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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 25, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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maradona trump rally supporters in florida as part of his campaign to retain the white house at 2020 but could he be depending on democrat did it trix to keep him on pennsylvania avenue last time around wiki leaks exposed attempts within the democratic national committee to favor alleged war criminal hillary clinton of a socialist but he sounded a democrat primaries but is the same thing happening all over again joining me now is jim going to run for congress in florida against d.n.c. boss debbie wasserman schultz who resigned of a wiki leaks revelations he joins me now from miami jim thanks for coming on before we get to florida and the peculiarities of the race in florida what was your take on the democratic presidential debate in the past few days and what's your take on who's going to win is bernie sanders cool is supporters to order in new hampshire today well they spent the 1st hour of the debate discussing donald trump and impeachment and they were on agreement that donald trump is bad and we need this impeachment inquiry i'm not sure that's going to play well for them come next
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november you can already see that the impeachment inquiry is probably strengthen donald trump in some key swing states a poll that came out recently shows him ahead why i should say public opinion against the impeachment inquiry by a good margin now in wisconsin for instance i'm afraid the even media and other nato nations seems to reflect your media in the united states because they're very excited about the impeachment proceedings actually and i think you're referring to that gallup poll which shows increased support for trump joining the cause of these impeachment hearings why is that you know 2016 was the year of the outsider and we saw that in the democratic primaries with bernie sanders surging and of course the dirty tricks that the d.n.c. had to play to stop him and we sort on the republican side with donald trump taking down the entire establishment and you know i think all of this impeachment inquiry makes stuff. trump look like he's still the outsider still battling the swamp
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inside of washington d.c. and i think after 2 years of the mother report the mother investigation and $30000000.00 plus i think a lot of americans are just tired at this point it's a lot of fatigue and there's been a lot of false alarms you know you can only be kind of the boy who cried wolf so many times and that's the way the democrats i think have been coming across as of late but surely you're not saying that joe biden as it was warren. is bad is the spectacular catastrophic candidate of clinton last time around. it is hard to imagine a worse candidate than than hillary clinton was last time around but you know by the same token trump actually has a record to run on at this point and he's going to have some accomplishments in the face of a recalcitrant house of representatives so you know democrats who are just reading
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the happy polls would be really repeating the same mistakes is 2016 where the polls for whatever reason i don't think quite reflect donald trump's true strength you know when. trump and his voters are vilified mercilessly it has the effect of silencing in stifling public support for him but a lot of people get their revenge i think on election day and i think that's the danger that still faces the democrats this time around as well well the 2016 d.n.c. boss was debbie wasserman schultz she's running in 2020 of course julian is of wiki leaks imprisoned here and in this studio told this program told me about the some pretty pretty bad allegations against it back when the 26 didn't see the election was going on what do you make of a run in 2020 and could you or so. when else be terror in florida we may have
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beaten her in the past and that's the ironic thing our internal numbers showed us defeating her pretty handily in 2016 we did not. really believe the election results and a lot of experts who studied the data said they were implausible so i requested to inspect the paper ballots i was forced to bring a lawsuit and while the lawsuit was pending the supervisor of elections of broward county simply destroyed all the ballots these are felonies under state and federal law and we're still hoping that there's going to be a real investigation and prosecution into this the evidence was incontrovertibly the supervisor of elections actually admitted to the ballot destruction in sworn videotaped depositions and the florida circuit court granted me summary judgment in our in our inspection case granted us attorneys fees and while a lot of democrats maybe feel happier to blame it all on russia and foreign actors
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the truth is these electronic voting machines are inherently vulnerable and i think that's why there's so much support growing to reform the system setosa gabbert one of the presidential candidates has a good bill. that would require paper ballots at least for backups i believe in open source software on the electronic voting machines and even president trump has called for paper ballots as of late wasserman schultz is still being propped up here by some very wealthy corporate interests. excuse me she is raised an awful lot of money from this corporate interests we get folks who want to run against her all the time but really we need to have some transparent and verifiable elections i think before anyone can defeat an incumbent who's as crooked as debbie wasserman schultz tell me about the ballot box bunning because far from being on the back foot reports sent in the miami herald saying actually wasn't sure is already trying
