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8 russian officials have identified the suspect in a shooting near the federal security service building in central moscow 2 people were killed and 5 others injured in that attack. and other stories that shape the week moscow and the e.u. lash out at u.s. sanctions targeting russia's north stream 2 gas pipeline to germany the berlin saying it amounts to interference in domestic affairs. and another inspector breaks ranks from the global chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w saying its final report on the alleged attack in the syrian city of duma distorts the facts.
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you're watching the weekly here on our team a recap of the biggest stories from the past 7 days thanks for joining us. russia's investigative committee has released the identity of the gunman who opened fire outside the headquarters of the federal security service building in central moscow on thursday evening the shooter was 39 year old you get 8 men year of who lived in the moscow region he killed in f.s.b. officer before being shot dead himself and another officer later died at the hospital 5 other people including one civilian were injured in the attack the investigation into possible motives is still ongoing meanwhile we spoke to these suspects neighbors and father. living in very secretive and also going to some kind of strange eastern accent he used to tell me that he liked shooting and even wanted to get a sports rank become a more star or sports team where he worked he replied in the emirates embassy as
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a security guard though i do not know if it is true he was a very calm guy and then somehow the change started growing his beard maybe it happened of the his grandmother died. he's a lawyer worked somewhere in moscow he comes from a good family mother grandmother he was a good man he was always very polite attentive i can't say anything bad about him i can't believe what's happened does in your house and he wasn't aggressive very calm quite quiet he was lonely no friends no girlfriend we found out about his hoby by accident he invited my husband to join him at a shooting range when he refused the topic was never raised again although we now know is what we've been finding out now from the media. the russian investigative committee has reportedly searched the home of the suspect and interviewed his friends and family here's a quick reminder of how the attack unfolded. with
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usually means if the wind with currents 3 sounds we needed he realized that we should hide it then we heard someone in the street shouting go back go back. to those signals and you'll listen when the man wasn't shooting randomly and i think we heard him shout out something but we didn't manage to make out what he was shouting at. them when i'm with them in the city in a basement we're watching now when a guy came man who'd just been outside and he told us there was a shooting out that looser and injured possum he told us the injured has had been dragged into the thing. the f.s.b. building is just to the left of me and the whole thing happened at around half past
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6 in the evening right on the opposite side of this main f.s.b. building of this f.s.b. had quarterlies according to an unconfirmed video which we can show you right now the alleged shooter took his position between behind one of the columns right again on the opposite side of this building he took aim armed with an assault rifle and he opened fire it seemed that he was specifically targeting f.s.b. offices coming out of the building this is the heart of moscow it's the very center of the russian capital it's a trendy and hip area with plenty of buzz cafes and restaurants so at 6 o'clock it wasn't just the end of the work shift wasn't just the end of the work they wasn't just people leaving their offices offices out on the streets but also plenty of people just out and about plenty of tourists i mean if you just look over their christmas decks. patients are already up here so people were doing their christmas
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shopping there's a saying regis hotel right across the street from me so there were literally hundreds of people out and about all this and they were terrified by the shooting but initially many of them were confused because with christmas right around the corner many of them is still the 1st burst of fire with well fireworks. i was sitting with my friends at a bar when the shooting began and it was the sound of a kalashnikov assault rifle i know what it sounds like my friends were like oh it must be firecrackers but i told them no way it's not firecrackers and then we saw people running down the street it was scary at 5 or 10 minutes past 6 the gunfire began and it was not just a few shots it came in bursts we saw officers taking cover behind the cars. left work met up with my girlfriend and when we heard some dull sounds in the distance i thought at 1st it was fireworks or some firecrackers but as the sound
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continued we realized something was wrong traffic police who were and because that's good bridge as usual began evacuating people they apparently caught on to what was going on people started running we heard the gunfire plenty of details are missing right now no more official information as as of yet we do know that the russian president is being kept in the loop of this attack right here in the heart of moscow we spoke to russia analyst martin mccauley and security expert trial shoebridge for their thoughts on the attack. nobody in his right mind would take an a k $47.00 in attempt to get into the bianca and start firing at the guards he's bound to be killed he knew that he could have gone into any restaurant and floated as many people as you like but that was not his objective he just wanted to kill those associated with the secret service is now the f.s.b. and if you killed one clue he would then say they have achieved my character because i would be killed as well given that the target appears to have been
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dispiriting obviously so publicly linked with the security services in the state and given the timing on the almost at the anniversary of. the security forces day. because strong indications as to the motivation assuming that the government is a rational actor had this attack i think taken place against a more soft target which is usually the case with more explicit or overt terrorist acts then you would have expected i think far more casualties to have resulted. both the e.u. and moscow have slammed the latest u.s. sanctions targeting companies involved in russia's north stream to gas pipeline to germany berlin and brussels say that america should mind its own business russian foreign minister sergey lavrov added that moscow will respond to washington's move and convince the north stream to as well as turks stream will be completed so extremists that for launch in just 2 or 3 weeks will respond to sanctions but in
