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tv   News  RT  December 19, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EST

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russian president vladimir putin is about to have his brains picked on just about every topic imaginable as he holds his traditional end of year q. and a with journalists from both home and abroad a record number of whom will be hoping to put their questions to him this she will be crossing live to the mega presser in just a minute. oh well can you watching r.t. international we do expect the russian president to start his annual media conference any moment now and when he does of course across life to the how you spend you moscow's world trade center and i will with local and international journalists has become
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a sort of and if you tradition in russia and if previous sessions are anything to go by the president could be fielding questions for a few hours to frank we've got a few 10 minutes in the lights going out but we can cross live now i think sorry look at a package. of tax relief stress is just around the corner so probably stocking up with gifts is the challenge that is on everyone's mind right now well unless you are a journalist with a badge that gives you access to a very special event this thursday the big ad you will wildomar puton q. and a well for such reporters the number one challenge is to get noticed and to somehow leave a sea of colleagues behind by the way if you thought that it all happens behind the famous walls over there in this case you're wrong welcome to moscow's world trade center this is. air very soon the q.
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and a will begin now let me explain how it works mr putin will be sitting at a table lone in front of a massive audience holding up black cards for 5 years i've been using a little r. t. logo a bit further on to the president's left his press secretary usually he is the one who chooses who goes next but sometimes mr putin picks someone out himself and these are the kind of moments we always watch out for if you'll come to which could live there i sort of woman holding a sign that says. ok go for it turn the heat up. oh my god sorry with age comes eyesight issues mystically and these are just translation difficulties i scared everyone my sign today but actually it says putin by which means grandfather says so what are the chances of getting picked 29 things press or sets a record
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a total of 1895 journalists taken part over the last 7 years vladimir putin had the time to answer an average of 58 questions per q. and a so i've done the math the chances are about 3 percent only 3 percent that you get to ask a question not the best of all odds but. the longest event lasted for 4 hours and 40 minutes and usually it's never less than 3 several hours of constantly jumping on your chair waving your black card trying to stand out from the crowd and get the president's attention i'll tell you what that's quite an experience anyway do stay tuned for the show because it could really shake things up a little bit before the holidays from pushing the stock markets up or down to causing a real geopolitical stir just one example it is right in that building that florida are proving once back in 25th thing called donald trump
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a bright talented man you know the rest of the story. ok let's get more news now from our correspondent yes he's down at the kremlin forced. a great event this isn't it is a bit of a spectacle saying at the end of every year thousands of journalists there will my 50000 journalists there today more sort of questions she think they'll be asking what sort of topics do you think will be the key ones that will hear from today. well judging from past experience they'll be asking absolutely everything 1895 journalists accredited for this event this year those are just the ones the receive their accreditation the fall of that on 'd time and properly but there's no shortage of question there's no shortage of topics every year we see more and more journalists being created last year is 1700 this year almost 1900 i can tell you honestly at the rate things are things are going they're going to have
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to find another venue and i honestly hope that they do for another venue because the someone who lives close to the venue the traffic this day of the year on putin's press conferences it's all for. the journalists are they who are there today they they are from russia but there are those from international outlets to just talking about him international topics which ones would you expect to come up again absolutely no shortage of topics in the year this is putin's 15th such press conference from 2001 he's been holding these annually apart from when he was prime minister for 4 years 2000 nato. lasted for 4 and a half hours for not half hours that gladden a prudent journalist questions and this year i mean what you know look look at what's on the agenda the olympic doping scandal very very big in russia you know the entire national team banned from various competitions then you have trump's
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impeachment that is going to have global repercussions that it's going to affect russia you have venezuela what's happening there potential new sanctions nato encroachments on russia's borders something that they warned a few days ago would present huge a huge security challenge to the country as well as risks huge risks so again a lot of international topics but it must be said that this is an opportunity for regional journalists for regional. to ask their questions you know regions want to know it isn't all about moscow and st petersburg there are people that are 8 time zones away from moscow that have their own lives you know they live almost in a different world and this is their opportunity for their representatives their journalists. putin questions that of them about the economy about crime about the law corruption so they'll be a lot of those questions as well ok we're just looking at live pictures see what
