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chance of trump actually being impeached he says that the underlying causes for impeachment are completely made up it is a political spat between 2 factions the democrats lost the election and the republicans who won it and this is the democrats trying to try to get their revenge . as it may be 1st he said we have the trump rush of collusion conspiracy going around what did that turn out to be after years and years of circulation in the media a complete dud and now they're trying to try to go with a trump ukraine conspiracy theory that pointed out that russian american relations they they're they're in the doldrums that they are going to improve anytime soon especially with the with the commission in the united states senate approving health sanctions against russia those are sanctions that would hit every aspect of russian life they would touch every single russian they would hit the russian
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sovereign debt of businesses on entire industries banks and gladly putin said that if they come russia will reply in kind of tit for tat and that it would put into effect mirror sanctions and you know it would it would respond. with just over 2 hours in a very energetic session a lot of enthusiasm i should say from the journalists almost 200-1900 of them in attendance so plenty more questions to google just have to see how much that the russian president hasn't had 15 of the q. and a manner of. bringing us the latest from vladimir putin's annual q. and a we're going to listen in now to see what he's saying at the moment. and . several occasions underline that it's the. legitimate government of syria. and in other countries credit crisis
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situations there's also a crisis in libya there are too many government acknowledges by the international community it is still there but i was in a media says that russia supports. called the libyan national army and the russian mercenaries are supporting them how could you how would you comment this statement and you're going to discuss this issue with mr early one. and also are you going to discuss syria and other matters with him thank you but do you really believe what western media right. well you just need to read what they write about and your opinion will change their jokes aside. we are aware of the situation. we. are as different countries have
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ties with different parties and the level of those ties is different you asked for russia we are in touch with the. government and we are always dollar cool with our partners with turkey where. we realize it is not very. precipitated the situation russia was against the use. of. the un security council resolution. and. previously to use force to navigation again is the opposition which. started to use ear force against libya it was a trap. it's of. little council resolution but. driving
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the country once thriving country where the living living standards girl almost on par with countries is you know in a chaos and civil civil war. not. whose rise you who's wrong that's hard to. talk about the official russian authorities we are both witnesses raj. with mr and with harvey. and we believe what. we need to find a solution to the hostilities and degree of. peril she is a mandate to the nation i'm one of the solution that will go that's what we will discuss with our partners the e.u.
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and i just discussed it over the phone with the german chancellor and with the president of france we also talked to president there. and then the coming days. we'll have a representative delegation from turkey here in moscow and we will discuss that issue. but i hope we will find a solution some options that would be acceptable for the libyan nation and together with the representative the general secretary mr samini and we will find the ultimate solution to this leverage argued but are you left inside your prime news agency that they have the smallest van or. what do you believe again from maria bello could prime news agency and mr putin have a question to you. why is the government really few years changing the rules
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of the pension system that has been freezing the pension funds for actually several times already and maybe we should have long term rules that won't be changed every time to undermine the. trust of the people in the pension system and if they're going to be another reform of the system. we have made all the decisions no changes are expected. and your pension reform he's being discussed there will be. the pension reform we're not discussing it at the government's. proposals by the finance ministry. cumulated be considered as an investment and we just want to protect that investment. and we haven't given the word. yet. you seem almost desperate.
