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i'm. glad i'm a putin tackles the global economy sanctions and relations with the u.s. at a top forum in russia. also ahead spending guns fails to form a new government and moves israel towards an unprecedented general election any idea. plus a talk at a university by feminist artist is canceled after she's accused of being transferred a big we hear from the artist herself. it was ridiculous i mean i'm talking about all that i don't believe i've said anything from the trans firebrick i mean we're having a discussion based on no fact. knifed
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from moscow studio it's just gone past 4 o'clock in the morning you're watching r t international welcome to the program. and the current state of the russian economy has been picked over to key form in russia vladimir putin gave his assessment of the event which also touched on the global economy and international relations with more details his maria. widely reported has been uncertain questions from participants all the 11th annual russia calling investment for a hand mosco this year the event gathered guests from 80 countries for almost 2 hours and i have to tell you not all of them were purely about money but a lot of all politics i can say sions of russia medlin into well basically everybody is that fairies and what is known commonly as a russian threat on topics brought up so you till now the us has been saying that it is an umbrella giving protection to europe from the soviet menace but you have to pay for this however now the. he doesn't work despite all the problems in
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ukraine speculations around crimea and everyone clearly understands that russia is not going to invade anyone because it is nothing but nonsense it is a myth made up by those who are trying to gain benefits from their roles as vanguards fighting against russia they were together but it was sort of slow buddhist feingold you nobody accuses us of meddling in the us election anymore you know they accuse ukraine well ok it's their business but of course talking to khan and they can hardly avoid discussing c.v. or economic sanctions the us keeps imposing on russia and it's a facts on the global economy if we talk about sanctions in the perspectives of lifting them this is not a juicy here but it was the us administration about this it was the u.s. congress which imposed them not us 1st of all it forced us to implement the substitution of imported goods in those sectors which are closely tied to our national interests and security is a very wide range of sectors culture medicine pharmaceuticals armaments and we've
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reached very good and positive results i see it as a boomerang effect so many u.s. companies invested a lot of money in this or that project but then had to cancel them and so they lost to punish themselves and it seems that why report inspiring to view shared by many including global business and international financial media just recently forbes published an article calling russia a bullet proof and claiming its market is doing better than chinese or american surprisingly despite all the restrictions the magazine added that russia has over $541000000000.00 u.s. dollars in foreign currency reserves and the largest gold reserves in one emerging markets with russian bonds becoming increasingly attractive pain considerably more interest than for example u.s. ones but all in all as the participants hope this forum here in moscow agreed it wasn't just about how attractive russian economy it is but it was an honest professional conversation on how to act together globally to make global market
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balanced when economist gonzalo can yet it believes foreign investors have to have key reasons to be interested in russian bonds. with the terms of the sanctions you see what they have done for the last year it was actually stimulate the russian economy to find another way to the business of. basically what i believe they are doing the right now with my 3 voices for the last 1015 years is getting ready for any kind of new global financial crisis yet in the lead the russian balls are basically because if you go to europe and you try to invest your morning in there in europe you would see that they go out and they got the deal they got to basically means you are. in the morning and in the case of united states the ball is better than in europe but it's still very far from russia. 6.4 percent. of the investment america spain less than 2 percent basically you know one of the
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results would be russia and high returns on on on us on. a stalemate continues to grip israeli politics the leader of the blue and white party benny gantz has failed to form a new government the winner of the september election informed the country's president and returned his mandate hours before the midnight deadline well 2 months ago his party beat their rivals lead could headed by the incumbent prime minister benjamin netanyahu as you can see with the results none of the 2 favorites gained enough seats for a parliamentary majority and it meant gantz was tasked with forming a coalition government have attempts to find a consensus between the 2 parties failed mirroring previous efforts while dance refuses to cooperate with netanyahu claim he's been in office for too long and is swanton corruption the prime minister himself also has no intention of siding with his political rival in addition the main political king baker the former defense
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minister avigdor lieberman rejects both of them instead he insists on a radical overhaul of the entire political system israel has been trapped in the current political deadlock since the 1st general election in april now the country is likely to face an unprecedented 3rd election in a year we'll split scurrilous michel back how he sees the situation unfolding. we definitely are in unchartered waters so it's not clear what's going to be but there is now a period of waiting which is about $21.00 days where the president basically throws it to the knesset what's happening is it sounds easy ok if we don't have a government we're going for new elections no one in the country wants new elections the people are really fed up i mean all of our polling numbers are showing that people are really fed up with politicians of what the government so those in knesset have to know that there's a big risk to them that they may be voted out of the government because if they have to face new elections again it's possible that other parties will run and the