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a way in which we will not harm ourselves but we will definitely respond of course we will keep in mind when developing our relations i'm surprised the politicians reach such decisions which give no credit to high profile political figures the german government has regretfully taken into account that sanctions against north stream 2 and turks stream initiated by the us congress they think german and european companies and are tantamount to interference in our domestic affairs. the pipeline is being built from russia to germany through the baltic sea and will supply enough gas to power almost $30000000.00 households the sanctions target companies involved in building the last remaining leg of the pipeline and the main swiss contractor has now pulled out over washington's tough penalties and nord stream spokesperson told r.t. that completing the project is essential for european energy security and says that work will be finished us this possible the u.s. has long voiced its opposition to the project the united states commands all our
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european partners who've taken a strong stand against north stream to. and we commend others to do the same germany is totally controlled by russia because they were getting from 60 to 70 percent of their energy from russia and a new pipeline this pipeline if completed would make europe even more dependent on russian energy would generate billions of dollars for putin billions of dollars that would follow on russian military aggression we don't want your energy supplies to be depended on platter. meanwhile russia and ukraine seem to have found a solution to their dispute over energy supplies they disagreed on a contract that allows moscow to send gas to europe via ukraine but the 2 have come to a settlement the new agreement is designed to maintain gas transit between moscow and kiev for the next 5 years and also states that russia will pay you crane almost $3000000000.00 to settle in long running dispute and in return q.
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will drop legal actions against moscow former u.s. diplomat jim doctress and member of germany is the left party be on top of seoul it believe america's approach is somewhere in relations with europe. when they say oh this will cut cut ukraine out of the transit they will they will get less money b. really think they care about ukraine they will carry by ukraine a lot and the only reason they would be concerned about re ukraine being cut out or going to transit seize is that if that would be make it more difficult to put pressure on russia by having a puppet ukrainian hand on the lawn to speak it with regard to europe's a gash you know that is no longer the case and all we're really talking about is ukraine being included in a more cooperative relationship between europe and russia that's the worst possible outcome from the point of view of people in washington damage to the german american relations is down and. the idea that america is conscious of the imposing extra china extraterritorial sanctions have
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the german economy to hurt the german consumers is now firmly implanted into germany's minds from the left to the right that is absolutely outraged by the actions of the u.s. government. u.k. primary school was in the firing line this week after parents were angered by changes to the wording of traditional christmas carols whitehall primary school in the south east of england has reacted several carols replacing for example the lord jesus with baby boy jesus critics say the change is a myth the whole point of the celebration and some parents have agreement. if he was just a baby boy named jesus there would be a celebration in the 1st place his eye will know it and savior and king of all kings that's the whole point it's also a tradition is taking away the traditions of the country i believe my children have been discriminated against and the have been denied the freedom to fully express
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their faith christian belief and tradition of being 2nd forced and silenced in the name of inclusion and political correctness the words lord jesus are about the central message of christmas which is that god is with us in jesus to put it very simply but it's what christmas is about the school says it promotes british values including tolerance of those of different face that has defended the move by saying that some students did not attend last year service because of their religious beliefs and it wants to include all pupils during the festive period we discuss the issues raised with him deep from christian concern and social commentator miles are . key mr christianity and the whole reason why we celebrate christian christmas is because jesus was born as a human being and yet it was god as well and came down and it's an incredible thing to think that god became a human being but that's what actually happened and that's what we're celebrating here and they wanted to remove that reference as well as jesus being king and jesus
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being savior if we don't have those things what are we celebrating i think it's a massive distortion let's be quite clear jesus wasn't god he was odd agreed from a theological perspective not agree he was a mighty messenger a prophet there is very little theological evidence the public space and the educational space is one which is secular it does not mean it is bereft of theology or education of belief or conscience but is inclusive of it so if we want to have standing advisory councils of religious education that include all strains of all walks of life of humanism as well and atheism are people who want to come in there with so of more free n.g.'s they are included nowadays and the question is whether children should be free to opt out from a nativity where is mary jesus a baby jesus in a 1000000 or the question that is not decided on in a stable which isn't true i think that such the parents of the fictional composition i think they could come and watch if they wanted to they're really so upset about people saying jesus or that they have to not even be in the same presence there's something to talk about there why are they so upset about people saying jesus is lord i can't even go watch and observe it you know and so i think i
