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tv   News  RT  November 25, 2019 1:00am-1:30am EST

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over losing a pentagon contract worth billions to rival microsoft. wants to this morning hong kong pro-democracy movement takes a break from the protests and group the closely watched local elections seen as a litmus test for. the rest. try to block conservative pundits from speaking on campus of the universe it was about isolating alternative viewpoints that. it's important to have different values here on campus not just progressive values or ideas experience you different challenging ideas that. we only hear one side that's all they'll ever hear.
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the morning here in moscow this 25th of november welcome to the program live from the world news center it's this update for you hope you stay with me too for about 25 minutes or so as we go through it so if there's one thing amazon doesn't like to start with it appears that that's losing the internet giants formally launched a legal challenge against the u.s. defense department after rival microsoft beat the firm to clinch a very lucrative dated contract the decision surprised. in the bag but the route was about more than money taylor explains. amazon and white christmas oft 2 giants that have changed the way we experience the world.
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yes warm and fuzzy ads to appeal to our pockets over the holiday season but it turns out the real money that goes softer is the pentagon's own given the u.s. military spent over $600000000000.00 annually it's unsurprising there's a battle for the big contracts so head to head and microsoft have been vying for the pentagon prize of $10000000000.00 over the next 10 years the contract in question is for the judge by project and ambitious event that would allow the pentagon to stall sensitive data on a single large cloud it would also allow the military to take full advantage of artificial intelligence tools tools which have drawn concern from ethical watch dogs for that lethal potential in guiding missiles and drones amazon thought it had
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its foot in the door not only is it the lead in the wilds of cloud computing it's also made $600000000.00 from its dealings with the cia since 2013 so you can understand the shock when microsoft was crowned and amazon's not happy it's so unhappy in fact that it's filed a lawsuit saying that it was passed over the recommendation of a certain donald trump we believe is critical for our country that the government and its elected leaders administer procurements objectively and in a minute is free from political influence numerous aspects of the joint enterprise defense infrastructure evaluation process contain clear deficiencies there is an unmistakable by. and is important in these matters be examined and rectified it's true trump and bezos have rarely exchanged a kind word the president argues that amazon is swindling the u.s. postal service out of money and doesn't pay enough tax he's also not
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a fan of the bezel so and washington post whose printing press is pretty hot from all its anti trump coverage so we're probably wasn't hard to guess who trump was not going to throw his support behind we're getting tremendous. really complaints from other companies and from great companies some of the greatest companies in the world are complaining about it having to do with amazon and the department of defense and i will be asking them to look at it very closely to see what's going on because i have had very few things where it is really such complaining amazon thinks that video is evidence of one to influence something both microsoft and the pentagon deny the acquisition process was conducted in accordance with the political laws and regulations in law for his which treated fairly and evaluated consistently with the solicitation stated evaluation criteria we have confidence in the qualified staff of the department of defense and we believe the facts will show
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they have been a details seren fair process in determining the need to the will fight to a best method by microsoft but while these companies fight it out for the pentagon's affections others have been more reticent last year outrage was sparked after it emerged google was cooperating with the department of defense on a project that helped the army identify drone targets over 3000 employees signed a petition calling for the trial of morality over money and ultimately resulting in the search engine not renewing the contract we believe that google should not be in the business of war building this technology to assist the u.s. government in military surveillance and potentially lethal outcomes is. not acceptable so while some battle with their conscience and mothers refuse to accept lost fortunes for microsoft it's been a golden autumn with its war chest filled by a milestone contract shares jumped 3 percent and to top it all off bill gates has
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recently returned to his favorite position the world's richest man rumor has it even helped jeff bezos clear his desk. from the antiwar coalition explains why the pentagon's always considered to be a solid business partner and whether war. well amazon's lawsuit represents indicates the cutthroat competition between the mega monopoly corporations that are competing with each other to become an appendage of the pentagon big technology companies know that in order to really prosper and thrive in the american economy you have to affix yourself to pentagon spending because the lion's share the majority of discretionary budgeting each year in this massive federal budget actually goes for death and destruction for the u.s. military machine so this is not simply a matter of war the defense department and the contracts this is it this is
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business and in america war is very profitable and war contracting very very profitable big vote in hong kong locally for us that is trying now and it seems the pro-democracy candidates are on course to secure a landslide victory in the chinese territories district council elections for a record number of voters flocked to the polls sunday folks are still being counted but reported that the opposition has taken 17 out of 18 districts that giving them 390 set of the 452 being contested is the 1st election since the violent protests broke out back in june and is widely seen as a vote on the. government is handling the rest of the hong kong opposition leaders say the result sends a clear message to the authorities in the demonstrators demands must be taken seriously huge win means the pro-democracy bloc will get a bigger say on the election committee that selects hong kong's next chief the
