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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 29, 2019 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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come on it's not supposedly mr trump who is making the world with a dangerous place he is just the symptom of the change. i'm max ties or this is the kaiser report a lot of people in argentina and all over south america central america been wondering when you're coming down to see us and the answer is very soon very we've got the tickets booked we're heading down to argentina we're going to have some fabulous steaks down there and we're going to be meeting y'all we're going to have a big love him right max and stacey with a 1000000 of our fans i'm looking forward to yes we're going to argentina uruguay rio de janeiro and colombia card to hana colombia so if you're out there and you
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know want to come see us for maybe do some meet ups down there definitely one of stories i know once being organized around the big queen community so you know the fact that we're going to be in argentina just happens to coincide with their financial collapse usually a financial collapse and chaos to follow is max kaiser arriving this one is signaling your arrival imminent time learning of the time. you know which is pretty cool i'm watching the last time i go in paris on the marlon brando i thought you were in trying to speak some spanish because you. unmercifully trolled on. you tube whatever i try to speak spanish i don't really speak any spanish but of course much of latin america is certainly argentina at the moment certainly chile ecuador . bolivia you know what they're going to encounter very soon are many people coming to help them coming to rescue them and they'll come with nice fancy suits in private jets and they're from the i.m.f. and we're here to help you just to let you know they're going to feel good about
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themselves they will speak at conferences in new york in europe and say how they rescued the people down there but in fact they've taken your sovereignty and packaged it into their own identity so that's the truth that's why we go there and talk about gold silver. and i'm also going to compare it to the you know how our economy's function how we you know greenwash ourselves there has to be a different word for this but we're going to come up with that during this episode ok i'm thinking already ok so you know how there are a lot of prius driving virtue signallers and they always have co-exist on the their bumper stickers on the back of their car driving around here in north carolina driving around the rest of the country would we see this all over the country when we've driven across it twice they're usually the ones that are most aggressive and nasty and angry drivers who say coexist but they won't co-exist with anybody on this road they're just telling you to let them take the front you know the spot in
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the in the in the in the path towards the fastest exit so here is another story which is shocking because of how good a lot of people feel about themselves. for recycling indonesia's food chain turns toxic as plastic waste exports flooded in plastic waste exports to southeast asia have been implicated in extreme levels of toxins entering the human food chain in indonesia a new study that sampled chicken eggs around fights in the country where plastic waste accumulates identified alarming levels of dioxins and poly chlorinated by if an els long recognized as extremely injurious to shuman health in one location the level of dioxins and eggs collected near an indonesian factory that burns plastics for fuel were similar to levels in eggs collected near the notorious
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agent orange hot spot and b.n. vietnam which is considered one of the most dioxin contaminated locations on earth so it's a war zone and indonesia thanks to our virtue signaling here. right it's almost hard to have any response at all because what this implies is. extinction and extinction event for humans and it's tough to talk about but we see it happening in indonesia it's already on the tip of the spear and it'll it'll be rolled out globally within our lifetime so it's tough a few things 1st of all this is the truth of what happened to china china is the one the band plastics imports into their own country because there are an emerging economy they are the very wealthy and now they have a huge middle class the middle class were sick of their children dying and getting sick so they said enough get out and these all this plastic that we
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hear when we're driving our prius in our hybrid s.u.v. we feel good about ourselves and how good we are and how wholesome and pure we are and the fact is we're sending your directly responsible for this death these deaths these malformed and deformed babies that are being born here in indonesia is caused directly because of this and they the article talks about the fact that in indonesia 1st you know they sent all this plastic there they were like literally like whole town would get swept away by plastic there would be plastic piled up in all the streets the alleys outside people's homes and then they started to burn it in order to clear it away and all the dioxins are released into the air but also you know a large part of what's going on over there was that remember we said lake erie or the erie canal remember that how toxic it was the hudson river the hudson river is now pristine and you have whales going up there which suggests that there is you
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know all the little micro ingredients that they eat and they and they rely and so we're cleaning up by scent the fact is that we sent all our manufacturing over there which is what is causing the destruction over there right i mean there's though alternative than. universal cooperation to solve the problem of humanity because humanity is approached and they picked predatory on planet earth that is like you know if you put a certain number of rats on an island they will cannibalize each other until there is no more rats so the population of 7000000000 growing humans on planet earth are getting to the point now where birth cannibalizing each other this pollution problem is socially human cannibalize cannibalization. i mean the point is also that we you know we have cognitive dissonance as a as a species we're able to pretend things don't exist so we're able to pretend there are no consequences to our choices by sending it overseas when most people won't
