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i. terror group islamic state says carried out friday in london which left 2 people dead. known to authorities. some democrats are calling for the program public on fox news t.v. network to be registered as a foreign agent. in france president's. action from the government 2 months after a massive chemical factory left a toxic cloud over their city. welcome to a weekly roundup of top stories here. thanks for joining us on the program. now the
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terrorist group islamic state says it carried out friday stabbing in central london 2 people were killed in that attack there were 3 others badly injured the perpetrator had served time for previous terrorist offenses before being freed early on license last year the british prime minister has criticised the practice of automatic early release. clear to me that. this guy was out. half of his sentence was out on automatic early release and i have long said that this system simply isn't working it does not make sense for us as a society to be putting terrorist people who have committed of terrorist offenses of serious violent offenses out on early release 20 year old those one car was released from prison last december he was jailed for planning a bomb attack on the london stock exchange and 2010 his other targets back then
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reportedly included the u.s. embassy and boris johnson the mayor of london at the time khan was still wearing his electronic tag when he carried out the attack and videos showing the aftermath of the stabbing have been circulating on social media now as you can see some civilians wrestled with the killer pinning him to the ground one man managed to seize a knife from the terrorist he was and shot dead by police i witness is described what they saw. the mass rushing people falling over each other smashing. panicking the car yes. people. scrambling. basically it was a lot of. panic. like coming from a counselor just like a wave or something going on. and then suddenly everybody said go down into the basement it was extremely frightening but if you don't know what to do you know you have to just i don't want to do think twice gunshots going off and once again it's
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the 1st terrorist attack on british soil since boris johnson became prime minister though not in recent history. you. i. believe the all. we discussed the incident before british intelligence officer. the former head of
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the u.k.'s national guard a terrorist a curator of us chris phillips. it's turned out that after all these so-called lone wolf attacks these lone wolves having d.d. already be known to the intelligence agencies and the police and yet have not been prevented from carrying out the attacks happened and yet in terms of dropping the ball in this case i can't imagine a more egregious example where someone should be monitored on a day to day basis by the authorities after he's been released from prison so i think this is a major concern and there are some serious questions our intelligence agencies in the west need to answer they have said for the last few years that they need all these new laws they need all these new secret powers to snoop on all our emails our electronic communications to protect us from terrorists and yet and yet all these people already know or at least seem to still get away with carrying out attacks now it's it's a real problem for a criminal justice system which is not doing what it should do when that's keeping the public safe for some reason i criminal justice system judges and the way our
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system works allows people out halfway through the sentence which means 5 or 6 years. very committed this apparent he was back on the streets and he was still radicalized so very difficult for the police to to monitor people like this in the course of they just want to pick up a knife pretty much impossible to stop as well so so the criminal justice system here is at fault. for us democrats have labeled fox news an existential threat to the united states describing it as a russian stooge some men are calling for the channel to register as a foreign agent fox news should register with far as an agent of the russian federation if it's going to peddle the kremlin agenda and propaganda while hurting u.s. national security interests then it should be treated the same as r.t. and nick. as a fox news t.v. network is known to appeal to conservative americans but often challenges the common us mainstream media narrative for instance regarding the alleged chemical
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attack on the in the syrian city of doom or in 2017 which the west blames on syria's president assad is what triggered the latest democrat campaign against fox news i don't know why why they are about to go out of the conflict between ukraine and russia piano areas like i don't like to whitewash that one for russia which i think folks news host says he roots for russia against the west he said the quiet part out loud this clip is just one more exhibit supporting the case that it's no longer left vs right but democracy versus authoritarianism i think many still underestimate the threat to the republic at this point fox is openly fascist d.n.d. g.o.p. are existential threats to the usa. that's not the only case of pro republican media being targeted by democrats in september a conservative one american news filed a defamation lawsuit against them s m b c on its host rachel maddow it demands more than 10 $1000000.00 in compensation
