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i i i i i i i. this is artsy live headlining hong kong opposition wins big in local elections in protest we look at how the united states sees beijing's reaction as authoritarian yet at the same time when it comes to bolivia as a government has labeled the democratic transition. of america's biggest newspaper says it's time to call president trump of his republicans as russian propagandists over ukraine supposed role in u.s. election meddling but a few facts on. michael bloomberg enters the us presidential race but bosses at the news network he says they won't be any inquisitive coverage of his or other democratic campaigns but will keep up the pressure on tunnel from.
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the center in moscow good morning choose day 26 of november welcomes this latest update with me kevin when i was starting a protest told home again this is where the chinese territories embattled leader has acknowledged the weekend's election route where antigovernment candidate secured a landslide kerry says it may have reflected on happiness with the government. gulf coast people who felt that the government has not handled competently the the legislative exercise and its aftermath and we have started a public dialogue with the community but fortunately with the unstable environment and a chaotic situation i cannot do more of that sort of engagement i hope that the the environmentalists will allow me to do it now following sunday's record turnout
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opposition candidates swept up to 90 percent of district council seats now that win is largely symbolic though because councils deal mostly with local issues they've got little political leverage but that said they do have some say in choosing hong kong's leader for a brief election lol the protests from zoomed in hong kong as well he urged police to go easy on the dozens of protesters who are still barricaded in the polytechnic university campus for 9 days now after what we've witnessed as pitched battles with offices the vote come 6 months into the violence and to beijing protests campaign ongoing which the us politicians described as a response to authoritarian pressure. rising resentment hong kong is not simply a result of ill fated exit of the all faded extradition wall championed by chief executive curie lam but the continued encroachments on freedom and liberty by president xi jinping and the chinese communist party meantime the us has been
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having what it sees as a democratic transition over in bolivia even though the self-appointed right wing governments being accused of abuses against protesters so skewed taylor explains washington's approach to both hong kong and bolivia. sticks stones on the road can bones amidst the increasing violence hong kong took the weekend off to head to the polls and the results were overwhelming a landslide victory for those who have made it their mission to wrest themselves from beijing's grip a victory apparently not just for the city but for the whole walled those despots in china have finally been put in their place communist china should take a close look and reconsider their current posture or turn to me in human rights belong to hong kong the monumental defeat of bric communist china lawmakers sends a powerful message to beijing keep your 3rd terran regime on the mainland so they say beijing needs to keep its or thora tarion tendencies out of hong kong others
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the same tendencies that saw an armed policeman industriously tidying up rubbish after another night of flames and fury over the ones that saw almost 3000000 people free me cost the votes and what was a rack court turnout of over 71 percent or maybe those that led both the chinese and hong kong authorities to gracefully accept defeat the government will listen to the opinions of members of the public come bully and seriously reflect on of our mission no shoes no matter what happens hong kong is a part of china. which leaves previous accusations of beijing's disregard for its people's freedom the chinese government should respect their right to speak out somewhat knol unfortunate but when you've got a beer in your bonnet about a rising power that set to eclipse you both economically and technologically perhaps it doesn't really matter but what is happening in hong kong is the.
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worst critic will the united states to smear. and china and the reason is with china. it's the. with success will come from the band little corporate world whatever each other those are diverse you could be new intimidate a child of beat or the economic throne dismiss the knowledge the sanctions a great war or they don't live through south china sea or hong kong the situation over 19000 kilometers away bolivia has been restless too and there's also been some significant shuffling of power. was.
