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tv   News  RT  December 10, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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you know what is happening in the world is time adjusting aparna lot of different ways we look into it because there's an economic force behind it is always. president trump says he looks forward to the dialogue with russia after beating foreign minister sergey lavrov at the white house nuclear arms reduction was a key focus of those talks. meanwhile last democrats go only unknown in the u.s. president claim for russia pollution case was also an attempt to overthrow him plus . the. protesters in france take a stand against pension reform as a speech by the prime minister i'm backstage.
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and i know you're watching all the international i'm or is on a lot quicker welcome to the program. and a red visit to the u.s. the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has held talks with president trump and secretary of state mike pompei it donald trump described the talks as very good and says he wants more with russia. just had a very good meeting with foreign minister sergey lavrov and representatives of russia discussed many items including trade iran north korea i n f treaty nuclear arms control and election meddling look forward to continuing the dialogue in the near future from the outset it became clear how much room for improvement there is in the relations between russia and the united states for instance one of the cases election meddling the secretary of state might pump a way has been very adamant that any interference in america's relations is unacceptable by a foreign power to which russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov stressed that all
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such accusations still exist in the realm of speculation. it was for meddling or not is suggested to simply read the moon report we read it there is no proof of any collusion so also has repeatedly said that russia is ready to release full transcripts as to what was said by the russians and by the members of the trump team via a special communication channel that had been established back in 2618 but according to the russian foreign minister those attempts to make those transcripts see the light of day have so far been stopped by the trumpet ministration. to do the ration of donald trump which suggested our colleagues to dispel all baseless suspicions let us publish that close journal correspondent starting from october 26th scene to november 27th so it would become all very clear to people
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unfortunately the current administration refused to do so. we already to publish that correspondence and over he talked about that. nationalism and our suggestion is to publish i repeated for a 4th time to publish that data that would show how russia responded through the special channel which was designed for reviewing threats also i've been it was. now the bone of contention between russia and the united states is the i.n.f. or rather the absence of the deal now and both parties of both ministers have kind of clash this to how they see the moving forward for instance the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has again said that we could use that the countries could use the start treaty that had been signed back in 2010 but my pump a.o.l. has voiced his concerns and has made it clear what the united states don't like about that deal it can't be the case that that can be the sole focus that's a agreement that was entered into many years ago when powers were very different on a relative basis around the globe. it was at
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a time when the weapons systems the threats were very different than they are today to the risks to strategic instability today are different it's no longer just missiles just bombers just submarines just warheads there are many other tools which can create strategic instability so we believe not only do the conversations need to be broadened to include the chinese communist party as you start mr president spoke again about russia's preparedness to run them agree on its extension to alleviate the tension for the global community the instruments of ohms control between the u.s. and russia will not be destroyed but simply not enforced we are prepared to do that even today on the other hand circular has reiterated that russia has been making unilateral steps of good faith for instance the russian president had previously said that russia wasn't going to deploy any weapons that had been banned under the i.n.f. treaty in europe unless washington or its allies decide to do that 1st but it wasn't
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all negative there are some points where russia and the united states do see eye to eye and where they do see each other as valuable partners syria afghanistan north korea all those asked but all those political crises see russia and the united states working together. both countries it seemed did their best both ministers at least did their best to try and move that train for what as much as they could. well virginia state senate separates a black think the russian foreign ministers trip to washington comes at a difficult time for president trump keep in mind that. all of this is taking place with the backdrop of the impeachment hearings and it has been one of the strategies of the administration to appear to be as tough with russia as possible and it's very unfortunate but that's just the the domestic policy
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ramifications of this there's only so long that you can continue talking about russian meddling and so far the only evidence that i've seen is that there were $100000.00 in facebook ads that were placed some of them for hillary clinton some of them for trump and they were placed out of russia well i'm going to tell you $100000.00 did not buy you a drop in the ocean in terms of facebook ads so. the democrats will continue to insist that the russians meddled the republicans are and condensed i don't think i don't think it's an issue that's particularly relevant to the american people. staying with that theme of impeachment the u.s. house judiciary committee has just 2 specific challenges against president dilma trump paving the way for impeachment committee chief jerry not let make that
