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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  November 21, 2019 7:30am-8:01am EST

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laird president janina on yaz has caused serious scrutiny for not only not acting like an interim government but also in its brutal response to the protesters this includes new reports that at least 5 people were killed outside a major fuel depot in bolivia that had been blockaded by supporters of morales the new york times reports that witnesses said the men died when a military unit guarding the sun caught the gasoline plant opened fire on protesters would surrounded it for over a week in fact according to the times family members of at least 2 of the dead men said they were merely walking to work when they were shot by the soldiers. of my friends there will be no justice for those killed by the bolivian military and security forces during these protests thanks to a decree signed last week by on yaz that shields them from any criminal prosecution when working under the guise of maintaining public order in an effort to help restore stability to the country former president morales in an interview with the wall street journal offered up one solution declaring that he is willing to sit out
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the country's next presidential election if he can finish the last few months of his term and together with the opposition name a new electoral authority to oversee a fresh vote to choose a new leader the future of bolivia and the rest of south america is being decided with every passing hour in the united states like always is neck deep in the outcome which is why we must always be watching the hawks. like you that i got. with. because. i welcome everybody watching the hawks i am tyrrel them turn joining us
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today to discuss the latest news out of the libya. and the u.s. response to it is the co-host of loud and clear on sputnik radio the one and only brian becker brian thank you as always for coming to be brian the interim government in bolivia has been taking a lot of flack i don't believe enough flak but they've been taking a little bit of flak for their treatment really despicable treatment of morales of supporters and the indigenous people in that country what in your opinion has been the most questionable actions taken by this new government on the stealth declared president well let's not mince words there's a reign of terror going. and in bolivia the remarkable thing is that morale of supporters are so vast so widespread in the support is so deep that people are continuing to come from miles and miles in these human convoys into la paz defying the government to find the military even while the military is shooting down people literally shooting people down in the streets who do not have weapons
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and we also see now that there are military units that have defected to the side of the indigenous and part of these convoys you see armored vehicles that have the willpower flegg the indigenous symbol on the front these are clearly military convoys that are not going along with the coup so in spite of the reign of terror there is resistance and the resistance is not small i think it represents as the election did on october 20th the majority sentiment in the country i think it's important for people around the world especially here in the united states to understand why they should be concerned about the internal politics of most taking place but with you what do you think is the most important reason that we all need to be looking at what's happening there well there's several things i mean this is basically a victory temporarily hopefully of white supremacy against indigenous people who are in fact the majority in bolivia evo morales the 1st indigenous president he
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instituted sweeping reforms not only for the indigenous but for the poor he tried to reorganize bolivia on a social justice model but all the time you had the elites you had the elites who were historically the ruling class of bolivia and you had the military and the police forces trained by america trained at fort benning trained by washington connected to washington and they have not stopped for a day trying to overthrow morale as people say well was this a grab for power by evo morales when he extended the ability of the president to or . run for another term which he got through a referendum the fact of the matter is that the us started targeting math the movement toward socialism his party since 2001 that was 5 years before morale this became president and ever since ever since morales became president the d.n.a. the drug enforcement agency the cia the national endowment of democracy all the
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agencies of american overt and covert power have done everything to get to where they are today which is to topple this democratically elected popular social justice based government and we've never heard of that ever happening before self america or latin america or in u.s. history that's right and if you don't let us think 954 arbenz when he nationalized united fruit company toppled by the cia and then the us invaded cuba when it dared to have a revolution it invaded the dominican republic and toppled the un day in 1973 grenada in 1983 panama in 1990 this long list of the us and and by the way where are the democrats who are squawking about other governments interfering in americans elections this is america using the worst fascistic type tactics to interfere. in the politics the domestic politics of people in latin america it's interesting because the actions of the interim leadership there i'd say the interim in the hope that that is you know eventually going to have elections or which will
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get through a bit but interestingly this government's gotten so flag that even even the washington post had to say this since the formally obscure senators from power and yes has acted like anything but a caretaker and they went on to list some of the worst things that she's committed the bleeping constitution says. they have to have elections 90 days since the resignation of morality. and they have to call for new elections do believe on the us is going to give up power and actually allow those elections to occur well her to her intention clearly was not to give up power nor was that the military they don't want to go back to the election process when morale. it's won the election it's not in dispute that he was the front runner the question was was he leading by 48 percent or was it 45 percent but there was no question that he had a formidable lead over his rivals no she doesn't want to do it but there's another factor here that is the masses of people have not given up and spite of the repression and spite of the fascist reign of terror this kind of uprising of the
