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well antidoping agencies executive committee unanimously endorsed the recommendation made by the independent compline sure view committee the russian anti doping agency to be declared non-compliant for the world and people ping code for a paedo of 4 years the c.r.c. recommendation which was derived from the reports of what us intelligence and investigations and external for n.z. experts critic looted the moscow dr was intentionally of to prior to one flyover it was being forensic lee copied by wired up in january 2800 therefore the year aside on a reinstatement condition shortage where a good week agreed by the wider executive committee in september 2800 were not fulfilled in the washer dr was neither complete nor authentic
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along with the recommended ation the executive committee in dos the cd's of strong country currencies and conditions of reinstatement in accordance with international standard for code compliance by signatories the i asked yes which to fake in april 28th to. the consequences include the binding of russia from the olympics paralympics and world championships run by all code signatories for 4 years and a binding the russian host of russia hosting any of these major events within that time frame. this is a ban against russia that protects the rights of russia not seats by allowing the re entry for major events to those that are able to demonstrate that they are not implicated in any way. by the noncompliance. the decision is designed to
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punish the guilty parties and send a message that it will not be tolerated it stands strong against those who cheated this system well protecting those who did not. to dish out communist sanction to the agency's robust investigative lee kept a privileged thief the vision of the compliance review committee and why this recently acquired ability to recommend meaningful sanctions via the young plus the compliance standard which was not available the last time was declared non-compliant these strains combined have enabled the executive committee to make the right decision at the right time. for too long russian go ping has detracted from clean sport the blatant breach by the russian authorities oversight as
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reinstatement conditions approved by the executive committee in september 2800 demanded a robust response russia has afforded every opportunity to get it house in order to rejoin the global anti doping community for the good of its us leitz and for the integrity of sport but it shows in state a different route. what owners send a formal notice to russia asserting noncompliance with the requirement to provide and authentic copy of the marsh good data and proposing the country currently to coming to a fate on the date on which the decision is non-compliant becomes final and to remain in effect until the 4th anniversary of that date. 21 days to this decision but else it will appear before the court of arbitration
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for sport at which point what i will have to justify this session of noncompliance on behalf of the executive committee and of the many stakeholders that supported this yasi recommendation i would like to thank the members of the c.r.c. for that. and considered recommendation as well as why doesn't the investigations department and the 4 n.g.k. follow their skill their diligence and perseverance in getting to the bottom of a highly complex case of stop the change ok thank you very much for craig. president elect banker a call upon you often to say a few words. thank you james good afternoon thank you for the opportunity to make a statement just briefly and 1st of all i would like to to think into and general don and whole intelligence and investigation.
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team and as well as compliance review committee for the exceptional and and tremendous work and thank you very much for for your faults i would like to highlight that today's decision is very important for the future of anti-doping so. and also real strange the credibility of of water is very important that those we command ations were approved by all the exco members and it's also mentioning that previously this decision or school solvent in different regions a couple of days ago in europe we had to think we're all european countries members of council of europe. of course except russia
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supported. those recommendations overly going on you must decision today is a good sign for the future of anti doping what is important thing to these decision is that we are really sanctioning those who are responsible for these many pollutions and leave those open for those who had nothing to do with we dipping scandal in russia clean. innocent athletes. and as i want to remind you one of the most important objectives of water is to protect. clean athletes but the walk is not done it's not done yet of course. we need to focus on the implementation of c o c recommendations absolutely crucial for us think you can take on the next steps so thank you very much. ok thank you very much mr berger like to open it up to
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questions as i said in my briefing a little while ago please raise your hand wait for a microphone to come to you let us know who you are and where you're from ask a question 1st question from david. thank you james and david owen from inside the games. it's a question for jonathan and possibly going to. if i can read it you said in the water press release jonathan that water now has the names of all suspicious athletes in the limbs database things the painstakingly forensic nature of the investigation that includes that includes the athletes whose data was manipulated or even deleted including the one for 5 athletes within what is the target group of most suspicious athletes. does
