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pressure expels to german different amounts and a mirror of response to the lid i made a spam. russian could be put on the u.s. list of state sponsors of terrorism that's under a new bill making its way through congress. and the chinese restaurant in new york by a white woman shuts down * off the chest 8 months. of a cultural appropriation once again this is a busybody annoying white liberal preoccupation thinking up to police the world and stand up for all the poor suffering minorities out there the problem was. a few stereotypes. on time magazine's person of the year in $29.00.
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we take a closer look at the 16 year old climate change activists who some say is a hero and inspiration one of those brown to the hypocrites. very warm welcome you watching on t. international with me making airing and we start with breaking news that russia has expelled 2 german diplomats consumer supposed to a similar move by berlin and the made a spot to probe and get more now from our correspondent i don't know what happened and why take us through it well nikki the russian foreign ministry has given the diplomats some question 7 days to vacate the country and this is in a tit for tat response to the german government's move just recently to declare 2 of the russian diplomats in their country persona non-grata. the german in boston has received a note of protest over the ground was decision to expel 2 russian diplomats from
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berlin as a mere response to german diplomats must leave russia within the next 7 days it was last week that germany gave these 2 russian diplomats the same one week deadline and germany's official statement about why he says that russia has not been cooperative enough in an investigation into the death of a georgian national for which some are accusing russian officials of being complicit and now news outlets like their spiegel and bell and cat have published their own conclusions they've been referencing evidence such as photo comparisons and killing patterns of a man who has actually been in hiding from both the international police and russia itself so russia says it denies these claims. the federal foreign office today declared 2 employees at the russian embassy in berlin to be persona non grata with this step the federal government reacts the fact that the russian authorities
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despite repeated high level and in fact it requests did not sufficiently participate in the investigation of the murder of tony k.k. in berlin zoo. they said we did not cooperate enough this is groundless some countries today recalled the tragedy of m h 17 which my dutch counterparts and we didn't do enough then we supplied them with all the necessary information with data from our radars and so on we gave them everything we're on the satellite images the us promised nobody answered that we asked them what kind of cooperation they want from us they responded by saying you have to confess you did it that would be cooperative if germany wants to follow suit but nothing good will come of it that's not a good way to deal with anyone and with russia in particular for the girl to visit with the russian foreign ministry is a response to its own diplomats being kicked out of germany it seems that the diplomatic ball is in the german government's court. thanks for the update. now the
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man that they killed monthly in qana congress villi the is a georgian citizen who was also known as tony k k so 2017 had been living in germany as an asylum seeker he had ties to a high profile chechen terrorists in russia and he fought against russian troops and police during the 2nd chechen war he was wanted by the russian authorities on terrorism charges here's what lot of my putin had to say about him. the man who was killed in berlin was not your average a georgian but he was a militant on behalf of the asian separatists he was on russia's wanted list he was a very cruel man. with the use one of the organizers of bombings in the moscow metro there and what happened it's a criminal anything can go to. the kremlin has commented on the expulsions it said it hoped relations between the 2 countries wouldn't be damaged as a result and it was a member response not an initiative. and u.s.
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senate committee has approved a bill direct in the country secretary of state to determine whether russia is a sponsor of terrorism if passed the state department will have 90 days to report back to congress the senate so her tabled the bill is convinced russia backs terrorism ludden reported continues to try to cause grievous harm to international peace and stability and i am pleased the senate foreign relations committee advanced my critical legislation directing the state department to consider naming russia what they are a state sponsor of terror the proposed legislation will now have to pass through the house and the senate before being signed by the president there just a week ago the state department said that russia is not a state terrorist sponsor looks at the absurdity of this suggestion. state sponsor of terrorism is a special designation under u.s. law in which a country is subject to specific sanctions and treatment by the united states for
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allegedly supporting terrorism now the countries that currently have this label are iran north korea syria and sudan cuba had this label until u.s. president barack obama lifted that label against cuba as part of negotiations that took place during his presidency now the allegation seems to be that russia supports terrorism and is worthy of this state department designation however we've heard testimony from members of the u.s. state department making clear that russia does not support terrorists the state department has not at this stage determined russia's a state sponsor of terrorism there's a fairly complex deliberative process for doing that and i don't personally see the person as state sponsorship of terrorism terrorist attacks we also have to recognize russia itself has been a victim of terrorism to make it safe to say that on the record as well now russia has long battled against jihad as an extremist that have carried out terrorist attacks against the russian people the russian government has also cooperated with