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announcement. the 1st article for abuse of power it is an impeachable offense president should be engaged in an unprecedented categorical and indiscriminate defiance of the impeachment inquiry. this gives rise to the 2nd article of impeachment for obstruction of congress well the articles of impeachment have been drawn up against donald trump accusing him of obstruction of justice as well as abuse of power these articles of impeachment are not expected to go very far with the senate under the control of republicans now it seems the democrats have moved full speed ahead on from their trumped russia collusion allegations which was the basis of a long investigation which seems to have disproved what was widely believed now they've moved on to these allegations about ukraine that are the basis of the impeachment and articles of impeachment that were recently drawn up the investigations that cetera however as folks look back on the long trumped russia
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collusion investigation we now have a very important report that was just released the horowitz report from the department of justice inspector general looking into the investigation of donald trump for allegations that he colluded with russia now the report it has some contradictory information and findings out it does not and not seem to show that the department of justice acted inappropriately in investigating the trump campaign they said that all that was simply required in order to carry out an investigation was what they called articulable facts what is being overlooked is that there seem to have been agreed just errors by the f.b.i. when they investigated donald trump they apparently made quite a few mistakes this is the president of the united states responding to the report the report actually and especially when you look into it in the details of the report are far worse than anything i would have even imagine. what they were doing and what they would have. invited make a certain a certain move that was
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a very important move because it would have been even worse if that's possible and they might have been able to succeed this was an overthrow of a government whose was an attempted overthrow now the report also reveals some information regarding john breaux. he was the cia director under obama and he was an outspoken critic of u.s. president donald trump remains an outspoken critic of him after leaving his role at the cia apparently he testified that that they did not rely on the steel report and the obama administration's intelligence community assessment that accused russia of meddling in the election did not rely on the steel report however the newly released report from the department of justice the inspector general report seems to indicate that that was not the case that what john brennan testified was not accurate this was what john brennan testified and you know if the bureau ever relied on
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a steel dossier is as part of any court filings occasions petitions pleadings have no awareness to the cia rely on no one. because we we didn't we it wasn't part of the corpus of intelligence information that we had it was not in any way uses a basis for the until a screen assessment that was done. was it was not now page $179.00 of the newly released report seems to indicate pretty clearly that the intelligence agencies did rely on that steel dossier. even though that still dossier was compiled by fusion g.p.s. the firm and even they concluded it was not a finished document regardless the intel agencies did apparently rely on that report that is what the new doc document very clearly indicates so it appears that john brennan was giving false information when he was giving his testimony so as we
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have this new report it doesn't seem to fully confirm what many had expected but yet it does also show some impropriety on the part of john brennan and the f.b.i. at the same time we've got the proceeding impeachment hearings and inquiry against trump we've got these articles of impeachment not expected to really go anywhere. place because the senate is solidly republican the drama on capitol hill continues . let's get a bit of analysis old place because now we can cross lot to investigative journalist david lendl flick day thanks for joining us late in the evening for you the less we have of the democrats all focusing on just 2 challenges against trump abuse of power and obstruction of congress where do you see all of this leading. not very far. by focusing so narrowly. the ukraine issue they're. going to have a very quick impeachment vote and
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a very quick trial i suspect which will end in an acquittal because the senate has a majority of republicans and they're not about to vote for these articles i know there are many people on the democratic side and independents people like ralph nader and myself also as a as a planted suggested that what the democrats ought to do is what the nixon impeachment panel did which is to drag things out for months and look at carefully all the impeachable crime that are possibly. being committed by a president because you know people want to see things that they relate to and i don't think as your. reporter said then american people aren't really relating that much to the green story and you've got 50 percent maybe it want to see trump impeached and removed but that's not enough to get the senate republicans
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to vote for impeachment let's talk from moment about it because according to the text of the 1st clip impeachment trump quote use the powers of the presidency and i'm out of the compromise and that's all security of the united states states which is always a very serious challenge. and the democrats proved that and how what they proved that. well it's based on the premise that russia is trying to. conquer or totally gain control over ukraine which the us than in the next step of logic or illogic assumes this is a threat to the united states' national security. the certainly the us attempting to get ukraine to become part of the west and part of nato which had been getting attempted. before the coup. was
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a threat to russian security i'm not sure i see have no ukraine being more friendly with russia. and ending a civil war there that is you know lining up russia against ukraine is somehow a threat to the us all the way across the atlantic so. it's pushing logic to call it a threat to national security but that's what they're doing and a lot of people probably buy into that. russia is a big part of this picture and it's been a big day for russia in the white house correspondent mentioned that newly released report from inspector general today on the origins of the trump russia probe trump and the democrats both seem to be using this report to attack shelby do you think it's a game changer. do i think it's a game changer no probably except that it sort of.