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current leader says she hopes the territory won't return to chaos some for the city to have a fresh start the streets were noticeably quire on post quiet polling day 2 compared to what hong kong has in jude in recent months. i was brought over to a woman. i . thank. you. well we asked hong kong based economies benyamin child whether or not he thinks the love of the rest is going to last or not now crucially. on one hand the new security measures the new police chief with. weak words on the other hand both
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sides can actually call poise cease fire peace and courage and actions and inactions of the rioters are rightly coordinated contrary to cream having no mosque might be right even to hear people preaching lost most of these action is not directly impact much the majority of the. north that you actually see for the next exactly so i expect why do you go on respect people that you actually read so it's expression of ultimate pension ok riot is really not just about the wealth they are on but on a global competition between 2 nations if you want to close this. morning next american i could be me as seems to have inclusiveness issues we can report as conservative lecturers are increasingly being shut out by student protest as caleb maupin takes a closer look universities are supposed to be
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a place for learning getting a useful degree and exploring certain ideas however lately they've become a home to some rather intense political activism as well as excluding certain ideas take the university of california berkeley as an example during the 1960 s. the campus was home to the free speech movement and upsurge demanding the right to discuss and debate on campus issues however lately it has become far less receptive just certain divergent ideas. a columnist with right wing conservative views that are too extreme for some and culture opposes women's suffrage and called for militarily converting the middle east to christianity now arthur laffer is different from an. coulter arthur laffer served in the reagan white house he's not
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a pundit rather an economist he just wrote a book about trump's america 1st economic vision well being on the university students did not like that he was given a platform with. a. i the university had to issue an apology it seems like the rules of free expression and open discourse don't apply to rightwing speakers and approach from voices conservatives often complain about a perceived a liberal bias in aca damia and the constant curling of accusations of naziism at right wing scholars samuel abrams a professor at sarah lawrence college actually called for regulating political balance this wolf the ideological distribution among college administrators should give off students and their families pose the ideological imbalance coupled with their agenda setting power threatens the free and open exchange of ideas which is precisely what we need to protect in higher education in these politically
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polarized times now this idea of hiring professors based on their political views and mandating that it be 5050 among the left and right didn't go over too well in fact many called for him to be fired just for suggesting this is what new york city college students think about the atmosphere on the campuses any ideas that counteract this progressive will mentor this so-called leftist movement i often get met with a lot of backlash conservative professors or people with conservative viewpoints doesn't get shut out of the conversation would be comparative to me going into a class that was something against what i believed and i make the same insight i like don't think that they should be allowed to do that they when they hear whatever they want to hear it's not allowing them to experience new and different and challenging ideas that might open their eyes i do say that it is important to have different values to share on campuses not just progress about. values our ideas or the ones that cater to you we can't just allow ourselves to be put in an
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echo chamber of liberal ideas or in an echo chamber of conservative ideas we have to be unbiased we have to look at you know different viewpoints and make our own decisions on them and if we only hear one side that's all we'll ever hear in the last several decades ideas described as liberal and progressive have pretty much become the dominant view in america's institutions of higher learning and despite rhetoric about diversity and freedom of expression these folks are pretty determined to keep it that way and don't mind silencing those who might disagree a little up and artsy new york americans call them are correct some old claims he was forced to leave his job as a new york university liberal professor after airing his conservative views he says his students are increasingly turning against nature is that they don't agree with . i would call them ill liberals 1st of all they're not liberals there are liberal leftists who are attempting to shut down any speech that they don't approve of even if they don't know what it is because in many cases they don't even know what the
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speaker say or have to say they don't even understand different few points lot of on listening to them they are complete political thought so think that their viewpoints are the only ones worthy. of a hearing and therefore they have turned the university into nothing but a semi violent an echo chamber so yeah there is a new wave of activism but i wouldn't call it grassroots by any means it's it's an astroturf movement that is synthetic that's being whipped up by members of the democratic and other. leftist groups and it is completely. frenzied it is now it is not rational at all this is the monday morning 25th november live from moscow this is coming up too when it comes to wouldn't seem to everyone's a big in germany as the countries go to a new bulls industry's been dealt a blow we'll tell you what that is when we come back.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. again good morning fishing for red prawns which are a delicacy in the tallying cuisine has become a whole lot more dangerous these days for fishermen in sicily it's got nothing to do with the sometimes treacherous seas they have to work in but because they face being attacked by the libyan coast guard the summit tally ends even ending up in jail over it. every. day my life has been filled with tragedies each time i go out to sea when i
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say goodbye to my wife she says i don't know if you're coming back. families remain in fear because for us fishermen the mediterranean is in a continuous war. although i've had some bad experiences with them on this on the 22nd of march 996 a libyan patrol boat seize my boat after 4 or 5 hours of shooting it all happened in international waters after 6 months they released us from prison for good behavior. the. 3rd of all i was afraid it happened off the coast of tripoli while we were below deck they kept shooting we hid in the machine room in the freezer cells and they continued shooting and didn't want to stop.