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want to discuss that with them but ultimately i want to respect their rights if they want to opt out of it they cannot sound of it another person should be made for that and the head teacher has seen that she has had 60 people who last year opted out from religious services worshipful activities and under the education act collective worship is wholly or broadly of a christian tradition but it doesn't have to be a particular question is not what they did i was out that's not a commercial you want to opt out no none of that the question you know you'll just toss in the cost of the presenters whether you should tell us the wording if it's not what a people should opt out if one agrees that they're not out. well i will just as my only reason i don't have one place is not a question at my see whether she changed the wording of traditional carols to remove the keep a leaf of christianity and 10 and to something that's non-christian after all that's the question islam is best is the completion of god's revelation we are not here to supersede christians we have to live alongside people and one another and in a modern secular society in the educational space we need to have
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a plural system where everybody is welcome this is the same old tired arguments some so the law says that how do i know you know migrants i mean when you have a situation that was a christianity i know you say sure she is not welcome you saying belief and 2nd is the one so much i places you'll discuss it although i would say all of what i think you have already said that's of christianity you're the one that's being intolerant here because you're saying they shouldn't saying the word one says it all that's the it's all an attitude here more of the biggest stories from the past week after this. you know world a big part of. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we
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need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race is often spearing dramatic to follow the only relief i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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welcome back this week the russian president held his annual q. and a session with journalists from home and abroad event took place in moscow's world trade center and ran for more than 4 hours on a mere putin fielding questions on both domestic and international affairs in the time presidential terms of russia and the impeachment of donald trump among the key issues raised. george what could be done is to cancel the 2 in a row amendment we have 2 terms in a row yours truly served 2 terms then resigned and had the constitutional right to return to the presidency because it was not 2 terms in a row the amendment confuses some of our political scientists and public figures so it could be counselled much. it's just
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a continuation of political infighting one party that lost the election of the democratic party is working for results through other methods accusing trump of collusion with russia but then it's discovered that there was no inclusion that can't be the basis for impeachment and now they've come up with pressure on ukraine i don't know what's there your representatives have a better idea. as for statements from certain people various political figures about russia about me as the head of the country i have been used to treating this accordingly but i know what the interests of my country are and that it doesn't matter at all what anyone else says there is absolutely no value in comparing what they say with the fundamental tasks which russia is interested in solving congratulations to boris johnson nevertheless he turned out to be the winner he understood the mood of the
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british people better than his political opponents he. rushed out had been cast over the credibility of the international chemical weapons watchdog. wiling to emails published by wiki leaks reveal concerns from yet another member of the team that investigated an alleged attack on the ground in the syrian city of deal last year he says the final report into the incident suppressed and distorted their findings. the fact finding mission report does not reflect the views of all the team members that deployed to doom or only one fact finding mission team member a paramedic of the so-called fact finding mission core team was in duma we are not insisting on being right in our assertions but we are demanding to be heard we have been stonewalled throughout by obfuscation exclusion and even thuggish bullying behavior. the alleged chemical attack in april last year were portland killed dozens of civilians in response the united states and its nato allies france and the u.k. were quick to conduct air strikes against syrian military targets and biggest
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western military action of the 8 year war the o.p.c. tabulator deployed experts to do my to investigate and their subsequent report pin the blame on the syrian government our senior correspondent rhonda stand has been taking a closer look. i don't know about the 3 little piglets but the u.p.c. w is having its house blew right down from the inside the 1st whistle blower they dismissed the 2nd they sort of excuse themselves and now in what is an absolute bombshell the most qualified inspector the f f m report does not reflect the views of all the team members that deployed to duma i found that i was being excluded from the work for reasons not made clear allegedly you need team member who went to syria and there was allowed to co-write the syria report was the team paramedic one of the chemical inspectors were allowed to pitch in i attempted
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to submit my reports the f.m. team leader who's starting from the 15th of february 29th team after noting continued reluctance from the f f m team to receive my report i deposited the report in d r a for collection on the 27th of february 29th and advised all relevant persons of this shouldn't have bothered it seems no one wanted to read it 48 hours later the u.p.c. w. published its 1st report and southern had a really taken in a razor to it so much so that the actual team that went to syria didn't recognise it the consensus within the f.m. team was that there were indications of serious inconsistency is in findings the conclusions appear to have been turned completely in the opposite direction now that we can exist publish what the preliminary report looks like. here's what the u.p.c. w. deleted one evidence that contradicted witness testimony meaning what the alleged witnesses said deferred wildly from the hard evidence found by inspectors to the