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people will punish those same members of knesset and leaders of the parties that for 2 elections couldn't form a government. times between the u.s. and europe a stronger now than they were at the end of the cold war at least that's the opinion of nato secretary-general yet stoltenberg who met on wednesday with u.s. secretary of state mike pompei made remains the only country north america and europe sit together meet together. and make decisions together their own issues so great importance what was sure to keep it but his words today are in stark contrast to those of the french president in manuel micron who recently said the alliance is experiencing a gradual brain death he goes standoff picks up the story. nato heavyweights are converging upon brussels and it's all smiles and pats on the back and a very very v.a.p. guest all the way from the united states the secretary of state might bump aoe himself but behind this facade of handshakes and mutual joy hides
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a nasty in the block's fabric and that is between the believers in the alliance and heretics who dare question the relevance of the block and this whole aggravation it stems from right here from france when president emmanuel mccrone dared to assume dare to say that the bloke is experiencing and i quote brain death what we are currently experiencing is the brain death of mater only works if the guarantor of the last resort functions as such i'd argue that we should reassess the reality of what is in the light of the commitments of the united states and now since early november when that happened this jab is still hurting with the nato for instance secretary-general young stoltenberg has felt the urge on tuesday to comment on those words and essentially he said that europe is defenseless without nato either
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cannot defend europe well mccraw those words didn't sit well with other members of the block to for instance the us ambassador to nato she said that she strongly disagreed with them and she called the alliance essential i don't think europe would be se without a transatlantic don that we have the german foreign minister also talked about this and he said that nato had been europe's military insurance for the past 70 years and one polish member of the european parliament well he managed to find the only present russian trail behind micron's words in fact he stopped very short of calling the french president a russian puppet i think is very sent. still to russian pressure in any case in france this is a long tradition and this is only the latest in a whole spree of loyalty troubles faced by nato lately for instance even the locomotive pulling it forward the united states has had its problems with the block
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donald trump for instance has criticized europe for being unwilling to pay a fair and due amounts for all the benefits europe is well apparently enjoying from its partnership with nato the most are also ensure that nato members meet their financial obligations which spending 90 percent of their job with the piggy bank that they like to take from well i asked parisians where they stand when it comes to the relationship between europe and nato does europe need nato yeah i think so yeah before build up of defense. we have to speak with the russian and to try to being the only europe a bloc efficient between the u.s. and china and russia has to start having its own weapons both political and economic to protect itself europe cannot defend itself without me being along we don't advance well with help we can move faster and stronger evidently the chasm
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between opinions on whether or not nato needs europe and vice versa is as wide here in paris as it is within the bloc itself a mortgage donna reporting from paris. well the director of the crisis research institute mark almond told us he believes there are a number of disagreements threatening nato's integrity. brought certain tensions between paris and berlin between paris and washington french say that they need to assert themselves and your views for such as a separate pillar of nato and not be too dependent on americans but other countries like for instance germany that's often seen as a copartner axis with france running the e.u. is rather worried about this all of this brings out that there are deep divergence of interest was a deep chasm division within your about how you judge the major powers to its east and all of these things come together to make a very messy birthday party for a major coming up in 2 weeks' time. the protests in bolivia are
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intensifying with demonstrators denouncing what they call a coup against the country's former leader ever mcgrath is he resigned 2 weeks ago on the advice of the country's military and was granted asylum in mexico meanwhile clashes with police centers around the capital the plans have left at least $31.00 dead and hundreds injured supporters of morales security forces of being heavy handed. but that we want justice from this president and how she sent him military police to kill us like animals if we're human beings we're not animals for them to kill us like that. yet we come in i would like publicly to denounce the killings that the military police are carrying out this self declared president and her killer cabinet
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ministers and criminals this is what the country's getting. was that we are unhappy with you need 9 years because she is issuing decrees authorizing the military and police to killers without there being any justice. conservatives said it's a janine and yes has proclaimed herself interim president but without consensus impala but she's also not recognized by politicians loyal to former president morality and on thursday she issued a controversial decree protecting the military from criminal prosecution whilst maintaining public order. to live in security forces said helicopters an armored vehicles to disrupt a weeklong blockade by protesters at a major fuel plant 3 people were killed during the operation and human rights groups urge him to live yes repeal its new police immunity. the current social political and human rights crisis and believe runs the risk of deteriorating is
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authorities continue to respond in a violent manner to criticism protests media scrutiny and violence by 3rd parties of the u.s. secretary of state has commented on the rallies taking place across the globe but not on those in bolivia they might compare did praise janine and yes for expelling hundreds of cuban officials and doctors from the country the no quarter looks at washington stance on world protests from latin america to the middle east. lebanon's countrywide protests are rapid over a month ago. the united states looking to stand alongside. the protesters are accusing government officials of widespread corruption and hold them to blame for failing to put the brakes on a deepening economic crisis washington's made it clear it thinks those are injustices worth fighting against not too different from its stance on hong kong.
