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question athletes brace themselves with the world anti-doping agency to design it on whether to slam the door to international sport from them for the next 4 years yeah look there's no doubt that but we also. just that but others will you. suggest . us to you know we're going to trust the to be on the. russian brands the proposed things functions a lot to coal and in appropriate while some are fleets say they are politicized. ukraine peace talks resume for the 1st time in 3 years and they'll be the 1st for the country's new leader who was elected on a promise to end the conflict. a
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very warm welcome to you it's 1 pm here in moscow when you're watching r.t. international with medicare and now our top story russian athletes are holding their breath with the world anti-doping agency or wada deciding on monday whether their national team will be disqualified from international sports for the next 4 years russia is accused of tampering with a doping test database they handed over to the body early this year my russian sport is facing a number of possible sanctions including a ban on part of the patient in international tournament among the next year's tokyo summit games on the beijing winter olympics in 2022 it's officials could also be barred from sporting executive bodies' additionally the country could be banned from hosting or attempting to host any major sporting event and on top of all that the russian flag might not be seen at any competitions any time soon. now the russian olympic committee says one his recommendations are illogical and inadequate
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the scandal broke when one to analysts found irregularities in doping test database and most deliberately that's where the discrepancies with data that obtained early from a whistleblower relating to the time period between 20122015 daniel hawkins picks up the story. russia saw in limbo once again many of them are just taken the 1st steps of their sporting careers when this whole doping saga began 5 years ago and back then the world anti-doping agency accused the russian of a huge cover up they slammed risotto the russian anti doping body as being unfit for purpose and things escalated quickly i think it doping scandal after a ban on its paralympic athletes was upheld blocking the entire team from taking part in the upcoming rio paralympic games 15 of the 33 russian medal winners were part of a state when doping program the banned the harshest in olympic history hits officials
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hardest of the russian olympic committee is suspended. but things seem to blow over moscow denied they had a state run doping program but admitted they had a problem the russian olympic committee was reinstated and even are now reformed bruce saw other was given the green light subject to strict conditions. we actively cooperate with the requirements that. russia are fully implemented but there was no happy ending water required for access the russian data related to the field of doping testing after a brief deadline delay this was provided in joinery 2019 fast forward to all summer and things have gone wrong again this time water accused russia of tampering with the data 2019 copy of the laboratory information management system. elias database
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matches in many respects the 2015 copy of provided to wander by a whistle blower in 2017 hundreds of presumptive adverse analytical findings that appear in the 2015 copies have been removed from the 2019 copy and the related underlying rule data and p.d.f. files have been deleted altered or water haven't named the mysterious whistleblower but one key witness at the very center of this doping scandal is going to go to rot in coffee before fleeing to the united states where he's now in a witness protection program he was head of the moscow to borrow a tree for 10 years and it turns out his reputation is far from spotless the icy further find that at the heart of the positive drug tests coverup is director rod chin cough he not only accepted brutha requested money in order to execute the concealment of positive test results which makes him equally responsible for incidents where coaches or officials extorted athletes even if he was not
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personally made aware of the extortion no wonder independent russian experts have doubts about the consistency and reliability of the data. since november 28th 15 when the informant left our country till 2017 when the informants data set was handed over to the water intelligence and investigations department this data bank was at the informants disposal he could do anything to it. they lead to the system was access to hundreds of times from abroad and that road chunk off who is wanted in russia for abuse of office and drug charges may have been complicit in tampering with the messages in the system independent forensic examination suggests that ruching of support staff member of staff ysabel if skee hand me the actual remotely logged into the limbs in moscow on numerous occasions after they had detected abroad so they could have changed the zeros to ones both in their database copy and . the one that remained in russia and the monies mean you know what is up but
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russia cut off access to its data base in 2016 while water claims data was being tampered with as late as january 29th blaming russia further significant deletions and alterations were made in december 28th seen and generally 2019 i.e. after the war the exco imposed a day to requirement these activities were concealed backdating of computer systems and data files in an attempt to make it appear that the morse code data had been in their current state since 2015 furthermore the command issued to execute the manipulations deletions and backdating what also deleted in the attempt to avoid detection of what had been done russian experts challenge the pause ability of the investigations findings claiming that such large scale tampering is simply impossible it was like and we can't do it we cannot deny that there were occurrences of copies of files being destroyed and other fast created but there