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fact that the hospital videos which shocked the world will think the victims were all actors the spade symptoms inconsistent with chlorine poisoning or poisoning with anything found at the scene 3 and this is the big one in the final report they found chlorine not how much just chlorine which you can fire did your kitchen in any home in any swimming pool maybe you're right what about removing trace or some other wording may work i'm still worried that a stock standard phrase such as chlorine containing compounds were detected or similar present the danger of it being misrepresented as a damning conclusion it's a political word smithing situation not purely technical and it was the anti acid war hawks trumpeted the fact what the u.p.c. w. did is akin to saying you found radioactive materials in someone's house without
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mentioning it was a tiny amount to use then far alarms and this on top of previous whistleblower revelations hard math cast doubt that the canisters at the scene were ever dropped their observations of the scene of the 2 locations suggest that there is a higher probability that both cylinders were money placed at those $2.00 locations rather than being delivered from aircraft it all began with ian henderson when he 1st blew the whistle he was mocked smeared insulted u.p.c. w. claimed he wasn't even part of the team they lied leaked documents clearly show he was working for the u.p.c. w. shame on the o.p.c. w. you are aware of the highly questionable behavior surrounding this f.f.s. . we as others in the team who would like to but are unable are questioning the work practices followed during this investigation this is more than a rebellion this is a catastrophe for the u.p.c.
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w a best this is a case of gross negligence worse than i pray i'm wrong this is corruption corruption in the very organization that's supposed to keep the world safe from chemical weapons either way from now on when the u.p.c. w. says something people are going to be thinking twice before taking their word for it on top of that a former newsweek reporter claims that he quit the magazine when editor scrapped his story that question the chemical attack investigation and magazine says the piece was dropped because it was a conspiracy theory and not objective reporting we spoke to the journalist and he explained why reporters should not be exploited to justify war. i was a bit disturbed. you know i wasn't really given any valid reasons other than have a few to decide to call and like i said then all source to be trusted in my opinion . and then finally what kind of happened as i was i kept pushing to try and do the
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story because i feel like it's of extreme you know public interest the attacks on me these organizations have taken a long time for us to get here in terms of a historical point of view when we shouldn't be weaponized in them to kind of create the public opinion needed to go to war at the moment there are very few western well mainstream western journalists reporting on this so i would say this is a complete failure of the media our job as john to start to hold governments to account and if governments are going to war on false premises then you know we have good evidence to suggest that now and no one is reporting it then we're not doing our job as journalists that's a recap of just some of the stories that help shape the world these last 7 days for all the latest and absent reports on twitter or facebook.
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during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working class and it wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo down to engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of wilf which will is dedicated to increasing power for just as
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you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. is you'll be dia a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. you going the right way or are you being that. way. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a made in the shallowness. is
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this is a sticker from a water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad was there the litter box or throwing it away industry should be blamed for all this waste to company has long promised to reuse the plastic. seats to cook out so 6 feet so they may let that sings cool sets for their classic a 6 day course they all entirely stay in your own homes at a special projects funded we tell the difference and for those already on the line your best bet is the end of a pretty fun now the mountains of waste only grow higher. thanks guys or financial survival. when customers go buy your justifying. in
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elf well reduce a lower. tax that's undercutting but what's good for the market is not good for the global economy. a man that margaret found it impossible to talk to the man she witnessed shooting her husband at point blank range was robin jackson. jackson was supported on loyalist who became one of the conflicts most prolific killers. he was also an r.u.c. agent nicknamed the jackal. 5 days before pat campbell's murder a man in whose home police had found 64 kilograms of explosives 2 grenades and over 5000 rounds of assorted ammunition had named jackson as his accomplice. however police failed to arrest jackson meanwhile he is of the liberty to murder part campbell. jackson of being a member of the ulster defense regiment then the largest regiment in the british
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army. he was later involved in the massacre of the miami showband in july 975 when 3 band members were killed by members of the klan and gang as they attempted to plant a bomb on the musician's boss. list paramilitaries harris boyle and wesley somerville were killed instantly as the bomb exploded prematurely. well the ulster defense regiment was the largest regiment in the british army it was geographically recruited here and the north of ireland and it only served here in the north of ireland it was essentially a counterinsurgency unit that was set up the big end of the troubles. that itself took over from the discredit the special switch was a special place philip thought it existed since the 1920 s. . and it was clear from the outset.


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