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we're talking to. the. press secretary. i think they're running if you promo see if we stop suddenly it's because president putin is about to talk we're talking about ready jurists who are there it's always quite amusing seeing how they try and get the president's attention isn't it well look at yourself i mean 1895 journalists all trying to ask a question from putin and there's only one putin to go around i mean even even if they gave each journalist 3 minutes that there'd be almost 100 hours which would be great i hear clapping there something started yep sure we'll leave it there because you're right president putin has just arrived on stage for let's cross live now to hear. regular meeting end of year meeting. to take stock of the outgoing year she will look at the form and that of failures which and the reasons behind
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them. i do want to talk a lot of the beginning a lot of people who want to ask questions in a spot of the. story and. i will try to use your question as well as an opportunity to highlight what is happening in russia and i really appreciate your interest viber. interest to those who need to like this place and let's start with those with thank you mr president we have attribution all the radios so we are allowed to use that press conference to get all the primaries of the president trying to load them with who he was and have been covering the presidents work for all this year is continuing the tradition radio station my. believes giving my my. radio station i
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wanted to ask you a different question but after hearing to the weather forecast i heard that there are going to be no snow one till the end of december and then i thought how are you going to feel in your new year is a drastic but i wanted to ask about climate change everyone is talking about this but no one knows what to do about beetles so what is your personal opinion about what could be the damage for russia why didn't they harm for russia in this climate change years and i think this year russia's joint sperry's treaty was the only government. according to today's until 2830 and their own fortunes should be 2530 percent in our country but at the conference of the b.b.b. russia russia is calling you have recently said if you're in it will be up to 60 degrees did you make the 1st mistake in your life or do you mean something else ok you for your really hit the nail on the head. and we should mention that
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yes indeed the deal. we now tension to join it earlier. this year indeed the government passed. resolutions and the document indeed says 25 to 90 percent and the rest for a. year. the year 1990 or so that's what other countries do i should lose. the year $990.00 as the reference year. story. is how do i get out of the entanglement that you got me into. it's 100 percent minus 30 percent likely to 70 percent of the world being capacity of our forests well that could serve another 10 percent 60 percent that would be left that's what
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i meant for. sure and. russia is not one of the biggest pollutants. into the un and again there are different estimates. on your question to the un you have the us and china at the top. 16 percent each. year then the e.u. 11 percent. russia 6 percent and india 5 percent. you know as you know perry's deal is. we showed the growth in temperature global temperatures. to curb growth of 1.5 percent i don't know whether we can do that because no one knows the reasons for the global climate change we know that there have been periods in the
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history of our planet when. our planet cooled. sometimes it might be due to a change in the orbit around this. and there have been changes like this throughout the history of the planet and that. led to. dramatic consequences when the for good or bad but these were trast. consequence is that. now any efforts to assess the immediately of humanity on the planet it's a. very challenging exercise but i agree with colleagues that we need to do something else we need to take maximum action. for climate change to avoid any drastic changes but ask for russia. actually we take it very seriously.
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the temperature growth. average boy 2.5 to minus. we know that. simply percent of our country is in the northern latitudes and when you have the. city is the yawn this is the arctic circle to build on permafrost and if permafrost starts to melt down you. must think for yourself. you know the consequences could be what we see new record high temperatures in december in moscow and that could lead to the. there's a difficulty of some of the cherry trees and that has a direct impact on us. and new natural disasters like wildfire. floods that has
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a direct impact on us we will continue to take action. to make sure that we minimize the impact from these changes were to set or could it was so let's go on you are now over to the region 10 years can chat. without question so there you go believe. mr president dear colleagues. there through come child wasn't given. floored for more than 10 years as you all know for a come child good citizen to get to the mainland they need to buy a plane ticket not everyone can afford this he has there is a great program while the carriage from aeroflot and subsidies for retired persons for the you've. quite soon enough everyone can get a chance to buy those now a flood said that. probably there is a program called subsidy is that will become history and then they come child
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because the distance will be unlocked there are. how you see the solution for this problem and mr putin you haven't visited us for quite a long for quite a time and connect and we've. lack of tickets to plane tickets. it's not going to. fly so you can charge her expenses because i am eligible for a subsidy. eligible to be classified as. a person who can get a subsidy it. actually there are a lot of issues that need to be resolved but again we never call these visits visits only. visits abroad and here is just a working visit but it does mean that can check. out of our focus we have always
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focused. on the clearly socially and militarily. one the. basis for our strategic. so that we have always still continue looking you can check for the flat rate. no one's going to counseling very flawed just uses that rhetoric to try to squeeze money out of the government will continue to do that and we've been rolling out that program to your regions to. go over all that what do we need we just need to help people to get high income and we'll talk about that later in communities are really going very slowly and we need to cut costs for. transporting people back and forth.
