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tv   The Big Picture  RT  December 6, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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i mean that he's shown that. you will ship like 6 percent in the ocean that's a little too so the pollution. in saudi air force that member opens fire at a u.s. naval base in florida killing 3 the f.b.i. has reportedly opened a terror related investigation. a member of the populist alternative for germany party says extremists have threatened to assassinate her claiming they've been left a corsa with the predicted for death with. u.k. all time or society demands a christmas card by british cartoonists a modern toss be removed from sale they have blasted the card which mocks those with the disease as utterly inappropriate we put the issue up for debate. i think with slightly underestimating people's capacity to find humor in even the most
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black and talk situations my. i had before he died. and i didn't find it funny. for me and headlines this hour check out our key dot com for more on those and other headlines you won't want to miss the big picture coming up next here. on this week's show your newspaper or what's left of it notice how thin it's gotten do you still read our copy newspaper your city still have a daily we'll talk with a digital disruptor who is making the most of the print media tailspin but 1st the president of the united states on the world stage as other world leaders are laughing backstage yet trump's tribe is undaunted i'm holland cook in washington this is the big picture on our t.v. america.
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dateline london the nato summit where president trump soundbite rich appearance with other heads of state had him scoffing behind his back. let us. think. that. others were amused trump was not. well he's 2 faced. and i honestly wish to know he's a nice guy i find him to be a very nice guy but you know the truth is that i called him out on the fact that he's not paying 2 percent and i guess he's not very happy in bed. meanwhile here in
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washington the impeachment hearings interrupted repeatedly by procedural formalities and bluster from republican members of the house judiciary committee the president's supporters remain enthused they figure president trump is delivering the disruption that candidate trump promised how must the political outsider feel onesies inside let's ask the author of a 20 year old political playbook that many reckon candidate trump mimicked minnesotans remember him is there 38 governor wrestling fans know him as a hall of famer and you the our team viewer see him right after our show on friday nights author lecturer jesse ventura welcome back to the big picture well hollande it's really a case of i can hold a job doing. that well every time we're there you're here a over thanksgiving family member who is a staunch trump supporter said
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a mouthful when he said i don't sound like him he sounds like me and when you ran for governor your t.v. commercial said don't vote for politics as usual and that's one promise trump sure has kept how do you rate trump's actual governance well i viewed it there's way donald trump came and visited me back in 98 when i won and at the time we were the reform party we were looking for anything you know trying to establish a 3rd parties a difficult thing in the united states of america and so nothing became of it really but trump really did watch our playbook at what i did minnesota because while hillary clinton was out collecting money right doing the fundraisers donald trump was doing rallies when i ran for governor of minnesota i didn't care about money i only raised $300000.00 allegedly outgunned by your opponents 12000000
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300000. didn't matter to me i didn't need money to win and trump really didn't either and when you hold these rallies and you get 10000 people there i guarantee if they're going to vote for you and i did it they told me oh don't go to college campuses college kids don't vote i looked at him said yeah but college kids never had jesse the body even turtle i went to college campuses all over they were sold out packed to the rafters the day of the election we're fortunate we have same day registration word came the lying still register were longer than the lines to vote that's when we started realize we're going to win and then word came from the university of minnesota the lines were around the block so young people will vote if the right candidates there and they want him because i proved it in fact when i won a headline in the paper of your next thing about daily papers ventura wins sub headline
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for wrongs of young voters turn out you were front page above the fold on newspapers all across the usa and shortly after your historic win mr trump came and found in a way oh yeah he came in a like i said we were looking for candidates and we actually looked at a candidate trump for the reform party but he would always threaten but he'd never and that's why winning 2016 i thought that's just donald he'll play the game a little bit when push comes to shove you won't run well then he did run but at 1st i was excited because i realized there were i thought he would remain independent even though he was running as a republican i really thought he'd remain independent and he could accomplish some remarkable stuff as an independent but he aligned himself with the evangelical far right this quote base that he has now which to me destroyed everything he could