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makes it hard at this point now for trump to continue to say that there was this. f.b.i. plot to overthrow is presidency i think that was overblown conspiracy theory on the president's part and the f.b.i. report does kind of deep bunk that. you know there's enough as you say for both sides to pick little pieces here and there and say see i told you see i told you but the the bottom line is that the f.b.i. had a reason to pursue their investigation in the investigation didn't come up with much as of the 2 i think key points out of the report. missed all of the sill the speculation and concern potential in the us we've got the russian foreign minister in the white house today having dialogue with president trump present chancellor is a very good conversation and he welcomes that. do you think the whole process the impeachment process that is is in any way damaging to u.s.
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russia relations no i don't but i think that you know this idea that you're hearing from people it shifts. and other other democrats who are. you or who have been pushing this you know russia as a nexus tension threat to the united states. say about the about the president seeing lover of. at this time or whatever time i don't think that there's an ever a time they're going to say it's a good time for rough to come to the white house is all nonsense it's any time that you have 2 nuclear powers like russia and the united states with weapons that point at each other coming together to talk whether it's a leader of the country or a foreign minister of the country that's a good thing that the u.s. and russia should be doing much more talking and much less posturing with weapons
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of mass destruction direct i love always a good thing investigative journalist dave and all thanks for your time. ok thanks for having the labor unions in france a fighting back against pension reforms we'll have that story i'm off to this short break. you know world's big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president bush. or some want to be. to the right to the press this is like the 43 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the why. aren't they said. welcome back crowds have rallied in paris against president mccraw plans to overhaul the pension system by more than a dozen arrests have been made and in recent days the country seemed violent protests across a number of cities with more from the french capital his. well as you can see we
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are in the thick of it the country is trying to deliver their message to the government just one day before it now says there are far no plans for the pension reform. in france although we did hear from the country's prime minister that for them for now there is no intention to change their plans if we don't make serious profound and progressive reforms date someone else will make a much more brutal reform tomorrow i hope that we can convince a majority of french people that our reform is fair it is universal it makes the special pension plans gradually disappear and is financially balanced not just for a moment let me give you a clearer picture of who these people are for instance we've already been used to the yellow vests but as you can see these are orange and what it says on them is s.n.c.f. this is the french railway company which is by the way one of the main driving
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forces of the protests you can imagine what happens if the entire system. rewrote workers what if they go on strike son like that has already been facing that at one point you know almost 85 percent of the railway staff members white on rice and this really cause chaos in the country's transport system. but it's not only about iran and world war i can tell you that the professions range from air traffic controllers to actually police officers and warriors so this is just how vast it is. like i said before even police union support the strike and actually in fact different opinion polls say that from 50 to 70 percent of the french population are
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supporting what's going on in the street in the streets of france right now but i do have to mention though that the last week protests in various cities in these countries. did turn ugly and violent. i can tell you that most of the slogans that we are hearing in these protests are aimed directly against the president emanuel macron one you can see right here it
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says macro don't touch my retirement i can tell you that the pension reform is pretty much his brainchild and that's why so many people are angry at him specifically over but this comes soon may be. over but it does not come here to prove money 1st but the reforms we impart to everybody see idea for the pension reform is to introduce a universal point system which will make the pension sums universal for different layers of the society but some of them in france do fear that they will lose their privileges they want to give us a town hall food system you have everyone who will die you forms but all much. so with brings you a point never knows where now this is just
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a warning for the government but it's not hard to predict what's going to happen if emanuel macron and his team decides to stick to the plan of. russian athletes have expressed anger. and frustration over the country's exclusion from all major world tournament's for the next 4 years the decision was made by the world anti-doping agency wada wada took that step after it ruled moscow had tampered with the drug test database and while clean athletes will still be able to compete they'll be forced to do so under a neutral flag russian officials however are prohibited from attending major events while the country won't be allowed to host any tournament's the list of doors now slammed shut in russia's face is extensive include the olympic and paralympic games in tokyo in 2020 and football's fee for world cup in cattle are 2 years after that and russia of course was the last host of that event and its players will now have to go as neutrals if they qualify. russian swimmer yulia fume about as among those