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please give him the mike. you don't even have to introduce yourselves. mr putin i have a question about the domestic policy the demand demographic situation this year is difficult and has become more difficult started last year but this year it's even more difficult thing and again lot of. marathon. session there he was just answering questions about the middle east he was asked about the chaotic situation in syria and libya and want to discuss those things with. russian president joked about whether or not the person who asked the question believes everything that western media has to say that went on to say that in touch with our partners in the middle east is the most important thing and there he then went on to answer questions about pension reform in russia but he says nothing is being. just at the
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moment now the russian president has already been answered questions for just over 2 and a half hours and is still going to be popping in and out to listen in as he answers questions on global issues. and other news u.s. house democrats have stuck to their guns adamantly going ahead and impeaching donald trump is accused abuse of power and obstructing congress but the whole impeachment saga could backfire on the democrats as appears to have rallied republican support something the u.s. president has been quick to note the 230 the naser 197 president is one. article one is adopting. this lola's hard assume is a political suicide march for the democratic party have you seen my pose of the last 4 weeks. and trump may have
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a point according to the latest polls at least he's getting more support from the public since october just after the democrats started their impeachment inquiry against him his approval ratings have grown by 6 percent at the same time the number of people who think he should be impeached is declining from just over half an october to 46 percent now it's up to the republican dominated senate to decide whether to remove trump power mitch mcconnell who leads the majority of their side that's unlikely anticipates a partisan outcome just like in the house which was an almost entirely along party lines after 8 hours of heated debates with only 3 democrats saying no to one of the articles gentleman from georgia this process has been partition vindictive dishonest the president's actions seriously jeopardize not only america's national security but security of our closest allies this investigation was unfair the articles of impeachment are not based on facts but instead are entirely politically motivated president trump abuse the power of his office for his own personal and
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political gain history books will tell of this day it will tell of a purely partisan effort to remove the president of the united states sure i'm charlie author of trump emerging powers and the post american world told us the democrats won't succeed and getting rid of the president. i think he is short on before the general election the presidential election which is 11 months from now i think the democrats have basically opens me to trump andrew carnegie she said if we do and to create doubt in the minds of the. dignity and honesty in the process the democrats are holding all these hearings and testimonies and people coming out and giving a begins the whole that it will create enough doubt in the minds of the i think this is a teetotal unix being used to prepare for the general election because everyone knows that. are going to end in removal of from $63.00 i made fears that the
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senate will not remove the president from office democrats have a plan b. when it comes to undermining donald trump they're ready to resort to some old tricks like the miller report are to come up explains difficult to understand the purpose of last night's impeachment vote why should the upper house of the u.s. congress pass judgment on donald trump when democrats already have a plan being the house judiciary committee says it will continue to investigate donald trump regardless of the outcome so what else is left to investigate as well the house judiciary committee is saying that they will resurrect the dead i.e. the moeller report this will give them a chance to get back to their roots and bring up that old russian collusion agenda and they can get the impeachment hearings going all over again the public version of the miller report contains numerous rejections these rules 60 redactions withhold information about president trump's knowledge of his campaign's contacts
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with russian officials and wiki leaks and therefore bear on whether the president committed impeachable offenses yes same old same old even though bob muller found no evidence of trouble russia collusion it's all about belief these days the democrats should look into some very solid facts like the recent ruling from the foreign intelligence surveillance court regarding the surveillance and. carter page now that's the very carter page who is transforming our foreign policy advisor just the very next day michael horowitz inspector general of the u.s. department of justice were due to the f.b.i. for failures during the early stages of the russian probe your field 17 different omissions and inaccuracy is in the carter page warrant applications and furthermore they included doctored documents and concealed information there were so many errors. we couldn't reach a conclusion or to make a determination on what motivated those failures although we did not find
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documentary or testimonial evidence of intentional misconduct we also did not receive satisfactory explanations for the errors or the missing information and the failures that occurred now james coleman who was the f.b.i. director at the time of the investigation did that his bureau was sloppy and how they investigated donald trump and his team furthermore the infamous cia which started the entire russia probe was not as important as it was made out to be it was one of a bunch of different facts to resemble to a part of the court it was the one that convinced the lawyers that they had enough with that added to the pile to go forward as a question is it seems that you were minimizing the role of the of this field if i was sorry that i did that now call me also said that he does not care how credible steals allegations were you conclude the reporting from steel was bunk they concluded there were significant questions about the reliability of some of the sub