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have accomplished heavy. i did that because that made it completely adversarial between the 2 parties if you were to govern like me when i had it i had a democratic senate and a republican house generally whoever i sided with prevailed so held the last year then the last year they will jump in bed together gang of anya opposed to common sense middle so let me say this holland the only way out of this mess in the next election we have to elect an independent not a member of the 2 parties because if we elect lose in the 2 parties the polarization continues sure yeah if it's ever going to be cured yeah this point now among the promises trump has not kept we're going to build a wall in mexico we'll pay for it congressional term limits fat chance as he's counting senate impeachment votes release his tax returns balance the budget quickly yet his base this trump tribe has
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a rationalization for every ok jand is it a stretch to call his following a cult of personality i don't think so i really don't i think that i can't believe the republicans are backing him so thoroughly in 100 percent when the deficit they used to be supposedly deficit hawks for a i mean i remember when ron paul one of my best friends and one of the real good i'll call him a good republican sure his whole focus was the deficit member you want to audit the fed and boy run cause all trouble and now the republicans don't care they spend worse than the democrats the only difference is democrats spend cash republicans putting on the credit card so it appears they're not spending isn't that ironic this guy was going to drain the swamp he has become the swamp all he's brought in worse worse things into the swamp than what was here before i think now and that's
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what breaks my heart. he had the opportunity and he blew it in my opinion well he was not prepared to govern you know the big surprise that night was he won he won and the buzz we've heard from all directions is that this was going to be a promotion and that he was talking to roger ailes or other people about starting a cable news network flashback to 2000 everybody knew al gore was a shoe in and george w. bush really wanted to be baseball commissioner so he was running for president a buff up his resume in a funny thing happened in florida hanging chads. hey up before you became governor of minnesota you were mayor of brooklyn park in a soda and i thought of you recently when pete booted gedge was asked about making the jump from medium size city mayor to president and mayor pete said you can't dismiss potholes as fake news you've got mike bloomberg and cory booker also former
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mayors so certainly styal is fundamental to leadership but isn't a mayor is nuts and bolts executive experience where the rubber meets the road absolutely and i'll tell you why because every city council meeting you have to sit at the desk and you have to look at the voters in the constituents to on the in that room because they come down the ones that are involved and pay attention to the city politics they will be sitting there so being a mayor is truly hands on of political governance in the executive branch because when i went to made you know 8 years later when i became governor well you're isolated you've got security nobody can walk into the governor's office you don't hold open fings where the people can come in and said i don't but marrying. ph correct on that you can be a man or you can be the president what do you think of mayor pete i have no.
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problem with him i like him i respect him over the fact he's a veteran yep that's a nice change isn't it and then it be good to have a commander in chief that actually served i think i'd look as i don't count george bush too well his service was a fraud to begin with you know donald trump from wrestling a fellow w w a hall of famer who don't say that who is this guy what don't we see on t.v. what would surprise us about donald trump he's actually extremely cordial and sociable one on one and that's why when i watch him on t.v. and i'm watching what i'm seeing today this is a donald trump i don't know interesting here this is a donald trump by and got a clue about and i've known him since the latter eighty's was when he coasted to wrestle mania as i have defamed most famous dinner in history you could have sold tickets donald an arm piece me and woody harrelson wow i didn't have my wife was at
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home so i needed someone to bring to dinner so i brought woody yeah that's what i was hey i said be my date woody and he did the only thing about woody it was so stressful woody admitted later i had to sneak out and hit some cannabis. i heard what you have reported that trump is a gracious host he is if you sit down to dinner with him he's entertaining he's funny and that's why it's so alien to me to watch this donald trump i'm seeing now and you've got all these doctors now coming out that you know i'm starting to believe they might be right because this is not the donald trump that i knew 20 years i don't think it's just a show either i'm down to 30 seconds so it may be unfair to throw a question this philosophical at you but you and i are the same age baby boomers never in our lives have we seen an america more divided will tribalism do us and it could and that's why i'm telling you we have to elect an independent president.
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we have to because whichever side prevails the polarization is going to get just worse i think the only thing they ever agree on going to war you have got no problem where they're both in bed for that all the way we'd rather buy bombs than food stamps but i said wait as i said earlier trump now is going to send this money new money to ukraine and yet $700000.00 americans are not going to be able to eat i was hollering at the t.v. when you said that governor jesse ventura host of the world according to jesse friday nights at 730 eastern right after this show c the next time you're on a walk absolutely alla my pleasure coming off the internal revenue service has approved an application by 148 year old salt lake tribune utah's biggest newspaper to become a nonprofit literally we'll talk print media obsolescence with digital news pioneer and next this is the big picture on our t.v.
