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for the far east but it was because deep population. were taking place faster than in other regions. as for the plot of land. the hectare in the far east. which have been a lot of applications filed right now. but if anyone who wants to become then leave their king get that plot of land. and you can use it for several purposes you can build a house for yourself if you carry. around a farm or you can set up some. park there. we are aware of this when the allocation of the land is not always done in the best where. sometimes there is no infrastructure the access to energy grid there. are no roads so 1st of all we need. to.
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resolve these issues in the far east and then roll it out to other regions house for the region beyond the rule you rules gene we are aware of the situation and so. supportive measures prove demographics will be. helping the families with. 3 or more children. but as for other support measures out of the. mortgage with an interest rate of 2 percent well that's possible but we just need to 1st. look at the consequences. that we will see in the far east when you need to look at the budget expenditure and then it's very very decision. and if so where humans put
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in a let's move to the center here we have one of the legend of the russian giorno and kolesnik vonderen with yours always very modest bring your hand but it's not a 1st here it's inside yes this is commerce. newspaper. and i have 2 questions which the human rights council had a session recently and he has. never before your member gary the names like the old man and lanyon and so on so forth. well you said you were the nicknames that's rough. political nicknames you blame him for demolishing the 1000 year old. i think you were kind of angry at the moment. and after these garments perhaps something is due to take place i mean store. we need to what are we going to do to do to take his
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body out. you could use another question i have you had to use question with a mr couper of a director and. it was. something to deal with. and the hero of russia tied and looking at your face i could see that there was a lot of patience and tolerance do you have anything to say about that thank you. for sure but i prefer not to pass judgment on such issues since mr sykora phrase the issue i had to respond with. so you need some clarification. on learnings role in russian history. was kind of the view i have that he was not a statesman he was very revolutionary in. when i talk to
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1000 year old history of the nation. it was a unitary stuff to study centralized so what was learned in so i. figured out he said let's have we call in federation of. groups. so that what i. say was called the right to exit the soviet union so we had with the very centralized states with the then we moved to a converted range. and everyone would leave the confederation and. work in a wrong we were very often simply don't respond to actually the less exact locations where people live even within russia there are. areas like this disputed territory if you use control over it. a lot
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of. it and started it was against it even wrote an open. then know eventually he accepted the formula by on learning now we talked about a similar situation in ukraine even though ukraine got some territories they. were never part of ukraine. the western territories of russia were handed over crying with this strange language. so that there is a greater share of the proletariat seen ukraine. but they thought that ukraine had more of farmers the farmers and they wanted to have a higher share of the proletariat of the workers that was a stranger we had. that's
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a place thing. again it was leaning who was behind it what did they do that they tied the future of the country with their own party wall and then they put it in the constitution and there were several constitutions that i mentioned that so their parties the key political force and when the party started to crumble around the entire country started to crumble and they were rational dismantled that's what i mean to say are you still believe what i said. and for a long trial and you know i worked in the intelligence. part of a very very politicized organization when i was the k.g.b. and had my own views of our leaders what bugged given my experience i understand from my geology you also have geopolitics. and when the soviet union was set up
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geopolitics was never part of the formula never part of the equation so when the party collapsed the entire country collapse it wasn't a mistake it was a blunder a fundamental blunder in building a new state if. you will now on the bardi and lenin's barly not about that and i don't think we need to. do anything about it. because we still have a lot of people so you think that their destiny. their legacy the achievements of the soviet union and sam how connected with lenny and definitely the soviet union will never play them or. has a connection to. you so you just need to move ahead we should. just need to improve our lives going forward while look back. here of russia around.