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the u.s. government in antiterrorism efforts the advancing of this bill comes in the immediate aftermath of the very important meeting between russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and us president donald trump now at his press remarks following that meeting the russian foreign minister emphasized that there are certain forces in the united states working very hard to do rail relations between the 2 countries congress congress seems to have been captured by a desire to destroy us russian relations now relations between the u.s. and russia have been sour as it is and when u.s. president donald trump met with the russian foreign minister and took a photograph together there was quite a reaction from those who oppose it are critical of president donald trump trump is meeting with russia's foreign minister in the oval office again on this he's invited in i'm always a. it's out last time they laughed about trump's firing of komi today they can celebrate the success of russian propaganda regen wouldn't recognize this g.o.p. trump lover of meeting in private this often what conspiracy are they cooking up
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today among the topics discussed at this high level russia u.s. meeting where the issues of arms control nuclear proliferation as well as the issue of terrorism and it seems that in the aftermath of the meeting some efforts are now taking place to undo whatever progress was made. most an executive director of the eurasia center thinks that russia has done more to combat terrorism than the u.s. . i am shocked i think this is going in the complete opposite direction the president. would like to go in. i think europe is also would like to be mending and rebuilding the ties to russia i don't understand how the senate even comes up with the this idea i mean if you look at terrorism russia is probably doing more to fight terrorism than the us i mean it clear that whether it's intentional or not us funding us weapons us training have gone to just an example moderate
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rebel which one they are supposedly moderate and then the next day there i thirst russia as a state sponsorship i mean these people are off in some other world and they're not in not in reality. i feel very embarrassed. for myself but russia for the going through it i just i'm in completely shocked that somebody would actually propose. a chinese restaurant in new york opened by a white woman has shut down artist 8 months and made a backlash to have a cultural appropriation promotional material by ariel how lucky lee's restaurants were pitted stereotypes about supposedly unhealthy chinese food claiming only itself rings don't leave you feeling bloated and it is the post sparked an outrage on social media. is it a full become or can lady we've all been there having chinese food on sundays but don't you hate how it's so unhealthy me raced for 20 years by asian metrics cooking
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healthy balanced meal 7 days a week. who talks about how chinese food is usually a doll's dinner on sauces and makes you rise puffy lady what a lucky liza started by a white woman ignorantly use an asian stereotypes to clean american chinese food it's all led to the owner of the restaurant closing her business the other pilot icing. we have been listening and learning and we have been making changes and we will continue shame on us for not being smarter about cultural sensitivities our colleague neil harvey early discuss the issues raised with human rights campaign appeared to touch a journalist and political commentator charged with more. the whole issue with cultural procreation and that's what they seem to be mad about they're trying to say that she was using disparaging language if that's the best they have and she said chinese food makes you feel icky that's not a really strong argument and i don't believe it i don't think any chinese people
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upset about this i haven't seen the government of china banning her from visiting i think the problem was that the own a did indulge in a few stereotypes and you know i don't think it's true at all the claims that chinese food makes you feel bloated or icky. i've never experienced that i love chinese but i think it's great but of course there are good and bad chinese restaurants just like there's good and bad british ones once again this is a busybody annoying white liberal preoccupation who think they have to police the world and stand up for all the poor suffering minorities out there and you know it's great to see them eat their own it's wonderful to see them be ridiculous and to shut down a female own business because they didn't like one thing she said i think you know obviously it's very important that the owners and providers of i think minority traditional foods do have a cultural sensitivity and respect for those cultures but that's like why would that even be controversial who cares it's not like it's insulting
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a culture it's not like it's racist the whole problem if they had you know if that would also just be her stating her opinion about chinese cuisine which would be shared by many people this is not like a hateful statement celebrity chef gordon ramsay criticised for opening an asian restaurant without a single asian chef i would guess probably say i just choose the best chefs regardless of race and you would think that would be applauded but how do you feel about it i think gordon ramsay could easily afford to find some good asian chefs and there are plenty of them believe you me you know there is no excuse from not for not having some chinese chefs in the restaurant because there are many many really good chinese shifts i think that's ridiculous because that the accusation to be something that you. i intentionally didn't hire a chinese person which of course i think it would would be completely not true he simply hired the best person for the job why me waste time money and resources scouring for employees based on their skin color just because they happen to. have
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. a genetic history from a certain part of the world. time magazine has unveiled its choice for person of the year 16 year olds climate activists question a fun book well some view her as a model of determination and praise her for efforts to combat climate change others find her approach unscientific and accuse her of so in worldwide public daniel hope keynes looks into the phenomena. last year she was just the regular swedish schoolgirl 12 months on and she's time's person of the year rarely does the discussion on climate change today take place without her name being mentioned growth of the work has become a global sensation not just a prominent figure among climate activists but almost a messianic symbol she pulls no punches in schooling politicians about what they must do to save the planet the real danger is when politicians and c.e.o.'s are making it look like real action is happening when in fact almost nothing is being
