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which would involve a lot of people from different. sports bodies you know because he has a feeling that. well maybe not necessarily has a biased approach but they have a certain grievance as he said as he called it which he could understand in terms of you know in the eyes of the public water gives this credit of trust to russia if i should say so and then russia sort of violates this credit of trust and now water just has to slap a completely you know enormous ban on the cleanup in the country. but again it's all going to depend on the court of arbitration for sports and i think as i've said before we're in the very early stages of yet another big big fight which will last which could last months because right now we have 21 days the appeal period. in which russia must appeal to the. i assume it would happen actually much quicker than that because i've already heard indications that there will be several emergency meetings of sports federations within the next couple of days here in
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moscow. but then after the $21.00 days the court of arbitration for sports despite the assurances by water that it might take a sort of expedited way it was still could still take months to produce a decision depending on what kind of materials the russian authorities provide to the court of arbitration of sports but then again there could be a lot of questions as to why this material was not provided to walk in the 1st place why does it have to come to this this sort of big explosion and then and the statement on the ballot and everything else but what you know we should be focusing on and that i think mystical of course made clear is that this is just the beginning this is essentially just the beginning of a major fight and it's really hard to predict which side of the fight russia and water or you know sports and athletes will end up eventually i think kerry extremely right that i think hope might be too strong of a word but he did just kept saying that you know cas is. going to be the last word
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on this not today's decision we do need to look forward and then forget again that you know this kind of decision by wada you can understand where it's coming from i mean this is been a lot of fuss and mess about the doping fight in the world where doping is now become a regularity and i'm talking about the whole world of sports not just russia where the particular sport in general has just been a problem and they've they've been trying to sort of amplify that fight well they have done so to day and they have stressed that that you know the new set of rules that they implemented. in the process of investigating the previous case of russia the samples in question now they basically want to show the world that they amplifying their fight they've done so well quite vocally by slapping this kind of decision. but then again we let's not forget that they don't know what to do with it all yet the federation the federation the football federation different federations which involved world championship or russia could be a participant or hosting on its domestic soil they are looking at this decision now
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is like what are we going to do with it because some have already had you know infrastructure build money invested tickets are on sale at school of course mentioned in his press conference how do you navigate all that when somebody who doesn't even have the ultimate authority in the world comes out and says you cannot do that you cannot host you cannot wear a flag you cannot sing an anthem and things like that at the end of the day and pretty eloquent about that the world anti-doping agency is not the ultimate sport authority in the world. obviously he was referring to the olympic charter i mean it's more of a ideological or ideal thing right now but even the court of arbitration for sports stands high in the iraki of the world so basically what we're seeing right now is the federations will have to be deciding individually on whether they like russia or they don't like russia if i should put it in a simpler times which brings you know if you think about it we should bring sports as it is in a state of disgrace because it shouldn't be like that sports is about many other
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things you know deciding on whatever preferences they about whether countries should participate or not on something else he touched on what i think can easily get overlooked at this point is the data that they're talking about is years old already and many of these athletes have already proven that they are clean that they have never used helping and now they're going to have to do it again and he said that you know russia's response is have been ignored and he did say that yes russia has had issues with doping nobody's denying that but at this point we've been in compliance and we're trying to move forward and yet here we have again today another ban another repercussion on data that's already you know hard to determine what's old what's new what's been tampered with and these athletes are the ones who are suffering at the end of the day you see another part of this whole decision today and i completely agree with you which doesn't make much sense at all is that 1st the c.r.c. in their huge accommodation to the executive board of water they said basically we have no qualms against against assad as work they've been doing really good work
