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tv   News  RT  December 19, 2019 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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oracle the people are extraordinary the government and the central bank maybe not so much because of the central bank but let's get into this a lot of more detail. on person has been killed in a shooting the the federal security service building in central moscow witnesses have described the attack. at 5 to 10 minutes past 6 the gunfire began and it was not just a few shots that came in bursts we saw officers taking cover behind the cars. the newly released footage reportedly shows the shooter at the moment of the attack police say the assailant acted alone in the shooter's identity has still to be confirmed.
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joining me this is r.t. international where we start this hour with breaking news out of moscow numerous shots have been fired in the immediate vicinity of the federal security service building one person has been confirmed at this video reportedly shows the shooter at the moment of the attack the shooters thought to be acting alone and is not yet been identified the area around the scene has been cordoned off and coming up next we have footage of the moment of the sheet. i was sitting with my friends the ball when the shooting began it was the sound of a kalashnikov assault rifle i know what it sounds like my friends were light. you
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know it must be firecrackers but i told them no way it's not firecrackers and then we saw people running down the street it was scary was 1st we saw people running and then a swat team armed with assault rifles came running in the opposite direction and then we heard massive goma fire we don't know what exactly happened their offices all sista stay away from the windows and they let us leave the bar after a few hours. and was recently means if the when we heard strange sounds we needed to realize that we should hide then we heard someone in the street shouting go back go back since i don't know who was screaming because i didn't see anything it felt like the shooting last and for a very long time it seemed to me that it was about 15 minutes but maybe it just felt like that some random shots were heard for the whole hour until 7 pm. i'll take us on a run cause i was following developments on the same course. the area behind me is a cordoned off that's where the attack took place of course this is the iconic russia's f.s.b. a building which was also home to the k.g.b.
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during as soviet times and this is where that tactic place now this is the only area that's blocked off at the moment there right after that attack took place this entire place was blocked for both for traffic for pedestrians and the entrances to the metro stations workloads as well but at the moment as you can see traffic the transportation has setbacks normal metro stations are open people something has to be said about where that sack took place this is the heart of the russian capital the heart of russia if you will like to the right of me it is said the choice store one of the oldest the oldest toy store in russia the biggest one as well the kremlin is still only about 5600 meters away russia's state duma russia's parliament is also just a last throw away russia's. presidential administration building is also right over
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there there are plenty of boutiques and restaurants here and other stores through the famous records street which was very popular during the feeble world cup in the summer of 2018th is also right here so a very busy area indeed so had the assailant's being a successful in his endeavors there would have been a lot more casualties but as we do know right now one f.s.b. officer had been killed as a result of that attack and russian health ministry reported that's why people are being treated with the very same injuries in the moscow hospitals until one f.s.b. officer is currently on the operating table and medics are trying to save his life or russia's. police russia's national guard and even try and police were all
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instrumental in making sure that said there were no more casualties and they cleared the streets and made sure that nobody else had got hurt of course we spoke spoke to some of the people that were that michelle i witnessed this in this incident and this is a what they told us and what i'm with them and he was sitting in a basement we're watching now when a guy came man who'd just been outside and he told us there was a shooting out and also an injured possum he told us the injured posse had been dropped into a cafe well we don't know the details we were busy walk an obvious 20 what do you know but yeah i was scary to be flying that there were shots being fired and people came running down the street i was at work at the time soon all the area was cordoned off some people say they saw people running across the street from the quay feasts it was frightening really even bomb disposal teams were deployed so we were afraid to meet russian an investigative committee have launched
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a criminal inquiry into what happened here in the center of moscow and of course and they investigations emails are still working here at the scene. earlier i spoke with our correspondent daniel hawkins he was following the story from the beginning and explained what was happening today in central moscow. in these sorts of incidents of course and that's always a case of slowly building some sort of target and some sort of picture of exactly what happened as we know as we've seen over the last few hours a lot of contradictory information coming in from media reports from eyewitness accounts understandable of course given that the panic that happened what we can say for sure is that there was one attacker involved unconfirmed reports officially that he's been neutralized but certainly doesn't seem like an active. anymore we know that this attack and attempted to enter the headquarters of the f.s.b. that's the russian federal security service or it's a building very much in central moscow it's within