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offering himself up as political sacrifice in a bid to calm the protests the democratically elected president evo morales stepped down and fled past rising from obscurity to fill the void came to me and i knew as a 52 year old lawyer and senator whose name didn't really rang any bells even and bolivia why would it they didn't vote for her in fact no one voted for her she came to power because the street people who constitutionally have the right to take the reigns that is the president the vice president and the head of the senate one forced to move on out and what many are describing as a coup but apparently to some that's just mere detail we call on all bolivians to support the bolivian transitional government as a god's the democratic transition through electoral reforms and to new free and
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fair elections as soon as possible and as the west praises bolivia for throwing off its socialist chuckles and turning its face towards the democratic sun let's see how that liberty is shaping up. it seems that when the shoe fits all thora tarion as a man democracy can actually be used interchangeably and there is a totally different situation between bolivia and hong kong we don't see in hong kong mainly the rioters are attacking police during the
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public property and they are being supported by the of us believe they are dying fine think of dying for democracy they are being smeared the situation is big on that reported and actually. the room so there is a government. is hailed as a government which is trying to reach peaceful solution to the well between the 2 sides. major american newspaper says it's time that the republicans were called out as russian propagandists next as more aghast have explained it boils down to some seemingly muddled thinking on who's doing what and the who in ukraine. we're going to go in a journey you and i a trip into another dimension a magical place written a new rated by the washington post where there are soo many russian agents in the
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united states they will soon outnumber americans themselves president trump has been disloyal to the united states not only and given russia a leg up in its war against ukraine but also in broadcasting his propaganda and for that republicans are just as guilty like to point out that it was the democrats who bad the sale of lethal weapons to ukraine and republicans who gave ukraine hundreds of millions of dollars in those weapons but what's the point there's no piercing this bubble of unreality and normally in the space time continuum of common sense that the washington post exists in it is up to mainstream media to directly challenge republicans who yes engage an un-american activity the ingenue britney system in a russian propaganda operation in this wondrous realm that jennifer rubin has brought to life everyone who disagrees with her is a traitor
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a traitor as anyone who mentions that democrats accepted foreign meddling in the election willfully eagerly accepted foreign help to try to get clinton elected democrats cooperated and ukrainian election meddling official show the surprising lack of interest in the indications of ukrainian election meddling that deeply concerned the president whose pleasure they serve during the election ukraine released damning information about trump's then campaign head paul manifold causing huge damage to the tycoon in fact we have would you sit nick a ukrainian official using his powers of office then bragging about quote help. hillary. little more i didn't help him trump i helped hillary it would be better for. a fact that ukraine's courts ruled to be interference election meddling
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ukraine's own courts said that but in jennifer's magical kingdom this isn't true she crossed out the ordeal his admission the court ruling and cited reports that it's all a russian psyop and because she crossed it out it's no longer true just because you try proving her wrong if congressional republicans halogens our intelligence community is wrong they need to present it otherwise they need to be called out for deliberately assist in hostile foreign power evidence is something that supports jennifer's point of view if it doesn't it isn't evidence see when special counsel robert mueller route in his report that russian hackers seemingly and apparently quoted from the report hacked hillary's servers that's evidence but when you give her or her car in the recording a confession and a court ruling you're an american and the cost of this investigation i would ask
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you please not from a politically driven false or clear interests so if new that's good enough for you let me do him some justice it appears the jennifer rubin is a 2 faced hypocrite allegedly she may also be a foreign agent see that she and her have done and are doing more damage to america as a nation than anyone else after all and correct me if i'm wrong but isn't rabidly undermining the us government spreading fear and hate on an industrial scale to every american home smearing half your country is traitors isn't that about as un-american as you can be. america multi-billionaire and former new york mayor michael bloomberg sufficiently thrown his name into the hard to get the democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential
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race and he's been setting out his pitch that and why he wants to defeat on trump if president trump wins another term in office we may never recover from the damage that he can do we must win this election but there's a small snag for part of the bloomberg empire the news out there that bears his name was put into something of editorial quandary over that so in a swiss move then the swift move rather bloomberg news announced that it won't be doing any investigative reporting on its own or if i do any other u.s. democratic hopeful it in critics who accuse the firm of election bias as caleb maupin reports. running for president of the united states certainly invites scrutiny the media digs into the personal lives and history of the major candidates but one of the major candidate for president of the united states also owns a major media network well michael bloomberg a presidential candidate and a media tycoon seems to have found a solution bloomberg media owned by the 2020 presidential candidate will not be
