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a new report by amnesty international accuses. facebook of violating human rights. and human. bribery for breach of trust the 1st time an israeli history the sitting prime minister has faced indictment and criminal investigation. there's a backlash from the jewish community in germany but the nazi memorabilia is sold at auction for thousands of euros. but i think this is nothing to do with that there's nothing new for you completely to be destroyed.
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by that great have you with us this is all to international. google and facebook business threatening human rights being based on surveillance that's according to a new amnesty international report pledges the tech giants violate privacy and freedom of expression. amnesty international released a report outlining how facebook and google abuse human rights that it's increasing dominance over the new global public square controlling the main channels the company's surveillance based business model forces people to make a fenced in bargain whereby they are only able to enjoy their human rights online by submitting to a system predicated on human rights abuse their report accuses google and facebook of violating the right to privacy on an unprecedented scale as well as freedom of
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expression not only does it represent an intrusion into billions of people's private lives that can never be necessary or proportionate but the companies have conditioned access to this services on consenting to processing and sharing of their personal data for marketing and advertising directly countering the right to decide when and how i want personal data can be shared with others it also accuses facebook of head and when you pull ation for a political ad targeting the use of micro-targeting for political messaging can also limit people's freedom of expression by creating a curated world view inhospitable to pluralistic political discourse amnesties report has only confirmed what has long been known as both tack giants have been caught red handed countless times the world's eyes were opened to the risk these tech platforms posed back in 28 by the facebook can break analytical data scandal data from 87000000 people's profiles were harvested and used to micro target and
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manipulate people for political campaigning purposes and it looks like we're still haven't learned all the lessons last week a report in the wall street journal revealed that google partner it with health care provider asuncion to secretly collect and store medical records on millions of patients across 21 states all after the company failed to convince customers to hand. over their medical data voluntarily meanwhile facebook has a vivid lee deny the latest allegations made by the n.s.a. international a person's choice to use facebook services and the way we collect receiver use data all clearly disclosed in acknowledged by users cannot meaningfully be likened to the involuntary enough unlawful government surveillance so is there a way for users to keep their data base well the reports as there is but it will take out
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a radical overhaul of the way big tackle operates it calls for the alliance data protection laws to make the system more humane but is there a place in real life for an internet that has human rights at its core both companies have been challenged on numerous different occasions about their behavior people could look at a number of separate incidents or you could see it as a larger i think call issue poly to do with their attitude towards users and towards dates but also because their business models have been built around the fact that they need to collect that data to offer to advertisers and in order basically to power their business but i think we need broader agreement at a societal level in both continents and elsewhere around the world about exactly how much power wig willing to give to companies with this amount of data it's a concentration of data are in a few hands that is the major issue here it's only when we have that level of collection of data that it really becomes
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a threat to our human rights basically or it can also become a threat to many other rights including freedom of speech. israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu has been indicted on charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust the decision comes amid the ongoing political crisis with israel potentially facing a 3rd general election this year alone he was denied any wrongdoing and says that he will appeal the decision he had hoped to avoid indictment by passing legislation however that proved impossible failure to form a coalition government following september's election this is the 1st time a serving israeli prime minister has been indicted. and even though he's been serving as israel's pm since 2009 and not for the 1st time he previously held the top position 96 to 99. with donald trump with the help of the u.s. president to change the number of his cult.