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read this article most people how will never go to vietnam or indonesia or any of these places where the plastics are being dumped they won't see that this is any sort of it's not their pile plastic that they recycled their pile plastic was whole some of the same thing with the fact that we no longer have a real economy we are we in this explosion and derivatives and debt and where's that where we could be like you know believe where the winners and all those people out there complain are the deplorable something else but my point is this because of this belief in the otherness yes of people divided by race religion creed class class and it's a few refusal to accept that we are all one we are to all equal we're all the same the framers of the constitution try to introduce this idea as a codified way to govern the people but it's been destroyed over the years and nothing like it exists anymore and now we're left with this. warring lord of the
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flies to give you a good literary metaphor there you know they land on the island and the kids turn go tribal and they start killing each other and this is what the humanity unfortunately is at the end game so hillary said america is already great where the indispensable people we are the good guys always right so here we have our results the actual consequences of our own life choices here our own lifestyle is this toxic food chain in indonesia and they are the other we don't care about their deaths and the fact that their children are being born with genetic defects then there was a tweet this week from a doctor we want to show the actual photo but he showed a photo of a of a baby who died at birth and was severely deformed with genetic mutation and where was it for lucia so george w. bush bombed the iraqi city of flu shot with depleted uranium in 2415 years later
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pollution has the highest rate of birth defects in the world higher than hiroshima and nagasaki after the u.s. dropped atom bombs on them and that was taken from a headline from a few years ago toxic legacy of us assault on fallujah worse and. so they've had a dramatic increase in from were taliban still to this day 21000 this baby was born severely deformed these are the consequences of george w. bush by the way good friends with elon who is part of the resistance here you know we want to return to the good guys we're told george w. bush was the good guy we're told like his wars were fine this baby being to formulate. what is ellen have to say about this child as a direct result of the depleted uranium dropped on full lucia. right well look there's no cure for runaway greed and war industry is based on greed and greed is based on this rush to cumulate as much paper
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wealth as possible even though it's not genuine well thought actual money it's not gold like a warren buffet just hoards of money like an old granny would hoard phone books that doesn't credible damage because of inculcates into the population this notion of holy greed which supports the defense industry which then goes to full lucia and creates deformed babies in the maim of profit this is in order to maintain our lifestyles we want the free flow of energy of oil supplies that's what the argument was right when and there you know that's the whole episode over who was pushing for the iraq war and why they wanted to go in there and why they wanted to maybe keep the oil reserves away from china but it remember how it was sold to the american people we you know the indispensable people who are righteous and good hearted like we recycle our stuff we wear where we drive prius's where progressive and forward
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thinking we co-exist right house sold afghanistan iraq we were going to liberate the women help the women help the children and the women well researchers found a 38 fold increase in leukemia and for lucia a 10 fold increase in female breast cancer and significant increases in lymphoma and brain tumors in adults at hiroshima survivors showed a $700.00 fold increase in leukemia but in flu shot dr busby says what is striking is not only the greater prevalence of cancer but the speed with which it was affecting people so they are consequences are coming faster faster addus and you may have think you may like console yourself that you supported the iraq war because you liberated women but. here you give them cancer coming on at a rapid increasing pace so right ok i still maintain a striven unfettered greed for worthless paper which is tragic this is the tragic
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part of the story and anyone who's concerned about the survivor ability of humanity as we all should needs to sit down with a friend or a stranger or a loved one and do nothing for an hour but occupy the space of each other and that is normally satisfying you don't need to buy a lamborghini you don't need to start a war you don't need to go buy another company you don't need to accumulate $100000000000.00 just sit with another person for an hour quietly say nothing and you won't you will you will be cured and i want to also point out that we always talk about the projection from our elite class what they're actually doing and we noticed recently they're saying that china's going to target genetically specific individuals namely americans well of particular significance in flu shot was the finding that the sex ratio between newborn boys and girls had changed and
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a normal population that is 1050 boys born to 1000 girls but for those born from 22005 there was an 18 percent drop and male birth so the ratio was 850 males to 1000 females this is something similar to what happened after hiroshima got the word green vandalize green vandalised green vandalize watch out for it hey we're going to take a break when we come back much more coming your way. she always still got you into too tight a duty that's ruthless need. to