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people which is really momentous makes it likely that there are restraints now on the coup makers and they can't simply bly we go of go forward without taking into account that there could be in fact a civil war and even though the military is the military the masses of people are very very determined right now that's what is going to ask you actually when you look at when you see the amount of people rising up against of this this interim government against this this person or you know its leader or declare of themself leader of memes you know really put the boots down i mean business people's there could we see a civil war in the country to preside over a real possibility i think the answer is yes and i mean even morale as is trying actually by these repeated concessions that he's making he's saying i'm willing to not run for reelection as long as i come back and am able to finish my term he's saying as a as a responsible leader let's not have the kind of bloodshed i mean that civil war as
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we know in the united states the civil war was the bloodiest of all conflicts more americans died 655000 many more than died in world war 2 a civil war you can't top it in terms of brutality so morality is trying to prevent that at the same time there is the yearning the aspiration of the people and not that be in the face of possible civil war intimidated to go back and to give up that which they have rightfully won through a democratic process so we don't know that's a really good point you know recently in fairness and accuracy of reporting called western. kind of corporate news media for their coverage of the coup in their descriptions of the interim president is why you know just so people understand clearly why did the u.s. news media treat their screw was such a kid gloves compared to like you know their denunciation of other crews of other actions in history why oh why are we so on the side of this government and but when the corporate owned media echoes the policy of the state department and the u.s.
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government be it trump be it obama the professional state some people call it the deep state it's the perpetual state the empire and the corporate owned media echoes that the question is why does the u.s. government actually and us the media actually want to topple morales why do they want to put us into the dustbin of history it's because they want to weaken the entire latin american project venezuela the revolutionary process the bowl of aryan process number one led by chavez that also allowed for korea in ecuador morales in bolivia certainly cuba which is the historic leader of the left all of these yearnings and aspirations of the of the people of what an american to be free from yankee imperialism to stand on their own feet to overcome the problems of mass poverty and unemployment the united states actually benefits from the status quo morale us or korea or chavez or fidel or the argentinian leader or lula in bolivia
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whoever is challenges that becomes marked and targeted demonized and then ultimately if that doesn't work the u.s. uses cia or military force to try to topple these government system brian i want to thank you so much for educating our guest of i was. corruption isn't just running rampant in countries far far away to hawk watchers it's also quite easily can be found right in your own backyard or in this case california it appears that incidents of law enforcement misusing background checks for personal use are climbing throughout the state of california from her. faber's the custody battle sensitive mission is going to dog up without warrant at a frightening level or to correspond at the taj a suite has more from the city of angels. and the investigation finds that more than 1000 california law enforcement officials are misusing computer databases for the past decade it's a trend that privacy advocates are having in with criminal background checks come
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in handy for many instances like purchasing a firearm but these checks known as collects the california law enforcement telecommunications system has to go through the place it turns out some are utilizing this access for personal business like custody battles or even checking the background of a renter or you can see in the past decade more than 1000 california law enforcement employees have misused police computers only 54 have been prosecuted but captain john mcginness with the sacramento sheriff's office says these offenses are taken very seriously even fired when deputy for lying about a case since then according to the electronic frontier foundation which focuses on digital privacy rights hundreds of law enforcement officials have faced accusations of mis handling computers and 2019 there were another 149 cases reported 11 were prosecuted statewide all but one for a mess to meet or a chill vista police department reported the highest violations in 21000 at 38 glendale was reportedly the 2nd highest with 25 violations 11 investigations within
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the california highway patrol took place last year that was behind san diego county which reported 27 teams were said to not involve computer misuse and when charges are filed many of these cases reveal that officers don't automatically lose their jobs they do however in depayin a fine in los angeles and harshest suites. as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics you've covered other social media be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast which is nobel was followed by apple music and everywhere listen to your favorite or it was just coming up the. it is taking a stand in washington d.c. it around the world this time on capitol hill in the very office of house speaker nancy pelosi you don't want to miss the state trooper for watching the.
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i'm going to fulfill the repeated purposes of politics to the people and come on you know we've all pots to. be. pretty. pretty there burka now you want to work correct that. you know. all.