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that will help to make these tickets lower but again what will continue to. lead them to carry out their programs. and there are some reserves with. a flaw line to give the nuclear vice premier to give the management of a floor we've been talking about that. they're. going to. talk about. how we do it that's going to be an exception because you will be an exception they do it. otherwise is going to be like in the east and there's going to be any good about it ok let's talk about garbage. the news
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so we are writing about the region as you well know there is. in the garbage here in all the regions separate from moscow sevastopol and st petersburg so they have a delay until 2022 as soon as you can join this program you will and as for it and . have already started it. all the garbage from the large cities is now moved to a region and it's not in. 2 regions get it back in st petersburg with the logistics that is suffering there is no understanding of what trucks are going to move there and people in going about could reach and how the family question why are there so many illegal drugs and so they have. garbage in front of their houses and it being broad somewhere else so can we. speed up that. push the. law makers
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but we need to have dragged. the community where it's coming why it's coming you. will happen to me that. mr. quest. for the mushroom you. can i interview for 10 minutes up for the press conference on your walk to the car how we can do it well but listen. too early to say. after the press conference. this year maybe next year. we've defined time it's possible. going back to some garbage. january. serving some 1000000 turned it was a. waste of. 7000000
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but that was. actually the soviet union russia never had such an industry. processing. recycling so. we've taken the fundamental decision and we have the nationwide operator and we have more than 200 local operators in place. but he. does he. have an arrangement for how we are planning the trip. across the territories what's missing but he definitely direct dialogue. needs to be communication you need to reach out to people to say where is the landfill will be and where. i would
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definitely. abandon any criminal scheme and the shadow. game people have been angered by a rise of terrorists who never had any line in the fields and. you have it but you have to explain to the people you have to communicate and why you have those everything needs to be transparent what people need to know why the pay for it. village is. doing it when i say usually you know people would just dump their garbage in the nearby forest and here you have. the now they have to put a certain fee for that well the key issue is that people should be aware of what they pay for. my face was saying that because why do they transport garbage from. ok if they take it.
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to the northern end of the arctic sea well the tariffs would go turn times higher. actually st petersburg in their lingo. you're still single economic union and it was controlled and managed to. get. back in the soviet china now that. the 2 regions but it's actually just one region. interests on different. schools. and we know that many people in that region go to same put his work and work there and they produce that garbage and then it's transported back anywhere it has to be transparent 100 percent sure the situation shall change and we'll try. you all soon need to set up the necessary facilities we need to repower the number
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of those facilities recycling facilities you need to be communicated to the completely need to understand what are their what can be their operations with all the impacts on the environment kind of it will be high. community is. megacities tokyo for example but there are. but if you're good at the recycling plant within the territory of the city there are no is no pollution no mission they don't have an impact on the. people impacts are only environment so if we don't use the cutting edge technology there wouldn't be any issues but he just need to do it. and for that we need to have public control public oversight we need to have public organisations who would control that or who would monitor that and talk to the
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national front public organisation and i would like. them to focus on it see if we come together and resolve this so we will succeed. so let's go on t.v. seeing we have bypassed them with our attention in recent years so please the floor is yours oh my patients took over to see just the net for it quite often in the media. being told the real economy is. bad so the plants were to be old bag ban and the large highways and the neutral resources were developed back down but what was done in the last 10 years maybe some highways some planned some airports as far as i'm concerned there is a whole program of building those. because. we always welcome criticism so we kept us on our toes to provide food for thought that would be my. mixes think twice think that twice about
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the issues that are. more to do with the well definitely we were a lie. or a legacy that was passed over for. so even earlier generations that what you got to do in the soviet union did so much that we can pride ourselves on. victory and we. are a space achievements but there are other achievements too and we need them appreciate the efforts. of our producer. if they have built such a powerful country within a short span of time. well some people say. nothing has changed since then now here's what i can tell where the 75 with the
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same production capacity but i'm in manufacturing. would have been set up since the year 2003 year. old on your average given that. the average life time of the average show it. was the equipment is 12 year. for what. we build a 3. 45 new runway and yes. that's transport enough that no. 12 year train station is. going that doesn't use have been our great. of the world was that us alone do we have that figure and the number of federal highways billabong with them we had about 39. 1000 kilometers we now has about 8008. 1000 kilometers.
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which when you're keeping out of. agriculture with a role model special because you know if there are a lot of people. or a white. 50 plus but as you will remember russia has always imported grain russia has always been one of the biggest. grains. in particular today russia the biggest weed exporter we are number one we are beaten canada and the us their house for bigger. they consume more than we produce certain much that we are the number one global it is. 46 percent. as our growth and agricultural exports have 2.62 points of the. $24000000000.00
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that's. the worth of agricultural products not just draining not just crops that's the key revenue maker. and we're also poultry in cattle breeding with some of the here. so if you could hear what. the big picture all the poor of the soviet union handled we should of 600000000 tonnes all of them do you know what's the handling capacity here in russia 1104000000 tons that's what we have done in the past 3 years we have discovered about 600 new fields and deposits and the there are about
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57 years and you can look at each industry in particular and there are. cutting edge and straightest of that which. the. atomic. agency like the. nuclear energy that they are. launched a new plants. in we used to have just 16 people back in the soviet union that gives is a competitive edge in terms of. some of the environment so we have the greenest structure green is composition in the energy sector and we have industries like. natural cares where we have new industries. on the arctic circle and in brushes far east. hydro power plants seen in breakthrough.
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year in terms of generation. i could call it a leap so those who think that. we exclusively rely on solve the legacy stuff but if you look really only walk the previous generation has produced well the are wrong. so. you can see these seem to regional media outlet road rules so please give me that my agency route through a chink of mr president i've got a question about the negatives being held here so we'd still relevant still topical but think that the lines queues to see a doctor are taking mom to see a dog for and the sailor itself the doctors are so low that they just squeaked. that she.


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