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a stone's throw from the bolshoi theater red square. big shopping center at rush hour this sort of packed with people very busy people leaving work to go home and go about their evening activities that's happened at about 10 past 6 in the evening now security forces and police were very quick to respond that attacker was quickly reports say he was quickly shot but not before sadly he managed to kill and injure at least 5 people we can't say exactly what their condition is we know that one f.s.b. officer was tragically killed another one was in a critical condition the other 3 people we don't have any information from the health ministry as of yet we know they've been taken to local hospitals we know he was carrying an automatic assault rifle which for moscow for a city you which as we've discussed earlier has suffered its fair share of terrorist attacks of bombings that cetera is quite a rare sight and seeing these streets are deserted of after this certainly
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is is quite surreal that certainly wasn't the case that posix in the evening we do have some more witness video shot on smartphones which we can show you which which shows that the. that moment of panic when police began screaming screaming at people to run to hide to get out the way of this assailants lot of fire we can bring it out again now. because you will surely not i didn't see it at a minute or 2 past 6 i was leaving work you know i don't like staying at work late so i left work met up with my girlfriend and when they heard some dull sounds in the distance which i thought at 1st it was fireworks or some firecrackers yet as the sound continued we realized something was wrong traffic police who were on the connecticut bridge as usual began evacuating people shit barely caught on to what was going on people started running we heard the gunfire so i too decided to it
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would be better to leave that area in case it was a terrorist attack of. the seals and that's when the man wasn't shooting randomly and i think we heard him shout out something but we didn't manage to make out what he was shouting all i saw was a silhouette the pillars the shooter was hiding behind the opposite the f.s.b. car park and there were people behind the cars it's hard to say whether he was shooting at those people all the cars 1st we heard the gunfire and then we saw a traffic police officer lying next to the barrier and he was laying there for quite some time. more videos have come in this is another video we can we can show you now and this allegedly shows the moment that the attack was targeted by police and security forces obviously we have it in the video to rule out the most graphic cards and this is unconfirmed it's quite grainy shaky footage unbelievable how close these people filming how have managed to get to the attacker really
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a risk to their life does the attacker wearing some sort of come off large some sort of dark clothing his his face his head is covered he's wearing some sort of backpack that may well have been the case which it was speculated earlier in the evening was left in the lobby of the building with security officers well. may have been some sort of some sort of explosive device. those reports of course i'm confirming we don't know what's happened since security forces are doing a sweep of the building are believed to ensure there is no further danger to the public from any device like we said video unconfirmed but it does show what appears to be a shootout with police and security forces i say the an edited version of the video will try and show you a longer version obviously what we've blurred out the most graphic parts of the show security forces on the left hand side shooting across the screen towards the assailants that's the latest update neil obviously we are still waiting for
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official confirmation this is being treated as a terrorist incident and i we can speculate of course we want at this stage given the target of the attack the f.s.b. given the timing of the attack the speech by president putin today both his conversation with journalists and in the kremlin as well given tomorrow of course russia celebrating security services day until that is officially confirmed that's all we can bring our viewers and this is a fragment of the speech by police and given a little earlier today. if you would use to me we need to be more a. dream is a very. compromising leadership. that's meant to drool through. the social radical actually that. we've covered tragically so many stories on the ground the. london bridge. this is i don't which is becoming more frequent lone wolf attacks are hard to prevent whatever tactics they use
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whether that's suicide bombers left. attacks shooting they always cause designed to cause mass panic fear of course ultimately a debate which takes place officers who talks about the violence of the say which were protecting the rights liberties and privacy of people in the public safety but it's going to be hard again. after this is attack. to be taken very seriously. join the line of a broad journalist. cover all the major stories in the country i just wonder what your 1st response was when you heard about this attack. i suppose like a county terrorist incident or a shooting incident. but then again just as daniel has previously it's become so common all around europe now in fortune we've seen attacks like this couple of weeks ago in england in london we all know what was happening in france a couple of years ago i mean it was mentioned and also the niece not