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to lead the house appropriations committee for 2020. i saw that you know the corporate media i think is very much bought off by wasserman schultz they've got very cozy relations and they're doing all they can to rehabilitate her it's hard to imagine the democrats actually making her the chair of the appropriations committee and giving her that kind of a visibly public role but this party is capable of all kinds of mistakes as we've seen in the past. she hasn't she's been on the appropriations committee and has not really delivered very much to south florida for all of her time in congress and on the appropriations committee but on the ballot box burning to be clear a judge ruled that ballot boxes were destroyed and this is linked to someone called brenda snipes can you just explain a little bit about the yes brenda snipes was the supervisor of elections of broward county and like i said after the 2016 primary i put in
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a public records request to inspect all of the paper ballots she stonewalled our request for i believe 7 months before i finally filed a lawsuit and it was quite shocking you know i'm a law professor and very much believe in the rule of law we were 3 months into our public records lawsuit against brenda snipes and we had served her with a discovery request to inspect the paper ballots when she suddenly just destroyed the ballots signed the destruction order and. did not reveal actually conceal the destruction from the court and for me and my lawyers for more than 2 months she was seen openly campaigning with debbie wassermann schultz as well so it's a very crooked situation here snipes was permitted to retire and she's on 130000 dollar year pension now so you know when you have this kind of lawbreaking this kind of ballot destruction with impunity covering up
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a very likely rigged electronic software. and it happens without any consequences it just obviously that creates a moral hazard and it encourages this kind of rigging in the future we're calling on governor rhonda santas to have his department of law enforcement to investigate and to prosecute and we're also calling on the justice department to do the same these are serious. violations of federal and state statutes and we should have no patience for it well despite the judge's ruling obviously brenda snipes alone was winchell's denies any wrongdoing whatsoever is the reason that you'll not running in broward county in 2020 because you understand how powerful was the minstrels is with the media julian isn't just told me that she was able to just cold stop more the morning joe t.v. program and tell them to stop being too pro bernie sanders in the democrat
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primaries last time around and call up joe chuck told on meet the press and i mean what is the power of the media power of debbie wasserman schultz when it comes to the democratic primaries let alone anything else in your democracy when well i'd hesitate to even call it a democracy at this point and i'm a patriotic american and i'm very troubled by what we see there are 6 giant media conglomerates that now control 90 percent of the broadcast t.v. radio and. print media in this country so a corporate dominated media like that it's not surprising they would be supportive of wasserman schultz and while she has all of this media power i still believe she cannot cannot win an honest election on the ground people in her district are very tired of her and they want change we've got good reason to believe we defeated her once and maybe a 2nd time in 2018 it's just such a very rigged system and yes. it's
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a ters folks like me from jumping in and running again so right now i'm chairing a group called progress for all will be holding a major. hearing on election security on december 5th and we're flying in election commissioners from around the country and computer programmers and software experts it's a kind of hearing that congress should be holding right now quite frankly instead of you know more of the impeachment doubling down on and trying to drive donald trump from office and it's very much a pipe dream i believe i know if you had to run you said you'd run as an independent but if the d.n.c. doesn't noble the primaries this time around for the candidate that will face chomp in 2020 do you think trump would be frightened of a bernie sanders candidacy do you think he'd be frightened much more frightened of a tools he gabby would candidacy i do think towsley gabbert is the one candidate in
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the democratic field who could defeat donald trump. you know she's a young woman a veteran very articulate offers. real change in her orientation towards foreign policy for instance and while she has opposed donald trump and sometimes quite harshly she hasn't done it in a way that i think would turn oh turn off a lot of voters independent voters. and even democrats who may have strayed to trump in the past where is bernie sanders has run a somewhat more negative campaign i believe than he did in 2016. by calling donald trump incessantly a racist and a massage an ist and the most corrupt politician ever it has a way of. vilifying him of deterring any kind of real discussion open discussion
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about trump's actual policies and i think it it's kind of akin to hillary clinton calling his voters deplorable i think he's much stronger when he he's more positive and tries to be a unifying figure and i do think tosi gabbert has done a good job of that although within the democratic party obviously there are very powerful forces that are stacked against her i'm going to thank you thank you after the break peace talks and another humanitarian crisis in the world's newest nation but how come south sudan has most of the oil of what was once a united sit on the u.n. about the country through the lobbying of london and george clooney all the civil coming up but to have going on the ground.
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there are. a lot. ah ha ha. look at your dollar bill that says a federal reserve no no if you look that up in best a pedia it'll tell you it's debt debt is a no right they're not creating this stock has nothing to do with money it's created is formaldehyde it's monetary formaldehyde and they're trying to and they're complaining that the corpses of great and they just are failing to acknowledge that the global economy died in 2008 all stop.