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call her over her call or discredit a. good woman to think about getting out of your convention each you want to look at them as all. of them do eat too much haha get to be a good tone crew from the author to get those people to fail phenomenon good children tell them with all this you can tie one next time you don't come. welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to turn to joel benjamin
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over there in london joe welcome back i'm max all right listen joe another building this time student housing has gone up in flames thanks to what's called flammable cladding tell us what's happened but 1st for our international audience put this latest fire in the context of this ongoing issue in the u.k. joel. sure so as you say last friday there was a major fire in student accommodation up and vote and. as you point out it was caused or at least exacerbated by flammable cladding on the outside of the building and if you sort of video see if it was flames leaping up the exterior of the boating hundreds of students had to be evacuated and thankfully in this case there were no fatalities even though a couple of paper which trees that it is sane by emergency services so we had around about 200 firefighters trying to tackle this blaze. and this of course comes just 2 and a half years after the great intro tallit tragedy we have 72 people who lost their
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lives and there was again a result of flame of clothing on the exterior of a child lock and which of course lead to widespread codes by fire fights is a boating safety experience for the removal of us little material from towel blocks and raise into areas which has yet to occur right and approximately how many other buildings are there and what this problem. what the note is about $400.00 towers which have various types of flu. as things stand the spain funding provided by government to remove. the sort of clipping from a number of these voting the focus on laci to publicly aren't child locks and as things stand they private landlords who have betting plumes are yet to address and remove this material right so the firm responsible for the cladding on the
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ground felt our which killed $72.00 people as you point out there is an american kompany there if using to release any documents what's happening here joe yes so there's been a legal case brought by families of the victims which is trying to force the company involved conic to provide publicly released information relevant to the inquiry as you're probably aware the is this an ongoing series of inquiries here in the u.k. this is a separate legal action quite a lot smaller families and as i understand the company our critic is trying to resist releasing information slicing some obscure french law to try and block information being taken by the families right now that's right it seems like our precious of an awful lot of rights these days and more so than actual humans and that same's to be the trend going forward now a headline from the b.b.c.
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a raid quote nodding shire council borrows 18000000 pounds to pay a toxic 10000000 pound loan so joel borrowing 18000000 to pay down 10000000 that doesn't sound like a good idea what's going on here. so yeah local authorities across the u.k. and the hundreds that baynton into banks the bar instead of from government this isn't pop the cause of success of chancellor is like george osborne making out officially expensive for local authorities town councils to borrow from government so they've been sitting to banks like the s. who have baying stitching them up with their relatives. canes and hundreds in some cases hundreds of millions of pounds from these banks what they thought were attractive interest rates which has since exploded with out many of these councils
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paying more than 7 percent interest rates when government rates are close to 0 and so what the council is now being forced to do is to pay extra breakage phase to extract themselves from these lines so as you point out on a $10000000.00 pound line. that the council may have to refinance the trade of something like 18000000 pounds to extract itself from these financial products from banks like i.b.s. and i having to go again cap in hand to government to borrow to do this. right so as you mentioned there the bank involved is r.b.s. the royal bank of scotland of course r.b.s. is own blah that's x. paris part of the bell out after the rain had kerfuffle back there in 2008 once again shaking down the very people who own the bank as they of course are they also own the global restructuring group are georgi what you ascott smashing and grabbing small businesses that they have main loans to as
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a way to force them into bankruptcy and to acquire assets for pennies on the dollar that they resold themselves to another division at a profit so r.b.s. and i'm surprised they're still ransacking the nation and involved in so much skullduggery and joel is are they regulated. well it's a very good question i think what we can say is that i guess they're the common same between brief green protests are in this kind of post and fire and what we're seeing in the banking states is i guess that you know that the toxic social affair of deregulation so in the case of grand hotel we saw deregulation all boating safety so rather than local authorities ceasing the rules and during enforcement we private companies like clinic failed to install the appropriate. fire retardant
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cladding on buildings the u.k. has come up with a great idea of leasing building companies so free to go out and so sit a fly the buildings a safe and of course as we found out with. the tragic consequence of course i don't say if similarly and the banking safe there we've had you know it's too big to fail banks given the power to if it to be see it through and regulation we have the financial conduct the authority in the u.k. which refuses to reflate the financial state. sees that the widespread criminality is going on in the safe side for mr so we can we have to replace it's getting a wind boy it's too wide scale crime and misconduct and if an agency in a course on the losing end of these scenarios is the text going public right so fill me in on another dimension to this and that would be in the media space so the media space in britain it's dominated by the b.b.c.
