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tv   Documentary  RT  November 25, 2019 1:30am-2:01am EST

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someone has fallen ill of the work. of the paramedics are on the scene to administer 1st aid. we approach the 1st responders because they have to deal with stress every day. they don't just read about it in usual course they see you know 1st hand. this guy's saves lives on every shift. to. the whistle. you know what in the. whole total torne did it wonderful how do the little. children were told torchwood or told walk
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when i could have months whose whole day or 2 until the whistle. in winter because soem. will pretty well known to all hockey reus old war. horse when it's good you will see it. when you never see reality i mean many did. get there when they couldn't go to the chick you need an educated person if. you. want. to know the staff at 10 you know whining time no no. no no time to attend can did he. just. continue to stress you know this how can i sing we asked for an idea of. how often
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he has to deal with cases of suicide. could all go away and tell you go. you can buy new credit will you accept. that will you watch the weight goes on we'll do it you will. be able. to go kill with him it's on legal bill. could you comment on. the ambulance service press officer interrupts our conversation very intimate how do i do with. somebody you don't know if they're. going to. be able to conduct their. 3 to 3 and. it's unclear. that's what they call losing face.
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when you come in here who don't want to go to google you. can go to one of the folks on how to keep. his from a younger korean generation he's not particularly focused on a career with a company produces his own shows on a streaming channel but cox life can be quite stressful to do this even if you could talk to me there's a humble good answer to that how. could. one was. just him into. to create talk to someone who
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is also somebody who. really got to call attention to them don't know where to go their own their turn truth a. little over a good. talk shows us one of the most popular and simple ways to cope with stress in korea. in the column in the old. just took crucial to settle what i hate about the imus is from my mistress i was in the corporate when i watched over the summer. just to sort of on the other day. goal was to support them so i wanted to continue my mil. to get. more time to try stuff out as i. can tell you what. can
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i do take. more. containable. capsizing got to go to the gym and kill him because he got into kenya i need. money. and. people who. don't do think we can move more mr kim kyong younger heads to civil service union a fun look at all sorts of stuff and at work he talks openly about stress related issues which are going to. him one ok so tom joad this hail great dental clinic with us here on the biggest has shown you in the air. to know yes.
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but. but. here. the union head has come to support a rally for the rights of women who have been laid off. the protesters are wearing burial clothes because himself career losing a job equates to death. because nobody becomes almost always it would. be from d.c. it could. be. that. we also know that. it is though you also know that. it is no one in bordeaux you have. something to give it
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to you. for koreans work is a matter of life and death. here so taxi drivers are protesting against. it's a common story. prices plunge and jobs lost. several drivers committed suicide after losing their livelihoods. community a company tell us you do women there's almost chris rock. here. on the work and a monitor. true. cheers all
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true 100 appears not. british history and you call it a real world and goes with. equal. work related stress induced suicide is only part of the problem. this is a support group for women whose husbands died from overwork. they asked us not to show their faces because they're afraid of potential problems with getting compensation from the companies their husbands work for. guys who we need and they get paid. up and use that. as a teenager on the net who was making they made we fiddled with their moods. but.
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you can do it give them $10.00 in the. current study or we could put in that you know. made a lego. welcome hole is one of the most popular ways to relieve stress for regular people celebrating the end of a working week with your peers is almost a tradition south korea. relaxed when you 10 and mr supreme don't think. the time to talk too much food in going to. get hit so hard some. didn't.
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in fact in the last few years friday night been falling out of style in corporate life. doesn't prove. they were. the woman. who took every. day. of the. home to the floor for. many companies and now reducing working hours. executives and even sometimes taking to forcing employees to go home for some rest. they even switch the power off at the end of a working day to ensure that people can't work any longer. of course those measures
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console's the problem of people carrying on with their work from home and the dilemma for employees is clear. the number of working hours may well be reduced but the amount of work to be done often remains the same. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy going for a day shouldn't let it be an arms race is on offer. spearing dramatic to follow to
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the only relief i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. and we're going to fulfill repeated promises apologise to the people and promises you know weeks or bots the troops pretty much leave you. with pretty. please. free their burka now you want to 1st. know.
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all. 5 those who can eat kids. who will. tell you didn't lot. to people. who. knows. how long. lose lose. this is not just debt. experience. and social program.
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my mom. me. you know. honestly at. this center has been established for a very important reason korea is economically successful society is going through a crisis of values and the country is working hard to overcome it. neither would. i see this how do. you know what that on the. other thing i found out. from
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our exit we couldn't pull over to. the center so it's a much bigger goals than just helping to cope with stress businesses are presented with one simple sort life is finite and the end could be nearer than you think. or so. your thought. is so. tell me it's all for a woman had. 2 kids. after a short presentation visitors go to a burial room huge hole containing dozens of coffins.