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that mean that if this process. confirms the decision of today. you will be able to keep those $145.00 athletes out of the olympic games and paralympic games. and will you at some point be able to name them so that people like us will be able to check that kept out thank you. thank you for the question to you the answer to your question is yes. you do know who those athletes are $145.00 in any further athletes and therefore we will they will be kept out of the games if they're still competing remember that the lim states are relates to testing done in 2012 to 2015 may or may not be there still competing but if they are then that will be
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a plug to them using the mechanism provided for to. participate in the games as to whether or not their names will be. public moving forward that will depend. it's not something we specifically focused on it will depend on to process it will depend upon whether or not further evidence can be obtained and proceedings can be brought against them on the 1st point you can be sure that they will not participate in the events on the 2nd point i think will have to watch and why on that one. carrick. terry pound the new york times i'm not sure who the best placed person is but. in 2018 before pyongyang we had a. report in all of that and very strong sanctions it was a day like today and russia were banned from the olympics and we were all at the
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olympics and there was rusher in all but name the olympic team from russia or whatever they were called or the hundreds of russian athletes that what what we're going to see here we're going to see you said they're banned from international sports olympics and world championships are we going to see the football team formally known as russia or the world cup are we going to see the formally known russian team in hockey or the teeth of this ban what does that actually mean. is it just something we're going to write today and we're going to see hundreds of athletes thanks. jonathan journey to go on. thank you disaffect questions. the 1st of all let's be clear about the totality of the package this is a full year package it relates to a number of different things all come to consist patient events in a moment but hosting of events for 4 years plus bidding for a famous in the next 4 years which means there won't be events in russia for longer
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than 4 years in terms of participation. the standard is clear there will be no flag at the events that are covered with talk about the events that are covered goes down to world championships and each will. they will note not be a russian flag and the athletes will not be participating as representatives of russia the details from sport to sport will have to play will have to differ because some a team sports some individual sports there are going to have to be. a case by case basis nevertheless what is important is that the standard says that it is under the control and all the approval of wada to ensure appropriate and standardized enforcement that may if there is a cascade he says be taken into casts so we can see what is proposed in toss it
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itself saw and we be definitive now as to in every case what it will me know that the standard is clear i will not be there as representatives of russia what that means in every case will need to be developed and will be need to be subject to guidelines that cas will have to look at and all the water i discovered if we don't go to cast the water exco will have to look at. ok thank you is a question right about front. that it is not going from russian news agency area noticed here have a couple of questions short ones 1st have any road map for assad on how to restore its credibility for wada and the next one is in case of the days to be disappeared . for i do expect the decision of cause will be different from your decision. and they did maybe just one small question will you accept
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a russian outlets to perform as a olympic athletes from russia team that wants for example in previous games. no one's future job. is there are you wrote about for reuss to restore credibility go 1st of all let me be clear and it's in the recommendation as well the standard which craig referred to which was put in place in 2018 tries to deal with the circumstances and anticipate circumstances such as this wearing facts and not all which is not compliance is able to show that is anti doping activities remain credible and reliable and not is the judgment of water at the moment based on. being done of the operations of research plus reports back from international federations like the f.s.s. integrity unit who you'll have seen recently in
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a press release about the lysenko case thanks rosado for its cooperation and the standard allows for that by saying that restarted despite being non-compliant can be allowed to continue to conduct its activities however one of the conditions of reinstatement i mean the conditions that will have to be met in order for that to be reinstatement after 4 years is that. solder is able to confirm that it remains independent and operating properly in a cone's with the code and standard and without improper outside interference and if it is not able to do that then i reinstatement condition will not have been met . do i expect the decision of cas to be different from the decision of the watering scouts time no idea. from. and little russian at least speaks it as a little peek at least from russia. neutral athletes which means not representatives
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of any country not representatives of russia. ok jonathan. at huffington. jonathan craven deutsch about a couple of questions one to craig reedy one to jonathan. craig. the decision obviously seems somewhat similar to what's been decided before so a lot of people say well what actually has changed what has changed in this this last period and jonathan how confident are you of winning the case that casts. i think the 2nd question's been answered bush. 1st question what has changed is that from a photo into 18 we have a completely new compliance set of rules which impose us to take much stronger action and that is precisely what has been done to date and you have a jonathan's view legal view that this is a case that gosh