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in the broadcast space a t.v. broadcast base you also have channel 4 and i t.v. so that pretty much is 90 percent of all the t.v. broadcasting in the print space you have on the conservative side you've got the telegraph and the financial times i suppose and then on the left or liberal side supposedly mind might argue maybe not so much but you have the guardian and other papers so. what how does is our media attack like this the b.b.c. cover these stories in any vigorous way for example r.b.s. as you indicate there. it's similar here in the united states to recently was discovered that j.p. morgan is involved in iraq a tiering which is an organized crime statute referring to their. conspiracy to rake prices in various
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a markets and sun the prosecution of j.p. morgan has now entered the criminal phase if anything like this going on in the u.k. well look i think it's fair to say that the media have. some of these scandals you mention likes the globe restructuring group it obvious there has been a regular kind of drip drip of stories. i guess what i would say is that what the what the media haven't done is a tape that in any way whatsoever to connect the dots between these broad scale trains i mean shows like deregulation of financial services. with the impact which is wide scale criminal activity in the financial and banking say it seems that here in the u.k. and effect that this is a direct consequence of political decisions taken by u.k. political parties i think decades to effectively remove. the banking system from
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the rule of law and so what you have is obvious g r g acting completely outside of a local. strip business is in the thousands destroying the lives of. in many cases successful businesspeople and in turn around it if they tell him is there follow they did something wrong and there's nobody to get out of now i guess what the b.b.c. has been doing is guy running taking individual stories and keeping these in the media keeping people thinking about. this issue what they haven't you know what it is to. provide that the weight of coverage if you like to ensure this becomes a political issue which people can name sort of iceland to change a little. spain i guess yes very much afraid means it responds to these sorts of scandals and as you point out part of that is because many of them are the majority of the newspapers here in the u.k. . which of states of really good baby sages rich strips coverage are in white
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collar right wing corporate interests they spew honest have no. commission interest in exposing that the sheer weight of criminality which goes on and financial services and person writes. the the idea that the financial crimes are victimless crimes is something they hear often in the mainstream british press that well after all these are victimless crimes but what we're saying here is that it's not a victimless crime but let me ask you this finally you are eidetic campaigner your thoughts on global debt passing 255 trillion dollars yeah this is a scary number of course that you know it's not going to mean a lot to the average person but i think what we can kind of the juice from this is an increasingly global growth and a cycle of how for the global economy is inherently linked so you ever increasing amounts of corporate and primarily the ones that also did so people going into
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debt to maintain last i was a consumption mean when we know in person wages have stagnated for the last decade we haven't seen any any kind of wage growth and the way people square that circle is going to the bank which the peddling to and being sort of forced the borrower so i mean what we really need to say is a return to people being paid an enormous wage they can go out and buy the things they made without being reliance on banks and sort of payday lenders to it's a through the gap and then if i take it right so he's the rating agency has downgraded planet earth apparently no debt anywhere is worth anything anyone. how do you feel about that. you know to be is this a natural consequence of having a system where people are basically forced to borrow to continue to exist. you know people just say go sit well on earning enough money to make ends meet going ever deeper into debt. governments have also seen as as i was saying last decade cutting
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back on public spending through austerity and this we see a fundamental rethink or gregson mcmorrow these trains are going to take only going to continue and we're going to see you know if the higher rates of corporate and household insults he's all right joel benjamin thanks so much being on the kaiser report that's going to do it for this episode of guys reply with me max kaiser stacey lambert our thanks to our guest once again john badger man if you are a just on twitter it's guys reports and. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past
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each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to plight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. young elephants have come to a soft. myspace sleep so putting incidents because the baby elephants often do see their mother as. killed but also then both said. i do believe them laugh and smile i see it's a nice little months. facial expression changes. the. thinking of getting a new drug the ones we got in here shows no problem why is he didn't know what to
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do he was trapped in this tiny little wired coach we don't need a crate with him he will just stir freaking out and she will want to spray him anywhere near and thousands of breeding dogs are caged in the into lane conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. because of you. know it's 2 kids. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in stores even joined a group businesses are involved like cargill the mom center there has been a shocking amount of the organizing opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding for so many most of that opposition is
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coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with jobs don't buy dog on o.t. . a man suspected of starving 2 people to death in the british capital is revealed to have had a previous conviction for terror of friends as bad as the suspect in another stabbing incident in the netherlands remains at large. us democrat strategists who previously worked for barack obama were accused of creating a fake local news in a bid to sway the 2020 alexion and crucial swing states. germany declares that the modern crosses spheres officially over the moon figures suggest integrating new comers for the country hasn't been the greatest of successes.


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