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america. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see if. my singing with this world it's right now as well so confusing. here for you and the certain generation that's controlling all the politics around the world when that generation. and children that are brought to this. movie are less materialistic don't really care about these things don't even more automobiles on
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the right this time job. and ride a bicycle this movement is growing and it's going the world is going to go in this direction and it's going to change. when the new york times says a dollar a week i said sold my digital subscription business to include the times crossword puzzle for which they charge more but i can read and search the times on my i phone i pad on my computer which is where increasingly we get our news so you can imagine the fuss within usa today when the poynter institute reported that knowledgeable sources said the nation's newspaper could seize publishing its print edition publisher méribel perot's wadsworth quickly responded that can and has no plans to discontinue the print edition of usa today which remains an important part of our
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business and with going to its merger with gatehouse media looming she said we believe the combination of our 2 companies will transform the landscape in the print and digital news business the associated press estimates that more than 1400 american cities and towns have lost newspapers in just the past 15 years and cities as big as pittsburgh have no 7 days a week print edition are hard copy newspaper is merely obsolete or headed for extinction let's ask digital disruptor nagel news editor of go local proverb dot com a local digital news publication making waves in the ocean state rhode island kate welcome. helen thanks for having me i recently learned from coverage that you put out that the once proud providence journal has asked for an exemption from the state's time and a half overtime requirement and the teamsters there accused the company of creating what they call
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a part time workforce with no vacay. hey kate as cutbacks of whack the journal in recent years how are their numbers their circulation and how are your clicks. so i think a case in point with what's happening with the teamsters in the department of labor training here as just a proof point that the model doesn't work you know in 2019 does it really make sense to have barrels of and slabs of paper going through machines that have to be cut that have to be sorted that have to get put on trucks that have to be driven around and dropped off you know the once proud providence journal had a weekday circulation of 200000 that's down to about 30000 we spoke with the teamsters holland one of the things that they make the case for which we certainly agree with them they have an antiquated provision here holland that they're the paper of record that legal notices from cities and towns have to spend money on now
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they question why are you the paper of record if you're 30000 and why then if you're getting the subsidy from these localities can't you pay that over time to your workers again i think the proof is in the putting and could your platform be deemed paper of record. you know i'll tell you. a monthly basis we get 700000 unique visitors now holland you know there are around market of about a 1000000 residents about 800000 of them would be considered the reading audience if you will year over year revenue has gone up 50 percent year over year holland 43 percent in our readership and clearly obviously the ability to geo target is something that we have from a digital standpoint that paper certainly don't very cool know how the revenue is there less advertising and the problem is journal and being a competitor for those ad dollars have you seen the journal's rates take
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a hit out. has it been for you to compete for that business without a tangible print product. so you know i'll give you a caviar i am the news editor i am on that side of the aisle on the sales side but going on our say we do have the top advertisers and the market more and alpert medical school at brown university the airport you know from emerging technology companies green technology we have pound for pound the best advertisers i think here in the market they see the value they know where the eyes are you know both from a deliverable standpoint when you can show them but just from an anecdotal standpoint knowing that we break the biggest stories and that's again where the eyes are holland now digital you maher more nimble than print when it comes to your side of the building the content and content can date before the ink dries and i've often seen you scoop the journal but what legacy broadsheets hair of the digital up
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starts don't is momentum because as you said you know for decades the pro joe has been a trusted source talk about the way you are using facebook and twitter to bring our eyes and ears to go local proverb dot com. so you talk about the momentum holland i mean let's just take a little step back back and go local started in 2010 i joined in 2013 but back in 10 the providence journal had 150 reporters in its newsroom that number holland is hovering around 15. so they struggle yeah it's a precipitous loss it's clearly visible you know yet heard you talking out a prior segment about the role of digital in the i phone that's exactly why go local had been started by go local founder josh benson knowing that the media landscape is going to change just drastically with the advent of the i phone and
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that clearly has now again that g. you know targeting ability to push stories out push stories out quickly virally we have hundreds of thousands now i gave you that number of unique visitors but social media contacts both within the market and southern new england as well so you get a good story hyland it's not unique just to write island it moves around the country it moves around the world sure that speed of light that again a print operation just can't match kate medical news editor go local prob dot com thank you for joining us from providence. thanks for having me. now let's welcome back georgetown university professor chris chambers chris i know what kate and her team are up to because i live in rhode island but how common is what they're doing there this digital pure play news platform how common is that elsewhere. it's pretty common harlan i mean so so much so that the legacy newspapers are trying to copy it on their own but but you are seeing these new outfits basically