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off the she called it paid russian propaganda summit more meconis that spectator usa says that insinuating a russian affiliation is a go to democrat strategy in this day and age. it's just out to smear it then that's all it is and they make these outrageous claims with absolutely no backing your no support about being a foreign agent and of course the intent is not to actually get these organizations to register as foreign agents that's absurd the intent is to just plant this seed to plant this ridiculous notion which they've been doing all along they've been doing this with the russian gates a lot that blew up in their face earlier this year now with the peace treaty hearings which is also blown up in their face democratic party in the left used to be the party of free speech the priest speech movement was started in 1960 s. by left wing activists and and they're also the anti-war movement and they used to be the party of anti-war we've seen this dramatic shift the entire paradigm has been flipped on its head free speech and war and war relations it's just 2 of those
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biggest issues the democrat party the left is fundamentally and type free speech meanwhile the washington post has thought that its own crusading through publicans binding them russian propagandists as more gas they have explains that this boils down to some muddled thinking about events in ukraine. we're going to go in a journey you and i a trip into another dimension a magical place written a new rated by the washington post where there are assuming the russian agents in the united states they will soon outnumber americans themselves president trump has been disloyal to the united states not only given russia a leg up in his war against ukraine but also in broadcasting his propaganda and for that republicans are just as guilty like to point out that it was the democrats who banned the sale of lethal weapons to ukraine and republicans who gave you create
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hundreds of millions of dollars in those weapons but what's the point there's no piercing this bubble of unreality an anomaly in the space time continuum of common sense that the washington post exists in it is up to means to media to directly challenge republicans who yes engage in un-american activity they're deliberately assisting in a russian propaganda operation in this wondrous realm that jennifer rubin has brought to life everyone who disagrees with her is a traitor a traitor as anyone who mentions that democrats accepted foreign meddling in the election willfully eagerly accepted foreign help to try to get clinton elected democrats cooperated and ukrainian election meddling official show the surprising lack of interest and indications of ukrainian election meddling that deeply concerned the president whose pleasure they serve during the election ukraine
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released damning information about trump's then campaign head paul manifold causing huge damage to the tycoon in fact we have would you sit nick a ukrainian official using his powers of office then bragging about quote helping. hillary. little more i didn't help him trump i helped hillary it would be better for. a fact that ukraine's courts ruled to be interference election meddling ukraine's own courts said that but in jennifer's magical kingdom this isn't true she crossed out the old you his admission the court ruling and cited reports that it's all a russian psyop and because she crossed it out it's no longer true just because you try proving her wrong if congressional republicans have evidence our
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intelligence community is wrong they need to present it otherwise they need to be called out for deliberately assistant hostile foreign power evidence is something that supports jennifer's point of view if it doesn't it isn't evidence see when special counsel robert mueller root in his report that russian hackers seemingly and apparently quoted from the report hacked hillary's servers that's evidence but when you give her or her car and an audio recording a confession and a court ruling you're an american in the course of this investigation i would ask that you please not from a politically different. interests so if new that's good enough for you let me do him some justice it appears the jennifer rubin is a 2 faced hypocrite allegedly she may also be a foreign agent see that she and her have done and are doing
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more damage to america as a nation than anyone else after all and correct me if i'm wrong but isn't rabidly undermining the us government spreading fear and hate on an industrial scale to every american home smearing half your country is traitors isn't that about as un-american as you can be. a chemical plant in southeast texas was hit by 2 major explosions on wednesday the blasts happened 13 hours apart and caused extensive damage.
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all friday and evacuation order for more than 50000 residents was lifted as the fire had been contained it's still active in some areas and there is smoke in the air officials say it's hard to say when it will be funny extinguished we spoke to a local resident who told us about the extent of the damage to nearby housing our house was actually really damaged but all the garage doors pretty much all of the doors down the middle all the windows blew out some of the the roof you know. so we had a lot of it you hear about the explosions but and it's half and around the area before but not to this extent it's never affected around the refineries i definitely did not expect you know something like this that happened but i guess it . the refinery owned by the t.p.c.