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this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida know the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery it really messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court be the. shock shock smar society we feel. we don't know she'll share this truth on. the end of this trial unfortunately you. will still love no children.
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welcome back today marks un international day for the elimination of violence against women one country in the un sites in south sudan it's the world's young. this country and coincidentally an oil rich creation once threatened with u.s. sanctions by democratic president barack obama joining me now via skype from south sudan's capital juba is the u.n. special representative to south sudan david chair david welcome to going underground today is the u.n. international day for the elimination of violence against women what particular challenges do you face of u.n. special representative for south sudan well obviously there's been an ongoing civil conflict here for a long time and unfortunately the people who are bearing a lot of the brunt of that conflict are civilians and most particularly women so one of the big problems and one of the challenges that we face is obviously ending the violence but more importantly ending the violence against women. it's an it's
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an unfortunate and really tragic aspect of what happens here we're making some progress at the moment there's a cease fire in place which shares brought the conflict levels down so there's a lot less they will say year ago and the and the peace process ongoing as well although at the moment that's running to a little bit of problems and where we're concerned that if the peace process doesn't remain on track there could well be you know a breakdown in the in the peace process altogether well let's get on to those talks in a 2nd but just to get the scale of the problem facing south sudan i mean from your experience the un m a s s human rights report claimed 56000 civilians feed their homes 20000 cars and uganda and see that through april 21000 the food negra culture organization are claiming 870-0000 ton food deficit gap and these reports credible for what you
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are seeing on the ground 0 absolutely i mean that at the moment is more than 2000000 people who have fled the country itself self self to neighboring countries as refugees. and there's about 1400000 people inside a cell sudan that have fled their homes and displaced that's about a 3rd of the 12000000 population of soda so that has come about as a direct result of the fighting some in houses have been burnt women have been raped people are seeing killed and so people have just packed up and left but the question is whether that peace peace process will hold so we appear to be talking about a scale of i don't know the syrian civil war what exactly is done because critics are claiming it's a political creation of britain the usa and norway they handed over power to unrepresentative a k 47 toting militias i mean this is what you are seem to be talking about it
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seems to be worse than it was when omar bashir was in in khartoum and it was the united center well i wouldn't you know i wouldn't go so far as that but i do i would but i will say is that the south sudan is the youngest country in the united nations and it only came into existence officially in 2011 it broke away its 4th for a 40 year pretty much a 40 year fight for self-determination then ultimately independence during that time and then and finally got its independence with a national referendum reframed of the people voted overwhelmingly for separation and the creation of a of of a new state and of south sudan separate from sudan and south sudan as large the effort. as opposed to the north which is more and more muslim air so the south is more predominantly african in christian and and they very much have
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a feeling of of they have of one country unfortunately not long after they after their independence they break down with then some of the. structural problems with a society political but also tribal brought about the civil war and spain it's been the civil war that has been predominant since 2011 for the last 8 years and yet this is a multiethnic society obviously it has 75 percent of the former united. so oil resources do you really believe that 99 percent of the people voted for this independence in south sudan today looking at all the violence the mound nutrition the violence against women and so forth do you believe that figure now looking back i certainly i can't be out of the focus i was i wasn't here but i think. the they did the consensus at the time and certainly
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people that i've spoken to here saw themselves very much as an independent as people as people who wanted to split away from the old sudan and and create their own country their feeling very much was here that they were discriminated against by the arab north and they were and to the point we're after fighting a 40 year civil war they they they have won their independence unfortunately as i say the the the i guess the structure of structural problem within the country that the various tribes that were competing against each other mean that they collapse into one or it's a really said and dykeman the oil money of course is important it's going to be important in the future but most people oh don't see very much of that oil money most people are subsistence farmers or cultural as or cattle farmers and they
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in a sense just get on with their own lives and it's those people that many ways we're here to sue the un claims the traffic gore of the multinational oil company singapore and switzerland based. and registered the u.n. claims that they paid $400000000.00 to president salva kiir between 20172800 how do you get to terms with the corruption the alleged corruption in south sudan visa via your duties as a special representative where the oil is in the north and the north of the country it was sort of like the seams fear of the old sudan so the oil of the front line if you like with the boundary the border between south sudan and sudan now runs through the middle of those oil fields south sudan uses a sudanese pipeline which it rinse and pays for each barrel of oil through it pays money to the sudanese government in order for that oil to be pumped out and at the