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what responded to that question earlier so when i 1st met his father the 1st president of the chechen republic. he came to me upon his initiative he didn't come to surrender. he wanted to build a relationship with russia. genius you know look of course we know it was a tile and when we go we didn't have any hostility the chechen republic he told me . that there are. these thoughts there it's their life would be better with some islamic countries but he told me that the realize it would be like that because they wanted to impose their own you know at the wheel of the chechen republic but you mention them which is he told me that so it will be better for the chechen republic to stay within russia russia has always been very tolerant towards our religion towards our internal way of life that it was their choice that was his
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choice and you know he's on my fate he died. in a terrorist attack and he died for the church people for the chechen republic and for russia. it was. well. i had a meeting with him and i told him can you stay and he said no we have some celebrations and i need to go there if they blew him up as you know and i still have that is to blame myself for for that and human but using the incumbent president is always under threat but he daily under threat. and he personally takes part in some combat operations with the head of the f.s.b. once told me when he reported to work on earth the it liquidation of. one
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of the terrorist. groups and i said ok can you ward some of those guys and he said it's not us get in return he's. troops and i told the head of the f.s.b. well i. told kind of not to do it well he's still doing it . so look and so the city of grass you look at the pictures you look at the pictures several years ago. the notorious minute square. it looked like stalingrad in world war 2. it was all in ruins. a carrier of could have been awarded with the hero of labor of the prize in these 2 young situation actually changed drastically in the church in public here so it would be your that's my response to by the way up i know that here are some journalists from chechnya would you like to add something to that
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here right in the middle up there new readers to release raise your hand so we could see. the proof that it's time. to introduce yourself and please be very. critical report in the world this is grozny channel. it was a pleasure to hear from you this is kind words of watching the 1st president the evolutionary public on our current leader shooting 1st i would like to say that the republican. dynamically growing all across the board and it look at the house thanks to your decisions he has given a lot of support to us you are people that is why we have a lot of support awards you the highest level support we love you we respect you and we're waiting for you to come to visit our public lately there's been a lot of talk around the road to georgia. which would come through and how that
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would solve a number of strategic to ask and that would also allow us to get well to the ease of the burden on the especially in winter times. people have to wait in queues for days with the moment that they had of change and raise that the sheer number of times he commented saying that that would allow me to see improvement and growth in core ism and trade sectors what do you think about its initiatives do you think it's economically expedient or an artful russia of georgia and would you support such a project and there is one thing. they had to change suggested to build a high speed rail road which would run progress of the to grozny and. with the current project for high speed rail road coming from moscow to adler because that would also be a positive factor. improving the overall situation that would improve accessibility what do you think about this initiative
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. should we expect that this project would be implemented or not. because if you look at the south of russia including at the church new republic there are several projects in the pipeline which are the. reason you will have some of the projects or to the advanced age. i don't want to go into detail or. with what i am aware of the plans but he just recently we had a meeting with the government we looked at several options on how to connect the public with across the dar region and with the black sea coast the rest of. the. sea i should say time is needed it. does make sense and so i agree.
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what was the 1st part. george yes you know we do have the integration use particular in the winter when it's a lot of snow we are where we are that's the russian that's a good idea to build a road by the chechen republic but one of. the ministry of transport doesn't have a lot of its pointless years but we are aware of the project like this with that but. it does make sense. now let's go to the other side mystery science police. here we are on the channel one right present of the blast please go ahead mr president 2 days ago. from congress the u.s. congress adopted the sanctions baksheesh against russia and the majority was so all well meaning that for trump it will be almost impossible to retain his veto look at
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the it probably know that the house of representatives yesterday voted on the articles of impeachment and that's the context that donald trump has to work in making decisions on foreign policy makers decisions towards the russia as well. so in this situation what opportunities are there for russia and for you to you keep the dialogue maybe improve the diet at the united states until the end of the stand years and what do you do to improve statistics debility and in greater detail to extend the start the new start treaty. now. on. dialogue with trump will you use the language if you will be voted out of office where you have the senate republicans have the majority. don't think they will vote him out of power on
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trumped up charges this is just. political. infighting and the democratic party lost the previous election and they want. there are goals . but that means they're the 1st they said they were rushing to eventually when there was. collusion with russia no collusion pressure quid pro quo in ukraine. to your congressmen anywhere. on the decisions here in russia. it's been used on the decisions against russia again. it's the legislative branch they should pass laws and they pass judgment should definitely there will have an impact on the level of tie. between the u.s. and russia. and we know that the us want to work. in those areas where they are
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interested and we have shared interests and they will continue to contain russia to deter russia in other ways we know about that approach we just use the you know the same reciprocal approach but there's nothing good about it this is an unfriendly move they want to help ukraine well i told the ukrainian counterpart we are interested in maintaining transit and natural gas via ukraine where they have more money why don't they give money to ukraine the kids have given money they then ukraine would subsidize those gas tariffs that's true they don't give any money they only guarantees for potential loans that that's not real money no real support take the i.m.f. the u.s. runs the i.m.f. and the i.m.f. pushes the authorities to remove all the 2. as for gas and then the households will
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have to pay higher terrorists then others in the west warned to export timber but well there's nothing going to be remain of the carpark mountains. forests or the timber out there we are they seem to support the king of authorities the current regime but they're also dealing with the very whole glos and then they want now they want the land of the land to be sold a landing in ukraine has a sacred meaning and it's it's just cold but metaphorically speaking on the opposition jumped on bad things started to. deliver blows against zelinsky we all were huge stuff. but they seemed that they want. to find in ukraine well you know they can help