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stores. that will be for. original. ladies and gentlemen this is. truly you know story. political and security analyst live in a rough it's believed that the indictment puts the country in a difficult position. because of a very long investigation and we also in the middle of a little process still not over so all together tonight isn't only the waiting for a. leader results to the 1st time that you see the really young history we have such a situation is not very good people don't like it i mean no one likes the situation
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even the opposition doesn't like the situation is a major. because the state is divided the president is divided by 2 parts the right and the center left after 21 day from today it's not possible unfortunately we have to go to a set rather for actions which is of course forces really not a very good solution. leaked documents in the united states have revealed the extensive lobbying by drugmaker purdue pharma to market it's widely prescribed painkillers and downplayed the risks the drug is being blamed as a major factor in a. demick the revelations were made by the investigative media outlets pro publica they include allegations that purdue hired sympathetic experts to appear in leading media outlets to defund think tanks are accused of writing misleading articles or negative coverage was often challenged by medical analysts with alleged ties to the
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drug maker with more is killing more people. purdue pharma the corporation that created oxy cotton is generally blamed for the crisis due to their efforts to reorient the medical community and change the narrative regarding the dangers of addiction let's go over a specific example of how they went about doing this in 2004 the new york times ran an article containing this wildly misleading statement regarding the danger of addiction contrary to media portrayals the typical oxycontin addict does not start out as a pain patient who fell unwittingly into a drug habit the author of that article is sally said tell a fellow at the american enterprise institute specializing in medical issues coincidentally the american enterprise institute received $50000.00 a year from purdue pharma since 2003 plus an additional 800000 dollars for special events according to documents received by pro publica but it gets better what study
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did said tell site in order to defend a funder of her institute the national household survey on drug abuse found that among non-medical oxycontin users 98 percent has also used other addictive pain relievers for non medical purposes and more than a 4th had used heroin well what they don't mention is that that study was actually carried out by employees and consultants of purdue pharma now sally's to tell says she has no idea that her institute was funded by purdue the new york times and the american enterprise institute have denied any wrongdoing but sallies to tell didn't just defend the profits of purdue in the new york times she also did it elsewhere she was quite a media star when it came to propane killer opining. oxycontin does not cause addiction it's abusers are already addicts. the real public health damage here comes from the peach campaign conducted by zealous prosecutors and public interest
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advocates to demonize the drug itself. this is tragic because oxycontin has been a godsend for millions of patients. only a minority of people who are prescribe opiates for pain become addicted to them and those who do become addicted and who die from painkiller over duces 10 to obtain these medications from sources other than their own physicians but media spin was just one step for do also funded other organizations to push its agenda of more prescriptions for pain killers the american academy of pain medicine and the american pain society promoted this for example studies indicated that in over development of addiction we know people had to use the relief of pain is low furthermore experience has shown a known addict can benefit from the carefully supervised judicious use of opioids for the treatment of pain for do it rich these donations were made but it defends its position per view has been contacted over the years by policy experts at
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a variety of think tanks who are seeking additional context on industry issues for their work our engagement has always been appropriate and aimed at providing a science based perspective that the company felt was often overlooked in the larger policy conversation over 400000 americans have lost their lives to opioids since the year 2000 and many more lives have been ruined by addiction up and r.t. new york. the bolivian senate has approved the 1st step towards fresh elections as the country remains deep in political turmoil full of the resignation of the democratically elected president overall as he claims that he was forced out in a coup of a violent clashes between his supporters and the security forces who've been granted impunity for the caretaker government to continue former ecuadorian president rafael correa marlice said his resignation was primarily aimed at stopping the. from the outside is easy to judge everything i myself as
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you know became a victim of a coup attempt that you immediately supported me. of course it's scary when you see snipers when the police get out of control this is a rational fear to be brave does not mean to be afraid of nothing as we brave need to control yourself and do what you need to do and in bolivia's the police rebels and the army commanders demanded that you are the president elected in the democratic elections resign and you took this step the most of it was in a mistake would it be best to resist to remain is some friendly region to you for example in the province of china and wage a struggle from there. i don't know but i think that the most important thing at the moment was to stop further violence the next day our supporters no longer knew what was happening what happened to whom who died and who did not they were scared so technically you continued to be the president of the country at the bottom of the well if my resignation was not approved then yes from a legal point of view their policy. they don't want to compound the constitutional
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court the same one that allowed you to run for election will recognize the government of this lady what is her name and he is on as genuine and honest this is yet another good idea it's simply unbelievable you don't even know whether to laugh or cry with such self-proclaimed presidents but the constitutional court recognized the government of this and yes what happened to this court did they intimidate it too i want you to understand this because it may turn out that their decisions have nobody is forcing anyone. yes they threaten a lot of employees of various state institutions or threaten them if they are intimidated that if they do not obey they will be attacked at their homes with their families i believe that this is pure fascism of course jews were also persecuted during a nazi is. a