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good food descriptions sound appetising even for the owners so how to choose pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us the most necessarily good for the pet turns out may not be as healthy people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in our stride they have auto immune disorders allergies we. actually creating these problems it's a huge advantage of top of all of them i believe can be linked to a very simple problem. and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets less treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it to
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$1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. as every great cinema drama action movie ever showed us when the hero's life is on the law and they often have to resort to drastic measures like jumping off the roof of an exploding los angeles office building with a fire hose tied around your waist but what happens when with the life or death when the life or death threat is not a hollywood special effect but a very real climate crisis and its effects truly do impact the future of life as we know it on this small blue planet that is the real world stakes that have driven more than 400 members of the climate of climate change activist group extinction
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rebellion to conduct the biggest hunger strike for the climate in human history spread across 27 different countries this week long hunger strike was spearheaded by a 20 year old giovanni to marcos a former guest on the show who back in august conducted a similar strike outside the white house he told reuters we are hunger striking because we have no choice here in washington d.c. extinction rebellion members are conducting their strike in the office of democratic house speaker nancy pelosi and today we are joined by 2 of those activists wire a 4 star a peruvian d.c. based indigenous rights activist. the man who organized it giovanni tomatoes thank you both for coming on today so great pleasure to have you here thank you so much i want to start geo you you stated that you are striking because you have no choice and i don't want to jew to tell people why do you feel you have no choice but to do this hunger strike this week. because. i don't want my
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extended family in central america in southeast asia to die because. i don't want my friends said i because i don't want the love my life to die. because i don't want to die. that's what it's really about. and that is going to be the direct effect what you see this climate change really you know what if we don't stop it now we see it keep going on the dominoes keep falling that's the direct effect that affects you in your future greg. why did i ask you why or why why did you why did the extinction rebellion choose house speaker nancy pelosi office for the starting of this strike here in d.c. what will what was the choice behind that particular you know congresswoman in that office. i think that they've chosen nancy pelosi because she does hold some power. the democrats promote themselves as being green and so they hope they're holding her responsible there's
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a in the debate as has. you know when you when you say holding responsible what do you hope what is. what do you want her to do what are you asking for her to do for you guys like what it what it is you're on the struggle of not wanting you know all we want is a one hour on camera meeting with her. but she won't give it to us yeah with the impeachment hearings it's been difficult to get through to her office to. ask for this this one hour meeting that's all you want is one hour we want one hour on the climate and ecological crisis and how many of you there are there are striking in her office there are at least 10 rebels turned out of 10 rebels who have been on hunger strike and one of the ages of the 10 people there anywhere from 17 to 15 yeah so if you have 10 people 10 citizens 10 souls in
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this office not eating or planning not to eat until 5 days or however longer than that is at least a week ok and she's she's just out right not even going to give you an hour at least not yet. that and that that hurts she actually did. she did respond when asked by reporters i guess her office did release a statement with reuters and they reported that she said she was inspired by young climate activists in the u.s. democrats were working relentlessly to safeguard our environment and ensure a healthy sustainable world for our children i want to ask you both what is what is your response to her statement she's not she's not and the democrats aren't and neither are the republicans. they say there is an emergency but they have no urgency. they see there is an emergency but they won't bring a climate emergency bill resolution to before.
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it is that really that simple is that simple you know what. that's not that's an interesting response of the it's kind of always lip service isn't it with a lot of the politicians here in the states they always kind of will tell the media or tell you guys what you want to hear but then actually there's no follow through is there. right it's sort of up to the people to kind of to hold themselves responsible it has been personal responsibility that people have been able to maximize on. results like. social media accounts and facebook and youtube but there's plenty of there's like an eco revolution going on practically and some of it's online and there have been indigenous people in guatemala that have had. banana leaves returned to their market places where there was plastic before. and i hope that in saying this and expressing the opinion that the banana leaves are better that you know
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there isn't some counter campaign to come out to bring out straws or. substances that will harm the planet further. one of the comments that i got back on my 1st. try testimony was that my glasses were made of plastic can't they see that. i need plastic in my life or something but to them i say that wasn't a choice of mine you know to become. aware of glasses so it's it's hard it's hard not to feed into that when you're hungry and i can imagine that when there's a lot of. a lot of hunger and wanted you know that that these sorts of mentalities can be more thorny and so so that you know that people are aggravated in their environment they're there i don't want to use overuse the