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a stroll may well be accepted ok heigho. thank you james 2 questions the 1st question is the i.o.c. has asked for the delivery of the authentic data base for this weekend's who have eyes remember who says it was exact wording 1st of all it is as authentic database to the existing or do you believe that is destroyed probably russians 2nd question is. that authentic data no help you in order to expose more doping cases into the current situation and the other question a 3 for a 2 by throne because there are people in biathlon who claim set world championships are concerned but the world cup is not concert can you give us and if an understanding is that is
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a correct interpretation or does it refer you to all it's a global event. ok well i think gunter would be best placed to answer the 1st 2 questions and maybe jonathan the 3rd. thank you hi oh for the question. regarding the authentic data we have to go back when we discussed with russia or what we want actually the object if our task was to get the raw data because these are the primary evidence for all the cases in our lab experts they needed some more information from there all data that we haven't had in our database so this was the 1st task when we went there and extracted the data we realized that the data where did eat it raw data where deleted so we could not extract those data that we needed for our cases so when we talk about the authentic data we still we we don't know where they are but perhaps they have still some from the raw data but if they have
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to roll it out that they should they should hand over them and then we can check we have enough evidence to be sure whether they're older then think we're not so if we get that road out there then we are able to proceed to cases that are still pending at the moment we don't have on this 2nd question was. more or less the same like like i just said that state auditor are the most important thing because they have some more information that database has and therefore we are we are peano on getting these ones but so far we haven't received those. so what we know is that there are a majority of rolled out there have been deleted since 2016. ok drawn from. the relations of biathlon the standard talks about and the
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decision talks about world championships and it depends each pool is different how it defines its will champion my understanding in biathlon nice there are world cups but it is the world. championship biathlon world championship that is the world champion so that's the distinction if that's the case it is the event that decides the world champion it is covered by the ban so for example in football they have a world cup it is the world cup that decides the world champion so that is what would be covered it is the event that determines who is the world champion. ok brian deer the question. for an unknown graham. brian have from reuters to just to clarify can can you say whether this means that russia will or will not be able to play at the 2022 world cup in qatar. assuming i qualify i don't know if they're going to qualify. if they qualify then.
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they can the same representing russia cannot participate but i seem of neutral if there's a mechanism put in place and neutral they can apply to supply on a neutral basis not as representatives of russia and in a team context how that works is going to have to be worked on a case by case basis but the answer is no russian flag not as representatives of russia. gary graham i think you wanted to follow the story because i burned your follow up. with the decision be down to free throw down to water. the signature signature in each case has to implement the decision and in terms of the mek if they want to put in place a mechanism to allow a new mechanism for athletes who can prove they're not tainted they can do that wada has to either control or approve that mechanism so we're going to have to work
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together but what is very clear is one of the things new things that the new standard brings in is that once this is a final decision everyone is bound by it everyone has to implement it so it will be for the i.a.f. here fee for to implement but i'll have to do so in consultation with wada which will be making sure that as a standardized approach and a compliant approach. grant. granted from the associated press another question for jonathan in terms of hosting if you look to which events in the next 4 years are the most prestigious or the most watched then you're looking at things like the champions league final formula one grand prix sport conference. all of which could be amps of reach maybe of this decision today and there's already the the language built in if legally and in practically impossible to move and you can imagine that some of the smaller i have sinless and haven't got the
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resources in some cases the will for a long legal fight what do you think are going to be the real consequences for hosting how much is actually going to change. i press used in the sport of code conferences when the most prestigious event plays with the. series in the in the 4 years even event has already been awarded to russia and yes the standard requires that they have put in place mechanisms that allow them if this happens to take that event or why there will be practical issues a mechanic notice so for example the recommendation already sais that the youth olympics in in those in in january on not covered because even if the decision was in effect today and wouldn't be time to implement mechanisms to implement it properly so we have to have some flexibility there are
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a number of important events in the next 4 years and it's not just events in the next 4 years is any event that comes up for bidding in the next 4 years and it's not the do everything possible not to crowd nose of industry russia is that i must not crown those events to russia so what has changed the rules. and sights are because we learn from some of the difficulties that would cause the 1st time around as to which events you have to get the calendar out i'm sorry a comp amount for you but remember it's not just those station it's for his use those that a paid for in the next 4 years as well or the 2032 olympic games i cannot get to host. eric. and then morrow. we saw in rio some for their russian