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were no deliberate manipulations this is the working condition of the database when every year the operator begins to work with this database to change delete and free memory there was a complaint to us the discerned disk was reset but the entry was exactly 17 seconds it was impossible to completely delete information on the disk during this time so how do things stand now fortunately very much where they left off accusations of lies and yet another coverup by water counter allegations by russian officials questioning the credibility of findings based on the testimony of a controversial informant while the fate of hundreds of athletes supposed to be innocent until proven guilty hangs in the balance. meanwhile some voices in white are calling for even tougher sanctions a blanket ban on all russian olympic athlete but even in that eventuality there are grounds for hope on an individual basis alexander try to call for his just one bronze in the skeleton world cup managed to get his lifetime olympics ban
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overturned by sports highest court. you know a little bit of subject to go with the suits to determine if you could get your goal to get a couple that could be a local. level of a male to get the ball to the commuter. the beauty of this is long thirds of that idea to sleep in a minute. because the guy said no you just want to. yeah the you know i also know but it also is a person just but others from chile have gone sick just for the dial up. there are still you know bill at the beach that's the biscuit should be on i'm. still on them but you see a little bit of that actually i made a good. deal
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of the sedalia discipline that i could be somewhat but i do look at the package almost support us they will ship the truth into just not understanding the way to get us knowing us i'm a sleaze i see them as when you push the mushroom cloud to get people over the. go really worship the ability to just. come from boom a little is called the office. yeah people still spilling my wish it's a few of. the states put on them approaches. still see. i mean any estimate. but those wanting to come down hardest on russia are the u.k. and the u.s.
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that antidoping agencies want a complete. olympic ban on all russian athletes the u.k. agency though has its own controversies declared heavyweight boxer and white despite the presence of steroids in his sample and justification is said the levels were very low and not caused by any fault on white's part artie's equals don i've looked at how double standards appear to reign in this fair amount of doping. 3 years in a national sports competitions have. been hijacked by the russians for decades it seems that russian olympic athletes have been secretly doping to gain a competitive advantage labrat doping system secret labs double agents helping russian athletes cheat their way to the medal stand at the olympics this is now pointing the finger at a whole range of sports and former what a staffer told us today you know this isn't a bombshell this is a nuclear warhead the russia doping investigation has become the leviathan of
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sports scandals it's towering so high above everything else in fact it's hard to notice other violations in its shadow bribery a secret doping society medics and coaches going rogue this year alone has seen plenty staggering revelations none of which could compete with russia there when it comes to the fallout and case one a kenyan olympic champion was caught at greasing anti doping offices palms to avoid being caught. one person's case unraveled years of large scale cheating a trove of documents suggesting kenya's national anti doping agency was helping the country's team get away with it more than
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a 100 athletes caught red handed no not russia kenya but the punishment wasn't sweeping it was specific individual to each test and case or how wide a call did not institutionalised drug taking another scandal that snowballed olympic skiing it looked like parts pulled from the american horror story script. so a doping cartel with the now infamous german magic has their ringleader a whole network concocting mechanisms to fool the agency keeping sport clean you'd be shocked to know the sport you play or watch is swarming with drug cheats but the
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focus remains tight on russia those other scandals cost into the media archive and forgotten so reports of institutional conspiracy check and undercover doping network check what about implicating one of the giants of sport coat with its name in lights for promoting a group spearheading american long distance running with performance enhancing drugs. with the c.e.o. apparently on top of the medical experiments within the company's brainchild it's as close to institutionalize drug taking as it gets in the realms of business but you wouldn't expect anyone to banned nike and its billions of dollars from sports
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now we're here because otherwise who is going to tailor team u.s.a.'s olympic outfit. i think we have to look at the wide it your political context anybody who has studied this in depth this whole. story i'm afraid would come to the objective conclusion that double standards are being applied here we are seeing a campaign to deal just to my russia on a number of fronts what people are saying quite rightly in russia and elsewhere is the standards must be applied equally that's what this is about it's about standards being applied equally yes when there is evidence of individual athletes who may have consciously taken drugs in an attempt to get advantages over their rivals spend any athlete that does that should be subject to the rules no one is disputing that but where this goes way beyond that is this call for a blanket ban and which is unfair because it punishes the innocent as well as the
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the guilty. they allege politicized nation on the matter is not the only criticism coming ahead of the possible ban but some sports personalities believe that if implemented it will demotivate a generation a future athlete. how can you ban entire team not only benefits our team and that entire support for my country for 4 years it's absolutely ridiculous it's an overkill and the obvious one is should do it's job to do with claims concerning individual athletes not with the country as a whole to have dreams like god be it so there was 18 years old to go to the little sort of go to war. and compete for their country for the love of the sport for the love of their country and try to meet them one of the best don't want to do. what. sport is being dragged down by politics in
