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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 4, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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germany expels to russia. saying that there is sufficient evidence to link russia. to the murder of georgian national. celebrations come to a 7 year. member states. struggle to find common ground. intelligence committee report on his impeachment a joke. the president. hello
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and welcome to. up until recently politics were about policy preferences and ways to implement them that is not the case today your political views are what define you as a person and there is a moral dimension bias against those who are not politically correct is the last acceptable form of discrimination this is the end of politics. i'm joined by my guest in washington he's managing partner of the group as well as former president. of d.c.
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young democrats also in washington we have christopher and i we mean he's a political analyst and iraq war veteran also in raleigh we cross to ryan he is the national co-chair and founder of students for trump card gentlemen cross-like rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate ok kevin i'm going to go to you 1st because you're on the odd man out i want to make that clear i'm going to make sure that you get equal time on this program because i always welcome different opinions have any and in my introduction here i said that you know the last bias that is politically that is acceptable is me against people because of their political views i mean that is on steroids right now and i think that is very it's terrible for our political discourse i'm sure i would disagree with you on many many points but i'm welcoming you on this program and i'm i actually i'm very interested in what you have to say because i don't see that in the national media much anymore go ahead kevin why is this the case where i think you know what you're referring to is the fact that people who are so used to
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consuming the media that they want to consume or they're sort of validates their personal beliefs that they're not really open to hearing other sides but i think when we call it discrimination i think that is probably not the right word because in what way is a stopping you from from living a certain quality of life it's not like racial discrimination or gender based discrimination or something like that so i would use that term to describe the fact that people are so polarized that i have no question they don't you think it has gotten worse how many liberals are work for it work for c.n.n. i mean that's the bias i'm talking about let me go to chris now in washington that is biased against people and that creates this polarization and to be fair on the other side there is a lot of conservatives that work for fox and let's be fair here go ahead chris. that's that's true peter but i think fox has actually gotten a little more balanced with having liberal hosts and having a lot of liberals on the network with very strong different points of view but i think you'd agree about the word we're discrimination but let's not lose sight of
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the point how is it infringing on people's life i mean kevin if you've been watching people blocking traffic getting crazy spitting on veterans outside of the inauguration which i experience and trying can attest to this to so many young republicans in this country and he's done so much work mobilizing young republicans across the country on campuses in the college environment look at what's happening in our campuses how vile and how hateful people are and a friend of mine who was punched in the face at berkeley and was assaulted for being a republican so you know i mean i think things have gotten a little bit a little bit out of control and i do think that not being able to hear that other side and have that sort of conceptual discussion which has got out of control is a problem you know i'm ryan and you have a lot of experience in this here i mean i guess i portray my age i'm the oldest one here but you know how being different points of view was good and people respected you know ways like it but now you're demonized toward and you're considered evil
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and that comes mostly from one direction i would point out here that is a real problem with our body politic and our national conversation because if you're deemed evil then there's no it's not worth listening to you that's how bad it's gotten go ahead ryan right so i'm 23 years old and you know i've only been in politics for a period of time and i've traveled this country to many different universities and i've seen the conversation happening there and it's a very hyper partisan one never in my life have i seen this kind of partisanship where if you are conservative or you're worrying that red make america great again hat have you ever been so targeted you know we see an teef up which the democrats are barely wanting to denounce burn down buildings attack people resort. all to physical violence we saw with any known washington we see multiple videos recently of turning point usa chapters having their tables vandalized in broad daylight
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students getting attacked milkshakes being thrown on people with cement in them you know people need to get back to living their lives it's not that deep people do not need to go out and attack people for their viewpoints conservatives of some of the most persecuted people in today's day and age simply because of a man who said that he just wants to make america great again and in the proof is in the put it you see a great economy you see a booming economy you see jobs coming back to the country you see high g.d.p. you see the lowest unemployment rates ever you see trade the us and see a deal which the democrats are failing to push through the house right now you see many things so i think that we need to get back to working for the country stop focusing on an impeachment which they know is going to go nowhere and work together ok kevin i mean reflected on some of the things we've already heard on this program here i mean ol give you my opinion again and like you to react to it it just it seems like to me many people on the left don't want to have