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insurrection began in june against a law that would have allowed extradition of hong kong as criminals to the mainland . chinese communist party must honor its promises to the people who only want the freedoms and liberties that they have been promised in the no british joint declaration over the past several months there have been thousands of injuries and arrests it's been a big challenge for beijing but for washington an opportunity the u.s. state department says the protesters are fighting for freedom and democracy just like the ones in iran. iranians flooded on to the streets on friday after a massive price hike for petrol. is one of the public must sees violence against its own people the world's watching the government
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denounce those rioting and the people in washington who contributed to the crisis with crippling sanctions it might seem like the u.s. just loves to support chaos wherever it may be but sometimes the government accused of injustice is a friend take chile. monday marks one month since the beginning of nationwide protests against rampant economic inequality thousands of chileans rallied across the. one tree to commemorate that day i. so far 2 dozen people have been killed and thousands arrested washington's reaction a travel warning bolivia is a pretty similar situation. the country's been gripped by protests in support of its recently ousted socialist president abel morales.
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the state department hasn't had anything to say about that they instead back to the new regimes claim that cuba is somehow to blame for bolivia's problems live in a joint brazil in ecuador in recognizing the cuban threat to freedom bravo to libya and one protests were taking place against morales washington had something else to say the united states applauds the bolivian people for demanding freedom around the world protests continue to rage for the u.s. it's a great time to fuel the fire of popular anger if it's for the right reasons of course the united states can hold go good or in other parts of the world like the middle east of the show you just left the united states is very much supportive of any put on his things those who called upon to reach out and trying to destabilize the good
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will who come to the east of the they will to this day bodies of course will be and they were extremely important to overthrow. so. it will what it will want to have their people get to borrow a load of bolivia well you know if it stays totally switches. begins to support the government or the. old. efforts or which is supporting but of military by whom to which was strange in the united states. tensions are rising in the persian gulf following the arrival of u.s. aircraft carrier will have that story and more after this short break. markets
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are making new all time high so interesting the money that is being force fed into the. markets like draining into the liver of
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a duck far beyond form it has to come from somewhere among us let's dig into this little bit more. the american aircraft carrier the u.s.s. abraham lincoln has sailed through this strategic strait of homo's amid rising tensions between the u.s. and iran after spending 6 months nearby near a b. and c. the aircraft carrier strike group has now entered the persian gulf the area is a typical hot spot as 20 percent of global oil production pulses through the narrow strait the move that was confirmed by u.s. navy officials is the latest development in a deepening rift between washington and tehran donald trump also confirmed on tuesday the u.s. would be sending $3000.00 troops to its goal ally saudi arabia citing hostile action by iran and its proxy forces in the region. the right amount of uranium
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enrichment for the world's largest state sponsor of terror is 0 the world's watching their own people enjoy a better future when their government begins to respect. basic human rights abandons its revolutionary. posture and its destabilizing foreign policy in the region and behave simply like a normal nation but. it is strange the united states and its officials who committed the greatest crimes by imposing much more pressure on the tougher sanctions on iran communicating to the iranian people that they support these protests we don't expect anything else from mr discreet and he defends the much more pressure regime and you know position of sanctions on iran. people will not be taken advantage of by outside economic pressure on our nation. all this all comes after a week of violent protests in iran over the government's decision to end fuel subsidies
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which caused prices to jump by 50 percent tehran says washington's punishing sanctions regime had left it with no other choice this shabbir razvi claims the us wants to turn iran into a vassal state. the whole strategy of maximum pressure whether it's economic terrorism that is being inflicted on iran or 'd the my of the american military in the gulf and the surrounding countries where u.s. troops are stationed but what is really important is that the usa has always wanted iran to be a vessel of state and says the advent of the stomach revolution in iran in 1079 juran has been a huge challenge to the american jimminy in that region and not only in that region but far beyond what a us talk about that iran needs to change his behavior perhaps i think the u.s.