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disciplines take a seat next to a coffin and change into burial clothes. they lay down not fail well photo and write a farewell letter. to. your wall. yet and all you want to was in the. children of all i love it will soon. be so. it's time for the funeral everyone gets into their coffins and the legs are closed to visitors have to spend a little time being dead. the
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climax of the ceremony is a rebirth everyone leaves their coffins with a new perspective on life and death for. them to take it up when it got a curator look at they. could want to talk about anything about it. each of them i thought. he wouldn't read too much how could i get to be a good tone could not on the author to get i think i feel when i'm in the good children tell him of all this you can fire one next time you don't come. up with a new. modern day south korea is the
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product of a highly competitive society so much so that stress has a negative side effect. but it has a positive impact too in the face of such competition you must always strive to be a better version of yourself. park is heading to a temple where he'll take a break from hectic city life. past to yourself for treats or another popular tool for alleviating stress and reevaluating priorities. this is what park is looking for.
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anyone can come here and become a novice of the temple if only for a while. it's all about living like the rest of the monastery does dressing like a novice sleeping like a novice eating like a novice. which means a dramatic change to your usual way of life. temperance they. don't like israel. nor. you know what their attempt to. turkey there was some course. temple stays are popular. the people who come here all face different issues.
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some are trying to adapt to the loss of a loved one some are looking to distress from work some trying to dumb down aggression and others are dealing drink problems. this is i'm bowing ceremony. but disciplines are expected to perform a team balance. quite a trial for a city dweller. order told me a little. times on hand. because i. didn't get going and. it's a beauty of bones are getting a lot of spurious off the any cost. or the talk of paul much as i got the bottle to cut it at the. top when i got. to do that in the
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kimball home bongo bob was about to call dishes out on a continental on a small geezer. channel well it's really i mean if there. were to produce a child i thought it should be able and if he would buy it cool in the palm beach it would be better to just. keeping him there i was just beyond any new cars but. in the time i got to know a new program today same time you went up and down pick it out and see i'm thinking. mindfully say young. man you cut it totally hooked on the young. john doerr. just the sicko the creator to project to me coming. true.
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or more often and their. chin honeybee a key bad analogy for tourism heard and read about them in the. cradle it will be a lot of how you can be one telling us. what you are never coming up with causing your. music and music videos will reveal some total you design i remember what was said to them about by god isn't on the bottom. and your toes hold on. it's not a good move. you know. the tune doesn't using your washing. so you can get on from going luggable. or using your. career oriented. everyone is trying to find their path to success. yes and exhausting themselves while doing so. this couple set up their own business after
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suffering a burn out but it was something that just. 2 figures for sure this year they're put into research literature on the mistress to mother. or if it comes out of the scope of commanders talk all this is suitable to come of it like that because you. think of it. as oh i. see us humans use the word doesn't. really matter. mr kwan's job was sending people to jail. after retiring he decided to send himself to jail. and build a business on the way. to. assist the
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prison. the owners of this jail also with chief prisoners the couple each have their own favorite cells and their favorite views inside their jail they prefer to serve time in solitary confinement. you might say cruelty of cool. because you pop in on those and i upon those is. going to tell you when to take a 2 month. thanks to opening the jail its founders were also given their own freedom spending time on your own is the unique for riot t. of n.t. stress therapy on offer here. i don't know what that. i know that there were no that she got off. of they don't quite know what how she
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got up on a c 4 but about how that will be that's how i guess time goes thought of when they seem to get the. whole mobile phones computers and modern communication devices are here. however you are welcome to use a pen remote book. many people start writing or drawing while serving a sentence. or even going on with their head out of the game somewhere that. this has had on a video get through i don't know who i pissed that out of there could go over to him. the map oh bridge is a good example of how south korea isn't tapping into stress. before
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2013 the bridge was a no suicide spot. several psychologists designers went to great lengths to turn it into a safe space. phrases along the railing are intended to reduce stress levels in desperate individuals. they form a dialogue between the bridge and the passers by. apart from being under constant video surveillance the bridge is also a quick panic button. as a result l. reputed mob of bridge changed its name it's now dubbed the bridge of life. after all life can prevail against some statistics.
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young elephants have come to us off the. myspace lee brutal clutching incidents because sadly the baby elephants often do see their mother as the need be killed but also be cut off and both chipped. and. i do believe the elephant smile i see it's a nice little lands they all say should express and changes. the pain. when there is only just johnson on. and i just got out of prison for.
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41 years. i'm 73 years old now i gotta rest for tomorrow for some months to. fill you know i'm like just everything was taken out of. my work in the hospital hope it was. meant to snow man it looks a little bit like me. a color about. homicide want to come. now. we're hot tofu the do not so bad though so you're going. to go to the corner. and i didn't
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do no on the front of the closed. trying to frighten. snow do something about. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters and. the mother daughter is. it meaning messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court he be. shot for shot as far off society we feel. we don't know she'll just screw. the end of this trial
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unfortunately you. will still not know childress. story at this hour an unnamed employee at the international chemical weapons watchdog groups official report into a disputed chemical attack in syria. also the headlines this morning alison cries fall off for a multi $1000000000.00 pentagon call for an artificial intelligence project which rival microsoft. hong kong as pro-democracy movement takes a break from protests and heads for a big wave in closely watched local elections happened yesterday exults could not now seen as a litmus test for.


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