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selection of nazi memorabilia that has gone under the hammer in germany they may have sparked a backlash from jewish leaders in the country. those items any items that have anything to do that could come to do anything for any resource should be kept away archives of governments but items that there's nothing to do that there's nothing to do for research point of view completely to be destroyed any things that relate a little future up and see anything related to to al qaeda leaders anything related to any other mass of water or those people heritage should be kept as should be out of question at all if you did
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a service would not offer any person who seeks to live closer to light and so for the kind of leaders the world does i says you know there's no question those people would be on the watch in order to make sure that there is a racial world leader to do something durable in the future those people have to be on the watch to make sure that the do not have any tension to take days to receive the next level of this is why we believe we have to be on the watch on the european jewish associations official statements claims the items like historical value and will be bought by those wishing to glorify the fascist regime the auction house director claims most of their customers are museums and professional collectors who quote deal meticulously with the subject. the u.s. congress has passed the bill in support of hong kong protesters president trump is expected to sign it into law despite delicate trade talks with china the big has angered beijing. young go through to where this young home cartoons are part of
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china and hong kong a very very china's internal affair to go where the united states should immediately stop interfering where it will be hit by negative you can't use forces trainer will have to take strong contra measures to defend its national sovereignty security and development interests. the bill called the hong kong human rights and democracy act will allow sanctions to be imposed on those officials who suppress human rights in the city it will also require an annual assessment of hong kong's autonomy to the current chinese one country 2 systems the city has its own government and is in charge of its own economic affairs if any issues are flagged up on kong special trade status with the us would be revoked. the territory having wracked by protests for months has already led to some economic consequences a number of companies have started to quit hong kong the city has lost its crown as the boast a lucrative for luxury swiss watches some companies are relocated to singapore amid the social unrest demonstrators are demanding protection of democratic rights
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official investigations into police brutality. i. professor of politics at east china normal university in shanghai joseph gregory mahoney believes that this can only lead to a situation where hong kong loses. as well aware the nicest government is famously and unapologetically mettlesome another country's affairs often with catastrophic results for stakeholders we have to recognize i think that china sentiment in the us appears to be chipping in to a level of scene unfolding madness at this point and frankly it increasingly recalls the same sort of culture that was fostered in the us yes the soviet union during the reagan years congress is pandering to the sentiments of one of the few areas where the 2 parties can agree with each other so it's kind of ironic that the
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american political system which can't work together to solve its own problems won't this won't stop them of course from meddling with others ultimately while it may reinforce protesters in a battle they can't win with. it will probably create a situation where all. already has a number of negative consequences for hong kong there have been some talking about not entering the market others leaving the market one thing though that you know we see the chinese i.p.o.'s have not have not been deterred and it's not yet clear this will encourage or discourage them from our listing in hong kong but i think we can also look at the announcement yesterday in china of liberalizing the financial services sector and mainly as an immediate tactical possible and some major announcement yesterday and today with a more. violent clashes have broken out in the haitian capital is hundreds of protesters there demonstrated against the visit of the u.s. ambassador to the united nations reports say at least 2 people were injured.
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they she's live ammunition rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse crowds but this is a bit attempting to disrupt the talks between the u.s. envoy and haiti's president country has been crippled by protests in september they've been demanding the president step down over a corruption scandal. it's not up to russia whether or not sanctions against the const country are lifted although they are having a boomerang effect on those imposing them that's the view of putin speaking at the economic forum russia calling. if we talk about sanctions and the perspectives of lifting them this is not our judy here but it was the us administration about this and it was the u.s. congress which imposed them not us 1st of all it forced us to implement the substitution of imported goods in those sectors which are closely tied to our national interests and security he's a very wide range of sectors culture medicine pharmaceuticals armaments and we've
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reached a very good and positive results so i would like to thank all the people of my colleagues those people that work at their places i see it as a boomerang effect many u.s. companies invested a lot of money in this or that project but then had to cancel them at the so they lost punish themselves during trying to present say our trade turnover with the us has reached $25000000000.00 that's a number we have with not so much you see this but at the same time we have many common interests with the u.s. was that this week forbes magazine published an article claiming russia's now bullet proof against u.s. sanctions and that it's economy is one of the world's most stable of seventy's kaiser report max kaiser says that the country is indeed performing well despite the obstacles it faces from the west. russia should have a aaa credit from the rating agencies is doing brilliantly you know if you look at the price of dollars in the bond market it looks like russia is the premier economy