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they've been fighting doping cases they've been exposing the path leads and things like that which is essentially what an anti-doping agency should be doing for this past year ever since they got the reinstatement they've been doing just that now. which says that it wants to protect clean athletes that it wants to ensure the future of clean sport in the world slaps the ban on the saga and says basically you're non-compliant when you can work you can do your work but we don't see us part of the website open family for the next 4 years i mean what is running. through the minds of the people that are right now i feel very sorry for them because of all the work they've put in you know despite some conflicts that they've been having with different other bodies and old and you know stuff going each way which we also quite clearly saw at the press conference of mystical of course as well that there's doesn't seem to be love lost between the sports minister and there seems to be sort of a blame game there as well but then again it's a different matter but still decided to do a lot of work and now how you expected to clean up the sport how you supposed to
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have an effective system of anti-doping in the country where you say that you cannot go on working and we don't see you as part of the family that's really hard to understand but then again this whole decision is knitted of decisions which are really hard to understand and there's just more and more questions like you said he was talking about how rosado has been there has been praise for the work they've been doing and earlier at the water press conference the president said the exact same thing that good job was. but now they have a new list of things that they need to come in line with and this ban this 4 year ban is a rolling ban and so it's not even clear how much they have to do to get reinstated do you think there's a lot of fear that this will actually go on much further than 4 years at this stage it's impossible to say where it's going to go 1st of all it's impossible to say whether it's going to take effect i mean let's not rule out the possibility that the cost says no sorry water that's too hard i mean let's punish the individuals
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let's punish maybe a particular federation soul or whatnot even though the federations were not even involved in what. is alleging that russia has done but then again you know we have to think 1st and foremost not about what's going to happen in 4 years but we have to think about the athletes to clean athletes that's going to happen to them now. you know there's been so many stories already there's been so much outcry of people who have never even considered doping in their life in that could be cases when you know a coach puts something into. and the athletes drink and the athlete is not aware that he's being dope and things like that but there are athletes who have never failed a doping test in their careers who have won stuff who willing to compete able to compete one of them is that extended if you go if you the skeleton athlete we had a conversation with and let's listen to his story. we know that it's subject to the c.p.s. good at the moment you just get your shit on. the other. most
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of the e-mails over this commuter. the both of you this is. the 3rd so that i need you to sleep in and get mine you know. for this began. yeah the note also dealt with that we also. just but other. success of the private law. there are still a number of them if that's the database can be on them. still of the bunch of. the connection they made a good. idea discipline that i could be somewhat but i do look at the package almost support us they will ship the truth. and it's time you put away digital snowing s.m.s.
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would you please i mean let's see i'm a cousin yeah. i could keep a log of the. go it really was shit ability to just. come from boom all of the 'd form or just call him a whopper. yeah people still spin him i was at the cook if you will just post this but tell me on the porch must. still see me yeah. i. mean yes. the fate of those athletes really hangs and the bounce like say thank you so much for joining us in the studio and helping us break down all this breaking news it's been a pleasure. now various russian sports federations have been quick to question why this decision. there's decisions
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a biased inexplicably that to politicize them prejudged the punishing russia is the state which was connected to this story without showing any credible evidence is an absolutely normal transparent organization punishing the states and clean sportsmen and women why should that be considered fact. i'm absolutely sure it's wrong to punish and impose severe sanctions against those 100 percent meeting everyone in the committee requirement. what is decision is unfair it's wrong to treat sports men and women on the basis of their nationality i believe all sports participants have the right to represent their country on the international arena. they allege politicization of the matter is not the only criticism coming over the ban some sports personalities believe that it might one day motivate a generation of future athletes.
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how can you. not only been a tight team and that entire supports for my country for 4 years it's absolutely ridiculous it's an overkill. water should do its job and deal with claims concerning individual athletes not with the country as a whole but. it isn't fair that everyone pays a price 1st to athletes who are caught doping a 4 year disqualification for athletics who worked tirelessly and were desperate to take part in your lympics it is truly unjust. any world championship european championship without representation from russia is impossible it is just not possible to do because russia is one of the most vivid representatives in any sport to have a dream. so there was 10 years old to go to their lives that will do or whatever and compete for their country for the love of this for the love of their country and try to be number one a poor consul or a best don't want to deal. with.