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group produces thousands of tons of chemical and petroleum based products health and environmental campaign all of it to kels as a substantial investigation is needed. some really quite toxic compounds are used on this site and the manufactures on this site i think that the really quite a lot of investigation will be needed just to determine the background toxicity in the local area following this into local community will have a love hate relationship with this plant these plants are responsible for quite a lot of wealth in this area they provide a huge amount of employment they are the economic lifeblood of this golden triangle area but at the same time there are these pollution incidents i think that this incident may actually bring quite a lot of additional political pressure on to the trumpet ministration not to cut the resources of the e.p.a. as it's intending to do. and it's 2 months since another massive fire
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a gulf the chemical factory in the french city of rule on local residents fear for their health and to the streets demanding transparency it was done of reports from the scene. a walking with a crowd of well it looks like a 100 maybe a bit more time when you see all the way to the end of this column through on and indeed there are concerned people from all really the whole society spectrum is here all of them are indeed demanding transparency from the government and from lubrizol the company the chemical plant that while of that released all these chemicals into into the atmosphere some 2 months ago. many of the locals complained about the burning sensation in their throat for
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instance or about feeling nauseous after the release of the chemical just simply because of breathing the contaminated and they're accusing the government of failing to release the air samples they which were taken right after the fire and the government's position on lubrizol is position has been that while there was no immediate health threat that all of those effects would pass and that there was no environmental impact but people here are not buying this i found this in my garden and every day i can find it it comes from the new brazil. fire and so my children's doesn't go in the garden so that's that's why i am i am very very angry and i created this this exhibit to show that we are boring about people who we money and how our life are becoming like that. removed through the surgery this was right we want the truth to be revealed about what happened in
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the loopers over accidents because now everyone's just passing the buck no one wants to take responsibility and the truth about the accident has not been established just today we should have health monitoring which we currently during it. we are denied more extensive blood tests we expect resignations over this. people are concerned about their health but it wasn't just about that local businesses local farmers suffered immensely for instance some 1800 farmers who were banned from harvesting their own crops by the french government because all of that well because because of the fears of contamination so you can clearly see why people here are demanding more transparency and they would want an in-depth look as to what's going on at that lubrizol plant. thousands of hong kong citizens take to the streets with american flags of the u.s. president signs bills supporting protesters in the region store and more after this
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break. the world is driven by a dream shaped by the person. who dares thinks. we dare to ask. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on off and spearing dramatic developments only really
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i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. welcome back to the weekly thousands in hong kong are celebrating and waving american flags after donald trump signed bills backing the protesters in the region china though some on the u.s. ambassador in response beijing bills amount to interference and threatened washington with consequences. move on. the u.s. has been disregarding the facts and distorting the truth openly backed violent criminals who rampantly smash the city's started fires which assaulted innocent
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civilians trample on the rule of law and jeopardized the social order remind the us that hong kong is part of china and hong kong affairs the chinese internal affairs where no foreign government or force should interfere we urge the us not to continue going down the wrong path would china which it counter measures and the us must bear all consequences. the hong kong human rights and democracy act opens up sanctions for human rights violations and makes it easier for arrested protests the us visas also requires an annual review of the region's special trade status and hong kong will qualify only if it's got enough autonomy from beijing if special status is revoked it would be subject to the same sanctions imposed by the u.s. on mainland china hong kong's economy is already suffering as a result of a violent protests that are raging for 6 months companies and investors are setting their sights on a more stable places such as singapore tourists are also staying away and he will activist sara flounders thinks the new builds could destabilize the situation