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who are athletes who have to prove that they're clean she failed a drug test in 2013 and was suspended for 16 months before the rio olympics she received another suspension from the only in use but at the matters of sports highest court and won she was reinstated and went on to win 2 silver medals here's what she thinks about waters' latest decision. look i got the decides struggle how could they punish the whole country all athletes no matter whether they deserve it or not they should just punish those who were guilty one of they often result are all athletes who were involved in something but punishing the whole country all our young athletes just because someone did something wrong athletes shouldn't be deprived of the opportunity to represent their own country i believe it shows that politics has come into sport because they do allow clean athletes to compete under the neutral flag but they don't want to see the russian flag there or anyone representing our country. so
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many hours as it is here in the book i have already hired a lawyer however funny that's my sound in ordinary life if you break a rule once it doesn't matter if it's a drive in the fans were fired you will not be punished twice for that i hope it will work now but i can't be sure about that but it could be worse than it was before rio i was reinstated for the olympics almost on the very day the games began and i was sick for half a year now i'm not reacting the same way even if i'm not allowed to compete i'm almost a grandma for the world of sport then that's my fate and what can i do i just want to advise other athletes not to worry and to hire lawyers don't expect anyone to help you help yourself. news this hour russian forces have entered the syrian city of morocco better known as islamic states former capital the troops delivered food aid to locals and they also brought in medical personnel to help those still living there and it comes to months after the sudden withdrawal of u.s.
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armed forces from the area contributor to the l monitor new site only risk believes america strategy is one of the reasons that led to u.s. withdrawal. i think that now the situation in the uk is going to improve because you do have players are entering who have a clear. clear strategy so that they have the you know they have a clear strategy put in place the a problem with the other states was that they had never had a clear strategy you know if there's confusion between it's it speaks about fighting our sources speaks about fighting iran and iran and i say enemies so i would describe the u.s. policy in syria and for that matter in the why the region as being confused and when you have a confused policy that tends to make the situation not very stable in the ground or russia on the other hand has a clear sort of goals a clear sort of policy and so while that's why i think the more russia comes into the picture in places like cook and elsewhere the more that will contribute to
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stabilizing the situation well that is your update for now we'll all be back here at the top of the hour with more news from around the world see that. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately there was also a very. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another
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one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results what they think you should be seeing if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more we give them the sooner we are all. the globalization dollars a share in the us happening in the world drafting aparna lot of different choices. because there's an economic force behind it is always.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century i'm been one number a job or in washington here's what we have straight ahead. this is more than a triumph for organized labor it's a triumph for workers everywhere across america but the real question is the new you is will the new u.s. embassy a actually be a better deal than nafta we're going to break it down in a way that you won't see anywhere else plus as trade tensions and political turmoil have taken their toll on economic growth worries continue to pile up the report which of the british american business association lends a hand to break down britain's economic woes and what lies in store for the euro
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and banks across the e.u. are laying off employees as other banks are mungy to try to keep up with the proliferation of online banking so what is the future look like in the banking sector r g correspondent if i just read and public citizen bartlett naylor will break it down for us so much to get to on this very busy day so let's get started. and we begin with the u.s. in ca because as we told you monday the new north american trade deal between the u.s. and mexico and canada has been agreed to by democrats in congress and that was the final hurdle for the trumpet ministration to get passed in order to have this agreement ratified house speaker nancy pelosi announced the agreement tuesday morning calling it a victory for american workers listen. this is a day we've all been working to and working for on the patch to yes we were in range for a while but until we could cross a certain threshold of enforcement for our workers rights.


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