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investigating the life of michael bloomberg or any other 2020 democratic hopeful we will continue our tradition of not investigates mike and his family and foundation and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the democratic primaries we cannot treat mike's democrats a competitors differently from him now this of course means no discussion of the many controversies surrounding michael bloomberg when he was mayor of new york city no discussion of his stop and frisk policy of searching people on the street for weapons without proper cause no discussion of his surveillance of the muslim community no discussion of his ban on large soda drinks or his controversial subway ad shaming teen mothers and sure why would bloomberg pay somebody to write bad things about him now this is all supposed to be fair limburg news won't be saying anything bad about the boss at the top but they also won't say anything bad about any of his potential rivals well except for one for tension rival that would be
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donald trump for the moment the team will continue to investigate the trumpet ministration as the government of the day the many voices say that simply violates the principles of honest journalism there is something to be said about not covering us so i don't have a problem with the us in general there are many other outlets but it seems like a problematic idea if you are running for president of the united states how do you refuse to around this icons editorial board members joining the boss's campaign a pledge not to investigation a parent to not investigate any of the democrats is that news gathering or a campaign contribution what's the incoming value of this. wowsers bloomberg news will not be investigating bloomberg or any democrat in the primary and senior members of the ija tauriel board are joining his complain now what's interesting is that there are some key similarities between bloomberg intro. both are quite
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wealthy both are media personalities with ties to me york and both entered politics after getting rich elsewhere and both of them have a knack for blurring the political divide. donald trump has switched his political affiliation 7 times since 1087 michael bloomberg was 1st a democrat then he ran and became mayor of new york city as a republican and now he's back to being a democrat once again he says both trump and bloomberg speak of using their own resources to fund their campaign and also an apparent love of power in this i think gets to the rock of the american political system where you have oligarchy. such as bloomberg or trump or candidates like hillary clinton in 2016 who are essentially funded by oligarchy dominating the political landscape and that kind of fusion between political power and media information is extremely corrosive
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idea that they won't investigate bloomberg doesn't mean they won't cover bloomberg it means they will cover bloomberg uncritically and essentially they will act as a propagandist for bloomberg the the announcement that we won't investigate. essential means we won't ask any questions but it won't stop them from presenting the narrative as disseminated by the candidate whether it's democratic or republican and i it's the role of journalists to expose the mendacity of those in power and everyone in power spin the information to their own advantage of the city's national moaning coming up later this tuesday after the break in fact dozens adult is said julius son could die in prison without medical treatment if something no put appealed to the british government we have one of the medics
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direct among us stories with. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. theory dramatic development only mostly exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and. you look at your dollar bill that says the federal reserve no no if you look that up in the pedia it'll tell you it's debt debt is a no right they're not creating has nothing to do with money it's created is formaldehyde it's monetary formaldehyde and they're trying to and they're
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complaining that the corpses and greed and they just are failing to acknowledge that the global economy died in 2008 stop. health wiki leaks founder julian assange has been put in severe risk during his 50 week sentence in a british prison say 60 doctors they said it was a blow could die a virgin open letter to the home secretary outlining their concern. mr sancia quires agent takes medical assessment of both his physical and psychological state of health where search assessments and treatment not to take place we have real concerns on the evidence currently available that mr
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a son could die in prison the medical situation is thereby urgent there is no time to lose he seems to really. compromise lives would be consistent make you question. very difficult think straight it's very difficult to remember things very difficult to. defend yourself so the worse his health is less likely and we will have ready. our legal team who said quite clearly that they think he's been severely damaged by this process and that they asked for an extended time too so they could help the poor the case when you strangely judge in his case said that in fact he didn't understand what was going on these lawyers could explain it to him later i'm sorry in terms of the trial people need to be able to understand what's going on what's important to remember is that presently he think it they'll march doesn't have any quick facilities to look up to someone in this condition doesn't have x.