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decided in 3 days before the evans who would take god or not so can we expect the same thing in in tokyo and my 2nd question is hello learned this. awning said she was not happy with his decision today and the worst decision was to reinstate restart line 28 in. craig radio mr niggly would you reply to this thank you. the 1st point. it would not work for seems selection entry to be done 3 times before they can use . if you saw to accept the consequences they will come into effect immediately if it doesn't there will be a cascade yes the cask standard allows for expedited proceedings and therefore push through the case and hope to get a decision by march or april can't control that so we don't know but everyone does
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know that if it comes into a phase they need to be ready to implement it they are required to implement it as a matter of their own compliance and there will be a mechanism. guidance put out by wada which item is being if we consequence will have been reviewed and tossed by cas so they will be ready to implement no sanctions. perfect and just far as the vice president is concerned i actually haven't seen exactly what she said but if she said the december to september is it shouldn't 2800 was wrong then i don't understand that because the klein complies review committee a major submission to the executive committee of which she was a fool member and she signed off and that executive committee offer was put to the russian authorities data spawn did she signed off on not and then she may have changed her mind she seems to forgotten that the rules have changed and had changed
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before the september meeting the whole point of the september decision was 1st of all and an admission of liability which came through the i.o.c. schmidt commission and secondly access to the data and the marshall or free without access to the data we would not to be need to bring cases against athletes who have cheated and perhaps just as significantly we would not have been able to exonerate athletes. with samples in the laboratory who had not cheated so i'm sorry i simply don't understand what she said and at the end of the day she you know in addition we accepted the approved the actual decision this morning. martha and then there's a question right of the back. months from sky news i'm not sure he was the right person start this question to you but were you surprised to see such critical anti
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doping data deleted by the russians even after they promised to be compliant. he was there on. earth the answer is yes. surprised i mean why would we place an offer before the russian authorities to break the deadlock that existed between wilder and russia the assumption was that we were waiting entirely for russia to accept the mcclaren report. 26 cases prosecuted by the i.o.c. from film showing where overtightened at the court of arbitration for sport so the chances of sitting waiting for russia changed in line seem to me to be unlikely and which case if you going to break the data the importance was to get into the of olive tree having agreed that all of the should happen and having agreed to assist the entry of expo to that over
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a tree to then find out that almost the scene time they were tempering with the dr disappointment maybe not quite the right word but disappointment will do for the moment jonathan did you want to follow up on that if i may suit just follow up on so craig's comments there. disappointed yes we gave them an opportunity that was the decision in the seychelles to give them an opportunity to draw a line. we knew it was a possibility they would not do so and 2 things happened one reinstates it subjects them to providing the title which means that the new rules applied and that's why we are where we are today the new rules apply and that's why we can impose these consequences but secondly and just as importantly when seen went into the moscow lab they didn't take images of the title i took forensic piece of the title which
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meant they were able to go behind the properties of each file and see what had happened because they're not stupid they were prepared for this possibility and it's a good moment to pay tribute to the skill of the intelligence investigations department and the independent expert because for the best plan for the worst and were able to expose some very significant tampering and by doing so in the context of a reinstated rosado ira able to do so in a context where we're now able to impose some significant consequences which everyone has to recognize and in folks. a right of the bark. hello thank you charlotte even ski from russia today you've talked today about the fact that you know who this is specious athletes are 145 you talked about this decision as being one that will protect the innocent but does it when it's many
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people would say it's unfair for those athletes who have no clout of suspicion over them to not be able to compete under the team russia banner to not be able to compete and to potentially willing to have their flag shown if they win at any of these events you know people who've worked in train for years to be able to do that and secondly what impact do you think this will have or new young athletes who are just starting their journey to come through the ranks who are looking at potentially having a career in athletics or in sports at this band could do to then. start with the answer. i fully agree review that that you know send and shoot should be protected and actually what i just said to her you the whole exercise of going to moscow to get the data was.


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