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source reporting that should have been included in the renewals when i reached the president i briefed him on a small part of it that i told him i didn't know whether it was true or not i didn't care and in fact he didn't care about the investigation at all in general i didn't know what they'd learned from the some source i didn't know the particulars of the investigation isn't that investigations or this is an investigation. of the campaign of the man who is the president of the united states how the narrative that donald trump colluded with russia in order to win the 2016 elections hasn't really panned out however the narrative that donald trump has been in appropriately investigated by people who have an agenda of trying to bring down his presidency is getting stronger by the day now some people might look at this case and say to the democrats stop beating a dead horse just let this russia stuff go already but it could be more dangerous to trump the rivals than they realize it could be a case of stop beating this dead horse before it comes back to life turns around
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and sinks its teeth into you. r.t. new york. we now go back to our top story as the russian president has been answering questions for about 2 hours and 45 minutes at moscow's world trade center and his annual q. and a for both foreign and national journalists our correspondent have has been listening in of course a lot of reporting has touched on everything from climate change to russian economy to diplomatic relations bring us the highlights. well it's something that going around like lightning is the fact that like me putin all but said he won't be running for a 4th term journalist asked whether it would make sense for the russian parliament to be empowered for changes to be made in the constitution to power the presidency and power the parliament which allowed me a pupil replied that you know potentially we could change the wording of the constitution so that it doesn't say a president can't run for more than 2 terms in
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a row. 2 terms maximum. what could be done is to cancel the 2 amendments we have 2 terms ules truly serve 2 terms then resigned and had the constitutional right to return to the presidency because it was not 2 terms in a row the amendment confuses some of our political scientists and public figures so we could be counselled. almost 3 hours into this press conference now that mere putin's 15th as president of the russian federation a whole host of issues mainly regional questions questions from regions that are many times the time zones away from moscow that live in almost a different reality and this is their opportunity to. ask you know that their most
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pressing issues and 3 they have so far they've asked about everything from trash heap that are appearing all over russia to medicine to even sanctions sanctions between europe and russia which had me putin says of cost billions both sides and billions and ultimately their political emotively he said they should be counted politically motivated sanctions should be removed from the international agendas only harm people and. dialogue. but you. can he was a criminal and a killer in one of the caucuses he killed 98 people in other countries they hold mini's where there are less victims and this is from the full list of evil actions and we raised this question multiple times in syria we see what is going on in the jail as well i still find being killed people from central asia russia and 2nd
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place but there are also many people from western europe from from germany we see that these people terrorists move freely into european capitals and there were hard lot of talking about the diplomatic spat that's happening between germany and russia over the murder of a person that of course refers to as a terrorist and berlin and august of this year saying that it's her country's need to work more closely in situations like that saying that russia has of course tried to do so now another topic that we did hear come up was of course was recently banned on russia for the next 4 years on international sports but we're actually going to cut back to report right now and listening to what he's saying at the moment. people. families with many children. they oppose this
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bill. you talked about the demographic situation. has been going. well you know that's a decline that's we've expected to be expected. well. again. we need to solve the demographic issue. this. has. no. forms. something that. they want. that's really bad but we. have numbers that. are completely different from. for example the center has been telling us. so my question is have you read the text of the bill. and do you think that this is
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going to finally our demographic growth. the loss nailed a nice nail the coffin yeah i got you just corrected you phrased it. my question is have you read the bill. at the federation council. most of this 11000 who commented on it are against it but the. polls say that 70 percent are for it. how can you comment on that so people can not produce other people when they do not have freedom you. know actually people can give birth and can multiply and captivity people who are born in jails for example i did not read the bill.
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briefed me on it just recently she's the chairperson of the. of the russian parliament i have mixed feelings 1st of all you can't use force. to make people love you previously in soviet times. it was communist organizations who were called a pawn to you know deprive. pressure on mostly mainly so that the kids behave more and more restrained way in the family but my position is that i'm against violence against domestic violence against violence. towards children or. women as just a sign of a low culture when a male starts to use her fists she will.