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is the proper testing it doesn't have access but with special and he needs to be urgently transferred to a little bit of the hospital to get good medical care that he's provided for other british citizens. or doctors from numerous countries including the us astray and italy made their assessments based on eyewitness accounts following his october court appearance it was reported that assad couldn't for instance recall his date of birth at the hearing and when asked whether or not he could understand what was happening apparently the astray reply that he couldn't think straight and wiki leaks co-founder was also complained about the conditions of his imprisonment on multiple occasions and songe then currently being held in london's belmarsh prison where he's serving a 50 week sentence for breaching his bell conditions from 2012 separately he's also fighting a us extradition request of wiki leaks publishing classified information on american political and military dealings. story from germany now the german economy minister spoken out against the boycott of chinese communications giant while waves
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roll in building 5 g. mobile infrastructure the row rumbles on the firms embroiled in claims driven by washington of back door spying for beijing but other german is disappointed in fact american firms weren't sideline during the notorious n.s.a. snooping scandal a comparison that's now gone don't do well as vangelis sepsis reports while away a thorn in the side of the e.u. u.s. relations since the beginning of the year the chinese tech giant has triggered a global power play over the role though of its 5 g. network washington once it out of the european markets and after some heavy influencing sometimes not so friendly pressure and the spice agora germany's economic minister has added fuel to the fire by saying there is no reason to boycott while we are. beg then in the n.s.a. affair we imposed no boycott the u.s. also requires from its companies that they provide certain information which is
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necessary to fight terrorism here outlier also mention that there is no link between weiwei and the chinese state little did he know though that this statement would come back to bite him not only here in germany but on the other side of the atlantic too it doesn't seem to bother the united states if you call them out for east dropping but compare them to the chinese that is a definite no no the recent statements made by senior german government officials that the united states is comparable to the chinese communist party are the sorts of thousands of american soldiers you hope to ensure germany security as well as to millions of americans committed to a strong western alliance these statements have also offended millions of chinese citizens who are denied fundamental freedoms on a wrongfully imprisoned by the chinese communist party although meyer claims as words were misinterpreted about us them ocracy his stance on while we hasn't
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changed for years now the united states has been warning its allies about chinese spying through its tech companies claiming companies like well wait and see t. have the back door open which allows the communist party to go in and collect information america even said no its big guns with mike pence and mike palm pilcher europe warning them about chinese tech threat the united states has also been very clear with our security partners on the threat posed by. another chinese telecom companies the chinese government can rightfully demand access to data flowing through one way and z. visa systems why would anyone grant such power to regime that has already grossly violated cyberspace but when they're asked the boat evidence they cannot provide any of the other had germany and the us have a little bit of a. recent history when it comes to spying after that n.s.a. scandal over the alleged topping of chelsea. phone even though relations between
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the 2 countries were a little bit intense in 2013 u.s. companies were not banned or sanctioned in germany it seems playing the good regime battery card is kind of working out for washington as it tries to distance species in from the european market apparently some are willing to put morals over facts and comparing the u.s. to china is morally wrong there is no moral equivalence between china and the united states and one who claims otherwise ignores history a mood never to be repeated europeans should ask themselves who is more likely to be listening on that other side of the line. jim an investment banker in the media around his florida home believes washington simply trying to protect its own tech interests in the ongoing battle with while a. us is vastly in some areas best. losing in tech battle
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america wants to protect its own industry well why is that the absolute heartland of. china us battle for economic military and of course technology world dominance obviously the resources and then people bill is far beyond those. western companies germany's technology is presently below the level of developing countries such as a rule it is a major compared to the factor in the global to all tube or it's not build out properly germany has a disadvantage surely the telecom operators do not want to see why technology banned for competitive reasons. something else rumbling on to russia could be barred from all major sporting events for the next 4 years following the latest recommendations from the global anti doping watchdog wilder accuses moscow
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of noncompliance for the agency's demands piers correspondent in a patrol. in order for the russian sport to get fully back on track in order for the washington national anti-doping agency to regain its official status and also to get back into the national recognition the authorities and this country had to made some very important work wireman and perhaps the most important one was that they were supposed to hand over the database from the moscow and don't bring the board treaty to the world anti-doping agency and i can tell you that this handover did happen however eventually waters investigators found that some of the elements of that database were either really erased or modified we remember how in 28 thing during the winter olympic games in south korea russian athletes weren't allowed to compete under their flag as the russian national team well this could
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happen again in tokyo but further 4 years of sanctions could be even more serious russia's potentially facing a complete ban of the russian flag a complete ban for russian officials to be present at major sporting events and also potentially banned to host any top class competitions so this last bit could really cause a real stir or even a tragedy as some would say because you can just look at the list of the major competitions that are upcoming and this country which includes some of the matches of the european football championships plus champions league final the ice hockey world championships the volleyball world championships the universe and so on and you can imagine the organizational headache that may follow if these restrictions are put in place for now this is just what is right commendation the.
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organizations executive committee will convene on december 9th and that's when the final decision will be made. we'll continue to cover. wrapping up this bullet in this way things look in so far for most of this tuesday late morning so much more dot com facebook and youtube kevin i mean the rest thanks for watching and stay with us if you can just about 2 minutes away yes i'm on the lights facts and figures is mike's and co here next it's our next show was. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. will somehow want to. have to go right to the press that's what we're hopeful for you can't be good.
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interested always at the water's edge. should. the world is driven by shaped by one person. the day or thinks. we are to ask. i am a.


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