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the sport is being dragged down by politics in a place where politics should be completely absent the sport is becoming hostage. the influence of politics is intensely felt and this desire to disqualified the whole national team why does decision to ban russia will affect everybody and it will cause a great shock. concerning weightlifting i would say the decisions even. just incorrect support in politics should remain separate from only just ideality and we can clearly see that this is political pressure because the russian national team is in leader in sport that's why everything is being done in the political. message is that. to our children. our mission because tomorrow well we may have the whole country from participating to
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kill or a lot of those but i think the 1st and foremost this will affect children and their interest in sports taken by our children to take on their future away with they want to do what they love away because of what a couple individuals did in the past. it's just i mean it's ludicrous and it doesn't make any sense at all the russian sports minister paul has just held a news conference following want to decision to ban russia from international sporting events for 4 years he says russia's arguments have simply been left on heard it's been your but it was legal experts who provided convincing on says unfortunately they haven't heard it. has time to appeal but it was initially when we handed over the database we said let's investigate the database together so that we can make a full decision so he wanted to have a kind of mechanism if we want an objective decision let's do it like this. has all
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the necessary opportunities they could have taken a different approach than those opposed to. or join the live now by marriage ask a writer and broadcaster for my comment on this water has been declaring its goal very clearly to punish those responsible saying that this is the only way to protect clean athletes but it does seem that the clean athletes are the ones paying the price is that fair. well i think it's certainly fair so far as the russian athletes are concerned because it means that they were that they won't be able to compete under their national flag or the national symbols they won't in effect be able to represent their country and i think because sport has played such a big part in russia and before that in the soviet union that i think from from the national russian perspective not just from the perspective of those many clean athletes you know this is this is a very sad day for russia why do you think the principle of innocent until proven
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guilty seems to have gone out the window. i think it's very hard to say i mean if i you know if i was russian i would be probably arguing that this was a political anti russian decision as i'm not russian i find it very hard to penetrate if you like the decision making processes. i thought that this was quite close to being finished that russia had opened up much much more than i think a lot of people outside russia had expected in terms of its documentation its processes and as you were saying. but i know that russia's going to appeal but the decision today was unanimous so i think it's very hard to see how that decision will be reversed. as you mentioned earlier sports and the idea of playing for your
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country is very important in russia so what kinds of things must be going through the minds of russia's top athletes right now. well i was very interested in the people who were speaking to you and saying that this could blight the prospects and ambitions of russian athletes including very young aspiring athletes for a generation because it's not just that they'll be deprived of competing for their country it's that ambition and you have to plan so far ahead you have to work so far ahead for for any sort of achievement in sport that you know young sports people could start to lose interest all they could think about maybe emigrating and competing for another country of course that you know that's that's far from an ideal position. and this time around we'll see no olympic athletes from russia but they'll be required to just be called neutral athletes why do you think they made that distinction this time. well i think that's
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a distinction which has been it's been in operation now for about the last year maybe even 2 years and i think the idea is to try to send the message that clean athletes of whatever nationality won't be penalized for compete from competing in international competition but of course international competition is specially in athletics in football all these things it's very much about the national flag so it does have a big i would say it has a big disincentive izing effect. i think there's another point that i'd like to make which is that some of the people you were talking to were saying that the russian state is being treated as were the the sponsor and the the culprit in all this which makes it different from almost any other country it's where it's individual athletes who are sanction penalized or banned for taking
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illegal substances. and you can look around the world and you can say you can look at the united states you can look at it. and you can say individual athletes have been punished or individual athletes have a shadow over them because of the particular coaches they've chosen or the particular practices they've taken on in training but it's not the whole country that gets penalized because our sort of. that the star athletes take a big role in who they choose to train them and how they go about it so the state is in a way less conspicuous than it is in russia so in a way it's easier to punish russia the new would be the united states or britain. what official that today's decision was important for the future of anti-doping but
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how does complete competing under a neutral flag and banning the possibility to host major sports events help settle the problem of doping. well i think if you look at it from the point of view of. they would say this is a sort of exemplary punishment that sends out a warning to everybody else. that russia and everybody else with must for now on observe the roots but of course what we've seen over the last year. was simply talk about britain here we've seen practices where in a way. some athletes and some nations have maybe just a bit cleverer than others in the sense of applying for exemptions for particular substances on medical grounds. that some say they need treatment for. other conditions even though their top ranking people and they get that position so they're not seen as taking in legal substance. as
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a shadow over the over the former sky cycling team in britain. of awards over the years but because cycling is how it is it's taken as a private team in a private punishment that doesn't have anything to do with the as it were the good name and the reputation of the country writer and broadcaster mary deserves thank you for your time and your comments. you caves anti-doping agency has supported why this decision saying it's the only right one you cajuns he has it's own controversy as though it cleared heavyweight boxer and white despite the presence of steroids in his sample in justification it's that the levels were very low and not caused by any fault on white's part. down of looks at how double standards appear to remain in the sphere of anti-doping. for years the national sports competitions have.
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been hijacked by the russians for decades it seems that russian olympic athletes have been secretly doping to gain a competitive edge labrat doping system secret labs double agents helping russian athletes cheat their way to the medal stand at the olympics this is now pointing the finger at a whole range of sports in a former what a staffer told us today you know this isn't a bombshell this is a nuclear warhead the russia doping investigation has become the leviathan of sports scandals it's towering so high above everything else in fact it's hard to notice other violations in its shadow bribery a secret doping society medics and coaches going rogue this year alone has seen plenty staggering revelations none of which could compete with russia there when it comes to the fallout and case one a kenyan olympic champion was caught at greasing anti doping offices palms to avoid
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being caught. one person's case unraveled years of large scale cheating a trove of documents suggesting kenya's national anti doping agency was helping the country's team get away with it more than a 100 athletes caught red handed no not russia kenya but the punishment wasn't sweeping it was specific individual to each test and case or how wide a call did not institutionalised drug taking another scandal that snowballed olympic skiing it looked like parts pulled from the american horror story script.