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right here on the e.u. does not help us there are shootings and many other risks if they should us we might die. this flu is that it this is our job i was born a fisherman we've been fisherman for 3 generations i want to die fisherman. is quick footnote to this story as for the italian authorities they are warning the sicilian fishermen against taking risks that tell them to steer clear of waters which libya unilaterally claimed as its territory in 2005. stories in europe to why it is seen as germany's most important source of renewable power over wind energy
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is suffering something of an economic blow by. these days with the once thriving industry had been at the core of the country's attempt to try to get carbon emissions down by 2030 an account for the lion's share of christie generation but financing and support it seems a fading that as evangelists sepsis explains. goes on wavering commitment to protect the environment has earned her the nickname as the climate chancellor as part of her latest green initiative her government approved a 60000000000 euro package of climate policies it's aim to generate a 100 percent of its electricity supply using renewable energy by 2050 it's induced feast we as industrialized countries are also on the frontline we need to do something to minimise our carbon footprint to stop climate change and reverse the rise in temperature if you push for climate protection it will cost money but this money's been spent if we ignore it i think it will cost us more money that's the truth the linchpin of germany's green shift is wind energy.
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considering that you would wonder if the industry is booming well its launch earlier this summer zeman lost $2000000000.00 euros and now to cut $2700.00 jobs which half of those were here in germany and are calling a nother giant in the industry have to cut twice as much as zimmerman did and it's blaming all that on the government. the current energy and climate policy not only jeopardizes the innovations in jobs created in our industry over the years but also climate protection and the energy transition as a whole after the federal government presented its climate protection package it became clear that the problems are even greater other companies have been hit even harder by the energy crisis nordics was in the red and was bought out by
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a spanish firm said the on how to file for bankruptcy you are probably wondering why is the green shift facing so many problems well even though many germans do agree with wind energy a lot of them are not keen on the idea of having a wind farm in their backyard. in an effort to appease protesters berlin announced new regulations forcing firms to seek permission from local authorities if they want to build within a one kilometer of a residential area dinning approval however can take up to 2 hears the prospect of protracting legal battles and delays is scaring off investors the fact that the federal government is threatening to sink to this over one of the most important
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aspects of our economy because of some public criticism over the initiatives shows the current political weakness studies show that if it wants to achieve its carbon neutrality by 2050 germany must increase its wind power production 6 fold but so far this year wind energy witnessed a significant drop off as investors become increasingly wary about investing into the wind business the dream of turning germany into a green state seems to be fading eventually for r.t. . south korea in this grappling with a growth in the number of suicides in recent years despite being one of the far east economic success stories seems work related stress is among the primary reasons for it or not see today we're taking a closer look at some of the different ways in which stuff struggling to cope. life is finite and the end could be narrower than you think south korea losing a job. fair social competition to be 1st in everything
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as a result the country consistently tops the world ratings in dissatisfaction with life . that. modern day south korea is the product of a highly competitive society executives are even sometimes taking to forcing employees to go home for some rest they even switch the power off at the end of a working day to ensure that people can't work any longer this is known as death experience the state run social program. visitors go to a burial room take a seat next to a coffin and change into burial clothes. and write a farewell letter. everyone gets into their coffins and the lids are closed. the
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climax of the ceremony is a rebirth. the bridge is a good example of how south korea is adapting to stress. before 2013 the bridge was a known suicide spot. several psychologists and designers went to great lengths to turn it into a safe space. phrases along the railing are intended to reduce stress levels in desperate individuals they form a dialogue between the bridge and passers by apart from being under constant video surveillance the branches are also equipped with a panic button as a result the ill reputed bridge changed its name it's now dubbed the bridge of life . after life can prevail against. statistics.
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just in program if you want to see it it's all next in your part of the world apart from the u.k. and ireland we saw it last it's going to be repeated at various times throughout the day as well today and if you are going to work with a good day don't let it get to you 25 minutes past the hour that's it for moscow for now things look in so far for the newsroom my name is kevin owen for me in the table of a great day. and . this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida another mother daughter is very serious and terri meaning messes with your head
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what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court be be. shot after shot as far off as i feel. we don't know she'll just focus on. the end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know the actual just. young elephants have come to us off the. myspace sleepers so putting it. students because sadly the baby elephants often do see their mothers only be killed but also be caught up and voted. i do believe elephants smile
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i see it in these little ones they all say so they express and changes the. game. is you'll be via reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. directly. what is truth what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the
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depths. or a maybe in the shallows. a need to be used as any gains in time clia done in pretty nasty to say tang in. total and asking him from day to. me that. this is so and so's korea an economic powerhouse everyone has heard of korean household appliances korean cars. computers and beauty products. and no one come up to man danny gokey always still clutching his entire game. can
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sneak. fierce social competition the need to be 1st in everything but on the flip sides of success as a result the country consistently tops the world ratings in dissatisfaction with life. where in an ambulance in a neighborhood of salt. someone
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has fallen ill the look. on the paramedics are on the same to administer 1st aid. we approach the 1st responders because they have to deal with stress every day. they don't just read about it in neutral courts they see it all firsthand. this guy saves lives on every shift. to go. all. the way saw. to what in the old they were told total torn up with their joking i do.


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