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done apart from clever accounting and creative p.r. she certainly does have a point but what about the growth of film book phenomenon itself it's on the noise quickly and loudly drawn attention to climate change she's got people talking and even been credited with influencing european and national elections but wants more than just talking she wants action from politicians or the critics question what useful action grettir inspired movements have actually taken a vote from strikes and protests which she herself says are unsustainable we can't go on like this it is not sustainable solution that children skip school we can't go on like that so. we don't want to continue so we would we would love some action from the people in power how speech is resonated across the world it wasn't long before her fiery indictment of world leaders at the
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u.n. assembly became a meme they followed a clear structure grave danger bad government and a need for immediate action she soon became a target for opponents who said her ideas it lacks substance and slated her style but that was quickly knocked on the head criticism was often swiftly silenced with those critiquing her justifiably or not labeled as massage honest hysterical or being triggered the climate hysteria movement is not about science if it were about science it would be led by scientists rather than by politicians and the mentally ill swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by the international lair you. markku knows of daily wanna just call gretz a phone beggar mentally ill swedish child she is mad and dangerous and she's causing the young children sleepless noise to move to the juicy gossip she's
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a she needs to go to school and show that i was in acid aided by this school girl starting this strike for climate change awareness and i thought wow that's pretty gutsy it was all a little melodramatic it was all in the world of succulent tick i don't want millions if not believes of young people watching grass to do that kind of speech and genuinely think the planet is literally about the way she is daring to express what so many young people are feeling and actually i find it remarkable that she can speak in such an honest way its truth to power fearlessly speaking some of her actions ridiculed like her transatlantic boat trip having sailed through storms to avoid carbon emissions from air travel. she sailed into a storm of criticism when a fellow companions joined her flying in by plane not to mention the impracticality of adopting such measures on
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a wider scale this brings us back to growth his words about politicians creative p.r. world leaders from merkel to micron among others were happy to humor the latest global trend with a photo opportunity while rebuking some of our ideas so what does this leave the person of the year at 2019 which is certainly sent a message taken center stage and brought people into the streets with a call it is now time for civil disobedience it's time to rebel but will this have the desired effect the only thing you want to see is real action and reaction has been not been happening so of course we have to see. a lot but. that if you look at it from. far from a certain point of view we have achieved nothing like her she has created a stir it may be difficult to understand the method behind
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a person of the year awards one of good as runner ups was donald trump maybe we can agree to hope that this year's award isn't just symbolic isn't just creative p.r. but will lead to the real change the grettir seeks to create. a look like a message is hitting home at least in the e.u. which is just about its new european green deal it's not something the blog disgruntled will bring to that story and more in just a few minutes. each
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simulating civilization will be able to run using a tiny fraction of its resources. hundreds of thousands millions of around store all of human history almost all. beings with our kinds of experiences done to simulated ones rather than none simulated ones and conditional and that are good we should think we are probably one of the simulated ones. welcome back the e.u. commission has unveiled new plans to make europe the 1st climate a neutral continent under the european greendale emissions will be halted by 2030
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with carbon neutrality to be achieved by 2050 but if the deal has already faced criticism from bloc members of angelo's tips us looks at why. there is no bigger challenge than saving the planet and europe wants to lead the way the new e.u. commission leader wonderly in has proposed a new green deal aiming to make the continent climate neutral by 2050 the european green deal is our new growth strategy for growth that gives back more than it takes away we will help our economy to be a global leader by moving 1st and moving fast by showing the rest of the world how to be sustainable and competitive we can convince other countries to move with us via bishan are there but making it happen is not going to be easy the plans were choir a revamp of almost every sector transport farming manufacturing power plants
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and many countries already pushing back on the day it was introduced one 3rd of the country's bloc the finance underpinning the new green deal so for euro skeptics this might look like it another example of brussels making plans before getting the member states on board most governments support the general direction of the new green deal but the trade off between saving the planet and protecting jobs is not going to be easy for the politicians electricity is a key factor in cutting emissions and us things then in europe most of it comes from either nuclear power or fossil fuels the nuclear power sector employs more than 1000000 people in the un another half a 1000000 people work in the coal industry so that's a lot of jobs that are at stake and friends the continent's biggest nuclear power producers are now questioning why that sector should be excluded from the green financing we cannot succeed in the ecological transition and we cannot achieve
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a goal in terms of combating global warming without nuclear energy meanwhile the renewable term it is are not always popular look at germany's wind power sector. to buy insulation in your house slowdown due to legal disputes long delays and planning permission and alarm over a number of birds being killed by the blades e.u. commission leader bond earlier and calls her new green deal a quote man on the moon moments this is europe's man on the moon moment but from down here all of the ground you can see it's going to be a long and difficult journey. for artsy. pose of opened of the u.k. which is holding its 3rd general election in 5 years we're showing you some live pictures from a polling station in london now where british voters have until 10 pm local time to cast their ballots once the voting is done we'll bring you all the results as they come in trap and night so do join us for that. are you.