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so a doping cartel with the now infamous german magic has their ringleader a whole network concocting mechanisms to fool the agency keeping sport clean you'd be shocked to know the sport you play or watch is swarming with drug cheats but the focus remains tight on russia those other scandals cost into the media archive and forgotten so reports of institutional conspiracy check and undercover doping that were check what about implicating $1.00 of the giants of sport coat with its name in lights for promoting a group spearheading american long distance running with performance enhancing drugs.
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with the c.e.o. apparently on top of the medical experiments within the company's brainchild it's as close to institutionalize drug taking as it gets in the realms of business but you wouldn't expect anyone to banned nike and its billions of dollars from sports now we're here because otherwise who is going to tailor team u.s.a.'s olympic outfit. i think we have to look at the why that your political context anybody who has studied this in depth this whole. story i'm afraid would come to the objective conclusion that double standards are being applied here we are seeing a campaign to deal a just to my eyes to russia on a number of fronts what people are saying quite rightly in russia and elsewhere is
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the standards must be applied equally that's what this is about it's about standards being applied equally yes when there is evidence of individual athletes who may have consciously taken drugs in an attempt to get advantages over their rivals then any athlete that does that should be subject to the rules no one is disputing that but where this goes way beyond that is this call for a blanket ban and which is unfair because it punishes the innocent as well as the the guilty well of course be following this story throughout the day so stay with us for more. and other news the leaders of france germany russia and ukraine are in paris hoping to thrash out a road map to peace and eastern ukraine ever arrived at the it is a palace where the summit is taking place across live not to go in the french
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capital for us so india what do we expect from these talks. jacqueline hello there well it is a very big day inside the french presidential palace here in the french capital it's a very big day for europe very big day for ukraine because a lot is at stake i can tell you that just a short while ago right on the stairs we saw emmanuel macron while coming his guests from germany ukraine and russia the 1st one to arrive was england mark hold then it was flying embers a lansky and i can tell you that for a 2nd we weren't even sure if it was him because he arrived on the plane a rado mini van and the last of the 4 leaders to come here was putin an hour before that a group of feminine activists topless after this decided to try and spoil the david very quickly they were silenced by the french police and obviously nothing none of
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this is supposed to happen inside that building where the talks are current thing happening if you look at the schedule 1st there was supposed to be several by last and only then the 4 leaders were supposed to talk together in one room now let me just. talk you through why the leaders are here i'll tell you what the bloody conflict in east ukraine between the pro russian breakaway republics of lugansk indonesia can kiev that taken more than 10000 lives has actually been solved but the. one important remark it's been solved on paper and these step by step agreements were called the minsk agreements and i can tell you that for a while for all these 5 years of their existence we've been hearing from all kinds of leaders from west to east that they are the only way to go.
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to support the implementation of the minsk agreement because the reasonable alternative when be exists in my opinion this is the only way they can create a climate in ukrainian society where they were able to make painful compromises regarding the states don't. agree with them i've also said there is no other alternative to implement when the 6 agreements with help of the embassy you. however if we look at what's been happening on the ground it's easy to realize that pretty much none of these steps were actually taken so now is the new chance because there is a new government in kiev and the normandy format this is the quartet of russia ukraine germany and france that were originally behind the minks
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agreements that they are meeting for the 1st time since 2016 and what is even more important that the 1st ever get together of a russian president and the president of ukraine will happen since the civil war broke out in ukraine in 2014 now at the same time for the cranium presidential dimmers of lenski it's a very difficult situation because some people are saying that he could find himself trapped some are saying that he's already been trapped because on the one. him and he's been elected by a vast majority of ukrainians on promises to bring peace to the country at the same time the pro-war anti russian law in ukraine is still very strong and any baby step made towards russia any little compromise could cause some serious political damage at home if not ruled a pull
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a room the political success of his party all together now you may wonder what's in it for france and germany at this time emanuel macron wants to cement his role as the senior peace broker in europe and you may say that angle of merkel right at the moment is busy sorting out issues at home however as i've said she was one of the people behind the minsk agreements one of the leaders and of course that's why for her it's very important it's a matter of pristine to maintain these agreements to revive them now when it comes to russia their commitments is something that could help restore trust in the west but i guess it is fair to say though that for moscow the status quo is better than any kind of step that's not carefully thought through so if you ask me where suppose.


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