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word but they're disadvantaged. is there any other any u.s. leaders or politicians or even others around the world hold office or trying to make a difference to you with extinction rebellion or could point to him so you know here's a leader or here's a cultural leader who actually is making the right points or actually is pushing for this with the you know emergency that would actually be you know in pushing for a change like this and i actually believe that people could look to say ok we need to vote for more people like this. you know. the reason why is because we need to get to 0. trapping emissions by 2025 the reason is because we need a people's assembly here in the united states on the climate mergence and what that means is regular every day people are going to be randomly selected to be on
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this is simply it's 102000 members the are respectful with each other they're there to learn about the facts in the science and they're there to listen to experts and experts doesn't just mean climate scientists experts means people who have people who are being affected right now by the climate ecological crisis because they live in breed that stuff they're experts in their own way that means indigenous people. that means people of color. that means migrants migrants yeah. that means people who have to deal with their water being poisoned by exploding pipelines. yeah that's why we need people the somebodies and and the and even having the people's assemblies too it's like. i would speak to the animal kingdom
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part of of the mass extinction that is upon us because. we are caretakers of our animals but because they're the natives see them as 4 legged relatives it's like it's important for us to be in balance with them or the ecosystem so that it's not a synchronistic it's not disrupted does that make sense yes it does i think a lot of when you look back at a lot of you know indigenous peoples culture and even the religions and things like that it was synchronistic with you know nature what made you know it was all part you know they learned how to live within the planet not above the planet if that makes sense you know it's they weren't kind of saying we're domineering the earth and sucking from it for our own means we can actually live within the ecosystems because the ecosystems of this planet actually do work when you really you know the majors figured out how to make the planet work we're the ones who are kind of throwing the wrench in the game and now we're seeing these direct actions and now
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because of that wrench we through in the game that's why i think we're seeing so much suffering now and that's why we're it is like you said it's a crisis it's something that you know society is not going to live beyond this if we continue to ignore it and mass extinctions is a good thing that you brought up i want to ask you. why do you believe that there are still so many folks who are kind of keeping their their head of the proverbial sand when it comes to this issue is it is it just lack of education or is it just that kind of cognitive dissonance where it doesn't affect me a good nor what you know what do you believe is causing the poor. back against changing your life for the better and making yourself be able to live within this world without destroying it. we need to be emotional about this crisis. because the science is already there the science is crystal clear. you know billions of people are going to die. so now we need to talk about what the climate crisis actually means and what it actually means is that young people like
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me are not going to be able to have a future with the love of their life it means that. grandparents grandkids are going to die it means that parents kids are going to die. i want to say thank you both for coming on today and thank you for the the sacrifice that you're putting yourselves through it's a small sacrifice compared to the bigger sacrifices that many are going through because of climate change but you're out there making a difference and you're let your voices be heard and that's what's important and that's what will change this world hopefully stop this thank you so much joe tomorrow to mock us and of course wire a forester pleasure having you on the day means a lot thank you thank you thank you. while we currently live in a world where vast sums of knowledge so it's just a keystroke away this doesn't mean that our world is any less of a mystery to us especially humanity's past and one of the great mysteries of
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humanity's past can be found in the hundreds of shapes and images carved in the countryside of peru called the nascar lines covering roughly 450 square kilometers of peru and best seen from the air the creation of these mysterious images depicting everything from animals plants and geometric shapes date back to sometime between roughly 200 b.c. and 500 a.d. and now thanks to modern artificial intelligence technology archeologists that yamagata university in japan have uncovered a previously undiscovered nazca lines depicting a humanoid figure carrying a stick or maybe a staff this was done by the team feeding pictures of the nazca lines into an ai and then turning it loose on a massive amounts of aerial and satellite photographs of the region. you know it almost it almost makes one wonder if the ancient civilizations behind these pictures had aerial be discovered had aerial discovery in their minds when they created these great wonders of the world and that my friends is our show for you
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today remember everyone in this world we are not told that we are above the so i told you all i love i am tired open for keep watching all those office out there have a great day and night. tough and the pull of fire is the mcconnell way or both the food. bank itself mukti it on. closing this way got it all so hard not to think i'm a bit disappointed this but the look ahead that i want and i don't miss the mark and if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights aim to his own weight.
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to. the floor you can call the 50 pound is worthless woody and i'm here to have a whole movie about a box of. what i think is this is the fans that is a constant. long long. long long long long long list. getting. to game up.
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drugmaker purdue pharma faces renewed scrutiny after leaked documents reveal the extent of its efforts to suppress negative stories about its widely prescribed painkillers. also this hour a new report by amnesty international accuses tech giants google and facebook of violating human rights by employing surveillance based business models. and beijing val's to counter measures after the u.s. congress passes a bill backing pung kong protests.


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