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a debate they don't want to have a conversation they just know that they are right in very often i will say and i feel this very strongly they think that they're morally superior to people that they disagree with them that's not the art of politics is it go ahead kevin. i would agree there shouldn't be the way that politics is conducted but i'll say you know response to your question some of the points raised earlier that when you talk about conservatives being persecuted which is which i think is kind of funny on a college campus where yes because a lot of college campuses and college towns are mainly liberal most urban areas are liberal but if i were to go in an obama shirt to you know rural texas or arizona or somewhere like that i'm sure i'd get persecution to. who knows what could happen to me there are some places i still wouldn't want to be caught in america after dark or by self not knowing where i am so we have to put that in the context to it
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depends on where you are because you know we're seeing them. has gotten to a point where the cities are mainly liberal and then in the suburbs as well but then rural areas are of course deep red areas that candid like donald trump has been able to dominate so yes i will agree that on twitter and in particular social media people that are democratic or liberal leaning do tend to talk down sometimes to conservatives are technically morally here i think you know good on certain issues we're going to have name tags if you think that's an understatement you know 10 to no i think it's an all out war chris let me go to you i mean this is a cultural war is well you know looking down on the fly over states you know and even the fact that we call them fly over states is so demeaning ok that they're somehow less than the coasts ok and i think a lot of people in the fly over country feel that way that's why they voted the way they voted in 2016 it has a lot to do with that cultural dimension and
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a moral dimension i would say go ahead chris. well i welcome everyone's thoughts on this but i wanted to point out one particular point and that is when you're discussing politics especially if you're someone that's in politics or in the news or in policy in the states or really anywhere is when you're when you're talking to someone it's more left of center especially in the age of president trump being in the white house being you know leading the executive branch there's a sort of qualification right where it's like you have to qualify to pass their test and i think the term for it is virtue certainly right in today's politics where it's kind of like well and you have to earn your way and how many discussions have you had or is ryan had where you're done with the discussion and then did they just run off they never wanted to hear your point of view they didn't care about your point of view all they care about is power and for 8 years when president obama was president i actually work with the white house on veterans issues at the time i didn't vote for president obama i would have preferred to have a republican candidate but you know what he was a president to work with if the president trumps been there for 3 years you think
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he's been there for 3 decades the way these people behave because for them peter it's about power they don't have it they want it and they're nasty and it's not equal i have not seen it be equal i've seen republicans and campuses and instead of just saying you know what i denounce it it's always the what about ism and everyone should stop the what about is and i don't think that's a good thing in general but it is really bad to the point where you get threats you get people doing all these kinds of things and really i think we need to take a step back and not do it but i would agree with ok you know but you know it is an understatement you know it's really do need to ryan here and i'm going to take a step back ok but ryan the question is who's 1st is going to take the step back you know i would say that but i would say you 1st ok because you're the one that's the most aggressive ok you take a step back i'd be more than happy to do it what do you think about that ryan go ahead. you know i want to respond to to kevin's initial point comment about
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conservatives being person. you did you know i think it's very important to mention if you look at these examples on college campuses you see you know conservative speakers all across the country getting disinvited lawsuits that happen a u.c. berkeley because the students didn't want those speakers there are a select group or select group of people at the top didn't want these certain speakers to come to this university and in order for them to even come to speak there to be a lawsuit about it you know the same thing applies with this impeachment stuff that's going on right now they know they cannot be donald trump they tried it with russian collusion they tried it with a recession they try to would stormy daniels they know they can't beat him so their next scandal is this impeachment inquiry and they know they can't do it you know i you know when we look at this country and how far we've come since the election they wanted to impeach the sky since he's taken office you know chris made a very good point you know our country at this point in time we need some unity we
