently being held in belmarsh prison in london after his arrest in april he was sentenced to 15 weeks in jail for breaching his bail conditions and 2012 hearings proper relating to a u.s. extradition request we will begin in february his he's running now with more on the swedish case for 9 years judith orange is faith and uncertain future in the u.k.
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it all started with a sex crime charges in sweden that could have seen the wiki leaks co-founder being extradited back to the scandinavian countries he himself feared he would then be handed over to the u.s. for releasing classified information but sweden has now dropped the rape case against the storage after he didn't issue investigation and that's going to have steps taken over the summer in the autumn is now clear that the oral statement testimony and support given by the injured party has weakened therefore i have come to the conclusion that additional interviews with julian assange would not argue or d. avid in cherry beastliest in a decisive manner as such i have decided not to hold an interview with him up until now 3 didn't could have still off of the extradition now that no longer a threat that ironically means other than the impending hearing there's nothing standing in the way of mr thorold's extradition to the us. that is now focused on
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the threat mr assange has been warning about for years to belligerent prosecution of the united states and the threat it poses to the 1st amendment the swedish sex crime out of geisha and led to the ecuadorian embassy in august 28th from where he was famously dragged out of april this year he's currently in prison now swedish charges have been brought all the time sometimes his extradition trial scheduled for february next year but some are concerned about whether he'll get a fair hearing i think it's absolutely fair to say that politics now is coming to. an extradition proceeding it was not designed to be a political or say that politics absolutely positively should not come into play but should be treated as any other. proceeding where the u.s. are seeking to have someone extradited from u.k. to the us or u.k.
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is shaking down of one extradited from the u.s. back to you. but i think it's cruel ish for one to assume that politics will not come into play in this particular matter and if he is eventually sent to the u.s. he may not ever that leave with a potential of 175 year sentence if he's found guilty of the 18 counts the u.s. has charged him with.
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i. i. i. i. i . the pursuit of julian assange is that the fear is about how whistleblowers are treated by washington although not every whistleblower is treated the same not if they're protected by the cia protecting whistleblower she is she wrong dealing of any kind and that government is a sham is basically on the verge of not only revealing the identity or getting
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somebody else to reveal the identity of the whistleblower but also bringing harm to that person everything is politically motivated that of the trumpet ministration as absolutely no credibility and no principles whatsoever when it comes to these things. whistleblowers should be protected whistleblowers should be lauded their heroes. whistleblowers do the store thing not for personal gain not for their ego they do it for the public good and it's proof to me that donald trump doesn't care about the public good he cares about himself and no without i mean clearly when he says that he loves wiki leaks and then after he gets electors i don't know anything about wiki leaks. international thank you company this morning at more from us in about half an.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. good food descriptions sound up to using even for the owners so how to choose pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us then was necessarily good for the pet turns out may not be as healthy as people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple
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problem of diet and. some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets streets the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. and welcome to broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century and i'm christiane washington here's what's coming out today. very optimistic you're trying to pass this fall i think it's a home run i think it's going to pass some are calling it the 2.0 but the u.s. m.t.a. is reportedly close to being approved by.


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