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in the world right you've got 6 the happier sand on the ruble bond you've got 4 and a quarter percent return on their u.s. dollar equivalent bonds compared to germany and elsewhere where they have negative year olds in america are under 2 percent here we are russia looking fantastic the sanctions have worked out brilliantly for russia because it forced them to diversify in ways that they wouldn't have done otherwise in other booming across many sectors outside of the energy sector the head of the russian central bank has done a brilliant job and resisting the temptation to print money in factories reduced debt and the country's been buying hundreds of tons of gold so it has a very almost no debt whatsoever it's got a lot of golf it's diversified the bonds are yielding it more than almost every other industrialized country in the world and it should be rated aaa moody's and s. and p. should give russia a aaa rating on its credit elvira and president putin have done
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a brilliant job so bring it on this i think the phrase bullet proof is apt it's a good phrase the russian economy is bullet proof i agree. the new easy incident during a t.v. interview with the us democrat lawmakers gone viral to his own bizarre way has highlighted the divisions in u.s. politics is a ski tailor. more so than at the washington is thick with intrigue contriver see the public hearings in the latest trump impeachment saga into their 2nd week and everyone wants to know has he done it will this be the straw that finally breaks the camel's back the president used taxpayer dollars to ask the ukrainians to help with an election that can't be right guys i think we've got the wrong sound bite in the. what really. ok no apparent need that
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is right. fought gate is on everyone's lips democratic representative eric was weighing in on the ongoing impeachment hearings when he dropped dropped an explosive bomb on m s n b c you'd think though that while one world human stuff happens move on and to the president of the united states of america could possibly be impeached potentially just the thought in the country's history but no the scandal over that quick moment is refusing really. to blow over and mainstream media is leading the charge trying to get to the bottom of it i'm really sorry about the but i have to ask if this was you or someone in the studio it was not me and i didn't hear it when i was speaking you look like you heard it and. i guess i did
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not hear it even politicians have jumped on to the bandwagon keen to show off the shop where it. usually. cruz made a rookie ara and forgot that he too had been involved in the story that also rippled far and wide to show you senator and thank you for keeping it clean you know without. him so let's see what all the conspiracy theories on the table are the program on which i happened hardball tried to cover up its tracks and said it was just the presenter scraping his mug across the table to which swalwell took a leaf out of trump's book and breathed a sigh of relief but let's test that one out neal over to you.
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not sure so maybe another one the cameraman was to blame they were ways think they're safe just because the king in the shot but guys is that even possible you know. no i thought of the theories held up to scrutiny though view was smelt a rat pluto was demoted as a planet which eric swalwell is now secure among the gas giants eric swalwell is not a candidate that you can stand behind the cover of is own worries worse than a crime so while iran faces protests bolivia it faces a coup trump faces possible impeachment and the u.k. faces and not the string of pranks it delays the media follows it's very funny excellent nose for stories let's see when this one runs out of gas ok this is ridiculous i mean are you know you can talk about this seriously on.
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the phone with more half an hour. what explains the bipartisan commitment to an ending wars in foreign military interventions recent polls show the majority of veterans who fought in this century's foreign wars say it wasn't worth it in 2016 trying to gain traction for doubting foreign adventures today told see gobert is doing the same why are the elites so a lot of. good food descriptions sound up even for the owners so how to choose the pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to
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sell us then what's necessarily good for the pet turns out may not be a so for the best people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders allergies we are actually creating these problems and it's a huge have a democrat problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets streets the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. he was still got to tighten the let's move.
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on. to the huge predator in the home. and who would want to think about it. can mates and each of them to look at him as all. of them dirty too much haha good to be on. it's all in confounding your gamble often to get the what i'm going to feel when i'm a not good to be until in the fall that you can tie one next time you don't come fall to the marco quitting your. class ties or financial survival job today was all about money laundering 1st to visit this cash into 3 different. oh good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something in your
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something in america something overseas or the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in their tough talk or says we just have to give mccoll and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got home got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury automobile again for a match you know what money laundering is highly illegal to watch kaiser of course . unknown you know nor. with the story. in the
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movie shipping them in. water how to fish for sale and. so for the moment i left for 20 of us once and i'm going to have been done but i mean that's a big part of. it there's a part of the set that. this is the only thing that we do is music and it's really we put it to stop the music because everybody fights. back and i mean i'm just going to die is the mcconnell way they're both successes 5 because. it's all small victory it out. to us in this way down to it all so hard not to think the number dissipate the same film of the rock like they are one.


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