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need people to get together but that i you know on the other hand i look at i say you know well you know this is a republican you know there's probably never much so unity just. because of the fabric but one of the most important pieces here is that conservatives you know they want to have their voice heard they want to have an opinion they want to have a debate they want to have a discussion but you the left is constantly shown in that shutting them down they don't want to hear their opinion they don't want to talk to them they don't have a debate i can have a discussion i mean they want to attack them let me just jump in here let's go and i want to go back to kevin your last 25 seconds before we go to the break i want you to reply go ahead. you know what i would just say that you know i think that both sides are guilty of doing this i mean i interact with people on twitter i make a lot of appearances on fox news and and conservative networks and when i appear i get the name calling and the sort of low blows that people throw i think both sides do it and i agree i think we all agree that it it really isn't healthy but it's
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just where we are now because things are so polarized and we've got to figure out how to to get back to being able to debate without those tactics will god bless you we're going to hopefully we well we're going to show our break gentlemen after a short break we'll continue our discussion on political intolerance stay with r.t. . the european union's tendency to believe that. it represents europe has long been a major gripe for russia but as the e.u. experiences significant internal difficulties it is studied to reassess what it is and what it stands for what does that process mean for the countries sharing the continent with.
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welcome back to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle we're discussing political intolerance. ok let's go back to chris in washington just recently nancy pelosi the speaker of the house. called donald trump an illegitimate president. that's a doorstopper because it invalidates the entire electoral process the decision of the people in 2016 and again i want to be tolerant i mean i was brought up liberal i'm a conservative but i was brought up in a very liberal environment where you supposed to listen to everybody with
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politeness and respect but here we have one of the highest officials in the land. saying the vote of over 60000000 people i mean how talk about being divisive i mean that is that is so irresponsible and it what it does is that it doesn't ask for dialogue it is doing just the opposite go ahead chris. well it's true i mean you know if you look back at what the speaker said before the election she just said donald trump will not be president take to the bank i mean i hope you didn't take that check to the bank because it didn't clear it bounced like a basketball. they're upset that they didn't win i mean that's what it's about it's about power it's been about power and i think that it's really that simple and i think to some extent speaker pelosi has a tough job because she's trying to balance this insane left wing side of the caucus and mainstream democrats that still want to oppose
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a president that's very vibrant and so it's she's just trying to kind of keep that coalition in order but i do think that it's it's become cliche i mean i almost think from a from an electoral standpoint that democrats republicans will be better off if they keep with these sort of cliches of illegitimate this that resist all that i mean they're going to have another term of president to go nuts about ok kevin react to what chris just said there it's really a problem in your in your party because not only are conservatives demonized and i will stay with the word demonized but the eve guys have a lot of internal strife you know you have your radio season the squad and then you have you know they're your biden's and you know in all honesty and i think object to believe it's fair to say he kind of is kind of bumbling along i mean there's a lot of problems within the democratic party as well and i think the same kind of you know political virus of this correctness that you guys have more to worry about than the rest of us go ahead kevin. well i would agree with that because that we have more to worry about because i think generally the democratic coalition
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so-called obama coalition tends to be a little bit more diverse and encompasses a lot more. you know people of different backgrounds different beliefs so it is tough i do think that when palosi talks about you know president be illegitimate of it doesn't help i mean yes he lost the popular vote but he won he won the electoral college that's the system we have in place. i think what she's referring to is probably some of the tactics the campaign used in working with wiki leaks and roger stone and some of his associates who sort of may have broken laws to get it done but he won and they did win and i think there's so many people on my party that do have what trump calls trump derangement syndrome t.d.'s that is what is real and i think anything sometimes sets people off and we've got to be able to get beyond that i i really i really compliment you for saying that you're a man of great character to say that because that's obvious. ryan you want to jump