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further. of this sanctions it really is an effort to totally sabotage. they're not demanding democracy imagine they're demanding sanctions on their own city sanctions everywhere in the world is economic warfare and it's strangulation why on earth would anyone in hong kong make a demand that sanctions be passed on hong kong there is an inch and they may not be aware these are young people without a future. and that's because of what has been imposed on them from the west last weekend hong kong held elections to district council seats with opposition candidates taking 90 percent of the win was largely symbolic councils deal mostly with local issues and have little political power meanwhile bolivia has been experiencing similar unrest described by the us of a democratic transition at this point the self-appointed right wing leaders having
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been accused of sustained abuses against protesters so i ask you taylor breaks down washington's approach to both hong kong and bolivia. sticks stones on roku bones amidst the increasing violence hong kong took the weekend off to head to the polls and the results were overwhelming a landslide victory for those who have made it their mission to wrest themselves from beijing's grip a victory party not just for the city but for the whole walled those desperate sin china have finally been put in their place communist china should take a close look and reconsider their current posture or to anime in human rights belong to hong kong the monumental defeat of bric communist china lawmakers sends a powerful message to beijing keep your 30 terran regime on the mainland so they say beijing needs to keep it all for terry and tendencies out of hong kong others the same tendencies that saw an armed policeman industriously tidying up rubbish
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after another night of flames and fury over the ones that saw almost $3000000.00 people freely cost the votes in what was a rock court turn out. of over 71 percent or maybe those that lead both the chinese and hong kong authorities to gracefully accept defeat the government will listen to the opinions of members of the public come bully and seriously reflect which leaves previous accusations of beijing's disregard for its people's freedom the chinese government should respect their right to speak out somewhat knol unfortunate but when you've got a beer in your bonnet about a rising power that's set to eclipse you both economically and technologically perhaps it doesn't really matter but what is happening in hong kong is the. worst particularly all the united states to smear or discredit china and the reason
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is that china is succeeding extremely successful from the ban on the corporate world to what every child alerts of the worst you could be a new intimidate a child of beat or the economic throne this was seen all of the same show the great war or the i don't think so i would china sea or hong kong situation over 19000 kilometers away bolivia has been restless too and there's also been some significant shuffling of power. offering himself up as political sacrifice in a bid to calm the protests the democratically elected president evo morales stepped down and fled pass rising from obscurity to fill the void came to me and i knew as
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a 52 year old lawyer and senator whose name didn't really ring any bells even in bolivia why would it they didn't vote for her in fact no one voted for how she came to power. because the story people who constitution have the right to take the reigns that is the president the vice president and the head of the senate one forced to move on out and what many are describing as a coup but apparently to some that's just mere detail we call on all bolivians to support the bolivian transitional government as a god's the democratic transition through electoral reforms into new free and fair elections as soon as possible and as the west praises bolivia for throwing off its socialist chuckles and turning its face towards the democratic sun let's see how that liberty is shaping up. to go.
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that way. but that's. ok. thank you good at least. it seems that when the shoe fits all thora tarion as a man democracy can actually be used interchangeably. one elephant swallows come up next on the documentary travel back into 30 minutes with the latest news updates so you that. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led some. direct. what is truth what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. we still got you into too tight haven t. let's move to conclude. on.
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we're going to call a description of you. and could we're going to get anything out of your canadian each of until we're all good and that's all. you don't have them do eat too much haha good to be are you told the truth on the author to get i think i fail when i'm in the good children tell him of all this you can tie one next time you don't come fall.
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we'll. leave. 'd when we have a new baby. we will often hang a hang a blanket and the baby will go into there thinking it's the shape of the mother
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and put his hand up 'd to suckle and i think it's the texture on the face and the fact that it's soft and we're trying to replicate to a point the mother put his hand on that instinct to put his head out so we can get the bottle to get him to. 'd go to. being with us all 2 weeks to the day actually it was 2 weeks ago today that we rescued really and so we crossed the 10 day mark i mean he arrived he had very young very vulnerable and we didn't know it was going to be touch and go. well and. deprived of their mothers baby elephants can't survive in the wild without help the
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world i'm like some other animals elephants won't really young the.


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