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disrupting the local legacy daily sadly they're also also disrupting the local legacy print or hood papers which have taken up a lot of slack from the the the legacy big dailies the cover neighborhood. school and crime sorts of of things that the legacy papers have moved on from in order to be more sexy and to be more global so you know there's a good and bad in all of this but i think it's is something so common that the big legacy dailies are trying to copy it and i wouldn't be surprised if you're going to see the kind of the pushback to try to take over the the up starts that are that are that are pushing them back so it's going to be very interesting in the next 5 years well here in d.c. we recently mourn the passing of washington express that free weekday tabloid the washington post stuffed into boxes all over town especially near metro subway and
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bus stops there good natured cover story that they said hope you enjoy your stick and phones and editor dan pack of our own muse that when we launched in 2003 there was no such thing as an i phone into that environment came expressed a lively attractive quick read newspaper kind of a print precursor to the way news is now fed to us on our devices chris as well targeted to commuters as express wise and with. the sources of the washington post behind it and being free should we conclude that their problem was it was print. i would say so i mean you have to understand that this is this is almost an anthropological and sociological sort of thing with our devices i think it was it was the the paper delivery system the paper format the paper medium
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was was was transformed overnight by these devices because when when when when this paper came out the only thing people were really reading on devices were books ironically. you know books that were put on you know things like these these these new sorts of platforms and and tablets overnight this change and again it's almost an anthropological. thing you know where people especially younger people really didn't need the tangible feel of paper and a lot of times these these expresses were basically thrown away and became you know garbage on the subway platforms so you know and the phone is a lot more intimate in terms of holding it in your hand and looking down at it versus a paper it's only old people like me who remember the days of being on a bus or train and actually reading a paper so you know this thing transformed overnight so i think it was the paper aspect of this that did them in as for the where that's the how but you mentioned
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the where when you talked a minute ago about these suburban local local local papers are they generally healthy than the big metro broadsheets now. these suburban and sometimes urban neighborhood papers it depends on the on the community largely they are doing pretty well with subscriptions and ads the problem is is you know look across the board they're not really paying their journalists. fair in months but they do make an impact on me that matter fact they make so big of an impact you saw what happened with the capitol gazette in annapolis maryland where a lunatic attacked the paper because they were making a difference and murdered some of the journalists there and some of the editors and that it was a very healthy local paper but again it depends on the community they are getting bigger in communities say in the state of florida for example where
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a lot of the local legacy dailies they're gone i mean you know the you know you have basically miami and tampa and then everything in between might be gone so they are taking up the slack there so i think they're taking up some of that old dad revenue and some of the subscription revenue but again it's a question of also how much you're paying your professionals chris as mainstream media become a pejorative term. i think mainstream media is has become project of i think it's so pretty heart of that you might as well just sit at it or are it is it's amazing i mean because it needs so many things that so many different people down i think we really need to start speaking in more technical terms unfortunately about platforms and format and stuff like that because i think that it is taking on such a crazy meaning now that we really don't we don't even know what it means now and
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there might even be people that would describe it to r.t. or scribe it to a local suburban newspaper depending on your point of view so we really have to talk about platforms audience. formats of cetera et cetera and i think that is where the future is going thank you georgetown university professor chris chambers. thank you and thank you for watching the big picture if you see us somewhere else you can now also watch r t america live at youtube dot com slash our. ruka and we're live on direct t.v. channel 321 pluto t v 279 if you have dish we're 80 and all of our shows are available anytime anywhere on any device at youtube dot com slash the big picture are to holland cook in washington and add holland cook on twitter where if you follow me i'll follow you question more.
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the economic system known as capitalism has generated more wealth than any other system in history in many ways it has defined maternity itself hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty however competent lism has also witnessed growing income inequality the appeal of socialism currently on the rise. it's a let me. ask i would. pick i. did
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not. want to. lose you know not. to make that a c. because don't listen. to what they do have. the standards of that not as you. know most of the people. you know. who would you hire to use do. what you. want to meet your house on the net.
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welcome to. improving our lives with every day objects the design of today's about comfort and function and today my guest is one of the most prolific designers iconic designers of our times. artists of all there are great to have you with us today you look wonderful thank you so do you agree in moscow today in the. way of sunshine in the winter. but you know most cities around the world quite great so then they have you talking .


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