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a partisan girl in christmas 2 years ago there is a tendency for these lone wolf attacks now if this is a lone wolf terror attack that's a story i mean we're not sure what's happened here i mean there's all kinds of theories doing around the internet which i won't repeat what i mean it could be an internal matter for instance it could be you know. terrorism related to politics or religion or something we don't know about that it could be just some guy who lost his mind this will all emerge and next couple of days but answer your question my initial reaction was you know one of disappointment. i know this part of moscow very very well as anybody who spends time in the russian capital i mean that. in the center of the city it's a very central building it's a landmark in the city takes up a whole block i mean in front of the economist metro station around the corner some of the most famous bars and restaurants and my clubs in moscow and just across the road. because only a year and a half ago was
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a scene of all the merriment during the world cup people dancing on streets and people from all over the world and late night parties and everything and it's different i think some kind of thing that happened today i would say surprising for a lot of people who. seem to hit a. tragic incidents a shooting series i understand it's not easy to actually get hold of. this if they do extensive background checks usually just for sporting all. purposes. with the automatic rifle. it seems one of the most heavily secured buildings in the country . yeah but i mean you know the instant paris we spoke about by the klan it's hard to get guns in paris too but people get them that's how it is i mean we had a shooting incident in crimea not so long ago in school i mean there are sporadic shooting incidents around like every other comes in europe i mean russia is the largest company in europe with the biggest population selves it's more prevalent than it would be say in ireland or or austria in the smaller countries but yes it
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is very difficult to get guns in russia but people do get them and this is how it is plus the fact that people would in security services have access to go and i mean this is happened at a security service building it's not impossible that it may come out a few days time that it was some kind of disgruntled security guard and i don't mean inside the f.s.b. of another organization or someone would in some other branch of the security force and this will all come out in the coming days i mean a statement from a because we know a lot more tomorrow but of course the f.s.b. to say it's a terror attack i mean that would suggest that it's an external person but you know we don't know the nature of the terror we don't know what kind of you know putting it into the moment would you view the building as a symbol of the state that they wanted to make a point to the russian government that it would be an obvious target or not. of course it would be i mean like for american viewers of people that know america i mean there are symbolic you know buildings but in america the pentagon and so on support. originally was actually in the headquarters an insurance company the
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russian insurance group on their desire to check out which was lennon's you know bolshevik secret police they moved in there in the late 199900 $79.00 pollution in a while after and eventually became the headquarters of the k.g.b. obviously the k.g.b. is not a particularly well regarded organization in modern russia and also. a lot of russians have a difficult relationship with the symbolism of the k.g.b. and with the that building so we didn't. russian culture the lubyanka represents something you know from an oppressive regime under the soviet union and it would be the kind of building that is politicized the main you look you know there's comparisons around around europe so it's not simply. a police building or our you know a police headquarters it also has a long history you know involved in the repressions of the revolution involving the times of stalin you know the people being sent to gulags and you know you know the
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different different things that were done there so you know it is a very symbolic building inside of russia i mean only you know 28 years ago 2728 years ago the statue. was removed from the building and of course was you know involved in all kinds of stuff in the stalin period you know i mean the modern if it's not the same thing. you know they did inherit that building inherited the structure and not politicize the building politicizes the very district i mean you know when you're when you're walking by it i mean people are taking pictures of and i mean. you know every every autumn there is a memorial outside of the building on the campus where where people read the names of people that went missing or were victims of saddam's regime so it's a very very political building one in moscow obviously symbolizing repressions inside a different country the soviet union but not modern russia but you know a lot of people have very strong feelings about that of course for obvious reasons . so in terms of news coverage. more frequently reporting on
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violent incidents a seemingly innocent bystander. as the case that we just focusing on it more or is this kind of a. disease of. what as i said to you a 2nd ago commence ago this is a pan-european problem i mean look at the great cities of europe london paris berlin moscow i mean there's a 4 great cities of you know capital cities of europe of the forbes. this country is in your most powerful countries in europe we've had it in berlin we've had an impact we've had it in london with knives and more so in london but i think they have been going to tax money in the past. certainly on their 77 and so on as we all know a lot of big problem with terrorism in the 2000 so i mean we had stuff like you know we had. some of that at the airport bombs on metros and so on the support that had died down a lot in recent years hasn't been as much i mean the f.s.b.