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a place where politics should be completely absent sport is becoming costly. influence of politics is intensely felt in this desire to disqualify the whole national team why does decision to ban russia will affect everybody and it will cause a great shock. concerning weightlifting i would say the decisions either politicized were just incorrect. what kind of message is that suddenly mean to our children and we always talk about. our mission because that is tomorrow well when you ban the whole culture from participating to kill all out of you. i think that 1st and foremost this will affect children and their interest in sport taken by our children to take in their future away with they want to do what they love away because of what a couple individuals did in the past it's just i mean it's ludicrous there's
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a make any sense at all and do stay with us because we will of course bring about critical water rolling as and when it happens. banks guys are financial survival they say money the balance. could use it this is a central bank support dying the government's going to call them right now so stop . is you'll be via reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation
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in the community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or unmaidenly shallowness. welcome back now and monday that he does a france germany russia and ukraine are meeting in paris to thrash out a road map to peace in eastern ukraine president vladimir putin will be arriving in the french congress all in just a few hours trying to report on what the former leader is a change to achieve. the bloody conflict in east ukraine between the pro russian
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breakaway republics of donetsk and lugansk and kiev has been sorted for years now there's only one crucial remark it's been sorted on paper the step by step peace plan is called the mids big dream ends and this came into being thanks to the efforts by the leaders of germany france ukraine and russia this quartet became known as the normandy for well during the 5 years of the existence of the peace plan and we've kept hearing from all kinds of politicians from east to west that the minsk agreements are the only way to go because of also to support the implementation of the minsk agreement because the reasonable alternative no plan b. exists in my opinion this is the only way we can create a climate in ukraine in society where they were able to make painful compromises regarding the states and so must. i agree with the chancellor there is no other
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alternative in the implementation of agreements with help of the n.s.a. yeast. however in fact in reality none of these steps were pretty much taken so no wonder the normandie for stopped getting together this is why december the 9th is so important the quartet is convening after a very long pause and the presidents of russia and ukraine are said to hold direct talks face to face for the 1st time since the civil war in ukraine broke out in 2014 but i do have to point out that he cried so there was a lens he could find himself trapped in fact some are saying that he's already in a trap because any baby steps that he could make towards russia any little compromise could cause a real political damage that whole bit don't ruin the success of his party because the anti russian pro-war lobby in ukraine is still the. very strong and we know
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that the political public mood in ukraine kid swing or just take you turns within a matter of but instead now you may wonder what's in it for france and germany this time the french president emanuel macron wants to cement his role as a senior peace broker in europe was decent ties to russia when it comes to angola merkel of course you may say that right now she's more busy with domestic issues and soon she will be on her way out of big politics although like i said the minsk agreements are partially her brainchild so for her it's a matter of perceived to revive them if we take last go for the russians it's very important to show commitment to the minsk agreements to restore trust with the western countries but as with any way it seems for the russian side the status quo is more preferable over any kind of steps that are in carefully thought through so should we expect any surprise breakthroughs on monday most experts are saying that
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we shouldn't but we do have to remember that under president bush selenski there's already been a prisoner swap between russia and ukraine and also along parts of the front line and east ukraine on both sides heavy weaponry has been removed so this does bring the whole band a slight degree of optimism. ok some breaking news for you now and decision has been reached the world anti-doping agency has decided to ban russian athletes from participating in an international tournament for the next 4 years now this includes the olympics and the world championships russia will also be banned from hosting competitions follows accusations the russian doping agency tampered with data russia was accused of tampering with a doping test database they handed over to the body earlier this year we'll be bringing you more on this in the coming hours so do stay with us for all the latest
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. now moving on the f.b.i. is working on the assumption that the pensacola naval base shooting was an act of terrorism the attack which took place on friday left 3 people dead and 8 injured investigators are looking at whether the saudi gunman who was a trainee at the base acted alone or as part of a group we are as we do in most active shooter investigations work with the presumption that this was an act of terrorism this allows us to take advantage of investigative techniques that can help us more quickly identify and then eliminate any additional potential threats to the rest of our community a gunman was shot dead at the scene by a sheriff's deputy 21 year old mohammed ali. and ronnie was shot was at the base to study aviation it's now been revealed that he bought his weapon