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in go ahead. no i agree with kevin it's the 1st time in a while it agreed with a democrat in the conversation but no i commend you for that the democratic party has a lot of self reflection there's a lot of things if they want to have a chance in this election they've got to look at who they have running for office right now i mean you have a guy you know joe biden who you know he says it's a speech impediment i've talked to a friend it was a speech impediment he says about 80 to 90 percent of the time when joe biden speaking where he just stops and halts it's not speech impediment he literally is just trying to find the words to say he doesn't know what to say i mean this video that just came out about him loving kids jumping on his lap and having hairy legs or something like that isn't helping anything and this guy this guy's the front runner. of what they got going on over there so i mean you know you really have to think you know when you put your cards in a deck here and you look around what you got you don't have much and so impeachment
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to them is like they're their golden ticket to winning this election you know they've become so divisive they have about 6 or 7 maybe even 10 sacks of this party all with differing views you know i really do believe that socialists have infiltrated this party you see with a 0 c.u.z. would stacy abrams you know you see it all around the country that they're bracing this terrible ideology it's not going to help them they're going so far left you know imagine the spectrum they're walking off the spectrum they're falling down you know it's really incredible you know republicans are trying to stay united here under this common goal of reelecting donald trump holding the judiciary defeating impeachment keeping a strong economy i say good luck to them you know you're not going to beat an incumbent who has an economy like this who has done so much to to withhold or to help bring conservative judges over 170 conservative judges now there's so much to like about the guy and i think many republicans are going to get past some of those
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things you know such as the tweets of the rallies. if they don't really care for them much because they're seeing what he's doing for the country and at the end of the day that's all that matters ok chris i mean one of the things kind of staying with this theme of intolerance and i think another variant of it is is this changing the rules i mean let's get rid of the electoral college i mean well let's let's have a conversation about it ok i'm willing to discuss it i'm willing to listen to different points of view let's pack the court why give me an explanation why because you don't get what you want i mean the left historically the last 50 years when they've gotten is through the system not through the executive and not through congress it's been through the courts now if you you want to pack the court look at what happened to f.d.r. a very very popular president here my point in bring this up this is another form of intolerance if you don't want to play by the rules that are better of longstanding and known to everyone and if you can't when you want to change the
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rules you want to move the goalposts i don't like that that's a form of intolerance against our institutions go ahead chris. well i was going to some of the f.d.r. reference peter that you got i mean that happened before right with the court packing and those sorts of things and we moved away from that i think in the end it's ironic because the constitution is actually everyone's best friend because it gives you a set of rules to play the next game right so the idea is not to abolish the electoral college the idea is to get a better candidate and i think kevin does a good analysis i've seen kevin i believe i saw him in a recent fox news segment about this similar topic and i think it was actually about the by then but here's the interesting thing i think the real issue now is finding a better candidate i think joe biden is actually a nice guy i've met him i think from a candid sand point he's just sort of like the guy they think has the best chance of winning but why not just tell the truth and just say you know what we've got some questions about the president's phone call we really hate him we really want to get him out of there so i want to get him on something but what's to fund the fact $100.00 biden has
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a certain degree the guy with got paid $3000000.00 for no work so the question becomes why was he given that opportunity let's think about that for a 2nd because they want something so that is called the conflict of interest why not just say you know what that is a stone cold conflict of interest and joe biden is not being honest what's talk about it and let's talk about everything else in their own context but the democrats their back is against the wall they're getting rocked and they don't really know what to do going into 2020 so you know i think that they're just they're out of cards i mean they're trying to overturn our whole our whole country system it's not going to work they're going to lose and i can't wait to see it again ok kevin the the argument over arching argument that is made. by conservatives when it when dealing with democrats is that you can't win by the current rules so you want to change them you can't beat trump so you want to try to win ph him or damage him as it were but isn't this fixation on trump doesn't it
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just damage the country it because this guy's teflon haven't you figured that out yet i mean. i think that you know it's damaging to institutions and to the average person all this fixation on this man that loves your attention and he'll wind you up 247 and he doesn't purposely he resides in the left brain and he manipulates it can't she see that can't you see to get away from the lady ok rent free thank you go ahead kevin. right now i think of i mean you are right that he sort of his strong suit is getting in opponents head and sort of driving them crazy and not giving them a chance to sort of think clearly but you know i have to say that this idea about we're trying to change the rules by getting rid of the electoral college is sort of ridiculous because we've been talking about trying to get rid of before trump it's not just about trump it's about the fact that a vote for someone in the state with