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themselves they can provide long term financing but zilch nada. that's what ukraine has seen from its western sponsors nevertheless we are interested in maintaining improving our ties with the u.s. we'll continue to do that regardless of who's in the white house or who controls both chambers of congress. if you get them we are there any prospects i think there are. you mentioned one of the. one of the areas which we actually louise ties that. global security that we have for. our proposals that the u.s. about that we are ready to extend it. and use them to extend the new start treaty they've send us via e-mail their proposal we're ready to sign it and send it to washington. let them put their signature the
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president. if they are committed. so far no response. and no response from them and if this is what we need no new start treaty then there's nothing in the world that will contain the arms race a nuclear arms race and that's a bad. ok let's go. to the 1st row. thank you mr glasgow airport and hello this. as the states meeting in ash how about that the c.i.s. meeting. that is so the ration of the century than us 3 in the 2nd world war will be very special event and you said that this victory in yugoslavia concerns every one of us everyone who lived in the soviet union and you made a proposal you proposed to the leaders to come. to moscow the day you celebrate it
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together you said that there was. more violence to be held in order to commemorate the day so my question is mr putin don't you regret that the color of the. victory there would be no so just from every problem georgia or ukraine would not be represented. but. if you look at it if someone is not ready to come. due to the current relationship in which there would be a mistake on their part that would mean. respect for the people who gave their lives for independence. here's. i would like to remind you but at least we have the community well that's
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actually which was nazi germany want to do that they want to use part of the islamic people who are labor most of the people who should be sent off to the north and beyond the romance and. they wanted everyone to die. it was about survival as with some of the slavic group russians and ukrainians. when people in. cages we could see really learning we could have surrendered language i want to say well you stupid or not none of you would be here alive if their. lives. you know what we will can every one of the parade here in moscow. and with those who represent the nations who have helped us survive you would be a symbolic gesture and we'll be happy to see those who will accept our invitation
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which means we source someone from i saw someone from minsk. we'll talk about iran later on. this is ministry of ideas as a follow up question on the soviet union i have a question of my. fears of the illegal actions perpetrated by gorbachev or 99 to one. what we see today is millions of people from these actions and the question is can we give legal response to the. events which took place in 1901 and. it will be easier to solve these issues with the territorial integrity and the problem that we have with belarus for instance also last year you responded to a question about the car security the. article 13 point on ideology said that this is up for the public to discuss to decide upon. but as we all know what all across
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the country. civil activities are gathering signatures lou we have over 200000 signatures already collected for the council of federation other bodies to assess this question do you think that has been discussed enough or do we need something else now legal assessments on garbage. in terms of territorial integrity should all these issues have been resolved all the documents how they signed i don't understand what kind of legal judgment can pass and how it can help. the constitution and ideology. as i said earlier. the constitution. had a lot of provisions for the ideology and just over one ideology the ideology of the communist party and we know what it resulted in was one of the triggers.
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behind the collapse of the soviet union the party. and the country collapsed in the aftermath. was. there could be just one ideology in the world patriotism a. sense should be a deep politicized but the ultimate goal is to. strengthen the you know framework of the russians and we are all are we have always forgotten about the pharaoh news agencies it's our task police whatever they are on the rise playing. you see the main seated let's respect each other it's a press conference after all right. here take you seat police thank you so much. thank you mr putin last year we started the press conference with the question from us. for me it was about national projects and my question is just the same this
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year our agency is now an operator of the official portal for the national projects programs and the question is as follows the implementation of the project has been in for like a year now and we have a lot of complaints coming from the regions that the goal was sad for the national projects are too high they need to be readjusted lowered possibly in your opinion is that. could we say that the implementation of this project is stalling do you think we need to redraw the goals that we've set for ourselves or perhaps as alternative we can come up with some additional measures to stimulate the work on these tracks such as to assign personnel responsibilities to. regions so that they would be held accountable for the national projects and the
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implementation there isn't are the idea we can decentralise the work on this track which you and then and regional authorities that would have more. opportunities to solve the problems that we have they will have more taxes and be able to leverage against the problems they have and they will be more actively working on this projects right but if. we do need to revise anything you principal largely. personal responsibility has been introduced we can easier. to make it more detailed. plans for the national projects large scale and threads we've never used such a framework to search an architecture search tools just that state programs with. us. the difference to where we now have key targets. and we
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have identified the money that's will be spent and we have personal responsibility we use those tools already that's how we need to move forward where the it's been stalled in large and well we definitely need to pass some legislation and we need to do it. the right legal framework but i had some alarming. alarms about it i had to i was apprehensive when there were 38 toll gates and we believe the 26 of them that have been reached 12 have not been reached now relocation of people from a dilapidated housing. but it was one of the targets that we actually in terms of the number of people we have. another tripled the number of people that we have
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relocated through a 3 times higher than the target. if you so definitely will need to adjust we will need to do it but overall overhauls will be done folks let's continue with the federal agencies. hello interfax and see this year was. high profile cases and criminal cases some of those cases were disguised in the human rights council at that meeting you did not comment on the governor of case you said that this is the whole situation is. beyond any legal means because it's unlawful. all the materials are top
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secret and the action being carried out against some unknown persons in my opinion this case reflects thank you but. the problem is the ailments of our law enforcement and probably every 2nd person to confront this problem unlawfulness and they do not. confess to problems like that or they never try to find the guilty ones maybe it's time to refer the whole law enforcement system. to purify it in a way. and also could you tell me you were not the governor of a case will be seeing it sound or it will be just put on brakes and nothing will come out of the machine well earlier i said that i started in the intelligence and there were some old timers when i just joined the service and some of them. left.


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