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prove his rights. and you can actually rely on existing just. like hooliganism. you have the. penalties for that in the current law but you're right that the majority of the polls about 70 percent. voted in favor of the deal but people want to vevo or fail voted in favor of the bill or they are against domestic violence because i will be joining the 70 percent of our people. in speaking against violence. ok we need to have the public debate or need we need to figure out. that he was each of the provisions. we need to try to figure out what the forecasts what the consequences could be legal
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practice would be and then take the final decision to make it up and please give bag might think you live news but over to keep the right part. but i didn't get it mr president hello i'm hearing really close to you. it's. december 31st half of the country not the wise who can choose the don't worry we just pretend to be working maybe it's high time we made this holiday for example using what we've just been listening into a lot of important as he conducts his annual q. and a marathon session with the press he was just talking there about the issue of domestic violence and a proposed bill on its prevention now where i've got it has been listening in to the q. and a session that's been going on for almost 3 hours now a lot has been discussed where i bring us the highlights. well as we were talking
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about just a little earlier blood mia biggest news vladimir putin all but saying out loud that he won't be running for a 4th term so in 2024 when his 3rd term is up that's it he's hanging up the proverbial gloves journalist asked whether it would make sense to change the russian constitution in order to empower the parliament at the expense of the presidency and let me put in so this is something that causes a lot of debate back when he was running for his 3rd term is a clause in the russian constitution that says the president can't run more than twice the round this by being a president twice then becoming a prime minister and then running again and he says now that that may be changed to limit a president to running just 2 times. but. what could be done is to cancel the. amendment we have 2 terms in yule's truly serve 2
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terms then resigned and had the constitutional right to return to the presidency because it was not. the amendment confuses some of our political scientists and public figures so it could be canceled. he. belongs to in a session for 40 minutes the question. is what if my colleague i think. is asking questions of the. great on a variety of you're trying to calm down the population that people saying there are similar magazines and that's fine but we are investigating these stories and it's not really ok and the similar medicines are not similar and quite often been your
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own worst quality and people have to look for magazine online which is illegal as far as i'm concerned. and there were such problems some way as i've said names here prison is on for easy i'm and as for free is a pretty color it seems that the problem was solved or started to be solved but still there is a problem with the registering computers medicine although there is another medicine florida that seems story with this so i can go on and on at least the names of the medicines what. did you hear. and that's enough if it's just after the press conference people are remembering the your. that you give them and they are thriving to resolve the issues so i think my question is do you have any is system approach to resolve the problem. the government has come up with a range of options one of them. as they believe.
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is the key one. of new prices for medicines. during yorkshire. that's one of. the. will be introduced soon decision has been passed talked about. medicines for children which is the 1st style we have a dedicated category for them as for rare diseases. which. require medicines expensive medicines and they need to be subsidized some of them are purchased in bulk some of them are known
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definitely we can all ban people from using those medicines they need to be registered. but let's think about our own pharmaceutical industry. back in this solve the union where we purchased a lot of medicines that. was from eastern europe on the market. we are now. expanding our own pharmaceutical industry right now we exported our medicines to 90 countries now that's not been the case but earlier if we but used. our own products it means that we are medicines. of good quality otherwise they wouldn't be purchased 700000000 of them were sold. but
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780000000. were sold abroad or used to be sure there are. some of the areas where we need to have a balanced approach my get used to the medicines for imported medicines which just need to give people the right to use it in the health care. the ministry does have some options and some of them will be implemented. now i can see. from. stand up in for the user so you this person in mind good afternoon mr president these are. agency these here in the republic we have started to. we've been listening live to a lot of marathon q. and a that have really at the end of the year now our colleague. was just asking him
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a question about the pharmaceutical industry and russia and the access to foreign medicines and of course our correspondent has been listening in for almost 3 hours now as a lot of reporting has been answering those questions and much has been talked about everything from ukraine to the russian economy to climate change rod tell us more well. just ask the question about the problems the people having the russia because of sanctions for other reasons such as bureaucracy and people can get access to the medicine that they need this is lifesaving medicine and it is in chief margarita simonyan our genes she's got a project which roughly translates as no one left behind and he asked about the about these issues to which the president replied that there are issues this is something that has been brought to the attention of the government.


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