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leadership should look itself in the mirror and think that how big need to really change their behavior as far as iran is concerned. do you case oxford brookes university has cancelled a talk by feminist also just after its l g b t q plus society accused rachel are of having transfer. rachel is a trans exclusionary radical feminist who frequently shows transphobia discourse on her social media while the speaker may be invited under the pretense of academic freedom we firmly believe that inviting such speakers infringes upon academic freedom brooks i don't believe i'm transphobia i don't believe i've said anything trying to transfer a bit i mean we're having a discussion based on no facts and you know that's quite worrying and we should be dating with facts ok i mean you'd be interested to see what their definition of
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trans phobic is and why they're calling me transphobia. and then we can start the discussion from there bill of is going to talk about my work is feminist i talk about the problems women have building big installations i'm especially because i do a lot with technology so i talk about women in stem and stuff like that i mean it was just purely talking about women in art yeah i mean so nothing radical at all i mean the thing is with the l g b t q plus it's a very very divided organization you know there's a lot of tension between sort of wimmin trans people and gay people i mean it's very very divided and i think that's why one organization like the l.g.b. alliance has been set up to actually you know just so people who have the same issues around same sex attraction can meet together where. you know the trans people seem to have an issue with the concerns of academic freedom have been growing in recent years both in the u.k. and abroad with critics arguing that non-conformists voices are being stifled
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research by the policy exchange think tank suggests for instance that over half of britain students do not consistently support free speech on campus rachel are again believes universities should encourage critical thought and constructive dialogue. honestly that was ridiculous i mean i'm talking about art and i'm talking about the way i make alts there's no infringement on academic freedom at all i'd only be really interesting to see who the complainants are you know and i would suspect there's probably a few disenfranchised men who have problem with women talking about women making also feminist issues i mean to you know universities are learning places there are places you discuss if someone disagrees with me then i want to find out more and we can learn from each other i mean what would be really interesting is the people who he put this tweet out why are they hiding behind this sort of fake name why don't they come forward we can have an open discussion you know because they could teach resulting in maybe i could teach is about open discussion. well that's your update for now will be back with more news from around the world in about 30 minutes time
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see them. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to press. you to go on to be the person to see what before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about our. question. of the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented for inside venezuela things look different we're going
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to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associate. famous would have a son of a moment goes. down but since that political battle so on oh yeah because of the magic of the moment the focus of the who story is a new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated that in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so once in the making the cone of the of venezuela screed. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe.
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isolation because you didn't see. you going the right way or are you being so. what is truth. is. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or inmate in the shadows. greetings and sal you take. we start today hawke watchers with more grim news out of bolivia massive protests have gripped the country in the wake of the military coup that ousted president evo morales back on november 10th and the interim
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bolivian government led by the new u.s. backed self declared president janine on yaz has caught serious scrutiny for not only not acting like an interim government but also in its brutal response to the protesters this includes new reports that at least 5 people were killed outside a major fuel depot in bolivia that had been blockaded by supporters of morales the new york times reports that witnesses said the men died when a military unit guarding the sun caught the gasoline plant opened fire on protesters would surrounded it for over a week in fact according to the times family members of at least 2 of the dead men said they were merely walking to work when they were shot by the soldiers. but my friends there will be no justice for those killed by the bolivian military and security forces during these protests thanks to a decree signed last week by anya as that shields them from any criminal prosecution when working under the guise of maintaining public order in an effort to help restore stability to the country former president morales in an interview
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with the wall street journal offered up one solution declaring that he is willing to sit out the country's next presidential election if he can finish the last few months of his term and together with the opposition name a new electoral authority to oversee a fresh vote to choose a new leader the future of bolivia and the rest of south america is being decided with every passing hour in the united states like always is neck deep in the outcome which is why we must always be watching the hawks. to. get the. real deal with. the products it. like that i got. with. its existence.


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