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one person is missing and 6 injured after a fire on russia's only aircraft carrier that's according to the country's and merges the services the admiral kuznetsova is currently stationed in western russia is months region evidence to extinguish the fire are still underway a preliminary report connects the place to repair work involved in welding but also reports that there are complications due to heavy smoke more on that story as and when we get it. thanks for joining us here on r.t. international we're back at the top now with all the latest so do you join us then if you can.
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and there is only this johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 years. i'm 73 and so now i got arrested for tomorrow for something to. fill in on like just everything was taken out of. my work and not take risks. meant to snow man that looks a little bit like me. i would rather call about. homicide on 2 cars. now. that.
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were tough you is doing that so you're going. to go to the corner. and i've been doing on the front of the crews trying to try to give. a good something right didn't. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the past and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely for watching the hawks.
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a lot of welcome to well the part of helping people in need this fill the novelist's thing in their wallet but just like the resolve to make the wild a better place it's increasingly being mad with suspicion here and even violence is it still possible to draw the line between genuine humanitarian efforts and politically or geo politically expedient do gooding to discuss that i'm now joined by frank turner a board member for doctors for the outboard i said frank it's good to talk to i thank you very much for a time thanks for going on as well come now let me start with you personally you
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still practice medicine you are a general practitioner at berlin hospital you teach humanitarian medicine for the last i think 20 years you've been involved in various humanitarian actions around the world is it more difficult to be a humanitarian these days than it was when you're just at it well it's i think each decade has its own let's say complications so in this regard it was always a difficult undertaking because you're working in very let's say a resource limited settings you're working in very risky environments you're often coming as an expert but you're not really because you don't know when you arrive so in this regard it hasn't changed so much but what became more and more in issue is of course let's say problems related to conflicts where it's not really very easy to understand who is behind what kind of action and that is of course ever growing concern for us the less we're getting reese. for let's say
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medical and humanitarian work now when doctors without borders were set up i believe in 1701 they this phrase without borders didn't really carry any political or ideological meaning but i think at this point of time a border is a highly charged issue especially i think when it comes to the european union and as it deals with migrants and refugees do you see that impacting your work in any way yeah it is of course i mean in general the no borders is to say we are we think that we should not let's say only go where we allow to go but we also should try to fight for access to the people because it's where they meet they deserve it's a human right also if you be taken care off and especially in conflict situations where there is no support when the health systems are failing then of course there
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is a lot of need and its own mission somehow to go and it was if used to be i think 20 years ago it used to be a very popular notion both among the public and the hmong the decision makers especially in europe i mean europe was moving to. a world without borders but clearly it's not the case anymore people in europe actually want to bring borders back in much greater matter than before well as a matter of fact we are we are seeing already we have a big border around europe no it's not amongst the different individual states so much it's on the outskirts of the european system and we see particularly the let's say most deadliest border in the world is emitted and you'd see thousands and thousands of people have been dying over the last couple of years due to not being rescued in the sea and this is of course ever growing concern for us because we are
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actively hampered also. access to these places even though we have to the means we have the boats we have the capacities to medically care for these people but they try to prevent us from doing i would joke now i have been very diplomatic so far in expressing your concern and i know that you're a person and yarden is a should have been very critical of the way the european union is dealing with this issue with a altimetry abandoning all their rescue operations in the mediterranean sea do you think there is a way of dealing with this issue humanely without at the same time encouraging further migration well i think the myth somehow around it that we are encouraging by just hoping people in the in the. risky situation is absolutely wrong because there have been several let's say studies who proved it completely wrong that it didn't have to happen according to being available on the sea but people were going it's just the pure need.


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