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a small population means more than someone's vote in a state with with with more people i mean it should be one person one vote why are we the country. and how it all numbers and races is already ruling in the senate it's go ahead chris jump in you know it's just i understand what kevin saying but remember in the house it's it's majority rule so you have more electoral votes and more votes in the house so a state like new york has more power but in the small states it's the power equalizer the connecticut compromise which is saying look it's going to the same power it's beautiful the reason it's there is because you have to win the cultural us of a and remember you if you guys would have spent time in the right states you would have won you lost your last period and just accept that and get a better argument about the electoral. you have been ok hang on the problem is when you lose half of the no one would have and trump won that kevin kevin but the implicit are dates when you. guys can make the implicit implicit point in
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changing this is that it will. there's a better likelihood that you would win and that's why you want to change it it's not out of principle it's because you want to win last minute to be fair on this program goes to kevin go ahead kevin. well but it is about fairness because think about if the electoral college was abolished you would just focus on 5 or 6 states you'd be focused on getting every vote out getting to everybody because right now you know that ok there are certain states that are foregone conclusions and certain candidates want to spend time there if you're a democrat why even go to the so-called fly over states or for republican vice waste time in california but if there's no electoral college one person one vote it encourages candidates to get in front of everybody republicans know that all of their candidates would be dead on arrival for the popular vote we saw hillary clinton 3000000 more votes than donald trump that's why they're fighting to keep the electoral college let's not act like that's not what this is about here but the
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fairest system and people been making this argument for decades would be to go to just the popular vote winning we do that with every other race ok well it went again let's say you that it's a procedural issue but you're looking at the democrats are looking at power and so they want to change make sure in college because it will be a blue country for a very long time squeezing out the red a topic for another program thanks to my guests many thanks to my guests in washington and in raleigh and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. the next time and remember.
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to do. all the yes the euro and the dollar they all refer to each other and they're all going deeper and deeper into debt so there's no basic there or there there's no so there's no way to measure the dead against something that is could be considered money never j.p. morgan said only gold is money everything else is credit or debt ok so without that there is no way to measure that debt and there's no at the moment you know my my view is that this is leading to a neo feudalism poor you have just a few private equity firms owing 98 percent of all the assets of everyone else's
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living serfs on that for getting back to the dark ages. all. alone and welcome to worlds apart just as the canadians or the chileans how long drive to the united states have trawled creating that worries a married couple american for itself so to have the russians about the european union calling itself and only itself europe or european as the e.u. like the us comes to us what it is and what it stands for what does it mean for those sharing the continent with well to discuss that i'm now joined by further
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look down the editor in chief off russia in global affairs magazine i still can if it's good to talk to you again thank you very much for coming over think you were on but now earlier this year you published a very interesting article in one german magazine. on the future of european integration and what's interesting about that article is that while the content was the same it had very different titles in russian and in english in russian it was they house construction is finished meaning the e.u. enlargement is over whereas in english it was something about a new dawn in the e.u. russia relations to things indeed related. of course. relations the relationship between russia and the european union and it's interesting to remember that the russian federation as the contemporary incarnational russia and european union is the contemporary incarnation of european
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integration were born almost simultaneously it was. emerged on the will stage in late december $91.00 and european union formally it was established february $92.00 so we are of the same age of course both ended to this. very long tradition the russians are addition european integration the relations on . indeed. it depends on what will happen inside the european union. and we need to know what kind of transformation is ahead of european nations before we conclude or we can speculate what kind of relationship we can build between russia and when you talk about a new dog on the beaches you know it carries a posit.


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