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legally in the u.s. some reports suggest that he played mass shooting videos to other students at a dinner just days before the attack occurred prior to the deadly shooting a twitter account which allegedly belonged to the saadi air force officer posted down to u.s. messages condemning washington's policies in the middle east strategic analyst gregory copley says the shooting throws a wrench into efforts to boost the u.s. saudi alliance. it's very hard to get into the minds of individuals and i think we're at and an at an age where we see people radicalized online to a large extent so that they can target any moment clearly this young officer was personally motivated to undertake this anti american act and very hard to stop people problem that kind of allegiance we've even seen as you know in the past some u.s. officers undertake acts of terrorism of the american acts of terrorism within their own military units so this is not surprising it does however actually cause
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a problem for the saudi government and the u.s. government because saudi arabia and the united states were busily trying to repair the fences between them because it did a breakdown in their strategic relationship over the past few months the pentagon's chief announced america's new military focus but if in the wake of the pensacola attack he thought he might be on countering terrorism he'd be wrong here's why garcia the best explanation i've come up with crude as it is is that the pentagon chiefs have sinked this cycle's honestly at the flaw is reasonable explanation the next most plausible explanation is that there's some sort of a cult initiation ceremony every ua so they come out each successive defense secretary and say exactly the same thing like they're the 1st ever to say it we're working to reallocate our forces 'd and equipment the priority
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theatres that enable us to better compete with china and russia. there seems to be an event a regular event at the pentagon that affects their whole modes their brain activity and makes them act bizarrely the strangeness manifest itself in them shifting their attention to russia and china year after year after year as if they had their attention and something else we face growing threat from revisionist powers is different as china and russia or from each other the 1st to describe how we're approaching 5 strategic challenges russia. china. north korea. iran and terrorism over the long term we should expect russia to test our alliances purpose stamina and commitment the irony in all of this is that
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a recent poll found that half of american military families see russia as an ally television back and the us bases that they somehow missed the years long tidal wave of ansi russian propaganda almost every major us network russia definitely had involvement in the american election russia was meddling in our election russia harvested american rage to reshape u.s. politics how the russians are trying to turn the tragedy to their advantage to target almost every major american social movement what the hell's the point if the target audience the troops that are supposed to protect america from that imminent russian invasion n.b.c. promises coming any al and now if they american troops don't buy it but of course the bras has an excuse merican troops refusing propaganda shoveled down their throats for years and i actually get this the victims of russian machinations
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ha. there is an effort on the part of russia to flood the media with disinformation to sow doubt and confusion this is not only through discordant and inflammatory dialogue but through false narrative designed to elicit sympathetic views and here i thought 11 clinton calling half a countryman deplorable those was discordant or democrats calling republicans traitors was inflammatory i said this before and i'll say it again russia even if it wanted to could never have done a 100th of the damage and division done to america by its own media and politicians who refused to compromise refused to accept their own countryman's opinions and views but no matter what you say to these people they will squirm they will twist they will speak and always always turn it into someone else's fault just not there
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. more and more republicans have changed their views on russia because of president trump's positive statements about russia and russian president vladimir putin and again asking the atlantic council what it thinks of russia is like asking the flu virus what it thinks about vaccines i mean they're literally paid to say this is companies whose sales depend on everyone being afraid of russia it's a tough sport was is the defense secretary to do this rhetorical what they're going to do is shift their attention to russia. a different. let's return now to our breaking news that the world anti-doping agency has decided to ban russia from international tournaments for 4 years now this includes the olympics and at the world championships clean athletes will go be
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allowed to compete under a neutral flag and russia will also be banned from hosting competitions it follows like is ations that the russian doping agency tampered with data we can cross to our correspondent national defense shallop what more do we know about the implications of this decision. but we are still waiting for wada to make that official confirmation but as you said nicky we've had confirmation from are sort of this is the russian anti doping agency the head of that confirming that the board at what has unanimously accepted the proposals to ban russia from competing in those international events for the next 4 years in terms of what that means exactly we understand it means as i say the ban will be for 4 years it will mean that russia is in the sporting wilderness during that time it means that it won't be able to participate or at least won't be able to participate in the russian flag in tokyo 2020 in the winter.


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