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red sea in port sudan so it is in a funny way that although they. have been in conflict with each other the 2 countries they are now faced and they're both reliant on each other for what they are for their. for their economy in terms of the corruption yes there's corruption that i mean transparency international rights south sudan has been the 2nd most corrupt country and in the world. our role here is very much and in terms of the conflict some of it domestic saying that it's precisely that oil infrastructure the alliance with sudan proper as it were and that could mean peace because both have to don't intrude on depend on each other but where is the money coming from the guns $1.00 swiss n.-g. o. is alleging that money from oil is being put into guns again traffic which denies
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all of their they say. this ngo is claiming connections between arms and a u.s. sanction oil trader these kinds of deals they're all in via. nation of the u.n. brokered 2015 peace agreement how have they been carrying on like this but i'm obviously there will money flows to the government and the government here has a budget it puts out budget figures. a proportion of that is is is for the for its military in obviously the purchase of weapons now there is a the the un has or the un security council as impose an arms embargo so officially it is illegal to bring out into the into south sudan but there are enough weapons here already. to ensure that this conflict can go on for
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a long time and even you know ordinary young men who look after cattle cattle keepers because cattle is only source of wealth at the communal level for a large proportion of the population i mean they carry a k 47 that. you know as a matter of course and bridewell through you know in order to get married you need an x. that you know x. number of cattle in order to be to be able to have that we're doing that that has been in the past sort of for we're with spears and then there's a simple it's now the going forward with machine guns and someone flying these guns no doubt would have you make of secretary of state mike pompei o because when it came to south sudan as i said 75 percent of the former united and the oil money is there its creation was lobbied for by britain and george clooney my compared to either of the usa in terms on reevaluating its relationship with don
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did did the united states state department consult you before making that statement . now n n n n n it doesn't mean the united states like any country makes its own decisions. we obviously we speak to you all the various member states both here were through their own besa does but when i go to new york and i brief the security council i generally go around and talk to one about the obviously the u.s. the u.k. russia china france exeter i mean they're trying to the rounds of pretty much everybody. so i mean what my role is here is the is the provide them with the best information they possibly can get is also to suggest ways to in which you know the security council or be in the states can you know can can move or they ask me i mean what do you think what we should what should we should we don't know
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but ultimately the decision on where countries what countries say what they do was very much up to the countries themselves just finally i know there are quite a few 5 star hotels picking up in chuba what about the dangers of it becoming a proxy for superpowers president care earlier this month he was applauding the chinese communist party at juba's largest hospital having a putin's russia signing geological survey agreement is this a battle between on the one side the world bank the i.m.f. britain the u.s. and china on the other because can china save south sudan where might bump in the trump administration current when it comes to food security and issues of violence against women i don't think it's. a real strategic battleground and that regard i mean experts interesting i think over the last few weeks is in the security council
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came out here about 3 weeks ago 4 weeks ago and to visit south sudan collectively all 15. members on south sudan they remain relatively unified in wanting to try and push case some other countries have got oil interests india china and malaysia others have interests here i mean it's not any different i don't think from from probably any other country and the donor countries the united states the european countries except are. pouring an enormous amount of money in here to support the health service 8090 percent of the health facilities here are supported by n.g.o.s that are there are funded by by by donors so it wasn't for the food the culture the the education and the health services funding from outside and in the in the order of hundreds of millions of not billions of dollars
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. in the south sudanese population would be in a very very. tragic stay here and special representative thank you. thank you very much that's it for the show will be back on wednesday when the southern african nation of new baby goes to the polls the 1st since what the 14th when its incumbent president won in 97 percent of the vote and since wiki leaks effectively deposed 2 of his ministers until then give it up why social media got to get subscribed to going underground on you tube. we still got you into a tirade in d.c. that's moved. on diplomatic of course we're going to call and he's president of the new you.
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could want to think about getting out of your canadian each you want to look at him that's all. you didn't have time to read too much stuff i get to be i get told chris on the often to get i think i fail when i'm in that good job until i'm the thought that she was here when the time don't come fall through the marketing of. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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you. named employee global chemical weapons watchdog. groups official report. doctors say wiki leaks founder julian assange his life is at risk and that his condition in the u.k. prison is critical. and the pentagon for. dollar contract. using president trump of interfering in the bidding process. broadcasting. international.


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