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say this is a terrorist act and for the moment of it all comes out we have to take it as that i mean we don't know what kind of terrorism it is we don't know i'm going to speculate i'm back on forcing these kind of lone wolf if that's what it turns out to be these lone wolf attacks of the as i said prevalent europe now this could be a copycat of stuff that's happened in paris berlin songs of war or it could be a uniquely russian thing it's all going to come out as i said but definitely i mean you know and it makes people feel unsafe in these i mean moscow is the biggest city in europe long the 2nd biggest city in europe in the space of 2 weeks now we've had you know. violence in the very center of both cities i mean of course that upsets people it makes people feel unsafe it intimidates you know and you know and that's the modern world unfortunately i mean of course you could say at various times in history life was more dangerous you know i mean certainly during wartime one killing is not what you seem to be included shooter to people day it is not a huge amount in the city of 70000000 people in the urban area and it's
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a very rare event in moscow it's going to make people think obviously a lot of ordinary working people commuting evening were very afraid i mean. tourism and make people believe moscow's unsafe even though it's not by the way it's one of the safest cities in europe in the safest large city in the world but you know there are things that go with it i mean as i said london's experience of piracy experience and now it's moscow's turn we think more than how would you assess the the level of security already in place in moscow. our local mosque has one of the safest cities in the world image viewers here who have not been interested. in you know living in russia i mean you can't even go into the train station in russia without having your bags mean for example you want to go to an airport and in western europe where i'm from and anybody can walk in i mean your bags are scanned when you go to the flight if you take a long distance train your bags are not scandals certainly in ireland or in the u.k. or france anyway and i know in spain they do well in russia they're actually going
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into train stations i mean you can go into a shopping center in russia without being walked into a metal to thank you it's a very secure country and it takes security very seriously. ok. sorry russia based on that don thank you very much. but in the day the russian president. put took place at moscow's world trade center it's found well over 4 hours this time of earlier putin fielding questions on both domestic and international issues with the latest doping scandal and the impeachment proceedings against donald trump but the topics raised so explain the whole his arteries are bitter ago. quite a surprise to hear about potential amendments to the russian constitution that something president putin doesn't talk about quite often well this time he did and he even said that it could be a good idea to make changes to the russian constitution to make sure that it allows
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only 2 presidential terms well why is that a big deal this was a long a reason for public debate in russia actually since the year 2012 when vladimir putin was reelected for his 3rd term after a break when the president of russia was dmitri medvedev and here's what mr putin said about that in particular. deal which could be done is to cancel the 2 in a room and didn't we have 2 terms in a row ules truly civil 2 terms then resigned and had the constitutional right to return to the presidency because it was not to to lose in a row humans when confuses some of our political scientists and public figures so we could become sort of them and she's going to shoot a lot of our putin was even asked who he believes could become his successor and a few years well we didn't get any answer to that although mr putin did hint that he believes that
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a woman could become the president of russia at some point most of the reporters in that massive hall war from russia's regions which explains why a lot of questions were on domestic issues from pension reform in russia to issues with medicine and so on and so forth but let me move on to something that's probably more interesting for an international audience that is the impeachment proceedings in the u.s. well a lot of our pope did say that he believes attempts to knock down donald trump won't succeed and also went on to say that he believes that the reasons for all these impeachment proceedings. as work actually invent it it's just a continuation of political infighting which one party that lost the elections the democratic party is working for results through other methods accusing trump of collusion with russia then it's discovered that there was no collusion that can't
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be the basis for impeachment now they've come up with pressure on ukraine if i don't know what's there your representatives have a better idea. the russian president did get a question from the b.b.c. and it was well the usual about russia's alleged attempts to interfere in elections and politics altogether and other countries well here's what mr putin said regarding interference or not interference many times officials and their representatives from various countries including the u.k. made assessments about what's happening in russia mr putin believes that this doesn't count as interference and said that russia reserves the right to do the same in the opposite direction at all or part of the very same question from the british media was prime minister boris johnson personally whole was sad some very harsh words to say about mr putin well this was the russian president's response
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this time took a search that was. as for statements from certain people various political figures about russia about me as the head of the country i've been used to treating this accordingly but i know what the interests of my country own and that it doesn't matter at all what anyone else says there is absolutely no value in comparing what they say with the fundamentalists which russia is interested in solving congratulations to boris johnson nevertheless he turned out to be the winner he understood the mood of the british people better than his political opponents but if you can move it on to the latest tensions between berlin and moscow that have to do with the. murder of a georgia national and germany with a terrorist background while germany believes that russia is somehow involved in it even led to 2 russian diplomats being expelled from berlin while of lot of my putin he didn't like any involvement and also went on to remind the audience again of the
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terrorist bag round and all the brutal things that this man was previously involved in though not just going to. get upset in the can he was a criminal and a killer in one attack alone in the caucuses he killed 98 people in other countries they hold mornings there are many where there are less victims and this is far from the full list of evil actions and we raised this question but multiple times in syria we see what is going on in the coming jail as well i still fighters being killed people from central asia and russia and 2nd place but there are also many people from western europe from from from germany we see that these people terrorists move freely in european capitals we also heard questions about pressure on the russian media and european countries in particular in a stone age where there are some real issues where the russian sputnik news agency
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the staff members of that news agency said that they were being pressured into leaving this particular outlet if they want to continue working in that country which a lot of our program in response referred to as a real disgrace. to shoot and what you do a lot all sorts of attempts to still pure activity can go unnoticed i'm very surprised because russia is always accused of all evils including pressure on independent media and they do the same that they accuse us of this is cynical us government measures such as restrictions can't work because you will hold. those who want to spoke to school between the countries we call until now it's you must try to work in those countries that is skid of your information another grand vladimir putin press conference is done and dusted for more of what he had to say you can also check out our website and social media pages. international pressure
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